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Trenni and Tomase - Joined by Kyle Draper of Comcast Sports to preview the NBA playoffs. 04-15-17

Apr 15, 2017|

Kyle Draper of Comcast Sports joins the show to preview the playoffs series between the Celtics and Bulls. Trenni and Tomase also talk about how important the playoffs are for Isaiah Thomas and his hope for a max contract

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Happy Saturday everybody try to get Derrick Todd Johnson Osce commitments like from the AT&T store on boils sensory these sites. Of the 27 team. Boston Marathon finish line. It is an exciting weekends in Boston sports at the Red Sox take on the race this afternoon wraparound series and of course concludes with that marathon on patriots day game. You've got the Celtics take the polls tomorrow the first game of the first round of the play ASCII too with the Bruins and the senators night. But forgetting that acts as separate a separate the first thing assets. I I staring out the window longingly at the freaking gorgeous day it's absolutely beautiful lots of runners of the five Cates is to day chaos at the races which features and agree high school. Egypt's. Runners athletes. Are people these people and not hi everytime I come down here. I am not running boom and saying I know it's acts to train all winter long it's such a great race. I had never run a bunch of marathon and a lot of cities including new York and Chicago. At the Boston at a when asked. I ran Boston 25. Team has cost to rent and thirteen year. I was supposed to run and thirteen injured and I hear different running so she's pretty quick to finish 3.3. I think. We were it's still kind of walking near the finish line minutes before the bombs went off which just happened to. Duck off of oil sister she really wanted to appear to celebrate it was a personal Baxter her. And so we we ducked over and and immediately upon walking in my phone and started buzzing and buzzing and buzzing are you OK at the finish line you know right. And my first inclination wise because your mind doesn't go to terrorism that's not normal my first inclination was to think. People thought I was reading today it's really nice they're checking name. And then answered to realize that this is too many people flooding and it and the people I was with all started getting messages are you okay is ever when you're with OK we certainty people come into the Arctic crying shocked. And at the bar fell silent I asked for her breast and a bartender you put I. I WP seat which of course is the official home to Boston Marathon here in Boston and sixty put it on any business are we have a policy. Of nots according news on and the bar and I said there's been two explosions at the finish line I think you wanna put the news on. And departments are covered it pretty dot in the place I it's still there aren't about the place outside there wasn't you can European drop people were crying. It's bottoming you know the people that has with the time I was dating a guys from Ireland he's like we need to leave Europe ire aid Dublin might if there's one and there's tutors possibly more we need to get out of this area. It was really it just was it was it is surreal day to walk back through. That common and the public carted back to the north then to where we are staying. And means you again you could hear a pin drop in the city that night Hanover street which is normally filled with people. There wasn't a soul on the street there was anybody out about it was. I I I noticed what back after that happens. Some but some local stations from Milwaukee at I had given that you're here and come out today which talked to us on camera. One other reporters that does this make you free to click here do you wanna move. And I said now it makes me appreciate this city even more because of the way that I rob responded and reacted and the way that everyone came together. It assists it's sort of to meet meet me love Boston even more. Yeah we were headed to I was government Red Sox did not cover that day's game I was home packing because we're flying to Cleveland clinic can't remember fight that night or the next morning. But either way it was just insane like where I think it was the next morning. What what kind of were hurled it might having right now remember now you can park at Logan they have all the different icons I happen apartment marathon level. You know suits that you haven't level two or something it's got the marathon runner and you just sort of stop and stare at a and we flew home. The day of shelter in place and all that stuff and again we dislike went. It is app into the world so I spent virtually the entirety of battle experiencing Cleveland's watching it from afar which exists. Red Sox you know what we must go back to that as being such a rallying point for that team. What was it didn't you know the mood like with that team when everything happened you know what was the conversation where they you know is is glued to coverage as everybody else was. Yeah I'm for egg depended on the guy but for the most part yes and I'll never forget being in the dugout before one of the games waiting to talk to John values typical thing. In Jonny Gomes coming out brawl on our phones things like what's the latest what's the latest in them is a bunch of players crowded around just looking at phones in oral trying to figure out what's going on and it was. One of those moments where youths are mine yourself that these guys are people at that you know moment where does all human beings. Wondering what's going on in our city and I'll never forget that feeling you know that sort of you know what we have been our adversarial player reporter thing but we're all in this together and that was pretty stark reminder. And it's a pretty cool video out today I only embossed into it without aid sort of a city wide video features not Patrick default of the governor at the time I met about tactics. And epic game and I gave it looked as if that's the magic. Develop Patrick it features Charlie Baker. Marty Wallace. The Biden's. On mr. and mrs. Friday and also David Ortiz. Peter Gammons is in it but it's cool you know they sort of spice everything together. Or is scripted thing about. How Boston came together on April 15 two point thirteen. And now it's it's known as one Boston days I street the idiotic and treated again it's just a pretty cool reminder how the city came together during a tough time. Odds against a Boston Marathon is happening hard to believe it's been four years. And since that happened there's a woman running address to hide that it looked like Vietnam almost. It's see that the marathon of course the Red Sox played terrible Red Sox game operates report so let's not in a garrison yes we are. It gets going on the record sellout. I have the fear I think we all did. Was last year one hit wonder kind of thing where everything just the line for whatever reason and we have this happen to sports fans I think where we take. The absolute best highest level someone has played and we assume that that is their new baseline and that's what they're going to be forever after and it doesn't always work that way. Maybe we did it wouldn't give bets a little bit and we'll see him he's a great player but you know maybe he's not gonna match when he did last year which was tremendous debut at last night he did have a good night last fall for five but I'm just saying we're expecting a cape pence Saluki and for thirty homers and 400 idea well you know maybe that's. Maybe he'll get to those numbers three years now but it's not going to be this straight Linear progression. I think Marcelo is an even more extreme example that we have a guy who really. Came out of nowhere to win the Cy Young if you're looking for his best season it was that 343 here a year in Detroit. But otherwise he would pretty much been. 1213 wins the area around for that kind of guy and for him to suddenly when the cy young and just say okay Cy Young award winner now well he's got to do it again and right now we're seeing. Two starts ago was not encouraging to me that Detroit's eleven nights around the plate a lot very notable. Gave back the lead a couple times gave up the home run and they sent him back out you know John Farrell treated him like this I award winner this is your game. Go go get it in gives a leadoff homer so that's gone and then obviously last night. You sought change ups right in the heart of the late. When the Logan Morrison's it could not have been 82 miles an hour right down the Middleton batting practice Tim Wakefield wouldn't of thrown that it pseudo would have been a fastball but he wouldn't of thrown that pitch in so. You start to get a little uneasy get a little leniency what what is reports though because we look at Chris Salem we say okay. Last year you have or so and David Price price underperformed a little bit what you were still a good team. And you resuming this year OK even without David Price you can still have reports on Chris Ellis the dominant 12 on top irritation. But of course Seles not bad guys suddenly you're in the same boat you're last you now see Ellis filling the role that we're solo field last year. Imports so as the general David Price built last year and that's not where you wanted to be because unit David Ortiz and it was a long answer. But they go. Now I mean it is troubling because he went boom we went into spring training with like all of you this access starting pitching you have so much starting. Some are starting pitching that you don't even know what to do with at all. And now you're in this position where David Price. Is on the DL. Farr who knows how long he's gonna throw I think today 45 pitches in eighty try to finally. Slip in some breaking pitches and certainly tests that album but. Yeah isn't right in the Kenya we don't know how to react after he goes we go through all of spring training. That Steven Wright who hasn't liked this guy he corporate were salad whereas Pakistan got the abut are our biggest so while he only gave up I think it was you earned runs in his last time that you make it to the sixth inning again. His pitch counts are always really high they happen I so that's. It's say the tenuous situation when you basically read at this point of one's starting pitcher you can really count. Yet and and think back to to spring training a month ago what were we talking about Iraq before price got her. John fell repeated over and over again the idea was. The bullpen was going to be spared this year wasn't going to be a repeat of last year we were asking the bullpen. Do you view four and five innings three out of five starts three out of five turns irritation. We're back there you know we're back here again you get ready for foreign third or ever was out of or so last night he was one of the guys you're counting on. You lock him in for seven to eight innings every start and they don't other than sale they have not happen. Now is it possible or sell it did not pit stop that while in spring training I got off of two little bit of a slow start. But you know I don't want I don't have what you and that ready to I'm a little more concerns about Steven Wright house he's looked early just because. I mean. Knuckleballer outside of Tim Wakefield here members week yes. I'm not sure it's Stephen Wright is weak that he's going to be able to duplicate even close to what he was able and view and week and I feel that would be inconsistent with it I mean. Within a season and he he would have great runs in terrible run and it's just the nature that it so. I'm not ready to the direct we're selling say especially because over his entire body of work he's he's I don't think he's going to be Cy Young. Cy Young level but I don't nobody's going to be as bad as it was last night either I'm just wondering answer there you are I am concerned BI. His stuff has never miss an hour. I know well I don't know about that his stuff has never been overpowering we know that. And if his margin for error is so slim and you see him being unable. To locate anywhere other than the heart of the plate. That's problematic for me and I I look at a guy like David Price that he had gotten hurt and say you know what his stuff is so good that he should bounce back this year he ship and he's too talented not to. Where silo I've never looked at that way for so I look at he has to be perfect he's not one of these. Guys who can I can miss a little here and it doesn't matter if they're in 97. He's not back guy and so I'm absolutely concerned that. He's not the petite body cities not in not only in knocking in duplicate this idea and here which I think we can agree would be asking why. But what if he's a 43. ERA guys this year when I don't have David Ortiz in your counting on go to David Price. So you don't have it right David Ortiz out of the equation for a second which you know is difficult to do. But if you don't pat sync if you had a healthy David race. At the Chris L we're getting and it Rick were so low that even if he wasn't to the level he was last year it was just a tick below. You don't need to be scoring 567 run to gain you can probably get away with as the ice lightly. Depleted offense that you can't do that if you don't have. You can't do that if your if your if your only good pitcher and knowing you can count on to be that stopper is Chris L every Friday. Yep and that's that's the problem we're running into right now and it's only ten games NC can only trust so many conclusions from it but what I've seen. We're so those making me antsy in spring training. And you say well it doesn't matter because you know he's just working on stuff he'll be locked in when the bell rings hollow that. And that it doesn't happen and opening day was okay wasn't great he was okay good enough. And then that Detroit game on telling you via eleven hits he's leaving the Boller can be hit. You look at the home runs last night and you say okay. The one that the guys died. Two the development that was Scott to left field on a curve ball that he left just out over the plate barely. Okay that's a sign of a cheap Fenway homer. And Logan Morrison he grooved that it so I don't wanna hear that well you hit it today is shallower part right now don't you love it right over the middle yeah answer these things all add up to just make me uneasy. Our rights and as you mentioned at the start of the show there is it fun going on this weekend. Three. All three teams that are playing right now. Our inaction including the Boston Celtics Kyle Draper is on the phone with us now from CS and he's the Celtics pre and post take out spurred anger your body. It would Chinese ambassador to tell a lot but I don't need to. Act. Guys that you'll all that ought to. And Eric bad ass right back status. Are proud of your me. About the thought that he now. I'll let you use bank and I Saturday off before you have to how did that garden. Opt for game one on Sunday 630 sit cius and we'll have pregame coverage beginning at 530 without Draper and Brian Scalabrine. Kyle I know you saw this all week lying here it's mainly just playing in that the role of trolls sane people in six polls in six. Why is he wrong let's start there. Well are the bite Jerry and wade writes I doubt it and he let a let though that guys in canine is being kind. I don't think it's now at a better. Argue otherwise. Just try to react to beat the all of these while they're they're better at. Chicago while they do that now I. Read it their best players that treat me that eight if we. And sure they got to be Butler. Wait wait. Like I watch open outside bet Big Apple lot. About the guys who did he would wait wait to be. Each week we saw OE. Card you know speed guys that without. Edgar people out to be that bad it out to act itself I think they now are better the I you have felt we let anybody else they went. Just try to get a ride that. Kyle how much if at all do you fear the idea of playoff Rondo. Not at all just because. Well bill it real we don't bet that he be brought up. At the bit player very big red carpet at the players. The market are that ground Jae Crowder BA itself I'd do a lot of liquidity. The bailout. That allow it to reach out loud and break down deep in the ball average shot. I told I haven't seen it that people want to do it he bought it really did you know that there is beatable or flat at all. So it would all debate it all want to lead this effort baker I think I'd be sorted they. It how much if at all are you concerned about Dwyane Wade being able attorney you know Mikey she's rested. He did it last year you know any dancer and he did it Latin dad he did it last year so how concerned are you that he does it again and now we're not just looking at. Okay they've got a really great player Jimmy Butler but not you've got a somewhat rested it for surgeons doing way. Yeah that concern for BB. Wait wait like woody only eat like you guys that he did it last year. You could ever let me read maybe eight champion dignity Buick court that day at the local water to. Jimmy about who want to. You don't litigate or you I do think it now we. If they'd like Eric gay to me it's going to be about. Now the waited up and that they beat out that they are out and out up bullying gate right repeal it if they feel like. Now bear or the Nat eve shooting he did that up art bit. Pretty C. And now the goat got about that Bret you that they are we don't quite well. We we don't have that art Eric that's exactly but he being though the guys that can be pretty. I'd be locked in right for big deck that that they're not booted up eight Alec. Expected beaded. Now you mentioned the bulls trade how my how different a team are they without ties Gibson and does that negate. That rebounding advantage that the bulls Adams celtics' first three times the way. I think it doesn't negate that if you look at the numbers are it's. It's being that ought to doubt it it was a big physical guy. But I bet they don't think really had no answer board though. Al the walls are or are they have been happy but they're or purple record heat. They'd say art you know that you add Mike or let me look at the copper. Op off re out these. Leak before retreated. That's all at all that the traded they'll. It beat that would be the only doubt we go out and we get rid of your best rebounder it's that they bet that worked up. Proud yesterday we heard Isaiah Thomas you know get a little ticked off that people were asking about he he's game on defense it's not the floor backed. I think at the tail end of his media availability he certain elected six yes this is off walk to waiting meeting continue answering. You know that the questions that were asked about his deficiencies on that and the war. Is he as. Bad defensively. As the pundits say or does he do some things there that maybe weren't Nazis. I think you know the numbers suggest he would they get real well I'd at that point guards started. Yet let it leak but immediate not. From a lack of effort or lack of technique it had to do it I. I mean we the united pick the ER on it that bad about it but I don't think shot. Just because he's only five and so that's not the change overnight or anything like that but. Would not have been able to do it. They hide or basket but you've got deep regret you got markets are. You let those guys take the bad stuff opposite players on the odd lot and let right there yet you know I don't that they think eyeball or are at eighty here let. At the start you know. The yacht. India literally it's the Russell Westbrook or things like that because you got eight regretfully that you that. Yeah and you got Rondo too I mean that's not a bad matchup for guys who knows three point shootings better this year that. You're not exactly talking a dynamic offensive player anymore. Yet in one big you know about the Celtic which I think they do a good job is they're big they're pretty good at Indy. The picket lord picked it up Al Horford had a beer jot it so you know that's where I think why don't release these Ortiz. Are coming off it. Getting a bit match being able to drive by the way I think it's gonna be Paramount that the big guys up I think it's popped that. I'm talking now or predict that beer jot that the big guys would be job defensively. In that situation. Have we go back to that February game that the bulls won at the end. Jimmy Butler spent a lot of the fourth quarter on Isaiah and really just physically overmatched team needs the Isiah gets of the rim and then gets why did in. Sort of get pushed around your tackler guys 67 to twenty. How much of that do you think we'll see it doesn't seem like some the bulls to do all game but how much Butler on Isaiah do you expect to see. Maybe you'll see that the fourth quarter and that's what seen it's I'm glad they aspect we expect it happened as he may try to grow. Bigger guys longer guys add up with that being. Bob Brett Stevens did the bulls try to beat Jimmy Butler they had all the slob who bite they got off the ball I'd have I'd say it read it also read dark days Jimmy Butler really but it chased around the floor. I think we've site dale the ball. It's probably a little bit of old Maria with the gut stronger bigger guy. And it's a brat like at that I'd counter by the night they off the ball pretty QB but there around the course Albany law. At this in maybe this is just something that. You know is rumor more than fact that it's it but it's just me and not just because I went to Marquette but their husband's pocket Jae Crowder and Jimmy Butler. But head that they don't necessarily like each other I'm just putting it back habeas subplot is that there could be some bad blood and you know made me. Who is maybe the better chance of sort of controlling their emotions in that situation if you heard that as well but those two guys just don't like each other very much and it may lead to a little maybe on. Court drama. Well I don't know about all work but we start earlier this year trinity goes to guys got into it. And that you go to Arctic paid Derek edit it. I don't know you know that the real deal it herb not like each other I know once they're on lord there's no love lost we guys we saw that. End of the playoffs too so I don't expect. You know hug or anything like that on either side guide to the playoffs it appeared to be acted. It so it's big we're got between diet or regular beat now would be right they get it won't be occurred. And I wasn't as is so much to where I I sit back. Add not off corporate definitely I'm report and and that possibly leading up if tensions rise that means that the opportunity to do something stupid right. To trot dumb foul or to get into a fight and get ejected from a game. I'm just wondering if that's anything worth keeping an I am because there's been so much focus on Rondo. And his personality. And I'm wondering if this could be something between two he obviously Jimmy Butler is the bulls' best player Jae Crowder is a guy that you know. Clearly isn't the celtics' best player but he's a guy who needs to be effective if they're gonna win this year. Yeah I don't think it'll get to that level is that we'll players are smarter bet. Both players all let it get to that level but it did the well itself. Nobody in habit of Audrey Audrey let's hear it but I would keep an eye on market Smart obviously. I just because he he played such action. And at times you know they crossed the line a little bit keep an eye on that but I don't expect it to be you know. Anybody to get thrown out there suspended or anything like that. That they going to be good art goes playoff basketball. All right you got Celtics in six. Felt it's been sick and die like that that anybody else that they had about a wide. That simple wedding they're just trying to troll I'll be spent a little bit. All right dream team her go goatee up enjoy your afternoon on the greens we'll tune in tomorrow 530. And our line pregame show on CSN prior to tip off at 630 against both Scott Draper thanks very much. I. Our rights we'd like to hear your calls we can talk Celtics we can talk Red Sox. We'll get to patriots a little bit later bill Belichick was Mitch seemed to compensate yesterday at Ohio State law that. Six point 777979376177797937. Live from the AT&T store on royals' streak I'd say hello if you're down here. Turning to bossy activists. This time of play of the women's basketball. Whatever it takes to win that's we'll go do so. We know that this we know it's about staying in the moment. And being who we are and you know often for. Knowing my age to be ups and downs when you go one game and advised that there's got to the best team going. And they might talk bad about just got to stay stay together on stage we killed and ready for whatever the moment brains. All right Boston Celtics kick off their playoff push Sunday at 630 gained one be an MBA playoffs. Celtics and the couple's. These Celtics you know a lot of people are talking about no rhyme you know playing out right now he's gonna have this respects actors come back to boxing likes to stick it to the team that traded him away it's right gave up on him didn't wanna built around him. And how with that saying. Well why wouldn't the Celtics have the same revenge factor in the fact that nobody able isn't in our revenge factor so much but it. Hole and here. Yeah is you know. You're looking at us in your data as their peak their people all over the country that its name. This is just a bad matchup for the Celtics they're gonna lose in the first rock again Celtics kicks off and that's the motivating factor yet because. A lot of people who look at adamant in the hall and accesses to that you know is this the worst number one seed in the industry and it's it's certainly not their fault what I mean. They won what 53 games so they basically won enough games in a normal year to be the number three seed. And that's probably what they are town once they're like a record fourth seed and that's great because we just a couple of years ago they went 25 games. In this whole idea that. The Celtics have only won two playoff games under Brad Stevens okay yes and and a lot of make excuses however I think we can agree. Year one they get Isiah Thomas they go on this unbelievable run at the end of the year that nobody saw coming. They squeaked into the playoffs and they get LeBron James at the height of his hours. And they get. Wiped off the floor which does that even counts expected them to win a game of that series know that you like if they have to face the cavaliers an Easter they make its Eastern Conference finals nobody expects them to beat the cavaliers in the Eastern Conference final I'm talking he's seen as like a disappointment yes it is an accomplished or Adam talk in two years ago where I or even less accomplice of the team are it's a roll out two years now accounts at all. Last year they lately and a which. When they got everybody healthy halfway through last year Atlanta became Atlanta again and they were only a year removed from the in the number one seed in the east themselves. Reach in the Eastern Conference finals and so that was a good Atlanta team in the new whose Avery Bradley in the first game. You. 25% from the field. So don't tell me that the Celtics choked in that series because they never had a chance in that series. And Isiah Thomas. Went are absolutely off to win them those two games in a row. And that was it you could tell that they were not the better team and a pox are routinely opening up double digit leads in that steers the Celtics had to fight back and bite back. Because the hawks are better team. This year is the first time. That they're gonna go into a series under Brad Stevens as the clear prohibitive favorite and guess what they're gonna win they're gonna win the series. Anything after this I have no idea but they will win this series and you think Kyle's a dream team I have went in and five. Mossy and I'd you know what you'll Spock and the global also has five. As just backs Cedric Maxwell yeah I mean like the Celtics are a better team than the bulls and the bulls. We talked about it. The Celtics get pushed around by bigger teams the bulls aren't very good team you take ties is to have agrees I looked at numbers it was crazy first three games. With him the bulls outrebounded them by an average of like 51 to 35. The one game he didn't play against the Celtics 514050. Are under forty for the Celtics though. You're you're talking about not the same bulls team that gave you trouble. And this is a team that's had in fighting all year that doesn't like playing together. That very nearly blew it all up but the trade deadline of sort of halfway did with the Gibson and Doug McDermott trade so. Don't tell me that that's a team that's gonna come in here beat the Celtics the second half and you've also got to Dwyane Wade who has played in weeks because of an elbow injury unit Rok Russia Rondo and shows up when he feels like showing up an ever increasing gap with the best player on the floor for both teams Jimmy Butler. Yes he is. But he's not LeBron James he's not even that's arguable to me I mean yet Jimmy Butler is a great player but. Isiah Thomas is pretty damn good too I don't I view that as walks out of view that any rate. You know hey Dan just yet not. Staff curry it's not LeBron it's Jimmy but let's not Kevin Durant it's not Russell Westbrook had not james' heart and by the way can we stop talking about trading the number one pick in the draft for Jimmy Butler this has driven me crazy pet peeve of mine has driven me crazy for awhile the Celtics. Could have who will have a top four pick. Mathematically. The odds are very much an affair for top three pick. I'm not trading at top three pick for Jimmy Butler I'm sorry he's a nice player but he's been turned into and we hear we hear it on other shows on the station. You have to go get it's time for Dini to go get a star it's really. You're gonna trade. May be the number one overall pick for Jimmy Butler. Who get the bulls let's say I see my. I argued this. I argued this adds that the talk about going in getting DeMarcus Cousins are all sorts. Nice players. Not series change they are not yet none of those adding and adding Jimmy Butler and markets cousins adding Paul George is not going to get you past doubles. Our city that the caps yet. That's not gonna get past the cavaliers to to me you don't waste that number one pick especially Vista when you're the best chance to possibly the number one overall pick get eight future superstar or arsenal player. To me unchanged you don't trade that away for guy. Q Eastern Conference finals that are. At the Mickey what the hawks were a couple years I don't understand this and the other thing it's looking at windows. The caps window it's probably got two to three years closing. And it's close and fast because LeBron and in the bronze going to be a power forward at some point in the traditional sense I can't imagine that he's going to be dominating the ball 37 keys now there. Staff curry the warriors those guys aren't going anywhere for awhile so if you're the Iranians why wouldn't you say you know what we have three straight top the protects. We're gonna build our team we dominant when the windows are closing on the other teams that makes a lot more sense to me we're gonna build our own way. We're gonna build a cynical and stay out there yeah. And that worked out. Pretty well I think it's gone pretty well in out there don't act made it really Ingle in Oakland in Oakland death and we are as Golden State is related to. It affectionately know that Golden Gate Bridge yet I don't know how they came up with that name. And I time I go to that horrible baseball stadium where it is. In east on our list right right now and he's the oracle is right next door like in the same parking lot. Now seeing me and you know that quarters the likes of which on and he's the raiders the flames concrete now is that worse baseball stadium I've ever been to and I. Well okay we and I ticket that is you think it's worth it Santana yes worse that beats the toilets the answer that's your Ari it is. Call 61777979376177797937. Might take him alive what gets you lost its other calls on people's heads up its act I don't want to examine CM is it. Think that shipments they like it can't light sit out on we're stacked on a sunny Saturday with a cold one out of assign you know. Occult blood although our I don't mean that one on yet at last week the first you know. Kind of really nice we give me had. And that's old lady and sitting on a Sunday like in my house after running errands that outside this afternoon and there's like these kids that the masters Sunday Dianna they must've put like big screen TV like on airports outside. But it's like music airing an epic war all they were every time there's a good shot you've heard like the rower and I'd like a frat house rightly part of it was a and invited you're two points you know part of any other partners like this keep it down and chat everything New York Times every year. You guys have jobs stream bed at this on the to do on Sunday at 6 o'clock on just trying to app with the windows open. An old lady aren't let's I'd go to the phones Mike in Wellesley is not confident as you and I and and Kyle Draper. About this upcoming series with the bulls might welcome to the show what is on your side. So that's a little bit in my like pop while lots what you guys respect I really don't wanna eat cake. The kicking at a court in short a policy that's gonna do not that. You. And sometimes. It. This guy and how to sixteenths. Opening. I just don't know because these are collar. Did CEO stuff from Wellesley or someone different I don't know he's got different names that we use like at timbers. I mean Matt missed it. Matt you missed it I'm the guy the guy the guy. It's I was about I was gonna argue them to I would do not want Gordon Hayward. We're not sure that it did on to Trace for where he backed mr. smarty pants rank collar. Lexicon every Saturday you weirdo. You know it no more men we just can't take any mail call staff so ladies pollen it is your day and your damage writings mossy shows 61777979837. Take you can agree it's going to be a free agent. To that to me that's how you keep adding to steam again the same way I am not saying it's an end up how did work for Golden State. But he of those pieces and then you draft pieces like could Jalen brown. The A I'm thinking I don't have a good handle it could he be Jimmy. Could jail him Grammy Butler or who's the player that they got a radical political stage reminder achy but I kept thinking to Marcus tries again that he was doing well it is the second round. Could he be good you know could he be extreme on green and you draft is him mark. Our culture that a staff curry to it now I mean. Who don't what you can. I just I don't know why. I I don't see it tried that people wait for another sort of second tears. I'm I'm with you and so you sign Gordon Hayward. Eighties restricted so you have to deal with that it may be utes maybe Utah. Just goes crazy to have fully super Max them out or whatever the firmness and he stays but. Everyone has been pointing it Gordon Hayward and by the way our friend Kevin O'Connor has written about this. Gordon Hayward very quietly blossomed into a next level superstar kind of player this year if you look at the advanced metrics and whatever. And just across the board. Three point shooting. Midrange shooting. Defending. Pick and roll driving to the hoop I mean you go down the list and his game has taken a monster leap. The second half of the season so you might be buying Gordon Hayward. Right when he is making that jump and that he is a step above. Paul George and people think that's crazy but it's it's possible and certainly Jimmy Butler and not act cancer like DeMarcus Cousins so. Maybe you're hitting on this superstar Breyer and adding graphics. That's not a hard call for. Now and you're not giving anything up to get him I mean I know people had problems with. You got the money that this team Kate Kate Al Horford but I still think that that that's what it is an end. You know hot and you've gone back to Gary existence it's ten hours a week now on Arizona men like forty hours a week it's just I've spent more time Gary tech with his wife. Let's pianist who pressed his family lucky you I'm so lucky he eyes are discarded in front I mean does not mean god number roller. A professor at. And there don't you tell me that sisters but stoic I think it's hysterical do we even risk in those three side Pete let's let's let's try I mean where restraint calls of these theory this action at a private number that's an actual number the last was Friday. So it would I was doing this guy's got like thirty votes I now and all of us. Let's try to heat in New Hampshire heats. Yeah note thirty just two votes just. Think it is doesn't sound like the last it doesn't arts to let your finger on the button just in case. Noriega. I know ahead he was on Brad. I wore me outlook for the third best player Max contract wise on the team. And I think if you bet. Trade away it's on the draft guide and go it too. Max contract guys better than what. The week playing out right now and I a case we have an actual serious couple now. It's a Whiting orchard Isiah Thomas. Spot because because the availability of guard you draft position. And not happened to pay him a Max contract. Is being able to pay. A younger. Minimal well. You know I actually think that the Iranians might be on this wave like this well in which you have mid day guys had with Gardner in the week and they asked. Is Isiah Thomas Max contract player leave I'm not talking contracts and really wanna go there. And it's. It does make sense if you think about what we know about teams that just because fans of Isiah Thomas and just because he has. Really spearheaded this reticence that they've had but there's also a recognition that you could only go so far as your best where. And that when you're handed out these Mac contracts in the only are gonna have three of them are team. Is he one rat I think that's a that is a tough call I've been of the mind that he is because how many guys averaged thirty game in the lead. All the way to the MBA is keep. The mask archer cars anyway. Well that's true but is he on this team and is he in the way that you're talking right to see the easier to try to create a giant to spend that money on what maybe you can take those resources and spend them on a court Hayward instead get say a lot so ball in her. I think you can draft a guard. Not not lose too much it's our it. Reformists and knocked out why it's really like it a couple of years but. If you are due to traffic Iraq and in a couple of years or get to see him play. That you get. Much much better contract. All right thanks cop thinks that it copy cats would keep my form send you're your brain is in Spain. That is the bottom line my apparatus it's starting in Spain. I'm Sri tried to currently in Foxboro history well you know what there's this weather thing in terms this is Thomas. Discussion. Can we agree that these playoffs are huge for him yet it's if we have another post season of him getting swallowed up. In him needing 27 shots to score 21 points. Then you're gonna say Ari you know what we know what the ceiling news on this guy. If he goes off in takes them to the Eastern Conference finals an emergency in the finals. You're in this series yet of the series against you know whoever they get next to Washington or whatever. And then you get to the conference I think that changes. The whole calculation of ukrainians because now you say okay this guy can't do it can take us this far. We need to build around him. I don't know if I'm convinced that's gonna happen. I mean history shows that. It may not just. But as you pointed out you do for the first time. You know batted Al Horford right it opens him up. Opens up Isiah Thomas a little more got offers little protection got a healthy Jae Crowder had a healthy Avery Bradley who will be interesting to see if those pieces make a difference. In how teams are able to defend I'd say it yet it looked to see what's Isiah Thomas looked like with. Legit number two scorer at Gordon Hayward for instance or if you go this or did Jimmy Butler what does he look like with a legit number two. Aren't let's try Charlie in Foxboro uncovered Albert Charlie welcomed the show. OR. IA bring it. Now I'm I'm clinging on as quick a quick on it now the he's got a lot of folks have this symbols such a nice day. We do and other things I'd I'd I'd like I want no liquids as does this guy sitting like a loser sits at home and calls and repeatedly to the television station to crank calling it. Or radius it is the Bill O'Reilly thing. Now aren't an idea. Once part of me kind of wants to let him go and just talked himself suit you know profanity and artists pop art how park and there's certainly knows something about check it. Salmonella Salmonella chicken that is it Salmonella sickens our everyday go back to that's now. That notes we had to go back to baseball and at 12 o'clock hour the Red Sox hosting the Tampa Bay Rays into today. Chris Ellis on the mountains. Really really say you're right now that is the at a high point of their taxis in the past hour we'll discuss that we'll take your calls six point 77797937. Ready to Massa coming to you why from the AT&T store. If not sponsor the Boston Marathon at the Boston.

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