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Late Night with Christian Arcand Hour 1 5-17-2017

May 17, 2017|

Arcand goes all out Celtics for the first hour of the show because the Celtics officially have the number 1 pick in the draft! Big question is, what should they do with it?

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And not because I was eaten candy all throughout their game this part of but also man the v.s Boston Celtics in the last 48 hours again remember. Two to three days stretch like this ever. You know there may have been bigger more impact. Will stretches of daily of course the last time to sell these at a high draft big not to go all Darren Revell and everybody did you see their growth tweet by the way. God that guy is unbelievable. Darren rebel. As the Celtics get the first over topic this diver ESPN whose job it is to just tweet. Weird sort of unusual or inappropriate fax a random times or you know how much did chips cost the Busch Stadium. Three judge subs get the first overall pick their highest draft picks and Len Bias who died two days later after he got drafted thanks Daryn that's great. That wonderful thank you very much for reminding us all of that you're on this joyous occasion that was really great thanks a lot. All my guys. It's oops I should probably Ginny were brought up but I just was struck by how'd owned up the guy could possibly be anyways for everybody else other than their rebel VS Celtics getting this first overall pick is pretty. Pretty great news I don't know any other way to say it. It's it's the first time it's ever. Happened first the wall is the first time they've ever won the lottery. But I also realize something else sort of over the course of the game as I was reading the reaction to it. That kind of the last thing the Boston fans like really had a legitimate gripe about. Here you think about it I mean that's that's hit great. What other long lasting a recurring bad things are happy you know and emulate. There is the Red Sox in their championship drought there is the patriots that's all taken care of the patriot just on the Super Bowl. The Red Sox I guess are off to a great start but whatever. The Bruins they just made the playoffs a new coach can be too upset about that they did when it does Stanley Cup and six years ago. Yeah the last thing we really had added to be annoyed about was the fact that the Celtics always gets screwed over in the draft or in the draft lottery I should say not always in the draft in the draft lottery. And now we can't say that anymore. And I'm pretty happy about that by the way I'm Melanie your foolish I grew up in the fellowship of the miserable airing here of this station. But I did not I did not participated in quite as much. Probably because I was younger and innocent and not overtaken by the rigors of this business but it. You know here we are now and your Boston Celtics in the last 48 hours have eliminated the Washington Wizards and now claim themselves the number one overall pick. In June 22 strap that on Thursday I believe and now the next question is which brought going to be asking ourselves from for the next month plus. Will they make the pick well they trade the pick. And I have no idea what they're gonna do. I haven't the slightest idea. I don't know if there's any sort of added value to this pick now that they know it's number one. I don't know if there were teams out there at the trade deadline this year there were saying yet we know you're probably gonna get the number one people were gonna wait before we trade. Jimmy Butler or Paul George or whoever and then the you know once we figure out what peak you actually have then college back we'll actually talk because we really want faults are we really want a ball or we really want to Valerie. You know I mean that's pretty much yet read you do you can't imagine there be too much difference if if teams were willing to do a Baghdad and bite. In other so he's had a chance to be in drop down to the fourth pick and as that guy kept opening those envelopes nasty kept getting further and further down the list. Don't tell me you are sitting there thinking oh my god they're gonna get third or fourth or something else not the first. We all thought it. You get guy that guy in the way they guy and the aegis so we now. Happy and optimistic in sort of enthusiastic as the ruins everybody's day except for like two teams. If not man there really milk that showed through by the way. I thought this thing was supposed to start at eight. Think 845 and people haven't even sat down the days yet. They got their money's worth is that game was not worth watching afterwards oh boy. I watch I watch ping pong balls bounced around for three hours before it watch more than a quarter this game tonight. The spurs without Leonard and they were lost out there. It was never close. Anyways. Your Boston Celtics now after. Claiming the first pick in the draft should they choose to make the selection or not whatever that ends up being will now. Continue this incredible high that is lasted for 48 hours we'll go into the next 24 as they open up the well. As they open up the first game of the Eastern Conference finals that they're playing it TD garden because they were number one seed in the east. And who LeBron James carrier ring Kevin Love in the cavaliers will be coming to town apart rarity here. And willow will get that underway tomorrow and that might be the end of this. Of this hi there were on right now that might be an ice cold those are reality right everybody's faces right there be you know what for tonight. Tonight we ride to Boston fans is this pretty great this is I've never. I I honestly thought I tweeted this tonight I thought I'd see the end of the world before I saw the Celtics win the lottery honestly. I thought that the oceans would rise in the some would get blocked out by smog and then we'd be living in this weird to still be in society without any sort organized sports to cheer for or in out a comment on on the radio late at night. And that I would see that before actually saw the subs were in the lottery but the Celtics won the lottery tonight they did it. Now the question is who they pick do you hold on to the aid to the selection or do you traded away. What do you think people are going to value this pick and now that they know it can be whoever they want in this draft. Do you treated the lakers and say hey magic. You either make you should trade here we're gonna take Alonso ball in in in in what you think about that magic to do it bad eggs dom magical to winning and or that Dodgers trade. Do you think magic learned a lesson for many and learn a lesson from that. Magical probably give you three minor probably giving the same deal Brooklyn Gaby just the move up a draft ball. A dumb magic is. By the way. I don't know what it is but every time magic Johnson's on TV does he have the last. Does he after closes eyes and Lafley is the funniest freaking thing he's ever heard in his life even when no one actually says anything funny or really anything at all is as magic your eyes straight. Just constantly laughing. Many part of his charm it's not that funny what every year whatever you think your murder whatever your voices in your editors think not that money. Really little extra their manager a thing it was not a. Your joy well MB used phony. I enjoy joy Allenby. I think people go a little bit overboard with how much they enjoyed to a B betting he's just the Buena. Funny NBA do now am I injuries and humor how we grow spec I know I saw a lot of mean things about grows back. Picking himself to be the guy who represents instead of and a Horford or Paul Pierce who were my one and two choices to to set up there. Instead wick got it and we got the number one pick so Wickham sorry I take back everything I said you're fine representative and a fine owner. And godspeed tomorrow in the first round in the first game I should say of the Eastern Conference finals yes Betty you agree you wanna say something magic Johnson's like doctor Hibbert missed. A he act kind of it definitely. Do you everything's really funny all the time and he's you're having a heart attack. That's very true by the way June 22. That's a Thursday Red Sox dropped that day. So we'll have. Nothing to focus on but the Celtics end and who they pick with the number one overall pick or if they trade the pick who they traded for whatever happens there. I got a great feeling about this no matter what happens. Whether they make it or traded. I just am so thrilled that the Boston Celtics could be picking first. Overall that's that that's pretty special it's a pretty special thing here for for Celtics fans who never thought they'd ever see that. We've seen a lot of great things yourself these are scenes of great things. If you're old enough your remember the Celtics in the eighties that was terrific. Ninety's not so much. Two thousands word fun but not all that productive until the later on. And since then. In mountain there's been sort of fall on the rise here with the Celtics. If you're old enough to remember the fifties and sixties and you don't give a rat's ass about any of those you said the greatest did most dominant team of all time. You know he saw Bill Russell what are you care about the first overall toe while first overall pick a Sarkozy. A suckers you do the old Dixie do. There's a video it's like a gift online if you can find it of Bob Cousy just breaking this dudes ankles and like 1951. He he takes them. He takes another right and any like fakes like he's gone and he's gonna do a little spin move and continues going in the same direction in the guy's ankle just gets spun into oblivion. Like Gallagher corkscrew. You know I need it's too bad that there weren't like fifteen guys near the sideline caught. And do that bag in the fifties. And that's one of the reasons why games more enjoyable today. Via cousy used to put mamma. From on the old merry go round. Say Aggies saw him play what you care about the first overall pick this pretty that's pretty cool is pretty big news. You know the Celtics say they picked third last year first this year you know it's it's really. And. Unusual perspective this year team from a much of the Philadelphia 76ers new pick in the top three every freaking year. You know for the Celtics this doesn't happen very often. And I'm excited to see would Danny Ainge doesn't that 617779. 7937. As your phone number 37937. That your number on tax let's open the calls appear early and often as that is the late I promise we'll begin things with David he's in the car with a thought on the Celtics hi David. Christian love ally by the anomaly. You know it's a great night we got a first pick I'm psyched about that and it is without actually calling the other night and I'd figured. I can't wait till tonight after they got a key victory I just wanted to get denied it on the shout out I think this guy's gotten. He's certainly gotten any credit. What he's been able to do in the post season just before we go off the rail here for. I really think it's worth just taking that back. Who lost his sister. What 36 hours 24 hours before the playoffs started you know it wouldn't. And then Utley went through physically you know I sat oral surgery for her what Howard. It's just it's unbelievable I really do think in a lot of ways what we're right now we don't really appreciate what we're seeing I think. I just wanted to get the guy's shadow because. He related about. Got to play out you know there are a couple of games there where. He struggled a little bit but you know in general was everything that he is going through no. That kind of put you on the back early in the a couple of games apples here and that album come out every game against Washington. That that it'll like shut up Christian not. Our David thanks for the call and you're shout out as I'm sure much appreciated. And listen. Isiah Thomas investing avenue Isiah thomas' teammates stepped up for a Al Horford been doing at this whole time. Avery Bradley in games five and six stepped up huge for Isiah Thomas and the Celtics in that Washington series and inning games seven irony that I about Kelly of one it will side. We are all witnesses. We are all witnesses to the great Kelly Nolan. I freak I saw something is someone posted that mean with like to upgrade button and it showed a picture Bill Russell is upgrade the skeletal. That's frequent and I just love the picture of him on the flume ride. On the flew right. They've never seen that worries in the back of the flu many stick to stand up and also can what is your is it really picture tremors like him Photoshop on the back the former new and others actually there's video. Really in it on nightly news that CSN earlier today I myrtle watching a video of Helio thank you likable Rio on a plane in like three bites you remember that video. That was that was weird he's just I mean it's like a big burrito is a monster yeah. He's he's just like he hit his leg and hinges Jala a boa constrictor anxious it's tough the thing in there. But yeah Olympic. You don't know much about Elena you know and I mean 98. He's not a guy that you see out all the timely you know he's not he's not out that maybe is it's not please I ago. Void easy that was it a great performance and really what what I love the most about it is that you noted that absolutely just killed the wizard. At absolutely killed one thing the loses another thing to get beat by Kelly Rowland. They guided you know you hate the most and they hated in the most don't know I mean come on because they were trying to intimidate him. In around Markey Moore is bumping them on the way down. And then that same possession empress Irwin and get a three industries when now he's a dirty player in deacons scored well great perfect. Sounds a lot like cadre in my green actually which are for the scoring will thank. Dirty player there for sure speaking of players. Alonso Voller Marc Carroll faults. We feel about that tonight how we feel about that potential decision will have to make that will have to make like MI like I'm gaining that the Celtics will have to make. I am. Based on the highlights they've seen of mark L fault. And based on the actual games I watched the Alonso ball. I'd rather have Alonso ball. But I know I'm only saying that as I watched actual games that he played in whereas I just watched Varco forces highlights and I feel like I'm getting inning complete picture of what kind of player he is. Also. I feel like he'd be just another very redundant guard on the steam and ball at least for this height is someone you can move around a little bit. You moved the oft Carty replaced swing Manny can do other things. Which may not be the worst idea in the world for him. You know coming up in the in the NBA on a team full of guards should they end up drafting and then again if they do make these draft picks. I would not or I'll be surprised to see a major overhaul the rest of the roster I would be surprised by that at all. Because they have a lot of guys make it not that much money they got Amir Johnson coming up the book's other guys coming off the books. And and well. You know productive players that are making a ton of money a Jake Crowder who Lake Erie Bradley. Now is not Al Horford obviously he's making a lot of money but to those guys in Marcus Martin Terry rosier and some of these you know excess guards that this team happens to be feeling right now. They could very well be and packaged together and trader for something for what I don't know or maybe just to clear some space. To go out and sign your Gordon Hayward or maybe trade for Jimmy Butler or do something else wanting to keep in mind here that I think is important. Is that the Celtics also have Brooklyn's lottery pick next year. In Brooklyn's gonna suck again next year. We can be right back here again next year. With this Celtics team one year better and maybe with Gordon Hayward or Jimmy Butler on it and another potential number one number two overall pick coming in. Next year to. It's nights like this where you really have to stop and and reflect. I'm just how insane that train pledged with the Brooklyn that I mean there's no words to describe it at this point. There really aren't there's no words to describe how unbelievably insane that trade was for Billy King the main. Just off the charts. For Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce who I loved with all my heart and soul. But they were both like 45 when he traded them. And they should take every draft pick we have they're not going to be lottery picks were going to be did die this. Even throwing the hump to make us feel better Chris Humphries. And like two other guys who I remember that grenades when they first got traded their hold up the jerseys and Elvis had these miserable expressions on their raises. If we get Gerald lawless in that trade him I believe we did. I forget who the other guys where it really doesn't matter Keith Bogans or wanna send Keith Bogans one against. Maybe probably out of the NBA now that's all I'm sure most of those people are the ambient. Jason Terry still plan. He was part of that trade but my god that tree. Just off man I'd looking back on it I can't believe they have another another Brooklyn pick next year. Think this is in (%expletive) that's I Herschel Walker tree was better than that. For the vikings then this has been for Brooklyn. It is not only have they not been a dynasty they are the worst team I've ever see it in a mean their prophetic. It Jeremy only and run around there would his hair flapping around. Brook Lopez who plays like three good games in a row and they get injured every single season. Other pathetic. And they can't get any better here is that no one wants design they're good they're the worst team in the league and they're never gonna get me trappings of suburbs got a mall. That sure it'll go down all time I think I really do the matter even if the Celtics even the Celtics bungle this. Even if they'd trade the Pickford someone who suck served they'd pick somebody and get her whatever Al haven't even if it goes horribly wrong after this entry it'll still go down as one of the most insane trades that anyone's ever made and any sport I really believe that 6177797937. As your phone number let's take some calls your before the break. Joseph was in the Carney Joseph. Well Christian. I think it should keep the tech and. In Q I'm proud and bridge between a good team now. A great team in the future. You get out and talks certainty. Is being that it had Gordon do it and I it and a trading like. Martin. At each other back actually at value. Free up rocks is basically money. And it gives the finger is amazing how when you have burst picked how much you truly control. Of the trapped. At the Chesapeake. It probably. What made you think of the Celtics are now. In the end you know radio conference final number one pick and possibly top three pick next year we believe. It really is Joseph thanks for the call it's just considering how the season ended last year that lost so locked. Everyone thinking this is working. You know get a pick next year so why this team isn't good enough they can't get out the first round. There in the conference finals right now. With the first overall pick. There one they won the conference. And the probably and get another top three pick next year. And they have enough money to sign a Max another Max guy. Without having to worry about Isiah until the season after this forget about a great team later what's this proposed focus on the now is even if they can't quite build. An absolute LeBron stopper type team. They're the only team in the east right now I see they can legitimately. Challenge them neared next year. And certainly in the next couple years. Assuming everybody decides to stay together out there in the in Cleveland which isn't giving either. You know they could end up they can and the shuffling some things around. The Celtics this plan. You know I wasn't I wasn't always too sure about it none of us work. We're happy with the assets we're happy with the picks we're happy with the mountain with the fact we have the malvo were all that happy about the fact Danny seem determined to make every single last one of these graphics. You know forever. Couldn't trade any of them. And now we actually have the number one overall and that can mean either the the big. Trade we've been waiting for since 0706. I should say. You know we have and and some might say the Isiah Thomas trade was the big one sense that I actually agree with you there. That Isiah Thomas trade that changed the franchise. Huge. But down. They might they might be in a position to pull off another one might better something even bigger than that here. Now that they are guaranteed the first overall 61777979837. Major phone number quick break we'll get back to your phone calls next you're only nine. I beg your phone because here's a late night Sports Radio WEEI are key in here with him. Sure I'm back there anyone's in Tuesday to your phone calls at 61777979837. Let's get Hormats and forever amen. I I don't debate now it's up. I got two points real quick response I I wanna thank you for being a good sport when Irish cream and a radio that the teacher taught some. And second I would like it's out to a question on your opinion oh so you clearly know. Error yet explain their first where you were streaming into the what what did you. Number one I called up and then I was like tonight and ask. This is like these guys do remember this now yes I do remember that fiasco you know race or about that and your cold and you can in my book. Are what he'd get me mad that was like them only like the tenth weirdest call I got that night and done any given night that doesn't even at that there was it was fines or about. It's called oh my second point is micro grabbed an argument today and they said that any any huge. Would have been happier with the unit that separate and on third. Then flat out in the first it why would why is that. Because he's saying that. With the birth certificate means used as a link then more what ever. And then the second guy saying that. Otherwise why would not wanna do that now. I don't I I have no idea I think he misinterpreted your friends argument a little bit Max I can't understand why they would say that why would you not want the first overall pick even if you wanted to trade. What what possible value would there be having the second out the first. Unless you were like fifteen and in had a great sports almanac you know the mark helpful is gonna break his leg in two weeks or something and I you know I really liked. Well what possible benefit would there be having a lesser pay. His other teams be less likely wanna make trades are you more likely to make the taken Ainge just wants to make all the draft picks is that it out on doesn't make sense either. I think everybody's very pleased with the way things went into. An alliance. Let's go to Billy Bob in. Op in the Billy Bob. Christian alone what's up. I daughter mom well Billy Bob Beriault. So last time a number one seed got the burst liquid the 82 trapped. The lakers James learned of their insurance you'd you'd see that happening to a season taking James Worthy now I don't think so. I don't think so trade. Trade for James Worthy trade. I don't think you know PG thirteen. Well George Lucas and more likely situation is. Carmelo and there are a lot of people don't like him. But isn't that good of a player and he give you that second scoring option. It would be I think it would be even even trade. First pick for Carmelo now when you say yes and then take crowd or whoever else and you get big man like Andre Jordan or something. You're are gonna win and championship. And Billy Bob I like your optimism but right now c'mon. You trade the first overall pick for Carmelo Anthony you can make. It put Danny Ainge is head and a spike. Like the game thrown. After after all the love you are you saw in have been hearing for Danny Ainge I just saw a picture retreated a picture. Picture Ainge guarding Jordan back in the day it's is pictured the goat and Michael Jordan. But that was pretty funny. All the love it's flowing in the city or an effort Danny Ainge would instantly become under on a featured the first overall pick for Carmelo Anthony. And I say that as someone who's not a mellow hater even. I would have been OK with them maybe make it around a mellow at some point this year when they were really hard for secondary scoring. I don't think that would have been the worst thing ever and on nova necessarily would work but I don't think it would and the worst thing. But now yet the first overall pick you make epic he trader for someone who's a lot younger than Carmelo Anthony. That's what I sent. And maybe someone who looks like they've given a rat's ass about a rat's ass about playing basketball. I don't know sometime in the last five years. Carmelo Anthony's about the turned 33. Monetary the first overall pick for whatever is left in in the tank for him now new Elmo. Paul George brocail stock Jimmy Butler OnStar. I'm Dini did trade for either one of those guys you can make the pick and then assuming he hops out take you serious run at signing Gordon Hayward. Well you know then things get a little more interest and the rest of the free agent class this year's not super impressive. So it's not like if you. If you miss out on hey were well don't worry there's always this guy you can then go get I mean the other names here is Serge Ibaka is a free agent and Italy is sold a lot of guys you trader at the deadline about to be free agents so some of these teams may look to extend them so the linkages rent that a guy for three months. Ilyasova Ibaka JJ Redick or free agent you know I mean there's guys there's guys out there but is there is there anybody wanna. That he wanted to sort of hold out for now I wouldn't say so. So maybe making the trade is is the move to make their. And I'm not necessarily convinced that making that trade for Butler Paul George's is what you wanna do because. In it's two or three years of those guys. As opposed to in and bear with me here 22 or three years of these guys who play the same position as a guy agents spent the third overall pick on. Which isn't to say I think Jalen brown is gonna surpass Paul George Jimmy Butler any time in the next two or three years by it it could block of a little bit I'm not sure that we wanted to. In now is one thing in his rookie season get blocked by Jae Crowder and now start net earn his playing time here in the post season and that's fine. Buy it now I gonna put two more years been inserted stunting his development I'm not sure that's. That's what the plan is for him then again I think the teams better with Boller better would George that would be would Jane number on the next two years and that's ultimately the thing we care Barry. You know who's gonna. Who's gonna impose more of a challenge to LeBron and the cavaliers the Jimmy Butler Paul George team not to Jalen brown team so we can all agree on that when I think 617779. 7937. Your phone number let's go to Dave Munro island native. A secret cabinet and you know Dave another night in paradise but he was going only a yeah. I'm just saying you don't yeah I like to sell. That is sick with 00 and I'm making it sound like there which are you listening to right in Vegas only to. Delay oh no we're not going to be able to let that well. Maybe next year or the year have. That is not what I'm saying at all that that's not at all what I'm saying I've said I don't think they're necessarily gonna win this series but I'm looking ahead to the future because they just got the first overall pick in the draft. And naturally the inclination is that they will were they gonna pick. And then how is the team gonna go for their two I think they're gonna be Cleveland not necessarily but I haven't been sitting your column nine contenders they've established themselves contenders Dan. Earlier this year they eat and think yeah being of our. I think they will I really do I feel that my heart how many games. But. Here one of five games. While merit the thanks for the call. On a high and the Celtics student not a size Dave. Dave may behind some others it's the result if you're one of five. I'm very high and the Celtics. This is still LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers got to play here well they plan topple they claim will they give them all they got yet. But everything's gonna have to go right for the new in this series. And I think that may even include Michael LeBron injury. Now and everything's gonna have to go very very rate for the steam if they wanna win this series against Cleveland and I don't think that's I don't even think that's possible. I think they're given a series. You know and not the way Indiana gave mr. Indiana got swept. I think diligent given a series. You know six games. About what I think. I think they might steal one tomorrow. Right in the wave of this crazy and Celtics energy TD garden. Tea gardens going to be off the change tomorrow. Everybody's going to be walking in their charged up. The roof might explode if they win that game tomorrow and you know what they might actually do it because as the one game they have a legit chance of stealing I think. When's the last time Cleveland played ten days ago. Yikes. So we just played two days ago. And all those fans are gonna be walking in there knowing that in about a month. It's going to be taken first overall at places going to be insane tomorrow I'm sad I can't make it 6177797937. As your phone number 37937. As your number on text. Granting a quick break we'll come back with more late night here in Sports Radio WEEI. Burbank here's a late night Sports Radio WEEI there's trouble phone lines open at six and actually wondering now opened a 6177797937. Go ahead and granted it's the only game in town folks you wanna react to the Celtics scoring the first overall pick in the draft which is a month and five days away. Here's the place to do it we're talking about it until 2 in the morning here on the program let's get back to your phone calls people lined up we got Dana at the depot. Talking about the Celtics Adana. How do aggression. Couldn't be better scenario. Mike brought out that's not the united Arab street ball airliner brought they get a lot of big hit with the right now and I'm. You don't have a the first overall pick at eight India eight slapper out options available at all right now. Including make enough all the number one pick predicted that it no data set an Olympic should be. They beat chances. You know Bradley that the guy that they can move to a spot that the hot seat he won. Quality only people that big article to the next it is not a bad option. Yeah but I but I don't think. No healing in a way to getting out front line guys are next. Three. Is a very viable option. Yeah that's that's very possible to thanks for the call Dana I was just looking at the Chicago Tribune. Casey Johnson he's the he's the bulls be greater there he's terrific by the way great writer over with the Tribune. In his headline is both on a lottery pick celtics' luck likely squash is Jimmy Butler interest and he rationalized it this way. The Tribune reported in February that the Celtics refused to offer this pick without protection. When they in the bulls engaged in trade talks centered on Butler for the second time in nine months. It seems unlikely then that the Celtics who deal the pick now that they can use it on mark Al falter Alonso ball and then try to land Gordon Hayward in free agency. It wick prospective we got a lot of offers in February I'm glad we didn't trade the pick. The bulls have made clear they value Butler greatly and are looking to trade him but must listen any trade interest out of due diligence the suns in the kings have top five picks and young assets. It could make a play for Butler. After the bulls trader Derrick Rose to the knicks last June in an internal debate on whether to offer full rebuild. And their draft we talks with the Celtics advanced to ownership level. Ultimately the bulls opted to remain competitive in retool on the fly. Which basically meant let's sign Dwyane he adds that's what they did they went 41 and 41. They weren't in the lottery so they have the sixteenth pick in the draft. And you know there you go and so home. Looks like probably not with Chicago. Indiana. Now where is not there anymore so who knows maybe the new guy be interest in talking. But I'm proud OK with the idea of drafting one of these two guys and down. And trying to sign Hayward. And maybe packaging some near existing players together in the and in balancing out this roster a little bit. I think I'd be pretty okay with that. In that in considering the fact the have another bullet just like this in your gun for Tony eighteen. Why not. When Etsy where it goes why not make the first overall pick in the NBA draft. Go to Scott in Philadelphia a's got. And well. I can I did it I think that they should get rid of epic. Or I do I don't wanna another rookie year. Call all going to be big development he is OR PM may have been dealt a app but they also signed some. I drink port Edwards that are really teed it up. I think he's a big money either in it. Gonna take the money and staying Utah. No one's knees and you Tosca. Kind of money and you know I probably would need the money was comparable thank you daddy you tied pale little axe I think to get at a you'd opt. Out Nolan did offer in the same kind of money you guys is her great that's not point the point I'm making is that I'd pay a little taxed just to get at a Utah. I noticed like new tire is live near Utah sky's the limit. I'd like I don't exactly like. No I mean if big ball or I don't think we're going to be able. Maybe you're it's not I mean everyone's gonna wanna take a run Adamson is no reason why except for the coaching connection there's no. Real fluid reason why the sell this to be a more attractive destination than anywhere else you read about that. I actually think the patient is this all sort. It all urgent in the middle. And I think Indiana. At just ordered that one dark art. I think adding more helpful to pretty intriguing to go. And ads are number two and it kind of built here and that. And at the front edge and I think he could contribute on that. I would think that it. To take her to India and get all sort and obviously you're active pinnacle and I'll. Be good at debt you have and if you wanted to do. You gotta be urged the books to read on the street and yeah I think that would be huge I think that's exactly what they need to be a threat. I don't predict I think that there. Yeah I think they probably will do it if history is any indicator Scott thanks for the call them they're probably make an event. Is if there's one thing dean changes done these last three years it is made picked. He's made all the pitch. He's made 71 round picks in the last three years folks. 71. Round did not altogether just first round pick. In the last three years. If you stop making picks now that he's got the first overall I don't know. And I'll tell you why I don't know I'll tell you what I'm stuck on here. Is I don't think the value of mark health faults or Alonso ball has gone up at all since we last saw these guys. Alonso ball if anything people are like get this freaking guy and his father out of my face and Marco faults honestly I mean it. Hide it I'm pretty sure I could pick a mile leg if they if you showed meted team picture of northwest of of Washington where he went. I'm pretty sure if you didn't tell me who was sure I'm pretty sure it appoint amount preacher. Like eighty percentage record that I could pick him out of the team picture. Raise a 64 flat I had died pretty sure I department. They have shown him at this name and I was doing the Red Sox so I didn't really get to watch all the and even though the call on the theatrics in. The ceremony. My guide to the security they of the week security guards up on the stage it was a public enemy show on the bomb squad was there. The guy bringing out the knicks had to be personally escorted yes. To present Secret Service wasn't there. I think that the way they do it is all the people who were out paired didn't know what was going on they were basically just there to sit there and react. That was their whole job. They weren't told anything they didn't know any thing. Magic we want to laugh joy while indeed we want you to do you know the all. You know I want you to do this you want you wick we want you to do the clap in the fist pump pinned everybody that your reaction in joy and Dallas have a good show. You know but that was it the actual people. Sure you know there when the when the ping pong balls were bopping around it was a whole different group of people. And they are the ones are actually on the inside and they had their phones taken from them and it was this whole big thing. Pretty funny actually in light of recent world news when she's. How how intense the security wise. And not just the security but the act confidentiality. Of this classified information that they did not wanna get out. They were in did a great job I thought the NBA did of them protecting that information. Good for them 6177797937. As your phone number Paulus in Concord, New Hampshire a ball. Pitch I don't Christian miserably on yeah exciting that the so please have a number one pick. And also. The bite the worst draft ever I saw what I would do it does take stressed ever. Well I'm just saying it's it's the least hype to draft a little long time. So here's what I think well I would welcome to do with it is it is trader for their guy. Com I think that the clippers where it's traded Andre Jordan and heart. More than passing out yeah that's kind of where would you I think it would do them RT. Non DR Andre Jordan as a player option next year he's making a lot of money. You wanna trade the first pick for guy who is who can opt out after next season. Well I didn't you know I could have Andre admit that I didn't know the financial numbers I didn't know then either I just looked in my brain now I didn't realize yet player and renew his contract up soon. The opposite did you all georgians should be Boller that's not happening I don't understand what people keep talking about those two players they're not calmness Celtics. I think George is maybe more likely than Boller but I agree with you probably neither one. Yeah out why did you talk about to see guys and these pieces in the bulls you dangle him out there that's. A this reasons it is exciting to happen number one pick. The guy so that's a great player and you're saying he needed to pick him out today the first day I saw. Honestly when I saw I and it was Eric Gordon. Program. Us. Yet I had that would have Borg or picture heir Gordon Abbott thanks for the golf ball appreciated 6177797937. We had to take a quick break we'll get you trending now more of your phone calls when we come back. This is WEEI late night here keep parading here and 937.

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