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K&C -Trenni calls out Colin Cowherd 5-19-17

May 19, 2017|

Trenni called out Colin Cowherd for claiming to be the man changing radio for female broadcasters.

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You went to death threats I don't wanna say don't believe. Every case like this boy when you keep putting her on different shows right edge keeps the tweets up there. That to me tells that you didn't. At that you've you've just fiber out of the gym ballpark because that was within the last six months and they took her off the aired a did not allow her to come in Wednesday because they were worried about her personal safety cell. College Howard was worried about a lot of things I don't think he was real worried about Kristine Lilly about himself he. He tried this sound that will see play eighty I think Colin powered sounds genuine right here go at it might there is always been honest is that. We should give women opportunities when I when I left my mom Holler. And I Jena Six weeks off. And I told you this story and I needed maybe it'd and I was listening to all the radio up there in little guys. And I thought you know I have finally real power in this business and the power is going to be to change rates. We stop this present is right here like this is such bull crap. You hired my friend to beat his female co host at a EST and that's such that he has worked how heard that he does it fox sports. I friend who took the job to be on the show without power eight female and let's. Winds that's a wrap up a who are who they are higher and higher preference yeah. Who I don't know didn't have enough yet she's not to let you know she's a feature reporters as features that Prius did but you know it's she packed up her whole life. Let's Chicago took the job amp how Howard shot with his feet all the boys he is getting junior by. All sorry I'm going out later worked for fox sports let's talk about how fox is. Giving you his. College is Cheney is freedoms at. Lift women up from just the bottom two dredges of media. School year you pretentious a hole to go look I have finally real power in this business. And the power's going to be. To change radio. And I thought once he went female voice and was strong opinions and I told you when he came on I said I wanted to and I'll. He's gonna remain our opinions so all that yesterday I thought he was newsworthy it made news going out and yesterday I thought you were really strong. I think it's maybe it's time that we move to catch that estimate. No not happen yup I happening Christina Aguilera is an asset and no snow fell Fisher got to know while selling your not your call home you're eight updates and every once in awhile you copying. All I got it so infuriating he and I I saw him right now I might punch him in the three hour to change radio chains running machines radio. Oh really the white and accounting Cristina show. If you're changing radio and you want to give women a voice Colin change it put their name on pretty ironic. Chris brown and Christine let us sit next to you. Everett ever they're back to her she is such a strong woman was strong opinion letter popping in every once in a while more than Mike. Stating only at current stain your lane. And we don't need. You on the feminist fight from besides wreck. I think exchange radio I think he did it he's figured he put a blonde he put a blonde woman on TV and radio why I've never seen a blonde woman on I have any whether he ever has my right up there aren't any women who have sells for anywhere. I regulations. Why you let the women get out there and I'll talk to see. Her I would literally be peaking in mine now awful line from count as he gets and I want a ticket and you're she's on Michigan's I'm kinda funny yeah.

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