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K&C- Tom Brady isn’t going to the White House; More on Hernandez 4-19-17

Apr 19, 2017|

Hour 4. Tom Brady announces he will not be attending the White House ceremony. More calls on Hernandez.

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Kevin O'Connor covers the NBA for the ring Perry joins is on the eighteenth the expert hotline hello Kevin. Hey guys good morning. Well people here are that there are concerned her at I would say about the Celtics. And the and historical situation there and right now in terms of you know and having a chance to win this series. It does it surprise you. In that Jim guy that did you think this Celtics. World week one so you can you check yet I don't. Why are weak once you checked the time on had to be happy for the murder. About 7:20 this morning at seven to move aesthetic against our early the day before it was this. 7:20 this morning an hour after. As curt called the most bizarre story in new England sports history quick programming note governor Arnold join the guys wolf there. I don't mean to you. Is where they're weak one seat is saying that before the body's cold. Gold us Jesus it's it's also what people wanna hear want they want news and wants updates and what is the information what is the news Gerri just in case people to work rate Aaron Hernandez off himself. He is. Guilty of another murder he killed himself yes scoring eventful that's a very sad day in a bad decision. But he hung himself in his prisoner 305 this morning declared dead at 407 at the hospital. Used in bed sheet tied to a window thing. I contribute from the member Kimbrough pockets that wide receiver for the patriots. Dam a each. I remember in 2013 age being the first person atomic quote boy unites in doing that that's happening and it's all you nice surprise me is that nice look at that allow people to. Com. These first person tell this person boy you nice. Or you nice. And and men think from it what you will. Rabbit he's sort of frequent appear frequent guest or caller to the show always front and do you know she's done time he's been in these. Prisons he knows a lot of gang guys. C stated unequivocally that tremendous kill themselves because. Michelle McPhee reported that he's gay. Yeah he's getting content. In. Picked for that you know we've if you want when you don't have to but that's preface theory in rabbit spoke to him yesterday. I would say we've taken about forty different theories here today over the course of the show. It's as good as anyone else say that you know much right believe it I think it was other other stuff as well. But it wouldn't surprise me. Let's get to some call a short so much you wanna play I should say we are our policies and as well before real quick we should be two minutes we're here are you ready for this. I am ready yes let's go forward to real milk and suits and ties were gonna look good. We're gonna meet the president maybe meet mum and Sean Spicer who is still there you're curse and Terry going. You know public outrage I can really talk right you never heard such such locker room talk I'm. Sorry Dave's in Springfield they Dave how are you. I do in the morning. Yeah I'd want to weighing on air and in that situation it's I'm actually somebody acted pretty hard. And I think overall reality Adam when he was on trial for the old Lloyd murder he was trying to be tough guy trying to show he was. And all of the said he you know. He. In themselves and I think reality hit them and you know there is that I can't do this and what I think the highest of heights. I do this up I didn't do something to that and what that tells what held the light but the idea is that he said what I said earlier. It. Dave Davis that you don't you have that big Friday you it's like you're almost a motion this thing happens this crazy thing. And you go back in and close that door and that's all Uga and you know down deep you know. It's not change I mean it's really. Right except I felt the opposite I felt like for once you he has hope. And you like that he had hoped. We've retreat out the front page of The Herald. His new lawyer and take over the appeal. The guy who specializes. In getting cold blooded killers off Scot free that's what he does sure. And he vowed to do his best on this appeal and get him out of prison. I never thought someone would even mentioned that possibility as we all know sure Hernandez is a murderer. It sounds to me like you read about everything went right if they got it this appeal won this won that one that got to trial one Matt let's go to do 400 shut. And now I know what to the red sentiment that's up six movies real life in the in hopes of good that other five yeah maybe the best thing you look at it twenty years maybe 1520 years yeah and their conjugal visits are for. I think he's saying you know. I you know I wrote about this because sexually attracted to potentially bad over three. I do I believe you wanna taunted you want to. He's a man's man a macho men involved and Arlington involved. Wind Illinois. They under water then ball and feel sorry for people aren't. As sad as Hitler Hitler made some bad decisions. Well yeah it was I. I try to make bad decisions. Smart he was a Smart guy that. Yeah yeah it is. That I was wondering and maybe you can add and. Are aware of the sympathy for the the window or the the wife. Comes from before you know I don't a normal person would normally. Captain Russell I think is an evil which I would say that she's different levels and and I think it's it's. It's a cap Russell. Which really well Wear. My short tonight you know she and I jackets those her husband's a murder for about it yet she knew before. She calmness probably couldn't stop them but she knew and stood by in cold blood but it's different level. Capsule and and send in the team a life that these heroes to record. Zach talks for best and we. Bob Regis and sports use quotes on patriots go through. What these. Thought it was supposed to supposed to cancel because. Who can use to play they've they wash hands it was four years ago. You can say yeah has opted cycle. This murder in what was supplied patriots of oh. He's gone in the jails so where it goes. Do we have that sound that sounds hard to believe marriage all woolly guys about it and it was generally considered one of the more rational members he's not a total easily solvable rule in bad. Does not Republican. Just not and lunatic sky and I don't want to bring nice trip to Asia lovely. Usually not nuts that sounds like something you know the money Jones would say there or then eleven tired by the way you have Lipitor disease who going to be okay. Yes we have some of the terrific affect their vote one quick note I just got word from Bologna has a he's out read doctor's appointment right now to be happy to join us tomorrow to talk. Found a couple of shrink and she's. But. As we need east oddly out of respect for earning sports. I looked at theory earlier caller said this is all by design because Aaron earnest when to take the fund to steal the fund of compatriots. On its it works but you don't like it is suitable. He worked well that would call at a fever. No no one can overshadow Super Bowl but this regular season. This period is may be so upset that a former team is associated. With this misogynist basis for three point to meet them now know. 00 doesn't like trump he's he's like Alan Branch all her NS extra to bag I trump you know I heard talk like that right. Now the and he's he's discussed the drop was made several bad decisions. These must feel they deem. These whatever. Source as being kind to stay pixel. Old yet and the big tragedy here that the after they actually made it to be ever so. You know he probably could have made a hundred million bucks beautiful wife took it all away you know every guy kind of lead to other and the guy native you know our group and then. I mean I guess it's it's a waste of life we know bat. He got enabled every step of the way get enabled by Urban Meyer and college. You get enabled in the pros most teams wouldn't touch him leading the last of the fourth round for a reason. Can we get the outbreak he sound to gamble mark. The next he's breaking news breaking news. Out. Brought you by Julian Phillips auto glass Sports Radio WEEI. I'll migrations to weed this out a statement from Tom Brady I am so happy and excited that our team is being on at the White House today their teams pop or something very special. The real proud of won't be for years to come thanks the president for hosting Irish celebration for supporting our team is on record numbers in light. Of some recent developments I am I'm able to attend today's ceremony. As I'm attending to some personal family members hopefully we accomplished a goal when it ships that he usually back on the south won against him at equal rates on pre. At 932 in just minutes ago so Brady is he's not going to. And that Reese adds that Brady's mother Galen. He's in Boston. And we assume and with. Brady Gisele on the and the kids. Sure I guess image is yours and I don't know and race other picture too out of his mother's daughter again yes yes I can wipe very artsy pictures birds touching picture. That's too bad. But now I'm telling you he doesn't want to deal with the the backlash just doesn't wanna do that it is a distraction probably. Sent a note to proper call them or some sin and love to be there but I can't sorry. Yeah and I'm I'm I'm would not be spies all vaults mommies and I think you always. Struggled with going it is prompting anyway back for hopefully he's promised to what was some patriot he is out. That it does not surprise me shots between 34 seconds on the arrogance represented its. Athletes first president Brian Murphy. Apps we have no chance he took its own life. Chico is not a saint my family that loved him ever take his own writers Ryan Murphy from. She's ashamed of yourself and or service agents what is reps agents out. First of all he has she was on this she's coach like him I loved him you'd never take it and loved him you loved the murder he loved the murderer. Where am I missing here that you look at how would you say this you know I was also out abandoned you if you were murdered don't you say that the only you would love your kids. I guess I loves loves a strong word ready for months I did not loves a strong sales are staged sit and eat right exercise we red meat is I didn't even Jared Ramey of cherry cherries and yourself Jerry Remy told us what you're doing it might enable them but he certainly felt guilty. Where we're agreeing with you say you love your son bloggers for remorse yes I would stand by it's still loved her and really what if you can kill a thousand people with a look at the what if you can was Mohammed. One no I wouldn't want image. I would want him to burn into what person you want them in jail for the rest of their lives Hewitt. You pupil now I don't know you units that logic is of course you. We have also just out here let's hear from Bob Lee who said. The patent should cancel today's White House visit instead of the Hernandez knew Brady is out not beat the White House you're from Bob this morning sports. So just as as for political optics. Whether it's Kraft telling the white house of the white house press operation if someone presents thing is this the best topic you want and this is an unconventional administration I think everyone can objectively you'd. But it to them I'm just surprised Laporte this I'm very surprised so. Stocks news stunned I'm very surprised are moving forward. A debate of course about sports and nobody disagrees they seem to see why. Isn't their fault that the media did this to themselves release posted. Take today off other guys on the team player and a miracle. Of Xenia what is you know Malcolm butler's. For Kristol column whoever crystal ballots here. About jobs they got to know connection Ernie and what was that oh people who have no content to let the people who had a solid oak victories right like you can't go make some guy. We used to be year to themselves to themselves. I was so they say this be one thing and use these guys he told example and men a couple of times very nice catcher who never. If Jerod Mayo kill himself this morning everybody likes. Different conversation. You say you look this is a tragedy. He seems like an ice man I miss to cancel the trip might you might have a lot of hits you might you might would you say can understand they said you know what. It's heartbreaking day for cutie pictures we just want to focus of ceremony. Toll and so you'll do next week just as easy way to Aaron Hernandez a scumbag. I killer kills himself response say you know once. What's to say good light publicly. For some reason he can't do that. For some reason Belichick craft Jonathan Kraft. None of them to celebrate this day. In their hearts this and good easy murderer he's a bad person. He did the right thing and I know I know and Chico made a couple of batches actions but that president and called two week basis I've we have lots of calls lots of people wanted to talk to us lots of people wanna share their fears. With the world let's go to JP in New Hampshire may JP. Hey Jerry how are you a half hour I'm doing great but how are you said that there was a plan in place in this is my carry it you'll write off with a client. After you lose. Convicted of the board murder of playing. Because we know he's an active gay member of with a plan what she was supposed to take the fall. Oval next to double murders the fact that he went against what was the plan. Was to take the falcons U is going to be there for like forever. He went against it and when he got acquitted he knew the end was near he knew it was going to be coming to have. It coming to him and he just couldn't handle it. You know everything else we can say from our social social standpoint yes but let's just state prison gang gets weak he knew it was common event. He was still not surprise won't be surprised we found that his gang business I'm still surprised that he wouldn't fight to the end Amare he's a thug lectures since the Friday we came early after the marathon bombing and they were so many stories. Starter and assumes of course it's related stories breaker user crazy stuff. RT MC. Aaron and his main died as a result suicide if any murder orchestrated within the prison walls so claims. Posing by use. Was it diocese which is not as Steve that was not our last week and watch an investigation on behalf and his him out by suicide or buys believes. This could be murder. Either by inmates or folks. Run with third reason we've heard lots of legit new stores more and that's not one that is a professional liar housing fiction writer right there. That's a guy who makes up stories for eleven. That's guy whose greatest professional achievement. He's getting Casey Anthony woman who duct tape and and and murdered her two year old child so she go party and dump them. In the African woods I that that that's his and you know how she paid him an edgy thing. She paid in the sexual Fallon is how inevitable that story that's easiest story today you do nose eyes and now not bode very specials two colors that's the kind of personally just below its all life as we always do media bias on I give him my line. How does this work. Out. Who did that's a pretty coordinated plan and they're saying prison officials who by the way what they care Aaron it is found not guilty or prison. Got together orchestrated a plane to Q garnered just. Why it's it's nonsense certificate if that was true on says he has no information on of course not. What that other 82 cause of Chico has this is age it's not a frame of mind you know I don't wish like murder on this people but. I hope by his it's a fly out of my desolate road conversion license and I lawyer. This sugars and took them to live thing as like this tell lies. And the more fantastic allies that is the more successfully are our number awhile to show ministers. No urgent news should I do and that's sitting here in the studio in Washington DC about to go to the White House to see president trump yes that's the most normal thing we're gonna do today is sure our shows and Randolph and China quickly enough. I eloped I first signed Israel. Why I reached many so much time on a guy who children so we took the easy way out let's talk about the Bruins shot. You're yeah you're able. All chair. Cared either you yeah I can tell nobody cares. At five lines bullets and six so we have Harrison as if it's the thing. Everybody is stunned everybody's. Chiming in on this by the way and when you mention greatest in home because we're you gonna say something. Right but I and it's a new. But something's going to be forced to if if I had no one else by house radio do his typical brief thank you it's sad so well checks so high tower so we'll you know Vince willful. Everybody else sold camp ground pound pumpkin I hope. I hope actually hope Brady. Is who we well Brady. To knock at the white mostly because he wanted to deal with it because they know what may be true even worse of course would you be surprised if Brady said today on I just wanted to I don't wanna deal I want to do with the trump stuff I wanna deal with Ernie and his stuff score. Yeah he's passable on two kids wife and his mother it's got a lot going off. Sure and he would love Obama. And he didn't wanna deal and all that your statement that time I don't believe commitment was different moral and that was OK you know you just kind of drifted away now it's everybody's it's in what's okay I meant on everybody know people like effective Brady correctness six what sets up right in nine. 7937. Aaron is committed suicide 305. This morning the story does not stop now fight by this time we're back on your RO. We have lots of calls let's do wanna give everyone a fifteen points happens is that we get back to where we handed over to a Christian England in the mid day. Six or 77797937. Is Kirk Callahan died in Washington DC. So social yet to let this stand by that actually and bad I know. And certainly. And an honor. Do represented in this case. Well unfortunately it was so. Our condolences so wrong so all of a Harvard professor and bottom feeding defense lawyer for Monday with the the merit. And and and and Jose Bayh as his partner and that taught them wanna he said. He can kill himself it was those evil prison official well or other prisoners who were let you know prison officials with the way that man. Making it statements to believe while we think Thomas. Rat rabbit. Is available for listen because of people going to be asking us about rabbit is at arts. It's hoped to rename this yesterday and he gave us his theory on everything. Earlier today you can see which we knew. It's on the website don't settle. Rabbit you know he's he knows what he's stuck kimono and how prisons work so I mean I know like you it can happen one night and no we see it. Right back there it's. Three or four stories make. Guests and we're trying to get some of these people on bias no bull who want to perform for us and and all want to. I don't know Nokia reps to Kevin Murphy workings and go through agents Chico. So we got all these people line you know we're going to the White House will try to get the president today yes yes hopefully we will also will be able full report on that tomorrow although he was finally it was physical which. Really as president Kenneth Lewis which was Stacy time. Weis. Look at this though we'll find out in 10 o'clock so the big guys up next my guess is they'll continue to cover the stories they got a yankees tonight and they before patriots and they don't show it some perspective on Nazis in the afternoon guys for use well Jerry. We're off to the White House it's go. And still cut tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock as the story continues to one for raising Aaron in this story. Roots who said this would date guys that next lock them all in a Nat we will see you tomorrow morning with a full report from the White House back. It's. Other things your way you know there on the base reacts on the my boy.

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