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Dustin Pedroia's "Laser Show" with Mut and Bradford

Nov 15, 2009|

Another edition of the "Laser Show" even as Dustin lands in St Thomas for a little offseason vaca. Dustin talks offseason work outs, working out of slumps, and even a little fantasy football with Mut and Bradford.

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Time for laser show time for the laser show Dustin Pedroia Red Sox second baseman joining us on the eighteenth tee hot line eight seed seed. You're world delivered and Dustin once again will it take your phone calls -- -- those upbeat canned 6177790850. Toll free. 8885250850. Dustin like -- rob Dario. I'm actually got out to predict the dusted the wheels down. You know how do you got -- -- Thomas right now. The baggage claim right now and how will inherit a marked quite got to remember a total Williams harassed yeah Willie outstanding on -- honeymoon we flight here. And ought Bobble the case that every at a couple my body blow advocate dot. So my question is so do you go tell your wife to get the bags why you talked on the -- for the laser show. Don and record at the bag and try to go curl work out then you know. The cardiovascular along like the pick up beat it back to back. Is that the only -- committed work out you have planned for saint Thomas Austin though the -- work out the baggage. Thought about all we gotta out where they at this this resort that has -- that weight room Kerry saying I gotta make sure that they're they're the outfield a workout every day and it -- ready for us out existence the comic didactic way. Manuel. So cute real quick to three Olympic topic conversation we've had who's better Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. And it it just it's not that the find argument until you weigh in so which is it. We can't tolerate. That. You know that's that's very much I met her and obviously they're both great you know -- The other on a lot. Very explosive they have weapons and Arctic. Here obviously I think operate at or -- but Matt you're now. -- I have I find it hard to -- considering you're the one who's said to draft Reggie Bush in the third round of fantasy draft. And encourage currently in first place. Though the million dollar bill Larry peck though ultimately -- it -- we'll sneak up on him when all -- Dustin rob mentioned Tom Brady interest in peace in The Herald locally here yesterday and Brady who's an elite athlete one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Young made the point that -- he sometimes is is very insecure about how good he is an example was. I'm not very good at the keep working and working at my craft in the offseason work it out because I wanna prove myself year in and year round I don't wanna let down. It was special lastly do you have a similar feelings you harbor. Similar thoughts where you're continually trying to work for fear that you start to slip a little bit as you go from -- your career. Opt out. Absolutely -- you're always you're always wanted to work and and it started -- of the Celtic they're the perfect player any sport and it you know everyone got to work hard at you're trying to become a better player in whatever sport they play. Obviously got straight harder I didn't think now he said he felt it felt like that are you know the they're getting the better and that that's the reason like -- great great because he you want the work -- -- -- -- work it and you think that that make it better and you better. So so. Completely nothing to do that. How tough is John Lackey it is it is he. How would you rate him in terms of pitchers that you faced in the off for obvious reasons -- -- him because he's the top pitcher on the free agent market in. The Red Sox met -- his -- so forth and so on from your perspective. Where does he stand. Bobby. Obviously it -- -- I -- made -- you know he'd ever -- great job like -- -- -- battle he looked after you are you attacked the strike -- are that you know you know he's gonna try to get deep into the game but. You know we always first pitch strike and I ignored -- report tried that very -- out -- I'll. Obviously -- have. A lot the year you know what about air. When you watch -- John Lackey pitch. We watch from his fans and he seems pretty emotional. Help there on the mound for a pitcher. And do you see that when you can see that kind of emotion that. He has whether it's out there on the mound how demonstrative BA is when he we goes out what he goes to that you in the dugout sometimes he shows that aggressive nature. Does that standout to you that a motion he brings to the mound every time he pitches. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The most important thing here is that I I ran into someone that you know in Chicago the GM meetings and and he hit -- the fact that you're gonna put the laser show on your cleats next year. Dog dog not you know what got you might suit that I bought into the league about where. -- The social howry in terms of the -- league. It to get to stay on the topics that really don't matter to anybody else but but I. But I 000. Do you. Know you can get your priorities straight. The book -- sit there you -- get rid of the luggage. -- okay. Go get your artwork are thinking about flop you strip admiration -- elect -- -- the -- in -- B well he beat -- -- -- still optic and I don't blockbuster deal that -- it whose last. Tom you ought to big Rocco is -- and you'll probably upper around 36. We're talking -- Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia and he is -- once again willing to take your phone calls at 6177790850. Toll free 8885250850. A fantasy football and got kind of leads into the NFL and you're offseason Dustin. Yeah you're not play in right now you're getting set you you're on vacation. Hot what other sports you folly played baseball obviously plate fantasy football. Is the NFL something that you pay a lot of attention to during your off season. I'm a little bit and we argued dog I just what the players know that are -- -- but. You know -- or Islamic you act but it it there if they're one note are darker to Sacramento that. They'll you'll sport the good out -- off guard report negate that. -- you know watching now they're general Eric got -- -- world though I'll pick you look at -- -- but it goes. Well that's not about bottling -- -- Kevin Martin who's out for a couple months. Yeah yeah he had doubt -- been yelled at they've been hit by Hendry but the put it together like they're buffet where art. This whole adult. Represented represented. That a great theater definitely is that no we're here to win a championship that come at them. You are you still -- the retreats -- I -- -- mister Everett got back while they're Lionel Simmons church. Was it the -- BLB I don't know in the strikes yeah yeah -- but what dirty covered that they'll let go not a great it quite bad area. The fact that -- let me ask you real -- they were talking about is the difference in toughness in the NFL. Compared to him now he you'd see those guys -- athletes performance in in so you know a lot of them. Do you think that that athletes are are were tougher back then than they are now and I I'm probably know the answer this question but I'd like to get a from now anyway. -- -- -- -- -- They let professional sport is obviously your partner yet it yet these summit biker -- -- -- the decibel level that your hat off I'll say out. I don't think -- Eric -- during the -- -- -- matter what what when you play I'll be brought their place. Off you know eight I do whatever you beat your free. Who's the toughest baseball player that you've seen. -- -- And I don't know -- you know -- speaker my ticket upward like that are in our ticket he wrote you know guys you know you always hear about that you don't I don't -- ball always thought or thought like that -- up but I picked up -- if -- are probably -- of their little. One of the toughest things in baseball is a kind of turn that double play with a runner barreling down on you dusty your guy's got to try to turn that double play. I I gotta believe that that is that takes its toughness does not evident to stand there -- someone is trying to slide into you. And make contact to try to get beauty to throw the ball late -- throw the ball way recover and to a double play. I'll neglect it -- that. But please sign up what went up to this -- W you know that you -- -- quite a side in order. Not blow it all you're gonna get the ball a little bit later to -- could be argued though. I think you know he did get a couple fight you to the feeling and know that you know you're so right this unit it is the the art can still -- -- I'd Dustin Pedroia taking your phone calls here in the laser show at 6177790850. Toll free 888. 5250850. -- let's talk to Bob Bob and north Kingston. He's -- Dustin Pedroia Bob Howry you. I think that if you don't go to other. Great. Your bad first time all -- psychologist but I wanted to find out what you tell yourself I think about things when you're not going well. And also. What you're you're senseless as -- -- big poppy got out of -- lot over the over the course of this at these. Are. You know I'm real big -- and their mental part. But baseball you know -- idea -- -- -- -- I. Let your pocket RB door but a lot you'd -- you know wanna bet. -- -- and we thought it upbeat note but be geared that. Are you -- always always try to finally get better -- -- My biggest thing Perillo it a lot but -- well but all and they ought eclectic right now I can't find a way to get better you know that that's the bigger -- I would say it. Brown struggle -- you know all I gotta I gotta figure to -- I gonna do whatever I can't -- it out -- -- And help RT where economic is that that that the main goal that you could struggle -- But if you're doing a little they other little thing about where it. -- you're I don't really think bitter struggle you know you do it it's not just the opposite game or respect the game -- everything. So. I think mentally you just got under way they're always thought it especially in baseball you know. You they'll that are inside in -- year you're really good players though are Bjorn and as far as big poppy. You know I think everybody. Everybody argue it. You federal try to kick Molly now you know at first couple months we're obviously not you know not good at all and and -- you bought out of their end and put together a year that I'll think anybody thought that that he could reach those numbers with you know the start that he had built. Our unit that that huge growth -- -- after what you went through last year. You don't did the hit 49 homered and drove in 99. Or thirty and under basically though. Are not the regrettable up perhaps the first -- but he got. Let's talk to us salmon the car he's -- would -- rejoice in the laser shows Sam. -- odds -- the number of expanding. Just wanted. -- you -- at the College Baseball but I you're obviously very successful at Arizona State. I'm playing cause baseball right now I was wondering. What was the most important that you worked on in college that really. Got to the next level prepared for the Major League. -- -- Beyond the cute you know when I got -- Q I I are solid not smaller guy it was a very strong. And I figured it was. Now trying to survive you know I I'll try to make it every year. You know I always put my head down I didn't listed here. If you -- you always eager geared at a big like that they. You know you hear about a guy coming and made it sort ultimately connect you know connect Derek Jeter are the guys that the Becker and by that it ought after the first year I I heard all about that stuff that they get there. And they know better the media or or the next guy next to. Though not the outlook and everybody at my head down I didn't think about pro baseball. I just try to work of -- like and repeat -- back. Call it that. I you know I hadn't -- I think it'd -- about the future and about playing that game inflated aren't like -- You know I kept doing that I -- beat in a better better player. Let's talk to Bob in the car bodies talk when Dustin Pedroia. I think -- all. Great route -- Well. -- -- Quick question -- -- Allman mark more players don't try to break it slide like what he's from the great like well preakness but I don't stop and wait and you guys are. You'd expect that at our starter has been like it and speculate that -- that you put in him the ball real easy but you know -- You. -- contract that the first part you light in which way now or keep bite you just go straight to the plate and not look like that Japan. I was question. Yes the slash whats up guy is Clint is question is regarding changing your style of sliding a -- are many different ways that you practice sliding doesn't this and Dustin when you're at saint Thomas -- a there's -- a lot of Syrian lying around there -- what you do his work and you're sliding. And I kind of kind of. Not a -- if there is my biggest thing with sliding and all I never never try to play at first. No I. Obviously to capture they don't wanna get you know for the most part they they you block the plate but they'll -- -- order so I'll be figured it today outside the played out the popcorn try to get my foot and -- But -- -- front -- you know what it is herb block and played an acute situation late game. Are you gotta run -- so I'll -- -- out there but I think the catcher in the weight that that dictate the what you're trying to do. -- score rock. Let's talk to -- he's in Pataki -- you -- Dustin Pedroia. I'm like a lot of them left in the late or. Good backed up but I -- part of our our contract is Majorly it all but I would like your average culprit they can believe -- we are pleased with the contract friendly negotiation that you had with the ballclub and flawed legal to carry Youkilis. Jason -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What I wanted to actor -- if the Yankees. -- -- Obama half a billion dollars for read all -- keep on track without if you are on for that and dom CC. Do you feel it I don't feel what it's all about the proper mechanism if you will with the luxury tax in late. With the with the -- these contracts that the Yankees can chill out it almost seemed like an a level playing field -- read but he often baseball I don't know how you feel pot that thank you. -- -- yeah I mean an -- secret what other Yankees do have money in -- there they're they're a lot of -- that that out. I you know that they're big market payroll that they can go out and a lot what might have created the like -- but. I'll you know I think. A spark debate created here that there -- -- more they wanna play it and you know. You know what the situation -- -- -- I know what you could create earned the right do the the offers -- ever seen -- that. It is it that a lot because he gets secured then it and and you know at your opportunity so I'll know those guys and obviously you got it here it yet dropper but I'll. You know I think -- ought not to -- Yankee to have money they're the other he doctored up money you know are it is going to be going to spend -- on certain guys -- -- You know I don't I don't really know how -- that work about real luck. You know familiar with. With what yoga instructor but like that obviously they're they're making you to bet that the Angel beat her I -- are in the wait wait guys like -- -- Obviously we -- we hit it pretty good player off -- and it puke it back that went every year. Doesn't -- you you look back did you deal last year and look at how. What would be this year if he didn't sign a deal and think about how grateful you are for the kind of the peace of mind I guess you have going forward. We were almost there -- to wanna work well. We're bigger. Results always in your mind always and what's up. I'll -- later -- -- funny how the books I'll. Obligate -- -- -- you know either the other bet that they adjust they mean I had I had three year in the big league. You know and and they came out with irritable the year opera look in -- Boston. You know I understood double. If you gotta give up a little bewildered got an arbitration eligible player. I'll development at third largest deal. On the history of the game not arbitration eligible offer -- arbitrage notable player. I'll end the other you guys are thirty or 100 RBI guy Nomar -- -- or -- get a lot of it lot of double or rock salt. You know I felt like it was the right field. And -- -- the beat -- like for our love for longtime advocate out of lock up if he's the winner so. I'm I was excited though excited about our our our direct. We're talking it Dustin Pedroia is he gets ready for little vacation on the islands Mike is in Medford. He stock would Dustin as well Mike. I -- and I don't go -- yeah I've been good I -- -- of that duty to and I think it's a bad rap in the media and I think that's why Europeans South Korea but -- -- let it can feel about him and quality in the in the -- -- -- you're quite as -- -- in the field. I'll -- didn't like I went up a Big East. You know he -- he's up under -- eat eat eat -- actually got the responding got a good and beat you -- You know he fits him well. Our TV -- future -- last year I'll -- -- -- You know obviously have realized that epic yet we know if they make a lot of money like the great right field got a great -- that a lot they expect it. They can help or if you -- game. You know what that. And that's what we count on you know he could feel base it all tri district or he could do anything on the baseball field and you know we need like got the game. I'll talk to Ryan inland before let Justin get to his vacation Ryan -- and Dustin Pedroia. They guys vote on. Dirt dirt dirt that it was up that's I don't but it. Go to -- regret articulate. A bad luck the late play yeah it solely you make this city where you play everybody loves you. My question that. The support -- you Varitek flashier. Would you welcome Ian the captain of the Red Sox I think -- I think in part to play at that. Several. Oh thanks for the compliment but you know I don't I don't think about it being like that nobody on Nick -- pieces that help look where that -- not let it -- -- bought in and -- can't -- that -- that I -- -- -- -- -- -- that that -- what what are -- gonna irritate -- that. You know Hartford that sobered by and that the way he's built the Red Sox until the -- -- -- the winner out -- typical order that it. Are you on an awful lot though. I'll. I don't really know you know what that aren't they they'll let it -- to -- lettered autopilot when it well. Are not -- resolve it. And I'm still up in busted out there every day about about it you think they'll. You know -- beat the great leader I I thought people got picked at -- that wanna be disliked. It doesn't what I believe Jersey it maybe seems that he he keeps to himself obviously relies very businesslike and everything -- is different. Guys are different our captains in different ways of what type of guys the. -- beat Seattle work I mean there's. You see he decked out there I'd never seen him not. They were blocking broke before game one time in in in green happier than I've been an -- in the -- -- machine. You know he he prepares every -- as the implant replicate the -- Our -- over with a pitcher. I mean this guy you know you name it he does -- a -- -- you know the stuff that he does help and then and it people around they don't -- -- you don't even know the outlook what he does that help but what a baseball game are all about why you picked out and not quite the special player. So before we let you go what so what's on the docket here. What's on the docket for the Dustin Pedroia situation. -- -- You know additional rest and relaxation and -- it up -- Mora Bobby hit the treadmill little bit make -- my after that he ripped up when I got that beat current Mac performer. Are. You know other than that this thing out manned by my side short vacation so popularly thought. Either or is there going to be any ping pong on this vacation doesn't. It felt great all but off it -- awful much. Breeze that. And it let everybody know wanted that we -- an area I'm 99%. -- Well not just -- or reproach to play through -- let me -- late in the game -- -- outlaw -- or. What quizzes because we just challenged him the butt man to a free throw shooting contest earlier today so maybe a -- here -- officially part of the -- at least part of part of it you can but my deal would you on this cup I'll take your ball. I don't care I don't mind beaten and and nail in the UK about got all do it. Rod are all adult thing it bring it you guys that are okay -- -- zero thanks. I -- good night please. -- is Red Sox second baseman Dustin rejoice joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T. -- world delivered.

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