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Meter Minute: Perks first trip back to Boston

Jan 17, 2012|

Meter talks about Kendrick Perkins making his first trip back to Boston after the Celtics traded him last February.

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I was on the pleased that. Our woo -- come -- -- is also a marine boot. I don't know just some minister of Canadian judge did today you know are -- Basketball was a real one and sitting to be on which. He asked me before the game to protect. A Kendrick Perkins line. Notice at 754028. Minutes intangible but I look -- Tangible at plus involvement. Excuse all -- already have your soul. But he's playing for the enemy now. The enemy who is probably if you give my hundred chance is that beat the Celtics 98 -- -- thought -- -- set -- Kendrick Perkins -- influence on that team is dramatic you can see you can feel it. You can see with the bigs they are all defensive players now -- has completely changed the culture of that team you can just see it on the floor. All -- here you know there's a heart and soul of the Oklahoma City Thunder number five looks weird number five doesn't like 43 -- although it is a slimmed down Korea. He looks more. -- -- he does -- you're right but the Celtics Lewis was there any point in this game he said you know this this is concerned that got him now out of -- 7371. -- at three in the crowd went -- -- It is a little little gas left in this thing. Says it's doc the contrast between the young cocky. Oaks city thunder who got the best record in the MBA and a twelve and -- And the Celtics who are now trailing the Cleveland Cavaliers by two games ol' ball and it ID it. Yeah -- and it's. It's painful to watch because Celtics and that maybe guys agree. Have to work so hard yeah for baskets right. And then they go on the other hand held the -- launches from 28 feet or Westbrook Westbrook and I'll pulls up and Collison was confident jump shot. The the the -- it's under don't have to work that hard and the Celtics do and it just picks up on you wish out. -- a group under definite contender to win the NBA titles Celtics not so much their five and map behind Philadelphia. Who's in first place I wonder how deep. Durant could shoot a jump shot not a -- not one of those halftime you know record record push shots. But just a plain flick of the -- jump shot -- the from almost a way to do half court would you agree. And yeah it seems so ever done it you know from half court jump shot with a buzzer on. So it's not in the tub date look at that now -- 00 playoff -- started today. Well maybe guys are attache April and they had the longest losing streak in the NBA five years in the longest of five years as well. Paul -- what happened here -- all yacht a ship. So the using this time to get (%expletive) yeah as opposed to like the six months they had the didn't ship and what -- the other team one of the sixers in the public they were inject their relationship yeah room. We're gonna I was against the rules to get in shape works meanwhile would negotiate. -- good news Jermaine O'Neal says I'm probably leaving the NBA in charges by a center. I'm starting to get my legs back for my rebounding and getting my timing and all of that so if you judge me. Judge me on that charges like taking techies aren't giving -- is taking charges. -- a lot. -- sell. It relevant vote -- going to be out tomorrow couldn't just -- Pretend to look interested. You see them and you CEO he has skill and side they'll block shots today just say he could give them what they need but he'll be hurt. Next week and back the week after in the next week after that and you know you can't count on them. Not at all you know phils -- you feel -- for -- right now he's -- W has an answer some. Stereo -- you had anybody work the kinks out. You know they made big shots we just -- -- Childress and a lot of the turnovers or we're just trying that -- will the team do too much so it's not like it's. Anybody's been so offers -- The way you win this would execution and you can just see it it's every quarter that we had a two minute stretch where we wanna turn over ditch you know. And that's frustrated owns columnist -- me. -- all I'll admit that the that's got all the still complacent is that audio sounds to me look you know you can grow steel -- No milk no you can't -- -- a winning team made a big question. You can research and -- is is the Brian Westbrook Rajon Rondo trades though. A possible. The Russell Westbrook then does that rank. And it's Westbrook. For Russia on those rumors in the offseason I don't thickest and down -- it last night so last doubt. Go to -- what special little better player Japanese freeagent and it is him and he wants to make Derrick Rose money so. Yeah he's gonna do something every doubt that they always something and Dino will rip them a new one when he does it -- -- is but Danny will welcome it goes. Off Jermaine O'Neal for Westbrook and it's definitely a lot of that -- go for that. I'm sure you would do you know our rights the Bruins when they -- shootout -- entry -- Bergeron so so much for that one game losing skid. The bracket tonight at Tampa Bay they went 32 in the -- a good game Bergeron not an all star on your watch and play yeah what happens on -- on. He's not a real star crossed 47. These both -- the ITC's industrious. He's unbelievable. He's the best player on the team not him -- -- Thomas would you say and let's take into flash he has. Say -- under the richest not a flashy too besides that yeah -- a much better to. -- and that's a good statement. Second and BP BP Tim Thomas and oh by the way. The rams it. Bonanza they get Brian Schottenheimer is the rapids of coordinator you're Jeff -- you bring in Schottenheimer and Dick -- Williams the trouble from New Orleans Wednesday. And over the side. Has Greg Williams made more money and I was and any others and coach in history -- he's up there yeah. After that performance in San Francisco. Get get a raise I don't know what job. Push tiger to -- they work hard to keep them. All that so -- Is that -- in the with the jets. You what you wanted his profits of coordinate and you get -- the saints' defense of coordinator and the jets' offensive coordinator after they failed miserably and that supposed to. Josh says he's just -- -- It's the revolutionary. It's the rooms that's all we could say don't change the culture once he bugs all phones. Oh yeah yes right -- on Joe's. Three that story again by peers it's those like -- to absorb business for as true. That he really bug the offices that he really does he really concerned about what pursuing them they're dedicated line yet and used to you could still have -- of the -- Pick up. It's. All right cell phone book I know this telephone. -- video before he got there. Don't know how to buy it I night I don't doubt the -- or not and -- and -- know I know people don't actually go out right yes yes I would I would put that past juvenile. All right Elway is a Tebow gonna. Be down we always yes always gonna work with him in the offseason. I'm looking forward to -- at a certain time with him as well all the quarterbacks in along with that case the quarterback coach as well my cornea the -- so. I think that there's things that I can add. Like Washington. Like -- hit like giving a miracle. What is it adds -- he does in -- more this has explained that when he was younger and too much he was too. -- will -- -- -- and and I probably at times moved too much and relied too much. On moving around I finally realized will be later in my career that I wished -- learned the fact that do it. So no mobility it is so they were you there you are. Some mobility in the mobility in the pocket. He's -- pocket presence socks we focus on is inaccurate pros there's long. Deliver wanted -- but I think the thing I'm most concerned with the -- away or or John Fox's. He doesn't know what he's doing in the pocket has an honest away from pressure and stay there. And and make the pro he panics but he's just too quick to tuck and run out that's stupid I read to start the change offense and open. If if he can handle them and I think that offense was a function of his. The schedule says it's still -- -- aren't good because some of the Red Sox Vicente Padilla global noticed some does -- -- down in order. The same guy who got suspended by the Rangers despite their need for pitching two years ago for being disruptive. Clubhouse. Presence to -- to become fearful of somebody getting injured in retaliation. For -- is actions. But the pitcher was an interest in changing his ways writes Peter Abraham. Putting together a club and organization that's pulling in the same under the rope to Jon Daniels they're GM some of the time it wasn't a fit for us anymore. That's good too -- like a club around other stars -- renovation. Who cares Zia also Mike Adams all ugly team do you know. It -- -- tell you about. Birthday present them -- treatment did get a political and you. No no no he did not get a lemon clothes and I -- missed this is yet more proof has as to how they are like we are. Thirtieth birthday this weekend luxury hotel Miami South Beach. Do you where -- deal ways thirtieth birthday with two who was all attendance usher. Common. PI LeBron Chris Bosh and a bunch of others all haven't brought us. What Chris Bosh -- -- they were in the champagne room. And for his birthday. He's got a brand new 2012. McLaren. MP 412 C. SE 230000. Dollar sports car. Given to him free. By the owner of a local luxury car dealership -- -- people don't need to stop periphery. Haywood. That's not that pretty good that I just retired the trophy for biggest jock -- yes on planet yes he did he wait he would. If you pick a quarter million dollar car to free of charge for your thirtieth birthday here's my cell phone if you wanna get together. -- -- Don't leave us a the -- but the most impressive part of the gift is how was airlifted into the hotel pool. With out of scratch. Was taken up on a crane over the wall over the the the the the jungle that surrounds this beautiful hotel. Hoisted. Over the pool and lower onto a waiting platform that was position dead in the center of the swimming pool. Props it says here to the crew because the whole thing went off without a hitch Horry scratch presentation is everything -- someone's. You know we can put the ball room Capote in the lobby we can put it in the front in the driveway of the ball out and out no I'm not good -- bring -- the -- bring in the platform floated in the political. At some point -- even like. This is a little a lot NASA says -- -- -- -- and the -- -- meet the that a student's own mind that the kingdom. Elvis was over the weekend over the OK all right and I case -- it's -- Aren't who's going to be in the Super Bowl according to oddsmakers and who do people wanna see in the Super Bowl two very different answers when we come back.

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