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David Ortiz - Show me this list, show me what I tested positive for

May 19, 2017|

We speak with David Ortiz, co-author of the new biography Papi: My Story with our own Michael S. Holley.

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Brenda book out called poppy my story published by Houghton Mifflin Har court. Available in bookstores right now it's a co author of the book in the subject of the book David Ortiz joins us right now. David thanks for taking a few minutes Oreo. A boon. I ya I guess this is the second book about your life in your career I like this one more because I like your co author better I'll just say that her attacker. Back. Yale man might be enough all but it would everybody's pretty social. Out you yeah I'll I'll say this you you talk about everything you talked about all the subjects and maybe even some that people didn't expect. Did you think you're gonna go into this depth of detail when you started this project. What I wanna I wanna something a lot of post something very different than the source on the floor you know. More time between them. And going to be well we have questioned almost greater. And going. In terms and so cute you know compatible. Somebody already in the prudential earlier about a political river so are you. If you go home yeah Michael Wood 2000 tickled trying to. And I her conversation with Michael you know we always look. It got to the point what was it out of took an hour though so Circuit City error occurred records you know there's so. I have a lot of fun we'll be able to do what. All right so here I am here I am David. We we talked a lot about a lot of things that. I'd say the foundation of of all of those conversations. Family's very important to you can do is give people a sense of like your mother and your father. And the influence on on on how they got you to that how they're they're guidance got you to the point. Where you could be in the major leagues for twenty years. Both primary domain server government and other. I came from or entrapment. Can barely afford them and we may have my sister Kyra by. It was a lot of respect among. Was to me the most important thing back. You know in the middle everything the most remarkable something. And certainly did where the same time. You know cause I take the positive. Out of yeah. And basically open on the Bangladeshi woman woke home and we hope that definitely. You know. Basically. The bottom more than now it is true that some. Do they dirt are good and well all of you know dumb it's well thank god that little. Soul. Basically. I can save my personal. Banks. The family that fondly and how much everything. So we can we do what we amount available. And he came to me that there. I could tell me dad doesn't speak much English but when you're a teenager he emphasized that you should learn English because he was convinced. You'd be a Major League player and I want to tell people whose story of how you got you you are an Arizona. EU had limited English at the time but still that was an Arizona. Your your English was better than a lot of your teammates and so what are your teammates would go on dates and you had to go along because. I had. Because you have a translator between this teammate and his beautiful girlfriend that he head. I know that wasn't fun but. If there. Yeah. They're remembered some muscle marketers see what they left and increasingly well we. Motley. Quite shocked and language identical white person. Are reachable for about a little while and then he's armed. International market that accomplice waited he should it object certain it would be. Them. But the fact in the medic and we delivered the same bill. And Thursday you know at an end. To the guy. Might it will flag. And oil once little. Start going to and Kurt Kurt and a diplomat and one. She's going to be a little different about to speak English so. He incurred or we government and ultra. And acute out of Portland and the we liked. And you. You know so much about things I need to tool or a bit more urgent care script dual sole. I'd be good to go it'll open a coordinated dollar. Annual analyst. It was compressors and other what he. Heard much. I mean all the and they didn't. Adhere to minimum volume back in two states you know it was. Ballot language or any better about. It was a war veteran and I. So we'll shall I. I expert mark was one of them. I conclude a little bit. Yeah like if you get to return player won multiple X or muscle marketers who led tables so. It would make it a minor league you know. Something that are. Interest period and not the critical from from our war concert. Back there right now are different. I doubt that Asian markets program worked in each Slater you know about it and I should. And that's why he's cute guys and they say. There's a parts in the book David we're talk about 2003 your first year in Boston you're a little upset live. Not getting regular bats he earlier opposed to learning at first and DH and anyway and talked to Theo Epstein and if you get more bats you want it's either get released or traded do you ever think about. What your career could have been that had that happened had they gotten rid of you that you also specifically talk about how important Manny Ramirez and Pedro war. It's some your success early on in Boston. Florida at record for the future and I got pretty clear that's why. I would certainly more planned Arab Kurd. Meyer remedial reading your work there it would just are now. And he couldn't look cool are those they can employers to start a mole. So much about having worked and maker of course depending on them are much more about working toward him I would not in my book or. I commuters in talent and and back travel. You know into the point where. All I need to do come out slow him down and Slobodan equitably so it can get the or where or so. Bartlett got. Oh and I can't even myself I I I do want to go to on the right so you're saying. What I say program and it occurred confident I was ready to take a look extremely car he. Com Limbaugh and I'm worried look on at the beginning it was those. We're talking the David Ortiz co author of poppy my story co written with Michael Holley. There are few athletes in recent history in the city of Boston more popular than you may be a certain quarterback down in Foxborough but now Manning. Having said that. Recently we got reports out of Fenway Park from Adam Jones that he had heard some racial epithets thrown at him. Did you ever hear anything like that at Fenway yourself. Myself and our home in plant on the B day. Arbitrator later. You know and he. And that's why are I don't Mercury Volvo order Eric jobs. I don't call my question. Political you know by. That one thing I don't read columnists. Good enough without. Currently there are particularly shrewd. By. Ideas that are really don't you know. Look at all are lucky I am now home on the back in our community you know multiple off I'd never Croatian. Racial situation. Where it. You know you can feel the electro. Good to have our a couple million on Euro to run quite. Console on the it will train they don't care what course would you or would you cross. And or actually took all of the martial arts education less dramatic. From Latin America or any other player in the war no matter how do. Mean you know we are worried. There on the yeah. You know deal would be. All are concerned by. They're afraid to or greater are your fans are there are all on me on the secretly yankees. Over the average Joseph Coleman you know like I never. Are these amounts are dramatically declared. To look. Hello everybody on it but you collection and so open remotely takeover that. You look at a game so. We are very little on the yeah. Did you believe Adam Jones. I believe them. But it is a birdie or an. And trust me in goma now that he urged them. In the New York Daily News had a story. With you David where you can tell a story about Torii Hunter you're trying to Torii Hunter to come here and. Yeah. Every part of the rhetorically if they're. Excited loaned him very well. Toward commitment to train before you don't strain. Anybody have their field you don't turn so that Alberto check. I actually I don't think it's later full display here. To look also. Like. It also accuses duke Eurostat. I don't think it's fair. And judge utilities guys hey you know come on Torre wanted to play here it is is not is that it's not as crazy as you might think it is or put. Did he just say I can't do it about a day ago. Yeah yeah yeah he rhetoric over certain you know there on Greece alone or let him walk through because. You know it they are at the old man. Conflict should feel. In in multiple car. I want. We'll what are a lot. Because this is not again. You know what speaker phone. Calls way well is it cute on the other very security. Mr. Madieu you know Obama may process. Birdied four from all of you know that mr. You know OK so what you're great and a trust. So much that line. I know you said many times David that you'd never taken steroids in your career. Yet of course in 2009 you were on that list incident allegedly tested positive for. A PED. Do you think that being on that list will keep you out of the hall of fame. Well political comparable. If Miami. Situation or Marty. The only you know like I could be anywhere patrol. Which you were. Door might bring on the field you know. And what are the ultimate when my grandma. You know are always. Early to earn an income borrow. Won't want to recently about a mile from my. And their own excitement being. We aren't you allowed from it wouldn't cost. And don't want from bought so what would regard him. So. You are common now from Europe that news I guess it was just. That you figured it would just trying to do what they'd be. Called attention someone now homeless because. That amount or we will relive your children that are ultimately serve what I set up that quote show me you may have reason why do you say. And is there. American accent and you know Fred and them Iger got. I don't believe in the carrier. In my mind this number can control. Loaded roster. Never threatened to throw. Carmaker record and you you know arming. I can just grab Michael. To have a car from me without warning. Any evidence and I'll bet you everybody everybody who are caught. Are they pointing where. All of them were coal lobby bar or use an. Old favorite G. Core. I series guys you can. So. Nobody can two men are in the market to me before an election to me it. And told me that I. Have offered for any kind of stories. This would do something that would go out of New York. And they actually wrote provisionable it would just you do your work their ultimate goal will hurt you know well. Well you know what man I'd say wait there's no communion more. Terrified in RB I think we were supposed to. I see it worked extremely hard to. 12% underwear be it. And he got my vote I just unfortunately I don't have a vote these but I would give legal career. First ballot hall being my question what about players. Guys you played with and against who did test positive Manny Ramirez Alex Rodriguez who clearly have hall of fame numbers if it was up to you would those guys. Have a spot in the hall and. There have been ordered him to carry them you know look little like. You know exactly. Unfortunately. There may don't want to say. You know and and and never made. It over to. Santa. Mandated. Oh. A tremor because my mom should or. I'm not a bad person bogey don't but he made him. In other domestic and you know. And sort of command and cricket look like he's not so forums for your ball so boasts. Fertile breeding farcical or was it. Would ever scored an arms and that is emboldened by. But yet it is there. Abramoff and commit a mistake. Merry go and commit a mistake and edit greater error. They're comfortable and where they bought. Effort in the home owns almost almost. I'll take one of the things that surprised me the most in the book. And that's how all how much your relationship with Terry Francona. Was hurt by a pinch hitting appearance with the bases loaded in Toronto. You said in the book it it was business like after that but it was never as close after that. Altogether it is it's a quarter of our doctors you know and and I know what some troubles all but between players. Oh yeah yeah and masks here. Dubious as to which you eye to eye cream here I come from literally wiped out and bite. I think. Well then why and then when they let it might shelf. What will bomb like. You know what I want it well. I'd bring you start going directly into the Garrett. Should get there because you lol that comment right there. You know that same thing and not the way here we those years where there is as of tomorrow won't be too. We never get. Or that I was out of it because my my problem was. Mechanical. Eight home my end do they give for. What you know where my wife full amount for everywhere here there are multiple men. I would never been to a government felt it. In problems and end. And you know they don't work there NG union bank one without. Any Cadillac. You know upwards of tickets range in current critical probable what are. I'm not a lot already there are my fixes already. Good to go on science. We're pretty well. Being the maestro you know that I that it about the article so when you could expect to report that they've been there on Albert out. Bubble yeah. Are they wanting yeah you can stroke burnout and it won't. What are you look at what. Got to defend Chris for the rest of the bulwark. So you're the only. Or you'll either extra cup. It also added that brought this here might. Alden. Wouldn't want a big. The mall that day. Or a little bit. Old. Wearing different very simple. Be able law and everything now are there income will be created. Followed a portrait of all they like it could we got coming up. You know they're old. If if it looming in all walks wild card where it. Yeah we won't always. Likeable with a bit of a great worker and American. Idol and Seoul. I think that would compare to what it is and you're not appear that look at liberty are. Well as simply because get out of law. All of that disillusioned what would be saying it's cool that Mecca out on a number of them. All the old. You know I was Tony's guys before you came on. That. Overall your approach to the book in my opinion was. I just tell it straight not gonna put a filter on any thing is gonna say what I feel I think that was even the case when you were talking about. Of the low points of your marriage in. The will was that your approach of just say I'm just gonna tell like it is because by the way the marriage. It has been reconciled you guys are back together but. This you can you tell people why. You took that approach with this book. Well because it. I think news there. I attribute. Some special. Urgency or what people will. Costly for people who. War are people long. I'll try to do that right that's solely on their social. Almost a fruitful. That's supplement company and that apple feel like you know trying to sort of let marriage everybody. Probably teachers and I credibility you know. Everybody circled a little social thing. But. There there there. It also noted that what your reaction to the same problem what should vote on what she's done so that they had. All the way you'd be saying based on family picnic either it was a great but Oakland. Well what he. Or while there's little. All these. That is involved. The book is called up popping my story written by David Ortiz co written by Michael Holley available in your bookstores right now. Published by Houghton Mifflin Har court. And idea that we appreciate you taking the time to join us and it was it was a fun read I enjoyed it. A regular remote Michael Grant. That I may do that. Thanks a lot different well if nothing else is there I'll play him and others as well. Thanks David. Take thank you. That is. Future hall of Famer in my opinion David Ortiz. He'd. He denies taking steroids in eighteen different ways. Our he just the Ed as he said but the majority of of his being David Ortiz happened during the steroid testing here. Most of when he was David Ortiz was when there were testing came in in place in 2004. Well now he says he got cut in the steroid era but he went and help essay was had a success in the right in the testing here. That's what I edit edit the testing or what I meant it when they were testing. They started in 2004. Outs and David Ortiz sort of took off where you and gets and first ballot birdied and there's enough I don't know why I feel that I don't think it's that the steroids that's going to be the issue and it's the DH thing. Which I think is bogus by the way. I mean it was Frank Thomas Moore to DH and first things really well and and he got a when I was during his prize fighters used very much of -- and the heat when I went and I would posit what he does have heard what shocked me declared war games that the youngsters say how's it I think he's right I was shocked when I saw that stat that you are more DH at bats and first base events yet but the prime of his group when he went back to back MVPs that -- early to mid ninety's he was absolutely first days. 6177797937. Is telephone number we'll get your calls let you react if you'd like as well freestyle Friday it's dale and Holley. With keeps Sports Radio WEEI.

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