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K&C - Gisele breaks news about Tom Brady's concussion history 5-17-17

May 17, 2017|

Hour 4: Mut and Trenni react to Gisele's comments regarding Tom Brady's concussion history.

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He's currently. Celtics are picking numero uno I think it's. The number one pick in the 2000 NBA draft goes to the Boston Celtics. Any changes but green dream celebrate until about 1130. A basketball gods were giving us that not sick he's coming decades you could call on all this transitional. Pastor transition but not that transition with Gerry Callahan whose radio show that reported. There was you are reading you right path that quote. Where the fact that. And in makes me get what do you know about I don't know much earnestly I try to stay away from the media things to say that Aaron Hernandez's don't pick with both feet they go yes we are accomplices to suicide he was full of life so sweet very lovable and Kirk Manhattan is the deal with the spirit animal to wolf. Named Molly. Hello hello hi you're an animal as I'm shrink throwing you really it's actually on the you know that really in depth. It was a weird thing I've never heard someone explain what their spirit animal trade for me would be. Life's too short term trend your significant other I don't know hours mode when listening to be a book well this. I have to say one Sports Radio W. It is perfect challenge here on Sports Radio WEEI training to hand full month the I'm sure don't look like according to court today and I'll oh I Souter did there. Kirk storming out after a big Celtics a debate last hours will be back it's more believing. It on the south we'll see these shows up here between now and 10 o'clock we'll take your phone calls until then speaking at 10 o'clock or friends. Or wave Maloney in for EA have Celtics cavs Eastern Conference team one tickets. For tonight's game out in the 12 o'clock hour so be listening during a lunchtime it yeah. Your your phone lines will be jammed with CSN employees. While they press passes the to get that the 12:12 o'clock hour east meets with the guys today game one tickets I'll we'll get to maybe at some point. Get back to Kyle Kennedy and (%expletive) out of Jenkins but there is bigger breaking news a bigger story brewing this morning so you references are a couple seconds off the year. That Gisele is doing this climate change toward covenant book and she's gonna Gisele Bundchen is writing about climate change we're joking good and we can't. What she did tell us that we don't know what climate change what you care which is to apply it to about allow about my intention to talk to me science. Yes it is a passion nothing for war for. Of hurting global ambassador for it yet that's our older reader but in Boston marching cal fart in caliber tunnel that's all super conserved. Not what the boat's not what the planes not with a manufacturing plant those cows they ever you callous feces and parts brewers are buyers at. Global warming is already out suntan and a lot doubt that before I think any of the water is being. Hostages Zell is on TV today on CBS this morning talking about a whole bunch of things against them climate being part of it. I'm Charlie Rose goes down the road question about her husband Tom Brady and Tom sent a couple days ago with. I can't Ian O'Connor. That is why if Joseph wants to retire hobby he's gonna play those 4445. To Charlie Rose asked Giselle about brie and interesting. Interstate unprovoked stints and it should be no actually notice this is a pretty soft ball questions regarding Tom Brady to dissolve Clinton. Her husband said the other day that you wanted him to retire we are you trying to get him to retire you know I just have to say as a life. I'm a little bit you know it's as you know is not the most like. Let's say an aggressive sport rice football like he had a concussion last year I mean he has concussions pretty much have in me and talk about making it does have concussions in his. I don't you think it's a healthy thing for anybody to go to like act you know to that kind of aggression like all the time that cannot be toasty for you right now I'm planning on having him. Need help the into a lot of fun things and like hundred and I hope. OK couple things there let's start with the first one. Yet a concussion last year. Yeah we're we're but are trying to figure out when his concussion may have occurred because outside of the suspension. The only games he missed were to pre season that was it he missed the first person game because of a family. Of the cold enough the only issue but up up up. Probably an attack erotic kind of his mom okay and they're just keeping it under wraps and Sal don't want against the bears was supposed to start. Any slice himself with scissors reportedly was whipped. So acts. Silly accident. So we miss two games beginning of the year. That's only misty played drop the course of the year Gisele said he suffered a concussion at some point during the season as far as I know that was not reported. By anybody locally not worth it report by the patriots but North Carolina and Arizona I read our can't remember time that he was ever on the injury report with anything other than that Clive dead I think ankle or act the ankle. And I've found one story and interview with with this show into when he fifteen he was asked about concussions after he Eagles game he said I don't wanna get in today. Basically admitting that he's had some in the past but he's never police said he's had concussions are given a specific date when moniker. Interesting too old Curtis back in net interview with Charlie Rowe is. She doesn't just say yet concussion last year he says he deals with concussions but we don't talk about C that's number two number one is the concussion last year and you're right the second part of it. We don't talk about. He had a concussion last year I mean he has concussions for Atlantic and air pocket right. If you're closer to pick Hussein is he's concussion confessions every year but we don't talk about. And that that's why I heard her say so what you're out because I yeah I think we have concussions we just don't talk about it so is it yeah. Is it we. Her and I are here night is it week in Japan a trip and answer I we I think the patriot we can't talk enough I won I think we might incur and and him. And just say that. We that they don't discuss it that it's not commitment is publicly this past but that doesn't make you say you know the NFL talks about this concussion protocol that out and nothing goes. You know nothing goes undiagnosed unnoticed by. If Tom Brady has had cautioned if his wife is telling the truth and why would you not believe what she's saying. And he has suffered concussions everything you're we've never heard about one being report. Do you still picked no rose safe and do you think it protects your brain. Time. That was the concussion drink that I don't Russell Wilson also thought it was real Wes Welker and I'm winning yes. Protection Brady's concussions so this brings up a much bigger question and this is I'm sure the page to be asked about it at some point to date county coroner. Somebody of coal over there and say every response to this on no response to it but. What this does add a broader scale there is she's telling the truth. It makes everything we sort of believe I'll be NFL concussions just puts in a better like that they really thought they don't care they kind of sort it pretend to care but they really don't care. And the protocols a joke we saw Matt Moore go back into a game at one point. A last year to accuse you see in its star is everywhere. And this is not surprising me that he suffered concussions I think these guys all do and that they don't want their name to be put concussions because that. For Brady who wants what is 4445. That starts but the end of a ship that expiration date. Because a lot more clear if he is suffered an all use her word concussions plural playing the game the patriots right. They get hit in the head in the if you get hit in the head unit which you wanna try to do some things proactively. I don't know what you'd do practically department compassion on doctor and if your conspiracy theorist you would say the following. The reason why the patriots are so. Adamant to keep Jimmy girl apple. Is that Tom Brady suffered as his wife just said concussions oral. And that that expiration date is not 4445. Their questions about are these concussions going to affect him in the shorter term if you believe the concussions is a he asking cautions we don't talk about them that's the road start to go on a wide keeping Jimmy G. In less and Tom Brady is obviously. A tremendous competitor he is someone who loves became a football wilds playing loves everything about it. He's also ten knee he strikes me as someone who really ties a strong footing in being able to do something outside of the NFL yes I. I guess it must I don't pretend to understand what would you like to make millions of dollars and have the adoration of millions of fans and step on that field. But no. All we know about concussions now if your time Brady your urges Al. And you know that you had multiple concussions and you see what is happening to some of these men who have multiple concussions. As they get. Mid forties early fifties and day affects of them really start to show. How I I I guess I don't understand a desire to keep smashing your brain around like that. Especially when it's very posh when it's time for you this because I was played in the league for three years at league minute mom and doesn't have a future. He's a bright articulate guy he could. Easily easily he did you know he's doing it I'm not a fan of the Tony Robbins thing. I'd hate to be quite honest but he's got those things he's got the Alex Guerrero nutrition things. He's so well spoken he can. Easily you think he's not gonna have if Tony Romo can't get a number one analyst do you think that the minute Tom Brady announces through retirement that every network. Is it lighting up handing him a multimillion. Dollar deal. To be a studio commentator. Look why do you need to. It's just. I don't get it I I don't get the sacrifice. I mean. Even forget the body you know you can get a hip replacement you can get in need replacing the chip can not written it had not replaced your brain so here's. Our about the entire thing but they do you have a gain air quotes protocol for this. I'm there are seven observable symptoms used to identify players with concussion that on the field during game loss of consciousness. Was and Brady. Oslo to get up probably an op motor coordination balance. I don't know it's like our vacant stare what I am I gonna helmet on when Curtis I give Curtis all the time disorientation yes his entire show. I clutch your head after contact. Visible facial injury combination and Annie B about how much Robert when spotters or other medical personnel pseudoscience that's in the pro call goes into effect. And that's a five step process to get back in. Rest and recovery. Light aerobic exercise. Continued broke again exercise football specific activities. And full football team is it clearance at no point last year the Brady leave the field Matthew and it is up to go back and an aid it. So when she says that. Union is. You wonder okay. When when does happen. There was an practiced thing because during games and if you guys are missed about dismembering elect our Roger Clemens 6177797937. Was very Brady instance where we even thought. He went to the sideline got his helmet or head checked because as far as we can tell you talking to guys who were I'd pretty source in the NFL he's never. In his career been listed on the injury report for concussion. He had a concussion last year I mean he has concussions pretty much have and me and talk about what he does have concussions in his. I don't you think it's a healthy thing for anybody to go to. Like athlete. We know it's now we know now it's not. Seeing will Smith and it concussion and what happens. I saw an adding to just their retirement talk among previous talking about and meet if his wife is this concerns about. His mental health future. And get what she gonna put her foot down and say and not enough it's. It's footballer rocks and I don't know of any of all come to that race doesn't sentiment seemed. He doesn't sound like she wants him to continue. After her who to who wants to be with a walking vegetable when your older we'll add that that goes against what he'd just said. To Ian O'Connor what two days ago I hostages Alan I can play she she wants me to keep playing machine so that clearly need to. I'm surprised I haven't I speak running with. But it's perspective. If she read that article and she goes you SOB. We just had this conversation you're not playing so you're 45 she just calling things. I read this I go to my little CVS this machine I'd done that pray pray that people had to stretch your cell opens up about her wonderful like my colleagues who knows how long we changed each other who knows how long ago they did an interview when it finally depressed sixty. Yep and saying when they did the actual interview with terror. It was may sixteenth when it gets to speaking with and who knows when the and who knows when the when she should not do the interview prior to the Ian O'Connor p.s coming out. You know I'm saying. I got it I IKEA cutting a very very rarely I think. Do you do an interview in the afternoon which is Alan it goes to print that evening Harry. Passionate latter actually hope that she went outside to smoke cigarettes you know what what Charlie Rose and ask about that what a bad spot by Charlie Rose he's got that Gisele right there. There's this huge breaking story in Boston once she's pregnant now learning fisherman's platter huge gray cigarette out of southwest of four that's true swivel ES what did you smell. Just not good. I. It's not like rooms when it dropped ball by Charlie to Jordan the fish and splattered did you meet the whole thing and he's yet monetary cigarettes after house shopping in mobile what why did you apply hall beat beat Jeffords Garrett mobile did that happen. Let's talk to Mike in Connecticut on this 61777979837. Opponent but there's all patriots angle to this as well because. You're gonna start reading in the next that's ninety minutes or so. Posts on how web site saying why will the patriots be find or punished for not reporting for. Outline how much he gushes over under on the number of people Wear it like VP what we call it a little page its alarm like Iran. Are rare patriots breaking news alarms going off right now how once we get our first. By the time we get off the aerial have several football focus yes why we will we came in at the time to. L 9454. On the post there in central table incest or have Eagles are rough and all have have a comment Torvalds he talks I get the super duper football sites competes authority retreated to CBS this morning story. Threes chapters comment on this essentially unlike in Connecticut collect. Doctor but the attorney General Motors and you guys are current big bird I'm Abby and adult. Who's. Yeah I'm on the what you don't like that if the figured that not all of it. To put an end of boiling water. Don't think it all at the court. Oddly quiet dead and ultimately. Not a good thing. Accurately. Why would I agriculture and if you can keep an act of mother don't don't want to figure out it. Obama I'd be quite at the parking can't neglect look at Detroit. Awkward couple I don't read everything delicate question. I mean I don't know I. I have on me again maybe maybe this is just. Her. It is just her being her and we do not want it that check cheesy she's she's steady she's savvy and Smart to just throw. That our rounds. Like it's nothing. She she doesn't say concussions like that unless she's heard com. He's the work concussions right and a concussion this year I mean we're asking questions. We don't talk about. Which again I EC means Tom and Gisele won't talk about a I think that means you'll we don't talk about publicly. Yeah I we don't know I don't you know we don't talk about public everybody else about it not talk about in their own household between the two of them I think they have that discussion as is married couples do. But I don't think when she's as we don't talk about it I think it means we do not talk about this public. I think that I was also purse things she knew she stepped in by saying the concussions in the first place solutions that we don't toss it to prevent it should be up she's. So I'm not to do it that's it helps settings idea that announcer. So mark Cheney has covered the patriots points out and he targeted. Confirm Curtis said. Brady was last year on major pork the following issues thigh knee and ankle that's it. So at no point did it any point any he'll leave the game he didn't know we wanted to talk about the next day on Monday. Prayed that the game three series here can drop what's going to talk about his crumpled or percent of one of those guys coming into play. If he missed a series saw. He didn't. Listen lets you know. Let's just spend a side of sticking up for the patriots here though they're probably arson. That you suffer that may be don't. It's the symptoms don't show up in a game but needy afterwards Brady goes through trainer and says man I got at acting de prix that could we you know. You're right I'm getting hit and and I'm not feeling quite right. And they go home and Nate and they say will rest for few and because. There weren't there a number of times last year. Twist particularly towards the end of the season and I brought this up a couple of times in and keeping Jimmy grapple aware. He was a maintenance day didn't practice I did not participate limited participation and yet for the need that I the ankle. It is possible. That maybe he wasn't in true and FL concussion protocol which way Denver choir further testing and maybe prevents him from playing in the game. But David is saying hey buddy you just even I got the right Jersey Al and I and I got there and do anything crazy ex we don't want to jog and brain around and I'll. David and the issue would be there the patriots never reported any points let a good on your road for second. They're sitting at the end of the year not because of regular rest and relaxation but he seeing production symptoms they never reported. And we see this other teams when you don't reporting injuries you will get penalized so I'm not sure how they investigate this I'm not sure if if we get Ted Wells involved again. And he sits down the party to try to figure this crap out my guest in this race doesn't this could be bad if this if this were. He's the son Brian Hoyer. And Brian where his wife on TV it's that it be if fart in the wind because its rating because his LB at the patriots this is going to become a national story. Do teams tied concussions of course they do you did Brady had a concussion he probably DNY to celebrate it. This is going to be the next big NFL storage a couple steps in and impound initiative. Purpose does it. That's that's that's my theory is that when she heard him and she read that's why I'm saying I wonder the People Magazine story was done prior to her reading the Ian O'Connor story and Nate had a big they've had private discussion that listened. The end sooner and he was and he put you know it's like it's it's pissing match right you know. I'm gonna say this and now manic cannot see that and now she's coming on saying I knew. That that comfort level pass a message no I don't know now she Shea out of Jenkins is evil to cells not. Not only on Tuesday the Obama and her husband. OK but I'm just saying you don't she thinks she's that. Think that's minute because. You manipulative. You need to do it. Plus since the lord's gonna result patriots and Brady and a light don't you all don't you think he you know wade did you see I abstained and if they conversation at home and they had sort of be silent act. Losing 12 more years buddy that's on giving you I'm worried about your long term how I'm worried about not being mentally you're arcade and Brady says tour. Okay fine my contract's up in two years in two years I'll be done I keep seeing it early forties ethnic and he goes in in this in this. Format with Ian O'Connor and she reads it she says. What we just had this conversation a month ago that you're gonna be done two years and not tell any broke out you may play your 45 I. She ticked off she goes to new York and Charlie Rose asked surrogate deep on this I'm thinking I sort of Leo. This is how. Brady stuff that's great parking spot when he married these are dating Gisele Turkey recently a hard worker in the offseason. And it's no right aren't personal. Boy that should. Not CD it's it's you want you go against our discussion of public fine. Here's a message Syria he's had concussions and they haven't talked about them and every team does that's my theory because the page everywhere she's fed didn't think she she she and a Jenkins and she has no hole. Yeah she's no experience immediate the big lead hazard to right now DMZ has a big lead pro Pope everyone's gonna have to spend Joseph. Joey Gloucester on Twitter is a 1000% right. He says that the ultimate taboo forgive bill because he wants to deny concussions. But he also wants to crucified Bree. So he made these calls the taboo this is a another chance for. He ended sink his teeth and the patriots organization. And in the same way fight concussions but we can't have it's gonna wagged his thumb. A wag his fingers down. So Steve and I like it Z have found in worst picture of times each one the use our I got its. Bearable he looks es he's he's across the theory there could be some. Or and murder are hoping an awful. Don't do that we also got a phone call and Michael earlier right Fresenius Austin across the street has a video from a play in the Super Bowl where he thinks pretty might have been in costlier collar group. One today as well paying them ahead in the end zone in the super ball. IE would you re tweet that. Excellent good want to take a look at that gauger calls and as you guys are lining up to react Gisele Bundchen went on CBS this morning. And set breaking down climate change said her husband a concussion last year and yes concussions but we don't speak about the 617779. 7937. Affordable latest and we'll take a look at this video we come back. She compared the NFL to the tobacco industry. And she said where the tobacco industry denied the connection between cigarette smoking and cancer she felt that the NFL had denied any connection between the game and had. Well I disagree entirely with that position because of all the work we've done affecting 20092010. It was a time when we're put them on her poster that dual citizen are awkward and that posters that stood. If your brain injuries and repetitive brain contact. He's not properly managed to end that can lead to long term health consequences. On the commission are waking up today to concussions and Tom Brady it's Gerke Cali here on Sports Radio WEP I'd bought and training here. I'm discussing the big story in the last hour that broke courtesy of Jay zealots blanket that sound ready car. Sorry can whatever games. For those were just getting in their car not heard this sound yet his elbow and she was on CBS this morning talking to family life climate change all that stuff. And it came to Tom Brady's career and Shean dropped some news that none of us have heard when it comes to her husband and quarterback Tom Brady. Or husband said the other day that you wanted him to retire yeah you're trying to get him to retire you know I just have to say as a life. I'm a little bit you know it's as you know is not the most like. Let's say an aggressive sport rice football like he had a concussion last year I mean he has concussions pretty much it and we don't talk about what he does have concussions in his. I don't think it's a healthy thing for anybody to go to like Catherine. You know to that kind of aggression like all the time that's not as trustee for you right now I'm planning on having him. Need help the into a lot of fun things and like hundred and I hope. Concussion last year concussions plural we don't talk about the. That is set the Twitter world on fire and you should see about retreating of all it's amazing Mike I've line is just eight. Dumpster fire Madden curse already in the in a bowl fact the problems but problem the two with both deep problem both capitalized as a proper now yet to. Truth. Much science and otherwise Ryan Priscilla thermonuclear bomb and from a football writer. Our Ryan Giggs is still low. Saying I guess and leave with us now hi I mean it's. CSN Gisele Bundchen Tom graded concussion last year and she worries about his health I mean this it's. Are you. This is I'm is pro football hall will have a story big lead has already teams exports has an a level by 10 o'clock. I am against the Harold leveled by 5 o'clock this afternoon. But if you Chatham and maneuvered the website your computer will crash and try to go there stupid website. What time. Score on the earlier what time of the patriots had their release. Is that happening today right on essay by 5 o'clock in fact you'll have a patriots remain onto you are a clarification. From. Team Gisele team patriots by 5 PM I think you'll have a. Eight showing some sort of virtually all as planned husky family patriots joins a man like some sort of effort tracks your ear ascending you know we're I think it's gonna come from. The old TV twelve FaceBook page. Rang at like my wife said on this seems more serious than that the scenes patriots letterhead of from the desk message James it's gonna see Casey james' size Tom Bradley back. It. The reason I said the TV southeast thank his personal face that page pages maybe you do some damage control. But I saw as Heidi do damage I would say that would come after the official statement might still be a joke that you can't joke about this now mean unforced this is what these things have worked on the concussions and Giselle and and she's talked about the most serious they are. The league in order for so long. That you can't go on their joke about you just you can't I put to greeted good morning bill. And it's again fifth of its its like a slow motion to deal angry it's that's. Well he's pipe league is it to. Vineyard today for bill of golf today or tomorrow. It's a beautiful that's going to be the eighty's today so maybe the amateur golf course CU mad scientist. You mention double Michael Hurley thing eat like early posted a video. Of the play in the end zone prior to Brady's 91. Yard game winning drive against the your game tying drive against the falcons. And Brady's head back of his head bangs and I guess the ground but hits an opposing. Player twice it's pretty hard. So that's a suggestion I guess of when he may have suffered the concussion now Sony also eases Korean Michael Hurley a one star helmet according to was funny fifteen article helmets are rated five star which is that they re Helen its art passage the worst time breezes and winds are helmet. This is from Newsday. So one star helmet that is had Baghdad now would that I think we're clear the patriots right he suffered a concussion. After the game in the Super Bowl. The season was over they would after yours yeah now he's talked about it but the patriots would be technically off the hook if indeed that's when he suffered the concussion. I see no other video I see no other row you know patriot. Supporters say about where pat. Nights where they couldn't get in trouble with this exact she did just saint last year she wears she doubles and dubbed as it was when she said it. And she stops herself before she says every year but she says he's had concussions plural every image he trails often as we don't talk about it. Medical costs less here means asking questions for us yeah pocket when he hit it he has prisons for whatever we don't. Yeah I guess she can sell also is also a candidate she could she could make a statement saying that it was him. English is not her first language in his opening of its not she'd missed spoke right I guess the patriots and out to acknowledge maybe she can do that first but it's not going to be on. On Brady's FaceBook page Ernster he's too busy promoting TB twelve. Or mad and go edition. The go down his throat. I Paxson may have that your phone calls on Jerry be freaking out right now particularly in the entire hour to talk about the CB hide them not taking these calls aipac. And I expect my call what's up just curious if it was any other ventured about what are her source was I mean. This could be hurt and cheesy and didn't beat the beat background watch concern and in my. And sure we're medical training you know but unless it actually came from somebody call why it took beat her dress. Yeah I mean it could be eight and doctor Jessica Lang pack made this made the same point on her. On her Twitter page she said you know stressed Pozen is she's not a doctor. But what I would argue is. Your wife your girlfriend the person that you live way. That's probably a person you confide in the most I don't think again if she said he if she had just said he had a concussion last year that were read meat. That they acted maybe as a one off BT announced. Okay yeah he has a little worries get Hillary took a real shot to the head I felt he was a little off and that maybe hurt but when she says he has concussions this pretty much every. And we don't talk about it what she's saying is he has concussions pretty much every year and they don't discuss it that Timmy goes beyond. Her just getting a little skittish about him getting hit in the head this is something that. In my opinion and we don't know for sure but in my opinion. Is something that the two of them have to stop but we also agree that and you leave out the least surprising headline ever. NFL quarterback can cost team doesn't report. Like I can't let him think about this happen across the week we'll think about how I mean yeah you mentioned how this ways you know our Brian hired a fart in the wind but what it. Because you think about all the times noticed that not tire Tom savage any of these daddy's crappy quarterback that's not what happened last year tied with it's budget time savage or Brian Maier who took a nasty shot and they put him back there the victory that Cleveland's. There's a Matt Moore shot he took anybody but on the field he looked like he was about but I'm. Pass out but that it's a problem to say that it's only a problem because it's Tom Brady that would maybe be march back out there I think this is a problem that the NFL has is that it's based. It's again it's this cloak and dagger thing they they say they care about domestic violence they don't really care about domestic violence they say they care about concussions are hardly any care about the questions. They say they care about the well being of their players really cared just a pocket full of or at all and perk is sad and also other crap and they get their heads bashed in and I haven't concussions and their being marched out there and it's is that larger problem of the NFL's. And just because last time they had the other thing out point out is that if it were Tom savage or Brian Hoyer teams are fans and media would not line up to say. You have to penalize the Texans in the case the patriots are gonna get that all day today locally and amana locally here but nationally. You all the patriots if they forge the injury report they've got to be fine. Because they've there's that thing where the patriots are on top people want to get them such heavy part of that the stories well unlikable on the suitable I'd like. Good morning got folks. When you watched that video I said it that day out it's a global when he got back to that too we outlined. And that game tying drive if you look he took a huge hit. And he wouldn't get out you looked so once steadiness beat but can you imagine them saying they don't take you aside like leopard we're protocol. It it would abandon it out there would be crazy but you could tell he was kicked out on that. A match and the TV also distraught Denny drive down and in tie the game and that's why they go 91 yards and Thailand. Concussion that so called good president. Yes it. What is how I would say it will act at any in your right and that the that would have would have been a insane insane situation. Is a spotter said Brady looks like he's bell wrong taken out of the game on the final game trying drive your computing garrote politically preset to commit try to win the game. But there was a drop off and his play was there are on his numbers and funny for that final drive between march and down they tied in with the African thing don't listen. And again I'm not a doctor but I do know that have. I witnessed darts at Panasonic digest you're now able to do clearly unqualified. They do. Some an epidemic right anger by Easter runway at. Did Tommy like that she's six she's assigned tissue does all this brain work on and hospitals in town. And she says you know the problem with concussions is that you these micro concussions. And that those overtime buildup in making more susceptible to align term certainly have more serious concussions and she's at the problem is that your brain never really rebuilds itself it's not like a muscle tissue that rebuilds itself. So she's and that's one of the problems with concussions in sports and particularly youth sports is that those effects sort of build over time. Go Google senior united ladies you may get it you may get hit it you may have a concussion but it may not show itself in sim to the there may be some damaged to debris. And these guys just afterward Mina had keeps tells page I would say it does give a second on your phone or your mobile place. Go YouTube case Keenan concussion from two years ago. That's the one I'm thinking case Keenan I believe stayed in the game. Go look at that and spotters missed. The case Keener with can cause watch that and of course this happens because it's Brady it is going to be national headline today there's no doubt about it will be talking about it. All day and until the mid dig us thought but as well they've Celtics tickets too well today about that keep it here on. Football coach most Tucker. He had a concussion last year and he has concussions pretty much and we don't talk about making it does happen. Concussions she ordered a measurement bladder shaped the whole thing that she went outside to smoke cigarettes under color. Where's the followed Charlie Rose is great Gisele story. Stuck with the stupid concussion like climate changes their marriage. Did she eat the fisherman's platter is Pete tell the truth do you know Pete shepherd did you meet him and that VIP box we're gonna buyer and home. The big questions. I that is the big story that is going to be certainly developing this afternoon and this morning with a mid day guys and dale and Holley and I'm money at night hosting that show tonight not true that is early edition my guess he doesn't do this up early in the show at this point. This summer like hundreds of this will be interesting we're live from the garden obviously eastern does that. Finals and I'm TV guide its and he blocks I think it's enable our story as well. Pay is so I don't know maybe what we do so and as we do is we have the night rain detained Y. There's like a little opening thing why don't they see what we do is we dress it in my where a ten way do little sob it's come back with this and to be. I don't know I to meet this is the big story today but it's a tag band sucks they. That's exactly the celtics' big we'll talk about this and there won't be as much pressure on the Celtics announced stock and be LeBron James and guests of. As an example how this is going to be spy on the New York Post headline is died cell bunch and says Tom Brady had concussions. They go. Eight comma patriots never reported it against rules basically this is how it's gonna be portrayed nationally patriots story in a Tom Brady story more on this throughout the day. Here on WE yacht on The Today Show noon hour today. Sell the tickets game one be listening to the guys of course throughout but the noon hour specially your chance to win Celtics cavs game one tickets try to great seniors all this. When he Utecht. Mixing god made yet holding me back together next sequencing that probably just be maybe always is maybe one day you could come. Mind and turning to Massey. That Saturday when you Saturday the patron. Probably I think Palin love for call. Tomorrow it's such a glossy and Roemer in with Kirk who I have. Third is gates a mossy sidecar without us and it's. So that they Kirk back tomorrow. Ken and curse ready bushel podcast today is certain that the march to be listening for that it WEEI dot com mid day guys next Celtics tickets. Noon hour keeping. And in the same way flight concussion but we can't have these you know wagged his thumb. A wag his finger stuff.

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