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Ep. 57: Garry W. Tallent, founding member of the E Street Band

Apr 20, 2017|

Kirk Minihane, Springsteen super fan, is joined by Garry W. Tallent, founding member of the E Street Band. Kirk and Garry talk about what it's like on tour with Bruce, how the band goes about selecting songs for the tour, Garry's projects away from the band, and Garry's upcoming solo tour that will bring him to the New England area.

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Yes yes yes yes yes yes back a podcast returns after a brief. Hiatus it is back. In will be on every other week going forward once a week missed work from hotline between show the shipment life. I'm not coming to and you guys god damn podcast every week negating what every other week. Will be better I promise you that. It would be consistent you're going to enjoy it I'm gonna enjoy anyway I wanna have guessed I want to have on. This can be easier for bendable these guests we can do a couple of days toward doing it for a month. For me it's easier makes my life he's a peculiarly caribou mine. It is easier I'm looking forward to the podcast in write up a leadoff spot its policies and two point enough about me is Gary W talent of the my dreams have Bruce Springsteen probably not gonna happen got a guy who's in. A rally to restore the band is pretty goddamn good and he was a great great guy. Really good conversation we had a good time he's in the area by the way in commodities are one talked. He's promoting shows on his first solo or ever Bruce so let him go free movement. May fourth is in Fall River at the narrows center for the arts couple nights later may sixth. Somerville the Rockwell I'm deathly out before us like a narco a Jerusalem record I liked I liked him some legal support that. If you like the and I'd like to read tonight and I believe when always reads it. But I will say this relationship builds is great of the guys over there Bill Dana I'll for the buy them all the time distresses up for the white custody Crist Chris Curtis the human being. You cannot go wrong it builds the store Foreman lighter place to shop much purpose to get close in now the sponsor of enough about me. You hear this all the time 66 shows 66. Grown a grown man is 66 shows how embarrassing how embarrassing world where you know I just bound out a couple of years ago brother in law. Who has cut like kept it quiet is bend over 300 show. Chests like ample and he kept it secret for years. Is there any part of you is there any part of you in I think what we'll logistical and your opinion Eleanor. Well I'm I'm going to go OK good let's go us abdomen. I am in the middle rehearsal OK I'm just taking signaled Rick is that final or are equally at the road he hit the road and use. Public that your paper here on the W starred in Illinois right. We do look sexy. Illinois. Edward still Indiana. But it Britain is December but it okay that on yet but I I because they really even though it is. We have a say Gibson pictures it goes right. A tight budget Java Saint Louis connection your career my wrong. Now if not I don't really UN chuck interviewing Chuck Berry you're seven that didn't in this story of the day is subject of Iran who ultimate. In the Irish don't know where I was despondent. Spoke with somebody who I was just talking about. Coincidence I was coming from Denver has gotten all the Hendrick. And I saw the is signed through went fill out that's going to. Quite fortunate thing Lilly and just unlock it you know I had spoke with Justin and quite awhile and I just called them up. You know could be used the justices don't own open but he didn't he didn't answer and that's kind of disappointed. It's really thinking I might just. Fickle side trip and sell low and then he died of you know completed in it and if that means that. You know he lived he's laid lived there ripe old age. Is it is it weird for you now here performing like it in your thinking you know when you were younger you probably thought these guys are older now you guys are performing in an age that you know I'm sure when you started doing that you didn't think. On the plane rock and roll music in my late sixty -- that there was no there was no example of that back then you know cause it was good to get. Right. For the blue guys you know the blimp guys kind of came yeah but out of retirement. You know they hadn't quite a while. The full. The folk music boom led to the blues. Boom and a lot of these guys who have found in blood. You know look bought back out and throw over the performing in this sixty. Maybe in the eve 1970. Yet weird with it rehearsal we just saw a bit. Record with Sonny Burgess is one of the original. Some recording artists. And that that's been twenty years ago announced saying you know. At the time I guess something was probably no mid fifties and I would think in you know you know I told her sure. But but you know the fact is he's still out there playing and it's like two or three. Maybe even for the members of the bands that have been together since 1954. Jesus. She's just crazy we though or radio where you have the last. Remaining original member of the street bet I mean you are but what you are the view of last. Well armed. Barack one stop playing and they're in the bed yet it right I'm sorry yeah who still who still plays with the with the band you you you're you're. Yeah yeah 46. Years 45 years. Count them all to a lobbyist does that apple has been hit too many years now. You know that that's unfortunate the medical historian like I I should be proud of that nothing I'm proud something I'm thankful. There's this site. You know so here but yeah it's. Mr. there's guys every day. We'll get to I know get to the brilliance of Springsteen's few pence a clear above idea of the kind of focus on you know. The album is is break time and obviously you're Tory you gonna be in Massachusetts can begin in Fall River. And it's Somerville both in early may Fall River may fourth that the narrow center for the arts couple nights later Somerville to Rockwell which is a good spot. Is it weird and I guess maybe you haven't done it you know the last times only go one he shows for sure the ball we go the Somerville one. And the last time I saw you on stage there about. 70000 people at Foxboro at the one as Somerville and guessing is not a 70000 people. It's is it is incredibly. Well I mean I know it's either way it's music but I mean is it. Is there a different way and good is it I mean obviously that dynamics different when you get up there at its core is a really different. Look at it totally different via. But I don't know how different yet and that we've gone yeah I have not been. The fund and I been inside men. Grew out of what would you say 46 years yeah. You know. So it does it'll very new to me but you know that is that's what's exciting about it. I was the same speaks it must be in a way excited all right I have to thank. Yeah I'd and I don't know. What would be easier. It ended up in front of 70000 people with the court all kind of you know anonymous. Or like five people sitting right in front of you'd like to cook staring at you you know I don't I think the five people would be more scary than eighty. You ask a guy like Bruce or even a guy like maybe the candles off or somebody you know who's done it to say okay. You know Heidi you run a band while with the intricacies of running a band what does it mean just the just. Just just the just the running the man aspect of it. Well. We're now I've not I've been I've been producing record shore for all this stuff. So it's it's really very similar sports Purcell is misplaced you just going to do arrangements here. You tweaking thing Jerry you're getting. You're getting things that sound the way you want to. And you'd you'd try to and make everybody feel part of the so they can bring your own thing into it. That that thought I try to do. You know there's no written arrangements or anything we just kind of like tried to. Make it feel good. Are you you that that's my approach to it yet. You musical tastes it seems to me just listening to their to the record an analyst missiles to it this morning I really like it seems like it's definitely. More bad to say a 4050 years ago than ten or fifteen years ago was that is that a fair description. Well absolutely. My. My idea on doing it. But to make a reckon this sound I like that might have been made in 1959. Yeah. And I approached it that way we've recorded. And who analog tape with very few microphones everybody in same home. You know as they would've backed Internet and that's the songs that I chose and the arrangement that I. Did a good song whose work all meant reflect the failure that that was definitely. My. Reason for doing the record with two really just pay homage to what really turned me on to music in the first place when that child. I'm more Gary talent second this is a breach departed via conversation comes comes up your ties Springsteen. Ties and his or spreadsheets or all the stuff for the wife of a session which are finals most fascinating. About carry out their first militants the new sponsor for now over my guys that build Nina. Built all the guys interest to make you look good. He's on the pitches on Twitter me at the White House I usually good at the great. Jerry Kelly looks okay usually look damn good Chris Curtis is not human being normally those slot. Look like three million dollars in his builds suit. Mills will walk you through the entire experts don't like me. You walk in regard to open wacko looking like five million dollars at builds its V store format. I'm thrilled these guys are sponsoring the bogey podcast could not be happier we've waited for the pick a sponsor we've got the ones we want right now known as the store format. They're gonna make you look good I guarantee it. Suffer plaza Braintree I don't wanna just a little square just to help militants the store format now back to Gary. One of the things I find interesting about sort of where your jobs you've had great careers successful career on your own. In the fancier honest or now it's been in you you have deleted or because of the river tore so it's that you go out in the middle of the story again that's. You're in Belfast in in May may thirtieth. You get a call that night for Bruce thing and eagerness to you tomorrow hey we're gonna do this. You've got to stop everything angle right is that just the life of a guy in a band like. Well we're no no no I didn't I mean you know what are the factors. We haven't really. That we ought to work that way and quite a what are you that you debate. And that Ali a lot of the reason I didn't do more things like this this would really nail me down is to schedule. But. I know that's not liked it. And it comes close on how does it work and now it has a work now. Well. Now I've got to book it right and then I speak to an agent. Who says well do you know that who already has that big but can. And I say who vector. So I don't find you know the day before I can usually find out a little ahead of time did Internet. Then something's going on the. So you you'll call expiration himself and say hey I'm doing this doesn't work like that anymore. Photo. No it doesn't basically. The understanding was that we weren't going to be work in this this year right. So I say OK I'm great and effective looked even and I got together and then okay. I'm looking at tour you've got a book when to and I know is doing the same that's going to be harder for him to call and complete people than it is one. So at this solidarity and. Is it is it isn't hard is it harder now to have relationship with a guy like that. When he's gotten so big in his own field and in you've done your own thing verses like 253040. Years ago I mean it in you have your family is family guess at. It must be different house a more business than the French Open. I've got. Four Brothers. And it's exactly the same. You know you may not speak for a year. I mean it is it's terrible put it that you know as the time goes by so fast. And that's when you do you pick up the conversation that you had a year ago. It's it's just it's just like you know we don't really mister hang out together and all. But you know we are we are still Brothers they. Is there part of you that it feels. You know I would pick any chance to do some like this is an outlet creative we that your not able to do when you're on a long toy like that in your playing but you guys obviously play three million different songs but when you're in the back or doing your thing which is vital obviously to the Bamba doing your thing this must be such a different outlet. Creatively fear that must be for I would think. Well that saw more war I don't sure yeah I guess that as I have have you back to a the people that produced over the years you know making them you know this as an ignorant quick get. I keep doing something over and over again totally get it right. He got a memo liabilities were not as square next record I'm not gonna make so many words. And you know he'll learn annihilate them it's totally different. It's just. It's just different. Not I've always enjoyed my role as a sideman. I've enjoyed that and then peeled he's used this you know I can go anywhere or do anything and and not be recognized them and still have that. That experience of playing in front of say 70000 people. So it it can make. It's and they trade off for me. It is strange obviously for a guy like me I guess who's seen a million shows obviously I know you and you well but within this sort of dynamic to the band when there was Clarence. And then there's Stevie and and obviously this pursues wife and his Max it was on TV. You've I'm guess maybe it's purposely so which you've always seemed you know false on the stage in the background in sort of have a quiet presence is that. Is that some a year you're just more comfortable with. That yeah that's basically it the role that I chosen. Go within. And still am. Yes. You know the fact is I can still what I do what I did my twenties who. I don't have to and nobody expects you do them all across state could never did. Short boy here we get a league guy yeah we are fronting a band now on a tour like this so I see in Fall River and Somerville. In May is gonna have to be more of it whether it's showman or not it's obviously a different role. It's different though and that will alone. That is still remains to be saying that's still developing yet as a party nervous about this party nervous about the honor. Of course but that I also. I equate the dia the peeling. And excitement. Yeah I think it's the same thing yeah me I mean gets you you can call it whatever you want to but I called excite. I mean are you still nervous you go out Nino like this and I saw you into letter in the garden or whatever you still nervous when you roll up their 815 to start a show horse a just kind of much in the clock going to work. I'm not I'm nice but I still get nervous. That that's just part of it but that's not to say that excitement. Yeah okay we're gonna we're gonna do it right this is exciting but you do what I've been waiting for all day. Yes you know being being on the road is really not that much on. You know would never do it through if it weren't for that that time in the day where I get news garden and and played music thing and had these people are react to. I would guess just just reading about chewing over the years and and knowing the music it seems that you like. I would guess and then you can correct me if I'm wrong the Faber part of a cease repair issue for you now might be. When Burress pulls up on these signs and pulls up a random songs you guys haven't even practice I would think for you that must be some sort of you know awakening within the show sort of a cannot play the promised land here in my playing. Whatever song a point three million times to get to do an old Chuck Berry song or an old stone song or something like that that must be for you kind of I would think fund to the show. I think that's true for everybody. Is you know it's just the unexpected and spontaneity that I think that. That's something that the band has always tried to. 200. There's always there's been part of what we news. Even even the songs that we've done a thousand times. They're little bit different every night I mean you're always looking for someone at some of the plate you you can take it but yet there's something like that you know bump the band. Yeah it's it's kind of it. It's pretty fun. I mean you still feel like your bar band essentially are now MEI efforts Springsteen separate. But our but what we are let's be honest yes. I mean you know Marco came not urban but nothing really changed that that. Product. You know we've we knew we grew up playing all kinds of different music. And I I think that's very important to do. I don't know maybe maybe it is maybe it is maybe it is. But it is what we do and that's what we enjoy doing. Give the kind relief ship with him now where. If there's a song or something that your recording that you just think you know at the songs not work and it's just this this is it can you go to him and say Bruce I'm not he'll miss or you win there. To play your part and go home and what is that like Croatia played with the NC recording a song they verses 35 years ago or forty years ago. My job is to. Make the song work. And it is not working. It is not working for you need. You know I've got to got it to my part. It's making it not work group there's something else I can do now I'd I mean I have. Long. You know leader's own that I like the most. For the want to economic despair variant and it and we don't really need to. Like what they would not have any specific ones there. Well. Other there must have been murdered you know good. Up tempo things of things to come well hungry heart right only argued he didn't want to do. That's echo it that no man at. Everybody's all bad wasn't it me or bad is it. When he hit me if this is great. So. But he you know he pretty much does what you can do and now it's it's been that way. For a very long. I mean and so you know our job is it says to make it all work. When he we broke the band up whenever now you know twenty plus Odyssey more than twenty years ago I guess we got the call. And he went down your Tennessee got a real success poker producing records. Would you have been fine. Creatively professionally. In your own life if you just never called him back to every union mean you'd just gone on and done to produce few music in just Hydro Kirby did you need that reunion or were you OK without. I respond without. I would I really I'd already moved to Nashville and began my career as producer in and pretty well established as they get session player in and I got to play on who. Record with Johnny Cash Waylon Jennings Willie Nelson and you know is a dream come true to me so I'm. And I'm very very content. And also that when I. Started written and we had I never really expected to. Never really wanted you on the road and inept people out there. And I would I would have to be fine but. You know the fact is it is. And it has so we have a lot of if we together and then. So it makes an art say no and I realized. Since state of the union we Carter played war. Then we did for the whole time that we were together in 1971. You know try to played three times more shows in the last fifteen years. How was the experience for Johnny Cash is no work no one really whether Rick Rubin records it was at before that. No no that was owned. Well that I get a couple things that Johnny Cash and now I'm 41 album he wasn't even there. You know it we can't track. It was a duet between him and don't not. And don't not one was there and Johnny Cash it is or later. And another one was was. The highway and then you know that I Willie Nelson Waylon Jennings again. Yet they re released it innate they had a bonus track that you and I got my neck and you know they were all there in studio thing on. But that was pretty intimidating I didn't you know it's not like we became. Pakistan. Friends or anything it's like you know it's it's like looking at mount Rushmore staying down that you write that would include the. So when you get I am I I've read Peter aims are Karl's book so when you get the call. For the reunion. Tore your first reaction is only. Basically Neil (%expletive) does this mean to sound like you were getting. Offered lesson you're getting from the river right some some wrapped college and he said I cannot I might do in the (%expletive) right. Well I can go until that third party yeah I wouldn't. It wasn't something I needed in my life and certainly the M we offer that was made from the business people. Was. We won't blow the elegantly insulting Eric resulting commute we but you know that's dobbs or Matt I mean I I've been you know you know. No end and uninterested yeah it's a nice place now but been through that and then you know then. Decided to you know it is needed to stepped up. Right but you know Tibetan people always. Try to you know try to do to visit the way to do it. So. Yeah and it's not it wasn't that big deal it's just kind of it's the it's the good news service. It seems like every note every music book or document trips seem whether it's Bruce are you guys are. Or Haiti or the Eagles are able to get there is always within this plot somewhere a business guy. Trying to screw somebody over is that just the way the music business is I mean I guess essentially it's what every businesses but it seems more crystallize it does seem more crystallized. In the music business maybe I'm wrong and after the just feels that way. Well. You know Ron Woodward's new going on 25 years he would have made in a partner nick picnic and a partner until Bill Wyman left. From the mine has been playing with the Eagles for at least we'll conserve. Owed to you to go. It's got kicked out Stuart Smith Henri Stuart Smith met the guy replaced Felder. Yeah yeah that's what that's they've been putting in fifteen years maybe no better yet Italy maybe twentieth. And do a good talent and very happy for him when he got the gig. And you know he's still he's just he's just decide band. But you know. That that is that this is. It's come I auditioned for the golden who. In 92 when bill less real and and a good friend of mine who is Delgado and actually got it. And you know still you know I I know we all thought that you know we between them Rolling Stone because PGA. But it's not you know Daryl this kind of lake. Now he's put in the back and they're out so at least I'm sideman. Which is actually a band. You know I mean might not beyond on the record covers but. You know the guys in the band we know who we are. What's the what's except well. What's experience fly out of reach rook trying a for The Rolling Stones have literally Jagger Richards just sitting there at their legs crossed sitting there saying play for me here is it to me what is. A thousand known he had flown. Nick actually called and then you know it's not a if there's not an audition which is gonna get get. A quick audition. And the fact is I would first one that they saw. And sit and so. They have played together in about three years. Walked in and around. The Beirut they're pretty dreadful it's a good thing that I was the one additionally because who would then I would have bet that. They were and then you know they're. But. It was it was a kick they would they were all very gracious. Really nice and I think by the time they got. The fiftieth person they forgot who. You came in personnel and and Belgium is also took the players. And he had played god knows there when he played with miles aid in and Charlie Watts. With a big guests and there's the herd you know got played with Miles Davis thing we want that guy. Price is is it I think we try for The Rolling Stones. You have to give the experts say cause say hey just a heads up if you're looking to do this item com I'm out I'm joined in this don't you just don't do it. He's gone good yeah idiot I mean. A nickel in the long shot at you know knock it out of it by everyday that they jagr of course not home and like she is invite you to Jim little bit. You know he bought me a first class. Take it both ways you know not a case where media unit eco they're limiting if and only have. You know they're they're very very great it was very great move. And it was it was a great experience. Syria or reread or should you kind of take a break from rehearsals as we speak right now what is the so I go see you in Fall River in May or in Somerville in Maywood about the stored it's as well later on. What when I sit down for the show what what am I getting what what what kind of show my Tennessee. Well if you hear the album my. You have an idea with the show's going to be. It basically it's this it's stating that makes sense. What we're doing it's it's there's a lot of cajun influence Lotta luck ability lot of the loans on NB. You know it's basically. That at that event. Right and and you know the cover that was chosen to do to fill out that shows. They'll they'll cut and trying to make it all night then I'll be doing covers so some things that I produced in the past. And who. But if there's these things that think that makes sense as part my crew other martyrdom. This solo record. And you say get you prepare for that drunk ass hole who screams out for rose a lead or Backstreet just something like that I mean that's that's gonna happen at some of these shows. Perhaps they're gonna patent shows the program. And it's okay it's so yeah it is a. Yeah yeah I mean you're seeing you use it seems you know you're laid back in pretty content with what you've done I would just you know. It what age do you say. You know when Bruce calls and says we do store again and we're going to Europe and Australia and did you say you know what Bruce I'm just I'm just I just wanna stay home I just wanna hang out and sale the second half that are as long as he's calling your no wonder what's the point. One day at a time yes. You know I feel great now I mean I'm 67 years ago. I never live never expected to live past thirty you know so every day to vote if you're in today's special. Yeah sure I can I'm not gonna I don't know I don't know what age emissary. And until he's doing this in the market. It built on. Yeah you're enjoying it more or less what the same as say thirty years ago more more more welcome definitely. Well because. It would Alford were much more short rest. You know debate and in the band has grown. To respect one another to really understand each other and that really the only way that you can you can. Away. As tightly as we do. You really learn. Communicate through the music and the only thing they can do that is. Time. And me that. And just enjoying each others playing and we've gotten to that place and that's the very special place to be. It took awhile to get there. Oh absolutely yeah. That's the life of the band right I guess to me netstat it. That's what bears don't last very long right. Right you guys took a long break and then you're back gather again in your on this tour now without a solidly public before in this band where you're when you're you're torn. With your group. There's seven of count myself okay. Go to it's pretty good span but I've you know I've really enjoyed the them. You know this accordion and fiddle that's really part of you know we could I go out. Two guitars bass and drums that term. I liked it I like Kevin. You know yesterday and instrumentation. And I think it it it kind of without it it doesn't reflect anything. You need about through December I'm trying to create. Immature goes right now anyway I'm looking addict goes through June in Europe if it goes well he gets more dates is that the planner. One day at a time when it's time as is with us. Okay how about you know a little nugget for the Springsteen crowd out there what you said nothing this year do you have any idea any idea at all what's next are. Absolutely not not. None I mean I'm I'm still I still get it below reckon he's done there have been in about a three year. Roy you right here. And it's sadder yet and I'm sure it's great and now I'm gonna enjoy hearing his mood I'm curious to see what you know what he put together. Whether it's solo tour rule that both now I'm. Anybody's guess is good luck and probably better than mine you know ill I think. I admire don't get it any side. I admire your laid back attitude shows you. And I saw that other man torn in 9293 the seeger sessions band that Billick cannot produce what the hell like I wanna go apparel on a tour I want to make some money what do you do with these guys you know one better than these guys. But that never crosses him. Now I'm glad I've I've been very content would the project that I've done and that you know that this is still adjusting and it's still. There's still a lot of things to do. Excellent new things to do. And and and you know what to say. Saying them. Make new friends and keep the old know of the older. Feel that the goal and right and everything else is just. You know icing on the cake and and there's a lot more I think. Yeah I think is very easily if at. Is there any song dancing dark porn around when when you see in the set list you know if duke the next I think all I gotta go play this thing again or is it just you're ready you're a year ago. Yet as I mean you know. Everybody got their favorite and and but you'd react say it and it's my favorite songs the world playing at the moment. Right but you do agree with me darkness as the best album you guys that are made great we agree on that. Know what what's better. You know do different better if you know what's your that he could make a desert island one of them which when he takes. Owen thank you don't want which when he ticket. That regularly what do you any entree. But he and all your oil 121 springs the amateur work you did you worked on that you worked on only one that's it that's all it doesn't the rest your life that's it not allowing. And the other stuff. The river. Another double up listen yes sure it's more music didn't double. Skip over crush and you maybe that's okay that money yes but they know it's a great a great. Record you guys made it it's under appreciate his magic it's like ten years old now that's a great record. I enjoy that too in I don't. You know I don't really been trying to pick favorites you know. Yeah it is I can't I can't dictate you know people I mean you know what my favorite person who will have to pay the crucible. Yet would somebody must have a favorite. Piece of work he did honor Broussard and now we're now. Now now. I'm great on everything absolutely there's no question that's its sister greatness there's no doubt there's no doubt in the a good. That is too little too high a certain kind of not ma. You are the heart and soul of. Not that nut case. I've enjoyed my career. Had a lot of freedom. And I am really appreciate that. And it's been it's been of them very great. We have expressing myself and I really haven't had a need to do anything is broad. Songwriting or you know anything up until now litter it's kind of like okay it's now inept. Right although the record is it's not yet well good X at the record is break time which I enjoyed the poor will bring us. Into this area to the Boston area in early mail play again may fourth in Fall River Maris center for the arts. May six Somerville the Rockwell which I'm gonna be actor I'm looking forward to and then now all the way to the East Coast and into Europe. And then who know slick he said you know Bruce could be back next year Gary can be torn later on the one day at the time is attitude which I like I appreciate the parade us. The great great great Gary talent of these street and there I should say by the way. Iraq and roll hall of Famer started mentioned earlier I know you want that in your to be introduced every time we see your name right rock all the labor of her talent as. As a threat what kind of strange but it. I'm running to accept it. Good good so go back to rehearsal thanks again for argument Samir time and a lot definitely see remain at the shows and should that be great I report our Gary really appreciate it thank you. All right thanks again for listening to the enough Moby podcast. Actually know what I'm really not think of all he should be thanking me get this ship every week these great podcast totally free do if it was you go and I two's. Download Dakota stitcher do the same and the parading leave review that's he can help me out. This podcast is going to be number one again I guarantee you can help me along with the process so for that I guess at the end. May have total thinking is why I think he's going back and forth here's the point (%expletive) you.

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