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Bill Belichick, Pats Head Coach

Jan 4, 2010|

Belichick joins the Big Show and talks about the injury to Wes Welker, the loss to the Texans and previews the upcoming playoff game against the Ravens.

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I -- -- -- I've -- here at Gillette Stadium it is patriots Monday it's time for our chat with coach Bill Belichick it's all presented by the Verizon rid iron challenge. During the gridiron challenged by visiting patriots dot com slash -- challenge for a chance to win weekly prize Coachella. They're good into. On the Baltimore here ready for the playoffs. They're -- time a year involved in post season play so. We're looking forward to one of our goals and so it's here we're gonna spend virtually all of our time talking obviously about Baltimore. Just wanted to throw this out and start has been a lot of people call and talk about it the only I'll ask you about it is. Obviously every coaches got a game plan and how you deal with that last game that you got to worry about your team and concerns going into the postseason. Did you plan at all change NASDAQ gained. Progressed as the game went along specially welcome going to -- and it did you suddenly have to look at that may be a little differently than you did in the way you went in to that game. None are really and so we've we've pretty much you know we've played everybody and we got a customer experience and in normal situations also -- some situations that they they have men and -- like for example where. So you know I think that that's that's -- we want to do -- again everybody played a very good -- got a chance to have. The get some work and of the -- directive and then. So and that's where it -- Whoever thought of putting Brady in the last two minutes or put in order in that situation where you don't. A tumor it's real life situation to -- for the playoffs what we had to play there Watsco we did. So go far -- that put him and then make sure he's got a lot of experience that he wouldn't get practice. -- a while Thompson mountain situation. Was Maria healthy scratch rules and to give the Alito is more quarters. Yeah we -- my activity goes in one -- All right let's talk about what happens now. Obviously if I'm sure spent a lot of time. Today dealing with Baltimore state spent last week you're dealing with you coaching staff and get an idea. That was probably the most that of the highest probability of point how much time he spent last week trying to formulating game plan here. Not to assign a form -- game plan Glenda but quite at the time get ready form prepared form you know watching the games that's that's the team that I. Spent much time watching and you know I'm not gonna turn out but. You know template percentages that the jets -- -- and and the Baltimore would beat the ravens I mean -- that raiders and that you know that's sewed up so. You know seen a lot of them and the and and we you know we have -- -- worked on on them today will -- in the game plan tonight tomorrow. And other -- when players now Wednesday but there. You know they're in a way the same team we saw but another way there they've evolved like called us over the course of the season and and you know in their their solid channel three is and again. Which were available all seem to be less of a passing team a little bit more wide open a Flacco Adam obviously. More numbers don't feel as -- Mike -- you is that whether they're just the way they try to more. Yet they cancel it by game. But they cereal or more balanced running pass and we got a lot of passing I think he -- almost fifty times against a score was forty some but anyway. But you know on rice is there early in receiver with seven some -- so. They you know they base get the ball everybody Unum Group obviously the backs the receivers he and and and and spread the ball around that seems like they've bounce it up a little bit with the running game and and rice and we're spaghetti of the day at form yesterday. You know gators back on the offensive lineman. And use in Chester a little bit as a second tie it and Indiana's plan more so. Seems like they've got a little bigger men in the fullbacks at ruby here Foreman and that's open -- him to. Remember during the regular season games you said that he thought that they are. Defense was not quite as exotic. -- try to compare it to the jets and what Rex Ryan was doing here in in New York how is that changed and what is the key. In dealing with that in your office right now in the they do a lot of strange things with their blitz package. Yeah and I don't think they've expanded. Too much -- think they pretty much do what they do a -- have a good package and and they have some variety in what they do and but they they kind of run that every week you know you're gonna have to deal with their different bullets that from blitzes there's different coverages and and they're gonna check out count on everything I think the big thing -- their defense is players. You know and that's that's definitely concern and it starts a problem with you know episodes in god. Trevor Pryce and and Greg on the nose and it goes -- linebackers or Johnson Lewiston and think those of secondary. You know course that starts that read Landry so. Community got to deal with -- player's -- you gotta get away from those guys in coverage Foxworth and read and you got to block from the front and they they do their job all the way across the board in the mix it up on in have a good. And good mix in their calls and and there in other good tackling team and a physical. When you play duo will Baltimore was a week three. Forward that was what goes through -- what was first games for the second game back. You expect them to move. We would move the New York Jets having a good good game plan reduces the defense -- in week two. Walker and out of that thing. You expect to -- you will be of that total more aggressive consumer just defense a little more blitz happy in Baltimore was assured. We expect to -- will be more of that without. Walker -- there. And -- they had to invent Steve and I mean -- they pressure but not not to percentages that says the jets didn't and that's kind of cultural year. They've they've gone through some guys in the secondary. You know Webb got hurt. You know they still have Foxworth and that they they've had some transition their corner a little bit and so it looks like they they just they they mix it up but they don't get that he has the steady diet like sometimes the jets were more inclined to do. We -- because of the personal make public interest -- -- two -- -- seem to be more main coverage guys a compression mode. And this team more zone more of men guys at the front more BM war zone more -- zone and it was with a mixture of man that not. Not not as much man coverage as the jets -- the jets are predominantly a man team that says colds I mean ravens are more or -- there until -- a 44 pass rush from the Jetsons it's need to put more blitzes. I would say that the ravens front -- is probably as good as anybody's. They're they're very big they're physical. You know it's arson slugs and so lot of times they built a source in -- -- amber -- You know prices effective the goddesses of big guy in their church counts in -- is a -- in off the itself. They it they have good Russia's but they're big and ever physical and so it's it's kind of a different passwords it's not the speed Russia. And Indianapolis but it's it's powerful rush -- -- the popular they ovals yet they -- they push people back -- and the very strong gets around they're good technique team when they wanna rush they can rushed. When they want Saddam -- and play to them -- run technique and equipment I think the bigger physical Parcells electoral from the line to. Big physical wounds strong Morgan. Right there forever strong a tackle. You know Gator in and -- or. They've moved again in a little bit at guard for Chester and and they've gotten the little bigger there and and of course grosses does good guardians of this personally and again good blocker fullback Adam Kline and and back from our so. They've -- Chester a little bit tight and so that you know it's not all along he'd pan and heat and do his thing witches. Blocks on the also be mourn the passing game. Reputed DC Baltimore Blanchard have the last two weeks -- numbers will we -- going down the reason is -- this is clearly to me at least this is rice's team offense queasy is what -- all purpose replica Westbrook -- -- before. Like any similarities there with the kind of regatta can -- -- on the ground and through the year. What they similar -- that way it style wise he is a much more physical -- of the Westbrook Westbrook is does that says little shift the year in and more space player kind of like haven't -- type of player. Ray ray rice's is this physical -- He can pound ball he can get downhill a lot like the fact that we've seen here and in recent weeks like that the -- Williamson. The buffalo Baxter accidentally mentions. Thomas Jones from the jets does that mean really -- -- beacon on the ball tackle to tackle that isn't really west brooks thing that he won't do it but east. -- password. It's -- it's distract public to a luxury is to have a game like usually you don't really have to. You can focus on prayer for the playoffs and doing things in use in people to get -- more acclimated to playing uses to make have a -- Forced to have with the in the season. Well yes it's it's definitely good read off the you know in -- -- on the last game or even worse like we were Lester count on last imminence Millsap and get some help somewhere else are you know this is good not to have that but. You know your your -- football player every Sunday and and every -- support of sixteen -- and their their portable people play in coach and. Julian -- element has been described as Wes -- light which is probably an easy thing for people to do. But you look at -- do they do have some different skill sets can do rectitude out of what -- you see -- the difference. -- a big differences experience. A year ago Chilean and implant receiver and quarterback so. That's a big difference. But you know -- they both have good talent. No Wes is. In his outs and he -- -- -- -- 120 some catches in Italy and receiving so. He certainly knows how to get open and catch the ball -- Julian is communities he says moments to he just doesn't have some experience is what I'd -- a lot. A different is he built from earlier in the season obviously before that. With an injury but those cookies actually view by the code didn't like -- wiped -- -- my -- -- -- -- -- -- six. Who killed to generate this all -- Or address others protested particularly for its course that ornaments from like 56 -- -- problem. Good -- it was -- -- what it it has but the element that difference of the Julian because like anything else I mean if you're around this team a lot of yours your budget. He's picking stuff up the course of the season how much more prepared now. As opposed to where it was before that injury. Oh well -- I think those players get more prepared every week and it's good opportunity for them to go through the game plan practices -- and you know see different things out there but. It's a -- -- it's kind of like Brian Hoyer. In that. In the spring. They picked things up very quickly -- many good impression they. When they went out to run plays that and look as much like rookies has made some of the other rookies that they they seemed have a good feel for what they were doing and they were instinctive and it and it came. Relatively easily for around at least as as we've but look at -- not saying that it was easy for them to study and learn but. When they and they did it it looked they militants thing to do that and that's about both guys that day. They look pretty. Instinctive early -- going back to the spring camps. Same thing in training camp and that continues to be true and I thought that. You know Hoyer and an album both yesterday for some of the things that Houston was thrown -- us. And what they had to deal with but they -- themselves very well and and for rookies that was was impressive but. Other than. Productivity we understand the good numbers walker can put up. Wasn't -- considered an emotional blow to to. Are the guys I was -- you know we had a couple games early in the year weren't fortunately he was -- play but. You know this time year where. Everybody's got to step up and everybody's number on it it's called lenient. You know. To answer the bell and and could be on the first play of the next and it could be on the last play of the game could be somewhere between so. You know the people who put up their ethical be prepared I think though. They're gonna you know give their best efforts this week to be -- ago and go -- there and it obvious -- they can on constantly answering the that was mailed Christmas. Stars assumptions understood. Through moved through the team was someone has to be sent to the team was there of this the veteran leadership the type that -- -- something that just. It's been like though here in knows it though last year we Ausprey in the first game and Matt -- in and so. I think that's when he joint team that's what you sign up for you sign up for. Inaugural only change from week to week it might be more might be less. We need everybody in and at some point. Everybody's going to be Cologne and in and were in -- -- -- come through for that success. Is probably dizziness and is devastating as an injury as. At least it happened -- tournament if some one reason have a week to work with how much more difficult world and if it happened during the book that the ball game. You know you have got communal ones. Well -- have been there in Houston and so that's out there that that's answered question right there would have uninterrupted. He's did you see the turf with their problem with that -- and it's there it's terrible mr. -- mr. But this thing consistent you know it's it's all those little -- Trees grass and some saw a moment farm. And they all fit well together -- scenes it's. Use some of -- response -- affirm -- and surface. And it's from ones in one's one step one step -- on another it's it's. Feel that those days and we -- of the arguments but. -- out here you know it and -- -- and and and it it was terrible to -- the good thing as it was consistent you know we suspect that -- could get any traction off -- that -- slow you know with a spot words which are reticent in this field turf. Uniformly across the league does that that may well not necessarily. -- -- at this thank whatever the surfaces the audit services. -- whatever is of its good its its the worse thing for players. When it's inconsistent when he you'd take one step and needed one field in the next that is is a different field or you have. Like we accounts on the field mr. fields you know all the scenes. In the zippers would come -- in the and you know you're gonna start to turnover in the you know you trip over it or or -- give. You know you'd think you're gonna plant and it's gonna hold and and ngos that's. You know that's the problem rethink its gonna given a dozen programs and that's -- -- non contact injury occur. Like for example only counts on which was those non contact injury -- it was amazingly ten weeks have seen him yeah. At a chemical cut in the open field during the course of -- of the last few seasons and yet at one time it. Amazing. Offered. You know lol -- play that we -- national football only. You know I think the consistency outfielders you know we'll be priority number one with players' safety. About he would soon panel Latin and and certainly. You know owners should always be addressed more important players. -- -- players say experts and serves. In the bill you'll Cleveland with a used to grind -- -- spray -- those days. Smell like cows don't feel like -- office of Imus raising again an editorial you know Baltimore feel wasn't -- -- that was all there was Syracuse where there and well well when you have the baseball field right you know you get the dirt infield and then you put the -- over that and and those were problems you know you would. We had done it when I was in Cleveland -- Ballmer you know until baseball fields. You have the -- which goes now what you saw often and it didn't you know take in the infield like the rest of the surface it is so you know you'd be going from. In -- a firm surface to assault surface. But again the thing about -- was that was kind of confined to that one area you know whereas. On on the field in Texas you've had those little trays in -- four by six a year or whatever the size of in his. But you know literally that would change from stride stride and I just thought it was -- -- in -- -- -- -- before the game I was surprised that now you know I'll. The lack of consistency. Of the field and then you have certain areas -- on. Where the the area there in the middle field with local ones that work. Very spongy news was almost like you know -- mini trampoline use them. To sag in -- -- really keep that stuff outside a minute when we -- in the -- so Arianna how they do it and that's my thing I just know when you walk on the field. And and you go from area to area and it's different and it's not consistent that's not what we usually see when we might see -- -- to solve fields and antsy. You know high grass when it's low grass but it doesn't fluctuate from. You know like it -- -- Somebody should you spent time on the field before him that look like you're looking at the turf were you concerned about their turf before they can. Yeah absolutely. Sent them -- after -- that was that's terrible. -- really feel like you said doesn't develop these people can understand. Standardized feel look too seriously in Philadelphia goes all wonderful plays more guys in their careers and very pictures of the world's. -- New -- and take a look at that. How does that really know gonna translate the liability for you bring up appropriately islands as Korea and it's obviously Leo. Well it's totals to sum up like that with with an inadequate real. Well -- you know. I don't know what happens it was a different field and on different feel by this. -- in the field but those port and I sent across the gamer or anything else I just think it at this level we ought to be able to play with consistency. What -- what did you think of the the commissioners made some mention about. The possibility of setting some type of through the competition committee. Of rules concerning how you approach the last couple weeks of the season as a coach shouldn't you be able to do. Whatever you need to do to get your team ready. For the post season talking about awarding. Draft picks now if you go out and use your full contingent of the players summit in a sense. And are really familiar with the proposal on now. And as I understand unless there's been a change. Any any rules in the national football your vote on the membership and it's not up the competition committee to decide. What rules are aren't in place now -- committee can make recommendations. And sometimes their interpretations. That the competition committee can. You know talk about it and but ultimately in the year. Of those rules policies some comes after in the year tan and when making it just a moment. Then at the end of the year that ruled gets reviewed and he gets passed or not passed when the entire membership and vote so. I don't think it's a competition committee decide what what the rules or beliefs and -- you know those separate people harmony it is. -- some when. Really don't don't see a lot of football. I mean Alexia but they you know. So the people on there they can they can make a recommendation but ultimately it's a Little League in and the teams that is on with the league nor so. If 24 teams vote for a and its role if they don't then it's not. -- we're doing -- honestly on now naturally the commissioner has the authority to. You know. He he can make any rule he wants and that's that's part of -- commission so. If he decides to to do that then that would be a choice -- that he makes you know we all bye -- and actually. As far as the competition committee it'll it'll make. We -- pretty difficult to all those guys. Should be back in -- field is nodding you know Leo how do you determine -- the -- and you don't run as an income him. A physical in -- and it didn't screw -- slow if you're in a position already. Of being in the playoffs did you earned that right to use some of that time as preparation. For the play. I'm not speaking if you but I was get the feeling it's an overreaction to may be some fans feeling that they did not get their money's worth. When those last game there are some cities obviously that feel right now. Like they were done in because you know for example the jets won the last two games in the probably in noncompetitive situation. I don't know I mean we talk about that every year in and comes up every year some analysis and -- pre season games to. You know about who plays flawed and how long and all that that thing so. I don't know what the answer to that is I think that. -- yen as and you've heard basis many times in the end I'll I'll do it thinks best for football team and I think that's what every other coach those. They do what's best for their football team and I can't be worried about. And the payers in the ram answer Seattle anybody else I'm worried about the patriots and those coaches those of the teams and a word about us they're doing with those for -- I don't think whatever -- removes the -- Whenever Bill Belichick fined or whatever. Jim Caldwell that was what was best for the four. Now you're either gonna justify a team haven't biweekly though the team may have a two week the game that could skip the rest some players. Inaudible -- I -- doesn't make any sense of up to limit the violence that's unfair. I particularly resonant way -- -- -- you've thrown into beautiful also throw the baby with the bath water and thought well he's fantastic. It's that this move was the greatest months and sports book. The playoff scenario and then even -- entry leading up to a it's -- little reaction to a small minority of fans but it. I'm sure it it is a -- quick break and we'll get back and below we'll talk more about that the Baltimore Ravens coming and 1 o'clock. On Sunday afternoon -- over the coach right after this. Accurate picture -- patriots money well I've done here at Gillette Stadium. Where the coach Bill Belichick in this we said that the Baltimore Ravens coming in here on on Sunday. When you love. Breakdown -- how different is it and you were talking about like every other team livable from the beginning of the season to the season how much do you take into consideration what you did in that game four against and we noticed. You throw lots of -- during the course of that game. Does the game plan changed dramatically from which it did in game four specially since they've seen a lot of your stuff and making. Cultural change some -- -- I think that you know first of all Leo the weather factor. For both teams you know be a lot different conditions along with Clinton in the first game I would imagine and and and there are some personnel changes and again teams have kind of you know ball you know we you. And had done things over the course of the year and if -- done well then -- probably keep -- and then there's those things that haven't gone as well you probably phase those out. And that's true for every -- If the ravens there are very strong in the kicking game now they lost web who had done a good job for on kickoff returns but there. Another strong in that area and there. Defensively they're they're pretty much the same team than some changes a corner now that they've lost. They've lost couple quarters so that's that's tunnel open and just perform their offenses. Basically this and in the same receivers same facts. Baseless and offensive line and Gator got hurt our game but he's now back. So that offensively they that then pretty consistent but as its -- minutes in the kind of run the ball more and thrown a little bit less although they still throw it then and then national good passing team and they just called bureau and -- they're running the fences. And tighten up from where was in -- round -- season ourselves looks better tackling and just their run that's. We're troops changeup. And in the playoffs is trying to individual stay with exactly what they do to have the consistency noted in the game might have a tendency go to we're trying to to team. By U. You know running a fake off of that list received more consistency cup playoffs received a large teams change. Of a bit more from game to game and a bit more from game to play -- game. I think that's a great great point president and I don't know the answer that question I think that you know when you when you look at a team a good team you say it will. This is what they do. And so they should continue to do that if they're doing well with that. And if you can find a compliment that. The balance -- -- to make another good place then that's great in it that doesn't work out then you go back and say. Widen. They just keep doing what they were -- that was examples. If you can kind of find the right thing that's that's a compliment aura. You know a little adjustment to what you're doing. And it and it hits it it can really be great and that it doesn't he always and of look at yourself selanne. Why -- why didn't we just do what I'm here and we outbound or solve it went for sixteen weeks we did this and now we try to. Do some fancy in and the blows apparently so. If it works is good if it doesn't work. It's it's bad but so much of that stuff do you hold back much of it you look back at the regular season and say. We sold people on this look and now we do this wrinkle into something often does look -- -- expect it they've seen this video we might come up with a big polite. Right at I think you have to you have to look at that and and certainly there are things that happened the night game that we did that they did. That both of us are are sitting here sand. We're not gonna let that happen again. That we might they might beat us but we're rocking -- lose to the same things that they've already beat you you know that -- -- were in the first game so. That you you know you're gonna have to stop certain things there aren't. We can't let Ray Rice loose on a fifty or some -- so that we can't let that happen. And I think that. They're gonna and there are certain they're saying well. They didn't stop the first time let's see if they can stop it again and they they'll have a compliment to -- we know these guys are gonna be your report but that's kind of a just and. Not including that that game -- forth in the season how far back we were -- so we go in the regular season four weeks five weeks and it's animal in the 61 millimeter film probably write -- but -- We are we saw those first four games of course and then. You know I think you kind of skimmed through some of the games but those some of those teams had good ideas in his. Gonna get a feel for how the teams of Walden and at this point after sixteen games. They might change a few things we might change a few things. At this point you pretty much what you are right and and and if they've run it. Then we've got at least be prepared for we know it's an arsenal in battery which go back to watch for almost quarterback. The department for -- coach people always talk don't know football players are stepping it up and everything but to you you coach any differently in the playoffs and you would in the regular season and you make any besides the normal adjustment that we just talked about during the game -- The philosophy change at all because. You know it's wonders you know basically one game season. I think it a little bit Pete don't what I would say is that. And and we do this every week but I think we just do a little more this week. If you look at every single call every play every formation. Every defense every. Punt return. And you say yourself is this the best we got here. Is this the best we -- that the best player we have in this position. We ask him to do the right thing is this that we -- -- split the last half left has -- wanna run off the right -- This is a play we should run after a timeout when they have a chance to think about it is play. It at thank you put a lot more those equal parts into the equation and it's this is it in this situation is this the best thing we can do. And if you start to hesitate and say -- we really wanted to this year despite the good that. Let's let's this is more a second half -- and first half play let's make sure that we're gonna get the look we want on this. I think there's a little more that this time a year man and believe is -- -- have a during the year ago I think this time -- just like you said it's a one game season and one play one call. 11. Bad decision on something like that and it's all over so you really wanna make sure that you're not gonna do something and that. You have a feeling with the the end of the year and you and and and we lost in the playoffs before we wanted to play as before but when you lose you wanna. You don't want feel. That we didn't -- and how -- best you know we had a best the other team was better that day. You know we just because then we just didn't do good enough job you don't -- feel like -- I should never called that player which should never and in that situation just don't want that thing. -- is a feeling coach. How you but the playoffs how many times and 41. I -- a budget that fort. Is there -- a much different approach of your preparation. For now from what you learned over the past or all those it was kinda solidified midway through. This whole thing we've we've had enough to realize that what you've done preparing -- and you know 20012005. -- -- Has worked his way if you're -- every year or to find a comforts on the era. Well I think he tweaked a little -- each game and based on where you Lauren and based on where opponent isn't in the just trying to maximize every. Every minute every second every play. Every play you want run practicing just you don't wanna waste the play you don't wanna feel like. Well we've ran that play two times and then on Friday say you know what we're rock and run that play well. You could run on the plane twice and so you just wanna make sure that everything's that. Absolute best -- can be in and the same thing with the the players and and the scout team and all you want the -- indicated that. The absolute best -- and not screw the play up the way they run it because he can't get -- playback and and who knows on that -- might be the difference so again we do that every week but it I think there's just. More of -- this week. Tom addressed Charlie counseling report today about broken ribs and -- it's analyst. You play the game of football they're broken bones every single week these guys talked about it and how they played with you know injuries broken bones or whatever. Fred plays with a broken brain here re going to do Friday but what wondering -- -- -- -- talked about this before the medical staff -- a guy in the guy is cleared to play. It's far too much made. Stuff like this -- look back at Jacksonville game last week if he's got broken ribs. I want some of them because that was phenomenal performance by Britain do we make too much of this and that the guys out there is out there occurs he's capable medically. A -- again. When it is you know this much stuff out there it's accurate it's it's it's comical and and who's been wrong mortgage early cast since the last instance. -- was wrong more than anywhere -- where reason than whatever is done. His percent -- juices it's like a meteorologist. -- -- if the parents feel like adult life right after the -- was so right so I take it when you finally call it quits in the -- you'll be working for sepia answer. Auction. Hewitt at the Super Bowl of -- You'll graduate know that thinks that the things that I've done. Like last year the Super Bowl columns were there're a couple years in the Pittsburgh -- I was asked to give an analysis of the teams or -- team -- a situation and then an uncomfortable -- then we do that here on TV show earlier room. Pick out some plays here here's what they do this it's maybe with the other team needs to thank about. That kind of thing in and try to make it factual trying to make it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in Borough wants it expects platelet a lot of people you know but that's pretty common out there we see -- every week -- there and listen to -- it's -- uncles were to come through. We're going to be realistic that the that the deal is in that business and we have to be right every once in awhile is that remember you being. Right and what -- Why -- -- -- quality across open against Terry -- but Charley -- comes with credentials in the that he was general manager before. I mean and. An album won't dispute that -- -- repeated this has so but he has no relationship to this team and that's less than zero. He's never hear around him know he's ever been to a games -- and practice and mean based on one. -- I mean any anybody could say anything based -- radio and on them and they do Purdue. Based on figures -- was stuff gets out like that that's what happens is that the follow up -- -- -- -- question you to question whatever. And that's why I'm wondering does -- become a pain yes. Well it's -- spill a thing I'll say it is at least at least he put his name which doesn't happen and Monica is an easy put his name on it yen. So I'll put my name on -- and say. -- He's like he usually is he's 100% wrong. The hill the house and -- we look at the play you know those. You don't know what your calls also back Geiger beaten coverage of that -- -- and I'm a play in the game again. It's -- didn't Hillary play wirelessly and the Potomac sentinels that was -- me when I was slant they don't want to report. And I called a guy out you know explain when. But I can do that are telling on the majority delicately and have a coach Joe Joe -- -- delicate -- -- -- them right back right but if -- -- -- nasty what with all the players I don't know if it's safety help over the top I don't know yet. Munich it was most of full tilt on alternatives we can give some analysis but we're not cute pat reactor unless you tell us what play it was a what is responsibilities. -- and -- refused to wait can be easily nuclear you -- -- WW. Let's. Go to the -- but it's not for us read only up. -- the same voters are we we want to play on film and we see a mistake and of of another team and we're not sure whether it was. There's two or three guys involved there which we know somebody was wrong but we don't know for sure which guy was wrong unless. -- -- a plane multiple times in and you know this is how others close to do but a lot of times. It's too defensive backs two receivers and they both take the same I was should they have switched it or should they locked it and state man a man with a I don't know the answer that question. And then you have to decide okay it will if you run that play what are they -- do that they messed about the not gonna mess it up again which way they gonna play. But we ask ourselves of course a lot of watching film and same thing you know who has that -- somebody has the habit. As you know was that a miscommunication. Or did the guy just not do it or. And and those I know which mean we we go through them all the time breaking down film and trying to figure out. Eee PC mistaken and you maybe tell quarterback. Rupture -- gonna play -- they've got a lot of trouble with that they're probably gonna. They're probably and somebody opened. We don't know for sure who -- -- -- -- you know you're surprised at how little some of the most notable football I mean related you know do -- -- I don't know that question I've talked to different guys understand the -- that they really don't. And European you know -- was the closet and no you know a lot of ball football more than one element of mystery. But -- X amaze me sometimes -- -- acknowledge -- have about schemes and execution. Well I feel like I have a a good knowledge of our football team and and and a lot of times we make mistakes on plays obviously see plenty of those. And that's usually a combination of things coming sometimes. A player makes a mistake sometimes. He was doin' what he was told to do and it wasn't quite the way we talked about it and we should of the find it more clearly Foreman and it really. Partially maybe it's his mistake but maybe it's more harm steak and those those kind of things happen and you've you've got as a -- you know what that's like it's. It doesn't always come out exactly the way you practice that or exactly the way it's drawn up on paper. It's it's a little bit different then you have to make decisions and everybody sees a decision quarterback makes quarterback -- -- spiked the ball his hand and if it ends up then and the other guys' hands. You could say well he he made a bad decision and he should not thrown that ball but. As you guys now you and make decisions on every single play the the stand on the block do you get offered the run through via. You know at the cup around -- the you know the he'd go for the ball early -- wait and go forward on the back end of the play you know it's I mean it's. Every plays a bunch of decisions and and those are all critical. It's just what most of fans and and a lot of people see just the guy who has the ball. But I think you run a great point that. Use admitted and we agree you know as much. But football's everyone except statement because whereas -- -- but that you don't know sometimes what the other teams assignments or what they're supposed to do these guys played in there as good as any analysis. On radio and TV. And they don't always knows what happens news in the in happened yesterday in the game. Jerod Mayo got called out in the it. Email ST Louis coverage at least that's what the announcers and suddenly it reverberates and where your calls today at people as saying it because they've heard the talking point. The talking points out there none of us know we've been asked that question a couple but -- -- thought of as -- -- I don't know I don't know I don't know. Well we don't know -- just because Salmonella got you know what who was assigned to it is to the tied -- we don't know. But yet it reverberates to somebody set it on TV and somebody who's played game before says he -- on him. And -- and and and I really feel like when those people announced the game that. They'd be a lot better -- -- clearly it was a mistake on this play and somewhere between these two ordinary players you know something was wrong here. But but again I don't we've seen in a million times two guys cover one nobody covers -- -- somebody's wrong I don't know which one it is it's. That that's something that's that's the only the team knows based on the calls in the rules that they have for that it would situation. So. Judgments. Judgments one thing assignments -- knows that the party is you can talk about judgment about what the issues of what you should do with the ball you know or what you should do on a certain play that's one thing that when he talked about assignments. It's hard to know how the other team has identified those assignments. That's funny convict and number copiers and removed mormons to opt out and I notice that will admit I was a little I want one more question before -- to -- back to work and they -- lot of public authorities. You still get. Charged up finish as she did from day one would play -- this this whole Lou I'm so there's an issue like you've got a little extra bounce in his step that. Pleasantly work earlier for this is from all the last day of the regular season. Last year after the buffalo game. The preparation of the team building draft those spring counts. Training camp pre season games and then a sixteen game. Regular season schedule over a hundred practices and god knows how many meetings 500 meetings I don't know whatever -- -- film is all for this is all to be one of these final teams and and we're fortunate the weren't so notices you know it's a great opportunity and we've seen played teams come from the first seed to the wild card position. To end up in the winner's circle so everybody. Has an opportunity maybe some teams have a little better positioned than others at this point but in the end. It's all doable and it just comes down to whichever team plays the best. Not who as the best team who has the most full pros not -- as. The best stats but which team on Sunday. Can out compete the other one as coal unit coaches players. Our organization who -- -- on Sunday that's what comes out there and it's exciting to hear is that more enjoyable -- you're establish coast that was different streaming trying to make in my presenting different. -- it's it's pretty. Pretty invigorate very perilous weather was as an assistant coach a position coach -- coordinator. Head coach and I think for the players it's it's the same if you're part of the team. Your part of the team and whatever my job is -- -- best I can at. I can't do somebody else's job they can't -- months when I was awkward manner as awkward as losing coach. I was campuses coast of my head coach and head coach but all those parts are important -- their about a player in this league. But I respect will each player has to do and and how important that job is to and good players that's that's I went when players and we view of torture refusal both -- Well we'll talk to I'm -- have a little bit and talk to the rookies but also this you know talk to the whole team about about what and we did a little bit last week is really. -- week's game against Houston had a lot of elements of a playoff game it's certainly was for Texans -- -- it was a that the fans were into with the crowd it was a and and they were planned for their whole season they had to win that game to stay alive and so. We were playing a team that that was a playoff team for themselves upon -- so. We that we talked about that a little bit last week and course it was a reality last week we we lost that game and we're still -- the house but that'll be the case anymore so -- the obviously talk about that but that's that's really where rat purposes it's one game season but what we thought battled -- Guys who have questions and opens who bulls. -- vote -- it. Buffalo what they're four times if you left I don't know that loss -- ever Cisco terrorists -- -- -- before you did or not but I don't make one -- that we had mentioned this earlier the piece that data for precautionary reasons the hospital in Houston. He's fallen back tonight so he will be back with the -- tomorrow correct tonight. And -- the school and that's right -- that nobody told him about Normandy aren't about it.

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