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Red Sox Manager John Farrell with Dale, Holley and Keefe

Apr 20, 2017|

We speak with Sox skipper John Farrell live from Toronto.

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We'll get your calls in just a few minutes first start regular weekly visit with the manager of the Boston Red Sox John Ferrell brought to you by our belly insurance. Town fair tire and Cumberland farms farm house blend iced coffee. John of course joins us from Toronto where the Red Sox won their fourth in a row last night. John my apologies for being a few minutes late but we let the president and Bill Belichick talk for a few minutes as well I don't. I'm doing fine guys how are you today. We're doing great thanks let's talk about Brian Johnson a remarkable story considering. But things he's gone through from a physical perspective gets an opportunity to start for you last night in Toronto and comes up with a win. Yeah you know they'll I think going into last night's game a couple things so world for probably in your mind is as the game started one tuned. Brian gears since the middle innings where we've you know maybe preserve some of the bullpen we've we've been going to have a lot. So you know given a little earnings of one and then hopefully we can do. It inched score scored affronts to stay ahead on the scoreboard. You just because of how explosive Toronto can be. Despite what their first thirteen games this. You know I've restore financial both of those things come true. And you know what he made some big picture particularly in the second inning with one out bases loaded. To get out of a potential crooked number on the scoreboard so. But a solid effort on his partner and a good alternative metal around. Tonight's starter report so last time around. Really struggled to air you know the ball long ball really did admit what did you see from that outing which led to some of the problems. Well as locations I think when when Rick gets into those types of ball games that just two seamer sinker is probably not as consistent. As what he's thrown well that was the case I think sometimes you kind of falls in between than what I mean by that is. You know more contact sinker ball or virtually guy that's gonna use forcing her to try to get some elevated swearing in mess on occasion. And because of that in between that is not a good place for Rick put. So much of focus and attention that there is typically between starts with him loose just to get the field and the execution of the two seamer that that's his signature pitch. When he's on the mound. Mitch Moreland shocked me on Monday to never hit because it seems like every time he gets out there. He gets a couple of hits three hits for yet he comes into tonight's action hitting 358 on the season he has a doubles machine leads the major leagues in doubles. Did you see this kind of a start forum based on what you are watching Donna Fort Myers. Well you you don't know good question because the one thing he showed particularly RBIs situations because. The question was even posed before the openers like what do you see in his abilities to be RB I guy in and what you wish we showdown there was his ability to use the whole field. I think he's commend and when we signed him in the off season I know he was really eager to to play in sunlight. To be able to use that left field wall would look more to his advantage. The swing has played to that pretty exclusively and you know you look at the majority was RBIs have come from bishops the other way and that was the case again last night. So it is understanding of who he is a hitter. And with a pretty clear approach share in those RBIs in RBIs spots that's played out for him. Does is bookie that's doing anything different at the plate now lashing he was incredible and and he probably should've won the MVP award. The this year just one home brought the windows capable of power and he hasn't struck out in forever to them the rock that he's on it the 128 at bats without striking out. Is he doing anything differently. No no I'm starting a lot of been made and has been made of our our home run totals for the first. I guess fourteen games. I think a lot of it has to do you open up to season cold weather where the ball might not be carrying his much. Books and he you know remove keys not changed. You know he's very balanced he's got tremendous hand eye coordination. You don't see him. Four for fear of striking out looking to make contact early in the count because you have a you know number of those attacks shut the high number of those and that's with a B and deep counts and even to strike. Situations so no he's just were were fortunate to watch a really good hitter each and every day. A planned night off last night for Dustin Pedroia moved Sander Bogart's in the leadoff spot I always envisioned that when you go talk to dust and about that not a game. You're you're almost prepared for a fist fight trying to kick keep him out of a lineup does he understand what you're trying to do within here. Ultra sure and I think Pete used to talk to come to grips with you know the number of games he's played the wake of his career. Were destruction thirty games and 31 days so. You know. This conversation of applicable terms and spring training any kind of took two spots when that might be needed more. You know he was nicked up on the homestand with a trouble off the caffeine got taken out. At second base with a hard slide. So just felt like either one of these games so what was it was a night to get much done down night that was last night's and as a group we respond great. From an offensive standpoint but he's right back and ended today lead off against on the Rio. Are there guys shot that don't want oh lead off that just aren't comfortable in that spot and in what you do have the joy out of their TD talked to them before it like in this case. Stick to pull Garcia maybe down the road might be somebody else do you approach that I had time to say you are you okay hit lead off for just elevate to. Margaret leadoff well the guys that are going to be candidates that they hit the top of the order. Throughout most of their pro career whether at various levels among only sort times. You're too big levels of bogeys at a yield for the majority of the Simon in Boston it's been even in the two hole in the three hole. So you don't talk with a yesterday late the ocean in morning I don't know what to plan which were for Dawson. And just that I you're you're legal spotlight either had good perhaps. Party you don't have pulled back to give stroman prior and they know what the it's a couple basic in the first two times up so. You know I think more than three guys when they give him the flow of the season to spot in the order may becomes less. Yeah of a mindset what they're trying to do know I I do know this bogeys not a big fan of in the four hole because of negative connotation that goes. Which asked for rural spot so. In the last right. Leadoff spot not a big issue for him. Our question of the week is brought to my Cumberland farms farm house blend iced coffee. And the question comes from John lawn greening of my mispronouncing your name John I apologize of angle Juan. John asks where has Brock called Ben would you be concerned about potential rusty nest when he does crack the lineup again. Well yeah I mean that the the obvious thing is is you know it's a mission before the game last night which. Markel give Americans don't PD was reflective just of the higher quality of attacks in the early going here parking dimension is going to be a big part of this team. The timing has not been there are so that the offset of the debate becomes law biding your time you cannot get the attack so. Just felt like show where we're rotating Marcos rule but Brock is going to be a key part of this team. Sold. You know. Brought this year and I haven't forgot about them but two point in a more closely and a little bit better about. Jon you said Dustin Pedroia is back to there's going to be leading all saw what the rest a lot of electric tonight. Bogeys record of six hole that's circular Chris Young 710 to eight shouldn't be on behind the plate and that was what sold nine and two through five are normal gash. John we always appreciate time thanks very much we'll talk to you next week. Hundred yards later. To take care that's a Red Sox manager John Ferrell brought to buy our belly insurance town fair tire and Cumberland farms farm house blend iced coffee. All right I promise threat to the calls these guys coming up next 6177797937. It's dale and Holley with keep broadcasting live from west and Johnny's just about a block down the street from the TD garden here on sports ready WEEI.

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