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Mut at Night - Villani Celtics, Bruins, and Eli

Apr 14, 2017|

Chris gives his final thoughts for the show on Celtics game coming up. He also talks with Ty Anderson about the Bruins after their game. He also brings up the story about Eli Manning selling fake memorobilia.

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Much would history up the weather report. Mike knows when the sun's out when it's not. I can the day I went on Phil Simms had you heard the still stands though where he says it's bright and sunny and it cuts the camera cuts to have full moon. I've not heard Alan but it doesn't surprise me at all and never wanna be equated with Phil Simms again Tony Roma gonna take this job tale. Maybe it would probably do the Red Sox why god. Red Sox pre imposed in the brewers score in the top of the Sen who would out work through Tony Romo are much. I wrote off questions about the Q. Is in the NFL for more than a decade. Mind. My and I show then does threats with a guy giving a pirate it was the other way around. The way he did it it was the rocket out here the way that he did it was the other way it takes the top away right to do Red Sox night. In and turner on the morning each other more but says he's at Red Sox are now it's almost like I've been on the air ESP a radio till 7 in the morning and in turning around for 9 AM Sunday WEEI shipped iPad it's similar. I. Our. African men and ski and believe it into my it is entirely Brad those fault but that's exactly is going forward it create controversy and she. Apparently that's what sells around year and that's what they did. Now to do the thing to many and wouldn't do with tree controversy intentioned if it back to sports and talk what was it very very good aid Wednesday night. On the Boston sports scene last night not to much here Red Sox and but if you're scanning around trying to finance and what he saw they were down nine nothing in the second set well. Now at that not trying to find it anymore ruins. With a huge win game number one of their Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Ottawa Senators. And the Celtics are huge when Milwaukee sitting everybody was sort of and as expected the south but. Now they're the number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference 6177797937. Text line near where you. At 37937. Dark lot about the Celtics last hour but. I could've come out of bank bad Bruins game last night feeling more encouraged about the b.'s chances in this series in his first round series. And we touched upon this couple hours ago. I do feel like some of the things that are. The reasons why at last night's victory was so surprising for the Bruins do come back to bite this team at some point namely injuries. Namely the fact that. They they're still wondering. I think at least what Brad marsh and they're gonna get. For the better part of this post season one game in so far there's still relying heavily a line that almost half of the year skaters almost half of their lineup. Being guys that had not at least until last night. Lady single mandate of post season hockey and relied heavily to the tune of the second most minutes of anybody out here. A line at Charlie back a boy who had never played any minutes and any. Spot National Hockey League until last night eventually. I do think in a diminishing returns point I don't know that I would is Bruins team and say that's a team it's gonna go deep and make Ryan and really. Give essay in an extended. Post season track in their first trip to the playoffs a couple of years. I do like them in this series. Because the way they won last night's game this is a team they not be there all the regular season. Eighteen that we generally speaking doesn't give up leads especially leads Gordon third period had one last night. And they rebounded after the opening shot on goal for twenty minutes. Eight this was 88. Greedy kind of effort for the Bruins and what are guys that that really stood up and answered critics and he's been getting criticized bidding. Getting defended by Bruins beat writers and criticize mayor ready l.'s all season long is Tuukka Rask. Last night was it you want a eight stepped up post season performance for two Iraq ask you got it last night in game one. That's 26 saves that's not fifty that's not sitting duck shooting gallery kind of being reached is the electing parks all night long. But it felt like every other CP made was a challenging one he made big saves and you need to at a mall obviously. When it on the other end the ice you're struggling to put anything on that. I still can't and I know the senators Twitter feed got. Got snake bit a little bit by trying to troll early on in the index aim at the second period talking about the Bruins stop putting a shot on goal in the second and I think it was the first. It's as later from the the old senators Twitter feed which are deductible followed two but I started paying attention to for the first time. I think it was the first time either in playoff history ever that they had. Gone without allowing any a point at any shot on goal for entire period. So what the Bruins it was hard to do in his pretty rare in terms of utility. In the offensive zone for about a 45 minutes including netting I your second period at a break. David Pasternak and a break away and still couldn't put the shot on goal which is again very difficult to do you when you're trying. All that said. Tuukka Rask keeps Ian. Indy defensive end you're relying heavily on Charlie Mack a boy you more than hold his own on his own end to the I I thought at least. They said Tai Anderson WEEI dot com give us his thoughts about fifteen minutes here but I thought more than held his own on that side of the ice. Ends. Then whatever let's switch is flipped going into that third period looks like a different hockey team and to Al plays the senators the senators only put six shots on net in the third period. So they almost gave them the same kind of treatment that the Bruins are getting the previous stretch but it weighs. If any it really impressive ability to turn around a situation is this advantageous to the bees for so many different reasons. You're you're down Torre Kruger down branding Carla you're down. David preaching to time post season leading scorer in the NHL. You're relying on Brad marsh and who even though we had a phenomenal regular season this year and got himself into that MVP conversation. Didn't score in twelve games the last time this team was in the playoffs couple years ago. And you know going and that's a guy at a rely on any rewards them with. A number of impressive ships in the third period and burying the game winning but ended up being game winning goal. You'll lose Colin Miller seven minutes and exe you don't act of which can be out there from both have to game you're relying on Zdeno Chara still. To play big minutes so these are a lot of things that as the as the post season goes on. You can see these sorts of things coming back to bite the Bruins but not in this series. Not against Ottawa and I wouldn't be surprised that they said with Keith way way back when the sun was still up in the 6 o'clock hour if the Bruins have a four checked it resembles what they did in the third period last night enough first period on Saturday. If they can get a lead they can throw the senators back on their heels I think they can make this a relatively easy seers. And then you're on to the next round and then we'll see and then. Does that point of diminishing return but what's the status are Miller at that point I didn't look good. Obviously is. You are you getting anything from Carlo back in the lineup. Is Mac the ball way. Guided table they'll follow Opel was a very impressive first performance with subsequent performances in and continue to be somebody too reliant. All of these questions I do think pop up as. Things progress here over the did what I think will be at least a little bit of a deeper post season run a lot of people game credit for 6177797937. Text like 37937. On Twitter by the way Chris Maloney 44. Along those lines similar feelings about the Celtics this was. The main point of contention between rob Bradford and nine looking at this series between the Celtics and bulls starts on Sunday. I do think. The questions or deficiencies or whatever word you wanna put on a the Celtics are real. That's second guy Dick takes some of the pressure up Isiah Thomas he don't have a guy who's my height getting triple teamed. And trying to find some semblance of offense and he's been the op and to argue relied on all sees somebody else has got to take the pressure off Thomas. And Al Horford is among if not be leading candidate to do that offensively. You have to be able to at least. Marginalize. Some of your rebounding issues and some of the struggles the Celtics out on the glass. These are things that I think will come back and bite this team at some point in the post season might be in the Eastern Conference finals. I don't think they're beating Cleveland in a seven game series I don't think they're beating Toronto. Is seven game series it's a matter raptors get past the cavs in the conference semifinals but. The the deficiencies they have in the same way that the Bruins what may end up doing them into the post season long term. Won't do them in or shouldn't do their man. In the first round series against Ottawa I at do the same way about the Celtics and bulls so much more but the bulls for me that it is his Celtics. You're looking at Jimmy Butler. And praying that. His elbow always just dislocated Dwyane Wade finds. His old post season for. And Wade's had some great post seasons he's got last year. But I'm not counting on him. Being able to find that magic to steal more than maybe one game in this series. And I just don't think Butler is. Opera fairly stagnant offensive team in Chicago I only just Butler is enough to carry them in this series against Boston. Which sent to have similar deficiencies to Boston in that they only had Richard butler's similar to accept it and made a point Bradford exactly right. I made a point to Brad though they are 88 team that in some ways mirrors the Celtics did you say okay got Isiah Thomas who else is gonna score. OK let's look at around yet Jimmy Butler Wilson escort. It easy answer is wait right. We just missed eleven games with a elbow fracture in his struggling to play more than twenty minutes. At the end of the season and it's not like Chicago was just playing out the string here. They were. Matching up with the Miami game for games trying to get into the post season these were meaningful games where. In Jimmy Butler is taken a last second shot a loss on Saturday night as you can't give it to Dwayne wade nodded in the fourth quarter. Ed Wade getting credit for coming back sooner than people thought I understand all that by. The question is what is he going to be in the next couple of weeks how quickly is he going to be able to. Turn around. That aging in injured body. To be able to a string together quality post he's a performance just are counting on it if I'm Chicago. And I'm not putting a lot of stock into the idea of a right Rajon Rondo sticking it to the Celtics with the primetime triple double Mark Jackson calling the game just. Now a couple of years ago I might have. And Rondo does seem to play for spite more so than most. Rhinos like Jerry Seinfeld returning the shirt budget director spike at a triple double black spiked. I'm a spiteful triple doubles I can see that would Rondo a couple of years I just don't think he has that ability anymore. He's a topic I anymore. I agree with you that I think Celtics are going to. You pretty handily beat the bulls eye ailments wait five games. We do you think it will. A bit later tryout for Jerry barbaric Jimmie this is what we got to get him here actually it's eight. It's entirely up to you know up to Boller but. We'll see I like the idea Boller didn't like the idea Butler for the two pick of for the Brooklyn tech to pick one that would that whatever that that selection. Com. LA can't hugely popular ITT of of him as a player of getting. Answering that question as to who takes the pressure of Isiah Thomas scored forty that absolutely previous two years of those and that's why a it was unlikely that he was gonna move you were looking at a rental you're looking at a proven star. That is going to be under your control for a couple years and price tag was astronomical into the deck. Guinea into its second guessed it a little bit for this super Paul George but those guys didn't change teams and both teams ended up. We really making the playoffs even though it seemed like the bulls were doing again the detained at the trade deadline and treated Taj Gibson. The bolder they're here they are in the policies and I'm sorry that team is not beating the Celtics I in round one before it retires in two quick. I patriots related and actually Bill Belichick act related notes did you catch your view on CNBC. With Bill Belichick playing word association. This is actually fairly interest. And guilty ballot checking in sort of these on filtered and situations too often it's a lot. We don't play better coach better and can't Bill Belichick soundbites that your that you used to but. Playing. Word association with the Bill Belichick is kind of is on filters he's gonna get to he's admission barbecue. Which is favorite restaurant. With Suzy Welch of by CNBC. And get some word association like football. And he says more sport and business but it's a bit it's the media how team connects with fans winning the goal. The Q interesting ones though were deflate gate. Which Bill Belichick labeled ridiculous. And I think Donnelly most patriots fans but frankly most of the civilized world would fall in line with that. And the other one was Eric Hernandez. Which is I feel like this story is so far off patriots fans and the patriots radar. Are right now he's in. For those M and following Edward awaiting a verdict it's now five days it'll be Dane Amber's sixth deliberations tomorrow the jury has double murder trial in Suffolk County. And the word day. Bill Belichick uses one of the best ones to use I think is tragedy. And it is tragic story on so many different levels the first and most obvious one being that. At least from what he's been convicted of one man who was murdered potentially will see with the verdicts come Bible a lot of people suspect to other people. Were murdered. Because of Aaron Hernandez is action is daughter is down. Through no fault of her own. Without a father who's got I'll facing a life sentence already without parole. And in the family members of the victims that have been grieving and waiting for justice Greek tragedy is the only word to possibly describe. But it's not something that I would even. I guess think asked Bill Belichick about two weeks now even in the reporting on this story there's an interest in their Hernandez trial. I think it's from a lot of court watchers I think it's from people nationally I don't think there's a huge. Interest any here. And I don't spend a lot of time money even though I've been covering the trial tonne for The Herald I don't spent a lot of time Monica's right I just don't think the patriots. Patriots fans associate themselves with Aaron Hernandez anymore other than just yet you're the guy the that used to play for the team and it'd be tragic. I'm fall from grace and so many different ways and that was the word that he used well to enter another word heart breaking in and Belichick said yes that would be in other words. The other one dialogues. With the last one and almost made me feel like they they staged kissing gave him the guy answers to the quiz ahead of time. As she asked him legacy. And it's fair to say to both Tom Brady and bill telecheck a lot more of the proverbial book is in the left hand and in the right hand ranked in or getting the last couple chapters here is matches. I'm sure patriots fans and and probably Bill Belichick and robbery don't think about it. He said for another day. Belichick cancer that is. I think about the legacy not thinking about that what's gonna be written on his football tombstone is habitat it's. About 2017. That's when he kind of reverted back into. The Bill Belichick that he Alltel with love. And the answer is the typically get out it's just about having good part also be very yeah I exactly onto whoever's in week one and onto. You know 2017. And and trying to figure out a pretty good football team on the field I think actually popped up quickly today I mentioned Hernandez thing. Bill Belichick was actually sought after to testify. By Aaron Hernandez defense team. For the lawyer in Ohio currently represents bell attack called. Suffolk County today called George Locke who's presiding over the tribe owns the eighth. I'll check it trouble is we just found out he's with the testify in this thing. The defense wanted to testify whatever community that Bill Belichick lives and you have to hate him but whenever. There must be good security. Does the person who was serving the papers to have him testify on behalf the defense there was a lot of notice given they can have decided it's seemed last minute had trouble. Getting in trouble actually serving him with the papers. So he's got. I guess some pretty good security or or some sort of situation he wasn't home for awhile whatever wise. Where they could actually served with the papers and then. Ernie and his defense team after all that decided it. We really need in this testimony was neck or sell a large short of it is Bill Belichick not a trouble. And at that would have been probably the only thing that we've made patriots and stop for a minute and and pay attention to these trial. Which may wrap up tomorrow. A lot of quit the court watchers think that the jury's gonna wanna get a verdict in before the long weekend is is no court on Monday is patriots day. Others though that I've talked to weren't so sure they think this thing might be going for awhile that with the deadlocked juries holes he'll play his outgoing report. Are right or get sued Tai Anderson WEEI dot com Bruins with a really surprising but impressive victory in game number one against the senators will talk about that. Well time where your phone calls between now and Patrick Gilroy. Who's gonna take over WEEI late at 10 o'clock aligning with you until then Sports Radio WB yeah. I know my crystal Lonnie review up until 10 o'clock. Love that Bruins win last night. I texted 37937. For the Celtics will lose in seven to the balls now. A sweep or 85 game. Situation. Is coming the celtics' way against Chicago rob Bradford will sport in monocle on the top hats. In sweep the war is here at WEEI. Which frankly could use a cell that we'll be apple monopoly Pringles I think he's going to be more Pringles. Alec you Brad well I just picture Pringles I think that's a natural reaction around Bradford. I don't think monopoly acting chips. That's. About par for the course. Speaking of teams that are win their first round series the Boston Bruins Tai Anderson covers and WEEI dot com he joins me now it's going on Thai. B.s are gonna win this thing may be in five you're dot. Lou added at a tricky you median or. Oh yeah incorporate it straight now I haven't personally. But given away lacked a lot Atlanta where everything goes wrong for so long to find a way to win maybe it's quicker period I thought that. Creators who sort of everything. You didn't want it seen it you want it interpret the ending so. Nick back last night but it got ballot out that app. I got on surely you like the senators. Who are not where they are straight out that maybe you're right negative but here. Like senators are are playing their best when they're they're topped the fences Starr is it but at fifty or 60% he's on honor percent healthy bite. Starting here it's sort of a senator's. Perspective on it senators lens on a new obviously cover the National Hockey League put yourself inside that. Dressing or more of what you Knoll from from carving a league looking at Ottawa how does that team respond. To what happened last night they got two days just you want it or bounce back from it. What kind of response do you think you see from Ottawa goal of 42 game two Saturday. Here's the thing about Ottawa I don't think they have. EU and bought it capable to do any sort of meter spot I think they apt to play this thing where they played in game one. And they'll happily still don't go with a 11 option that would that Portugal want. But there. The bodies and styles where they can change it and it responded late at different what are order that it be more aggressive they are everything that. They're at a or more comfortable on the outlook is gonna defend better think a lot of shock for prior period. So it's a situation where I think it is ordered that. I expect to get any better and and I did it work. At that whoever put it so it's hard to map out aid with her response. From the senators. Negotiator talked about the idea of not being so careless with the pocket and and fighting lead you to massacre Frontline probably don't have any affect you and especially when you're talking about but it pops up market. That line in the machine you're gonna stop that you can also seen. Right I don't have an answer ally. Now and they certainly did that answers in the third period a lot of great shifts from the marsh and line including the one the results of the game winning goal. When you look at marsh and and and we talked about this. Before the post season time about him being a guy who has something to prove. One game in. Pretty good response threat. Oddly I think that was big and we sort of comments mean it when he got suspended where literature that he'll let you know what it's like you opt out. There although I know you're somebody in the cropped up right now I act you know what I did I really did very. Well. Comment and Robert situation where the group or why. Partially because innate need Atlanta or block. It. You are you that you need to find a way to sort of I contribute right up to god and and there's no bigger. Score setback or critical real ill and on that and and also going back are you what a great part of former thirteen or 24. I thought our apps that are in fact that you and I doubt it creates a lot of their most prolific left or are in recent years. Well Marge and answered it and felt like gain not being active but not being overly aggressive what exactly. The app state and actually make. While the other guided. I don't know the a lot to answer for against few would disagree here or on on this particular issue but a guy with a lot on. He shoulders going into the post season obviously used to grow raskin. I know the numbers weren't necessarily eye popping two when he succeeds is in a massive number but there are only 27 shots on goal he stopped all but one of them. I gotta with CE masterful post season performance by harass last night. Not the 100% I think especially early on you look at that first period the predators really hacker. Eight acre. Are so chances on wrapped added they were getting rhyme or two on one. Rebalancing of that nature Iraq and banned in Britain at all the only party sort of broke Bobby Bryant broke through Adam declared there are. That shouldn't happen or opt not that it did so he can't fault them that would in my opinion and I think in the third period actually. I believe that Barack Alec lack second chance that wrapped at a stop he backed it I'd out or Ed are you eat. Out of the lead in the we'd been through it but he did just that well. Urging you rely on to guide service I think it back you. And the lights out in the event is pretty basic. And stop and park adding your nine. 978%. Now you are on fire right now. That the kind of performance that can really change achieved expectations collect. If this as a comical at exactly that you are out. Could maybe take your cup final if he is its goalie and you aren't I go to art project at the right now he is aptly known. And that can Beckett or we need a pick Christina looked back history. Back in 2011 and on the back that we are with Iraq. They're much agree with that I look at a lot of the things last night they've been our assignment as bits before you hop dot Tai Anderson W Riyadh icon. The that the deficiencies that the Bruins have largely injury based. It's hard to imagine for me at least though is not coming back to bite his team is the post season goes on mean that deep Ryan. It can be spearheaded by a goaltender but at the same time when you're looking at that that in the blue line situation right now when you're wondering where it was Brad marsh and to continue to be. By the guy that that he was at least that first playoff game ready more than 2014 post season marsh and I feel like some of these questions might be too much even for a big run for raster overcome. The actor I mean that that is going to put aside any. You look at sort of what happened and what they offer flyers here to root root by injury and that here. They they were able and for a little bit but not ultimately got it all out. Edberg I look at it thirteen. When it's like rob and have Steinberg parrot always read that brought to a group that spark how's your rookie and he knelt in got a playing big minutes. Everywhere like help that want to wrap it. Circuit City on and hurt for our team here emperor. Penguin felt so it can't happen by. Other things like you mentioned marsh and pops out for Iran bring to get back on it you need guys. Not a contribute or in Munich guys like Carl a comeback or late eager to hear or not you are for too long. It's gonna show and and I think you're in a way. I don't like the idea of Joseph Mauro logging pop. You know third third pairing minutes there right now at a later point something is east and healthy scratch January. So Colin Miller now for Saturday I don't like where you're going I think that would sort of Wear ankle. Not need more you need mortgages Mac Voight and char EU need you need to find answers not as well. So it would not happen that I become concerned. A purple backdrop acting its nuclear is to go to Europe or any. While we we went about it says every minutes there without mentioning Charlie Mac Voight which is says certainly a lot longer than. I had Jack and brick land without mentioning Charlie Mack boy or his aides last night by. The nineteen year old his first game all the accolades to me where we're deserved it looked like this kid was a has advertised at least for one game. Or Samir big guy takeaways of his NHL debut of. Bought I mean you'd teenager pretty pretty overtook our party involved by. Contribute and ordered a passing. Early on air for our preacher. At. And that whitlock and amber are you dot maker Asian. Nineteen year old out our Arctic like tiger all purpose actually aren't that an occasional layup while I like. I like. Sydney on the that we career proxy. Yeah at 11 in Africa beginning but he rebound right away and make up yet again. Interpret the pocket right now. And it went the other way not plan on ever. But he was Smart and you're used to rebuild our team is 88 plate but also aggressive play on. By a lot of early Drew Doughty which is sort concurred airport where it. I think actually about your party. A company that our Larry any note one take chances and let the back lot at the. One of the things that we talked about a lot with some of the folks that they were calling in earlier in the Bruins. Is the idea that is a Cali. Aspect when it comes to a guy like probably going to mention is a bigger body but he still. Nineteen years old playing against men playing against cat sitter hurled a war. Opt fully developed. Short term long term is that a concern and otherwise in other words in this series. Did the senators try to get even more physical with him going forward and try to knock him off his game a little bit when he looked strong at both ends and and long term. Out over these next couple seasons is the sort of grows into his body into the NHL game is that a worry at all when you when you look at Mack blamed what he could potentially give. Ott and in the nowadays they're acting and there are eager erecting road EO go low on guys. I added it back or at the series maybe they'd use that. I didn't like that are called now or I'll eat about necessary. About bowler ER opened up to like Erica on me an orbiter back or that sort of become concerned I think in the locker not as worried about it. And that's our look at it opt not hurt you look repeat go worse we're here now. Argued that teenager either you frail he was unique in the ball skills outside I would opt not to win a battle lacks guys. As are all about organ in the body and I think that on the night of wiggle back bullet. A huge is the journey paid hit birdies not that you'd think he'd be in good shape. I think you'd be pretty good that would hurt on the court especially if you buy it in the program grew at terms of conditioning. Things of that nature means that we now are so dependent on players. Shape exhibit although they got very quickly felt about it out in the long term short term not yet pressure. Tuesday quick non Bruins know all tangentially as those related to the Bruins but. I don't buy include Julianne go down on home ice in game one should should they be worried. Up in it's ultra bell went on under re saying Catherine. Yeah absolutely I think so because the Rangers are a lot of the worst act of strategy and they put speed. I edit it put scoring on you. And that you talk about one could probably the third best in the world behind I Terry right in my opinion great OP so. So I do think that that is hey it's that popped out. Actually losing game one. And if we look at courses street lost it once before on the Erie itself and that aren't we had to respond. But I'm not Lubbock it yet but it's I don't like where they've got personnel art but they got slower older. I think dean is trying to knee at opposite order on all fronts though. I I do think the greatest team that is going to be a lot also actually. If this year he hit that restrict fact and that he would it would be kidding about it. I'll be something at the bees go further in the Canadians and this happens post season. Element. Except matter what the that would now it. Think these fans would welcome that he's Tai Anderson on Twitter at underscore. Tai Anderson Beecher gimbal follow the error I get anything big player for WEEI dot com next couple days winning any game Tim. All that talk about or what we talked much about it where arguing at the belt. And hit it that the Ottawa become yet read it could be a long armed. All right time Anderson's feeling good about two Bruins WEEI dot com the place to read all about it tie appreciate Diop and on. I respect our rights we will get a quick break here before Patrick gill warring rank is in for WEEI late night. Think he's gonna talk Celtics mature batted in leads Celtics that's that's my. Punch dodge started out there we'll see what happens. Couple words in his mouth we'll find out what he is doing I'd next we wrap things up here Sports Radio W yeah. I just a couple of minutes left here for a turn things over to Patrick Gilroy Chris Lonnie in for Mike finance game. I my bad should have gotten this to order a story earlier tonight a program Patrick show your debut next four hours or some point today it will bring in up. But interesting. Court documents. That tech came out today concerning when Eli Manning. That prove according to these these documents and the New York Post which is where I'm reading this at the moment. That he was part of the conspiracy to defraud collectors by parting off phony game more and gear. As the real deal. There is a text here herb text or email for Manning to equipment manager named GO schema. On his Blackberry this is April 27 2010. To Almaty the impasse is game used. That is it Ely twenty minutes later it is marketing agent a guy named Alan soccer one of the helmet saying should be able to get them tomorrow. These were all part of the court filing. On Tuesday. In superior court three memorabilia can actors who are collectors rather were filing a civil racketeering suit. Against the giants Manning ski boats kinder I Steiner. And others including the co owner of the team CEO John Mara. So Eli Manning at least recordings and these court documents potentially in the middle and 88 significant part of and player around. This. Scheme. That they allege is going on June. Get these. Any they think it passes game warned they it was game worn and then sell that. Thus defrauding memorabilia collectors interesting stuff there I'm sure he's gonna be remembered just like generally aware I ate. I think it. If you're if this is to be believed to based value to helmets they can pass as gaining used that is at Eli can passes gaming used. As scuffed up a little bit all the Trot Nixon treatment and dead set about there what the hell. I don't feel like generally aware. Feel like you is generally aware more games generally aren't just so we need to is another quarterback. Tied up. In a court battle in the tristate area is those tend to work out well for the quarterbacks I'd be curious as to see exactly how. The the national as these things per about you know get out here they're allegations at this point will stay. Eli the benefit of the doubt the benefit of the process which is more but I can say for. Sure the vast majority of non patriots fans came to Tom Brady and any kind of benefit of the doubt argument Eli gets for now but that seems to be some damning stuff. It's in these. Court records and in some of these documents that were obtained by the New York Post so will will look to see how that transpired at transpires going four to whether Eli Manning. Was part of scheme. To pass off some of these non game war and I again it's game warm hearted how much of the value. I have a really collected in this stuff that kid I have no idea of its game Warren doesn't matter if a triple a game. I would guess yeah of course. Right and David if it's one of the Super Bowl victory against the patriots that's gonna be more valuable than a week three they beat the rams. I would think right. It's a let's get Steiner your reads getting sued. So maybe maybe not the best time are I got here Patrick Gilroy is coming up next to get by me on Twitter if you like Chris baloney 44. Ball longer chime in always happy to keep the conversation going. Thanks guys and a glass fantastic job rob Bradford for coming in tiny Anderson as well of WEEI dot com WEEI late night. Is next Patrick Gilroy coming out just stick around.

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