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Mut at Night with Keefe - Would you rather have the Celtics win game 7 or get the number 1 overall pick? 5-15-17

May 16, 2017|

Keefe previews game 7 of the Celtics vs the Wizards. Keefe also talks about a hypothetical scenario, would you rather have the Celtics win game 7 but then get the number 4 pick or they lose game 7 but get the number 1 pick.

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It's much that night on Sports Radio tell you. We EI. We are now going on posting three weeks. No but that night. Shocked that his name is still in the intro but Mike minutes he. Not in here tonight than just rich he for the next hour solo hour. So please call me at 6177797. And 937. You keep texting and I will admittedly not look at got a lots. A 37937. So 6177797937. Really the best way to get through. Over the next hour and also tweet me at Keefe when he won a but again the tax and the tweets what you're doing a solo show can be very distracting. So maybe I can look at those during the break but it's it's very distracting during the show so not looking at it right now so you give us a call here for the next hour. And Celtics is or are we talking about as game seven is tonight c.s and wizards the home team. Has won every game in this series. And I don't think that's a shock we saw that play out in the regular season where. Two for Washington in Washington to for the Celtics in Boston. Celtics now by the way all 12 when one team wears all black to a game. They still think. I know those few days ago but that still drives me nuts though such a four look and they're all trying to play it off late. Our dollars is a coincidence that's odd coincidence and it's stupid and then you lost. Then John Wall after he hit the buzzer beater he mentions it right away and say hey look. That you know nobody does this in our building. I guess that's true Boston and they'll do that in their building but on the flip side the Celtics have looked really good including a dominant. Game five performance against the wizards where. We have spent all day we were alone bitter resentment is Amir Johnson doing in the starting lineup but he goes out there he's actually presents a bit in the paint. You know some some blocked shots and rebounds. And using a productive. Now we didn't do much in game six which is just such it was such a frustrating. Loss. Very low scoring game there we're used to seeing these two teams play in the hundreds the first team to want when he is gonna win. And then you got yourself a a slow down kind of sloppy game that first half John Wall was a mass. I mean you know you make and that James Harden jokes with with John Wall he was so bad. In the first half couldn't shoot he was it was a mess in and he obviously turned things around. Say when Bradley deal about he wasn't a mass early on he just could not vanity threes until they really needed one. You know down five with a minute I have to go and Bradley deals able to go in there and in hit that shot coming within two and there we know what happens after that. This is a game where the Celtics were so close they were the first road team. To lose a potential closeout game. He did to Iraq or how to run a company said that better. But that's where was that teams I think we're ten and no. At that point and facing eliminate or with a chance to clinch on the road until the Celtics wanted to Washington. And lost. And I'll see if they can flip lateral beat who in a row willow Woolsey but not to oversimplify things but this really comes down to. The back courts you knew as soon as this was the series what this was going to be the match out. Isiah Thomas and Avery Bradley. Yet Thomas who is an MVP candidate. Arnold where he'll finish by deserves to be in the top five. Avery Bradley. Even though a fringe. Maybe you all star snub I don't not a snub. There's all NBA defensive player emotional last W and what he's capable offensively. At the back core I think you'll stack up what most in the league. Yes apple states but it is up there. In Washington has the same thing don't John Wall probably an MVP candidate again upon finishing lower than Isaiah especially. Because Thomas is part of a first place team in the east. But John Wall second in the league in assists over two point points a game. And we've seen just how dynamic he is not a great defensive player but he comes up the big defensive plays whether it's block shots or steals. And then Bradley deal is a guy that can just he can issue. Eighty wasn't great from three last game but still he had 33 points which is a game high as fifteen of 26 from the floor. And also I think she's proven a lot of people that may be just thought he was a shooter. But he could see what he could do around the basket suit he did some of those bank shots he had some of those floaters. And I'm not used to seeing a lot of that from him so he's added another dynamic to his scorn. So which backcourt we'll play better in the back courts are awash. Which there's a there's a chance that could be at temple scored over fifty combined points. In banking would be old wall at 59 points on Thomas Bradley at 54 points. In game six so what other player to step up and the best all other player this entire series has been Al Horford. And so it's Al Horford. You know a going up against the wizards next best guy in I think even tried saying in the broadcast a poet the Big Three at each team well we're kind of it kind of stretching the who the definition of a Big Three but there are firm the celtics' Big Three as Thomas Bradley and Horford. Again all you know he scored twenty or more points in that game. And then the wizards' Big Three this is maybe is for the state of the wizards. But it was wall Biel and Marc Keith Boris. But the exact that was based all the points in the second half of that team. Marquis Morse finished with a with sixteen he was the only other player in double figures everybody else just disappeared. Otto Porter. Was shut out in the game courts not only had four points the pensions for both teams were terrible. So can every one other player that steps up and has any kind of success today or just gonna come down to. The guards and Al Horford. That's really going to be looking for tonight. Now the other big story that came out today and get your thoughts on on game seven here tonight 61777979378. O'clock or so. Tip off between the season wizards the other thing the sort of hypothetical. Today that a lot of people were talking about was would you rather have the Celtics win tonight. And pick fourth this is the scenario I know this doesn't have to happen that they're not related to people have a hard time grasping that today but would you rather them win it. Tonight and picked fourth in the draft or lose tonight. And pick first in the draft. We took several calls or extensions or two articles we took a few holes and several tweets and text that said why can't Jumbo. Of course you got both its ace it's a silly kind of Sports Radio topic. Dylan Thomas that's on and I guess somebody at ESPN can over the stats the Celtics having 68% chance to win tonight how are they count that I don't know. But they have a 25% chance to win the lottery that we do know that's. That's just simple math for a and the chances that apple come true our 17%. So for those of you that say they both can happen you're right. It's just only 70% chance that it happens so as more today you are you living in the now replace for the future. That listener so if you win now. You wanna face Cleveland. Who's been off for feels like several months and a well rested or rusty at first I think they're gonna be fine. And you're gonna get a conference files a took the conference finals is awesome that's a that's a big win for that's a nice successful season. But you're gonna move on and you're gonna face the cavs. Who might my thoughts you lose them for five games. And then you at the fourth pick in this draft which is a very good draft. But I'm sort of a hard time myself coming up they fourth guy. Yeah mark health faults on the ball Josh Jackson the ticket many or that you want. No it's a good draft are properly either the Kentucky guard snacks. Or are. I only saw Dennis Smith play couple times this year was not impressed sauter David Jason Tatum so whenever you pick another guy there but you don't get the pick of the litter and if you're gonna trade that pick not nearly as valuable obviously as the number one overall. So if you think they have any kind of chance against Cleveland Indians say hey I'll take that chance because the player you taken a draft might not be that great anyway acoustic set. He just like it's the conference finals but to me. I think given legitimate chance of drafting a future all star a guy that helps your team you're gonna be better next year hopefully anyway. You know Jalen brown should be better next year as the third pick in the draft. I'd be it's terrible last year by the way by. He's going to be able to better you're gonna add a the pick and maybe maybe Dick Gordon Hayward and freedoms or maybe get somebody else in free agency and I are talking about. A much better team for 2018201921. Suddenly wanted to convert files we ultimately it's again it's not like your room for them to lose to get the number one pick is just in this hypothetical which would you rather have. And for me it would be that topic and be a disappointing loss to be up 20 in the series and then up 32. And then lose to the wizards had the I'd be brutal. But it would feel all the better if he knew he had the number one pick you sort of control the draft at that point. Maybe Danny Ainge can trade it. Maybe it was with something else in the ghetto you know all NBA type player or you or you keep the pick and that got develops into a top ten top twenty player. Our phones also open it up to the phones we have Teresa in Boston. On her way to game seven also treat them. And the model from Washington DC in Enid OK also was. Well I grew up in Springfield. I have been limited beat secret thirty years and I barking at its wizards packet itself to make some light. So your Celtics then Wright episode you've been all the the home games for the wizards. Absolutely. I want to thank the guards are pregnant or not. I'm Brittany shirt on and I got myself and certainly. Added that. I love ultimately my dream come suited to favorite team the plane tonight about it. You got to pick one how can you lose it and you Rupert bulls team. It's going to be great basketball tiger next and after a policy doesn't go all about it sure. Oh it it's all good for me now actress stated. That it would sure is a little closer to an. Oh I'm feeling light polluted it continent and I. And sincere current period who need to step in recent upset that you marquee more. And he is quite under and in neat little clean rebounds why under the column that's on the Colin could get it right back. The concept of marquee ward in on our way tonight. His ankle probably a little bit better. On our wallet is come and play. Bradley at continents. I don't ordered seeking get loops and pop some little story it and the Lebanon last year and open you know. Bass. I don't really understand. Now what what is nationwide. We do. Edged out there all come back and eat and throw any right on defense. When he hit it I stay right on them now and instead it. You know I think it's going to be a great game I had and wonder sometimes how some of the ruled the immediate Latin players. You sort of well I would objects to deep center and our purpose yeah Robert Al I don't like you need to do about that. Teresa will be asked yes the winner of this game do you give them a chance against Cleveland are now. And you know lack. Anything can happen as the one you know look I mean LeBron and LeBron need to be standard question about tennis by the loud thunder Celine. The difference between a bra. And sort. Was born. In Jordan said all of the added layer behind him and Jordan worked to cool night. Blog and I don't act like he's you're going to be. Come down a port so yeah you know. I got to tell us that aren't and I don't think that that I don't I don't I don't guarantee that anybody and I don't guarantee Golden State vs spurred leader. Because that would gain. That was. I was negated McFarland got hurt sponsors based on the phone call I don't know where she is going there on the other world can. I don't think either team as a chance against Cleveland by the way to answer my question I think. It's there when this is gonna feel really good about it table round of the Eastern Conference finals and then there's Cleveland and they're gonna just absolutely smoke yeah. But about marquis Morris being the the quiet under. That did not realize that as minister the personal and then from her builds up in New Hampshire he joins us next what's up bill. And I don't a real. Good thanks I appreciate technical he's. I think it's a very quickly. Is there any point not actually think they like match. Our public or on the Cleveland I think it was strictly insert. A sophomore. If it like always make it Smart and those two guys that jump to mind their book I mean they can't be worse than they were offensively last game so you think and maybe it's going to be come for most guys. Training and maybe as it's not a sure. And I applaud and assure our. Now maybe Clemson have now scored Rondell went to a destructive and who knows but the but the fact. A bigger role than I otherwise you're going to be. Will be dealt art. Yeah. But you've got there about the trap and it is water there. It's briefly get my my point across our tiger exhibit all the ball. Or dynamite. I don't dispute. But my question our question is where it is Courtney. All all of them on the he weathered it and for the Celtics are our guy back in order Cain. Somebody that complement our economists and entry in the rock. Going after Gordon Hayward in the Arctic and make a lot of may yet in the draft I really like the game of oil market and other auditors on bank. He is the type of body are all they. Could really use on their team right now that it becomes. A little while some in the ball bounces right well it's an immortal all. I'm not sure our market is worth that kind of a question. Though. I need to draw on to get a player that Bill Clinton as opposed. To mark felt or the number one because. The double like that in. You'd be disingenuous salt felt like not using. The thing apple that you are thankful. Aren't they spill is a good question I say I think despite what the that agent that was targeted Chad Ford. I was taught him Augusta at the end of the deal holly with Keefe show saying that Chad Ford doesn't argue this agent. You know not all players are gonna wanna apple worked out with the Celtics they'll wanna go to the Celtics because they are quote stacked at every position. It'd be difficult for them to play right away that they've come off the bench or maybe they'd get traded away and go to a place that they really don't want to go to something along those lines. I don't like the Celtics are as stacked as people make about to be released as that makes today amounts in a lot of people feel that way. But you'll get there. Some of their best lineups that are out there though they're not afraid to play upon your guards. Now you're gonna have to get rid of somebody whether it's rosier or Smart or something if you brought in on the ball. Or if you brought in the mark health faults. I think you played ball I think you complain Isiah Thomas off the ball we've seen that even at times he still getting a lot of shots is still going to be the main scorer. False the better score the ball are in Foltz in his first year. Think about how they used Evan Turner last year. You ever turner on the team win Isiah Thomas and he sort of ran the the the second unit ran the bench scoring. And you could potentially have that you're one in the navy gets a little bit better after that maybe you find a way to start ample. But I wouldn't look at and say well they need a big man so let's let's reach on a big man that you still draft a guard and he figured out from there. Folds his career or balls career probably project a different projects to be better than Rosie yours at projects to be I would think even Smart and Bradley. It was as good a player as Bradley is. Much of the defense Smart or wide to a president's I defend him. If I'm the number one overall pick in the draft coming up in June back I should probably better than bolt not Hardaway. But he should be somebody that you can figured out. And again I go back to times this series where the Celtics would have Thomas Bradley Smart rosier Horford. On the floor at one time that's insane as that but. But in the NBA now you can get away with that you can play extra small lineups. And plus the good news is ball and faults neither one is you know six foot 6162. They're bigger than that so if you if you if the play them would Thomas and Thomas is always gonna try to guard the worst offensive player on the other side those guys. Although lawns of all we know is no defensive stopper we saw him against DR fox and insulates hermit and how's the mass is at least see. I think has more of the the physical ability you may puts on some weight wearied always tall enough to really compete with some of the bigger guards. So every answer that I would I would definitely take either one still. And then you could still in free agency go off for Gordon Hayward and try to improve that tablet wings' scoring that second score who can create his own shot. Is the biggest need for the Celtics because who besides Isiah Thomas can. As anybody on the Celtics right now that if Isiah Thomas is on the venture of the sky he'd take the ball he can score only wants. They don't have that Arnold Falwell ever be that guy but Marco faults at least projects to be Danica. Are continuing their phone calls here 61777979837. At its game seven tonight. Between the Celtics and wizards or talk promote the game was gonna step up also that though funnel Sports Radio hypothetical would you rather them win tonight. Or win the draft lottery. Coming up tomorrow night either wants your phone calls I can read over some texts and tweets. During the break itself mud at night no plot just rich keep your sports rated W media. Mark keep more in and he. Is quite under clean rebounds why it thunders they call that's on there I Colin nick could get it right back. Well what hope anyway but it's much at night on Sports Radio. He died and. I was you always. You can send. An exciting time Bob mommy I'm excited word. Game seven. And so it was so good for the students hope that this. I think it's homicide about game seven tonight between the Celtics and the wizards. Richie fear in for Monday night. I presented for plotted and usually it's as part of months at night although much is enough. You wrap your head around that 7 o'clock that we have. Roemer and later. Correct record thumbs up in the back on that so that those guys live from 7 until 10 o'clock tonight. Take your phone calls 6177797937. I did Thomas has struggled. Off from the floor the last couple games of course he had some big shots in the fourth not big enough bought. Also snapped that streak of three straight games rays held below. Twenty points so after that 53. Point game which store the best performances of the entire post season by any player. He has been more quiet the wizards have done a better job on him since then we'll see. Well they come up with tonight about the phones we have Brendan in only and he joins us next to Brendan. And so just first off with the medical yes I think it's a no brainer. You want to number 18. I mean I even think as possible that we could. Tough series with the cavs well I still think number one pick in the no brainer. Among the and then also just like to say. I believe that this game is gonna come down to two groups of players. This Celtics market Smart road here. And Crowder and and so the wizards. Are out of which Lou brave. And Porter and more specifically from the three point line webpart on which it's four victories. Will be completely screwed but at this as trying to take on that. Yet abroad and it's a good call you look at sort of that next group of guys right there sort of the I put quotes big theory to come out creative enough to come up with a another term. For the three best players on on both teams there is especially the three best offensive players. On both teams with a wall Biel and Boris. And we've done Thomas Bradley Horford are who who else is there who else can step up and Jae Crowder is a good example. Sort of Brennan brings out of somebody who some games looks terrific looks like a real offensive threat than other games. Looks almost useless on that and if he's knocking down threes it's also is a good night for the Celtics in fact the Celtics. If you go if you are a couple nights that was a game five. They shot almost 50%. From three as a team. In knockdown I was at sixteen or seventeen threes. If you have something like that which is sort of been their formula all season long been a really in business whereas the the warriors. They were terrible they made five threes. As a team in game six they went five for 24 from three and what game. The game and they got nothing from their bench were talking about hey look at the Celtics only at five bench points while the wizards only had thirteen. Intervention barely played you know blog Donna bitch and machine he played. They get Kelly operate back and he doesn't do anything if Brandon Jennings has been battle series. He's. I'm not a great player out projects. I liked him to highlight his whole story about how you know he goes and plays and was like Rome or plays and Italy fur for a year. But he gets drafted in that could score early on of Milwaukee but. He's angry and they're so he comes and that's when the Celtics usually go on that wrong. But yet they've they've not gotten anything out of their bench maybe get anything out to their starters and they still won that's what's remarkable wizards did not play. A very good game they really got a good a great half. From John Wall. Had a pretty solid game besides the three point shooting. From Bradley deal now got a few texts coming in. This one in all caps slow yell it. An inch rapidly taking care of our. Of them the 603. So I. Yet all yes and no like instantly wanna win and get it you're rooting for the team to lose a symbol would be better I won't be better for the franchise. Is the number one pick. Does she really think. That they have a BO more than a punctures chance against the cavaliers. How I would much rather have that number one pick to whatever team doesn't it only takes one of those top guys whether he trades that whatever. Give him the number one pac. Because look back at other drafts. Analysts say the ones that the Celtics missed out non. You know would you rather have. You don't want an extra round talk talk about we're in the whole title I don't think the Celtics are title contenders if they were then of course your all in on that year and you don't care about the draft. This little bit different this of those weird times where they are team they have a chance to be a final four team in the NBA. And there are also a chance to meet top four not just the chance they will have a top four pick. I understood while was the dual one go for the win but. Again for the franchise it's better to have. That topics I think they're gonna get smoked by Cleveland but my point is if you go back to some of those drafts. You know would you rather have Jabbar Parker or markets Smart and injure Wiggins are Smart war. Thought they accept it whatever that whatever the picks were a day or Eric Gordon. That's a pretty significant difference. It was you have there have. Tim Duncan or Chauncey Billups like these are these the depth again. I don't think Tim Duncan is in this draft but ultimately the next two part Parker or into Wiggins or somebody very very good idea perennial all star there always is. But very few exceptions you go through these drafts. He's number one picks are more often than not rookies of the year. So. How I would much rather have that. The most important question from the 207. Why would you call someone that quiet thunder. Because they have a nice block. It's a great question I don't. I don't know the answer that I house had taken back by the nickname choice. We had a caller are you missed it earlier in the hour. Who's a big wizards and Celtics fan that was confusing but perhaps more confusing. She calls marquee Morris quiet thunder to shoelaces bomb. Yeah. Or other. Summers who I keep saying warriors such throughout the things selfless warriors it's not so the sort filters wizards have confidence the doing. Let's go to Dave in Fall River was update. Anybody. I was gonna give an area that they're paying lip and I am a couple question. Act you really good question and great if you get the first overall. And you rejected. Out player late while all know how did you meet a better team. These what are you need is a very skilled player. And so it. On the ball all have been easy is it more you can create for other people he's a great passer and he has the potential to turn into a really good player on WBA. Amazing player as a rookie but down the road. He's got a great score remark health faults is supposed to be great scorer great all around player may be turns into a good James Harden type and that that those guys would help you ya. Forward. Faults another ball they're both more point guards and a false more of a combo guard lawns and walls point guard. Would you like. Isiah Thomas but I mean you know they can play out the bullied employee can playable together if you wanted to. Yeah yet again that's Cora who and it changed a little bit for each player yeah I serie a but surrogate or neutered eat away. Or will take away from my pit. Why but first things were you aren't a economic. Long term any. Right yeah he's a one on one year left Thomas in the yet to sign long term. I I think it would tell metallic in this trapped in ball. Now yet you know wake art and you don't have a real clear cut bait and switch tactic is always Wear this cute in you know. He'd better. I take it that big trade at. Fur fur like Paul George or you want you on a big man and one ought to get another player we. Did you think like a toilet the best big men and how bitter those teams like the warriors don't have the big man the spurs have Aldridge but he's not. He's amazing he's done all NBA player the cavaliers have Kevin Love but he plays outside. Just as much if not more than Al Horford does so it does not I don't even though the big man is even. That port in the NBA anymore. Eight aggregate not only it's not our thing Batman the big. Different because you know increase if you get. More at the rebound. Game. Because I have a big game you went to court. To award that rebounds per game a guy averaging eighteen to twelve. You know that that you know will force or doctorate. Yet no I did it in thanks a phone call David definitely need to improve their rebounding into our thing to do with the oral personality that Studio One guy. Who's devoted to that referral while Avery Bradley forgive you finish there and output was leading the team in rebounding. The key you gotta do about it now I did everybody but I think he's another guy Craig is on offense even more. Our will continue to phone calls here 61777979. 37. Are virtually if you're taking up until 7 o'clock we got a game seven at the TD garden tonight Celtics and wizards. On Sports Radio WE yeah. Mind at night. Talk Sports Radio WEEI. I think the biggest thing is is that. We wanna focus on what we do do. That's and then you have to all the other men as well again this. You know how hard it was. Because it's. The other teams out there too that's a good team we're playing against them it's again that's part of the. Brad Stevens did except for his first game seven. As an NBA coach. Celtics and wizards tonight laughter at 8 o'clock. A couple hooked phone calls and your quickly I duo answer or address this text message. From the 781 you just said quote more often than not the first pick in the draft wins rookie of the year and quote. That is not fact moron. First of all that is. That is hurtful words hurt sir or ma'am. I would say get a read on the history of the thing but he sort of a sort of saying four of the last six rookies of the year with the number one overall pick. There's there's been several stretches where someone picked multiple years in a row. So I'll stand by that are the exact stats but I think it's pretty close and the number one pick in the draft with a with a few exceptions. And Tony Bennett. Are usually pretty good NBA players don't take my chances with the number one pick in the draft of sir Alex in Rhode Island it's about. They would go on guys they don't. Yeah just a couple of quick thought enough knowledge about 100 want to ought a lot of people all that I wondered eight. Watched. It all you never know. Yeah. In the end up. You know people talk about like all at you know what in this area lose this series or what occurred. Mean there's all these as a matter when used as for a but it's going to be it's going to be one the other night I say all the people that are in just the draft I think perhaps. More. Mainly because. IP a lot quicker being idiots done and he can go on anti yet. Eight you have the choice between. All. Or all. I wouldn't be surprised to be picked up some developing your iron eight a PP so. I'll stop that the number one pick Alex. Me and again until we get and it'll all my life. Just just because you are at late oh yeah I don't like the ball and now he's gonna end up being. Oprah. Effect and on the back going further more all yes war. I think edit a little bit more or witness Ares that everything else. I thought it wasn't what we are like again all right you look like you're dead in the water gate certainly right yeah. You can you say it all areas where we. Boca earth and all of our right up Israel owes me. Ecological. Area right. We're going to a game that. Aired during game or you. I don't think that certainly does not negate. What about when they were up too low and what about when they're up five points with some winds a minute have to go and in sixth. I need to get back in big music you know why they had I don't know why they had they hit it big support on the war on Jan. Because he does not doubled in our act it out at the top. He bought that ball turn over can't wait any thing and you or not indicate pretty Bradley. We're not pushing out on jump all know he was like 0% in. Or that require it beat. Yet used I at anything yet absolutely. Thanks for the phone call law ballots this gets to a Kelly and Amherst before the united here it's a tele. If you don't go full full disclosure though that's all it facilitated Jolie talks. Or caught in. I am in it for you but Richie and. Well to be fair Kelly you're also in Amherst at least at Fleming led to believe. And that's why I felt like there have been trying to get one of the other than that we say I'm Charlie never remotely a satellite you know. All you'll become like a guy that calls in short. Steep Fall River have pictures of government though it looks like that you just read it yeah that's got to look up since. Now you are awesome do you make me like whatever your question you know polish unit like gone with keys. That's what yeah I like they keep it. Arctic about so I think it. You said about mark Aldrich. Well he's. On the spur exactly like well he's he's not yet. Yeah that's what it is as he is a beast with a trailblazers Laura Watson on the stern is there are some game especially last series where. Is passes and passes these kind of goes through he doesn't seem like again legitimate all NBA guys don't is a good player but yet that's I feel like he should be better. Well Harden his thing he's got the marsh Donna Myers syndrome where it's like she kind of made a couple of midrange jump chocolate it's like yeah. That's not you yeah you don't if you can make that shot like Kevin Garnett regularly in the east and they are even more intimate partner. While the player but they can't make such public seminar as much in the missed some shots which isn't. Great sport. One hour so get that double effect I don't want to get a lot of all the oxygen get all kind of crap from LA. So that we can win next year now they can build as follows. I thought good Cali in a car who have seen hammer so Kelly and hammers on surely hear from him again aren't that's gonna do it. Here for a month at night released this portion but it rolls on Ken Leonard and Al is revert are going to be here until 10 o'clock. Might as rich keep I'll be back at it tomorrow at two wood dale in Holland reacting to this game seven between the Celtics and the wizards so. States and for those guys come on extra Sports Radio WE yeah.

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