WEEI>On Demand>>Trenni and Tomase - Joined by Chris Villani of WEEI and The Boston Hearld to discuss the not guilty verdict for Aaron Hernandez. 04-15-17

Trenni and Tomase - Joined by Chris Villani of WEEI and The Boston Hearld to discuss the not guilty verdict for Aaron Hernandez. 04-15-17

Apr 15, 2017|

Chris Villani of WEEI and The Boston Herald joins the show to talk about the Aaron Hernandez trial. Chris covered the trial so he gives this thoughts and reaction to the not guilty verdict. They also talk about Bill Belichick's comments while speaking at Ohio State University and what type of players he wants on his team.

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What a sad end. And. This beautiful Saturday it's muscular candidate I think it's truly ignorant. Treading did you guys are getting out I made a big mistake your target I can't even tell. I I parked on Newbury Street in I'm like got to go feed the meter it's like quarter mile from here. And so I go out. And I'm I see these semen ropes but I crossed to get here. I'm about to step across them again being like that's where that snow in the street. In behind me I hear this though so it is not that new Mary yeah they run and so. They go these women come charging around the corner I'm like got to jump back in the street but that's what the site jump back on our side. I am looking across I have no idea how to get across where my parents that I say well I could take the green line Copley go under his feet up on the other side yeah. But then I'm like huddling leave I don't this is not going to be an issue for like another eleven hours before off the air but. I'm on Newbury Street and everything Newbury Street is closed because it is now a course. And so that's sign that said no parking. But it said Monday it's a no parking Monday. So. It might not to my park here says no parking but it's it's Monday. So I parked at the no parking sign because I was hoping it was a no parking on Monday signed. And it now appears. That if my cars even still there it's a guessing it's probably not. I would have to. I would have to join the race. I think. Okay I think that by the time Wear off the air at 321 yet people are already starting to disburse and I think they'll wind boundaries and I stayed watched that one reason why we're so no there were eight who eats and of people. Twenty feet that way where it may look like they're all here settling in for like a nice day of everything went round exits out. But the women who took off to look like the real deal. That we were talking about middle schoolers though they also heavily runners to do yeah these are not middle schoolers because these. These ladies have. Out me over I almost stepped in to their. Pass it get to elite women now that would sick that would signal to me that they're getting it accidentally you know their whining again you're going to be okay I just hope that it Mike Newbury is not closed off for the next few days. You wouldn't describe no doubt in news. That's my problem I don't dominant right back up. I'd I don't know if I can blend into the race on this. End in May if I may opponents know where Blondie. Zip and threw like that's their aggressive driver I hit it solid you agreement blocking full baggage I had an outage right there's equity. Yeah I was regretting map by the time I got here you know with stupid so we were told you're doing the show six and simplest and street the AT&T storm like it since it totally forgetting its merits I'm with them locked in right. What I am. Yes I'd argue that yes they attacked some like Ira and adds. I can't even tonight I didn't think they would we're at the finish line we're here all week I figured I think I don't let our that I wasn't a guy like Brian Williams charity are here to our idol even per gallon and a broadcasting live here in the morning. Marathon Monday morning so. Then again it now where it's that's marathon I know he suburbanites is forget about all the things that happen and the city I was just looking I have Michelle Steele different it's not gonna is and it's town students after the marathon as a hold dinner after day. I'm looking at my skiing gear reservation anymore that he smarty pants pristine acres preservation and where did because the whole city is taken a great people just eat it. Now and by the time I drove in here it was definitely gives it a little Dicey I was getting to the police I walked in radio Levin where. Think it media's images are actively be smears them that are at the gallery and prominently in some other way. Robinson. Probably yeah I'm sick and your part where it's cold here I am I definitely. I study gently at first feeding the meter that's for sure so I just hope with a ticket and not so. I have a sunny disposition today I don't leave your car will be there when your return so it really isn't her but I'm coming in my vagina she was not she really wasn't hitting. Themselves out of that she does what company. Are right so I yesterday was so still be decent guest at time it is she would be decent Jessica talked patriots want to get her act we wouldn't. Know mental and passionate and her husband and I just hang. Just describe hurts our guests. She's it says they are expecting air. So. Case Michelle a busy to notice and the restaurant listeners Bill Belichick appeared at the V Ohio State University yesterday difference with Urban Meyer. Spoke to the team spoke to. Having easier to admire able to speech but to me one of the more interesting things. That was sitting yesterday is he suggested. Actually do not does not match we have this nominee can run Urban Meyer talking about Bill Belichick and what kind of player he looks or replace that sounds. Maybe in a minute maybe adamant when you're when they're already just let me know but it's. It's interesting to me that clearly Bill Belichick in his latter years as he creeps out and he's made it to late sixties. Does not wanna deal with that yes anymore. No and the thing that I liked about this and we can paraphrase some rightness that yes people just got to Yasser basically Bill Belichick wants to coach people he likes. And I think we have the we do have hears this hears the sounds. When you sign up the play football you're signed up for teams or so you're gonna get sicker individuals. Give us your personal preferences to be part of a team and the team building and this football has given us with the licenses to follow all of those hole. How are just you know. That's what what makes us what makes our country great people. Play football learn those he experiences learn how to get knocked. Learn how to compete. Her day in football here from Vietnam practices he's the week before the game and it's not just. Preparation. Process that we also proved to be successful in those kind of situations at the end of the week. So they gathers no I was actually like it wants to touch people that he lied and I just I like senator VI fan you know when you sign up to play football you give up a little bit of your individuality or it in our case all of it. It's. To mean. It again this is pure speculation. Amber at some conjecture here recently said that to me what that indicates is. That's why he. That's why he gave up Jamie talent that's why he gave up Jim Jones that's why he decided I'm not an assigned to rob Riva said it goes beyond the fact. That maybe these guys are reaching a point in their career where they can no longer be as effective as he needs them to be on the field. But also. He's tired of the BS is a lot of deal with the defensive end whose shirtless in the Foxborough police department are I got app so I had to GAAP I and some crazy sort of concoction. And you know streaming to some weird got to doesn't want to deal with Jamie counties put them off after games and freelancing out there. And maybe again dabbling in things that he says listen if your social life in your life outside of football is becoming more important than what you're doing within these walls. I don't need you anymore and that immediately my mind jumped to Malcolm Butler. I was gonna and that I my mind went to two people Malcolm Butler in Jimmy EG he's not trading drop below so he must like I. Maybe usable like that apply yeah now totally negative I. Positive is not how quiet you know that your from the midwest your on the negative there and ask that you need to be a positive East Coast. Yes yes I did just Osce I think opt out. So pissed yes though. The Malcolm Butler thing is interesting because Mike resent that story a few weeks ago where he was in said he was set I thought that yesterday that. Aren't these little hinting dropped that somehow there is more time Malcolm Butler. Then just she's gonna be 28 by the time you know he reaches his free agency here and it's not worth don't wanna sign some of that back at that point disparate activities only 510 and it just doesn't. You know in time may now be able to fit into whatever they wanna do defensively is there more I get Jamie Collins. Is it more than the fact that he just couldn't defend the right. Or is it that he as the person that doctors like it you know what I don't I don't need this headache yet. Your pain in the ass and I don't wanna be around half and that to me would fly in the face of what we think about the Patriot Act. Belichick over the years I think surprises us frequently you know because we have this idea all all the cares about is winning his care about anything but winning he'll do whatever it takes to win. And then you hear things like this where it's like well I wanna be around these people to do and I think if you had been laid it out for fans are right. Bill Belichick has sisters to two players one that he likes a lot personally but isn't quite as good. Or a guy who's supremely talented but it's a pain in the butt you would say no he'll take attack always take the talent and I think we've seen I don't know if it's a softening. But we've seen over the last few years that that is probably not accurate that is not the case here Martellus Bennett a guy who came in here with. All kinds of political baggage I love in football if you're just if you have a personality that's considered packets. You know so Martellus Bennett had baggage of personality and he thrived here he did fine here. It was a one and done but he did sign here and that. Flies in the face of this idea that Belichick. Wants you know. It the title. In the wind died was in peak ties like to talk a lot of one and done was because he wanted more money again were ailing that they were willing to pay him for the position you know he plays by your home town team right yes did you see the comments that he made that going from Tom Brady to you Aaron our Rogers is like going from. Think it was alive. Ironies cello. It's like going to jump closer and jello to putting teams that are yellow Alley area and nice I had as a Jay Lyon slapping at it accretive but obviously it's like going from. That's not to me like an upgrade. Depending on your preference yeah but I am more I let you know if you know opinions and often against halo but. Jenny from the block in school but yet. It's tiger's. Mother Mary yes. You know the one thing that I wonder is still valid check though is he the only. These clearly the only coach that can do this he's the only coach that can play. Personality. Slightly ahead or at least at the same level of talent because he gets so much out of these guys but I also makes me wonder at some point to backfire on him. I can see it now birth I don't think it's I owe it and that's I mean that's that's sort of are ahead because it's like at some point is it not do not act. Do you not sometimes have to take the eight home. Yeah and I don't think that it goes so far as to say that they don't have any holes in the air one shot his way out of Pittsburgh. But. They smoked he gave he's gay yet he gave up on Pittsburgh it was not a good teammate there and then comes here and does everything team masks though. I think there has to be listened their football players make you can't have sixty people whose job it is. And beat the snot out of someone one day a week and have them all be choir boys that's not how it works. And so. The patriots are no different than any other team that way but in terms of do they do what they need to do on the field and are they not disruptive in the locker room and our date the fund and outwit. Rebel attack in I guess these things all matter. All right what do you guys think six point 777979376177797937. These comments made by bill ballots nap order some moves that you've seen. That this may be an explanation. Four and maybe why I just did one that I guess surprises me the most is not about like I summit the Celtics game that he was there. With his son Malcolm Butler junior and they wrap this up exit and I think they put a happy birthday Malcolm Butler junior. And he was pretty quiet at the game but he was it an aide to remember Emerson now. I don't remember them putting him on the Jumbo Tron I was and I summits is actually want to like kind of behind her seats. It's to exit the arena and yet it's young son with MC seems like he's a good father he spending time with his son and so I guess. Is he much of a malcontents will he's gone I mean that's I don't not Sunday seems to be like. So many questions about why would you even entertain the idea of letting him walk I mean this is done everything you asked of them. And I can imagine that he's asking for world beater money. Is Eddie is Sammy and I bet you he wants obviously what I'm courts. Yeah I mean that's how I've looked at it from the beginning why wouldn't you hate this guy who's such a good fit your system needs often it's hard nosed. He seems to be exactly what you look for. In your lead corner and to go signs of going Gilmore and give him. Fourteen million a year whatever it ended up being. That's a little surprising when Ian Malcolm Butler just want to point out that they're sneaking about march calling her out like ability of that I think you're going to be okay it got in this race is over. Nice so Myers just beginning I've and it un metered space. We cannot they missile could examine her she could still hours away he's been honest jam on lockdown here for nothing. Hey he got turnaround now now what got you hats that. Not only get asked you ahead we are in an AT&T story we should you figure we should have been able deteriorate something yeah. This is a nice aid teams Easter it's gorgeous I wasn't expecting it to be some huge they the little labels on the lawn debris did this a year ago. Lovely lovely store. You're customer service as well and purchasing Macs are here or that their myself on her cellphone provider has but he exhibit. Please. Adamant about. Like when you when you're like we're reviewing this book who would like to tell you that ABC Disney is a primary you know primaries stakeholder in. How to books or whatever. Problem. Usually when you know it's part of it seems her rally at. Let see that's the problem when you workers such a big conglomerate that owns a little piece of everything yeah like for instance I don't know that Entercom has the publishing wing. No mostly because our listeners to how to read but I I don't think that. I'm hoping that that's something. Our let's go to Sean in Burlington. Who liked to keep Boller around Sean why do you Sean thinks of all why do you think the Richard Dickie collar around. Are you about quarterback is the top five quarterback really easily. He challenges every quiet. I'm with you I mean that's how I've looked at him from the beginning and I think he's tough and hard nosed and. He just turn on your radio by the way turned out they got. Carried out. But how this yeah. I agree I think that he is some what I that's I think what is puzzled me about this. A movement. And I can't. It. It systems. There recap the fact that but but. We were talking earlier about you know Belichick wants guys likes being around in what does this mean for Malcolm Butler. The fact is they did what they do two guys in his situation they tendered him. They wanna keep them prepare they would keep him on their terms basically. And but they still wanna keep on terms is that they didn't he would be gone they would report that a deal already. At the world just feel like it seems like everything the patriots are doing this year is leading up to. Really recognizing that there is a wind. And I know patriots fans don't like to acknowledge it it's difficult that now is I disagree. But I. Sell some patriots. No doubt they greatly window. You don't think that there is why they keep in Jimmy gee if you think you can bet diving in the wind up for Tom pre. Yeah I think there's a window for Tom Brady and I think that that had Bill Belichick act would love to make him. The winning yes I mean without adding I think already without doubt he should be known as the best quarterback of all time I would put at Joseph Montana. But that's sixth would be still unprecedented if the Steelers also have five. I think write this as a proxy rules they they won one for the thumb that was area. That is their slogan. When they went to the fifth so that would put an. You know in an entirely different and I felt stratosphere at more than better than they did niners. Of the eighties the cowboys of the nineties and you know the Steelers that stretch in the seventies and again. In the late nineties and an early early months. Recent early thoughts. So to me it they're trying that that's what they're trying to do so why wouldn't Yates him that it that it. The combination of Malcolm Butler and Stephon Gilmore. That puts you one of the best defensive positions possible. And not just music right now there will stop this right now. Malcolm Butler is three to go try to find a deal clearly as a restricting guy with that first round of tax for certain attacks in he has been unable to do so. And so the patriots if they end up with Malcolm Butler on three point 91 million dollar deal. You can't really say anything other than that played this right and and they they ended up with exactly what you're talking about. But I don't even think. That Belichick is building just for Brady's last hurrah well I think he did I said this before we actually he'll drop below you would trade grapple and heartbeat if you're saying is that I'm going off into the sunset. The way Belichick is made moves this off season tells me that he plans on sticking around those Tom Brady which. I don't know if any of us. I have said time and time again that Bill Belichick more than anything wants to win a Super Bowl without Tom Brady. Because that is the one thing a policy at that he's accomplished it's always then. Is it the chicken or the day does Tom Brady win because of the ballot check or as Bill Belichick went because of Tom Brady. And I think Bill Belichick with a lot especially after the way this team played. With Jimmy grapple and Jacoby percent at quarterback early last year I think he feels like to do this to somebody else and finally I can prove. This is my team. Man I mean. I I want to give Belichick more credit than that they always I think that it's I don't think it's like it's it's it it's. The theory yes or anything like that that I just I think he's pretty confident of his place in history this. Met with or without Tom Brady because I'll add it all goes down as now as they are the greatest partnership in history and it's viewed as a partnership I don't think there are people. I mean there are people who say you never won with Brady but let's be real they're just as many people who say Brady's a system quarterback was made for Belichick. The whole thing. But this erase the fact that you didn't win with the jets couldn't jerks aren't over yet you try it because I would have had do you could move with Cleveland. Once he had Tom Brady one. This this this it's very disciplined and different cash yet if that's what he's planning and good luck and good luck winning those don't agree. Even if Jimmy geez everything we think he has. That's a tall order our rights speaking of patriots Aaron Hernandez was in court yesterday found not guilty. All but one. His I've of these he would eat its charges or seven charges against him I found guilty not guilty. A double murder crystal Lonnie was in the court from the Boston Herald for the entire trial. He is going to join us is an interesting story in the Boston Herald today. About Aaron Hernandez possibly retaining the same defense team that he used for this double murder trial rather than using state appointed attorneys. Using this defense team to try to get him off on an appeal of the Oden Boyd murder. And what that could mean for Aaron Hernandez going forward to a talk to Chris the one next on turning its. And you know not not at this point Diaz Diaz and lawyers who worked with him one Bristol. Only assume this as soon as the dust settles. Will be speaking with any Aaron I'm gonna go in and visit me they won't make those determinations at that point oh horrors of appeals lawyers that CP CS attorney's correct the court appointed. Yes he truly ask a court appointed attorneys. Our rights act is from yesterday. From Aaron Hernandez trial it was that. I believed that app one. Ronald Solomon. I don't know we interpreted. Idle lot I crystallize that help. Just think it's sort of like Crist is because you Elvis. This case back and forth up and they're pretty tired try. Let's start chorus with. Whether or not you were surprised by the verdict is and I talked to last Saturday. Just after one day of deliberations. You actually thought it would maybe these questions that that the question that the jury came back asked us you thought they make. I fevered. Yasser and that since I was surprised but that was the one point where. I really felt like it didn't look all that good for Aaron Hernandez it was after the first day of deliberations during the first day of deliberations when the jury. Essentially sound like they are asking whether they had permission to convict him based on Alexander Bradley is testimony Bradley the former friend that says says that Hernandez. Shot him in the face although Hernandez was acquitted of that charge yesterday as well let that he was the star witness and it it seemed like that was back question. What that question was all about and I said. You talk to people even month or so ago is this case was playing out it didn't seem like the slam dunk that a lot of people thought it would be. It's a drive by shooting so you've got no forensic or Trace evidence which isn't all that uncommon. You've got a motive of the spilled drink which isn't exactly iron clad. And then the only. That the only witness the only person they could play definitively begun and Aaron Hernandez hand is also the chief alternate suspect is being given immunity to testify so. Obviously some some holes there are so. There was I think some some reasonable doubt here and Hernandez legal team including salt and he'd just heard there did get a good job in the he hired some pretty could lawyers and they get the job done including Jose Baez is still never lost a murder trial. Chris how much did this come down to Bradley just being. Adding almost all of it and it would have to imagine almost all of it and they were seventy witnesses in this case. There was. And a lot of evidence connecting the vehicle and in you know Hernandez and being at the at the club that night instant surveillance video but. Nobody in the car in the BMW were the two victims us appear for Todd Owen Daniel debris were sitting could definitively say. Aaron Hernandez shot them and there is some discrepancies in testimony there and they just kind of testified to general descriptions. It was all about Bradley he was the one that came up with the spilled drink motive nobody else on that that was not cot on any surveillance video. All the surveillance video was erased from inside the cure lounge that night which was. Odd to say the least they have video of him from the outside but nothing from inside the can actually as he could see that spilled drink. So it came down to Bradley and I would have to think that jurors to the best in my analyst and really talked yesterday except for very brief and it. Frankly nothing statement from the from the foreperson let. I got to think they just didn't believe Bradley at the very least couldn't rule out the possibility. The Bradley was the one that actually pulled the trigger. Did you find him credible listening to just got to thank you credible do you use it. It's hard because they know what I know Bob Bradley and always locked up in state prison for shooting at a nightclub. They have this is the guy who and in in the jury doesn't have all of this these facts that this is the kind of guy who. I got into a dispute in the nightclub. You stop me if this sounds familiar. Left the nightclub came back tried to get back in could easily just started arbitrarily firing at that thing in and he's convicted of that he's serving time in state prison in Connecticut for that now. It's tough to build. A case around a guy like that I I had doubts I I had doubts. There was still evidence don't get me wrong to its of potentially convict Hernandez we know he's already been convicted of went. It's tough because you don't have a lot of time. You know priests and nuns that tend to witness drive by shootings it's people who are not exactly savory act characters in their own right so I can see where a jury could have. Could have dealt with that with somebody like Bradley especially knowing the kind of like character he's been. In the past I will say though a lot of the details. He was consistent Johnny held up under what was a very tough cross examination from Jose Baez. And the district attorney and asked Dan Conley does yesterday. I said a lot of information they gave checked out that he gave checked out and a lot of different ways and did so before he got immunities so. They certainly found him credible enough to immunize him. Which is now difficult to imagine for the families of the victims to there's nobody else to turn to in that nobody will ever be held accountable. One way or another for the for the debts of these two men almost five years ago. Chris what was your reaction to Aaron Hernandez. Reaction when he started crying at at the verdict what sort of did you make to Hisham make up his emotional response. It was so I was thinking about first his response to is actually two years ago today he was convicted in the Oden Lloyd case coincidentally when he kind of shook is head and wood to the jury and said you're wrong you're wrong. It seemed like just this incredible week off of the shoulders and and we hadn't seen a lot of emotion from Hernandez he's expressive on. He ill laugh in court when everybody else laughs in court the judge in this case Jeffrey Locke is actually kind of funny guys get. A dry sense of humor so when he would crack a joke or an end as would last just like anybody else wouldn't court. I so he has been sort of expressive but we haven't seen that kind of emotion for me actually staggered at one point. One of his other lawyers Linda Kenney Baden almost looked like she was. Half holding him up as is is he was there are so there is definitely a sense of of relief and emotion that was. Really palpable throughout the the courtroom Shanda Jenkins Hernandez his fiancee was. In tears as well and overcome and obviously there's a lot of tears of a devastation. In the first two rows of the courtroom from the the families of the victims by. It was a bit of a surprise just the way they've that he reacted in and how lot emotional he was but it did seem like there was. It it was like a weight off the shoulders like he was stunned and and I wonder too whether he. I can think size expression when the jury came back with that question on Monday when they. Again essentially seems like they were leaning two words are or may be moving towards a conviction. And he just that is mile wide open staring in disbelief it looked like that expression he had two years ago in the Fall River case where he's just saying. Know you've got Iran you've got a wrong so maybe he was a little bit surprised to that this and that a breaking his wife. You know what I saw him react that we Christmas first outlays is you know does he feel now that this opens the door to I know he automatically gets an automatic appeal. But he noted Lloyd case for the Fall River case it does he feel like maybe now he has a clear path. To getting that verdict overturned and I sign you didn't write it I think it was McGovern wrote it's an Harold let. You know that he may retain by an eyes and Sullivan and Nat defence team what do you think his chances are patty successful appeal on the. Offers I think he will retain this team there is. Intersection McGovern on that clip was asking the question. There there's the CPC Yasser court appointed and firm right now that's working on its appeal I think it the least build. Work with probably just handed off to bias in the gang in Sullivan who you heard also at the beginning there. Is the appellate expert. As JC constitutional law at Mass. General law expert he's a Harvard professors so. He'll probably be quarterbacking. A lot of bad assuming beat this same group lawyers takes over the appeal. It's going to be tough on. Just in this is more statistics than anything you just don't see a lot of these types of convictions overturned. You have to find. Some sort of some sort of grounds were at. I go back and sort of re litigate the entire case so I would imagine it's an uphill climb. But it certainly makes this appeal. A heck of a lot more important because now if by some miracle for Hernandez he were two win on appeal. He's looking at about three years left in jail on a gun charge in and that's cities and almost a year credit. To the fortified year sentence he was he had to yesterday for the one conviction unlawful possession of firearm and he could be looking at getting out when he's when he's thirty. I so I think it would be an uphill climb for this defense team that said. Jose Baez has never lost still a first or second degree murder trial. How we would do one appeal will see but this is a really good legal team that he was able to put together and I honestly don't think there's a chance they don't takeover. This appeal or at least have a very strong candidate when it does go before. Is chasing. Just to be clear Crist is no connection between these two cases of them in the packed it in they involve Aaron Hernandez shooting somebody so it's not like him getting off on this one. Gives him any silver broader something that he can use for the other one let's just say well. It until these two peoples maybe until that point either. Yes I mean there's there is the thought that that Oden Lloyd the victim in the first. Chronologically the second murder but the first one that went trial knew about what happened in the I'd drive by shooting that was alleged when he was just can acquitted. And and then you therein lies the connections that we wanted to. Essentially get rid of him as he tried to do with Bradley that's the story that was sort of put together but now a lot of bad. Falls apart by the fact that he was acquitted in. And Ronald Sullivan said you Hernandez attorney said yesterday he'd as a really feel like yesterday's verdict is gonna have much of an impact at all on that appeals a year right it's a separate case is separate matter. It's just one day you'll from prosecution standpoint now it's it's a heck of a lot more important to make sure that you win before he exhausts all of his appeals. And that was a bit of consolation I think for. I said the DA Dan Conley is office and he said it was consolation a little bit for the families as well that he wasn't walking out of the out of the door yesterday he's still. If his appeals are exhausted. And he doesn't emerged successfully to stay in prison for the rest in his life. Our Christine appreciate it tiger but it's. They. We certainly could explained it's so nice to have somebody Smart and attorneys Osce team are happy to help about guys anytime. The big sisters aren't as has a lot of the Boston Herald and WBIs in four of course the pregame show the Red Sox pregame show which kicks off at three to 25. I believe on the Shaw's WBI radio network. Number another quick break we'll come back to talk more patriots football and you know. Little hobby Aaron Hernandez. Situation probably ties back maybe a little bit to the comments that bill. Belichick made yesterday at a highest it will do that a couple of minutes your attorney too mossy. So the question I always ask players are you know what's the hardest thing you've got over on the football field. Did you overcome it helps you wouldn't. Who are the people in your life the most important view of the people. Have taught you the most when they teach you wanna try to get a feel for the player in terms of powerlessness. Problem what's gonna happen. That goes wrong museum's hall to his client who's important. Process. Working through this situation whatever one's family situation for all situations injuries and we have a problem was. Wonderfully developed when Aaron Hernandez here. Probably at some lessons there yeah I mean that's. You know it's tough because hindsight of course is always 20/20. And looking back. You know it's easy for us disable looking back couldn't you have pointed to all of the problems that there Hernandez out of college. But you know like he said before it's not like in the NFL you're dealing with eyes were going 150 miles an hour one time a week in just beating the living daylights. Out of the guy and the other side of the field. You're not always gonna get choir boys and plus you're getting kids that are often coming from. Unstable family situations. Low socio economic situations where they haven't had them happen at father figures some of them had you know. Just been living in situations. That have there defense mechanisms. They have concussions and and Lincoln's presidency in the rain didn't. Yeah. See you couldn't have seen it I will say this though I harbor think mr. radio maybe it read you hate Kansas City a few weeks ago today. Ask about something to to do with Aaron Hernandez and how bad it looked and I said listen. Action or it was Baltimore. Peek at the ties they felt like that they felt like the Patriot Act passed on Aaron Hernandez where our eyes. Ray Lewis Ray Rice great hardy Josh Brown those case is people help. Though seems far more accountable and I said listen. Don't blame any of those teams for the acts that took place. What they get blamed for is the way the organization handled the situation. After the act was revealed the patriots to their credit. The mid air Hernandez walked out of that house and cops. He was gone. Yeah I don't wanna hear that at a I don't I'd I'd give them zero credit for that I get. This is a pet peeve of mine so this idea that might I patriots disagree I note that shelter can save massacre now. The idea that. Well once the pages that you've known that charges were but they said we can't have this an organization the aspect I was going down for murder. And to pretend that we had no idea we just we just wanted to do the right thing ease that horses out of the barn I give them. Less than zero credit for letting you know at that point. They get but but but. I will not blame them for what he did I don't I don't go there for second. This idea the patriots should have known they you know they should have had sources in law enforcement could tell them now I'm not putting he's a sociopath. I'm not putting that aren't on them but this they tried to hide behind this idea of you know we were shocked when we we thought it was just going to be obstruction of justice but we put our foot down it's now. Stop it he was going down for murder in you don't get any points for releasing him. What he's already in college I would just extended him like a year earlier and were singing his praises were given money year charity which. Did he do that on his boat I'll never believe that so I don't wanna hear that. I would I would I would agree with you if it wasn't for the fact that even after that happened we have seen team after team after team after team. Stand quiet guy. For egregious acts we've seen teams say it will work don't wait until I want fitted to I don't know I know that this was this was obviously different murder is it easy different level from spousal abuse or child abuse. But how many times have we seen guys we saw pictures. A great hardy's girlfriend beat apple that I don't add that is full of semi automatic weapons and the cowboys pretend like O Ed. And BP you know this kind of stuff just goes time. To me whether it was at. That's saying it was an all too was to move we're just so high and mighty hole that where the patriots don't stand for this kind of thing. You know what rather then it could they could have said we're gonna let this play out we're not gonna be rare not gonna abandon our plan how these teams it's that we and it meant that what happens where they go from there it these we have resources. There were a million different excuses they could have used to keep him on eighteen at least even for a minimal amount of time it washed their hands with him completely. And again I don't care what their motivation was or if it was to save face at least they did it. At least they did it because these other guys you know the rate rice's. You would be their punching people on the face you saw that video you use we knew that was going to be you but that I want pecking at that I played a pre season game at people cheering for Ray Rice and wearing his Jersey each of Peterson. Kids after came out that he beat the crap out of his son that was your age it's walking through Minnesota at that scene Jersey at he still they're. There's no punishment for these guys so it against him and a carry your motivation was behind it at least you did something that. You didn't say how well the players more important than the PR. You have that adding it's that point it was pretty clear where this was handed him. And you know I don't have this in front of me but I feel like. They released him like in the morning. And then by the afternoon he was charged with murder so it's like well look I agree UBU beat the system by twelve and they topic and it brought us an hour we're probably got I had this idea that they hope we thought it was just obstruction of justice stop it. Stop at the guy did something horrible. No one in their right mind would believe you for it I certainly. Wouldn't lean mean you guys if you know like Glenn shortly turnout dubious theory popular thing that turned out bad news that's. Just kidding just kidding they go ahead yeah so I mean but but the point is I'm not gonna give them credit for cutting a guy who's about to be charged with murder and I'm trying to act surprised it was actually charged with murder. I can't help though let's think that that everything they went through Aaron Hernandez. Has. Influence belly check and has influenced some of these to see you would hope that it not guys you would hope that Iran that's a big deal. You know that the way that went down surprised though that it has an influence other teams is much. Like if it can happen to the patriots of all teens I'm not one of these people who believes in the almighty Patriot Act that it's accidentally crappy Bill Belichick and it's complete crap. It's fabricate campaign. But it's a team that for the most parts. A full aids. Avoid situations. Like what happened in Minnesota like what happened in New York like what happens. Yet and that it has Allen before you were here with Lisa Olson I mean that was. That was a huge staying on this organization that he or wet with an eighty that was an out late eighties or maybe early ninety's I think as of late eighties. And when you have something like that happen that is something that follows you for a long time and to the crafts eternal credit Robert crafts credit. They came in here and they change the culture among the first things they did was draft a guy Christian Peter from I think Nebraska who had to you know lose the play it was the 2000 playbook where you tossed your girlfriend on the stairs in the whole thing. But this is before that stuff was as big a deal as crazy as it sounds and it was in 94. Bill Parcells drafted in the fourth round and Robert Kraft they released him. Within days I don't remember exactly when but very shortly after these allegations came up they released this is not what organizations in sports at a bar probably why ready to. Aided by an ally Iraq had a ton to do with a but it so what I mean whoever's. Whatever the motivation and the fact is they did it. And so they that's how. They have run their organization since and went something like Aaron Hernandez comes along if you don't do soul searching in the wake of that. Then you're not doing your job and and and no one would say about our jobs at a joke so try and feed his meter again and it sure I receive I can make it if I'm not back. For the start of the next segment carry on without me. Up stories. Don't don't don't islands like all right final hour at 220 minutes and elects to know it's times like free baseball. It I deputies and posse coming up a couple of minutes.

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