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Bill Belichick on the progress being made in training camp and in the preseason games

Aug 22, 2011|

The Coach has his weekly visit with the Big Show and this week talks about the Pats-Bucs game from last Thursday, Albert Haynesworth getting back on the field with his plea of no-contest today and which younger players have stepped up and impressed so far in training camp.

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Show live down here and -- are. But -- -- Michael Ali grossed out our money Monday regular time for -- no nonsense conversation with a coach doing Tedy Bruschi did have a simple no nonsense conversation. With this be a lot about protecting your team at home affordable dependable life insurance. Call 888 get as Eli could say they don't want my Cotto and said He hasn't -- Fine with us it's the players I'm worried about that you have to -- look at little -- today somewhere around there. -- and -- -- -- things need to get it for us three days off. After the game. Girl Friday and Sunday -- -- work counts artists that -- ago based on all the different changes we had this year with. You know different schedule. Is the third pre season game still the most significant for the regulars. I don't know I think -- important. And notes and to hear him now I think -- important games an opportunity for us -- improvement. Every time we can take a step closer that in -- go on opening day in the -- for the sixteen game season at the progress. So we hope we play good and we didn't third -- in last year. Chairman when thousands are safe and you remember rams as Peru on yeah we are perhaps that was chamber. For Petraeus. Some success because you've got some serious evaluated in doing a lot of guys and we -- talking earlier about the kickoff and you know we talked about them last week but. From a coaching perspective how -- -- actually being shorted on chance to evaluate guys that that actually guys -- made the team before on kickoffs on kick -- returns showing that there. Capable returners or coverage guys don't know which is going down there making tackles. What kind of pressure does that put on you to make an even tougher decision come -- time. Bit well it there's a lot less information Teddy -- there -- seeing a lot of touchback so we you can evaluate part of the play -- get off the downfield speed me how they avoid -- first on blockers but. Without the return just don't it's still play so we've got a lot of my practice and try to evaluate that and it's it's. And I just not the same as -- plays in the in the game and and you can't really see the players improve because. There -- -- there's not that volume placed work with but you know that's that's what it is sold -- we have. I think -- league -- also I mean of the teams have basically. Thoughts come to that conclusion I think we can evaluate these guys I -- the bears back to back the ball up five yards to kick it back from the thirty. Something you ever consider to get that -- for those young guys. Well we call Thomson notre -- but off the kicks He did on okay. But -- -- even some of them announced sale than -- so. -- -- Just ethical polio -- we will -- -- and -- this week that you're right it's not. It's not the the ideal situation of slavery from -- and you and also there's a lot of players that have that made the team. Mean I remember shown those tapes you know what the team after the first couple kickoff practices and say you know. France's special teams coach -- put this guy on the first -- and and I put among the first fickle thing causes of the way practice than the -- chance government again so. When they when they changed the rule that you anticipate that it would be like this that would play out like this. During the games. Well of course I don't know how anybody could think that a few and move them restrain lineup five yards that there were minimal or balls and hands on. I you know -- -- have the December wants. Point degrees at their animals on -- for. This time a year -- -- -- -- this time a year anyway and then on the football Fieger it's closer I don't know. How anybody could think would be anything but what is this I can imagine you're just standing out in protest like hell against this and I can fly thing kickoff return is is a great Fleming's most won the most exciting plays in the game and you know it's it can be very momentum play as a return team as the -- escort now you have a chance to answer a good field position and they -- great momentum play in terms of you know put the defense in good field position and and of course the purpose of the rule was the player safety but. -- say those things that are around and down their full speed with the -- on thirty thirty they're still run pretty fast in the get down there inside the thirty or outlines I don't think they've they've slowed down and you know we've just eliminate kickoff returns with with all the prospects and we're talking about it earlier. Seems like it's a limited to that and hire part of the game and the ones that you do see a -- manipulated right now they're purposely doing it so they can run it back. How different is that gonna change the strategy of the game went. Pretty much every team is going to Begin on the twenty yard line it's going to be a rarity now more we get a team to -- on the twilight. Well you know again it's the same for everybody so they'll all have to make the make the best we can -- -- -- that this thank. -- philosophically I've always felt like plays that aren't on place you know should be. Shouldn't be in the game I don't think it's good for the game so you know like extra points you know when -- to the 99% range and extra points it's you know it's really it's it's not a -- You know -- moved the ball back of the fifteenth morning airline and you know make it. You know not make it if that happened -- Italy's Macomb economic component and -- since and they were kickoff kickoff returns and for example the won't want them put on the Tony if we're gonna. You know four and a half kickoff returns and you know there's reason why the the competition committee in the league's move the the kickoff a yard line back from the Ford is 35 to thirty keep that play in the game. And you know -- in -- and don't go away. You're sort of intentional walk right now that's what it is now so what they are also the exercise of having that they guys stand up there and go through before pensions. Africans who -- with these are better defensively last week. I mean I don't know we didn't send you send the Mikey sent the Willies and this thing on the salmon will send a corner a little bit also. Was that a goal last week going in that game you wanna since some pressure you wanna see who can rush get to the quarterback you wanna see who recovery in demand situation. Well yes on sale you know all the above we can play a lot of man coverage a lot of one on one coverage and you know one -- -- wait a the corners in the safeties and linebackers covering their men and and we we did a little bit of five man pressure not too much six man pressure but a little bit. On the you know we've we've brought five in interest right for single coverage and see how we held up. You know we Elvis is in trouble this round quarterbacks those guys run around and and -- certainly learn something from plan against them but there are thought that we competed pretty well. In man coverage and and also. You know and then Russian quarterbacks of. Yeah I mean the -- the five man pressures are talking about. Can turn into a six man look if if the linebacker possibly covering the back is skilled enough to work. The hug technique where you have him in man to man coverage but it looks like He blocks He picks somebody else and He enters arrest. The linebackers. Jerod and affliction was out their -- guide it seems like. I mean they're they're becoming comfortable with this technique a few years but this is that takes a little bit to learn this technique can you explain what the technique is. -- well I think -- you know basically if if if I've got a guy and man to man coverage any blocks and I can add into the rush because he's he's not taken me out of the -- -- -- via my coverage. Our runner past try to stay in and so you can add an extra rusher. If -- if the if -- man a man coverage and in your got blocks so. There's definitely you know -- -- with some opportunities for that and and flip side that is when you play that the bullets on package than in your in zone than. You know you drop back in -- zones and doesn't matter whether receivers to modernize the drop in the losers anyway so. So a bit of difference game but you know our players of -- have worked on them I think that -- against the game experience and it's one thing to do in practice nothing to do in the game situations and you know we do get some some looks that. And anyone one of the players that have that have had. Success. With those techniques to talk about the last couple weeks is foolish to Dane Fletcher He had been making some progress I mean there's something about the defense -- lineman in college that -- suddenly learn how to play linebacker -- -- -- -- -- coach and -- I don't -- has got the -- can you talk about the progress he's made in what he's had to learn from being down defense has been -- -- -- in my back into the job for. You know He He really as many good transition like you do like Harry Carson I mean not just guys that played defense -- and the guys that played in the interior part of line so the things hadn't done nice job in the past year and and starting this year picking up where it left off last year. And -- to become better coverage player more aware behind the line of scrimmage. He's always been pretty good at an attack in and going forward like like this train was and in college as a defensive lineman but. This is coverage skills and his ability to recognize thanks from me on line. And Ross a quarterback from death as opposed to in a three point stance on fruit and. I started a quote from the other day that Al -- and for the stated I'm gonna be the guy asked about -- -- with every -- that's -- -- -- -- there -- some news out on -- worth. You know I I guess the plea deal is Huckabee disciplined by -- -- Can we expect to see Albert Haynesworth in this third pre season game and always database but beyond being dated. It if he's ready. So do you think do you anticipate him being ready -- -- he's. And on the grounds that we didn't -- a book about judgment to be something beyond me why can't. Mean -- there and tomorrow and that these rating goes and the practice that he's not than you do the other things security ago when it and then we'll try to get on Wednesday Robertson -- today. -- was here's and not here yet He was in Washington. Resident trapped close to yeah. I can do better no well -- after a question and that's all every week -- with a trap because all the cocoa. Bill Hoyer. Situation I think He was in the second quarter. Comment in for Tom coming for Tom wanna sort of be merchant base is kept coaching situation -- can explain that process. Well it's. In a little bit like a relief pitcher in baseball in -- when the relief pitcher goes of the game He doesn't know whether he's gonna become an at all or. Command with the bases loaded her come in at the beginning of an ending -- what it is so. It's over like that for the backup quarterback you can be common and any time -- first down third down first quarter fourth quarter. So injury equipment failure and I some mountains and you never know so. That was situation I was in last week we told to be rated ago and at a moment's notice we're in Paulson and there. So we put him in there and run a few poison and come out -- on his preparation for. If that would happen in the game and in and we will do that Ryan -- and and experience as well because that's. And it's possibly the way that could be in the -- Looks like it some positions you've got tremendous depth how difficult will the evaluation process be over the next couple weeks bill. In trying to determine who makes the the roster and guys that haven't played how do you make a determination. Of whether they're a better fit than guys who have been playing right now. Those are really tough questions London and that that's hard answer -- housing gonna turn out I don't know it's it's up to the players you know him a chance to play and the ones that played federal claymore and the ones that don't play as well we'll we'll play a little bit less but you know that really be decided by them. Guys that are injured there are able participate we have to. And we have to do the best we can make the best decision for the team that's one way or component and there's no hard and fast formula. You have to do two things -- for the team and canceled at. Let's get your take on two rookies who played well and in game one Ryan mallet obviously. And -- in game one game -- saw some things from Ridley also fumble mallet. I had interception what what was your analysis of their growth from game one they came to. I think. You know generally speaking -- think both guys were about the same in both games. It has some good things -- that some things. And -- really what what with what we're looking for what they wanted to do it. But they did some good things and both games so. Although the situations were different so some of the things it up in the first game. Maybe get correct in the second game but then things up in the second game has been called in the first and and then then work so well so. And those guys got a lot to learn Michael rookies do I don't think there's any. You know you can prepare and you can practice and then and their real game experiences that are just -- a little bit different and and we all have to go through those we all that rookie years we all. You know we all none of that first first final plans those for the first year plane and you just keep learning every week I mean veterans and every week two but. But he's -- now more in these these reps are very important especially for the rookie. And and one that hasn't gotten lines down Ras I Dowling. How's He look in the can see him a little bit he's coming along. Well so He you know he's been able to the start working back -- and and hopefully you know if he's ready then you know look at plant on the outlook the but it shows up from practice field but hopefully you'll be corner He has -- science yet strong attack or. -- the first couple weeks she said you had an incorporated a lot of the plays on offense to the accelerated the process in the I have to right now. Well we vetted and and this is a big week for us because we've put in a lot of -- -- -- and putting in a lot of our situation applies. Things that come up at the end of the game. -- field position situations are trying to. Trying to get in position for feel you'll have to score a touchdown or you know fourth and goal on the for the eagle on fifteen. Plays like. You know kicking situation plays that again are infrequent that when they come up very important so. Between our our offense defense and special teams situations this is big week for that. And as we talked to all the team those those plays my Kamal wants a season might. I come up than one game and I'm not -- and for fifteen weeks that if they come up they could decide the game so they're critical plays there's not very frequent and that so that's a big part of our week this week in and also just get ready for some things that. That we know we're gonna need to see that we haven't seen either from our opponents or -- you know from ourselves against each other. But like you know we know defensively the team -- and three season room you know back passes or double reverses or. You know unbalanced line and things like that wildcat formations but we know -- to see those things currencies and so. You know we've got to prepare for those and and the same thing offensively we'll see all the all the exotic blitzes that we'll see during the season but we know -- common and so those things we've got to prepare forces I think a lot of it. Usually I usually third pre season game can be a game receive special teams aches or or things like that historically our teams have run. Second third precinct in trying to put something on film maybe they wouldn't you right during the regular season social this one and that their teams prepare form to. Right but it sure I mean we've got me prepare for that but. If we don't see him in these games which there's a good chance we won't. Than. You know at some point -- and we have to make sure we've gone defendant. This is a good Greek week to work on in guys you know if you say all -- for one week it just really piles up on its. You know he's sable for the opener and your you know your Rodman an extra fifty plays during the week it. Maybe three Atmel Como and and that's a bloody years for a mountain do you know -- this week if you next week if you of the opening week. In Allen and you kind of go through that process and everything in and you get to them by a week in the injury you know again and you. You know you Adam you know a couple of weekly -- this you know sometimes it's 34 weeks before He can actually repeat them. You know hopefully they come -- -- of them in that time for a and you you know to -- nobody reveals an exotic placed on the -- into the him in this film this video. You know legitimate pre season and are catching him off guard right. You don't show when devious stuff from the pre season the only -- I think the reason why you do it like tenements and the reason why do is just put it on -- and you know run a fake -- and and maybe that'll keep somebody from Russian upon -- against an early part of the season. Because they you know they want expose themselves to a fake so. -- can out nice game but. The bottom line is you know we've got practice common and will we -- or not we can't control in the game but we have to prepare for you know for almost Africa situations what what is what's. What's the game planning progression for you in the pre season review. Do 10% of what you -- doing a regular season game one and 2.5 percent -- career as a not work like that at all you have the same approach and pre season and then in the regular season get to your real. Preparation. Well I think I think the way that that we normally do and Michael is this whatever we have installed. You know let's say it's sixty place. You pick a group of plays from those sixty and run in the game maybe it would be 25 let's say. Especially if you're planning on plan puts -- three groups and first pre season game. You know by the time you run your 65 plays with three different groups on -- twenty place. You know -- rather than run a different play with -- each group you you know I have some type for a petition herself. You know if you're only gonna play -- couple groups in the game you can probably had a few more plays if you're primarily just gonna play one group. Then you could -- a few more plays to say you know forty plays 45 plays whatever it is. You know you'd add that menu make it a little bit bigger and then when you -- your other guys and they would be run -- place that -- -- Iran before him. And probably finish a game that way so that's a very seldom in pre season do you put in a new. A new play like okay -- plants so it's on pre season let's put this in this in this and then and let's see if that works. I think when you plan ahead eat you know you look at a team and say okay. We know this is something that this team is gonna run so we might as well install it so we have some practice reps out of because we know we're gonna need for this game like. Planet -- runs you know. And over and under defense well. We don't want weekly data for the game to put in a couple -- -- runs -- -- -- Iran and that game and we put a man in all week at a time so we have time though. You know. Get some confidence and rom and in and be able to violate the players and again the most important thing in pre season if -- -- in the players not evaluate your scheme and so. You know how can evaluate a player that doesn't want to do so you hope when you put him in the game that he's at least. Has enough background leading author and play with some confidence and know what to do and and you can see whether He knows that a player and He doesn't know what to do than in of course is. Coach as the game went on a little bit second quarter the -- got to Brady a little bit. That's -- hits on them. And Gerald McCoy won a good young offensive lineman got a nice -- -- club move on -- was able to get to Brady get a nice hit on him. You got and how we consume coming up this week. Any type of motivation given that right guard positions. -- -- -- Well you know those lines have a good front they're very active they're big and -- -- fast on the edge you know with Iran and Washington so. They're they're your past Russian front and you know we'll get Jones again as He note passing games it's all about -- it's a protection. Receivers coming open and the quarterback roller and ball and one at any one of those three things of those elements isn't isn't done right then you're gonna have problems receivers and open. Quarterback can't find them more protection breaks down then and you have problems passing games. You know you -- trying to trying to get all that right but that's that's a challenge and and lines -- much better defensively than the weather were last year and -- kind of turned over there their own linebacker group and you know they're the more spears and secondary in the got a good front we know that so. I think they're you know it definitely in the showed improvement in the first decreases -- it. Michael good luck against the Detroit we'll see you back here next Monday all right sounds good on my I have that it does and I can give.

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