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Mark Madden talks about the Penn State scandal and drops a new bomb about Jerry Sandusky

Nov 10, 2011|

Our friend from Pittsburgh, Mark Madden, joins D&C to give his take on the Joe Paterno/Penn State scandal and says Jerry Sandusky may have been 'Pimping Out Young Boys to Rich Donors.'

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Mark Madden Pittsburgh most bombastic and opinionated talk show host does talk show up to six B -- weekdays on WX the XFM mortal five point nine in Pittsburgh has been a guest on our program on a couple of occasions we have. Had -- -- good conversations about Ben Roethlisberger and wrestling and all kind of stuff I read with my mouth a gate. A piece that he wrote seven months ago Madden. Send dusty a state secret mark -- joins us on the AT&T hotline get it faster with four GAT and T. Rethink possible I can only say congratulations mark Madden a tremendous job with not a lot of facts early on but they've all -- -- now and you were dead on everything you wrote. Okay water. I mean what a terrible situation. I wish all my prediction -- not come true bit. It -- -- that being good reporting all that information was publicly available. You can read that the Centre daily times web site. This trip include the opportunity is never Zoloft and information would leak out. Bit. Every other journalist and -- -- ignored it. And such is the -- -- -- don't know. It can just kind of set this to an average from Pittsburgh originally and I tried it took to explained it to our listeners and in the guys on our team here. What that environment is like it's it's it's like -- company towel is it not state state college they owe everything -- employment fielder economy -- their life their breath. The Joseph Paterno and Penn State football thus. Things are done a little differently around there. I thought differently if you like up beat them. Are they call it like you said the whole economy is bad state Bullock accepted as bad state. So what Penn State said Ellis. And over the long -- they've been able to -- they've dropped the rebels control the media. Mostly in the backyard bit. Philadelphia did could be added that maybe it didn't. They have people living up to really put your head up there but eventually they get caught in the web chat rooms. And eager -- -- report. -- the iPod and really a good thing about the current situation Penn -- is. The product I -- all the time maybe ever. The situation but they've not been able to control disregarded -- -- they -- -- -- into the -- And clearly rapid collapse that we didn't just did not know what to do know. We did not really active may have a -- in this situation -- shocking. Deliberate release date but nobody got back about Mike. To talk about what was going on the they give up control unit where god has stepped up -- dead to. Now we -- at the link to your article yesterday to a you know thousands and thousands of a Twitter followers we read major portions of this morning rather than just do that again. For those who are just joining in and haven't followed up on that. Does the talking points of what it is you wrote and the key here is seven months ago and what why you wrote it mark don't forget that. Why is sort of the that was a good story. It is because you could see what was covered a mile away -- born Pope should be there and put in that kind. And right there in 99.9. Percent shooting gonna come out there were strong indictments. That's good group Lullabot you don't you don't often get billions. And when they do it like the Angel of death -- the -- looks like Jimmy strap on your data report. I would consider -- important to be the -- GAAP. Whoever's the reputation is on the line. So I did that happen to read a couple of articles. All these Centre daily times web -- that the state college local Paper about the -- -- really. Do you investigated and kept would probably available. A decidedly right. This could really add up trouble for Penn State especially well in the at this point is like a really good luck to you maybe blogger. Joseph Paterno itself Pete bowl. That the infrastructure was involved with public good because. He just lost control he was too good to -- -- you can see the potential republic like this -- you -- cabinet. How much -- did you take. After you wrote -- last April mark. Honestly don't know but because they're believed it to be possibly true. But the -- that -- got you can go -- -- he's just trying to stir up trouble. You know. Welcome back to the detriment. As good I would give a lot of credit for that. You you you referred in 98 obviously we know what happened in 98. We know who knew about it every police force in the DA. Campus police the state police knew. That he was being investigated -- and asking essentially confessed. Is it possible that Paterno didn't know every detail of that investigation. Now Joseph Paterno does everything that goes on at state college. Ice you know didn't for the day that is what might -- police saw this sour note to use the equipment was brilliant day. And just that was in the wild about that -- -- now -- -- get -- That that's perjury when it comes to Schultz and and -- they said something like that and get charged with perjury. Well the -- I've never exploited by a lawyer. The way this works -- -- -- -- that he -- but he did not violate his chain of command. He can pick of the probation upstairs. -- at least a pop. That completely responsible. It -- about satellite that log off and don't so I don't think those legally responsible but the political decision ought to get our guys right. I mean that's critical your body -- -- a lot of money. And ultimately admit it don't -- the -- -- created a bit to develop the program. Well I tell you what I don't think Tom Bradley should take it over because he's been there 33 years nor should McCrary be allowed to -- the sideline. Well I'm agreeing with queries and beat up. Did it play out the schedule we don't have actually by the Bradley is illogical -- a total about his career is over to what all this is done. But I don't division play this Saturday and had the vision -- mr. -- -- -- to approach to -- the death penalty welcome Steve you're. To clean up the whole infrastructure. And put all the people. Does not gonna happen its final remain. Yeah it does not gonna happen. No I haven't talked -- the -- -- -- I don't want that truth. It would cut that out I was projected for the new that they can't. The god of this system what. -- -- it is but it go to college level with Houston and head coaching. He's at Penn State grad. Is totally cleaned. -- -- the program. Tend to depend that would apply to the -- was definitely great to choose so that to the extent that code because. It was gonna wanna go to what did he hit me included W that said well would you describe the -- -- right in great it is sort of guy with whom they -- Start with a -- What what's the next shoe to drop you've certainly been on top of this mark are we gonna find out like in the next few days the joke. The -- washed the investigation in 98. Well. I can do you -- -- in recognition of the that it might apple can't. Do this. Okay I mean I remember the world wouldn't it would be a more shocking development. For the second mile by -- And all this started pleasures of course I will. It you feel like -- again. That Jewish kid out in the second mile well could they not done blister rich donors. Being investigated. Bite to probably -- this -- I speak. -- the -- other thing I think that it may eventually become uncovered at night talk about it but I wouldn't wanna go back in April. Is that I think we'll find out to -- -- he was clearly that he had to retire. In exchange for cover up. If you look at that -- had that it probably -- It is surely done absolutely and you you're absolutely right about that marquis kept coming back with the kids something that told you could. Exactly exactly what he quit in his coaching fly it. Up really. Well yeah I did -- ever going to put it there. Thought he would mention for the Virginia code gobble up bit my opinion it was hit by asking quit. Everybody do not just -- that it will -- Duplicate secret about college football in general. And that is why he never cooked -- would get a retired. I do relatively young age of 55 beyond reproach certainly. I don't want to know -- yet. Now but we've been following his his pick and. Involve myself a good way to great guests. To -- They've ever played you've -- -- won't get off. At the scope of conducting operations. He said. This guy put together a billion dollar foundation. To Pretoria on good place he would probably -- nobody's ever done that. You don't feel the victim himself. You know who's now at -- -- -- -- crusading against situation like this. You know he's he's aware pretty much everything that -- could be aware over the -- go. The genius of mark normally -- set up the foundation -- young boys. But he looks altruistic he looks you know. Philanthropic area apple devoting his life to helping these wayward boys remain aside from the times he's rape and come. I mean he's mentoring in the shepherding them so it and he pulled it off until he was 67. -- years old. He started in 1977. It was the greatest scam. Of all time. Now what to do that big of a -- flashlight. I think it's I think every one of them will look back 101520 is insane idea that I boarding that got called the stupid things in college in this is as stupid as it gets. Well. I just can't believe that these kids I don't. But don't stop a bit about what you wanted to get support out. You know who else is about 1920 years old. That kid in the shower which sandusky the day that mccreery walked in he's about the same ages those morons who run. We're on who's the journal's front lawn last night. They may even doubly disgusting guy is it is -- -- today's college use. 99.9 percent of the kid -- -- -- content to go to class. What -- protest something meaningful. And they go to knot over this. In the opposite direction. -- If you know that the public about Ford Motor is Abbie Hoffman spitting in his grave. These kids make Occupy Wall Street looked like brilliant protesters mark. Our question for you. They've got to to topic for another day. Question for you do you think eventually we will find out. That most people in this Penn State football organization and maybe even further outside the scope of just the football program. Knew about Jerry could not not. The solar condoned but turned a blind guy and all that's just Jerry and Jerry -- they weren't fooled by have a kid with him on the road at the Alamo Bowl and all these places. -- that was his cover you know he was doing nice things for kids. Would you be a bit surprised if if a month a week a year from now we found out that everybody knew what this guy was about. Now I don't think so I didn't look that way at all I can bet that tomorrow. Would the pulpit -- It might have got to people would spread. You know that about this old guy with a young kids bit I don't think anybody believed that the -- -- people do. -- -- people who -- Up to 98 mark after 98 they knew. -- maybe ride I don't know I mean. I think you did any criminal case. The big thing as an eyewitness. And how many people until you know last week knew there was an eyewitness. In open palatable queries. Yeah athletic director the vice president and president the janitor. But if you -- -- out of the players. And coaches gospel -- I don't know. -- what does play a big Tom Bradley. Nobody admitted that it -- well when he isn't -- innocent bystander. An -- like you. Have to increase property not. Exactly what mark he took. Send ask his job he ever stop and ask why send ASCII walking away at 55. On top of his game. -- -- not Smart enough to be head coach he's he's like Paterno always either. And turning a blind or he's always a moron and the yeah. Well I wonder what that bit about about probably I would that is hard to refute what you're saying. -- marketing something important might happen this afternoon there's there's some talk that Joseph wants to tell his side of the story and explain. Explain exactly just how vague the information he got from a query was how vague -- reference to maybe fondling or something of a sexual nature. If he does that I hope his his lawyer attorney sun explains to him the penalty for perjury because by all accounts. My query is going to testify and already has he told both internal. And two told. That's -- the report says corrects. Good to be and that could think he can control. But -- not under -- today can say whatever he wants to. Well. Joseph from a -- it. We've put -- our go to guy -- imported gold you know but we're back where it would stop when this happened you just didn't covered up. We would kept the secret but it would that would benefit to grand scale. In the eye of hurricane like good good football. But Joker -- -- were you worried mostly about what the neighbors got you covered it up so. While he couldn't feel this way. And it won't nobody feels this way. I can understand why I feel this way and I think he's brought the brought him. Why wouldn't they dementia. Indeed poor and vulnerable. I really wonder how could anyone into a situation like this. The end I want to visit my butt killed in the shortcut. Well it is important what is said he's not vulnerable he can coach but now they're gonna say he maybe didn't hear may be his vulnerable might be he's maybe not quite all of us there are Charles already saying that come on guys he's 84 -- break when. Personality guys. Cult of personality. Mark -- tremendous job of the article reshape the conversation today and your robot rumor and opinion thing is it is shocking to say the least will keep a -- problem that. Yes they are sadly they are plausible mark -- joining Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T outlined thanks mark get a faster with forgy AT&T. Rethink possible now which was his opinion and which was the rumor. The rumor was that something big something is coming up. Second mile and by the way is not the only one saying something big. If you following Twitter lot of people who were on the beat on the scene -- cents biggest common. Well we've been telling you that and we've been right so big -- -- the next thing is going to be. Paterno I think is in -- not -- big second mile Pippen out the bull -- that's pretty crazy. But. The the story that turn on -- in 98 and used his influence particularly invest while investigating. How and Coleman writes a piece on Bloomberg. -- from Holland. He writes that grand -- reports and asking admits he showered with -- eleven year old boy confessed to the kid's mother cried -- was Tuesday and this was known by campus police. The state college police department the Pennsylvania department of public welfare in the office of Centre county district attorney. All about these -- 5303550. You're a are we supposed to believe that this information never got back to Joseph Paterno. You wanna cut spot stretching credulity. Ivan may -- That stretches of course return on -- -- -- said he knows everything that goes on Wednesday and this is thirteen years ago when he was a spry 71 and running gestures with his offensive climate -- practice and we'll be right back with your phone calls.

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