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Reports are That David Ortiz is Unhappy Re: His Contract Status - Is that Why He Interrupted Tito?

Aug 7, 2011|

Dale brings up the reports coming out that Ortiz is a little upset that the Sox haven't approached him about signing a new contract. He makes the connection to the interrupting Francona's postgame presser incident a few nights ago.

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Let me ask your question earlier this week yet one of those weird uncomfortable strange moments at Fenway Park and I don't know if you were -- The date Terry Francona is doing his daily press briefing I wasn't there but sitting in front of the brick wall there and releasing the brick wall. And and and also gets interrupted or for lack a better term and and you actually see the confusion on its face. -- says -- with that east -- talking depend Emily who is the superb public relations person for the Red Sox. And and Pam who standing over by the doorway which leads downstairs to the clubhouse says it's David meaning it's David Ortiz. In Ortiz kind of sticks his head around them. The edge of the doorway therein and in an expletive the old short tirade because -- -- try to push him back up for the doorway and get him back to the clubhouse. Says He wants to talk to Tito because he's he's. -- -- About chest god -- official scoring decision from the night before which took -- an RBI away from David. First of all I was a little troubled by it to Begin. As as most people would be initially I think even Tito thought it was one of those joking things you know Pedroia gave claimed trick on him or something and it became clear very quickly that. It was not like that this is not a -- this was not a drill He was Matt. If spot if we were watching footage from Yankee Stadium. In Joseph Girardi is doing is press briefing. And out accurate guy Alex Rodriguez pops his head in the door and and does the exact same thing worked for -- What are Red Sox fans say about. -- Couldn't agree more and -- example A-Rod -- the width of knocking the ball out of royals hands. Wearing a the first baseline. There were people in New York senate there's a guy that would do anything to win He just wants to win all He cares about is winning. And by the way it if they didn't reverse the call that didn't have the benefit of get the umpires together and change in the -- -- won that game. The story line would have been He did the little things to help -- -- -- -- a little illegal things that help and I and I guarantee in the -- We're Ortiz is concerned. I think we can all agree there are two different story lines here. And when people say this is a non story. While it is a story because for a talking about everywhere in the country global David Ortiz and score his decision and you get 90000 it. They're two different stories. Should've got in the RBI in an today changed the cost of the pitching coach be calling up the press box and so forth I actually disagreed with chest Scotland's decision with similar decision perfectly legitimate I spoke debate right it did I just I disagree right. I thought that Ortiz should've gotten ball RBIs but that was the descent and at the pitching coach in the indians'. Doesn't. Make an issue that nobody ever talks about that again for the rest of time that becomes a non story where it does become a story. Is weird David Ortiz walks in on Francona -- press conference which was again I wasn't there it was a home. As a vacation and that makes the story. And sick of these things happen all the time will be two capital time legitimately. Legitimately. I've been part of it where it where a player Watson toxin answered. After the game. And in the door opens up we get in there we do lifestyle and the manager calls the score over the sides with someone talked about that call. And and -- over the merits -- Dick Williams was -- and Dick is is much of -- reputation He had as being you know very salty as players. He would go to -- He would call is scorer with the listeners wanted to document on that play in the third inning if He did this and that. And in the square which in the call or or not make the change atlas and it happens all the time is legitimate it is okay it is good. Because then you get it right. -- no issue if Ortiz had gone of the manager and so with only talked to score about this -- what and so -- That is that is completely fine bring him to watch in the air in interrupt the meeting as He did. Makes him look to the public petty juvenile and is really no getting around that -- -- -- anybody can defend that you look like a clown. Is it possible that the David Ortiz tirade. Which was it was a tyrant -- with a -- but it was short. Thankfully because spam gambling was able to convince him leave the room but it was around that would have been no you don't He runs it -- it was a tirade. Is it possible but it was a symptom. Something just a little bigger. According to ESP ND port case I'm quoting from story on line a source close to David Ortiz told ESPN Newport case. But the Red Sox DH is privately unhappy that Boston has not approached him with a contract extension. This source. Quote said David is too proud and respectful to say how He feels and public but the guy feels hurt upset by the way -- being ignored by the Red Sox. After all he's done here and having a good season He was at least hoping to be approached by the team to talk about its future. Ortiz was asked about it on Saturday before the game He was asked whether He was hurt by the lack of discussions He answered quote the truth is yes and no. Yes because I should be facing a better situation when I'm having Goodyear. And no because at some point something has to happen and those are things that I can't control on quote. Is possible that what you saw on Thursday. When He burst and it Terry Francona -- press conference. Was just a symptom. Of some unhappiness Ortiz is having because at no point apparently. As VO Epstein or somebody approached David -- -- and said hey -- You guys haven't held a year here let's talk about next year. Is it possible that were dealing. Well. This is what we get in that issue we're trying to get inside a player's head up and and guess what he's thinking so that's always dangerous. What I will say is that the one thing I can speak to is that when they picked up his extension. At a conference call. And David Ortiz was asked on a couple of occasions. A ball whether. If He gets off to a good start 2011 might this be an issue and -- contract extension and He made it abundantly clear. That this would not being issued that this would not -- marker in 2011 season. So. And -- an -- out -- smart guy like Tom might thrive on it hasn't yet because all we have is is the report news in deport -- and well and He addressed that. Yeah and -- -- for the game yesterday I'll make the smart -- comment and say the -- an end to an -- He meant it when He said it. He probably meant that it wasn't going to be an issue and then as the season has gone on and he's had a great year. Start to finish a great year. Not a good yesterday against CC sabathia with -- -- for four and has had a little mini slump you're going lightly but it's had a great year. Maybe He just thought that given what he's accomplished on the field somebody would have approached him. Somebody would have appreciated what he's done and said hey David. We -- talked about staying for next year. He has in the past said the score keepers don't have is back. That that they should be dark corner and stuff when not knowing that that's not the way -- -- to work does work that -- in some cities two point. And you can argue that it happens in the city through a niche audiences a court equal friendly score keeper. That doesn't make a bad score keeper right I I think that there is a that there isn't an inherent. Thing going on with score keepers throughout the history of baseball. Where there is a gentle nudge toward the hometown team it's just simple psychology. Just as refs are gonna you -- home -- calls in -- refereed. To keep your hometown calls -- and that's not something that we should have an issue. And him to turn around and and suggest that to suggest publicly that the opposites going something I disagree with -- institutional. But it suggests it is what we saw on Thursday. Just. Symptom of the activities. Hello Matt right at the organizations a little upset with how things -- Update ESP -- court case report is actually accurate. And the comments He made yesterday before the game were accurate and that wishes things were being handled differently. And because of that other things SATA mop as well is that is it possible that you're dealing. Yes. Thank you bucket 617 starts at that that's the best that yes a -- yeah I think you might be honest. I think that's dealing I think I think he's an emotional guy. I I I think that you know He plays with a certain amount of pride and emotion and it -- -- propellant you know arguably one of the best DH's in the history of the game. And and that pride also means that you know he's a very proud guy who thinks that his accomplishments here this here are being recognized properly. And and overall it's soured his attitude. And that helped lead to what you saw the other night.

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