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The Celtics win Game 7 against the Washington Wizards 5-15-2017

May 16, 2017|

The Celtics defeat the Wizards in Game 7 and Christian is breaking down the win.

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This piece of late night with Christian art can Sports Radio tell. Would that tee winds down Christina art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock let's get it going with. Talk a lot like Christian market but we're gonna get weird here. Eight games. Our number two year late night Sports Radio WEEI ever forget about the first hour it's all about the last three here on the program Celtics going to the Eastern Conference finals we're talking about it here with you on late night at 617779. 7937. Of all the things. Of all the ways that this others can win this game tonight. I have to say. Kelly O landing going off in the fourth quarter was not the way I expected it to go I expected in the win I did not expect him to win like this this well is this was something else. And I'll thank god it was Kelly Rowland and as you noted that tennis being the worst. With those Washington Wizards. You know that that's gonna really do just salt in the wound right there not only did you get beat not only did you get sent home but it was the man bunny himself Kelly ONE. Drilling three pointers right near pace in crunch time to escort you out of the building almighty god was decorate the the Celtics bench. Tremendous they outscored the wizards' bench 48 to five. Wow. I mean I knew Washington at a lousy bench trending it was that bad. That means two things number one. That there is wizards' bench couldn't get any offense going and number two it means they couldn't defend anybody either. Celtics bench made this one happened tonight big time. And it's not like you know it's not like the wizards. And they really play anybody else's the thing. They had that big cool in the Mahinmi and out there for a little bit. That guy he fits right in with those wizards anytime anything remotely on towards average screaming. Brandon Jennings played six minutes Jason Smith played three minutes that Bogdanovich guy. Sixteen minutes but he didn't hurt like the usually usually does now was all about the starters for Washington. And the third is a pretty good for the most part you know they didn't bit and embarrass themselves out there just wasn't enough. So it's got to from their starters and from their mention it was too much. Too much for the wizards. On this night and now the wizards are going home and the Celtics are going to the Eastern Conference finals there will have home court advantage. Against your Cleveland Cavaliers game one is on Wednesday I'm fired up 6177797937. Is the phone number get your phone calls here early enough and that is the late night promised. Here on a ECF edition of the program we'll start with Paul Westfield hello Paul. Person on this thank you blow. I got to ask you with the Cleveland series IQ question. You think we're gonna go to small ball and try to match have put them the second question is we're gonna step up out of nowhere certain outlets they have figured it. I don't even though was left to step by about an hour it feels like everybody's been stepping up out of nowhere here these last fortnight without health. You know we see a lot of guys step up are ready here's honestly pol I have no idea I really don't I just hope that you get a continuous sort of consistent source of that because it's it's very necessary for this team to be successful certainly against the wizards and definitely against the team like the cavaliers. We're going to present it to heart his heart and make that big entitlement. Yes and you know Smart was good tonight Smart actually hit a three was two for two from three. And those are big shots he was it was a big part of the offense here and that really did some great work on defense crash the boards. Some good passes through we threw that nice value to Jalen brown in the third quarter and that fast break that sort of started the Celtics run at the end of the third. Yet he was he was a great addition and really. Played a ton of minutes through that they're for thirty minutes. Almost that much. Almost as much as Jae Crowder in your right to defense top notch. That's the culpable in any hassles seasons Ortiz when he. Scrapped and thrown out on the flirt good things happen so. Yeah absolutely Paul thanks for the call 6177797937. Another ball in Providence April. Anchored to their pick Michael yeah all they think articulate and I I Yucca great job also mentioned the Celtics go forward. Some guys is that all but her beautiful ballads as when you even with home. Court advantage all I think what they're really gonna need for their bench is some physical play but this reg it would go deep into the bench and have the guys that its own. Our early in the there are you know really get physical Cleveland. You don't stole accomplish who argue that it was pushed around all the brunt has shown you know obviously that you do what he wants what he wants which kicking back the sharks are in the quarterfinals. When Jordan dropped sixty. Three on the right all they want that he'd double overtime or did and you know I think that type mentality is no let let abroad. You abroad. And to shut the rest of wrecking ball down get physical out of the expected back until it. Don't get two point I say hopefully guy too but that steps up all the good play great all and you don't yet they did come out a way to effect. Yeah I think that's got to be the way that they attacked them you know a guy he got. Crowder. Jalen brown. Gerald Green probably get some minutes out there just to sort of and whoever's on LeBron is gonna have to really body up with them get called for a ton of fouls too that's what happens when you. Play against LeBron James Timor regarding and they gonna get to racked up with als whether they actually committed or not. And you know LeBron is not gonna get any files so that's just the way it is. Jae Crowder suddenly there's this series which I think defensively was a lot about Avery Bradley in in Isaiah and market Smart that's different now. Now LeBron is the principal actor here you're gonna see I'd say a mixture of Smart and Crowder. Go anatomy and when it's Smart you know it would LeBron is gonna do and when it's Crowder you know LeBron punitive. Oh it's Crowder trying to play him one on one he's not gonna call for picks. They're not the only time that you're gonna see irregular sort of pick and roll at that offense is one to one on one situation carrier ring any regret. You know if it's just if it's just. Open floor half court situation. O'Brien gets it up on the left wing crowd is out there to meet him. You're gonna see a lot more one on ones and he signed this in this series because the Celtics don't have those kind of guys. They don't have a lot of dream on green types they don't have to were three guys that can maybe guard LeBron they have one. And Jenny garlic and anyone guard LeBron really now are really. So I think that defensive. The defensive strategies gonna have to shift considerably here let's go to Mike in the car and Mike. They were gone bonkers and thanked and taken the call. Yeah home. So I I feel like the one thing I haven't really heard anybody talk about it are that get in the game or two out in Cleveland. Is I think it goes it's got to be Brad Stevens you got to come up with that a game plan and then you know we got people like a planet in Smart you know in their shot again. You know all of the right game plan to deal a gamer you and that's a pilot added that the oh conference final. Yes Mike and listen I think that it is the coaching aspect of this is going to be one and it. That will be talking about here is going to be your real chess match and we've seen Stephens now. Over the course of this series make a ton of adjustments against the wizards team and ended up paying off form in the end I mean they they really. Did a lot here to trying. First of all defensively get eaten in Walt's basin inserted take yeah policy take him out of the game because you don't ever taken out of the game but. Limit what he can do for you offensively and put a lot of the onus on on brick on the Bradley Beale. And deal was able then to step up today he was able to sort of rise to the occasion he had a great night tonight Bradley deal actually deserve a lot better in the series I think. But yeah I you know it's really a lot of it's gonna come down to I think the chess match here. And Ty Lue and Brad Stevens an adjustment to take Brad Stevens the only problem is. Tyler who's got much better pieces I think we all know that 6177797937. As the phone number Kelly Nolan makes the man of the hour the guy who off the bench in 28 minutes had 26 points on ten of fourteen shooting. Just. Big boy stuff out there tonight from a mr. man but let's hear from him we have some of his audio here let's let's take a listen here to Kelly Nolan and you're paying attention away when second is Kelly going. We knew they wouldn't see out there lajunen. Get those looks in the fourth quarter they've spent a lot of time about the did you do done qualitative and I'm very happy about recruitment it business where it's easy to make plays playoff. Tonight game seven you can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the moment how did you not have that happen. No drug companies wanted a home we know look we got a beard yet defensive presence needed. And our best news tonight everybody did their best. This was such an emotional series go back and forth between these two teams in the N what do you think when this game for your own. Knows it's a team effort you know it's hard working out as tough seven game series no. After every game is tougher on both benefit both teams play hard the whole time and no we just kind of outlasted them you know they're great students who made big shots this whole this whole series. No we're reluctant what's about to move on. So evil had about twelve seconds to digest this but you got Cleveland coveted here. Who wins and how what has happened against the wind answers no respect you when our brand of basketball. Sort of keep playing together on both of the floor fight for its other. Please. Kelly congratulations great no favour of us are. They go Kelley oil and getting those who David Aldridge after the game that should sound like I think it was him. Yeah really I mean he knew he wasn't saying anything wrong and added on the post game press conferences you wanna go live this. Let's go take a phone call first. And let's do that and then we'll see if we can does it happen live on what's going on now in the post game Darian is in Springfield holiday area. They are killed I don't deny. Good Darian hey how you feel in Springfield and I'm. On Graham happy Kelly you know. Terribly below limit. You are my thoughts all wanted to tell you. Update trade deadline guys yes about that nervous all the markets because it now on. Hey listen well let the garage area it was not act like that when the maybe help them in this series a little a little quicker. At a. I thought I would have been sick is that a violent ethnic oh but hey at least we got to ever get it in the future and in it and we shoot we should be okay in the future so yeah I agree with husband captain six abroad and are they were that they. Yum that's probably about rate they're daring thanks for the college Sally on a tap into this let's listen here Kelly Elena can Isiah Thomas are at the podium here talking after a job well done weirdest. You and I talked before the game about just the need for the bench to really provide support for guys like I T Avery. 26 points. That's. A lot of support. Did you get a sense before the game that you would do to have that type of impact on me a major impact on this game. Yeah I mean we we needed it. No that's a tough team that occurred you know seven tough games against. And you know they can score and and we knew you know to help those two starter so quotas. And no he's been put mess and really good positions and no loot the type of attention that they were drawn to him. You know he's getting rid of it didn't put us in great positions and we had to make plays and thus we tried to do. Kellie Martin because of the stuff comes here right usually your pretty. Laid back guy if you don't show a ton of emotion out there but tonight you're pretty jacked up -- I feel like to make those type of contributions. During such a big. Moment. In those unbelievable. No especially dude from our friends. You know from for the city of Boston. Those unbelievable soon to be in there and feel that energy in. Don't feel that enthusiasm and the the passion those 120000 people ahead. Just thrive off that. News is pretty special to be a part of him. And open to commute to relive that. I hadn't thought possible Kelly what was working so well the gonna fourth quarter and the one point your basic going shot for shot with Phil and dear fans like chanting Kelly Kelly's. He had I did hear that between deputy chancellor. President's. You know I Backus and before they're putting a lot of attention on him. But I know they're putting a lot of lot of attention. You know he's put missing Chris Swanson never planned for months really didn't know if they don't. But there are run that cheered the charter and that's too hard you know go go let me the best player out there and not it that's what they division they were gonna let him and no make plays at the end there and make other people do it's awesome and had to do it. Well you guys as they just Tebow at Boston Herald. Sure you've had people time to enjoy this game in no way am Cleveland. Just your thoughts. Definitely enjoy it to us tomorrow I have never been to these incumbent upon us this is. There's something off my bucket list. We've got to get ready for further defending champs and we know that and good thing about it we get home court advantage so we don't be ready on Wednesday to have. To try to take your home court you know we know is going to be tough to it. I mean at this point anything happen and we really believe it. To me that it gives its businesses. Figures it's just losing out to to do Chicago. We've got the number one seed heading. Yes. Or ever gives a chance and we just keep going. We don't care I would other sir. Cured Wacey on this media. Kelly after tonight are reverend are gonna play in the mandolin again. Good question. Flew over time will tell us that. And issued a quick a lot of sports talk Isiah you mentioned after game six that game sevens are where Greece or made. And so many Celtics of the past have major needs two game sevens in this city how much did you think about that going into this game how much was that a motivating factor. Outside of just over schemes. I'm not down about a lot and all night last night and day out watch. 2008 volunteers were surprised and how special that game wounds. Two superstars going had a garden each other. And on it was a it was a historic game so I definitely a month. My studying in and I knew it was going to be a big time game and I knew wasn't going to be. Easy at all and we we came out of tops. Says a lot about the team we aren't. And we believe in each other so we just kept going on the game was not always what it we want it to be wasn't a perfect game but. We've played we we kept going to stay the course and I was work. What this team has done all season long story is a special moment for us but we only have boots on the celebrated and got to focus on the test. As for you guys have been around this course there are for a couple of years and as you say people catch you have all that stuff the few guys to reach a conference final. At this point. What does that do what do what do what does that do for what does that what does that say for the script as soon accomplish this woman says a lot because nobody thought we would be this fast especially when I got traded here it was like. Don't think anybody was taken that. In a couple years would be in the Eastern Conference finals went. The players on this team from the first guy to ask are we from the last guy we believe in each other. And we knew we never give and we feel like we're just as good as any team in the NBA and comply we we got we got more work to do you know the world's count us out we. We're gonna keep going regardless. And Michael. As for both you guys how critical is Smart a Smart tonight which this is energy that is seriously it. The tenets is he would just out how important is it. The smarts from the Smart doesn't Smart does you know a lot of Smart the things that mark's right. Does that there is a measurable snow. I dairy goat that was the post game sound Isiah Thomas and they tell oil and making answering questions they're talking about all sorts of things. And Celtics now going on the east. Or conference finals we have almost full phone lines there's one open phone line and we are the only show that stand on past twelve tonight. Maybe even past eleven on an even though I don't know what they're doing over there but I know we're going on later in there and of that for sure so I'll call and let's look marker 6177797937. Guys on hold stay there I'll get right to your calls I promised as soon as we come back from this break. This is late night on Sports Radio WEEI. We'll and the patriots Bruins Red Sox Celtics yet. That's a Christian I can't watch Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah I mean I think the bench. Was a big factor in game five in game seven. Certainly was well. You know throughout the series. The home team's bench seemed you know play really well. So. I thought our guys did a great job obviously Kelly give us that enormous lift of scoring in the fourth quarter. But really in the first half as well I think twelve at halftime on 57 and then. I thought Jalen brown and Martha Smart were really good. And do you know Marcus I thought played as hard as he possibly could and he was. You know exhausted. You know and that's it that's a good feeling when you win. We've left it all out there. But just going over the numbers I think Kelly Nolan can I just I didn't kid. Great to at all brain I think Elena get fourteen points in the fourth quarter fourteen of his 26 that's big Kelly Nolan a huge in this game. Also a huge in this game is Brad Stevens just said. Market Smart thirty minutes off the bench Jalen brown was terrific by the way it only had nine points but they were big yet from rebounds had a steel. Had a great play on both ends of the court that got Tweeter re tweeted by a ton of people. Sign him I described it before but it he had caught on his switch with them Marcin Gortat ball goes and and as it passes coming in brown jumps across the south and slaps and off the glass. And it starts a fast break the other way and brown comes flying down the left wing and get some value from mark Smart. Day in dunk but he added around one into the basket and any sort of reversed and on the other side. And it was just I was just gorgeous and beautiful and that was the play that tied it up in the third quarter in the the Celtics went on their run right after that. And that went on a thirteen to three run it to end the third quarter. And then in down and listened a won it in the fourth the one akin in Isaiah were just too much for that for the wizards they they had a couple of shots to get him back into it. But that was as close as they can get anchor clothes they got was like 57 points maybe. And it was never you never really felt like there are one possession away. You know I never really felt like the momentum was going towards them they did a shot to sort of stop the bleeding they. That was it southeast and a great job of creating and of distance and playing good enough defense that it just didn't matter in the second half. They outscored. They outscored by twelve points 62 to fifty in the second half. That's great that is a great showing your from your Boston Celtics 617779. 7937. As your phone number 37937. That's your number on tax we have full phone lines so let's get through on here as we react to the Boston Celtics going to the Eastern Conference finals. And we start things off here with cam in Foxborough he can't. Gary Campbell it's up. Augusta it was close to what he told go to work on the second half where we let Washington jump around them. Because this guy is just a workhorse of the whole postseason Coca struggling to rebound and do anything wrong side. It's really difficult one candidate second and third opportunities on offense. And just watching Joe Brown put everything fall into each and every defense to stop. Does this to go about five days although we've done so what is falling down was I jumped unless you know or care about them. Yes that was such a mouse that was a great play and there's a great photograph from that to which showed him basically you know. Parallel to the ground hold the ball in the sand that was pretty cool. Well it's it's great to feel rookie get up there and Stephanopoulos but condition don't always believe that. Yeah on the Alison I'm with you I thought that he deserved the more minutes over the course of the series and he's earned them and I think in the next round you're gonna see a lot more them through camp because you know he Crowder can't guard LeBron the whole time. I don't think they're gonna stick Amir Johnson on the Bryant. I don't think Jon Lester goes and he LeBron and even Gerald greens agony of running either it's going to be I think a lot of Crowder and a lot of brown I think he's gonna get in there and they're gonna and stick c'mon you know this is there not a lot of other options right now the whole defense strategy I think has to change. You have today you have to really invest more in your front court you have to make it more about OK who's gonna stop LeBron in the paint and then who's gonna deal with Kevin Love. This summer's gonna have to chase Kevin Love all over creation. Might be Al Horford might be somebody else. But these are these are decisions in in matchups that Brad Stevens now has to go through after playing a team that was really guard heavy and that's that's where most of their offense came for a more support they played well tonight Porter in particular his best game of the series by far. But in you had Wallin field doing most of the most of the work there. And first Celtics team that has to have Isiah Thomas on the floor 90% of the time that can lead percentile match ups in the same thing's gonna happen here in the next round. But it won't be quite the same. Because the cavaliers. And I know one of them is LeBron James but the cavaliers their best players two of them front court gash. So now unfortunately and I don't think this is necessarily a good thing for the Celtics why San fortunately. Now the focus shifts away from the guards which the Celtics have a bountiful amount. You know you have guys you can sub in and sub Bowden and feel pretty confident with with mark Smart and very rosier even Gerald Green I mean there's guys the you can feel like okay. If you need to you can put them in there in the hell they'll get the job done. In the front court I don't know you have that and you're gonna need that the series you'd need that coming up 6177797937. Jaret is in the. Alliger. Yeah eight Olympic all you got to cheer it's not. And at them but. I really like that clipped a rat. Are in the oil market he exhausted in the locker room. So. My question is. But that Tony meant rowdy the world. We ask me questions when he missed. The balance our sponsor. And that got it all here at an actual. How can somebody watch. That game that then. And not see the value of market my habit back basketball league that feel like you get. A lot of yet another bet quote even in the best series but tonight. In an Olympic and in game seven that. That's what act. That way victory. Yes that's where legends are made that's raw ledger you're about all those things and I well I don't I mean listen need to mention Mazur writing I don't know imagine sank. About Marcus markers anybody out its heart listen. And I don't I'm not saying this because I feel like I'm too good for any of these people obviously I'm not a month when the morning but I do because in my schedule it's hard realists and other shows during the day. I never hear the morning show hardly ever anymore I'm awesome on it. And it's not because I don't light yellow of the morning show a big fan on the morning show I just it's tough for me to get up at that time listen to it. And people salad just listen to an on demand but I have another job that the jobs are gonna come back this job and I'm on all my eight inches is the whole thing so. I don't know I mean I I don't know what other people are saying I don't know people who say that about Marcus Smart they have Iran markets Smart has been a huge huge boost for this team. He doesn't shoot well we know he doesn't shoot well yes and shot well about three months. Okay really I mean that's I'm not I'm not exaggerating he was so bad in March. It shooting the ball that it was it was late key I mean it was. As a poison pill when every had all you can do we should sit there and in the hold hands with whoever you were watching the game with and pray together that he wouldn't take a shot. And you know sometimes he would. They're doing the old I think and doing the old John efficient thing on TNT. In there's the wizards out on there and out there on the boat. That's nice. Yeah I'm really glad there was reason when this came I'm happy the Celtics woman I'm really happy the wizards lost. By the way John Wall. In the last nineteen minutes of this game ready for this zero points. All of eleven from the field. Zero for seven from three. He took eleven shots in the last nineteen minutes and missed all of them. Every last one. And that's why they lost by ten point 6177797937. We continue with your phone calls your Joseph was in Providence Ager. Bloggers. I'll play right now. Brad Stevens not a addiction girls file or. Put this into they are few years ago. And to be in the rare they're now probably the most honorable one seat I'd members. On being in my early thirties and they receive a one seed. That actually show balloons at some point earlier on. Yeah I mean the pacers were there one seat a couple of years back over Miami and I didn't feel great about them as the one seed but you're right I mean this there's some a little. A little odd about this year and how the Celtics were the ones she knew surges that boy that's you know. They could certainly lose to a team like Chicago the bulls get hot plate. You know the Celtics are able the withstand that and they were able the withstand some pretty embarrassing losses here in this series to and then bounced back from them even bounce back from some bad runs by the day or incredibly resilient the Celtics were in this series and that's I think probably the most important. They did the wizards ran out of gas more times. Than they did in and the Celtics never did. And I noticed some social media tonight. Salome. Or what others less capital NBA expand comment and well hi all since the sentence voters just been on the perimeter and take believes all you local Indians only. All year long. Don't listen to NBA and on a lot of way it took me off I'll take all the basket specialists here believe. I'll let you know special election Kelly. Every every championship team that apparently markets as far as I'm concerned I think it is an roster turnover on this on the trust on forward. I'll I actually the core. It is Avery Bradley market Smart and him out. I think that's what those you have to keep together. Avery Bradley markets Smart and Jalen brown. Yeah how I want actually had to come back well you know what peoples and promote direction isn't the only team that we've ever seen a side nine we. To a conference final be in the best letter and all I wanna do when game one. That's. The main enemy at the you know I don't care who they side. Also the product to answer the question which associates go back. Put his head on the pillow and a hotel stick about a 48 hours yeah I'm intimate that that's all you can ask for a pixel expands. You know a miracle would be nice if anything is possible Kevin Garnett. What I meant to. Yeah really great night tonight John clay is to sell the swing game one. TD garden may explode. TD garden might legitimately exploded and look like it did in 92 when the old guard was being demolished and you can drive up the expressway and look right in the arm that. For like dug a month. When they're not in the place down there it's like it was like it was like Chernobyl you know who's asleep sitting there. Half demolished but not all the way you can see right in you can see the seats spell in the season and taken out yet they were still working out of from the outside. But they knocked one whole wall down that's if they win game one it's DD guards don't like dat. I for a it's gonna it's gonna act actually look like. Some like a bomb went off in their. And I that would be that would be incredible and they they win game one the Celtics when game one. Who who who who. Oh boy they're gonna be party and down on that because we street that's for sure 617779. 793 settlements that while more call here before the break James is an Indiana agent. Really it's an incredible weather obviously being mourned police say good morning game two whether they say cavaliers. Said the game. I mean I think balls. And the great for tomorrow and they get to the war Pitt does that not fit enough but are there we go to the so that Colin back home. Yeah maybe I mean out an olive grounds that are pretty good career I think that he's you know as far as being haunted I'd say he's he's vanquished all the ghosts in his life you know he did he did beat those Celtics teams a couple of times. Without Ray Allen and then with them wow was that. Well. Yeah with Ray Allen helped him out pretty beat him with our balance that they won they they beat the subways and rail was a Celtic to have. I'm saying is he's in my character Marino and he's young along. Now if the Celtics they obviously don't. Yeah Eleanor that he pong ball the right to vote with tomorrow yeah. You gotta be thinking about it pressure on the you know aren't they for the last year's card you that you felt that by. They've got weaker and obviously he's got a problem with Russia. There really had a problem with pressure last year on the came back from three down three games the one I don't think so sorry James I disagree with most of the things he's in for golf. I like what you're saying I just disagree rulers. You know I'd like to say those things about LeBron you can't anymore he can't he's got a problem with pressure. It is a problem with pressure even the seven straight NBA finals. In last year's team was down three games to one and they came back and won the series and it was all because of him. So now it is not proper pressure anymore he's fine with the price pressures not a big deal offered LeBron James these days. As for the ping pong balls is that going to be is that you know going to be. Weighing on him or anything I don't really agree with that either. You know how old's the run 3536. So if we're talking about you know the south is getting the first overall target is 32. OK so by the time whoever the celtics' draft. Assuming they get the number one overall pick by the time that guys really ready did that challenged LeBron the Brown's gonna be 3536 years old white and I think he was 35 now. He's 32. US a he's 47 in his face. His body looks like he's a 43. Bite really I mean you know who it Alonso ball mark Al falls whoever it is. Even if there. A LeBron type player which I don't think either remark even if they work. You wouldn't know it until. You know 120 rate Nike when really it wouldn't become their team until then also there's this you know and the matter Jalen brown too by the way. Who is getting some very valuable very valuable playoff experience here. And that was that was really nice to see let's go to Zach in Newport before we take. Next hour and a half except the last OLA boy and the Irish are. Okay did he hears it. But it appears that bank expand globally oh and. Yea here on the phone here in our satellite you're on the phone with somebody else when I went even that's OK lieutenant woods that would subject. None out and well on the other Scott what was a cup. Okay and you're at the end. You know that the director of our. Laughs well the last threw in the in the balcony. Yeah flash on the balcony I love that Lance on the balcony how how it started out. Well like like on second street and eloquent all at any rate there nice like Newport. Was there this year. It's he's not a good one tonight. All off. I guess I sort of back to Carolina last night at eight hours hole. And that in the morning I don't hold it let it. And I think you Olympics and I thank you you might not pressure all right. Zach thanks for the call thanks for hanging out I love sitting in the last throw in the balcony did do you think I'm kidding I love destroy an agreement I actually like you can you can literally raise the roof. They have these like panels back there if you stand up on your share you can raise the route you can push the revoked. And I was that'd be good lake is tied but it treasurer there and a stick like like 101000 dollars up there when that when I'm like really rich. Just get out the big stack of money see if anyone ever finds that if they don't go back up there and get myself. Only gonna notice him in the background like sit in the Doug and Doug yeah. Zach was fired up 61777979237. Asian phone number we'll take a quick break it. Peg your I was gonna join me just then but we have full phone lines so what will do is well talked to Patrick at twelve midnight. Well it'll be the first the first guest of this of the Tuesday. And it that'll happen right after grant after a training and all that stuff at the top of the hour in the meantime we will get back to your phone calls after this quick break. This is Christian art can. On Sports Radio WEEI. To get back to. Especially if it's in this position. To get back to your home. It's special it's special very grateful. You know to be here and also. I understand how hard it is to be in this position at this point. And I'm an almond joy every every minute of it and and our guys you know they're younger they quite don't I don't think that's what we understand it. It is just it's just a good feelings are to be in this position. That was the voice of Al Horford. After the game Horford with the big night forty minutes he played at fifteen point six rebounds five assists. Played good defense underneath continued to shoot really really well all series two for two from three. And it was instrumental this entire series here. For the Celtics he's been great all playoffs Al Horford while earn his money here I'd say in these in the in this post season 617. 7797937. Asian phone number 37937. Asian armor on text Patrick your will join us rated the top of the hour at twelve midnight. Throughout breakdown he's on how he took this game in a I'm sure he still fired up I don't I am and I know you Marshal its impact your phone calls here we'll start with Brian in Norton who was sitting up in the balcony Bryant. Now dubbing me out balcony and I paradise a good budget. And tender and a double sided it's. It's. Not. Well it that you're on right now you know. It was it was it say it's one of those thing it was just the thought for someone you know for like a really rich guy sitting up there to stash it there and then. Lever for somebody to find the you know like early in a movie you're someone that I don't know. Have you on you have an. Deal breaker any if we start him. Start over and over mere I don't know why I say. I'd say ye ye you'll see a lot more Jalen brown probably in this in this next Cleveland series I would imagine. Just based on the match ups but I don't I don't know about starting him I don't know if that's gonna. Aaron thanks for Auburn and Bryan Norton there with. With the sound effects Josh. What is in Portsmouth apologized and as. Josh who do you turn your radio down. Chuck that's okay. Guess who smiles a little on my. Radio down east and please we beg of you. Would that I'm begging you to turn the radio than what I meant. Which John holds Joshua in Portsmouth when he gets his act together and we can. We can go back home at 6177727937. I realize everybody's fired up right now we're trying to get through this is he okay and a read it none out quite apparent away when second here for John Salley Joshua was a passenger in the car maybe. Or he was I don't know what's going on over there I don't know what that situation but. Yeah if you're at the game if you were there tonight and you're driving home or. On your way back in one who want to chime in on what the atmosphere was like the garden tonight sounded loud it sounded very loud got to give the gotta give the fans credit Joshua can get it together so we're just gonna move on from that all right he did not get that together he did not get it together it's okay. It's tough everybody's happy everybody's excited everybody's party in tonight. We'll get your phone calls here at 617779790. September right now we're gonna take a quick break when we come back. Patrick your WEEI. WEEI dot com will join us. And out breakdown this game and they'll look ahead to the Eastern Conference finals or the Celtics will meet the Cleveland Cavaliers game one it is Wednesday at TD garden. And we're talking about it here with you on late night don't go anywhere we'll be right back after this impacted your.

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