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K&C- Michele McPhee says Aaron Hernandez had a relationship with a man in Connecticut 4-20-17

Apr 20, 2017|

Michele McPhee joins Kirk, Gerry, and Alex to talk about Hernandez’s suicide and the accusation that she may have contributed to his suicide.

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He'd skirt and Callahan. With Kurt committee ahead. And Gerry Callahan plug Sports Radio WEEI. And I know here aren't. 0100%. Michelle McPhee who gave them nonstop liar he knew it was going to be nonstop trouble form. I can't believe. They both of you for this that it like and it practically elevator stated. I would like raft like it was in Iraq to three cents a share. It on this Perez stayed where I am a guy LA any author ever. He claimed he talked whom I love the true although it's public record that follows you get a conversation. Between Revver and that is. As Smart guy. It's bad decisions very Smart president won't say that I think infamous murderer or you don't want excellence of the guys they're all saying Smart I think it was dome was considered a high schools and they'll say so how's it could no more obvious why he killed or employed illegal Smart from two you know to go back to his house Madison hotel than on his hands people. And then try to break the the video system alarm system has it anyway we know Michelle McPhee who joins us the author of maximum harm by the issues on this Monday. On again today she was right about Hernandez yesterday that's not dispute everyone's talking about now right around the country Michelle had it first. She joins city keep ya lamb what's going on. We're doing OK so. Just to catch everybody up I mean you're first the details of what was going on in that cell when Hernandez killed himself. Apple is what I want you know I thought I immediately called water out. Al and her and that it at all like any of the Eiffel bursts in and deeply human being that would lead to ten cheap without regard to eat in the why aren't we. Eight alert and keep. Grew our 316. Yard pass everybody with a. Seems like. Past receives 360. MD. Yeah you're I don't know all I want I couldn't quite yet I know her out. And our air and earth became an aggregate and Tebow record at a port. Aren't you wrote on it keen. And it wasn't like it was an important part parody mark I can't eat at that you would include. Oh yeah. This just curious and an American name names this a source what did you referred to as Michelle in prison is an art. Law enforcement sources and they. True and could be right. York you told us he told us Monday. And Aaron Hernandez was gay Oden Lloyd found or knew it and was telling people in that upset Aaron Hernandez and thus the murder. Which he was convicted is this. And did you did you confirm that he was being taunted harassed tackle. No it yes. I mean one thing we know they're not all call me yesterday because it's that phone records so. I'm getting hit you when he hit me yesterday having I don't think that you talking and I don't know about the validity of that. I don't let you know why I let it we're no record of all these at all. He we wouldn't say whether it was an official phone call or one of these they'll sell a home office I smuggled cell phones. I mean I get an op well because it appeared that I didn't keep doing the child I had. You know why I believe attack mode and I'd like when he seventeen they yelled at having any humans they're killing three people. And convicted account nickel and would weigh heavier and it REIT. You know the only treatment that got all of at all at that voters are eligible it. You don't carry me about the people who are out prescribing medication. Making it available to any reporter who want to do the war. Our our record our own called Vera Leonard had a lot caller to refer you know. I'm not you know when I've actually didn't ornery into yelling Aaron and technical Brian. Oh right after the initial twenty Turkey Iraq. So I want reporter who had access to the integration. With all you have to work. Eat up a lot of the relationship but somebody armed anti we are actually had a very equal relationship I have with the Internet relationship. And that. Provided that the body of what are the investigators. Our theory in the beginning because they got into me and earn a wallet. That perhaps burger all I can get it back Albert Belle they had information on him. One and a motivated at all like you to derogatory term. Trick people into our Aaron need. That old Lloyd acknowledge what the relationship he had but in any Connecticut they liked our effort. And then it only relevant Al Arab the Arab motor. And I'd like to think that. I mean I know I heard that little break in at about race. If you need it won't like it confused about it facts are engaging and not because he killed all act. I don't know what I would think that would be attacking me. I I thought well I think. Rabbit contention is that he was getting a hard time from the guys on the block. Heart and make that block while you and I had its action on the radio because yes falling out of the blood. The air and that it why they are ordered to go to India to get involved activity. I had like I'm actually brought back. At prosecutor in the attic it but it didn't packer. It is an army is at suggested that under the direct actors brought late. So deep even. And that's an ideal but it reporter. Opinion I don't care what are in the dark. And that personalized solutions look at my that the longer adequate amount of art I think it's a truck. And as you have as good as any motive that we we don't or haven't heard it that promote heavily for it particularly well for the source for the wood pushed him over the image what that date. Matt I don't think against them it's why do you think it's white it I think it's part. I don't think it like getting I don't either. I think you're looking at the White House he had no life I don't think I like he did it he's keeping up. And keep real I think equity and double murdering the public could or may not get out of. Well his lawyers said it was gonna get a mile and his lawyer freed Casey Anthony and his lawyer is a sleaze bag. But if you are taking him in free case can't be from an already guilty verdict he plea he freed her how she murdered child that's pretty amazing. It wrote but it can't act but aren't that you don't want carry the whole thing that presidents what are we when he Cuba and the Dayton and I can't. He can't eat that are on the clock eat Zetterberg chart. And in bad people are right get pay. I somehow culpable as he did one. Right and we have not only we have a lawyer by Edison and sell in these creeps and that there. And they don't know they gonna do their own investigation they think he might have been murdered by OK we have bad days I was stupid we have state reps in the investigation. I mean the the present the department of corrections was quite clear they had a statement that within an hour with a all the details. It appears to me that anybody who. They conspiracy. And I unit. Public yeah all of the video they should know one and wrecked his video unsure that shows no one entering or exiting. He now works Michelle would have these conspiracy people they gonna say well how do we know they did that out how do we know of the digit doctored tape and that's exactly you know that it. We took four hours of calls on the SE from people. Who I think you know more than half don't believe he killed himself. Looking at. Whatever her handed it out for example one or the other revelations that he was alleged that nature would like that because that he argued that the Asian. And that he had it would and eight air and the man who will you know probably OK about it I it. Marty at our news team tired all the light. He went all heard about. An arm won't video now. You really evident that the got Aaron and don't call it is not obvious. Why not that house in our cat what I. Security camera. But he broke the in the box where these allowances. A and whether Donald video it. When he heat and eat. Do you ever art. It played a eater and our support I have that yeah he was you've identified a shooter. Eckerd. Ending it all day apart I have all records. I don't worry that it would be able to read eat it and lottery. I think we're fine way to. DMZ back and forth he couldn't spell right edge and I just about everybody in the globe right now Smart he was originally. Is Smart he. I like it would. You do. That you know that's like art. The dumbest. End up. That's all that. All that you've got people like pie is insolvent saying a zone we've looked at this case that by the the only case is a lot of holes there. Mean it was never there was it was the most sheltered and shut case it was never it was never gonna walk ever Hernandez is not. He needed to keep the ball. Dorchester body shop every day. And do. Keep on lord it watcher there have rain. Much of that scrutiny if I'm excited. At the bottom. Not that while wearing red animal than my opponent didn't get it means that. And the dumb person that's it that does they would jump here and and then goes to bed he sleeps like to an afternoon and we'll include these member the next day all right ladies and entities lost. And excluded shall I do and I bought strawberries out of the assignments at the end it's a Psycho and he's a stupid man why why can't we just. Video. EQ it is a problem that we get why aren't static. Whatever that aren't a lot of marijuana and I don't like murder yeah you know I don't think that didn't edit it. But it would video can't yanking try to have a light added yeah so we saw some other do you. Prolong. That each day picnic at a candlelight Procter and. Do you believe he was under the influence of the stuff the synthetic marijuana the night he killed himself. Possible I know that party met each is that is that common in prison cells are a lot synthetic marijuana use and you know what I don't have a about it right now that girl and did a lot of I mean you know that you aren't you aren't a lot out you get it which can act as an act. That are. Forget about her that aren't. I don't know if you like it you get. What was that doesn't ever paint by the year are 48. Yes of course. So this other to get back of the Oden played motives so you see your contention is amended misunderstood you that Hernandez you think a possible reason is. That Odom Lloyd was taunting him for being in that may have been a factor and. Wanting him he won't argue you know term I think the term care. Who's using solar. You're giving Hitler you're giving up our. I injured you light up you're bought a bag and bought at. Oh yeah allegedly killed. Eight big moment on the shot you'd think hit a pretty need it and it will help. And being. You know double check our education you get that would from all right words. And he did call and an eight in all my. Rights to show will seal Jose Baez is investigation yes programs are Michelle McPhee joins us it joins us the author of maximum harm and we'll talk to again I'm shortz who Michelle thanks we'll talk to again. I've shot the show you would say Michelle McPhee brought to you by he AT&T hotline.

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