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Terry Francona announces Adrian Gonzalez will play Right Field

Jun 29, 2011|

Terry Francona makes the announcement on The Big Show that Adrian Gonzalez will play right field in tonights Red Sox- Phillies game and David Ortiz will play first base. Tito also discusses interleague play in general and his thoughts on the possible re-alignment of the leagues.

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I've back terribly big show I'm glad short way a lot of Mikey adams' Michael holly continues. His vacation it's time for our weekly get together with the manager Terry Francona brought to you by accountants call accountants. For your temporary accounting and finance needs call 1800. Eagle 33867. In my Mike Adams here doctor doctor Robert clinical 1800. Get there painted all right. Good guys I don't. Well well well you never hurt him replacement thing. That the -- yes on get a complex however I do that. Republic Geithner oh I think it got him to drive 100 yeah yeah rethink that that's 100 -- -- -- at the question everybody wants to know was in right field tonight are Adrian. -- It would gonna play right field like they don't play first. And to be completely honest about it. Go to my -- thinking about. I don't wanna do it very often that's true. It may not -- it may not be at our best interest to win a game to -- I don't know. American needle -- of the offense outweigh the defense he find out. But at the least it gives -- a game because that's important he's got real battle on this trip. If he goes eleven days without -- Matt -- it's no good he's too important -- our offense. Sole legal or political but the gamble here on the defense -- -- our lineup sort of looks a lot better and it's good for David soul that we've talked a godly. It all -- -- you know Jeter got here now because it's not gonna happen I would it'll I would deserve to be. Probably Ronald ridiculed right word but it -- deserves some criticism and -- -- Napa. Like I I -- you this question could you are usually so decisive you usually have a plan. You usually have the facts to back it up on why you're making that decision. It seems to me over the last week you vacillate little little bit your -- Rommel. Making this decision -- has been that difficult. -- well I don't know about data to actually but I do what I want to do against wanna do it and took -- As long as David got bats and -- hit -- three games. So what kind of do it again I don't always albeit old media everything. We got here and people that left in the first period a delicate ball I thought today's game with a perfect date appoint him. And again the oldest probable Q how are you doing in the outfield things like that decision how we were going to Fatima. -- -- health wasn't all that -- I would Connelly an important ball long red. -- -- -- -- Quite so much veto. So in other words you knew it you just took it from so yeah tackle and guided it kind of went on the radio all stop all this I heard on the radio in Pittsburgh on Sunday now these guys were -- they were asking a lot of steps are from you know you're from up that area right there -- about Little League in. Yeah I had and stuff I I bet your life. I've read it was it was good though but I am because it's -- different from we discuss here. -- deadly bird crimes he did look until all the way up to a game. -- you think third trying to help. -- it was good though it was good it was a good interview and I enjoyed -- -- -- they did mention briefly do you that would in the brief baseball talk they -- with -- about this Gonzales right field. Popping thing missing you can hear about this for a long time you've been you've. Even have an answer questions about a for a long time and you know obviously the world's been all serious about what what's your main concern about. What might happen out in right field from fielding perspective. Where gonzo might not be up to snuff. Well and again he's you know we play no more popular. It's not like -- if it means he's not that fast due to an appealing to multiple republic -- he's done before. Exactly -- you know again it's all right field that's another reason we would do it here. At all I just don't -- don't want don't come about trying to throw people ball from the warning track like that that's slump and -- and again. Because of its godly I trust him he's smart enough and mature enough or knock him goosebumps Billick again hopefully -- lead after it drinkable but some changes and it'll bring him back in the first base and put somebody outfield and will find a way to win. But it I think it's important enough to debate would be about -- -- -- -- David been frustrated with this is he talking about how frustrated he is. And is up in that is that part of the equation here. Golf no economic actually probably more frustrated David Villa he's been really understanding about this he's not been -- -- -- -- -- to go. Because you know he's frustrated LaMont. You always know more about hitters -- -- a lineup -- -- to bring anybody in there. And I have a responsibility of these guys can do to try to again try to help not -- and no he's been tremendous but as you could pick ground balls every day -- look the point that we're like I told them. I can understand where you would look at this offensively against their pitcher on the other hand playing him in tonight's game. What do you expect more games to the more balls to be put into play with Lackey as opposed to let's say Jon Lester who's gonna strike out more guys and we fewer opportunities in right field. Well but I could could be good but they're brought Hammel tomorrow. That's a deal but again it's there's a lot goes into -- -- in the other equation is located you know lesser quality league coaches in the game you wanna have a better defense out there are a little Lotta ways to look at. I don't know that anything perfect -- it's going to be such a small sample size against the golden rule Republicans. How much does it hurt you in that we all know the interleague play and having a designated hitter who's missed you know one of the best hitters on the team. And they you look much differently once he's out of the lineup how much of this. Makes it even worse for you in that you haven't been getting any offensive production out of right field. Well I mean you look at our lineup and you'll quickly come to the metal leg. And it's futile week we got the same -- for a -- and out but then five -- -- has been a little bit different and it'll again that the teams are still I mean nobody would they be the same things we do they look at Ottawa packed lineup and -- -- -- back and how to attack didn't. Little bit there's there's but there's better reasons -- polished rated blog -- last -- just came to normal I don't think that -- Have you had any thought process where. May be moving Skoda were up to number two and and moving everybody down or try to see if you can expand from four maybe to five deep. Yeah I actually built a good point bomb -- I think scooter is a perfect eight hitter. It's the first eight holes but the opposition if you get a free swinger up -- they got a -- to do you know did get undressed. Got a really good up respectable four. -- -- just walk you understand the situation that we need to expect expend his own. And the ability can do that. A roll -- will come to an expert not me duplicate. I must tell you forget about last night's game because you could've done anything based on. What are Cliff Lee was doing it. -- the -- -- a magnet on the ball beyond played a bit of the rescinded the command of the strikes on the way he's able to. Pinpoint exactly where he wants to boil four pitches -- -- believe. You know what guys relevant president that I wasn't real happy about it but it was. -- -- about as impressive as you're gonna be a pretty good about thirty -- he works quick it looks like he's going to -- talk about 95 my nose on the 9192. It's gotten the -- commute on Terry W a bullet embargoes slider. Everything to move and it never in the middle. He's involved would all the bottom -- go to that's impressive for -- you look at it up one of the better pitchers learned that feels really good about himself right now. John lackeys pitching tonight no -- is minutes -- you know crapshoot as far as what you gonna get up from him. A question I have for it easy cable as a hitter of having a Tony -- game with two grand slams tonight and if it's -- -- and is he OK -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We are Italy came off the DL only have three wrote about it and we got and that's sloppy game all the other day and he really haven't talked have been Maggette didn't let up on. Them. You can put a good hitter they have your question he won't get -- But ultimately more importantly we gotta keep them off the board in all right -- pitcher against that lineup you better keep the ball down your virtually speed they got some big guys urgent. I got -- a new favorite big key player and I'm glad he's in the lineup tonight obviously the right hitter Gordon this Redick kid. -- -- -- -- with all the troubles out to right field with both Mike Cameron and it would mark McDonald as far as -- tobacco's. You know a guy with a 400 average is easy guy -- keep it against a lefty in the future here mentally dips below 400. Well there again mile understand what went right play left field and you've done a really good job in a small sample size thrust. But you can't get to compare to him that I mean again you know he was -- -- that you've been to forty extra point so again there's you know mean if you have. I think my point is that you don't you don't wanna awaken your guys for the player of the week I think that's a bad way to manage a lot less and a given the long road -- help right now that's great. -- you return by the week. And he's doing better. And and they added that it doesn't count you're gonna be better puller and hopefully he'll he'll keep it consistent he's been a real hard thing for him last Cabrera but hopefully start differ. To the world should take on Beckett with the a layoff for the homeless. I kind of got all we expect it. He wasn't as strong is you don't know what I mean by that is upon the lay off you know you don't come out and too strong. Or you know. You you know and so -- from from B inspect. That he felt like you had the period actually thought he did a pretty good job of that he left one pitch in the brown hurdle looked over the plate on command. The other -- Two two victory over struggle away reluctantly looked over the plate got to count for four runs don't. Other than that I I really thought he was pretty good he got his count up high enough work in his next outing he should be composed back to normal. Dustin Pedroia this guy is a nut. I love his love his -- and I made a little bit here and I'm like you're you're taken -- -- ten dollar bit with a bit ago. I guarantee him that did recruited 300 this year you on board that I think -- be either born October. Are real his -- are unbelievable. Iguodala and again I know I'm Tom to bottom that -- -- I believe in this kid but in it I did not -- terrible. By the way -- you gears classic line last night with the possibility of Gonzales play in right field. -- all right guys I said he -- -- is that he's gonna have to play first second and short he's a short legs he's not he's not sure escape. -- revved up when we're out there early and he came in earlier we're up their -- privilege -- about -- few close revved up from the moment -- he was screaming at me. I mean is this club after walking around like what kind of operation or you run in the. -- Do you avoid -- he did it jokingly about how do you avoid other guys. Trying to compensate because they know that that the -- -- not familiar with that position Ellsbury -- when something that maybe. Shade -- yeah I know what we consider it a little bit because of guilt and OK doctor if I'm Tony got you got to be bad out there now he's done this. He's just not that fast. That's what we train wreck or we wouldn't doubt it. Frank Howard wasn't I'm just gonna ask you biggest feared defense. Or. Risk of injury. -- well I literally I wouldn't have to because the risk of injury but -- -- the gonzo he's got me convinced. That he OK I would not have done. There's been a lot of slow off Guzman Davey for the DH there's a lot of guys. Let's just it's just -- Looked as -- the game mid -- it was a Cubs. I played better field. Keith moreland played left field and guard Gary Matthews played right field and Harry Carey of course. Nobody would probably right. -- it's a -- none of them dropped him out there. Banquet -- out of control but I wonder in your conversation with Gonzales the alternative news. That he sits if you gonna get David involved in the ballgame and my guess is he doesn't want us and a single night. Well prepared to take -- step further I want to do and if white beard that he actually -- he would Sunday in Pittsburgh I don't want to. He'd never want to dip and especially when we will probably -- off on a trip. But he committed videotaping him not play -- okay well that -- not a lawyer is better void right now I don't wanna go -- He looked really unfair situation for us and other -- goal through two. But it just doesn't you don't you add up we have lol wouldn't and you could we could flip flop around and make a work right now partly to work. But the other angle of it and we found a Cleveland had to do this last couple years play those nine games and -- In a National League ballpark you'd think that would be one of the considerations that Major League Baseball would look at. Don't schedule nine and are also if you've got to a series that's six games and the designated sits the nine game seems to make it far worst. Well they're good for the first time to vibrator we've done -- I think they did -- worried. And -- god we're talking about I don't know I don't think that'll put you on all have a -- -- remember last week but remember this blue America looked at a little three. The pregame to the middle really helped. You know timid and I don't know why they're they're probably need to in the future -- more considerate about it they're gonna do this because it's it doesn't make a little -- awful. Dazzled the doesn't look good is she's lost me. We've dug up a player and first brought up like a blow out on. I went -- up men sport -- you don't know I'll address it. And -- by purging. And some guys the wild Francona didn't block. Could you talk now -- you rock band. And I -- -- -- As well they -- got a couple -- since you were there before while they're making. They're they're putting out list down -- of the things that they hit -- -- Boston obviously the jealousy with the the Bruins now winning in all four of our teams here in town and so pay addicted that that's adding. Not that they -- nature right from the beginning but I think that's adding -- you know. Would you know I don't find them very mobile because of -- -- I didn't like twenty mile here. -- As the strasburg heard -- interview like a Pittsburgh and apparently western mass -- it's where are you lord brought up third pretty -- to -- a girl good good stadiums have a lot of about a particular thing. Before I get to the question any idea why are Gonzales whose a pretty affable guy did not speak to the media after the game and that's where I think. The buzz started spreading around. -- maybe he was not in the lineup for today's game we all know that you alert these players the night forced to what's gonna happen and expect you have any idea why did. No all I really don't implement a podium. Before the game yesterday. I am told David applicable where. I told -- -- left the game that you never know what happened during game you could pantomime of somebody. -- -- open but now he knew why don't -- I didn't really go check out my older look you guys after the game. I don't know what there was talk of. Our time right now for the Mohegan sun's dinner with Tito cool question of the week. It comes from any -- bone meal from Malden mass the last question. -- -- What is your opinion on the new realignment structured for team that is being proposed that they can lead paint ball. Well the one -- on the paper from my understanding that's not terribly accurate. About what I like it. I like the idea of anything that -- balance. Anything and I figured just about anybody in uniform will play of that. You know you wanna have a fair and balanced schedule public Fox News. -- -- and without the without a and -- wind that. You know lose you've played the same -- other people appointed there's a little bit reluctant ball right now -- -- match -- for the Phillies or not that's not a real good drop. But -- other instances maybe catch a break I don't think anybody want to rely on lock you -- lose -- schedule. Quality of the part that Everett is correct that we're gonna balance out fifteen teams in the American League and fifteen in the National League that would mean we would have an interleague game. Every single day during the course of the season. I don't fault I don't know how that affected me I have a feeling lately baseball probably not thrilled about that because they know they. Try to schedule the interleague game at at appropriate times for the -- going to be a good draw unemployment that makes sense. But that as far as I never have understood why the other fourteen to one divisions with another up one extreme in polygamy and -- we should built figure that out. The woman did that just drives me crazy and you and I've talked about this before. The fact you play these interleague games but the two weeks have totally separate rules. And it seems to me that much different decisions. Made by the manager -- managed in both leagues how different is it from a manager's point. It's all up for me because of our team is built for DH we have high payroll would -- good little good. But we Amendola a city and we can't use part of it in that stomach the -- of it's not the strategy yourself like battling -- game the game and it ultimately our pitchers -- as adept at hitting. Because and I used to put a little bit of good players there but it more of the fact that we can't play our lineup to what we're used to and -- kind of effect. And if you have a great season and you get into the World Series ineffectual again in the most important. Seven game series of the year. I'm tired well hopefully it doesn't. Mean -- realized a -- tone Jeter. In the infield the -- -- for a role we have double the outfield along fourteen inning gave us. Maybe the profitable to the land. And it almost one out for the National League and I think so I think -- you wanna caught it. A -- doubtful Jeter to get a lot of wood belt all the gone out -- -- -- pigeon he looked -- legal why. I hit I think we can -- the road would have bolstered I don't think you can. Effect since the teams are built differently American and National League what do you think has the advantage in in a game. If the talent all the same. I don't know all I really don't know because. Every -- built differently result of these teams have a decent not -- it'll mean they're from these -- separate -- -- -- you look at the Phillies. And they're not applicable at all cylinders offensively right now with the running a good lineup out there. It'll mean it's just it's different some of these things are pretty good. And they and they built their lineup to hit the way they play and we haven't it's it's it's different. It's amazing I thought they would hit better than a trip this year and they had the same problem. Second half of last year but I -- their pitching staff. Well just food you know what the -- and good pitching. Good starting pitching can cover up a lot and a river Duke did everybody go on out -- they don't even -- -- closure yet but that doesn't come to play a little Little League circle Burton. Yeah. Yeah. Caught a four forgot for being selected -- has won an overnight stay at Mohegan Sun now entered to win the end of the season grand prize -- overnight stay. Did were Terry Francona in the big show Mohegan Sun visit WEEI dot com slash Mohegan submit your questions Terry dinner with Tito brought you by Mohegan Sun. World class gaming dining shopping and headlining entertainment. You can find a million different ways to play in the Mohegan -- could use some -- Gonzales and right field tonight you say not. Often how many more games on the strip would you use of. Well boy our title -- -- try to get through tonight. Maybe you want in Houston maybe not part of government goes on I'm not on our mind you but you have -- by the oldest. But I think David these supplies and who again that'll open works out well it might not but it's a long season. I Derek we'll talk to and actually OK guys don't know what -- -- want you to Terry Francona. -- -- -- --

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