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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 24: '17 Benintendi vs. '12 Trout

Apr 12, 2017|

In a Bradfo Sho short, Red Sox bench coach Gary DiSarcina joins Rob Bradford to talk about some of his early takeaways from watching his new team, including the comparison of Andrew Benintendi in his first April to Mike Trout when he experienced his first full big league season. DiSarcina also offers interesting insight into how different Xander Bogaerts is now compared to when he was mentoring the shortstop as Pawutcket's manager four years ago

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Add road show. That's my open definitely probably would have brought that's my old. Query where you don't know what you're stupid. Brad broad show. That's delicious. Special emergency brat votes show because it's after. About a weeks' worth the games maybe about ten teams depending on when you listen this we have to check it and and and really get the lay of the land. And take stock of where Iraq is no better person. For its second ever podcaster parents that bench coach Gary decent CNET to to to reflect and sit in the this is what I thought this team was and now this is what I know this team to be or at least think this team to be so. Gary first Walt thank you for coming and it's a pleasure appreciative. So let's go to analyst who we I aides said to you emirate talking foxwoods in really what I was comparing Jimmy unfair comparison in my Trout and keep that. And you say how you Mike Trout could hear him coming around third I know what what will keep that is going to be like this haven't been around him. And just doesn't have to be Trout bats or anybody else bond is curious where some of things have jumped out. To you pat not having been with the team only seen this team from across field now that you have been the bench coach for the Boston. Well you know in regards to Nokia its its unfair because he has them this time you know when you get sticky you know we. He disappeared released its report days and I think it's unfair to really compare. From the season to now. Just because time is not there is not on the flow of things just get back into rhythm. Obviously stands is in spring training is for our ability his ability to drive the ball and from batting practice and we came drivable all fields. On the ball you really jumps off his bat. His mentality to win it becomes a ballpark every day has been impressive. One of the things are really have stood out as you know been intended because aerial had anointed him coming into spring training anything about the student. And I've the most impressive thing with with him suspend his ability just to roll with things he doesn't get too time. Doesn't get to load he'll turn around content Lannan in spring training and Orlando we turn around ninety mile an hour fastball for home around. We'll hit the ball the other way he is such a sweet swing and he doesn't get rattled and I think whether it's a left your argument. On the mound throwing hard or soft. Hit second in the lineup for the Boston Red Sox these Cisco really cool mentality and it's been a joy to be around. Ask him how he is every day's time even when he's thrown up in the outfield instrument and play video from komen and thrown out that that one day get sick with the flu there but. Arm he's you know he's stood out there has been impressive. You know having Zander gone for the majority of spring training and then now start to see him. You know get his legs his sea legs arms and play a little bit more here nearly disappears too for the bereavement. If his play at shortstop missed about his arm strength and I was moving his feet. He didn't do those things from me in 2013. Pedroia doesn't stand out because I know he's all about him playing you know him from point 1012 years played against the last three years. He's obviously the heart and soul of the team and it's it's a great feeling. Watching him walk up to leadoff the game because he's kind of heart soul of the organization in the team and you know the little guy that goes up there and fights and fights and fights and has talent gets base hits to anatomy stations so. You know Mitch Moreland to me I knew what he was all about you broke the news to him and it was a gold glove and I knew what it was all about the three years and he killed listen in and you just kind of a quiet. Assassins sent down a line up 67 in just a base hits and click go to a defense. Pandas you know soft venerable last year so you know this for intranet stood up no struggle right now understood. Couple of hit home runs hit cities have really turned games around and got some momentum gets in the back in the game yesterday. We'll let me ask district does that compare everything Mike Trout. Justice what rights do. You mentioned Bennett sent me an actor compare but I tell me in my trial but. We've had this narrative there's no shame and struggling your first full April in the major leagues Pedroia did in 2007. Move keep that stated it. And I think you'll remember Trout doing a little bit as well. Arm and he talked about and intend he's mentality how key is it any comparison at all they're just say they know I'm running it through anything is gonna come my way. I'll be okay. You have the different personalities among my keys really outgoing and you know you may not seeing in the media celebrities really don't we play very play full. Borderline silly at times of some things he says and does and he's more when you the go wanted to go market it like that eighteen year old high school kid that's experience everything for the first time the big league level but yet. He's won two MVPs music community romance Saudi run around like a little kid. Penney's real he street bullies his street street has history Daryn you know not much follow some of these quiet person out it was much more quiet. But rolls with it and you know. Mikey trucks same way he has about a bat he just rolls with that goes in the next separate each and every at bat for both these kids. This separate and distinct so they have one at bat whether they do really well it may have a home run that it doesn't really carry over to the next step cuts which is good because when the struggle and they have. You know for Trout their two game wall you know where they have paid bad at bats were for the rest of the world it's you know we have tornado that's we five. They don't really get higher and they really don't get low we just have different personalities different ways of going about it. The both both there but to me and you could from a Q there too both. Too so that every day mentality and that's our you have to go about it you can't be. Play in this game of football player you know you have to you know the plea once we get to kind of go about it every day and just come come composed. Come prepared and those guys definitely illustrates. Last question because I know you got to go because this team is he gonna bench coach itself. Com as you mentioned Bogart and people forget you you were the straw that stirs the drink when it came to develop the program I know that you want out anyway. But it was interesting to hear you say that he looks a lot different and all of the little things that he has has done that you noticed. Is it even more I think you realize because every time we were go to Anaheim who can you say what you think is in Boca it's pretty easy even more than what you. Understood even last year. Well I see it has worked in his early work with with with prime Barfield when he comes out in Auburn churches has grown you know is to make him throw some sorts of attention at first base my duty to deceive the doctor said the footwork. The efficiency of his work there and his body awareness is so much more aware of his party now worries feet around the room. His arm slots you know pretty much the same every time those things weren't apparently weren't even around in 2013 he was just. You know while pero they're just trying to make plays didn't really concentrate on working on angles. You know he works on angles and and early we're we're Brian I just feel like he's attempted to do it when I have images coming to them on track and then just pushed him up towards Brian and Brian's really. Taken control and taken. Good grasp of where he wants to bring him and that's to be in every day all star caliber type of player at shortstop leadership position. Cambodia doesn't little things because during games were his communicate with Pedroia and these communicate with sample. He's donated and check in with pitchers times those things were not there 2013%. Sometimes the turnaround and it was back to the field you know turn around look at him in the dugout that's what you do and indeed. He's looking and Pataki's pocono over the fence and we talked about what is it about what. And he's not doing that anymore we got to put. And talking we have put pegs down for straightaway. Little little markers form on the field just so we know snows were required here he doesn't need them. I think the maturity and growth comes with the experience. Group 201415. Were really great years immunity to me his growth happened during those years. When you struggle is usually when you learn the most about yourself and I think he's dumb as a player he's understood the ball the lower half of how to use the student. And the ability to make the playoff hole and uses arm and but the number one thing that I seasons efficiency practicing you know. He's not undertaken semi farm ground balls is undertaken thirty to forty ground balls it's what it's doing the proper. He's doing an instruction care Bryan and so he's been a joy to be around them focus that we missed some ones in spring training and when you have leadership. Roll position gone for 34 weeks to fill it. You know we went home first read Madonna's American vicissitudes feeling knowing that I don't cure we're hits in the lineup known results for. Who's behind mic and please at shortstop took excellent direction as Gerry Callahan and ask for tickets from India. No. I just point and director of north towards a stick it like I said before. Chip on number five or six times too good mood thanks so much Garrett.

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