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Jun 14, 2010|

Vic the Brick joins Mikey to talk about the NBA Finals and to battle it out, Celtics Vs. Lakers.

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Vic the brick I don't know -- -- dollars in National -- now because -- -- felt a little bit unusual and people notice -- -- -- on the phone with us right now from KL AC. Vic the brick on the planet Mikey show -- Yeah. And -- something. Like -- This is sending -- and then of course the surroundings. And England. Well we see we don't have two teams in one city we have one team from a -- -- sick with -- -- with LA US -- what has he not do that after clippers matters -- San Diego -- what's up with you man -- you are getting more this year than ever before like -- everywhere. Because I have basically. Don't. -- it since the -- all that Cheney Dick Cheney indicate -- like a Celtics Celtics lakers. It's strips or -- Everything what you basketball full schedule now. And schedule -- like this Celtics are so great that they that I lost the bolt -- -- Although I'm Merrimack street to make my nightly ritual walk the TD garden the games -- Hope I can walk in the political punch out of Iraq and the purple and gold. Blanket like effect and the Celtic fans would come out before a ball or go. You know out the -- low. -- thank -- have a quick -- what does that paper. -- Is that really big. Okay because we're about the Peta people and what did you make it Lama like do like the -- outfit. Whoa whoa momma gonna lie about I guess one of the -- felt good incredible. Celtic fan energy what are revelation and they are made Internet platform -- The most hated rivalry in sports. -- -- scholarly -- on the streets as. All common cold confront don't. Judy Garland -- and so am not a member. Exactly now you know the sell about that -- let's get to the chase that's with the outfit. -- And as. I looked at him -- and -- -- victory in the bamboo stick and -- wonder that start up the band that don't break. The gamble has been a poet Maya. Series for a long time. I don't revelation and affiliate cure all of striking moment of -- socialization. Is sighed -- Many years ago. And I discovered that sort of sample. Polish. On the example -- almost all of us what order would domestic will be helped. -- -- -- And can be opened. And Dynegy and talking about. Mentality. I must -- the Olympics. Gospel. Without. They won't have to -- put. In his -- and that's probably about complement the Boston Celtics went on a similar occurrence ball boy because. It gave us all an intimate without infringing spindle. And a county. I love scandal. And on. And yeah. Well they do think it's all the it is so who wins. It. Well I would -- it's beyond that now yeah okay. Must. And -- sixers took it took him as saying wasn't that many ethnic the government seven yeah. Right right right. Oh. -- -- think that's Douglas Roberts is we'd right now in no way. I. -- that does that and -- victims that's Kobe like deal. Common article about fourteen years I went back in the lower the fuel. Journalists sorely dead -- supports. From that incident and Colorado. Where I cold. It's. Law alleged it all people that night club all of and structural problem. We're going pretty recreational. Equipment they'll come out. And I won't articles and information about commitment and -- -- total control. So so you you think -- -- is not guilty in that. A lot of luck is Christian you know. I'm into conference. Obviously. I don't agree with -- And it. It is. Well. And the story for most people and historic for most people back. What you need him in your bag -- It. I didn't do -- -- -- entered a -- that at bat that was there was -- -- you know but we Sony do third quarter right. You know does shooting percentage and fourth quarter -- 212010 playoffs is. It's 27%. In the fourth. Seeded but a half a mile away the standard -- I. Think you know. They should have you in the locker instead of filled jet because it with the zen like. Words of wisdom that you're spouting out there -- yet to be tied to fill above potentially you know trying to. Get in the locker room and and get these guys go on because it doesn't seem like anything -- saying lately is working at least past two games. While I have made many transmissions of tranquility. And incidents of tranquility. I like that but there are they nocturnal transmissions. I don't locker room and I'll go to tomorrow. -- -- Ulbrich at -- then get empty with me to mention overall medical too which is full ability and really slow. Making. In particular. Patient. It -- hectic activity aware that outfit everywhere I mean I just -- games and took a studio right when the home deep forty we're gonna you have a Dodgers one dude don't AM is it just Dodgers in lake. Yes the war -- the mink coats thing don't know who hold the whole -- to the -- They -- them especially now. Yeah that is obviously don't like it obviously. So I'd try to provide a powerful ordered how many tranquility purity respect. -- -- I don't know following out of session. What you -- a multi core element the article. About yacht called and -- -- put him right now in the moment. And -- Armageddon. -- -- -- Yeah now what. How does this. How does this settle on the shoulders of of Laker fans. All across the country because they are the -- Laker fans obviously not just an -- we know we know that to be true. But if they. If they don't win this championship the Celtics beat them and now -- Goes to his retirement his legacy as a guy who guy he could do all this but he could never beat the Celtics in the finals. That's a great like. Let's face it if you look at the Celtics whole legacy is tarnished. The green is that there's -- -- hole in somewhat like a -- Magic Johnson. Beat the Celtics had absolute prize in our own Magic Johnson legacy. That's what it's about people out -- borrowed. I don't really solidified our. You know I'd like a war. I want my I'd say as well is that like Kobe saying Jerry West is the best player because he'd ever beat the Celtics. Also 06 against losses Celtics. Who recently was asleep. You that gentle and national preferential essential -- made that statement. Probably. The greatest like. Obviously. -- -- last two games. -- So perhaps. Penetrate. And out. Sensational Celtic defense -- several defense that is our -- -- but I wouldn't you know obviously is holding -- up. Intent because every woman shouts. Some opponents aren't going on his hitting some shots I mean look at it and say yeah I mean how -- If pointing out you couldn't see our openness. A combatant at that and now Mel Allen Edwards you don't want to see if he has the take those kind of crazy shots. Doesn't that itself say something about what they're not doing against the Celtics. Well this Celtic defense is what got them there is no big it's 11 seat that's OC on the road without great defense. And KG is finding finding that insane mode once again you know. Put your head up against the top apple also smashing his head against a top -- I love that about him you know it up KG. Obviously that lack of explosion are back publish. You know I was subliminally motivated KG. I mean that totally -- turnaround. Was in favor of the brain but -- application data and obviously. You know the way up Rondo electric -- already unstable they don't want -- I it is not -- full effects and steal -- -- to pull parents back off point continued to lose. You know it is that true. It's also got it and look back at this -- is -- is breeding ground or poor corrupt Inglewood California okay. Guess that's basic logic elected against Natasha. -- when he only opinion that as a -- as well and. Yeah what do you what do they Killen aren't tested now order a month there was get catching the -- yeah he was getting killed in LA for underperforming. Everybody would -- yeah. Evidence of an inning -- to -- -- -- -- -- a brutal balance. -- -- talent of these are our. -- going to be just Celtics got up from golden double figures. Parity would probably assault that the twelve with a spot and it. Was so limited offensively as it was yesterday. Elect Barack going to be the production problem in peace -- -- that double figures in Atlanta attest. In what to do it stable they often have to play as well as people equivalent. Named Adam Morrison put a man. And no it did take some -- for Bynum is neither. There's of that we're talking a victim particulars of detail -- -- about Los Angeles, California -- before that you go here -- asked -- question because -- many interviewers is famous around these parts we've had a lot of history with -- on this show. And in general this marketplace for the way he. -- -- out of town and so on and so forth they went out to LA took a huge jolt of steroid -- for the second half of that season but since then. And since the news came down about Manny in the -- He's really been an ineffective dodger last year nineteen home runs this year which up five home runs out what's what's happening his star and Elway. I -- an article. You embarrass. Overnight tonight. Obviously. I'd read about problems. It's imperfect it's always -- -- me -- Don Mattingly obsessions. A post on shadows in Pakistan and regained that stroke. The pastor of European picture. All -- on balance. Although. An intellectual. And now with a lack of power. It is not the same Hillary wants it illegally gain recapture -- extra. I mean -- -- but it does -- -- that. These companies are now available topic opening in Africa but I can't I don't. And easier it is -- -- James a little bit about small. He may get the biggest -- of his life bears this coming third Friday when he comes it's not he may get pulled what he's never been born even in Yankee Stadium. Allegedly -- I was going to be wild don't quite get it the moment about -- the epidemic. There wake up a bit it'll probably. -- you know a flashback to the green monster store and Huckabee all walks over the other thing. Manuel made it. Well we we can't wait for that and we got to take a break here we thank you from LA for joining us here legend already -- you know and it. The more he's the more you dress like you don't you get more people come up to like last night to Joan Walsh what do you think that you were David Crosby or something. -- -- -- -- It's. A place. In. But I think that it. -- You go colonial brick colonial. -- A victor thanks a lot -- thanks rejected -- and a -- will love will be a look -- for your reaction to game six. -- -- -- -- -- You and all. Right everybody thank you. -- -- it from about Larry gave. V he's a nut I thought I was nuts with this I'm -- people think I'm nuts this guy yankees as a crackpot I like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll get back to our phone calls after this short break.

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