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K&C- Rabbit reveals why Aaron Hernandez may have killed de Abreu, Furtado, and Lloyd; Headlines with Kirk 4-20-17

Apr 20, 2017|

Hour 2. Rabbit calls in to respond to Michele McPhee. Rabbit also reveals the potential motive behind the Odin Lloyd murder. O’Reilly leaving Fox is the topic in Headlines with Kirk.

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They go. You wanna talk to rabbit. Yeah I mean I guess. That's no stuck she stuck with Mario the wanna start when Mario moving around these hang up strategists. Clicked on Mario and Mario you have because you come has been going on for one out and call back rabbit I Mario. Prop stroll. Out right. Shoes aren't over issues is almost six out whether. Or parent. We might he might be Roy ridiculous oval right. About the same thing that's that's right action was gonna bring up it's not an unfair if in fact she's right. That he so angry about that may be finding out about it with the that's that's not that's about all. What did she makes a good point and no you know around this particular world but think about this is the guy who shot. Bradley in the face or some disagreement when his best friends in a car just pushed him out of the car. Then went back as a hotel since this this is a guy who. Shot Lloyd. We think are shot for Tonto and Aubrayo about a spilled drink at yeah legend yet you attack mode as it doesn't take much. To get to put our Hernandez and Killen Malays. It is such a good point to this idea that ran yesterday he's a Smart kid. And this is honesty Franken killer who ever leave us on it because he gives him a nice GPA in high school and they're young is DNA with even on the shell casings in this act on their way to opt out in rental car I mean some dust has never been a dumber criminal murder because a mile from his house or less than a mile. And then walked in his house five minutes later with big gun in his hand had the camera and video smashed assist and the the box and then went to bed. I mean and and the globe I'm looking at them whatsoever that the columns Smart and outsmart. Like he could remember the place is there's their reasons why you call Ernie and as Smart I think that is sort of afraid if you don't called Smart. You're saying he's a football player he's a minority in east new design new ones they will fall right you wanna be always attract a lot of talk through pointless rather yes a general notes that yesterday new wants is a word we should all right. Tigers maggert rather knows where we're not red rabbit. I love how the fact that man shot and you're the talk to me in the box ordinance character that Indian army Martin and stocks but how are you guys don't look at Obama spoke with. You know it hit a little ridiculous she's afraid that it and that anybody questioned the only thing says. Everything he says he acts. No one know. In the media went after fur flying ever ordered it be quarter and see someone an illegal immigrant you know strip sack and just like the thing insane amount. She knows that her back just. That's focused while wrap wrap our heads as they first volley got to say that she got it right about the John 316 engine that first. Just that's because I was on her page one in every new spider behind this case and let's focus what are you have a problem with today specifically to. So basically. If anybody in his right mind thinks error and had a lot. Entire. Article kill someone occurred you to the rockets were sperm or gay. I mean the whole thing is just in saying. I'm rich. And I don't know that that's a location bar or whatever but I gotta look into it. We're now that Aaron has been convicted of crimes are not convicted of permanent. Like principle that drinks weren't the issue. A bomb. His being gay partner consent or not it. It sure why he killed yeah I won't go boy why why why why did you load you know thirty some hypothetically. That most people are correct. Ports aren't talking and talking and talking up all the twenty yup number. But the double murder which ended over spilled drink so. Your time at countrywide why why did you try to do those rabbit. OK so basically. Act and the key European. Who became hurting guys like New Bedford all regret that area. Ams all pretty much crescent state. Who worked a lot. In so whatever but he doesn't even that night in parliament stand on that night is it that gang members can do something with their hand basket. Basically. Our. Now owned by basically someone that he and basically saying right at the ankle on to its end it would look to the average person even notice. The world mr. I've read some of Hernandez was involved in gangs ways that the patriots are we weren't there that's that in itself a special push him over the edge either by some with you Hanson's hand signal that you get some. Our I don't. Listing agent major medical unit is on and it sucks why in McCain world it's like. The worst thing you can do it because basically to start Turks start war and I really don't believe that Aaron eventual. That might I personally believe. They want him you know I think you're someone by the I think I. Think someone might it's a group that actually was it a couple murders that night ordered that Obama mustard on it takes a leap of faith. You wake you know and track spratt and whoever else. You know why they Dan Connolly said why didn't charge Bradley is Bradley didn't do it that's what he said. And then this I. I don't really want all the rabbit rabbit I don't want will be well get bogged down and in the it would be in this is debate what what you would what you learned in the last 24 hours of talk to people who know Hernandez. What is your. Out what was yeah I've talked to a lot I've talked to a lot of people really got people were shocked. Erin is but they had locked down it won't all go home. Don't start like that but I felt almost under an expert in surely it is our our staff members that work on the block nobody got in and around there. And they think that error and at times are aren't they have been shocked everybody stated here and they heard -- stocks are all. That result that I wrote I am aware of the morning were. Asked. To be a little bit depressed. And used kind of bomb now but they never thought City Council stated again and like that. Every party that likes that they told that everybody bill. Our speech and beautiful young man. I you got what you so until this point four hours ago that that was 100% the reason he committed suicide is because of Michelle and Natalie those were your words and I say no not the ice. You accepted medical aesthetic politely speak it took them on so I had 100% in the any updates on his funeral arrangements like that. Not yet I haven't found any seat of European partners have all got our start looking into her. We'll check him and us of us know what's going on. Our I try to. Roll trying to make it happen next. You know I will see it. We gonna get to headlines you have to take your victory lap we get phone calls this morning after awhile though it's just it's and it's right so often. I mean I poll I told you this is gonna happen intelligent he set out three months candidate pushing through most for a week. Since these three months that I was right he's gone but he's going three days of hot bloody murder at certain type when emasculated guys they got their wives the Murdoch has about houses and their wives and New York Times and yet that's pathetic that they don't know about we all bond or wise but when you bound of the New York Times you're sad excuse for a man is a bill Riley inspired headlines in your phone calls well 617779793. Said here on line. Hang on members of his line to open is off to a way in this Hernandez stuff which is just not stop here at the infamous couple days. Pour into some headlines we get back. Each time once again full hour. Headlines this storied tradition of honoring the best moments from our commander in chief. Shame Mormon. Shame on you. So we can you truly. Knew my number fifteen southern states. But these days it's getting tougher. It went before a judge who is a very. Against police to judge and the Internet at Kentucky fried chicken not the worst thing in the world I'm not I'm proud to be understood. We had some bad numbers here. I'm going to be handing her name. If somebody would call out Sean Hannity and do my normal Democrats say he didn't have tweeting. Extraordinary in this site so called nuclear weapons and other things like glasses. Things are done with June including some bad things you're today's presidential audience. By your headlines. Yeah yeah. That's right thank you Mr. President Jerry sort traditionalist voters right yes. Although when Thompson that Britain Gerry Brady's injured now of course if that tree headlines brought you by be perilous expert. Doctor Robert mattered 1800. Day here's the hairless expert doctor Robert Leonard at 1800. Get there I'm not one Victor apps. But boy I get around anything except for the month. He's gone to see you later thanks for Clinton and try to give the guy says enjoy like every month or network sort of Larry King a message today Russian. Hamlin I doubt you'll never go away 67 he's got a billion dollars he should go away should do Letterman groom to be worth a hundred bucks I know we've had yet a brutal divorce and all night any team I think you're from fox and then he wrote books and those concerts one of those appearance Dennis Miller you must to mid thirty men here. Well the east. Now it's you know his career now twenty years. But his putters over. Lindsay relevant notice figured America and he'll never go away why though he's never gonna keep cranking out those. Twitter also do an interview with. Larry Storch yourself I don't know you know in the viewing Caspar Weinberger in Scottsdale as it will book I'll Google what channel is that right try to be likes them is you know. And I think a rally in the eyes of lost his basketball the last couple years and he can contact I. It was on. All about Michael Riley for me as a guy wants to run a lot or became more important who ran for Riley to be different celebrities into that he there was a little bit how we Hamptons and do it against the belly check in India were slaughtered in those but there was cable news from surgeons would prompt right and he Paul wrote. Yeah he does ride the wave with a royal heritage is written to going to be great a question about that. But if you mean it did seem like in its crazies fox picked him in the interviewed the suitable and believe months ago right night like he settled his case and fox totally complicit in this until of course and then what happens is. The wives are the Murdoch wives wait and New York Times brought him down yeah reporters writing that commute times wrote about all the sexual harassment suits and the payoffs flocks of pago thirteen million and counting. There were more. Surfacing today tune the Clinton. The other day when last autumn down Africa sent an envoy the black. She what was her name it became obvious name cannot miss that he said that he called hot chocolate chocolate in it and a little while borders and main item on the decline necklace while people are you believe. Ask what's it does appear that your office. Now now that blocking other great in a conservative network family values item as the face their network for twenty years that just had I gotten. It's hard. We have fired for more facts and giving them no credit society and we Steele Michael apple charges brought up in the annals. Well corporations and corporation and put their whole calling card is you know more and taking the moral high grass not they're calling card AA and the thing just dumped them Alex this is that they have hundred Tiger Woods pulled out I'm not that's what corporations to. Coming moral judgment to do business as viewers never left to volume hypocrites. You think if fox is not restored. Advertising to the station but two years ago they would fired me three years ago respect. You beyond you don't run a social leaks and I think it points ahead it's hypocritical. I think hypocritical thing. To watch O Reilly at it as she watched let bad people in movies and T but I don't hold myself up as I Alison that I've run again my favorite guy and it's Tom Sizemore to right its books so minute cameo rap these kids Ross about behavior -- O'Reilly is a fraud and it's all public persona was based upon condemning people's you know on their salacious behavior right. Knows his pulpit is a little different I really this story analysts and some new details that over the last governments around renewable or history. It's always it's not different than. These reporters and when Hannibal burst product because he's right we knew about it exist all came but he gave it sort of the second light in in this world now in this climate. You're not gonna survive at the woman's name is. Heard the spelling is JE EH and you Jim to human that's Julia to grow green. That's that's the woman's a habit of it all she could take days to make aggressive. Activists edges out it called for a true received no response from you notion to a network executive board the week goes scheduled meeting. A discuss your concerns it is of harassment occur which is a regular guest on network. But before she gaming network Richard Neer November 2000 Kansas is in the same hot chocolate about shock a different what you disclosure allegations at times in the fall decide to go on the record this week. This is in 2007. It's we need right there more. Behind this among the last couple they discussed the bet they've made for dinner she won the bet mr. rallied never paid mr. ms. Rita mr. Reitman told washing might. Wonder break his bank with a restaurant refused orders to breaking my back I'll. So it doesn't say man she shares were good July and we've beaten here in the makeup room again it doesn't matter which were armed Kimberly Guilfoyle a chore cleavage reporting you're looking at the James Brown Waite adjudicate these women who are on fox news' Kimberly Guilfoyle better success than only after residents and I'll say those. About it you know we Kimberly Guilfoyle it was. Coming through now. I. And thank you I wanna rock camp he's in Italy now he's having a meeting without Pau he met the Pope briefly they say he's meant to blow yesterday was put together by Timothy Dolan archbishop of New York another oval for a hit all what a fraud while all the while the world is learning on the Catholic church on it sometimes that you really do while. That's not an addict and a new you know people are thinking of leaving the church sure struggle with their faith or else we'll god bless them ironically enough because what do you think during herbs in the Protestant church what that does for the episcopalian I don't know trumps honest apparently you know I do know he's about. I got to catch this guy Timothy dole and other famously rich New York I was a celebrity ones on the Hamptons and enjoy our same exact thing he says the bill also four in this dope Pope writes doesn't know what he'd better. Sits there shakes her right hand account. Nice to meet you while we're learning growing old so I guess it's supposed to forgive. What is the teaches us there is no greater active club. Then to lay down one's life. For once for an hour. Where's it at least there's a mass that John 316. The hole has learned of the salacious these you know the the proclivities so bill orally the creep right yen and at the moment signal Paul Francis. God it's creepy and how it came down dialing in all still went straight always good point with a straight face yeah. Clinton and raped women that's you know the difference to be called some chick hot chocolate and re paying a woman and biting her lip but a bundle rally I'm not a little while I am not take on high ground on issues right he would get over its entire Korean just left rob are going to have a hard time with that could only bring out these works rapists he's worse than O'Reilly question Bill Bradley writes on its books. He is human rights in the word that day and he just shot up until way in the commodities. I'm OK we've moving on he was gonna in the sixties and what's on who's gonna do. A ballot that is one thing you that your organs it was a victory is exactly Larry King to drag them off last hole we'll do trip that should be a terrific not a good thing. It is just last Richie Anderson yes. Yes it was insane it was a last class and Bruno thought Lewis was called the factor who was one of the candidates to replace him and she is one of the candidates sort of who's going to replace some kind of I think sort of lightweight. Yet but she fits in well I don't know five. So if you get if you missed it here's the news here's the big news Terry's Tucker Carlson going to 8 o'clock great news you watch a Boston sports Andre who's my friends shores. I can watch Boston sports it's that I Comcast. Has Ali he's armed and what they couldn't come up catching in English said that the second in the show was what talking sports and the show there in Austin it let's check out the hot blonde on time that showed he's dreadfully dull and their pocket and it is irrelevant he did but it was sort of Williams ignored the Bruins they talked and touched on an Anderson about. Markings on the front of the problem. You know frozen water that is just. Think Dennis Hopper additional authority and talk about the sports and I think he knows me so why it's particularly about hockey I mean wouldn't it wouldn't he be better than you know if he would easily beats exit behind the scenes look at the G agreement as well you have talents not. And he could be just like Faneuil we could beat the hell out of anyone right Felder is doing this whole thing in Monte intelligence economic you know. With Tyrus Thomas he's Corliss I don't associate with overriding problem we ask our ethics great scoring chances tonight he didn't see that in game three. Usually for golf course I like this and he likened cheeseburger pulled pork I like it tonight. It is a good look at digital ad servers that I don't want because he's the great gift here as that. These rare news. It doesn't appear to be any. Preakness yes pretense that he just says what he thinks I get it's great Felger is there it is his laptop and notes DJ is nick from is up. No no nothing nothing bosses aren't I didn't write mantle here colored pencils don't know did not but here's the lineup again. Tucker Carlson goes to eight which is great for people who have to go to bed. Like me you haven't heard before 10 o'clock number of things to watch him never before September if things to do things toward into the deadly heat there. Which equipment pride I could have last night. Now but. I'm right now I watched Parker and if it's really good McCants that I go back and watch her own self portraits of whenever PDI anyway anyway I like this record date. Good spot. And nine is going to be five. It changed which shows the Nazis and into the nine had nine people attribute mission a number but these kind in the middle and with that. The leader of the five drug testers to drink Eric polling at today's outlook shows he goes on to whose own show at five. Frightens me said he might even call it hurtful and show so who's behind it that's what's gonna call who's gonna host the five for beatle be dog food or it's going to be Dana Perino Kimberly you for Greg Gutfeld. Oil like we just if you deal Jesse want. Heavy IOC I hate you know what why you might want to right he's he's affair what it much easier being popular Jesse unload all the Hamas. To his showed why he's a heart he's he is on judge people how crazy they drive liberals and I'm. Your evidence he's follow this chases and why I think what you know I was right and now come easy. He's anybody's a dodger I don't think your people and every night I didn't elect like him less and less as he gets a bigger role tonight he's probably going to be in the ball and sees in the and blowing and we saw Juan Williams his heart and speckled who's since the army's. It's eagle liberal on the five yeah so glad I did beat on the fibers and mostly just conservatives in this speech debate. There's no lose like three conservatives. Got those kind of libertarian. Dana Perino is kind of you know. I'm looking for to moderates like NM SN BC news Sunday and used to be bowling against speckled ball and it's one wave and he's not going to be either although Jesse Watters is a punk. Like such a Polly please please tell a fake I mean anybody can interview morons on the street just peace to placate and he's like he's prepackaged he's he's a purpose I like that I'm an Ambien morons on the street. I S headlines by two by doctor Robert Leonard 1800 get here at either Los afternoon doctor Robert six point seven. 779. 7937. Lots of reaction you got to onion and stuff. That wanted one pick through here's a show goes on. Obviously it's at some point you want him Hebrew give bones I think lots of rooms but the good chances yes I had the chances and they blew a few thought. Now we're wells and I hate that rule. I like that rule affair that the journalists are more rules. Wish it wasn't closely snot ass when it was even as you know was not even close is a little annoyed me to sit there like hit the home run third inning and marine game. But I wondered if he gets in the fifth this becomes official whose record. If you don't get to fit your home runs wiped out right that's true that's true rule that is true and abroad thought that I can have brought ask again. Pulled that. Well that's what a guy or I'm holding yes yes all the revenue gonna break. Earlier all the right now can hear your thought we get back how do that Axl we'll do that. I took looks like unfortunately somebody who's on the station has had the rightful Saturday thankful he's he's like the other playoffs the first round and I would. It it's going to be frustrate me and beat these banner please. Supporter. Announcer. What's to lose 31 goal game I do like a big deal gets paid by the games so if you like the fact that he might not get too. Want to hear that it was that it's like freelancing and now and paper dot com happy about it that means we'll get more detail in the afternoon who it's true browns to points fail to needs to take. Much of has gloated like you do or taken a victory lap what you did today but over the human back on the running back he says it was like a and look a month when dale was talking about how he's a perfect fit. He was right he's here he's the patriot the ruling I don't like this it's kind of opened your wife has the support they want on the way back now. Yes I have like five Alex. Signed anyone this offseason replenishing its cost and yes you know Politico has the story about other. In on the sole rights team and mr. Richard Spencer is a big fan. Unreadable story though was long imagine that Richard Spencer explained mr. Richard Spencer late the patriot he does so. Oh what does this mean because Richard Spencer is one of the leaders of the alt I understand so David duke tweeted a congratulations that Pete how does well so what. Guess that means don't talk crash or racist golf course now. But it just means that the patriots have a large following the all right so do you think like Louis Farrakhan has a favorite team. While we're at a sharp presents you gonna blame that team because Louis Farrakhan or Al Sharpton likes them. Or worse like you know. Merck OJ Simpson as a favorite do you blame that tell but it just hasn't associate that team I think it's an old story despite the patriots have a lot of fans in the all right on and how he's been with you admittedly but give way to a shame losing to to bring those people to bid to be fans. What would you mean the patriots can't tell exactly. Exactly how do you blame the patriots for the fact you can now some vials in my bag in Louisiana are nothing but daylight but they like the patriot because trump likes the pace in gap like this open again. Why does that how does that involve the patriots. How can you place any responsible at this on the patriots I find it just laughable that a guy like Kraft and Belichick. You're gonna say. Your associate them. With Richards walk is that it was like that's right there alone is I just goes like this craft and ballot check in bed with trump and Soledad again yesterday all the trump is in bed with the all right so that's the all right Richard Spencer all these races of the patriots now okay that's the belt I always drop in bed with the because they they were his big constituency to help him get elected how is it trumps fault some crazy racist Louisiana voters because he named Steve and into without him we kept up to all of us all weekend will be included in Rebecca vote for four years ago Romney. I don't think you go to for now yes I'm a hard enough you look at most of effort no equivalent by. You vote for John McCain I don't think is our George W. Bush Republican who he's so passionate about an idol winner which really made just tell us last year of course should have pushed you wanna know why that's why I don't know why why it's so Politico isn't your run out of the Woodward he gave them Politico he just to Kirk's right. This guy voted for Mitt Romney. But he was it was and it was like. Actively occasionally actually told you what this passionate about Romney's it would get trotted what is driving what is the passions like top one in that mommy didn't pander to those sects of the Republican Party which is a big reason my trump was able to win the primaries desires it's large constituency. On the right the thought ignored by the mainstream establishment. And from pandered to them he spoke they're getting lost at sawgrass and credit highs and you Spencer Brady or Spencer Danny Amendola it's a week tied but the tie is that apparently it's a terrible team at trump. And that's what you are right I hope they don't seem do you think Belichick makes decisions based on race of course that's the implication now it I would have written a big feature story but. Just in willow about some Arab historian and cursed booked the guys I was faulted is that you know we saw that so we'll get Ramallah by having them on. I expected more pirate it was a very good education I was tired it was it's like three months late at least you call some crazy race NC like the patent. Who hold on the news and nobody else in Gaza has done right now nobody's done it. Notepad Bruins themselves together and who question can I feel like he speculate on Giles right now. We expect more from who is if you had to pick one team to winning when this year's who's more like this here's the questionable down two games. But the Celtics. I'd agree with that it is ultimately gain entry and if you were the Bruins are one game from Mormon but it's a two game but losing two games spread bull bull right. It was the Bruins aren't better than on the Celtics are better which is the commits. And I'll say this question if this on the doubles always who detailed the Celtics lose Friday against what. Yeah not winning going to win in game four went on Friday you magic and swept a while -- swept by -- -- what buttons and -- which is more devastating which itself is tonight clothes not when that if the two of them get -- the first even -- it's not a slam it asks Bruce made pledged last two years -- desperate the Celtics -- desperate my manager dale said the other day as the first home playoff game over I was in the eighties and that we have we have we have to get the calls we have caller who says Daniel brings cousin has some insight and we have a few calls -- -- -- we don't like Nelson -- of those calls a solid 777979%. If you -- Alex yet you don't own them you know who doesn't take -- the way that's -- our three is next -- and now we see the -- -- did you -- is -- to Morgan missed the recap which -- full -- yet really. Our team at the White House RJR 24 hours in the nation's capital this clause. Wouldn't you agree that when you that you hate to compliment you and you know in different you know like Spicer. Why don't you like the whole experience does it's exhilarating. In feel accurate the center of the universe it was. The access you have these sort of amazing in a way I mean it's it's limited but at the same time with a noticeable and around the White House gets picked gets a pictures at the podium he did that. Yes yesterday I would have did done this and and we didn't look great we pulled off our bill gets up great. I do this that tricky at this actually that's an ally like Iceland stability yes yes very nice and shut up I figured that they do is married and loans made that for your votes even Kurds look good Kirsten gray we got lots of compliments yes. Oh how well dressed we were assessed it was of those pictures you take that picture of me at the posing podium of the book is gonna helpless and senate can't do it senatorial Jerry cumulative guy ready to make a run I already see exploratory committee. You and I and any elements of they would vote for Jerry you're of course in very good man I don't support the gay community. An edge on don't think you're gonna win the game open and I didn't get some. I don't mean shot a higher price campaigning appreciative plane gently. 30% that's overlooked and that's like 30% would be a win right there it was out of exodus from put the you know black vote for you right Hispanic vote but we should be willing to concede allow gays pavlik full voting rights of them. We're all in all over it an awful illness writes yes that's Gary's position on on (%expletive) Asia promise that I have like tomorrow. In support of the American by flip flop you know a moment marriage. You can gets a lot of support what could I win people down for you Jerry I think we just need to say leave it to the states that's at that's yesterday's price for even the state needs everything by state finally an average. Guns slavery leave it to stay admit that guys for a happened wet. That's not what the White House I understand that we'll play some of their sound react as well recap RD take your phone calls talk will mourn and as well our tree cricket Callahan. With our tree.

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