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K&C - The Celtics win the lottery; Mut has the C's winning in 7. 5-17-16

May 17, 2017|

Hour 1: Mut, Kirk and Trenni talked about a big night for the Celtics and the celebration at Comcast

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Security. Celtics are picking numero un Chinese. Number one pick in the 2000 NBA draft goes to build wealth themselves. Any changes but green dream celebrate until about 1130. Basketball gods were giving us that not sick he's coming decades you could call a ball this transitional pastor transition not that transition with Gerry Callahan whose radio show that reported. There was you really you Wear pants. That quote. Where the fact that. That means maybe get what do you know about I don't know much earnestly I try to stay away from the media things to say that Aaron Hernandez's don't pick with both feet they go yes we are accomplices to suicide he was full of life so sweet. Very lovable and Kirk man who's the two of the spirit animal the wolf named Molly. Hello hello hi you're an animal as I'm shrink. Throwing you really it's actually on the you know that really in depth it was a weird thing I've never heard someone explain what their spirit animal is trendy for me would be. Life's too short veterans your significant other. I don't know hours vote and we'll just seemed to be about well listen I have to say on Sports Radio W. I'm very nice perk. What's that. I can't end this morning what I do first thing I thought man I get hurt his book backing him a big kiss on ahead because I haven't seen and why now let's at every guest yes they immutable part of the new rules and you are. Any at a handful isn't it. It's to be clear. You had was above the neck just to be cleared just in just about yeah edification I need to figure out capitalists. Ken Jones allowed the other that's our deal. It is an area apple was today what's hurtful. That's certainly can't be handball. Handful. Handfuls and you'll think I think I'd be a handful to all we Knowles or something that was a big critical. Handful absolute I didn't I didn't see your nicest compliments I get is that when Mike and work with producers on you know that I don't work quite often I say you're like the least talent talent person always about it. There certainly at least tell the person on the Nazis and I think it's tank I would say producer for A you know seven minute television segment be different than a Fella for a long term you know relationship. So let's think about the critical of that that's fantastic I'm just saying. I think TV people by and large they are more about themselves and then other people. And that's not fair. I think unfair assessment character assassinate I mean as a character assassination wipo duty that month. I think that radio people are just as a height tough handle its TV people give me a break he works on the people here I don't take two radio people and do you tougher than TV people can bring does a lot harder. Eighties TV audience I start TV is ice is coloring and radio is is hard load humble person and doesn't hurt stop doing TV has ordered the medium it's just bid for BA gets boring after they seem bored. Throwing things that though on the set you know it was good that's it for me I got bored doing it just it's it's to three TVs to produce TVs to produced. Well I mean you know you have to sort of over per O line is to take stickers and Iran it's not it's it's it's but I will say it is harder to. Prepare for a show like that because it has to be so specific review Willy three rescue balked at a tangent about something and it's fine and feet over the clock it's fine true. If you go often to a different direction on TV producers are like. Give demographic get to the sponsor Grafton out. I think this year 06 to ten as the heart should prepare for in and and and a lot TV than that it would much segments don't exist anymore run as an lecture while in essence that he deals. A fair and somebody I don't it's my guess my age I thought I'd of the minute when much segments were active in the street my family homelessness and call me and sent them not to. Well admit I'll do what they would hate you would still keep stressing the streets yes that and by the end of the minute would month segments it was. Not we're not worth the work Charlie new ground Leo. What you hear people yeah yeah. There is their offense is there offense are you latter commercial airing right now they are an actual sports odds are good question. Arnold called shockingly it's not on and the studios and on ever yes. No we got we all Ramona and. Steve leave your friend Steve reed well anyways my congratulations to dollar write randomly were able to pick which ping pong ball went. I where I felt that in my plums yesterday congratulations. In Boston Celtics get the number one pick my guess is he going to take mr. faults who was one. Looking here one basketball games generally team. So congratulations you're gonna get a guy who list of countries injured team player he went to in sixteen in this conference congratulations self experience you don't you miss some of those gains end of the year to get the first pick in a year is no LeBron James there's no Kevin Durant and first. There's no way the Davis even though generational player so congratulations fantastic guy went to sixteen is partly you've already signed all lost on mark helpful to not be lost to U generational player yes absolutely because his college record he went to a sixteen bit what you were doing you in 68. The last like seven to ten yes he was a determined guy news conference and greener OK they were swept out of the turner pretty quickly be you or your basing that on his college he talked to determine dating sniffed it turned out that pack blocker and add engines. There the eleven seed in the pac twelve conference that's some good understood. I don't know I don't know a lot. But the eleventh in the conference if you're the best player in the world I'll hear about this great this player is. I'm not human note I want ball. Nate I do want the whole package the old man a great passing. He's a better player you want you want it if you were you want that for your job for the Celtics they want Marco faults. Sure. It. I'm sure the thankful I have no doubt what the lakers question about the Celtics lakers got exactly what they want of the number two pick ball's gonna be right there is all gonna work out for the lakers either get. They're guy magic salt pumped up he gets number two they get to keep the pick. Is that he's a Celtics lakers are just as happy right can ball got its sale with an out and yeah. And made in the ball finally passing the results but if you're a lakers is their little part units this time. And magic pixie neutral. Go out his dad has just up the road and we have to deal with Anthony's and it is just gonna show up to practice I heard the Dow would Dale Hall said he's not going to be I guess how much Bulger yet the NBA's. He respects those guys high school coach they got fired after years of respect respect the NBA guys here you just wait and you wait until his kid gets it DN PCD. Although I happen that lousy team isn't pleased many minutes. That's healthy but LP adelphia time where his dad doesn't think that he is kid got an excellent time the ball their offense is it moving era in his Katie feels the way that it needs you and he it's it's going what's gonna happen and I understand they can basically can effect that's a real bitch like the LA times through the Golan undisputed evidence isn't going to just be a knowing as a coach to just know that Mac guy and as I almost feel bad for bonds over the kid. Because you have to deal with your data all the time and you can't just Tina in LA for him I think is going to be huge amount of pressure. Because not only are you playing this whole family's there it's exactly what his dad wanted it's a huge media market. You're coming and a team that is desperately trying to be relevant again. It. I guess what I think he actually would probably better as a Celtic easy to clear across the country from the crazy person and I also think his dad puts a target on his back in the leak right he goes right and is not just you know lawns a ball goes and it's hit that's that. There's the dad. Who is out their sound is the kind of guys are gonna wanna make an example gives him good didn't play hearts that's not going to be an issue to me wasn't wasn't a hero go through a little bit more than most rookies would go through given what his dad does it become a man and eventually you sort of move away from his dad and you know eight years old house on long sports Illustrated's for a reason doctors that I was I was gonna ask how and how lying do you think it is before there's some sort of monetary dispute that. All our AD he shuts his dad out these jobs not just our runner three years until dad is on doctor. That's a good question I'm gonna go under hopefully he's on Dr. Phil we actually answers questions. Richard nice to post and ridiculous two hours might like on the average yesterday was somehow worse you are what is spacious doctor Philly an iron here CBS you don't force Comcast's. Now set a season DVR path anymore after if you question if you are stuck to fill every day there's so many things and you missing your wife if she indeed. Something to failure to do something get an exercise Sosa had to go for walks and a hobby book. Sterile wall do anything else anything else but watch Dr. Phil it's the dumbest. I feel so stupid for having watched two hours. So scams and whatever she got paid to work we speculate couple hundred grand a 200000 also does it 200000 dollars that's sort of you can source yes. Yeah people insider there's somebody text against it it was at. People Magazine insider pro ball really popular discreet. But that outs and many. It's and you know typically paid off I guess maybe they got better ratings and even now. But she didn't want it to later we know his passion to Asia where yesterday about just it was sent yesterday to answer anything who's watching what I did today is or anything it was worst lie against the Kyle Kennedy stuff I get all she can't answer because when you in Paris Whitney thinks that her lawyer advised or what shot was she even went on I sheriff when you use in that role with sterile and cheer. Should I can definitely be earpiece and air and he resigned dictating how she should have to land she definitely didn't because her answers were so bad there's no way a lawyer would let her cell I disagree I notice those exits of the answers that award shouldn't say she did nothing alike so that. You forget the image of her walking around that big forty pound bag. Of that murder when it. It took me very even Dr. Phil dug in Alaska and I'll like Whitney you can look at what's what's in the bag no I didn't. Picking choose my battles OK so you're gonna fight you on cleaning the garage but on taking out the trash about that that's okay I'm not gonna. Looking to pick my man Dr. Phil could put this up and say your name the show's name I was just a certain races certain radio show. A certain radio shows you don't have attends the radio show the report. That there was what do you know about. I don't know much they think he's right about that he won what do you know outlay. How each was an act of veco or you're going to hear 84 highest rates like this for just skimming lonely housewives since it. What do you know about. We're just you know in between her second glass of wine in there whatever their yoga class but what's Dr. Phil it's apparent you know. Yeah what about ordered Butler. I don't pay a ten. Minute job that's the great. And yeah I can't why he he gets too easily distracted jets at least pretend to be interested in what somebody saying there's action moment yesterday our show. That an out of ten that was just intently listening to listening to poker or if you litter is to sixteen weeks and it it was directly talking to him on as a wasn't listening. Eisner had half closed is looking down line and I was the Amazon and aren't you asleep or right now I got out that. Experts are penguins have to work to the movement to each other I think is you billion falsely presides over. Every did you look at you like it you know it's nothing there's nothing and it's. It's always a superpower revealed yes he has meant superpowers anyway so congratulations I guess for the Celtics first overall pick first time ever. First pick it's done mode hopeful it can grab me that I mean what our country politics. It's. Which for what. Unless is a name we haven't heard it would not make any sense to trade number one for all or George Andre Drummond or any of the names the best scenario possible problem at all. Faults and hate warning going for the trade it for some reason this is just pipe dream but for some reason New Orleans Africa Anthony yes. Exactly yes I would assume that's never happened. Seems unlikely at this point they're going Twin Towers look at least for years yet with DeMarcus Cousins and I'm Anthony does that an implosion now and the only fly in the ointment here is the witness that you set up why is the draft before free agency. Should he be allotted it is not that they're gonna gamble taking full one. And it's citing Gordon Hayward right the draft is June 22 streets and open till July 1 so they can have this planet taking faults and he organs say you know what. On a stay in do the job they can pay me more money into Afghanistan. So I would change that makes no sense to do. Raptor player before you know your roster I'm ashamed I wish rich and it went negative and out it does make it difficult to sort of plan your future right as you could if you sign someone and you weren't able to get that player you were looking at something maybe you have the first pick a little different considers it a player and it seems to be the consensus number one he just couldn't take back I. No matter what you're Narnia flick Mecca if you're a little further down on a draft like say even safe fourth and ten. You may draft more for you need it and you are for the name of the players in knowing what your greatest need gays would be. Forget it forget all of that. The actual television production of the lottery is so awful. So convoluted I was watching it last night I had no god in my view was going did you watch line like this did you and I watch what exactly what you're at even DVR I was I was Ian is in the cards at times it is started late plated watch the interview in the clubhouse what's. Well my son has distaste somewhere when I do the shows the borders of the drive my parents' house they were home was golfing mom with had a meeting last night's my big drive at that time to drop off I speculated yesterday that. Much much mother. And sex and Fareed that's about was born Smart looks like a little room for right now. Only two yeah that's doesn't. Is Clifford a Boston I some Amma I would and obviously he made some appearances in Boston frequently. In late said. Like Sandra Magnus Lenin Lenin's there was there wrestling as I don't have for one time this was in shock when I strip is about three days and Sadat got they've lost Monday all my life to have I've. A college student I just thought you know I suggest an ounce of my wife and my mother had sex in the ring and now today it's 616 you're saying that. The free no within pound and you've got a W that would too much like we've written. And I had to look out yeah. Eric a planetary everything that Curtis we got Jerry said he was laughing his ass off for a picture as you look like a little too freaked out your body builder. I think you'll like and isolate you know. Whether those homered all the stores in the is going to be fine with us at first I'm Fletcher human Lou yes I totally the loop for gnome. Like the incredible Hulk was on favorite show executed it probably didn't line as replace the musician Lou for the host of these I thought you know I would I watched that say. It's not pack is back lets loose thing was wider know he's been my eyes he's got like more of them like true sort of or air to Frick has got like an Italian sort of know which it's your right to agree to hold me but telling half you know half time. 75% mostly anyway. What it's that soups will also has hair such as Wear them. Did you get that from your mother's side and I do this anyway. I'm watching it and they're going through everything and you with the deal was going through with him explaining it I'm in this is good for Philly. This could for the lakers with a vote what what is going it is so confusing that sacrament the center opening this Grassley sector a look at their picks here. So now they've invoked the right to is deteriorating and stupid Mark Jones after you know. About the walker twenty points last year number and I am just to get forget what I would like to see it make it easy on me put what the is that if the lottery stuck to what it was supposed to be just battle emblem what team that was going to be. So I knew okayed knicks were supposed to pick here anyway so no one got jobs don't confusing stole it and it. And ago the people that Michael Finley also back in our lives out here is that after hours cares about that just watching it. Actually at the rest of I was on quarter to the rest of America was like what's going on here portly idea what you surprise he's. No I should just in the first half hour sort of take a look at some of the possible top draft picks mark how Fultz was there to the interview Garza's. Tom Penn. What's her we know what's if it's Cassidy hot product. Yes it don't be confused with David Brinkley. Should be very clear that. What does this mean for you how excited are you. What that means you'd be the first picnic there wasn't how exciting can begin a little bit canyon Kindle research ask a question. And really. I I did not witness what as far as the U I it that is that it's. It's a isn't good especially to have some say I get it when it's like a walk off interview sometimes your mind is racing which at some time but you that. And Nat Casey now we call it the Steve Burton Bill Belichick. A lot of those and half just governor odious via she'd want work. She's one of the show you this the CS title role in my in my you know and a new arguments. With Michael junior Tokyo late. Churches and museums which is typically you hope production enough. Now an advocate acted up by not telling us who would've had that pick anyway don't I don't Mark Jones to explain to me he's not greeted anyway just poor little political team. Of the knicks the knicks knicks all that was supposed to be active social most of the lottery Aussie at heart is actually. News well. Day out there right this law. What this season that Scott Padgett was XY plus that he all over and welcome back. A lot did get him do you Mexican somehow done a thing or am I look at him now I don't think of him ever having needs it's incredible. Really it was really it just it really is stunning that. There a lot of medicine for a call or go down there the route of feed India perhaps. No I'm academically on conspiracy world that's not something I think he would live he and I especially with the statement at a time to happen to you about from him when he got diagnosed I was a junior high school. It was in the it was early in the season before the seasons are very earlier than that part Prescott is what it in 199291. I don't know how you Linux yet oh that's right. They had a data over washed and sterilize the blood every time they're reputable weren't costly and yet which people criticized problem back in 199192. And you thought you were going to die. I thought I thought presented at an easy jet pilot in six months I saw as it was in the band plays on residents in the band played and that is out and it's. Brutal. I don't know if his medicine and immortal Scott but he looks looks. I mean it's apps. Eddie much about it but from what I understands the medical advances in terms of if you take your cocktail of drugs and if you have access to enact its I was more chronic right yes yeah you don't president has it doesn't ready centering but it was a chronic and like 93 iron and Ford and yet nobody got about how die she did about how much money when you have that kind of money knew that had access to your living in LA wishes. On the forefront of medical advancements at places like UCLA my gas is that he was able to receive the best possible treatment and I mean I'm totally taking messed from on Dallas buyers club. But it excellent but seed actual film but if that has Annie ring of Chester you're very close to Mexico at that place of there's probably no. It is a chance that he did a little I'm gonna go have a little runner over the border activists who have done that. And get me some drugs that are not yet FDA approved selling James Worthy to James go over the border Robinson did and could I mean I'm just as likable hours from the border to definitely is yeah. So he looks to bits and I'm shocked by anyways so the Celtics when things get the first pick and tonight they play Cleveland mud yes it was much contention mystery that. Was he saying oh. So there's a point would be devastated if they write and not devastated that other people railroad blessings the reaction on social media Knoll as it was like that they shrug your shoulders don't care to people you're right that's you'll increase Al Gore backed him right when they get the first people what not. I went I went I'm Angela you did isolated a holy password. He did. To us it was less about OK great out of it yet mark healthful it was just think the prospects act to me it's an embarrassment of riches for Boston sports right. So here you have this team. That is an Eastern Conference finals was the number one seed and you get the number one overall pick. Coming off of a year in which you Niger football team win the Super Bowl again probably the favorite to win a Super Bowl again next they are you still have the Red Sox who wilder middling right now two games over 500 I would still say that they are. In the line of favorites to go to the post season like if I'm someone who's outside of Boston and I see that happen. You're just smacking your head against the wall saying are you bleeping kidding means that they get something else. In fact I will give you the excited let's listen how sound Comcast last night Ken. It. Yeah. Comcast at and yes that's the joke not exactly the sound last night who knows that they show night talk show. Revenues from celebrate and hope to people pump last night usually it's your show on air bag but they have financial interest I don't. In fifth Rocco agrees you know why spend some of these things. They never seem they've read an awful they've never seen a playground technology employed or are they told me all over Asia for a second scene and Hulu relax people saw Tim Duncan play. People saw Greg Oden play people saw him entering play Ole had a Greg Oden I understand what I'm saying heading into the draft report site about. They've never seen historically ever you know once they have it's not a basket a little outline. And I thought about Internet is tricky Michael the Internet eagle watch YouTube videos these guys and Celtics fans have done YouTube videos suggests located never watched him play basketball game what YouTube videos I guarantee you. Hundreds Celtics fans ninety's have not watched Washington play basket that affects the excitement yes the old guys you want total about one guy he got one pick at home watching guy all year like people watched them around here and watch them for four years. He watched protect fundraiser on TV ninety times. In your team sucked this team was good they weren't that focused on college basketball this year it is not the same focus is college basketball on your. Statement saying mean and stupid statement saying. I don't see why this is different you don't get sick more during your your basic act and whatnot and if you understand yes it's not it's not don't yeah. It's not edit John Kirk I don't table understand assay. I was at times it's actually limited will move I understand. That you are wrong and people are excited for this I'm sorry I liked it's not Durant won't all go get your router Duncan of course of the nobody cares nobody hears nobody I'm telling you it's fake excitement that they care for more about the game tonight and then the full. I think about that she is a fair point advocate for us being in Eastern Conference finals do about it is that it's right in front of the deal with that. Act until June 22 guys. I had. Ex wife called excite and he's a contest. Now history this helps him I accept it. Thought at times because they said the ratings will be good leading into Boston's last night when there's like me politics with after some of the Boston sports tonight is the team's good it's a good lead in sweet cares aided they actually do short of great numbers and I mean it was only half hour show it's always gonna have to suffer if Iran after regulation snap after Celtics and then posting why they were run out and stick around for now. Arctic are ignored it is now. She really understands you understand my point that I be your your do you dumbing it down that sits on trying to. You do not Duncan it's not to rant Celtics fans are excited and by the way when the series is over and when they win or lose this series. You still have that your back pocket and you're gonna be much works at around June 22 annual our. On the eve of them playing Eastern Conference funds to outside there are less I mean my size and I think there for the future I think they see because of I think they're more excited about the number one pick because they see what this team is capable of without it and now they look at and say okay beat the number one pick. And now you committee goes sign and Gordon Hayward told Max contract you really do start to build a team. That in a couple of years I get that winds Cleveland starts to take a dip and at some point they will. That you've got a team that Israel legitimately challenged the cavaliers maybe the warriors for leniency I understand that I grew through on that from my point is full on his own fans aren't that excited because they don't know anything about. Static Vatican and that's just a fact and you could Purdue could say that people watch YouTube clips that the average Celtics and some 43 year old guys listening right now he's never seen this guy would ask you I don't know pro football sports I had as an analyst Albert I went there are political Matthew Albrecht. This record not at all CIQ on here course they never agree it's never agree with your wrong on this one enemy Greg. I disagree with the Kobe -- -- I guess I was fans watched Tim Duncan play more callers or faults in. And in analog or what are mark Ayatollah to find out how many games he played watchdog to play more in one year fault for coming Saturday afternoon games he played Kirk was a play nights on a bit like a Fox Network to read more in -- -- -- diehard basketball they bitch about when they clearly are helpful to our fact making my point -- that's what I'm saying thank you so no policing is that why don't you address was how many people watch I don't think in 2017 you have to watching guys like creating like getting in you when you get access to get on there. Again you're out there is a difference you're not you're not months he has not at a bar on our even our even if you're not like. You're not seeing in real time not excite you can go back and watch clips of a guy that was fun busy. This year so that what people wart. Is locked into where the player all sorts of touch that it's just it's six minutes ago correct yeah they just have to you have to watch and to be. Excited about it while the process going on now the number one pick. They're getting up it's like they're really not every single I say it is not sitting number one guy character walks the character in Washington until the total job NBA expert we don't hear legal case against them it's Italian but doctors say do that they take care that he did a compared to Russell Lazio get excited about it. Fans get excited because Jeff Goodman says something they don't. Yeah see I play so we saying this wouldn't include work the monoxide about the Bronx is the only sea ice pretty sure they knew about LeBron drug it clear that he gets paid fifty products that. That year. It's so that was gonna dark haired old still playing anyone gains that people watched because he lost games in high in college you sure recapping in fact that I just I don't agree eggs in I guess you don't agree saints but it's effective and I'm telling there's no passion. For full strength for his passion for the pick. In the future don't know why don't be bashful from the seat him if he's a great player which you can be. Wes Parker not that. But you know they'll be passionate and others not what's the right percentage. I played much you out. Surprised though because you've now been sentenced in excite me these anti big games I watched him play act. I know but that's that much right in one thing you know skip the games 11 o'clock and stay here now the have to watch and be excited about. Eight that you'd had a hard for I mean if you haven't really truly seen him play Kirk how can you stated this guy is honey get in even look Jeanne what are your games I've at church can be good pro knowing all those if you're a losing player in college. We argue about this yesterday. I'm not saying it would draft because of that. But it's part of the conversation to see why this guy go to sixteen I think the bigger question is why there is some there are some rumors that he wasn't really hurt it against his better presenting an injury prone but that he just like them. My kind of a tiny little boo boo I don't want. Risk my draft stock by pushing it sound does not play all that work workers should McCaffery that has a right the other guys who missed the inescapable games with the weather the injuries there's one basketball games I'm not gonna hold that against it this for a bottle of different if you ordered a mail ordered. Okay. And you never Sar before and she's coming over here. They're excited which is excited he'd seen it before physically seen. Apollo volunteer summit. I don't wanna down the weeds a year story line here but why would I not quality or middle or riding not. Book a picture first this picture like you see YouTube clips that's not the same as soon. Vicki to the really good analogy what do you guys think. She Ers. Well it can't just that good out. Mary thank you very yes I don't have the best now tied perfect. You would look at her first and ask you what you're looking. But he. We did experience to be like hitting it such I suppose it would be like when you on Tinder. Or something you see a picture on contingency planning to allied with this knowledge anyone prior excitement meet this person later you're not less excited because she's the patriots in real life I guess in some cases the pictures I bet that humanity more Saturday in real life. Temporary. You now. Are you worried are you looking at before we might well must AM in their. What are the contender Bob because injury to big New York Times magazine articles about open marriages and how aside adamant that actually really very close mayors has nothing open about my. I'm an answer or not and I know you're not on the open higher. It's more than that people have really straight relationships grip on their actual boyfriend actually moved him into the weirdest story ever ever ever work Everett's Greg inferior when blows that we've ever work diver I could teach a man I mean it's swinging this is the first and at least that's just did it but you're slowing down the process divorce when you say honey when it opened things up because. You wait to get divorced I wanna secular people you do. Something aspect six what separates itself and I think it is my. Cents each. She in the car right now actually has reportedly devastated 617779790%. So much contention Terrence algae is the Celtics fans are really excited a guy that never seen play basketball before so okay. They're testing and training I disagree that a little bit. We get to warn that as well get to the game tonight own pretty much. I do wanna get down Jones of her children again and Jones will not go away. The story that will knock away and then Jones virtual calls wire. Which of course is accurate we'll get to that is well and I guess mile reacted day two of she AJ concern and his Dr. Phil we upon sound them that lots. A good pilot Kennedy's your company's behind bars and it's good stuff from Shea Esther a lot of our big guys in jail yes I don't her house her husband was in jail for a murder but that's a kiss a yes he's a good guy Kirk Italian treasury alongside might as well liberate. Wins most listened to morning show Kurt can count on Sports Radio WEEI. The number one pick in the 2000 NBA draft goes to the Boston Celtics. A basketball gods were giving us a not sick he's coming Sophie. How would you describe. The state of the franchise right now this is pretty good it's good time to be a Celtics Kevin Love Gerard Le Mans Obama but also all the different fault that they use. ESPN insider Jeff Goodman. Is busy. This time. He says. I export sector from. Podcast crowd and like it's in the newsroom and their solid jumping and dancing around them hauling Casey Smith high five that the game would. It was seeing was planned and I don't think Y two I had I've been working along what is it what is it doesn't help you later life is so. And its credit the Celtics are good it's better for their show sure thing in the second early monument would really change. Agent I guess if you think if they think Fultz is. Celebrated more Ali that are heard Jerry you found. We were the reason Aaron and killed off at age there. Are usually two ends up like as. You listen to that tree that was a dilution if you will in my member what we talked about this yesterday on the area yes it's and it's a accomplices to suicide. Yes I'm proud act. Well you and I differ. Easy easily you know would you pay attention paying him either. I'm looking at a video of them celebrating I am paying attention why do you think is fishy because I can multitask and a check. Anyway. Because if you if we're this Aaron and his Scott totals a murderer and scumbag murderer in Russia feel bad if we've played some small role in from suicide Washington. Celebrate that. We can't trust me. While I its immediate nowhere. Not all old issue all I am not like you who are you not I like to see you try to strip hardly been hand list you'll Wear the shirt becoming your boy it's hard and he's my guy he is my child and I did you hear me. It's silent moment as a designer I was in the hallway. After we did add that last week and some I should stop me and asked if that was Ellis you. Something I would definitely have considered doing absolutely I don't know but we can't see him doing it was stated Steve park. Yes but you know just I mean that fits your pitch for what times adorable guy committed today to put the doorbell security guards and nice guy it's really good guy and affordable for you yes. Anyway so what I wanted to earn him this year we wanted to. What you want I heard is that we I don't do in the first hour regarded as a lot and it into Adam Jones by top of the hour we definitely do again Johnson club you know question about that night in and headlines when you defend. Your man my friend I hate to say it. The president United States colleges across gonna be content to be skeptical skeptical about they us and I'm skeptical about. New York Times story shall get absolutely you've now Republicans. Our minds I left and right. I just John McCain said this is the majority justices John McCain's. It's out of him but everybody now is fleeing left and right do you love our Jason chief says he's on his way out the doors now. Spearheading he subpoena hang me tapes and demanding man Mike ever went speculated why they thought he is not going to run for reelection that he may resign earlier a's giving up this seat right in Utah. I'm Imus is wives filling in his plan on the pipe can. He is NAZ is going to oh he is gonna spearhead an investigation impeach a president get like. My chops via. Bad bad day for the tribes from my pictures here in danger and well that's such interplay in your time's Washington Post card. Which you can keep the guess that's like I was one would see a skeptical statements I could -- later by the way he's still sticking with the Comcast picking up there seems to pay consultants when the series Celtic soul in the series in seven games sweetest and you'd think the Celtics are going to be key caps and seven gain the island as myself and Michael Holley their tools and the Celtics can win in this city and I am one of those opinions that's not the city's open since world and the world's. But the picks today nobody is there are there ever shot there Morse at the cavs in forty cats and five actually. Attack as CBS sports I saw four or five did pick I was shocking at four of the five. Part of what experts. Take McCain today cabs and I think at least give the Celtics chance to win on the index for over a year per minutes as well as and so we're talking Wednesday Friday. Late Tuesday Tuesday area so week from today will be sitting here in the Celtics he's will be will be looking ports Canada caps are going to hasn't five they do think the Celtics can squeak out one. Well it better when the night. They don't win tonight I was over in four game they have to get the cavs on ten days' rest I think that I had to get a bad shooting night they have to have it's stupid it's it's afterward. They are did you agreed to boost ninth Edwards whose 45 games. If they lose tonight my Celtics in seven prediction will be very very very top secret that it would no confidence. So if you like I might cost in May lose one game and you're sitting in the series at all and you don't believe that humans hear my confidence is tied into a couple things one is Brad Stevens who did not get enough credit after game seven awash with what were your your pick in basement. Andy I'm hopeless. You your eyes on the line coaches in the past Rick Carlisle in Dallas Gregg Popovich or come up with ways to slow down LeBron James I think Brad Stevens that he's. As good as he was the Washington series will make the other guys beat him and there is a thought my mind that yes there is may Jane and volume JR Smith could have a bad series. Oddly Kyle Korver canady dad you Eleanor secondary pieces. It's got to guard Isaiah Erving having and nice I think all of us and our guys are causing another guard. He's gonna probably garner carrier resumed its smoke or they're gonna adjust I think guys shooting night doesn't have any terrible they're gonna cancer terrible defensive player other carrier ring or a bad defensive player so he's not how far worse stops wars I. It's not by much there they're going to get Isiah Thomas isolated on Irving and some of these Cleveland bigs and it's gonna take a lot I understand. I much more likely to. Back the next five or six to one and to depict an outright just awaited to serve at even money scenario because of the spread but. You should that money was crazy yesterday. Honestly there were 921. Favorites. At minus 550 something but they have enough defensive players yet they've. Ought to make this big interest and gets the games I like it when a game seven home could I just it's gonna get to have it. CIA there is a chance that actors achieve better better than getting swept in four. And that this team out now I think there's too much that I am in the opening it's not what Florida's pride and women get better you do cleaning business of pride Washington prize. Or effort in Sacramento Kings and play politics I loved. That means that will be solid Roger's going to the basket right in some who's guarding him yet recently prize that is not okay Hubble generally cast prize there's less quit the celtics' other MB argument with southern pride in coaching now why aren't artists are my argument is that you can't. Santander intangibles the coaching staff such history. Celtics adults the the parquet I think reds got up I mean. I mean that's an ad that's I mean I guess want and that's silly tonight I was brought up a lot of Celtic pride purchase the tops our listeners. He's an issue Big Easy to be huge factor this year I need a new energy here's what I need to see the scenes legality of delegates Stephens. I didn't Amir Johnson is when. I need a Jack Johnson I took that are already through its subsequent I don't know about an hour away coaching but I don't you know you're out of your. And you know she's doing all right if I order I appreciate coaching as part accountable for the show and when you do this guy. Taking a bullet for they shall I have all did get Celtics in several in this segment we need to pick you first picked. Out here he did it typically six and I. We can get the sound and they could sit back and pulled aside not to click at any point this year was wouldn't happen to go back and pulled aside that's fine but it won't call him to forgo the break and Dave's and you believe trend that monopolies distributed. As a radio and I actually believe that he believes it which is more troubling. You don't believe it. So it'll tell you such different things really Lou was always like this was always seems those future shop Dave in Cambridge hi Dave. The uptown or how mine team I've got him. Well let's get a better call than as a possible and gave who's up right now. Snap with an early coffer this final good night asks. Made is that what you're training in about five short hours or how Lucy Lucy who. See now I think you would Albert have a certain chemistry that we know also now that you know now now. Albert in Rhode Island I Albert. Our league owners. Thank you look at what I she's but Kurt mightily to have you back started heavily in debt. Created a credibility of. Well OK however I guess it's nice. Thank you love at first having not for being respectful. Al-Qaeda trying to be normal to be available any human being married yeah dignity and respect for the. What they sent. Might emblem on the last things my dad's it was a at least I'll never have to loosen up for round again I thought that was kind of the sweet moment and really was. He took a blatantly you get this ironic fact I agree with mark but I think you're on to something. We're talking about the coaching pedigree of Brett Stevens who detonated it could see the cop out of the question it. Albert Albert Albert hold on for second. Allen agrees becoming an coaches these are our nightly let me and other coach in the Eastern Conference can you name. Are. That's the Eastern Conference you know I just can't I can't even name a couple. Conference. Did you play. As Scott Brooks who equality Coke if you could pick adjustment. That. BP Q. A lot of why this could be you it lack of effect adjustment. Or I don't need that tell you what it. Bucky Larson a mocking. Lottery calorie calorie capitalists you know I don't wanna recap the last series which are point. Altman I won't be politically what the board until they won't be in the air and naval flight and are applicable. Everything I put their own people they can beat Cleveland Kroger Bradley I. I know I think they think that it's swept down but of course they think they're gonna why why does the billiards is that you hate mud widely month. I read what I think but I. Call Eric and he's written. I think is not fit right in squalid wait. And yeah. And probably had gone in and that's. He's got on the gravy train even our Gerri good. Let's that is definitely so I brought in my flyer today we got to flyers the house there's Ron I gallery I going yesterday as well by the way so are also doubles rile his might and I call. He I don't take his calls you've ever he sits on hold these Stevens for a great toy to play with no he's not as our other team. UT's ease the ease of celebrity call for your show I'm ready to take that call my show does not that seem to celebrity callers status. We have a thoughtful discussion about apple at the Red Sox for him to point and we say you know what the article shows like Kirk and Callahan called a mid day show right after the celebrity callers that's upon which a profit principles every night that's us liberty call will be hoping god awful music you say across all boards collar off. You have Paula loves all of us really love Ralph NASCAR calls you what times are shall start lemon three so 1115 is rough there usually route pretty early in the shackles Freddie and I can't slot them 61777. Night seven nods and if your calls and more. Adam Jones first virtual war. Hernandez with a Shays well. And I mutt like guess at some point so far we've got pride Amir Johnson. I know Brad Stevens whose great privately great coach great guy great coach in Albert round degrees. Like you know I think eyes I'd pick my pick cats have full breath. Oh I want Sports Radio WEEI. I have the eyes Celtics. Sat on the on a terrible pictures that are that's not wide as two reasons that are darker he. And you should talk to psychiatrist need your life. If you have some alert this and so you that you would no. Regrets psychiatry correct or correct I do go nuts helpful. That's why people do things like Algeria much a lot of. That yes so that was I'll ally that's the reason of course is you know it was an error that you understand you're able to tell people support to tell people I don't have a problem saying I love you to anybody I'd love them you love and rockets yes he. You do that. Vito could. Steal the brother never had eight pedal does a really nice not I don't have an all of them are younger that is younger he taller but younger my looks a little older. He's all that carries himself more demand you'd. If I love I love him you violence and that means. Really carries over commensurate. Have a lot of child. If the soft walk of a young child the baby guys who are clean with good political dear. This leeway. Brandon is out. There it's. But I think you carriers just nine. This is it is quite different and the dynamic clients insurers will assure you mere Alex it's. But totally man app situation I. Think yes she's a couple eighties that point right. I'm in Abidjan document as I've got her ball the most out that's true some bigger but Alex is big balls so he gave doctor Curt Schilling yesterday it's as tough day by an act like they're by those tax inclusive approach relative to get him on the record to act he hates expresses the thing about Smart it will book a dress that we get back a couple of these calls and I was just he's so slight sensitive today outs talked adjusted in New Hampshire I just supposed to have so sensitive race to what it was just done. Just know show us. Well wouldn't this is about. Did it betray any use of that we had here is a weird dynamic I agree not intimidated you must show Frerotte ratios to. It's special to show you guys that we adjourned last week you have to do that all of Alex was right now it's. Did all that god. Show and a rings out Chenault was not a dash in resignation was not that was sales wet dream right there yet exporting MacKenzie gay and a girl that was day. That's their dreams through you. On the sporting OK you know clear clarification there and I agree there's a weird trendy marked by tension grow as well. He's rolled its romance I daughters who I got quite ready to swear on the air again that Alex is where in the eye at a very relaxed and calming way like that everybody I think in the opposite isn't as sharp as he said that each bid should I defend Meyerson. She did acknowledge me that we should be an apology most call G Edwards and myself. It was a gas it's always a little ones I'm always an example what that's uncomfortable I just what's up. Oh. You can't. I'd welcome it so why. Obviously at the even heard a lot quicker he apparently. You know you get out. You're also a little bit more attractive. Region they. Ought. Al Checchi. And. Be honest I think Gordon Hayward if if he wants to come here and play here must put Stevenson gets a Max deal. It would matter the thoughts of the first pick third picker for yeah I think if you watch the game the other night he sees that this team is maybe closer to being truly competitive in the east. Than people thought prior to the post just you take K were out of that I agree if you I think there's that there's a college coaching thing with him here but somebody else yapping at the number one pick in their building something and yes like it's he would not as much of. But not edited out so. This yeah. Oh it is a done. Second. Or better yet. So. It is a common yeah and being in contact Erica Larry. Obviously not not or would that thought process it BA. 100. Well you know on Dixon hurt so he had an impact. I go to or her go to moment that received it so. Your arms. I know what. I personally prepared right now to. Get it. Obviously struck. So I don't treat it. I have to tell you where well Alitalia on Justin where where was the is Eric that there's a discussion that they take full to the big deal on what yesterday idea that you don't just. I understand I've read that you were heard that you but I agree we that's a mutt I outlined yes changer right. First pick side Thomas Al Horford. And bring in other Max guy you can now do that and that is in the Eastern Conference pretty damn good and an act everybody's contract is up he's God's will take his spot it's it's a natural progress you Def keep all those guys. So you're there you see. That. Went. It's their autocratic in the hole it was dark and artists are harder must walk out there and get. Back. He wants very easy on street. Art in all of college. Yes I wonder how much I don't know it was ever clashed once it's really Black Friday praised for Brad Stevens but she's she's an overpriced almost age I've always been arranged. Always think change is always had the plane that's likely to make mistakes every GM makes mistakes. But the guy has a plane and he sticks about it Brooklyn's number one pick again next year on a great trades in basketball history it really is now it didn't get they get lucky every year in the lottery but we knew we'd probably made we make treatment John Kerry offered just elected some people will be critical as it's one of the greatest traits are all cold cold takes expose Q3 tween the book says it's doing it cements hated that trailing mocked that trees and Gerald balls contract three had. Glaus got checked this terrible thirty million for three years that's a big fat check to take after three network picks there Larry picks I thought this. 35 cents in the dollar there's no guarantee that any of those picks and get the lottery that it would just baffled Oklahoma City that that they're get this choice lottery pick it up beat number twelve and they've got it fifteen feet. Like they have salary cap flexibility has run up makes you think jets beat him Wallace combined eight point oh million next year so it's not like they're good of the team and getting to start over. I was that we worry that we curious can decide who the draft cave humor about it often. Separate ads are you super something yes suited up for it but it's somebody like like videotape and author tell. Usually say to us before played the sound the sound that sounds so great. I want to say you know elected in an effort to Egypt or through two I like it must although ultimately all it edge in Dartmouth quiet or take. We're sure we Arnold. What's up hello hello hello all right. A break they had. Great good but I'm I'm I'm I'm what are my. Strategies. And former small called our local loop and loop. It. Played. I'm Jay. I. And of course. A lot changed. And Ed I had a dead spot it's just full court press on LeBron James with two guys guarding that once our goal of like a Tutu won full court look. We trapped in the no the Kyoto 1312121121. Put me bring you guys are I would just run Susan's epidemic yes I am a triangle and two. We're LeBron injure Kyra truck and did defend those two guys please owning its residents a court or shoot threes that got wide open embarrassment dark and repair and loves to work. And I'm not sure the full court press but that he mentioned multiple people get a mean it's Crowder Smart. Jalen brown all three of those guys conviction of shots at LeBron James broke the course bronze host not feel brown can be banners and Jim Brown played well at the end of that game gives you dignity solar Kazaa but that was the writing is on the front and he he will have his moments defensively he probably you probably have less small chemical odds are more moments come on think it's open project a box it's a body parts of his way. Yeah for government since it. Chart coking going to follow mark. Forget this hour we cut you loose 131 trap. What's that 7797. Knives have remorse Mike and the flounders with this pick. We will get to Adam Jones for sure and of people Boston can't wait to hear more from Matt Jones Curt Schilling who do that as well we get back.

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