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Aug 30, 2011|

Boston College Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo calls John, Gerry and Meter and talks about how cancer touches everybody. Gene discusses former BC Eagles LB Mark Herzlich's fight with cancer and what the Jimmy Fund meant to Mark.

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Where in the final minutes of the fourth. Our of the first day I think I got that right the final minutes of the fourth hour the first day of the WEEI innocent Jimmy Fund radio telethon live from Fenway Park. A gene deep level began media director of athletics over Boston College in September of 1997. What a job He has done. BC's varsity sports team scored big when the NCAA released its annual academic progress report in fact sixteen to Boston College scored a perfect 1000 but -- to his credit said. BC is first and foremost an academic institution. And that's proved out with some stats is well last year. 349. BC student athletes maintained a grade point average of three point oh or better earning the athletic director's award for academic excellence joining us on the AT&T hotline are good friends from Boston College. -- people -- good morning. How are you hey good morning John -- meter I should you be would you guys send. I wanna commend you this is a terrific thing that you do want. Well we're glad to do it and I know use an athletic director and a little bit about fund raising these are the best economic times out there. But I can't think of a better cause. With what we're doing here today for the Jimmy Fund and I'm sure you agree gene. There's not a better car as soon mom thank goodness that two. You know everybody in the Boston area realizes that and thank you guys for for all your help. You know we set a number of times they're very few families untouched by cancer and I suppose in the big picture of the Boston College athletic. Family was touched by cancer and a big way with markers look a story that got national attention and some good has come out of this team. We are really has you know. I've never heard of Ewing's sarcoma. You wait two years ago and in the way our school. And not just a football team or the athletes are -- the way our school has rallied around. You don't marquis can also non working with the cancer society. To raise funds it's it it's really been something to watch him not. You know as you said. Cancer touches everybody really judge. Everything -- morning. You know what's amazing team going in those games are -- in those games and seeing the other teams given. Given her like the big cheque can get the big round of applause I mean I times it was almost. Upstaging big game I mean it's that there have to. Born to be because. In -- bald markers like was they're getting that check. You have a jury was great you know the first coach to really do it was dabbled Sweeney. And you know they came out west -- check for 9400 dollars. Before uplifting athletes and then they -- -- -- before that the whole team had signed and after that you know every everybody that we played I did something for her Markey cancer was really nice to see. -- also Frank Beamer came up big as well every ACC school we went to they all came up big but one of the Jimmy Fund in the markers with. -- You know who -- we all learned a lot from mark. And we really did you know I never shown marked down. Day. You know I never saw him. You know -- look or feel sorry for himself for whatever. And you know only Jimmy -- and most people they were there is a support system for mark cannot it was really really helpful tool. The -- we wanna thank you personally -- Boston College athletics because you are sponsoring this fourth and final hour of the Dennis and Callahan program on the first day of the Jimmy Fund so. I know we call on new you always jump in with both feet and we are very appreciative for BC and you're athletic involvement here today. Well you know what -- we have we've donated two seats on the airplane. To the Notre Dame game lose -- two tickets to the game. Hotel paid for. And we're happy to do that and if you throw. If you put us in for another 500 dollars. We would really appreciate get so please put -- on your totals. We will indeed and and didn't do the of people go to Notre Dame gets to sit next to zero on the ground in the -- talking about the meter I would not get any how. I would say I'll throw at a Booth visit okay no problem who's been -- ago and that's a mention on the air too that's a measure earlier admitted Payton Bryant said Pierre -- you are or are you excited they -- northwestern on Saturday right we. We do we have northwestern -- on Saturday and not you know they were seven into I think last year and then their luster quarter wrecked. And you know they ended up seven and six I don't know whether he's gonna player not. You know I think that's still to be determined but they have a lot of other good players as well also we're excited to get going here. Well it's smart -- -- smart school on Saturday night and good -- CNN tomorrow or Thursday it -- -- and this is still He still -- real job I don't show on the duties on the bubble and we get to see her is like battling for a job against the patriots Thursday night. -- people of oil athletic director at Boston College we'll win -- how -- went to a -- I know I saw that interception that was unbelievable runs. He's he's he's doing well companies doing great he's doing well He did the good -- to put Jerry is on the bubble these consoles and -- Thursday night against the patriots. It's of the big gains and make or break night for mark -- he's gonna play a lot. 8777381234. As we wrap up the first four hours -- Dennis and Callahan on the WEEI -- and Jimmy Fund radio telethon.

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