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Chris Young Player of the Game Interview 5-6-17

May 6, 2017|

Joe & Tim talk with Red Sox outfielder Chris Young about the offensive outpouring from the Red Sox today, including his 2 solo home runs. Chris also talks about the t-shirt he was wearing in support of Red Sox minor leaguer Kevin Steen, who was seriously injured in a car accident in April.

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Chris congratulations you start at that inning rally. With the eight run rally of consecutive game with a long home run and then they get another when I was really any writer. But one of those days today. We got extra out to play without it there in the second inning in the gap grew to take down take advantage of it. Yeah I was you know to watch quickly that inning you hit the home run of the year and is committed on the ground ball hit by a run lynch. Was it inning that you just. You know you look back not okay to blanch you've got an opportunity. And it just really cashed in where you know sometimes during the course of the season that's just that's just not gonna happen to this extent but you know it. He's going to be pretty happy without turned out yes definitely definitely didn't happen that often but when it does. We get we have off as they can take advantage of the TD came through did you jam bassist player. But double heavily. For detainment after that I mean Rick kept the momentum on our side he went out there if it's an amazing game and Greivis they an office majority game. And a new look lineup what will he leading off and then you were put it there of left field Bennett can't be three hits and in the cleanup spot and maybe it's coincidence but it worked today he. Yet yeah we're today I mean I think mark guys it's pretty I was that you can make mix and match guys throughout the lineup and and on defense as well we just don't know if that's success so we have that type of group of guys down to where nobody had their wal plays so. Those are at that it worked out today and we got the win. While Christian was the thirteenth time you've got a two home run game in your career. The first home run of the second home run looked almost identical as far as where they went really pitches identical that you hit did they were both fastballs. Probably no way I think the Parcells a little more elevated in the second one but both good pitches to hit. Chris after your second home run you showed that he can't be your T shirt that I support Kevin I tell us about that Kevin does need the young up. My daddy as the young my earlier who who was involved in the back car accident I think the story has been out there but. On the guys in a club out we're just trying to show our support that show that you know even though he's in the Marley he's still part of family and you know we wish we could be there with them. Course recovery has gone along recovered form so I know he has a no funny page that he has up on T spring dot com T spring dot com. And an environment so support that'd be great invitations like that how was the origin of the T shirts Tom actually around. We got word that that the site was out there and recruit fellow. We're Carcillo got a got a bunch of for the guys who are certainly very thoughtful on the part of all of you and congratulations Chris thanks for joining us I threatened. So the Red Sox when it here eleven a want as they roll.

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