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The Real K&C - Arm Wrestling and Everybody hates Curtis 4-14-17

Apr 14, 2017|

Jet Striar steps in for an out of town Ken Laird to join Chris Curtis in talking about the day's big arm wrestling tournament, and the two producers discuss their issues with each other.

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Already in April 14 edition of real Cain C with out cam layered I'm Chris Curtis gets drier so rough so for you today I think. As a new chip from me what do you think was gonna vote all the arm wrestling was great for me as much yeah. No ifs and that get through it much well up until that point epic was little bit bumpy road. No I mean you know it's it's good for media get in there and talk to them a little bit you know and opposed to sitting pushing buttons that's more fun for me. Let's say government saying some of it was global choppy I as coach this is gonna go very far for just one word answers. Well wasn't on board this is a little choppy. I got to sort of look for are you agree or buddies these days I think the arm wrestling helps to mend some sentences. But I would say were buddies or the conversations like afterwards. Good fight. Technically I lost you just. And she asked that that's. Something. And the inconvenience them. He sees earnings those cordial definitely cordial I say we're better friends today and we were yesterday but I still like him to add on there. Why I have a question for and it's. You know move for how long when you're going to be in the sport. You last week bucket and then yesterday you did you have a job yesterday that you're working on now. Why would you go to bed at 330 and if you knew for that amount of time that you're going to be working this morning. And falsely tried to go to bed ten potential to bed last 3:30 in the morning the morning a slip like fifteen or watched do that stupid because it couldn't falls asleep. So but like you can take Michael you can doesn't work usually try to like yeah I melatonin. OK did you try a higher dosage of milk. Line now wake up the show so with the one meltdown. You work for you literally were lying in bed from ten until 330 systems. Basically. It is basically is clinging like lying dead on the computer and which backed the ban it. Sometimes I read. But in his sleep but. You said that this is a job but even if it was offered to you you wouldn't it if they offered this as a full time job for me they they would not it's not aware of what's the scenario happening it's not going to be an issue of the morning right mr. yet this city to via the hours stuck in Nate they are so thankless. Yeah I mean it's morning drive radio. Yeah that's great majority and dale and hauling you know you know give her brief high five and have no way to cap blushing now just think about this conversation. Is sort of they make as much as you. I have no idea what had anything to do so yeah I'd like those hours better if the money's not an issue for you. I mean is gone for a guy as part myself I had not. Ever heard this bothers me more than anything is your family's loaded you draw the BMW. And who put the down payment down for the please I credit card. So your credit card who pays for your credit card many. So how much money it all off at once okay how much money did you to put down when he started when I traded in my old car which my dad for that Mattingly and so that was happening. And then there was irony. Whatever happened. Why are you so wish him the I'm not wishing you know not ashamed of it I'm shake shake shake. I don't know why you want in Utah said that you put it under credit card and then you clarified singer dad paid for half but I'm definitely not ashamed for fine that's that your yes every time we get this topic about your family it's been alive the memory somewhere get closer to what you actually. I wouldn't say it's a lie yeah I mean and all the time who wants to talk about how much money their dad that's that's a weird conversely almost. It the conversation comes up I think our show's pretty honest about that and I agree and if you get asked the question you should probably answer you know it's. Your brother BMW. There's no way being a part time radio producer that you could drive I drive an out it's a great car I like Addison has caught my dad gave it to me. That's fine I I'm not sitting or shamed her good or better to bet that if somebody asked me are paid for obviously this job when people out of you know what I'm saying yeah. Yes I hear you saying I should never. Try to avoid that just only or just right it just goes away a lot quicker. Don't think it's fair advice I think that in in the other thing was is that you called reverse sport because your risk goes up it's an repairs and drag me to Jay Leno Jack. See you we were talking about this. Off the air Q how big a problem for someone to call somebody at spoiled just because they grow up wealthy to you can. You can identify some outs has been spoiled instantly spoil yourself. I guess but it just I think I heard that that was when you were on the air with mud at night right yes in the context the beauty and no you do and what drove it where you came from its satellite lowly producer calling on air talent Alex streamer spoiled yet. If we didn't do digging into my financial services that would look right that's what you're looking got to look cheap shot yet. Because you know you're not spoil but she wanted to have the hundred rationale is that you need a narrative. Definitely so that fits into exactly my point is that you say that you pay for your car and that you pay for your your house rent in new. How much a month. Went over buying buying buying an alliance town or at the ten house not house. Icon can't. So you're 28 in your girlfriends 24. In your buy a Condo in Newton yes and in your girlfriend does what for work she does nothing for cues gradually. So. I mean I know America to get into exit control here I know what part time producers made. Your like they would panic Melbourne at supposed to. So there's no way that you're gonna go Coleman Newton now. Oh but I sit on Harris said that her parents bought it for us which they did it. I did not spend a penny and that house why are they buying US house in Newton. For two reasons one because. I mean I think they they love their daughter wanted to be comfortable. And Q because they want to invest in real estate knee US so I don't think their plans for us live there forever think they wanna flip it. Advances in a couple of years or rented out a couple of years. That's the plan at least. Cool so like I wanna go back to one thing gets of you are in. You've been radio forever. Since I was six years what is job that you would most wanna have on there. Jewelry on they're definitely yes do you think where you think pursuing would be on the this year. Or do you edema seal like what what what would be your dream job what job do you think is attainable and also you know something you'd like to do. I'd like to do I really popular Boston's under podcast and that's why podcasting is it difficult thing for a lot of broadcasters to come. I don't I don't love the long form. Radio I think it just I think it's it's too restricting in terms of I think you guys are lucky net. Your able to get away with a lot of stuff but I think in general. A lot of the long form 34 hour shows they're very restricting in terms of what you can say what you can't say Alec podcast format battery console where you can kind of richt teams are mean we have opened its restrictive I think shows for parole restrictions. I think I think that's true to a certain degree but. Like we alcohol it would be great on politics but they choose not to it and that's sure I'm not so much about politics too like Hillary detailed level never the Bruins the least Bruins spent the climb all over me here. And ordered that's not a State's going to know when your rights years and are really heir to the Red Sox gets you guys do a little bit scared to broadcast but. I mean I think there will be critical reflects John Ferrell rip me about Google referral to right and then he gets offended by other shows in the station and saying like he was. I says of the terrible manager last year. Put people of the station we're still fanning and because of the Red Sox I think it will be afternoon show that was different yeah. Aziz a guest on the show right I think that I think that's going back to and saying in the is that there are certain restrictions if you're doing terrestrial radio. In terms of what you can and can't say. To a certain degree that doesn't exist on podcast for. I guess it's true but I think that what our show does in the morning the surely you don't wanna be a part of it is. Very successful because it straddles that line better than anybody and doesn't put restrictions on what the topics that we can get discussed we talk about what people are talking about more. Right I think there's a misconception definitely about what I was when I said earlier and that. I think they took it as oh he's lazy doesn't want to work on. I mean he says you go to bed at 5 AM you were you knew for over a week that you were gonna work this morning giving go to bed until 330. You first thing you said this morning is how do you do this I'm tired yet. Like that's literally outside of telling Jerry that you have no hobbies telling somebody on the show. You're tired and asked them how to do it every day you can't say anything that gets you more trouble is it's just. We all know it's early although it's tired. We all know retired. Would you say it's not it's not for everybody I I just think that it really puts a damper on. Like you're tired the rest of the day you can't do anything arrested because you're tired of things I would mind what do you do I mean tonight I'm going out to dinner LB. My dog this afternoon it was a beautiful day I mean you can do whatever you want to help your dog in dinners and that. Funnel life what is your dog do for you well with my wife and what we what do you mean what do you do that's fun watching Netflix and Michael Allen kneipher. And bars we do I mean I feel like the morning chip literally kills your social I figure I socialite I guess you'd find very few Google. Congress Pacific are so extorting talking about what it will go Al lot to gain and a Barley the Celtics are on its awesome. It's more fun walking the dog. So you're almost thirty yes and what's the future hold for went on you how old are you when you enter I was nineteen. We each are here I interned for two it's horrendous and then I worked at fifteen time it ninety's yesterday and is gonna Bristol the sports. You have always been in the morning drive rate right. No I've been this was I was working nights with Adam Jones before I got this joke I was looking for awhile to get a good job of benefits Keefe. I just think that it's not. Hours are conducive to everybody I just feel like if you wanna be in radio you should watch like they're there should be some drive to work on a show like this I feel like I would shoot myself in the head if it were to pull every time that they've offered me to fill in for cannon said yes I know I've never rejected it that's quite surprising to me that you would not be more gung ho about it. Does that feel like what would end up happening is and eating my job and I love my idea. But you don't have a job like a part time I love coming in in and working with all the different hosts and I like working in different just you hope your cart rolled the station all I'd like at beef full time I'd I would like to be here more often play. For what it is right now yeah I am happy like the work and that's not saying that I would one make more money or be here more often that the opportunities not airing. No I mean your your production wise in here here's your skills were better or excellent I mean I just feel like. Allen takes a window sills this morning when you said the you have no interest in that this job is not what your interest of. I think it's it's a two part thing now one. It's the hours just it's just I've never been a morning person in my entire life other than what else forced him once and for school. Even in college it's scheduled on my classes and after viewing the lovely Mexican girl have intentions of having children. Yeah I think so it's let me let him have the video or that person down and become potent. Jeff that's sure I would have to be morning prisons and went back I would do it because I'd love my kid. I Al. I'll love Kirk and Gerri at their how many children you feel like they're kids it's not like in summer garden they are my kids yelling get the baby sedan night coddled and sometimes the surgery your dad and you know Kirk's. But you know I've either I work for Kirk good job critic feels social work it grosses it's a different dynamic I mean it's and it's it's gee do you think though. Of the host you've worked with and you've been a radio for awhile. You were when I'm sure a bunch of different people would you say that I Arnaud. Necessarily describe them is difficult would you say is there it's a relatively thankless job votes obsolete that a so so why do you like that. Not every morning show host even if you're great hosts that doesn't mean which I think Kirk and Jerry are great post and I think the show is the bash on the station I'm not debating that at all. Do you think that there. They list to a degree that is unnecessary. I believe part of this job a large part of it at times. Is to be the butt of the joke could be my mark batted about that is is different than if you if you screw up and and me. There completely furious you're on top of your dog shows with hosts that are demanding I've worked on shows with these bags in Princeton all that stuff to me. The only thing you can ask for a host is genuine have to be real and who they really York. And I think more than anybody I've worked with before Jerry and Kirk are. They are what they are it's not what am I gonna expect today tomorrow whatever Kirk's insane at times. Our asks you know who loses mine but he reels it back in and part of the give and take is if I wanna work on an entertaining show that I would be listening to if I wasn't here. I'm going to have to deal with some personalities that are a little eccentric little beard a little different a little demanding. All of that I'd like to work on a show like I did the DA show for three years. Nice enough guy never gonna yell at you really you know discount of but it it was. Lynn L. The important thing to you is the quality of the show where I respect that and and that thing that definitely an important factor. Are you saying the most important thing for you know hosts is they are who they are. Genuine and they are they Argus is a little differently Dino is who Dino is indeed reside genuine he essentially ring US out of at every. Milk is that Joseph. John was the opposite he wins and two totally different people we was on the or who was off the year yet a persona of a thing as long as they're genuine on the same person on the air is our. As there are others everybody's going to be somewhat you know for a suspected times different when their their red lights on camera it's off but. Jerry and Kirk I mean we are up lunch yesterday and it's you know. I'm sitting there are not seeing something starting a story stopping but the way to right there and knowing that Kirk's gonna bring in a premiere the next day like seeing him sort of laugh about it there have been Jerry going out of about. What clothes how many close Kirk skimming for reverses butcher is by the way mills was awesome and bill listens as part Kessel with that excellent bill. You GOP unit that got charcoal suit what's awesome. Anyway but that they are what they are what killed me about that show. Was they I was veto a mess physically in a needed to lose weight that was my I hadn't seen a picture effect. Curtis until finally a week or so ago myself but you were fat like legitimately factor in your not at all now. Not many of us probably have 17%. Body fat. And so. But no what would jaw and he was just as wild card with them where was. Totally unpredictable Friday at five giving tax. Randomly about music F bomb weighed in you suck at your job in the next morning like. Morning and stir looking forward to seeing you Monday just bizarre bipolar insanity. With Jerry incurred. They are what they are there credibly go to what they do the shows good and I think that work well for them so I do I mean it's as. That's that I think people were true sensitive particular camp and understand the radio dynamic of the show and their roles and producer I think have a tough time with that but that's why it. So there days reared. You. Finish a show maybe two ref show maybe they're just really rag and I you cite fox these cats I don't wanna I wanna work with them. Oh Mitchell what happens Carole telly you would like some days when you know Kurtz writing me about something and I'm just like not in the mood haven't put my head on down and just yeah with socks how long is that lastly is it over and day for you is it over a week. I usually it's over it pretty quickly and sometimes over five minutes that is go take a week in Washington facing comeback or whatever. I will say this. Working with you it is is definitely different than working with I'd say I work with pretty much every producer at the station now you're certainly the most. Passionate freezer to lake. There was a cut or I played the wrong color there's a miscommunication and cut the player earlier on the show about during headlines at think that was a deadly dose dollar. And you. Yearly heading your hands in nearly despondent their seconds in their because their profession is playing off like. Is almost have like a family member dilate your very very passionate about the show like obviously that in the flow of the for our show it's not a huge deal but like. At the moment. It was excellent shot you in the face. As I. This is good radio right we're doing. I I mean it's just for me if we planned it out we had the cut was rated ago. I told them and that we had it. We go to it. It's just it's bad in that moment that's incredibly frustrating because if they weren't able to handle like that and there are times. When Jerry Kirkwood say whoa whoa whoa stop it in headlights it would come to a screeching halt. Today I think because. There was a different dynamic in the control room and it was the same it's topic was being discussed in the cut it wasn't like you plated. Tony may as drop and Ehrlich in here from Belichick or something. It was a similar topic so they played big on the work that. It's just in those moments of we work hard on things aboard the for preparing and we have an idea that we're gonna do it right and an open shot so I know the show sounds like. Total chaos and sometimes it is. Open meat that is a lot of preparation work that's on whether it was shown absolutely when what and what doesn't come across. When it sounds choppy when it sounds like pre register fly by the seat of our parents that's incredibly Forrester. I get that but most people. Wouldn't react public eats in the house looking for sharp projects are you like you were despondent first solid Twain is 34 and two thirds of your head was in your hands I was like holy (%expletive) This guy eight kissing the were just not the worlds and I mean Null let's go to bed at five they are like that's true that doesn't have anything to do this I mean I think. When you're doing a four hour show from a production standpoint and from a host standpoint to it's possible for every segment to be perfect. I know. That's why when you have to make you plan to do you think it's gonna go off well you you should you do try not to get your Mulligan on those are but you know your apology them later on the show. Like they're saying on the show today and I am weird I know that cute. You know that that have a reaction isn't typical I think I'm I'm weird I'm sure we're a different would you say you're one of the least well liked people at the station. I mean I don't popular work but I think it along with Jennifer got along with ten yen bouncing with outside outside your ship. We're seeing Curtis is significant other he's done really well for himself well done picked up really well or bad just don't understand it. I don't really work that should put you rub people the wrong way sometimes because the way that you do. We find cuts from other shows would you say yeah that's true I mean does daily Q that I buying parts from other shows etiquette content from there I'm not saying it has nothing to do with you doing good or bad job saying it. Do you think that. People from producers and I show's hosts from other shows you record yes some more Kirk are you probably you wanna see Andy Andy it's mean watches Andy I mean I was I was at a poker game it's an old all lawyer with some of the old producers or producers that are still here arts year. Well below that would work with OB Indians and sausage I'm not share their nadir produces that. RKO amateur people who knew he would. And conspiracies in soccer. Always sure that I honestly if I remember names Alexei and for the people you knew that rather that I would go. Andy was there sort of indecent. You know India's what they were to set out notes outburst the soon release the city's story of all it's done well you wanted your moral of the story answers a good story to say that people didn't like you just use an example to talk about what people some I was and hesitancy here episode did you say that your snake. Persistently or seen value on names. I mean. Trying to remember their names are these people there's there's the literally it was the first time I met these people how to come up in conversation retirement work. Because some of these these people their lottery EIL who Christopher's is still is back volleys he's an astle. Expert RC don't know says that's when I honestly if I did remember the name of the person I knew they were producer I would say. And I swear to you I had no problem putting anybody on the last. I truly dollar gruesome sausage would be either Q is there. You you know but you know he hates you so why is that surprising. And I don't remember it in specifically this at. I think he's he was she doesn't like Al think it's necessarily you I think he just hated his work situation at work but this stores going or is going nowhere else. I'm just say get. What what's your perception of your roll around station and in terms of your three year interaction with other people that have nothing to do the curtain count. I don't know but I mean I talked to Ben occasionally. I talked to Jolie. But I don't really have much interaction with the rest of the people I'm appalled likable character. Shoddy eighth. I Paula as anything better than you know I've always liked also. Out of him that he's the show right after mime I've always known you know there's been an issue with Andy that's why I'm. I like I like you know put. The first week we were together and before that two I thought you're huge huge. I think it's partially because you're so passionate about. Your job and that it's sometimes it's almost unsettling like holy crap I made a mistake this guy looks like he's going to kill himself I don't know I. I think it's just getting used to working with you is is if if somebody and I'd because. I don't I don't I. I don't want these people like I don't care anything goes. Whatever I any is the absolute 180 degrees from what I think you're good producer would be so I don't if the fact irritates me is Kirk retiree is a good thing. Good I definitely think it's good for some people hate you liar and inject and I think create good radio. Liked I would mean Alex I think that created Gregory and that's why we judge in Pretoria and Alex with UN. He's on every Friday it's always scheduled special mystery do you have a fry gay is not perform Friday though the Mets stopped if you listened more ice dogs and what was it on not a lot of weight that was a big issue that mud was going to go to Friday's because he's. The moderates. Conquering not too good to hurt you you'll like him on the show the rate must look not on the show thought they hate him because he's too sporty. On big did you apart just know I'm the one with Jerry Ken myself knew myself. OK we talked about having modestly permanent replacement as I thought that was a joke. What what's the point of having his Monday night branding if you're gonna switch him look see your inch super upset now. Because. It bothers me if you're gonna work on the show that you don't listen to it or care enough to go to sleep to prepare airports yes bet that those paltry but I'm past that the the point is is that DB show the show. That build the park yesterday with Kirk was about what going to do your full time and and in the end we discussed it having in just two days a week with. So the notion that we don't like mutt. I love mud is the best he's as good guys there is even though his little weird but horse racing. You don't or four hours and I would have mud in as many times is that what would you prefer mutt to the casting caps thing. No I like the gas a few listened again apologize I sit back and I said that. I ice I I like the rotating it's working were. Kicking ass in the ratings we are dominating so no I don't want. That's terrific. You your expectations for someone who's on filling in for our three days or can a McEnroe listen to. Every bit of audio I'll listen to your pastor gay shows that doesn't do her show to see this is why right now began with a shoulder will sensible and not sensitive to all age let them beat me here. I'm just saying you're expect expectations are ridiculous amount since it I think. I think that if if you wanna work on the show of from time to time I think I. You should listen a little bit more to the show to get an understanding of what's going on. The Mark James stuff everything and mark. And yes you're being sensitive item to item absolutely not I'm telling you that. This show is a show that you sort of need to listen to on a consistent basis to be a dispute rip however things going as well like other shows. Where it's just you know let's talk about the puck and where it's going in the net import clarkin and ports the port that. Ridiculous 131 trap that is gonna suck the oxygen out of the first round of the playoffs. I mean I could listen to that all day I had had never said. Anything but glowing reviews you she. I'm not sure the and I'm not saying you have I'm not saying that all that's not the boy just begin with me saying that I electrical worker mature to listen to the show. And you took betters me saying that you should do more working out Q&A at some point at all. I was O listened to last two days that show. I think the show is great I. I don't know how much more you want to suck the chose Dick I'm not a re talking about isn't the point the port we are doing so great there is any got to constantly justly being sold the show's great and leave it at that shows great. A lot of it has to do with you. There's nothing to do with me the show is to cut better ratings when I left of them that's what the point is nothing to do with me nothing. You going to compliant no concede that the congress and economists and Manolo. Anyway. A figures and agree podcast telling us as we go and. Right now we're at 270 Jesus Christ wait too long. Ours is a unique podcast is on you haven't let me on until now because it's I don't know why. Why why haven't you let me until now I've worked with you before when Kensing gone. Got a lot of deep seated hatred. Anger. The frustration isn't that good on air though is that stuff that you want Europe podcast reform that's gonna res. Why am reacting I. I like Ken I think we've had some people in from time to time as a third person with a podcast went on I was Bradford. What time was oral been turned trial little choppy. Not my favorite thing in the world and I prefer just to be our little. Place is exclusive club. Click the finer things club yes. The aisle of the office at public at that a query bonding and now that you've had me on how has this been for you. I think it's been good I think this has been an entertaining pod. A it's been OK it's been a I'm a frustrated let's good I'm glad I got frustrated so you guys just sat around shooting on the at some poker tournament. All we did mostly. You have to be years at impeccable Beers at the pizza out or sausage while the pizza. Not comment on. Electorate is that it. Is getting married he is getting married united course. Are you. I was first and then the election there and you that's there aren't. On that note you guys are you frustrated ending its podcast know I'm I'm not I'm just looking forward to and nice weekend and walking your dog. A lot of players this week and big day here walking your dog it's exciting. They're very exciting it's a mile and all of us can go home and watch Netflix fought more. Relevant except like mullet is boring I'm saying that. The fact that you would not wanna produce. A show like this because you don't wanna give up your lifestyle. When you have really no win column seems pretty stupid. We'll wood it's is it a moot point selling your leaving again whereas you never know. Not only did revisited he obviously Kendrick Ken's got he's going to be deliberate sorts pre and post fixer who knows that trouble be opened he's going places he works hard Smart. I know were running along too but this link. A misconception they don't work hard and worked in radio for two there were at shady small stations it was at order testicle has it 56 days a week for two years. Alex was making it seem like I keys worked on this podcast is definitely key attic. I've worked every holiday security EIU they always need some acknowledge that I work hard I'm I'm working on Good Friday. Today's different. Working on Easter in the morning and I evidence showed that quite that sacrifice or do and I don't accuse levees there. I worked on for the July Iowa and New Year's Day were spent Christmas. Always whatever they call meaning it's a me on there I work hard. I area where we we got to leave them wanting more recant what is there too long that's fine I think we should do it again on Tuesday them we're gonna. We're gonna see other views about their views will be great out there were real replicate the other sort of our retention we've had here all of the other replicated Alfonso and it is about art eleven other poker game or something part fiction.

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