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Chris Mannix says the Celtics are at best the 6th seed in the East

Dec 20, 2011|

Kirk, Kerry and Chris Mannix discuss if the Celtics are a championship contender in 2011-2012.

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Kerry Byrne. Cold hard football facts Chris -- -- Sports Illustrated Kirk Manningham from the BB -- dot com adult and filling in for. John Major Chris were talking before the show about Kobe Bryant. And this divorce all the stuff that's going on TV you know he's got the on court effect this year for -- In -- history suggests that. Situations like this impact the players -- and as though. Greater example than Tiger Woods -- notes at different -- and department Saudi for the sports but. You know. -- you know tiger got. Wrapped up in consumed by LB test those paid to every. Little piece of minutia whether it was a divorce filing or a source comment from his wife first pitch Tuesday with his wife with -- on. You know that was last all the tablets -- Kobe Bryant is living in the tabloid capital world you know he's he's under a massive microscope out there and I think. He's immensely tough guy but but -- is Tiger Woods and and I expect this it is at some point gonna have a significant impact on Kobe you look at the look at what happened today you -- AT&T today in in in -- Vanessa Bryant's ex a former father in our former stepfather. You know he's he's talking about how this was -- master plan basically all long to wait ten years. He married to him because under some kind of California Washington may get more money out of it -- split half -- web there's no pre nup. You know this deal does it date date split all the assets and I think -- -- -- was the one it. Valued -- that's 360 million dollars fools who so you know -- you know it's you know on the court this is going to have. Does what it's gonna have a significant that he's not gonna get asked about it Prescott's is does the media there's not gonna ask him gonna let it they're gonna respects privacy -- account but. There'll be tons of sourced reports saying you know -- -- surprised it is Vanessa Bryant dating this person -- seen melancholy at a bar wasn't just. I read one report the -- it was -- easy concert looking depressed and in this kind of Saddam should be oppressors and this is because they'll. This is the kind of stuff that's gonna be daily fodder for this guy and I I really believe that it's going to have -- -- of course that Islam is an auto -- it was affected during the rape trial -- pretty well he's been on trial for rape. He did he did play pretty wilder in that and -- say that that's that's certainly I as I know it's not what is more of this but he had his moments as down moments during that's not a significant and now rated the -- Charles what's exciting yet yet right and so I I just think that you know in this in this situation is gonna affect him at some point and she's going to just found out about the shooting from one of his -- midwives. That's gonna create some -- you on the team. Ms. Jordan form our run him out of his round about Jordan Farmar on the net now I don't you send it. Followed Allen now what -- -- -- was pretty strong during that rape trial but. Yeah I I just feel like in the situation with a costly and it's tablets could because that and -- -- that was an evolving story but this is going to be. Super -- that the attack story I I mean I mean I think tiger's vehicle was at a pretty high level of the tiger might be a hired -- I agree with that but I still think because he's in LA and because and that kind of microscope. And because his wife lives in the year you're gonna see pics of her daily in the tablets are gonna seed at all over the place much like you got mr. tiger's alleged mistresses they're always up. The big difference I think with tiger and -- is that we thought tiger was again gristle -- good Google electable you'll do is going on behind the scenes Kobe is gone the guy was whether he -- this girl -- Disco threat is not the same addicts -- entirely different situation. Yeah it it may be but it shifted more in terms did distractions that right great for the -- team and in the turmoil in the in the newspaper the tabloids. Diabetes dot. You know -- ought to be if it. And wanna put -- in a way that let Laker team nickel was a part of back then with when he was involved three itself. What's what's out in the later he read his league team as good as the obvious tallest of Bynum. But date we talk with a cell disliking depth they lost a lot of -- -- Lamar Odom -- date they lost Shannon Brown the Phoenix as a free agent they have no body in the -- court -- -- Tell us why they traded Odom to douse they drag him because he demanded it because they bullet there's Davis storm blew up the trade. That was sent over at Portland's Odom felt unwanted -- and -- and Jim boss you know who was way too happy took a trigger happy. They'll pull the toppled -- that deal and and sent him out there for a bad bad packets off talking about a -- you know corrected those assets could be used in a potential deal down the road you can. Absorb a -- contract of the trade exception for trumpet is the first pick Lamar Odom he's he's he's -- he was sky high right now. Music guide is coming off the six minute. Of the year award he's got a good contract the last service -- not guaranteed. I mean I feel like this guy could have been you know they -- got more than over the I bolster your that your arrival has made them stronger. With -- without all this you don't like the -- -- this -- and -- I think Oklahoma City wins this year I've picked them last week so today when the -- I think a little thing I I think maybe Miami in the finals I think the thunder with -- music scene -- recently I looked like around the guy -- felt that looks at 190 -- twelve girls you know -- talk about -- talks about who's gonna come back to -- a look at like Shawn -- Perkins with the reverse and he'd been out there. And he reports he works a little lawsuit watch it looks like -- I don't know I mean I think he's always been better when he's lighter I mean you saw last year he wasn't very good. At federal defense he's never been the most spry -- going -- and on the floor. I think at this weight he's going to be significantly better -- in the thunder had a vision for him not talk has impressed you about what they want -- to do night in night out that's just play. Played good solid defense in the low post be the same pick and roll defender he wasn't Boston ever in Boston. It was not to know before before he got hurt me he was a guy that was regard as one of the better pick general defenders in the entire -- you when you had Garnett. And Perkins ran -- pick and roll defense that made -- such a tough team to score so I think if he comes back. And provides that -- kind of defense alongside a guy like surge of -- who was a very talented defensive player. That's thunder team is stacked -- hard to me guys. Hey Natalie to a stop with the -- -- is hard to me is the next manager know a guy is a stud -- gonna elevate his game and to an all star level this year you know it's gonna happens. Perkins of this weight means a Perkins is healthy this year plays a full season you can hear more still about the -- that never seems to go way to -- constraining the come back to Boston here I think in January Oklahoma since January 16 big night -- well now obviously. -- happen Jeff Green SI -- just fall and you look at this trade. What GM. The web ten months after the trade eleven months after the trade and it looks horrible. I was that we know what they did it mean they didn't feel that -- could -- part of the -- that -- that and the money. And team like Oklahoma City was Larkin maybe try to get Tyson Chandler couple years ago now they want to -- they want the defense a money center Kendrick Perkins was that guy but. On you know you're right talent wise I mean. -- throw need to Jeff Green was healthy Jeff Green still not a good trade for kind of -- -- New York over the Celtics this year. Whip it Baron Davis is -- yes they got Baron Davis yesterday if he's healthy Andy's. Records of Baron Davis who saw the clippers I think yeah I think about it I mean Tyson Chandler changes Camelot and especially the defense that's. A market to the Americans on nine and -- -- the same person if they got everything outside meter right now this is gonna sound crazy but right now I think. -- Miami Chicago. New York Philadelphia in Indiana about a Boston. I would say that's -- accurate to say it's fair it's sort of the six best team -- -- conference I think that's where they are mean Atlanta if they lost Jamal Crawford it's had a pretty big hit there but they're still. A very good team they might be a dogfight with the Celtics at the end I mean. You know you look at those two young teams Philadelphia in in Indiana they got a lot of talent out there and the throw out the first twenty games have done calls its first season Alessio great job after that there are phenomenal they were one of the best teams in the entire league last year. And they're only gonna get better as Evan Turner to these camera. If -- any scenario Chris where this Celtics make a run with a -- In the post season and I -- which in which it did win the conference. It would take a trade and I I think after Boston is one guy out that they could be huge for the Celtics -- Joel Przybilla I mean. Get a -- I don't think he wants the play I've talked to her son was friends and he's got bad knees and he's had some problems staying -- over course of the season but this is a guy. That when healthy is a defensive monster he has had problems Garnett in the past that sort of butted heads but Garnett but has little lot of guys that you can get. If you can get this guy in the -- that he didn't give you 2530 minutes per game this -- a beast he's a simple one shot blocker -- be sort of a Perkins type of presence. In the middle that's what they're lacking you can't count on -- don't feel to give you anything more than. 35 games and forty minutes a game I think that might be Max him out I I think you need to carry on J. D. Drew in exactly you need another big body out there and in Boston. I don't and -- get a guy Przybilla it's agreed to play for them I don't see where they're gonna get it. Such point 77790. At fifty -- be -- by cinema -- wants some of the shame of the we we know and that the -- in the the great thing is you don't have that money to spend because you're a little extra tax -- you you cannot yet again. Anybody and this isn't a saint screwed that's what this group an assist in the Santa -- -- you know went in the past Boston's been able assign those guys of veteran minimum because they were the Celtics and they were -- a contender now guys like data -- to Miami and Chicago Oklahoma City. LA I mean they're not going to the -- because they think the window to close. Chris metro Sports Illustrated Kerry Byrne cold hard football facts -- many him back after break a 9%.

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