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Bradfo's Media Stars of the week, 4-16-2017

Apr 16, 2017|

Bradfo announces his three Boston media stars of the week, including a surprise at number 1.

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Socks packs Bruins and Celtics it all gets discussed right now as we return to morrow Mike can run. On Sports Radio W. I all right Jerry go very exciting. I'm rob Bradford haven't frolic along side on the right my yard he showed maturity on assignment. Average is doing a fine job filling in a star of the show thing that really was looking forward to do we show them lying I hate him. You love me you said it earlier. Is it and now I I've been seduced looking to your eyes that is hard that we've had some great conversation. I feel like a very successful. And that's annoys me stop this because I love I love. Q who cut that's gonna work quickly can lose it. So. Last week I started this this week. I'm going to continue it and I hopefully. We do work on the porn porn site and I was pretty good jab by. But as a little too long I didn't know what to jump in. I thought you were to talk over to them I don't know I just let you go work in progress I want you to keep the intro. To the top three Boston sports media stars of the week. I want you keep that. It will work with a horn section and I. Okay there ago executed throat gets me excited to renounces. All right. No further build Avant. Somebody else is in studio who's gonna be here to accept his nomination personally. But the number three. Pop Boston sports media. Personality. This week. To close to. Len order way graduation glad. On the phone lines CEO the co owner of the Boston Celtics would grow spec they wake aria about where I went right. First of all congratulations. Have been married and course Vegas deploy should do it right. Congratulations. Are in order way Porky Pig you're free tickets probably Grousbeck. He's Felton. You have prep the pipeline joined by tipping his ass on the interview the other day shots better job Glen ward way. Glad is number three. Number it is true. Is none other than the man sitting right here across from me Chris a lot of congratulations Chris. Are you kidding me. How number two you are numbered so who who who's number one who beat me. I didn't care who it is that's ridiculous there's somebody else that's the number one star after the freaking week that I just had are you kidding me. These awards right now. I was waiting for the Bornstein who yeah. Crystallize accomplish unbelievable was working. All the wee hours of the night I was gonna give the might men in ski but after you read against him. Saying you work much harder as much longer what it does nothing he does not you have to you have swayed the and then you factor in your excellent coverage of the Aaron Hernandez tries right. So our area and it is playing after his controversial decisions on Jose Baez is like. Regulations for Ankiel I guess you wanna be here when I announced number one I don't know who's number one is gonna be much. Let's play we have some sound bite him for number one. Scoreboard and there. KJ thanks for over at such the close buckled into the next game tonight after giving up five runs and you start for the Phillies being called right forearm strain that is unit cumulative says it is three homers. Now ninety minutes in the sixth. And assistance to appear shortly. That's good. That have never dared the double. I played sports. Media member. Of the week I did three games this week he did one. How is he the first star of the week because he'd never done it before the rookie it's not a hard job literally if if you have the power of literacy. You can do these jobs it's not also get it is in danger of it start in franchise history. Fifteen years. Since the ladies room. He's really good that that's the only part that's difficult especially when sales on the mound. Tried to squeeze in three scores and it's been eighty read between Chris Hill pages is difficult is Joseph gets very cranky if you. Step on his stepmother well after after I finish my pregame segment review today in the pre yeah so I want the horns. Heck it. The better Berlin's love you cookie yet very innovative technology standings and only. And you can experience. Reading that get ignored Scandinavian. Out before it sailed lives 22 slider is not is not he's given happens they'll. I your list is a sham and I should have been number 1 congratulations to the morning show more tents of his congratulations. Glad Norway number three Chris bloody number two man. And our number one. Sports. Remember media member of the weak. Credit. Arm. Blair thought about it. Off it was the second time the first to watch all the blue jays in danger of having them start in franchise history. What a list that's going to be great thing going for and and not release I get another week to post some members on the honorable mention list include jet dryer who is beyond the glass for his performance on the social podcast yes with the two days ago right. Not only that but one you know an arm wrestling with right. I was actually watching that you are Russell Allen streaming beat Reimer it's not exactly something we heard brat I wouldn't play trumpets for being Roemer on food. I still undefeated though. I was watching this as he was the heavy favorite this is the power to BI I was sitting in a parking lot watching that on FaceBook quietly listened to on the radio. That. That was something out. Every did you agree to my list Yemeni parliament last. I'm not that everything every sort of lost on this list with the segment that like the one more week is have been really yeah retires next week well you'll have to worry about it as you'll never see this show who was on luck to you be my layered. Who made at last week's fudge Shiite majority was number one he's on the show I know but I want to make him feel good about himself yet to do a week of like updates on that crappy show. Crappy show good show that he that he that he should be our cookie just shells apart it may be yeah I am jealous and very jealous by the war argue. You wanna be supports and I really don't at all a little bit to do that the sixty craft show or the night and out of him I'd be show that you went on well I say I said this I said to GRE GR do you agree with me he should be on that show that would make it less crappy. Culture right he should be on that. Everyone to come. By Jerry should be on the show so I humility was one it was just you know they now I will never be on this list my excellence is as soon. And number two number two with Tom Cameron because it was right after he had to do play by play it probably. And number three was Jerry Remy I told Jerry this Jerry very honored and excited unlike crystal and he was number three last week you even. It's it's not about being number two if I was beaten legitimately by. I can't even talk from choked up by somebody who actually had a better week. Fine and did nothing to produce a morning outward up it brought you by your local all of those. They get to work. The only thing he did with something that I literally did three times this week. And tell us about the reports like this is so that is capable of part of Jenny. That was the first time he did it we oil politics for the first time you did it is the first semi governor Hernandez verdict. Yup that had no issues what immediately Mary isn't all that out so yeah design the only global. Boston Herald cool collapse on Saturday finally get the splash unbelievable I got when he splash that's an herbal. Our Chris you're gonna go to the pregame show I'll be joining you momentarily. Thank you to all the participants and keep the nominations coming in for next week. Paid keen attention to what is going on the Boston sports scene because this is the highest honor you can get once again Chris. I don't care about how jaded you are. I'm saying congratulations.

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