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Mut at Night with Ken and Alex - Does Isaiah deserve a max deal if he doesn't perform well in game 7? 5-15-17

May 16, 2017|

Ken and Alex fill in for Mut and preview the upcoming game between the Celtics and Wizards. They also look ahead to the off season and talk about if Isaiah deserves a max deal and if the Celtics lose what is the fate of Brad Stevens.

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At night on Sports Radio tell you we. EI. I think the weather forecasts and. Atlanta here Alex Raymer there whose fault is this. Lots of them a chance. Lots of local cook blow on the depth chart here. According show rag tag filling in for months filling in for Bradford I think this was supposedly a butch and Bradford night that's what I heard. River has heard rumors that box was maybe get a comment but he's of course covering game seven tonight when you say buck was a choice ahead of you on the on the list I get a lot of stuff with finer on this afternoon. With a lot of stuff flying around we are here for you double shifting. Sanitize self. And a pass only Gary tag later it is seven that era this is about an hour past your bedtime yes it is 6 o'clock at bedtime and you are not allowed to post the boss now Motley you host Ottawa cannot be trusted especially like this or everyone's going to be locked into the celtics' last may need museum something crew reunion on and on host getting about the number accurately 17779793. And a little light flashes they can't be trusted assay will be back right after that's. Yeah that's an anti teach you want that while he so why learn from meter the other day with Cain who recently completed at a solid attested to the current predicament so cleanly after LC does that I'd if you're headed to that game seven tonight I've heard it's a big. The big game parts of us wins a big game for the it is a must win yes they lose they go home. We want. I would like to dispute the big game. While this is kind of follow it can Europe's security behind you talk not today that it's phony. One and energize the past you've got to admit there's there's a lot of talking about it. What's the bigger scenario we heard this all afternoon. Both shows but there's Sheila Dail Colleen Keefe. They would you rather see them win tonight. Lose the draft lottery lose tonight when the draft lottery. On the initial winning the draft lottery is at its first the first or second pick up later that's what I said right size that you before regatta on what is lose the draft lottery mean like if they get the second pick it leaves the draft lottery now a third thirsty adding third what's about about that. So grateful for ball and it's great. Who's there a deep draft to here this is one of the deepest droughts like fourteen years. Fifteen years or so so I. I don't know ten I I feel like this is a huge week for the Celtics beat ties given that they swapped with the nets. They and I know they cut off elect image outlined in the past in a house to be a real bomb tomorrow night you think for them not to get at least one of those top three packs as I said Trenton 46%. 46% for top at one or 21 exit so even greater for top three. You read the top three I think though they have a 36%. Chance of getting stuck fourth. That's pretty FT it is hefty bite you can win tonight go to the Eastern Conference thousand I know they're gonna get smoked likely now that anybody is disputing. Eight be awards of the regular season each of the last two years notice that I smoked I think they'll win a game we do I am I'm not even get to I'm not even sure that I mean how long that has been resting week and a half to let us they're just they're going to be rusty. Batting in his community doubt take care of these guys and bring in the Golden State I mean I haven't lost the game this post season. I outlook unstoppable right now but that that's almost irrelevant doubt that that is irrelevant compared to tonight's game. We were talking off the yeah I think this is a huge game for the Celtics knocked in the old yeah. I get the overall grand scheme that gonna go to against Cleveland and lose again. In terms of perception and if you're Gordon Hayward watching tonight appear Paula George appeared Jimmy Butler. The Celtics win regarded as a rocket here about awesome this great sports town so to score on and win tonight. I think it adds a little juice to I do I guess last year they lost game six it'll the hawks US. Place was rocking early didn't matter they lost it and are they still got Horford to come wonder if that one's. Someone in a deal for a Z has he says that he may we talked to a sister I am a worker she does not like you processes Alec Boston's were and I'll tell you she says you know we try to. Cut the players down as talk shows and I said yes you're correct. Yes absolutely correct why in Atlanta they tried to build about yup she is immoral laid back. She says that we should try to build a mop knock items which is ninety stole from SI did I settle I'd totally stoic yup Andy gray eroded the enemy and said what you do the on my ideas and hit rock. As I did batter me aggregating you just like basically plagiarize let's show a day or I've had an original and if you can okay. Back to your big picture you you said it will be cast enabled them to smoke. If they lose what changes. What really is it you really think Gordon Hayward will look at the situation as it ought the point that there would keep seven immaculate there. I think he'll I think but I think he can look at it and go you don't they're really building towards something Eastern Conference finals means there that you know second best team in the conference again to guards rot in. Game seven rockets atmosphere I think that means something rather than they go out and lose against Washington then you're looking out and saying. What did they really accomplish its policies and we all agree the balls without Rondo sock that's like 25 to thirty win team without Rondo were gifted the first predicted a first round and so it's kind of scratched about that in and you go to Washington and if they lose to Washington the only policies and went under Brad Stevens is that victory of Chicago which we agree as an ostrich to sell. And you ask yourself. How much progress and they really make this season in terms of their policies and advancement. Nobody's lost the home game in the series going back to the regular season itself from that point yet cattle like guests. It'll shows some. Lack of seem togetherness or when it counts the most in game seven you choke is not a great road does not get rid of Australia seventy only game going on tonight. Everybody in the league will be watching as it was Ottawa. In NBA. The NBA world. People people are people are watching tennis and yes they are and sellers for the last for the fourth quarter is not or lower right they're going to be listening to us then they're going to be once it fourth quarter natural. Yes so I just it's I just think that in terms of perception. You look at and say you can either really starting to build something. You look the biggest thing to me will be a and it's it may not may or may not be fair depending on what happens tonight it's the play of Isiah Thomas because last year. If I remember correctly he was not very good in game six he struggled to get up and act he put up some anti points in the second half brightness. But Augustine to scheme to take him awaited those double teams on on the Arkin and everything and he's got a great passer he's had some moments in the series. But if he has a lousy game tonight. Knitting and will be back on a 603 tomorrow he crushed the ball last year's been pretty light on this year. And others will follow suit right because now at your best player didn't show up. When account the most although again he if he's double team I guess people understand it well. I mean it and that's been the whole narrative forward whether he is the marquee guy Tomas wrote about this today. The Max contract player can he trade it is it too late traders OS. We disagree with my aunt dot com colleague my fellow commie tomorrow it'll away. I don't think Isiah Thomas is a Max guy and I think the Celtics have made it quite clear areas and cat because they haven't signed to an extension and also. They haven't gone in with him at the deadline right said he had an opportunity. To acquire Jimmy Butler or acquire Paul George to really make legitimate run well Thomas is still under contract and they have not done. But what what's the reason they have not done at his beat is it because that could get a better. Younger point guard tomorrow night. I think Obama had a right away I just think they view Isiah Thomas any view this team as a whole as a transitional group. They view this as the bridge to the next great Celtics team they do not think this is the next street team I. I don't miss the corps or for its part of that cork or for its part of that core I don't think as they as part of our core I think we got to talk about what this game means I think this game interns and Isiah thomas' career at the Celtics. Is irrelevant I think the Celtics have made decision water very least so you can trade him if he looks bad tonight you don't get much for. Well I don't know about act and you know I don't think it is value takes and he can't if I'm based on one port you know game seven performance. Which is talking about Gordon Hayward putting all this important Sony game sevens so that means like to Gordon Hayward like enemy lots Isiah Thomas and how he shows opening game set. What I think I just think if you're player watching and you're thinking about coming to Boston he's making way be an emotional choice you just see it tonight and it could be a great book we agree. For the Celtics franchise that we know how the guarding king gets a green out right can be green big green out it's not all the lights he wore some black. I game. Yet I again a minute this time I know she wore rainbow colors you define me as I always an original cars I razor colors. But it says it could be a great look for the Celtics tonight on that's my point but Isaiah now if you -- distinction of holding it against him as a player as a as the final Gian because if he stinks it'll be watched because the wizards double team him triple team. Right and many can't get a shot off whereas if I'm GM I say okay. On my team Isaiah Thomas would be my third option. Or maybe even my sixth man so it doesn't matter you know he's not know that any teams can acquire Isiah Thomas to make him their number one. OK so for any individual player does their performance matter tonight. Avery Bradley he hasn't. Lousy game because I know what he is now he's does that appease a good defensive play word. Or for that 100 police signed goes a little draw under but in terms of again perception. In terms of how people feel about Al Horford casino you know we take these calls called off all all the time and people look at Horford. Doesn't always somebody you on the box scored his sister made a point about the issues very upset about some of the coverage and Al Horford. Has received this season thinks that people aren't even watching the games so if you have Horford disappear in the fourth quarter. If he has you know thirteen are saying you know not really a huge impact I think a lot of people step back and say aren't you gave this guy Max contract but. He's just not a Max player. End of the its reporters Callahan morning again. Will go through every year line by line once again as your last week when you're at Medina how many Conway regional in his in his rookie is just how many how many zero. This is this white suited them which has the league is changed. The league history its its perimeter game primarily yes yes and any corporate a perfect embodiment. OK so if it's not really about individual players Jorgensen Horford the remained I still think. Thomas people crushed on tomorrow you would. It's gonna be cholesterol lowering and he has a back gains in any thoughts still upset Kirk was anyone crushing Isiah Thomas last year. And wait for sure but it's also a real person. I think he took some legit eats from from others. Utters play but how much it but you have to be realistic about it too I mean he's 58 if he's tripled to entities and Max players don't think he's an explain. And an adult they and immediately he's an explainer yet. You do it I Jeter Tomas if more birdies yet you'd give him a Max contract and make him a building yes he is proven it for the this year up until the last couple games. That he can create his shot for sure he's what 52 point game 53 unbelievable again it's amazing he's had some extraordinary games this post season. Now a scheme for me again took a little longer what teams saying to you people do it that's the thing I mean this series games three through six as they're Thomas is average you know about nineteen points on which has led. But he's been taken out of games in these spots he hasn't taken a ball during game five really was Avery Bradley and Al Horford carried so. I think what's Washington's dirty game planning for Isaiah. I he's been he's been a little subdued the last four games while he's such a bargain next you're six point two million slasher and contracts I guess from that standpoint you could still move. No I don't look Allegheny as if you really wanted to get mark L Fultz and atlas mobile some of the draft experts he seems like the U what I player over one's a ball. I think because also indicates it was father's father's. Although Fultz can't shoot right that's the one east. I'm done I'm done with regards to our average shooters we have we have to have one of those markets Smart. But if he's John Wall or I guess people competitive Chris Paul. Right 64 ranging grizzly guards walking sheet right that's great shooters on luggage that's not a good buyers now by. Idex great point guard whenever. I'd but you know I then you're willing to move Isiah right in right and in points right like what is there anybody who will take him for a year at six point two I think. Any team that takes Isiah is and how the mines are they going to sign him to a contract extension byte. No team that treats raising Thomas I think is going to make him a centerpiece you know he is not going to be number one option wherever he goes where is that's what is here and there is. I still believe a limited self flight to your right and he's had some phenomenal games this post season but again games three through sex. Once it was answered double team him he's been taken Ottawa that my prediction is. Celtics win tonight it would not be because of Isiah Thomas it will be because Avery Bradley Al Horford and dispense stamps because of wizards have found a way to kind of take him. I can't learn Alec three are in tonight for much at night Sports Radio WEEI begets insults at a course until 8 o'clock as well for those headed Celtics game. How big is against him if they lose does anything change is there an individual player that's got more on his shoulders like earlier than any other. I see it's on as we talking about 617 cents and 97937. To a join the program texts at 37937. The bench has been another cliche thing. Can't play on the road. At home no pressures of the eventual show up tonight you buying into that as the end. Yes what's swings nice game I think batter mediocre players at lifted by the home crowd in the NBI which is why you see got so I think I'd at the Celtics when I think it's gonna have to be. It big game from their bench because again I'm not expecting a lot from Isiah Thomas through four quarters on the they're starting five is not as good as Washington's but it now benches there I think you've seen series play out there are better team mall to get what you get cliches and the Celtics are the better team but the wizards have the best player. In this series it was like Al and you Bradley be proud of my top ten player either directly into the act which I did I did was hurt with his top fifteen players right. Yeah I idols on another note he does not it doesn't pass to shoots so he does but it's pretty good 12 punch I don't it would would they give the cavs. Of bigger and better fight they what. I think the wizards and win a game against Cleveland I know deal beach it's week. I do what I think it's heading south at its passage Batman and the Celtics get swept yes the wizards they'll win at least game. Either way it does matter the I mean like the team's gonna take clean set. Now but I mean the of the Celtic I mean John walked shoddy get in game six and not is a bad ass shot as a shot and only go to the rankings against it this morning. I don't maybe not not talk not top ten but that is a top ten player types that kind of socket John Walsh talked. And games sex and you know he he he can take over game in an instant in the Celtics do not happen. But probably knows does carry alone of course LeBron rights slow it down. Bradley deals we got to score thirty points again hot for you wallow Nino can take over games so I think Washington just because they're more star studded how the better starting five. Better chance to steal a game or two. Were too do you think we've do you think this wearing black thing for game six will live like if they lose tonight. Will the narrative all offseason being a drop in airport Placer the first fifteen minutes on a roll I'll Errol. Pull people look back and say this is not sick chickens appear recent incident but something where they that was their melt down moment emotionally date. Like Letterman jackets that the Texans weren't Foxboro prior years ago put up one up like 45 points on Monday Night Football never recovered again area. I think it's quite like that but yeah it looks really dumb you know Ed when we all laughed at the wizards and they did it for the regular season game in January. I mentioned the Texans we all have to and the special and lost by 45 point so yeah it's stupid this'll it's an audit which makes them look weak and cowardly. So it was it was done it was a horrible like in any other team won the game to an appraised for and see assembled let's face it him up from the start locked up for Tommy Tommy it's so dumb. It's so Donny and put yourself in the other person sees in this instance any other team does that can. Well lapping them out of the city right wearing black where are you middle schoolers from. YT stuck with that maybe tonight where some battling anybody else thirteenth but yet. It's. But it's it goes into the pile of them. It's very elementary not not ready for the big time right it's elementary you Wear black in and you lose game six as well especially Beagle won and lose game seven at home. After guessing the wizards again have their funeral in game six is a horrible look for assault and then again to go back to. Our conversation earlier period gave Gordon Hayward saying it homer Butler Paula Georgie what patents in this team. Is up 32 against Washington. Leading by five points with a minute they're going game sex they're wearing black they lose that game and and they lose this series this is an amateur operation. That's the message if they lose to. Those guys mostly carry on money ball although I guess Hayward he leaves we'll take less money so right in the money will be there are other places in altered and the only team after these guys. Aren't tobacco must and Johnson got Ralph and Christmas are soft here Ralph these Saturday morning my friend. Big guys say good I don't. Good people can operate at different getting the field to win. Is a group which shooting percentage of fictional 55%. Or more they they've put in this game. They know they rebound into our our orphan to teach. He'll block a new book dish it to gain you look at that assertion and a half court game because they are not the only it's local all the way. So what big national real well they have a shot. Well Washington. It's a quick transition and that it is not the really good team. Now if we're gonna win this game you know Cleveland reminds me of little bit change that irrational catalog of like I've got to be here as bill actual check. They won't give to people on every game and I think if the purpose. Two win that game really well and blood kind. It's not that that would oppose it in the all pro abortion should be structured team Blake AR. And it won't replace that which is aware. But I I don't I think the struggles we had a couple of games just by you know loved spending a lot of time just. Paranormal controlling your little or press a little bit nowhere is that it would. Rough he's been resting all year pretty much he's been resting all policies announced they can just be ready to go and stop these Celtics since the ground. If in doubt that's only because he skipped from Wiki it would continue to get there a couple of tree you can something important like LeBron don't give him something to cool and cold all should be. He's probably the best all around player ever now people treat you a look at the greatest player. What about better than Jordan but yet and you'll connect risking anything at all it's got a veteran club. They sure. Fully into the final. What he does turn and look at it from double to be it will open you guys. I should a lot of good that could change that too that they could trigger they try to look that way. Trent. Just he could fool. Who really. If you're basing physical pressure. Iraqi. Roughly wanna see shoot well tonight who's the guy is it's not Thomas somebody else. The current offense if you look at all until the term escape is reject his face or. Say that the patient that they really are not in the know you could say hey this is not. No one touched itself because it is. And try to look for any guilt. Noble one either surprised guy in the occupied technique. Gerald Green but they have opinions to myself why the cut the spectrum this political that's what you don't usually right. And deported the pulpit truck but he has to step up. Right reasonable one if it was just Isaiah. Bradley Effect of what you should know. Iraqi thanks for the call it's not a pleasure. That's Ralph in Cranston star of mustard Johnson deal in the cavaliers really turned it on 10 April 5 and they came appeared regarding in to stop and ask. Celtics won by 25 points LeBron just stopped into the ground and that game a totally swung to think that Cleveland is just. And holed that costs well that's the thing you get into a series it could be more demoralizing that it could be uplifting for the so as you get embarrassed like that for four games and just it's just run out you're Jim. John Oates who politically we'll. But that being said LeBron is what 32 yet. So at some point we're gonna have a conversation when you see on the decline in is a franchise you're gonna challenge him at some point you wanna establish. But this is not been counting post season for LeBron. Now of course means in this city as a little Angel so flow. We're eight. Fellow here right so it's aids it I I think the winner of this series it stopped it's more about it's more about perception again for the Celtics because they were up in this if they lose the series can. It is a choke right I mean they're up 32 definite wearing black and allows fine next for the last five and again. There wait they're reading 8782 with a minute 3040 go Friday night. Isiah Thomas with a turnover turns into a quick three on the other end by Bradley be all. On you know that he misses a three pointer as well also Isiah choke down the stretch in game six as well so outlook for the Celtics if they lose tonight. Maybe you'll borderline humiliating for them it's not a close game. Ollie Johnson Aussie techs needed Fultz can't shoot a kennel apparently Mike. The celts got a report is off a little Dicey that hitching a shot though he's these percentages like 30% the last add ons and balls straight shooters well street treating motion. And eat it you know teammates I guess we'll skis with Washington so. Stuff to buy these guys a tree was it double team getting and is already ripping me for interviewed Ralph wasn't an interview I just asked a follow up question I wanted. Voted on exactly who we wanted does route the seeds she is very important yes I mean star mustard Johnson we gotta gotta make reform can phone lines are banked 617779793710. Blair is here Alex streamers here Brad those not here he can't hack it. Neither did what she. You got us a up until that time and it won't get into some nonsense Shea and it Jenkins Hernandez watched the full hour Dr. Phil so bad all man that is such a cheesy show. And Tom Brady spoke. 20. O'Connor yes you know now on long Brady profile estimate of people were a Celtics until 8 o'clock here on Monday night. That's a more much at night on Sports Radio WEEI. Game seven coming up at. Eight deadlier out three reform but. Pregame duty and get treated very exciting if post game tomorrow starting at 533 down absolutely water loss Celtics here on your home for Boston sports WEEI right there you go. Now we've talked about the fallout if the Celtics lose tonight and what's at stake all that jazz about for Brad Stevens who talk a little bit on Isiah Thomas the coach is gonna start to feel the heat. Here they dropped as well as you accurately describe the child would be choked they lose this yeah horrible. I mean you mentioned if they lose this they would have watt blast went for the last five games of the series wrecked. Again a three to Wear all black heading into game three comes across like a Mickey Mouse operation. That's what he would say if there's any other team right let's put the shoe on the other foot here let's say the wizards like John Ferrell. Together sport you know all right I want to control the blood sport and other team anything. You open a series and you drop it to choke especially if you Wear all black and you're leading on the road so stupid deal so. Yes so dom. We would win based any other team they did but here it's fine. The baseball players do that through the Daily Mail addresses. Theme song on road trips with him out in court yen on an extra exactly but the but the Texans can haven't really been able to recover from. Mean for a tougher cup and as the Texans know it's hard to compare it and I don't she says it's a Mickey Mouse operation you would you do with theme nights you get blown out to you lose and then the Celtics didn't even take ownership. Even take ownership. That's so weak. And Brad Stevens I'll I was off the texting chain I mean come yeah what do I need is just doesn't happen again what I dressed in black all the time. The dollar your teammates dressed in black to white area right now so this was any other team we would be lap yet they could do little rattled by. And if they delusional if they lose tonight on the at home as you especially it's it's a pat it's an awful. But it would fire Stevenson now. I don't think and he can't I mean did they get finished first and conferences but let's not forget with eighteen that still. Big picture speaking. Over achieved from accounts would nobody disagrees that would some fans rewind the clock to not picking up somebody at the trade. I'm partly Seattle now I think that's looking back on that they've got this far they get themselves every chance the windy should win game seven it's now all these players. That is off the GM's shall I mean if they lose to the wizards and and you could make act gain easy and safe they have Jimmy Ballard to win yet there are gonna win next round. OK but they beat Washington right in if they had Jimmy Butler on this team think probably give Cleveland a little bit of a series. Yeah that is the one thing that you would like to see the matchup for the cats to see how close or how far they are right. And litmus test whether they need Jimmy Butler when they do any one of these guys proceed he'd do but you know in particular what area of your team. But don't go back to was Thomas was going through Johnson mossy decent W dot com. And he's going down the reasons why he thinks Thomas is a Max player he's right there are some real. Average sounding players who were gained 25 million box well. And the drama of Stephen Adams CJ McCollum. We see this in baseball to them right I mean a player's salary does not necessarily mean that he is actually start playing in T players are getting overpaid. All the time we know in the NBA's salary cap keeps going up so that's the reason why I mean just because I player gets a Max deal. Doesn't mean he's stark white okay but you're sick so you're not so you're saying Thomas will get Max money you'd think he should do next with the pain as. When Isiah Thomas goes elsewhere and I think it's a when it not in yet but he's a sixth man for really good team. He did that seems to be the ideal situation form kind of what he was in Sacramento and Phoenix before. 617779793. Cents you like to weigh in on the importance or lack thereof of tonight and tomorrow the big tie in of course is the draft lottery tomorrow night. The mossy say mark health Fultz cant shoot he would be I think their pick if they got warts do. I'm so whatever 45% chance they get one that the Celtics never get the first two dozen pat. So I think it could be a brutal 48 hours you'd lose tonight show the series away. Thomas has a clunker. Wham yesterday but any get sucked with the fourth pick yourself and your drafting Josh Jackson Kansas instead of one leads to quote unquote. Big point guard starts the future. That's policy crippling they have they have another pro. Well picnic at a Brooklyn tech next year yup so it's not crippling. Means that in and that we have we have to keep that in mind that the Celtics to any big picture speaking you remove. It was an portraits on the negativity sports talk radio you talked about it. 1015 minutes a pretty nice to I was into it Susan. She's only three of these laws Obey their apple she's always on the tot all of any interview subject he just wants to rip people. Yeah but you'll predators that she ripped. No no she she media she ripped the media Media General should get your general said well let me elders he ripped in Sports Illustrated not a crime if we purity covered ground so she that was the Horford babies yes they are at the failure the anti attorney leave can yeah I love the only socialist who we talked about paternity leave he's painted himself as the anti. Paternity leave guy he really hates Felder more than anybody seeds about to more than anyone that she hates the fact that you know we're negative she thinks he should be building the players not hearing him. But I let Al Al Horford does feel as. This is just now this is just our sister and sister she claims he doesn't read doesn't was one of those deals and she's in where Michigan season Michigan's not Boston tonight. I thought she would be she's she was trash talking treatment greener somebody else she was she was trash talking drama on green right she cities and grab more not that he had a look at it alt. Violate a date where I love and a lot of effort I love her pushed out her brother back on fire and to be honest at the so sheet that was in response to she was defending Kelley in Atlanta to a Celtics that she's she defends her boys. They need that kind of. I see that's the fire and any yes com. The other you know story I guess your last couple games you talked to the bench. But Bradley has been so good and he still lost last game out of what he can continue that. The odds are against him having that kind of game last two games 28 points shooting 60%. 713 three. He's not seeded defender always but he can't. Come up when that again much of what chance at. All eyes they'll have to really pick him up and another other slightly ice storm and again bright yet and it's like we said earlier it depends on Avery Bradley replicating what he's dining gamespot and sex and Al Horford replicating what he's done for the most part this post season as well I take it back is a Bradley has a great. Defense of performance tonight and shuts down. Peel. Or something along those which has done at times this series he'll still get praise for that even if he doesn't shoot well peel and wall 159 of Washington's 92 points in game six. So obviously that's that's the prize but. On to look at it that Neil quoted quote he's in the game a brick scheme now breaking it down I'm telling you corporate and Bradley are the key. For this game for the Celtics has again not Isiah Thomas out and we'll see if they can replicate the formula they had in game five. Now on. You said beyond Fultz and ball. Third pick is suit accused duke I guess or Johnson from Kansas. Yes posting a great track but I don't know like Jalen brown last year nobody heard of and he may be great players sell but. It seems like if you look at the first the second ticket's gonna be below always. It's a let down because you mention what does a 45% chance that at least two packs you know you've been we've been waiting these Brooklyn pics of Brooklyn packs okay and fourteen against number six ago with mark Smart. You know last year idea you know get the pick that they want either they have to go to ground cell. On we know that history or the Celtics in the lottery say your right can I mean this could be a great 48 hours for the Celtics up lifting when. In game seven at home against Washington they get one of the top two picks in the draft or it can really. Cut them down from underneath again from a perception standpoint it's big picture he's still out there Brooklyn pick next year is to love your team intact. I'm heading into next season Brad Stevens I still think on the whole is a real good coach an upgrade from Doc Rivers certainly they did win the series is kind of fault with me now is yes they did what in this team is on the right path. We all understand that but if they are going to go to the next level. Eight and be viewed as a legitimate team again legitimate. Contender in the NBA. Is Paramount for them to win tonight it is Paramount fans have a strong showing because of not again blowing a 32 series lead dressing in all black and looks like an amateur tight production if they blow this year's. Now on all eyes on the game as far as like people were crying it will wasn't on Sunday the play game one of the western finals before this game wild. But it's or such greatness reaching a Sox team tonight not that at this point people watching. But 1980 Sox going to for a half hour late religiously at Saint Louis and coming up why like that. Big leagues here yes I'm looking for a not a fan Milwaukee series last week now the funny season Lester east and that's a pretty good. Culminating Milwaukee teenager like crying about that. I don't want face as she ought to me now and close the roof. And with a summary I purchased it and let him hammer was in a factory there now looking for that. But perhaps your side which you're right about the dole NBA will be watching them on it's Monday nights of this this game will be a ratings boom. And people always talk about the Celtics have this history with Harry Byrd and rustle in the championships that doesn't matter to Gordon Hayward but doesn't matter to Jimmy Butler beat you know it matters how the team is now. You know the Celtics with Garnett Allen and pierce were able to attract all these veteran players not because every third because he had a damn good team. Right yet so it it's all about the here in the in this wind just in terms of catapulting the Celtics up to the next level in the NBA this game. Means a lot because that they have catapulted Washington if weak product Toronto they have asserted themselves if they went as the second best team. Behind Cleveland in the east and you mentioned that LeBron James is 32 you know it's a little bit of an aging cavaliers team lots of miles on LeBron like you know Kevin Love accent or with his injury history. With all he's number one packs and all these chips that Danny in towns in the cap room. You see hip hop forward the next three to 45 years were the Celtics can be neck and neck with Cleveland down on the line if they win tonight but if they lose you Satan. How much better are they from Washington how much better argued in Toronto and land they're still in that pack and lose and that's a bit. The age thing with Isaiah has been deliberate thing too they're gonna have that decision in a year he'll be 129 via mean. I guess the and still shoot four good years left in them but you're thirty and and you start it squeamish about in the big contract but anyway if he. Struggles tonight you'll be taken it tomorrow but if you she rises up and plays well big spin that aired of their we'll take it until Leah. Tips on toppled Celtics you go to your calls and your last minutes excellence at a senate tonight 7937 Ken and Alex Roemer in. For much at night we will get into the Dr. Phil sheet Hernandez. She's not she learned she shade Janet Jenkins and this industry it to last a savior and our will give you a quick recap all everything was already released from the accept and understand this Dr. Phil it's like the one interview people interest in and they release it on line before. He had a not well I think they. I now he's got all my buck well sort of like she said it was a there's a so let's stop coming out of this for a week like she said you know I got the series and it was a hoax and away image she said pat. This interview that's been out there for like five days I got I going to few things they like us of that brand new Michael Holley a book David Ortiz. Beautiful can poppy did you get a free copy I got a free copying from Michael hauling himself. Now from the publisher. Publisher I don't know we get we got a bunch we outs part of the curtain Italian this is Kurt Russell works OK I got through the introductions on I'm on well is that partly red spot beating. Gals I have a question I should ask colleges about the excerpts are all the good excerpts are there any out there you know I don't know yet so I was frustrated Libya called atlas shows maybe a re during the break the globe takes shot shot SE is well theater to Alter a shot at the yet yes I think like coded language and Ortiz is shot at the it was well there's some good stuff in this actually from the excerpts that. I'd seen something else on the air yes we'll until now and I got crushed for Buena Ortiz homered today it would show. We get that we get Brady's interview will get the Red Sox stagnating right now. And so again get to all things out streamer Ian that Steve Buckley and bring new podcast out against the pot with Barry hot he had two outs podcasts finally up I like he's king Peter King obsessed. That the PC crowd amendment impact yet admitted it needed shot of you for its needed eyes. Mordechai on your election. I Wear black all the time so. Come personal reasons June 2 side has seen in my house or black. It's much that night on Sports Radio WEEI. Since I've been here and we and we hit adversity. That's his long lose we lose we don't play well in those types. That's everybody is ready and right side of the garden garden by the blessings that we've ever seen. Oh. I'd the final tick down here till the AT&T it game seven. Greatest super. Sports if you don't have a visit either attend all ten games as wire in the business practice my religion nightly news this preview our guy. And it is but at night I didn't even know that was officially the title to show because. They're Red Sox season there are very few of these programs those socks. Games on what was almost in the morning we'll watch closely what you're Bradford can Laird and downstream and we'll let. Does say K and see on Red Sox off days right right and let's let's not these are the only days there is a real Monday night program Beth. So is not a lot of mud at mile ride on a night there was no one night the wolves Ronnie. Mean yet and that we right do you have a show named Mike Mudd at night you gotta you gotta pump that was Mexican right some as good as Boston sports to. Hostels poetry why that is did the age do you Celtics counter programming as well. Guys in the glare at 9 o'clock I doubt I doubt it though it's just supposed game probably later. So yet from just us glittering game updates right here to what your and it turned down TNT you I'll be watching still in turn us. I'd be my advice to brand new big screen HDs this studio was revamped bottle once again district not look at the TV behind you is finally been turned on yet. I don't as the Bruce is now concede it that's where Ryan most of what's right should be the other sunglasses you'd prefer from the first show ever find tech and a fine program. Profit grants their view they got the highlight of the few. You're your predictions what it really let's do it build a tidy this up let's go full board here. I think I got a bad feeling for the Celtics that bad feeling yet topics I've taken the wizards. By how much. Fair blow out what is that 1212. Points of them double digits Celtics vital all too much celtics' twelve yup. Diplomatic building tonight they're gonna be ready Brad Stevens haven't fired up they were embarrassing game six all black all of ASEAN and they were rattled by their. Plus the beetle the benches. Again the bench plays we'll really get it but. Nothing from the bench last. That's that's demoralizing where they're playing OK so who's to who's the guy and Smart has been nighter Smart. I breezy and intensity on the defensive backs are active in Jalen brown stealing browns coming out party. Talent. At all any major middle and it hit some shots here as well. Below wall mop the floor I saw the coaches sit well forties and its once I'm in Washington is really kind of a two man team I mean outside of that Otto Porter is even played the last couple games haven't seen much of on the court. Washington is really I'd agree you know I like Markieff Morris who or where it's hot so it's TDs one of those bankers talk about their needs a down to guide to Jericho it and you mentioned earlier can you know it is to any means get criticized the Celtics lose. I think where you can. Pick it Danny Ainge is not going after a marquee Morse fight in court tot type of hanger who can secure the inside. Guess that would not cost one of The Who who was for him for not knowing who who went that was him or opera. Was a name that was thrown around a little bets mean there comes shooter shooter but some size a little bit of a body I mean there were some guys who were moved to. Again the Celtics can have acquired without giving up that Brooklyn I don't play an anti. Well if they know if they get the fourth pick tomorrow night it'll bad because then. He traded. You yours that nick had the mystery of possibly being a one or two and it has some capital so if you wanted to bullet. Then it had value I'd sort of died tomorrow night before the draft like this in order. He's not great is a note after Imus I mean you know and have a 45% chance in the first two picks as you said that's pretty good yeah and I've been gone for top three. I'm an again I think it's cleared ago toward Isiah Thomas discussion at any change in south XT not you Isaiah Thomas. As a franchise building block player is if they did in the Arab peace until an extension or beat potential pressure decided to an extension of org but there's pressure to invest in him by getting him a running these next couple of years and eight. Made no attempt to do that the deadline they did not buy oil reports make a strong push towards Jimmy Butler or George. Well if they get a another free agent signing a somewhat city Gordon Hayward but. Supporting cast player then they may choose to do that in the offseason may be folic it's too early for which the were still not there yet but the you signed player X. Now we flippant and make the trading Gulfport. Well but if you and you can still sign. I say it the Euro but if you think Isiah Thomas though easier guy he's your franchise players to mossy writes today then and you don't waits the there's no need to wait you have your irony here which you can't wait until you got everything lined up around Isaiah to where you like it Jalen brown you're older rosier a year older yeah. But I think Isiah is a part of the larger pot is a part of the equation it's not building around and say it's building with Isiah as a part yes that -- a team I don't use city's sixth man did team I think that's. I don't out of here illegally team I'd be mean but what's wrong at the Whitney start for. Cleveland. Washington. Knee OK I am dense that you Cassini you'll see all Golden State you wouldn't start for. True sandy don't know how these guys lifts blocked because of the great teams I said egg on a Greek team have really good great team. Sixth man is the ideal role for what's about to write this laid. What the league's gone with the league's gotten it's a powerhouse teams perimeter it's fluid T it's food cap right. There rotating lot of guys in teens are deep 78 deep it's only differently. Our right we will keep you posted as this game goes on throughout the night but counter programming yes not Celtics knocked it out for those who don't care. All the calls out stay on the line yet excellent throughout this sorry we had bank lines and and get that we'll mix who until ten I talked to announce those ones that podcast but it's just he's not enough to get. And any opportunities to be on the air. On the morning show right Kirk took a shoddy this morning again he's the head that you wouldn't be on at all not feared. Sexuality when they say this I don't know in passing he was out of it and that era that really would be back he was back after a long time off you were slaves lasting one hour was listening to realism. That and elk credible again Asia and ideas and add my name is mentioned I know I'll find it for. And you. We got here is Peter King said we haven't aides need our podcast as much need. I don't talk about that was the Dr. Phil show you managing cancer and Anderson he needed there's a second part for God's sakes the mark did we learn anything. Well that's the good part we get the gay stuff in the second OK if true that's the part we need. So that's why you're waiting to write the piece to what's the only piece reduced due to get all the stuff today was already released two days ago. We know shy and doesn't think he committed suicide we know she thinks he's innocent. We know that CN stays or place cooks for the boys doesn't ask questions are hurting you office in Tom Brady spoke yet again. We hear from Brady will play back some of the show again Jake it's Hernandez that's coming up an hour to of this blockbuster mutt like Atlanta announced dreary and Sports Radio to be.

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