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Dale and Holley's Freestyle Friday Hour 1 - Celtics/Cavs and Brady's snooty endorsements

May 19, 2017|

Dale, Holley and Keefe's first hour from Freestyle Friday.

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You know it's kind of ironic in a way I David Ortiz gonna join us at 330 today can't wait talked on author of popping my story. Co written by a certain friend of mine who's sitting to my immediate left and and a common theme in David Ortiz is bookie is. No matter what you say there are people who are gonna believe. If for instance if you say you didn't use steroid I'll ports heated avid and I'm ready nobody believes that in. It doesn't matter what you say. And then within seconds of of sitting down I looked up at the TV screen and doggy says auto Tom Brady was not diagnosed with a concussion last year. At a show of hands anybody in this room believes that. And I do believe I believe that what the word they don't worry I will still was not diagnosed with a rush right on the edge Zell are all right they're both right right. That that a doctor didn't diagnosed them with a concussion yes but he had a concussion. Yes. I think he was not diagnosed with a pink diagnosed with a concussion was not on the injury list of pink with a concussion we know that. He didn't say palmary did not have a concussion or Tom raised never had a concussion Todd idiotic Tom was not diagnosed with a concussion last year as well correct all the group was not diagnosed with a concussion last year right many of the protocols and safeguards still a revolving. And it's obviously a good good why the organization and everyone close to him is vigilant. And always looking out for his health at what sane too much is happening yet to let our users that are packed up. It's not argue that right now involving yes it though it's always evolving okay never shaping protocols and safeguards are evolving at a good. So now the question is does this take all the heat. Now I'm guessing in the NFL offices there's a bucket from alpha why are. Does that narrow is definitely kick them on Wednesday or Zelda note talking about. What's ahead. Think overall that it had no I don't know very Brady gets into that plan that is as bad home plan so. You don't say anything. Yeah yeah listen it's already been addressed and met my agent as hard but that is focused on. You know just helping the team win. Yeah I think it is it does Obama and I agents hard on that. And now Bill Belichick in saint. I slugged it started and it's are even address is bill let's say it's well documented. Yeah not well enough though. It is that no it's well documented. Ability to check the injury report in three months and if he's he's got a head injury will be on that Africa. You know like when is he gonna talk to the media nexus the couple months away rate don't. Well built up a ball. Should be targets and immediately got OT games what we're month that this is is and it right now though we're may think you. I saw you out I don't know what I don't like the most telling all of that you have to dismiss or don't thank you don't know I thought I needed help I needed help I was asking your forward and gave to thank you. So there's a ring ceremony of the ring ceremony jumping nine I think within a nation have some OTAs in June. Many can't they do that around and indeed during ceremonies get an ordinary year using it and the mini camp in the Tuesday. Are right now it's time to move on that didn't happen what we just celebrated didn't happen we're not defending anything. So it's funny it's time to come open and heard the death of answer that is what it is we're talking about an hour we got some of the other things to worry about where we're on to Kansas City right exactly. On to Kansas City or whoever they play in the pre season and you know with that as a Kansas City is day 19 loud when I know all out of pre season I don't remember. So that happened is as we're getting ready to go on the air and Don he has. Just completely let the air out of the balloon here. All is well all manner of things be weld and worry about it. Oh this'll stop all the questions right yep as a going out. And as the air noted for investigators you can rest easy NFL. All the as well as well Don you all's well at who could do they don't you guys were great until pretty good and the weather. I think the weather my mood swings way too much on the weather I think the weather's a big part of it now has an event happening in the city tonight I mean big event in the city. It's there are home and then you are talking about a day and Ortiz book signing a letter probably is but I'm Doug wrote something else something else. He says he's gone back to the positive that he size and my dad is the final home game for the Boston Celtics this do you think can sign it if things I'd have a winner in them on the road I don't and it's not. I'm not speaking badly of them it's just that's over the counts are the cavs elements around. They prove that game one at least to meet. They they have that big play for which which Glenn again broadened yesterday. But they're gonna set a record for most consecutive playoff wins you know they have not lost sense was that game five of the NBA finals last year. Yeah yes I pray were daddy went there there don't really know what went 31 and haven't lost since that. And so now they have this record in the Google home for two games and I just don't see it hopefully they can over the couple close games and there but auto I don't see them when you. Atmosphere at the Q crazy you know Heidi they do all that stuff they get this I think they're at. The marketing people think there at the top of the league game presentation the Q you do a cut yet yes and everybody have Canada same over the job in college or an over the top got a couple loop all. And. He's looking at the bulls from the ninety's though always ask as yet that was like a point at TV I kid wants it all my mother asked. If he's the big. Out. And you're like go all the way through the city area you're there following link though the bull all the opposite of over the over the going down on my greatest pregame introduction in the history of spirit was because it was. It was sold different from anything else it's off it's like Finn valley and out there aren't exactly and even. Wants that you couldn't wait for that and everybody know he tried copying it but they never really got that there are way ahead of their time regular credit value. Fine of twenty years ago they're doing on a more when the music would start off balance on that song ever and you try to do that present won't we can't steal the exacts on C come up with a knock off version and it just wasn't as good and the guy doing the voice of the the PA guys have unbelievable with the that the Alan Parsons. The Continental Airlines who has. From serious by now this this year ardently I doubles that was wanna hear the bulls but I was so excited. To see this everybody knew that Scottie Pippen went to central Arkansas her together and if I. And now I heard about. I love I love it. I had a few I only bought this well it was a it was out of a cassette tape back in the day I bought this cassette tape just this thought. Didn't care about the Alan Parsons project sports just wanted to hear them on those reports and always has the Alan Parsons project now yeah steamboats. As tags or. So I don't know OK is there if they do this at the Q they don't. They do I have ultimate fighting is noted to sell over the top general scene. With their presentations so almost like we're some Detroit. Yet worse. One note yet worse victory the scene is worse but the PA guys not worse for the via the NBA are Detroit is much worse yet it. A. A hot topic a but it depends who blogs and I thought that through and as good at all. Create. Guys don't work up a he has been our guy so you know maybe it's tough to go there when you go inside the video game if you videogame pick is that you're wearing. And Ron with the weather all the powder knowledge stuff that it's just too much has all the presentation is what that is too much of powder. But they've got to you got to show proved tonight guys the guys so improve tonight and they are legitimate. Conference finalists. In just they weren't just gifted here errors you know I we need somebody to play the conference final any help you you're you're you're you're gonna green light come on over come on over. Will will have you as an opponent know they belong here. They are you big. I'll bet they are yes that's the field right exactly your O'Neal might look they are the true of the fields sure that's nothing to sneeze at a very well certain amount of at all as. Egypt and I got rid of the ship early KB your mind the whole field thing had to bring up that old. Then but the field aren't wolves unfortunate and revealed his. Quite a ways behind the leader its way it's way behind. And the feel they if if LeBron James wasn't in the east you have one heck of a competition you do look at early steams to San. Oh is that the raptors this year is at the wizards is that the Celtics may be even honestly. The cavs without abroad the earth this survey of love in the rest of that team they wouldn't be you know the one of the Tennessean but they could be another team in the mix. And be much more competitive but with the brawn on that team it's just. It's a different class altogether. But the near the warriors on the other side and so that's why it's not a slam dunk that LeBron wins another title but it's it's almost assured that he's gonna get there again for the seventh straight year. I wonder if you didn't have. If if you have deliberately ignorant about LeBron how great news and has if it big yet now I really hesitate. Played them if they cavaliers are fortunate enough to win this series they've only won a game here. They got three more to go planted there for that not to Wear bullet here that's of the work we were looking for what they've done lucky enough they're lucky to the other one know is anybody matchup with the warriors. Are the warriors unbeatable. Can anybody beat the cobra if if you if you had asked me the exact same question without all we saw happened last year I take now that I last went yes now that Madonna and improved big attic that they fired a 73 win team improved. No I don't you know I don't ever even go to get the main thing that ever favorite. Odd don't it don't you. At least give the cavs upon your chance because they do still have the best players answers well if it. They get there no rocket. Modern art department that's very unsure of the play the games right we should sit and wait until that happens or discuss that and drag them the best player in the series so to me it gives them. At least a chance and it's not like the second third best players are scrubs either. This isn't LeBron bringing the cavs in the title in 07 rated visit and that it they're real guys on the team. But don't the Warner guys brought last thing I got through it I got my reply yeah and they don't want on the art that's right. So that they have they have a chance but again Smart money would be on on Golden State that your. I think that it's going to be a a difficult task for the Celtics to winning game. In this series but this is the only one I think they can win as Kevin Millar said don't let us when one total. That's when watch early got Pedro showing Obama. Up. That in event on moral boost Pedro the fifth. You're sure Lleyton who's been adding I'm resorts and have it both player. I'll allow. But yeah I think. You gonna see a much a much better game tonight I am convinced them it. Are you guys convinced him have a police Sargent Russ cutter in game one was often game want to know what this is what what's so discouraging. Game one and was an extension it was an extended remakes of the regular season really laws based at that it's a shame game up. So what was going on here OK okay let's get out of an April and it was a regular season but the Celtics they they beat the bulls beat the wizards are rather different. Same game. I think there's no exact thing because the cavaliers. I'll give them credit for this amount of credit for much you really don't I noticed in Rio de you're really only talk up LeBron you've figured mail carrier hates carrier and I don't I don't think nice thing about Kevin Love. Duplicate the player them good player and carrier Irving is eager is eager player to not quite Isiah. My first the others receiving votes there and then you know all NBA teams. Fourteen points that you got fourteen. But keep track of. Point I have yeah I I. I got I. I don't Al Horford Warren. I don't live with that you probably don't want to open Devonshire who had that but that'll be cheap and that put them. So but you know I'll give the cavaliers credit for this. And that game at a regular season game against the Celtics. They said we're gonna show we're we're gonna have a really treated like a playoff game. We will we won't say we're treating him like a playoff game but we're gonna do it to prove to ourselves. That we can do is dominate anybody in the east especially these guys who were closest to us. And they took an end that was a glimpse the glimpse they gave the Celtics then. Showed you what what kind of intensity you need. In the conference finals or as you get deeper into the playoffs as they brought the same intensity to game one and the Celtics didn't bring it the regular season. And they didn't get the clue and they bring it to game one of the conference finals at the very least I know they don't have the right mentality. Tonight. Is that enough to make open shots is that enough to. Be competitive on the boards is that enough to have some type of plan against LeBron. A slowdown plan but okay that's not gonna play yet you can make reporters on I will live with that we are much of a drive to the basket. Well clog the lane and just take three pointers on ice if you can make. But did you got to come up with some some indifference. It gives them different and that's reading Jalen brown and then whose eye all right and as RJR round is is it Jalen brown star at parliament there. I don't know what to take minutes away from Amir Johnson I mean what is the point what is the point of that and did it unless you use and rough somebody up and into daddy there. No he didn't deadly does he help you offensively or help you defensively he better hope you won. What special teams that what does he do that even warrant going out there like oh are least Paulson can match up with the Thompson or love. That's I'm really gonna do it that's like it matters little who's the rebounding battle so how else can you. Because what Brad Stevens said in the wizard series your member was. One of the reasons that Amir Johnson's out there is we want to prevent the rounds we wanna prevent the other team going on a big Ron and his or guy he's a run he's a run prevention is a run for mention I mentioned at all your own but what about going out there what's the best attack odd that you have for you let's get on the board you know another one of these quarters where you get in the teens and and you're struggling maybe you need. Something else again at all on Amir Johnson who talk about that too much but I don't like to see a shakeup if if he was willing to. Two changes starting lineup against the bulls and against the wizards. What did you think of all this series to make adjustments in the make your tinker with the lineup it would be against the cavs. So I would go small some other best lineup all season long have been small. Including a Ford cardboard aren't the only Port Charlotte grossed out that's right but it is against the I was against the vols right they would for bulls and I think even the wizards at times they had the four small guys with Al Horford escape this with a National Hockey League yes mark helpful to play tonight. Take half acre I don't. They assigned him naked choke and number twenty get him out there element in this Rihanna Joseph he could be out there tonight right they probably use them. Whitner. No I don't know it definitely wouldn't hurt. But you know no faults tonight and not our no of the values that is not available at the that'd trending now fortunately I'll Martell full 3 o'clock hour. God you says Tom Brady was not diagnose and doesn't mark helpful to not play tonight for the Celtics. Game two of the conference finals but I feel good about it. A token I've spoken about game 1 June and that's what. They don't that's an entirely just at I really think we're not if I really is building up mark evidence argue I just feel like there's better basketball. Well that's true in this team they they can achieve a lot eve biggest cavity to tell you this LeBron right there's better basketball and that team to I don't know if he's right and I don't IE apps you actually think he's right I think he's I think he's kind teasing he was kind of teasing you get maybe maybe there's there's partial truth in in. In what he's saying. But. I just think you want to rub it in. A bullet as I wanted to lose a game by ethical arguments that I hit it. Really didn't play that well I have thirty. I had many pros corporate of the bus that how goes one for six from three you don't see that yeah he liked what we just 100 ever had and oh happy happy yeah. Way to begin Kyle going to wait until calorie gets his shot and went three guys going in the controlled that game start to finish. They write is just there there are free I was it nobody else was on at all but the bad mentality goes along with. Personality goes into it keeps saying don't like too cocky but I don't think it matters if the Celtics and I'm not an arrogant know not to they are but I'm not talking about. Lecavalier and from for the Celtics if you look at Tristan Thompson is is not it doesn't rebound like this because 71 is not. It's just a he's just got eighty bull dog mentality with rebounds. And it also helps that literally there all they ask them. Pretty much as I'll ask and again you don't have labs but yeah that is the Eagles in each game saying. I'd get rebounds and three other guys that score I easy to get rebounds and a all right if I say that Amir Mir. Out of did you do anything else have you done anything arrest occurred about what brought up dead right now I don't know he's willingly or not there yet. Aren't all that easy to do yet is re back. Pity do all due to brow and I don't think it's what drives these. Suggest that the LA premiere mix and rebound that's it we're talking about it their offense and defense that we don't care to lose ball. I don't know off the board then we don't care this optimism this posits that he. That you hear from me. If they lose and all my god if they lose tonight yeah. I mean I get out of battle we could. They lose this game today. All of my hopes and why not it would you be back up here again I probably value of it now build yourself Toronto on Monday they'll be down the Rio growth warrior or says that's going to be tough day. How much it you know not that I advocated banning them only to Lebanon if I said you. What are the chances and how much money would you put on the table. For the Celtics to be up to 21 on Monday it erupts you won how much money Jeff Goodman that. Anything you can pop up to date given a everything anything and everything. Yeah if they went to street and that mystery that shocked all about one. What it really what he called Manhattan. I feel good and I'm. I'd put it back to back down. This ogre number no that's OK it took it back to back. Well my lord I don't derivatives and it is a freestyle Friday and we didn't think that meant that Michael was going to be able to work in hallucinations but there's a much silently and today there was that had never too much on that vitamin. I it is a freestyle Fridays we a lot of stuff going on throughout the course of the day the biggest thing of course is a little over an hour from now David Ortiz will join us his new book poppy my story is out. We'll talk about a lot of different things will talk about the racial climate at Fenway Park in deal allegations of him using performance enhancing drugs. And the deterioration. Of his relationship with Terry Francona among other things so we'll get it all that with David Ortiz just about an hour from now but a freestyle Friday means. Bring it on whenever you file as one talked about and ladies were happy to do it 6177797937. Is telephone number is though. Tom Brady was not diagnosed with a concussion is here sell those of you world concerned about that you can calm back down now. Dale and Hollywood keep Sports Radio W yeah. 6177797937. This telephone number to freestyle Friday. You know what that means that means a freestyle Friday addition of keeper madness. Not sure what keepers would keeper madness is gonna be like today but I know what it was like last Friday yes that in perspective look at the program. The scene in the same Beirut draws out of Friday as I think having during the week might you know jumping in with a random key for madness about oh I don't know maybe a church. Masking Horry sex club masking of the church something like that. And that prodded him look at some of the best slash worst moments of the week when the that I didn't make it this week yeah what are mention honorable mention the won't make it. It. Black well. You apply at all like I'm glad that I. Oh wait that's not gonna vacant lots of eyebrows during a pocketed nine. Whose great great joke for the government per Helio and period joke. About. But last week's Kiefer madness is one thing was that in my in my head for a couple days. But here it is. Yeah. That's hot. Like I hadn't called back in shark got a couple of I. Yes some anger management thinks I don't know. It's. A back it was a bad weather you know it's now what do one has the talent in the there was an excluded Friday asked signal bird on the city's topical product just was not with the might still be going comedy act he constantly could be still poppy you're obviously. We think it I don't. Yeah if it nodes or rockets are. So I find out today. That I have the opportunity. To buy an Aston Martins that Tom Brady has design. Because that an Aston Martin was on my to duplicate that art you know and and now I'll just hold off till Tom gets. And and and we kept talking about this this morning. The the list of things that Tom Brady. Lends his name to work. Sort of upper crust aren't here there have been out of my price range all of them every angle I could afford. But and John as I afforded yes well out of my wife doesn't know he almost everything they get out of it but they are. CN on one hand I know you know does this compare does that add to the top credit collection we have cars we have pajamas we have it's. And everything all the auto watches it watches 500 dollar wouldn't covered cook books we have bags of nuts that's thousand dollar mattress and 7000. Dollar mattress. That's incredible art outlook we could compare the finer things club in the ground and rating the two greatest quarterbacks. Of their generation Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. The patent. Endorses. Pop jobs which is Eddie's favorite a Papa John that's a what's the car and it was to go public bailing or he's got to deal it's always it's got to Buick VOX Allstate insurance and go to those they farmer race date. Chicken and arms them on thumbs up arms and evangelize nationwide nationwide and at that we did everything with off road period out that it arts are what he's doing yeah. And Andy hates them for this and hatred. But Ahmet model it's amen and it looks like he's making himself look like a guy. Who is relatable Joanna a man of the people trying to Everyman yeah I that's fraudulent is not really man people but he's not and it broke retreated to a great job make him at that weight whereas you know Tom Brady. It's super rich he's a super rich guy people and he is endorsing products were super rich people so it's an authentic. He's like he's not trying to be somebody and not got a lot of money. You can before when I'm selling and M yeah it more real and if you don't well let's do that. To that if I just save up so easy to hate them and that's why he's on both lists most popular and most hated really easy he finds his way on to audible let's. I think with Andy said this off before the show up LeBron James. Was when dogs and had you know hundred dollar per jam there was with Aston -- our dollar to yeah I do just that my my god how can anybody like this guys like oracle who is who is he appealing to. So I get a direct to put them good on top of the winning like yeah there's still reason why if you're not a patriots fan why Tom Brady would. Drop enough. Yeah I think that the reason. I think it all the endorsements. Do you do endorsements make you like for you look at athlete endorsements you like your guy more. Based on his commercials like errant error Rogers has great commercial do you like Aaron Rodgers more because of his funny commercials are at. I don't critical that people definitely Chris Paul ending because as marshals Alia paid me that he talks with that non football fans back it's hilarious but it's not winners. But you but Michael for the but it comes off that way yeah. He's just like me he's not like they're a country like not even a little like not at all that's a good thing. And Tom Brady makes it pretty clear in his commercials that you are not the liking these different products not lifestyle he would have. Even before the commercials. Important partly plays if he plays quarterback for the patriots. And is. A pretty handsome guy. Actually it's since it is a beautiful man instead of I honestly don't drop below but very pretty Jimmy's put he arms it. So before you get to endorsements now either a different category. Yeah and. Demagogues and look at Peyton Manning really is the guy we want. Yeah we're in our slip ease anywhere in the bunch yeah there that he does these commercials. These these kind of out there. Just four. The the beautiful people of of of the world the want arsenals really his. This much is an Aston Martin to a 100000 dollars a and sort of grand bar fight against the girl or I think it's sort of the base price of those that do the asking. Don't hit it converts itself into a Condo and I don't an Omaha but the modified that as their top line. I'm I don't think I got the name I don't know that it paid for I don't think there's a cheap version of the estimates and that. Chief messing cheapen you know testimonials. You know anybody do you have a friend. Residents remarked I'll tell you go anybody who's ever had on why apple lowered to get it going observer do you know anybody know or you know. And as one or two lot of nice cars. I appear there are a lot of nice expensive cars what makes this one. Standout the price tag but there was miss Annika a Bentley will ultimately. A lot of money yeah sure many are talkative expensive cars sold. Does wonder what that thing as you know if it ever come across you know extra 200 grant you know you get an extra hole. Actually 200000 and David Ortiz get invisible item's identity candidate I've a lot of signing. You know why would why why would I get an Aston Martin and his operating likes him and but he John tomorrow. Tom Brady like that and wonder what what stands out about it and the more information because rod because Daniel Craig drove for. Right and I calorie general one way to do it is now that's. Okay now we're talk the better pitchman and beyond that and as the Brady but if you felony this is a bond on your driver's card abuse who's James Bond. Guaranteed but the Rick what which changed I. Are all up are you OK with zero down payment. It must a I'm born prior to a bit torn out a year and I what does that have to counter protester to assert its first protester. You know leads the bilateral I was how packed only my inspire a lot of it there. It's yarn and I was kind of I was looking online and there was this that the list of the top ten most expensive cars in the world. And most of my got to admit I never even heard that the names of these cars as the Barton under no analyst but the number one on the list was four and a half million dollars for. We'll unpack pack. Billion dollars for the Delorean car that you wouldn't wanna take out your garage some -- gonna happen until. Joba some of these cars they make is is is cal like like what we've Fashion Week you know they come out. And they say no one would ever Wear that. I just wanna show you that there they have the creative ability to do something like nobody's gonna walk on street where in that second car you know before it happened and our carts. They've lost and yet you could drive it today jagr had a couple of times this year that it had to park it anywhere else that part yet. Imagine going down the street you know fighting for a parking spot. You've got to the winner I don't at all somebody. Channel and out of space hardships. I don't know who I'd I I wasn't sure if I was gonna go through the mid life crisis stage and by myself in all. And Aston Martin but now I'm thinking they might be worth it. You asked the Martin people. Any you if you're out there let us know that would economic front of you for having more money it's Arnold's bond listening tours up and a half James Bond that the only person. Who's gotten asked him Bradie James spotted Brady or not the only people have asked mark. About this from as the people there's some there's some Bostonians. Don't you brits all there is an asset to our other is an Aston Martin on the ten most expensive less hair affinity Aston Martin about Kyrie. For three million who is number four on the list of good news for you Aston Martin's fans they are on the list loud. I was a different and I you know excuse these are before you go talk to your manager and should commit BDO would this Aston Martin host. I'm not really good for the loaded version up. I think this is a factory to factors or whatever cover up a lot basic no big deal. I wanna I wanna be driving today when I wanna make it happen and I get you got us here today yeah happily I can I do I can relate it's happened. 6177797937. I promise we've rambled on enough we get right to the calls that you guys Selz cavs tonight at the garden we'll talk a lot about that. We'll talk about Brady is the afternoon goes on as well because it was done he says he's not been diagnosed with a concussion this past season. And David Ortiz author of poppy my story joins us at 330 it's dale on Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. 6177797937. David Ortiz joins us at 330 talking about his brand new book popping my story. And Michael's been women the last couple of days I don't think he's coming out of retirement just to warn you folks out there right now c'mon don't think he's ready to. In oak climb back into those Clayton starts going in a way in the cage. I think it's over I think itself careers over moving on could use of they could the office he used them I just thought I and he and we'll get to them it's a freestyle Friday so we'll get to the Red Sox will open. This is the team that good looks pretty good it's the first place cardinals. Went pretty good like okay now this for turning around a little bit. They take on a terrible eighties came along we said that. He's always that seems like yeah place. And it just mess. This mess absolute last night he's. Pay any charm. Guys described as a strike thrower. The hit a be warned to be more about the guy who got hit another hard he didn't have any can't make him as a god not dead Austin he's a strike thrower good. Well at a strike around there who. Went for an army strikes and wasn't confusing any nobody know they're gone again and then my man I met my. My third son. Andrew. My son's Robinson Beckham and Andrew and intend. Oh for 26. That slump and I guess still think he might win that rookie of the year yeah I don't. I got a New York that's she but would you do yeah would you do anything which your I mean a game that they often in short will be playing today. Which you drop them in the line up for anything you put it that. Which dropped I would I'd say okay pelvic cleanup though because he's still day. Why don't you go forty is it subsidies over 26 well is he now a year seven best as you like number seven hitter number eight hitter just because you go for twenty critical pressure off on the. And he's up there now you got runners on base in and you know they are and are you really need to come through now. So take a little pressure on the happens all the time and guys down at the Kennedy. I'm at seventh on the deal now wouldn't I wouldn't Kazaa a except when I'm sand and it's I know it all for 26 right now seems pretty. Over what is that thing. That's really what was it. We go five games and it's it's it's less than a week but that's O for a week basically that. No I don't they are soda I doubt a lot went out and he'll but I would say to him. I got so much confidence and you yeah Medimmune day off. That's due to my right has watched the game just relax maybe tired maybe it'll time I don't wanna tell me stars may maybe I know. Tired and every time of vodka I would I would quit in the conditioning maybe just maybe your mentally fatigued you're Bryant meant that condoms can give you load day. But I have so much confidence in you even when you're over 26 or put you right back where you belong the truth though is you sentinel nobody else but there. Our guy is not also calories and it is identified there please advise somebody. I'll ask it to the call 6177797937. Joe's and link in Europe first on sports radio's Daylon Hollywood keep. Give us the problem that's in regard donors Jimmy Jimmy to. Hello I. Thought. I there is gas great and mark. And and so. I would like element that delusional camp I mean realistically. They. They get there with a fifteen point cap if they're there but here's here's what I think. And their whole first of all eyes the sport whatever happened lap. We think you're gonna happen. Forever and ports that would that and especially what that felt like I I think the belt they are not. The basketball court order operating at that they love that people that respect them and I've seen him punched and about the looked terrible order. And come back the next game and play a lot better. And until they remotely like that I don't do it tonight I'm gonna believe that. I liked you Joseph. I like I don't you know that's why that is Michael's side of the street Joseph Jonas a lonely side of the street to be on our guys don't the united admitted though he's like it's sort is that he's with Michael on that in the delusional can I easy call themselves and I cannot go into my little more self aware of the new arm and I can only time he said in that I've been described in the delusional camp and smiling. I think Q. I think you're welcome to the delusional it's a bit and don't. Bounced back against Chicago area of Washington after about losses. A lot different and Cleveland also we're not just looking at the last game. I think the expectation was they were probably allude they're there we're gonna look not only lose the series will probably be shorter series in the UC would have with the game one. What really dozens is further the the point home to me. And you know you look at the last regular season game we're both teams are really going for sort of like a playoff game same result there. I don't know it's just it's it's a different story I don't I don't see them bounce about Stephens on the cell phone hey Stephen I don't. You want to order out carpet at around and it template back at a cost 2000 dollars. And are seeing they're called equally in the and economic term and it basically the product that nobody knows why it what you want I cut Morton aka cheaper. Angry white collar or eat one night and they're on sale Eagles the one at the night pretty even thing right in luxury good. Just because most people can't toward the people. Behind Serbia Peyton. In the status as an endless status as that in Cordoba that is you think is just a status symbol that you know there's nothing about the Aston Martin led the way it's constructed the way it runs are you know this. On the edge her. Out there and you're absolutely going to be beautifully and everything can bill you know or your machine. Nobody carefully it's the letter in your seat you mean I'm not I'm not grew one like I handled every day. No deposit rich mahogany thesis is that what. Help and I don't with more expected at the Morgan hire people who can afford it because they know that they're getting attic. Category good. I mean Tripoli for the people can afford this this is on the cheaper end. And for the people can spend this Panama and her car battery out and and that's by street yeah I would let the market is underway at all the particular car that he's endorsing. Is that BB eleven. Now what to think rather that they would change that to TB twelve. It was DB arrested or. Hey you take that back at 6177797937. David Ortiz at the bottom of the hour. Your calls between now and then Sports Radio WEEI.

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