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Why you should be concerned about Jonathan Papelbon

Mar 18, 2011|

Coming off his worst season in the majors, the Red Sox closer has had a terrible Spring Training and Lou and Mut discuss their concerns with Papelbon. During their conversation, the guys also add Dice-K and Beckett to their list of worries.

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Two weeks and today back two weeks in four hours from right now. We get opening day boss limits on reasonable. Red Sox and Rangers opened up that theories I open up the season and in the week after that three weeks and today we got Red Sox opening day. Another unofficial take today off from work. Holiday and -- if the Yankees there Fenway Park. And we talked yesterday about the rotation and how Francona set this thing out we did not have the information really. Regarding Jonathan Papelbon yesterday while we're on the year. Jonathan Papelbon another. It's called brutal outing upper Papp gave up a tunnel runs in a short -- a time. The hits were hard from all accounts that that would that I read this morning these were not. You know flares that we're getting down and and guys taken advantage of base running mistakes it pretty good. And -- is not the first time this. Spring training that Jonathan Papelbon. Has been lit up now if I'm gonna be consistent I have to admit that my theory on spring training is. Let's get -- who cares spring training. It does the games don't count guys are working on stuff especially pitchers. You know what's the big deal. If I'm gonna be consistent be honest on the show which is ideal for a couple of weeks now I'll play now that a point where. It goes wrong about Papelbon and maybe the pressure. Is getting to hand him and maybe you're talking about a guy. Who is not poised for huge -- and for the Boston Red Sox what did you take. Out the Papelbon outing yesterday. It consistent. Inconsistency in his delivery his mechanics. That's what we saw last year you talked about stats. We open up the box boards box to a spring training -- the joy over to. Alicia Donna spring training cubic helmet was too great at -- Hillary is -- to look at the three Q filed a 56 pitches and indie pop up -- still good at bat. The outcome is given a good spring training at that may be blind out good spring training and that. This gadget 500 well who do what it off of 789 innings to patient doubly pitchers anyways. Who -- she got a kid some esteem issues last year with the consistency from pitch to pitch out of doubting. With his mechanics with his delivery have in the same issues now before early spring is limited to locked in. Yes is it wanted to stop and pick in this instantly -- I know what to do enrollment delivery is off -- repeated. But that's gonna happen in order doing wrong it's gonna fix it well. You know even. Do an effort of the year and a little over year. The inconsistencies. Of the year that's why I am concerned. -- yesterday two walks hit batsman. -- base runners I mean not knowing where anything is going having anything locked in fastball location nothing -- say it's a good outings. But as a closer month it's. -- field goal kicker in NFL. You have to go out there get it done I mean. You can't blow -- save it two weeks later be lights on the blow another 12 weeks later he'll blow another one. -- lights out in between those eventually those add up 8910 blown saves that's not good for your team. You pretty much yet to be lights out for the majority of time. He needs to be better you close it has to be great to win a World Series. Asked to be great and really get guys back it would -- one has to be great. Passed through us and answer this question before them want answers not Beckett Lackey. Is Jonathan Papelbon. When you look at Papelbon and you look at the season he had last year you know my feeling was. Got a millions and millions of reasons to be extra motivated yup finally -- chance to free himself arbitration Lou finally -- chance to. Focus on free agency and do what he's talked about -- kind of set the market. For closes a Major League Baseball but it's been. As you talked about -- league it's -- highlight the back up plan in place so we still not the biggest concern me I'm still much more concerned about. That's starting rotation getting guys like Beckett and Lackey and -- his -- consists legal and after. I don't mind the fact that they have a couple of good backup options as the up and veterans spring training to be if you're gonna you're gonna get concerned over spring training number. I'm not concerned only when their horrible it's this that a fair. Though I would say is what I'm saying that you -- hit advocated curve ball. It has been probably -- gets better and go to spring training you see these cocaine -- a curve -- you still get those same concerns aren't you that's why are concerned about that. We have seen the same things they didn't do well last year that's what sort of say no it's spring training but it's the same problems over and over and over again that's and you start to be concerned. It's -- any chance at a physical issue with Papelbon -- all offseason and the numbers and the issues still listening to people start that. The question maybe it's more than baseball fan and his guys hurt. -- maybe he's never going to be the same in the Red Sox have been very cautious. With Papelbon in terms. The innings they've given him and it the shoulder and it but it is the first couple years in the league. They've been cautioned them -- and good for them. I don't think he's hurt. Percentage to ads that maybe it's we -- in pair. At that position. And how many closes go six years that greater -- of the Mariano Rivera and -- guys do it Joe Nathan. Kind of approach now what happened last year -- entire cities it was -- because this year. Just the brought that was what -- great clothes he was benched last year with the Dodgers. It just you just don't see it -- -- -- mean he has been great but I think he has to be better than it was last year. That's all I'm -- and and when you start seeing some of the same inconsistencies already. And nobody into the -- the spring training working on things maybe. What's -- -- good and I hope he does in the chance that he could be but in my concern absolutely it was kind of want concern even before spring training started. Kenny do anything to quell other than going out their pitching well between now and opening day. You know what -- this season case where you need a couple of good out of -- one good outing as he keeps pointing to these mechanics. I -- for -- it's got to be more than just the one -- because it's been so in consist he wanna see. A couple of good spots -- Papelbon right now you wanna see him go out there and replicate it is mechanical. And he Curt Young can work on this thing you'll wanna see more than just won -- one adding clean sheet for Papelbon to feel good about him going at the regular season. The I don't I don't really think going in the spring training I have my concerns -- no matter what I see in spring training it's going to be my concern opening day. Nothing can change that between now and I really don't have to -- what I'm saying is if Papelbon went lights out and struck out every single -- he faced entering turn it on April 1 come opening day I would -- NC still a concern for me nothing continually doing spring training. It'll make me feel better but he still a concern in effect he's got to struggle a little bit. And it heightens that nice little bit taping with a Josh Beckett. You know the consistencies same type of thing. Daisuke dice game have been doable running -- camp would you still be that always been reluctant this year which is still concerned. That's the I think you have a concern to what they do bad that's Erica titans do little bits of my concern isn't that what happens. There are the the going to be there. Opening day -- hasn't changed my mind much. Now BBC over reacting -- quote you listen to me that's been Jonathan Papelbon has been -- them or concern from day one have been there so it's not just what he's doing spring training. You know we're -- And I disagree I still the a look at that starting rotation and the news yesterday on Josh Beckett. Getting pushed back that to -- wasn't a good thought I'd get like Terry Francona is doing it. And I understand that he's working on things and gets the chance to get another start. The back in the spring training. But in terms of the sign the signal the back gives. I just don't get a great feeling from it. On Josh -- -- he asked to have a great year because you look at the other options here in that starting rotation you look at you Tim Wakefield if he's thrown into. A starting spot if those starters aren't goal all the other options you have. LSU brought can fight it out off that injury come back in and pitch review in India I -- fill in those holes. Why look at that rotation is still being right there at the top the list ahead a -- -- and I put Beckett Lackey in that same group may -- with a -- manager Josh Beckett. And -- John Lackey based on just how bad he was last year. At 66 people start talking about Beckett in in the fourth spot and it's reality that in a -- initially used it didn't take it relax it's just that it just how the U motorists not order of how they think. Their pitchers are talent wise. They needed Terry Francona say no -- it's important get this guy going with that he's got a better shot at getting it going against Cleveland that he -- Texas. That's sort of makes you feel like I'll only -- to protect and Josh Beckett. This guy -- don't want to pay taxes to want to play the Yankees want to face to great lineups. In any protected them. Let me ask you what happened to -- gets hit by Cleveland. Went over to Cleveland put five or six opponent -- a better go to that second static as the Yankees at Fenway Park. You know that. That's kind of worries me in effect in days -- back to back below impressionable men. But I know they want him to get that extra stock. In spring training and -- they wanted to get a couple 23 more starts to what looks more feels on the mound continue to work on some things mechanically get right. I think that's more important than the order. Just funny to hear Q -- say we wanna give him -- always get that chance -- go against Cleveland. But look at the numbers. It was a young got over it was sparkles and -- come -- a great year last second wanna get them off to a good start I could see that packets of veteran. -- been through this before. What are you trying to protect what are you trying to fix what's so bad that he needs more spring training starts in Fort Myers you wanna push him back will be. What are they see what I April more stuff you know John Lackey. We think he really raises his game against those in the top -- and what it matches up well to every pitches against yeah. What does that say about it that's about Beckett and he doesn't he doesn't expect failing our guy we talked about if there's some of these no Alexei. Low low low low low relax calm down it's just it's order it's no big deal it's almost like Kerry's. Portland gas on the fire to get people talk about a Maurice RW when it's at this she's the one it's at that and I couldn't agree the more it. It's it's everything he says it's sort of glow she's pretty simple Beckett.

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