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Red Sox manager John Farrell with Dale, Holley and Keefe

Apr 13, 2017|

We check in with the manager of your Boston Red Sox. John Farrell sits down with Dale, Holley and Keefe for his weekly visit.

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Time for our weekly conversation. Worth Red Sox manager John Ferrell it's brought to you by our belly insurance town fair tire. And Cumberland farms farm house blend iced coffee. Manager of the Red Sox try to say John how are you doing while her yesterday will avoid all the handshakes today you come into the room and swabbed down the decks with the bureau it looks like you guys are kind of on the the other side of the hill on this night. Think now yeah I think so we're starting to back here to full strength either guys over away because of the bereavement list pokey and Matt Barnes in particular. And then just get our are regular guys in the lineup smoky and most recently Hanley so yeah we're getting closer full strength Jackie Bradley who's making positive strides. After the in awkward. Stride that he took in Detroit the other day he's feeling better. And don't through some pretty aggressive rehab so or or get there. But to think of drew Palmer and last night I was surprised by his velocity. Where you ya I think we were as well and and some of that is adrenaline. Affect you you get back into a big league environment certainly. You're you're gonna feel the energy from that but. I think we saw in his last two starts in spring training. In mode in the most recent one when we broke camp and he had six innings of work when we were back here for opening day. There was steady progression each time out of Lashley it was a sizable jump. Primarily fastball curveball mix and he commanded about the baseball. Probably better than he did at any time in spring training so that was a really encouraging six plus innings or did. Think he's a guy no you know he's gone back and forth start last year have been a reliever and a pass. You think he's a guy based on your projections could he be what else could he be at 200 inning guy or. What do you guys have to monitor that because he's still yet. We're we're definitely monitoring it because when you you look at that the ball innings that he's pitched last year the highest number that he's pitched in his in his pro career. So you you've got to take a progressive step towards that provided that there's no other issues. So you combine that with coming off the procedure had last winter. These are all things are kept intact but. I you know you'll look back at the usage last year I don't know but he started an inning when he was north of hundred. Pitchers last year. I can't say we would deviate a whole lot from that puts you know last night of very strong outing on his part. Gone back to last Friday's game Craig Kimbrel yet an opportunity to maybe use him in the eighth inning with the based loaded and it with two outs but opted not to do that you mentioned in the post game that you want you know I asked him to get more than three outs but maybe not in game three. I'm curious that a conversation that you pat would with Kimbrel there's a certain dates or our team number of that to get into the season which you would do that. That conversations and had a multiple times with Craig already this year and yet there there's a time where you'll look to it to be more aggressive or lengthen out closer but at the same time you're managing for a 162 games vs ones so. While it may look in a capsule or in a bubble. You don't bring a guy in for four for four outs or more. I think there are five or six occasions last year were Craig pitch more than an inning and that will happen this year at the appropriate time so that's on the he's comfortable going. Cheers. And like you said the conversations and had. And I think you look at the calendar you look at how many innings and appearances are given. Reliever has under their belt and and in this case someone who's. You know prior to last year had never pitched more than three outs. So we did it like you said on hand publications and we'll continue to do at that Mike is at the appropriate term. Among mysteries about the stuff I don't know that you have guys on your on your team who you give the green light to when they're on the base and making goal it if they feel comfortable but I am guessing if you do Christian Vasquez isn't one of them. They'll still how do you decide at this moment okay you know what I think he's about to throw his first career stolen base status here. You know I think the one thing that our guys to have very good job as they pay attention to who's some of the information that we provide in our fans meeting is so if there are some tendencies that were able to detect through. Do the work that our staff does and this is an opportunity to compliment our coaching staff. They they'd put countless hours and to find an edge somewhere along the line. And if you hit in the if in that moment that appears. A player has to have the trust which in this case Christian does. And to be able to apply it only takes off he picks on a breaking ball. And any any safer after balls in the dirt gets away from the steal last night. Are going to yesterday's game entertainment and the woods hitting 174. Early skew numbers Lee's say. You know what's going I would be an entity now after last night's game he's hitting. 250 at three hits was there any doubt in your mind. About what what kind of that he was having any thought of moving him down in the lineup no. No there wasn't so away because there's been times where he is you know he scored some balls up not much to show for. You also keep an account that you know if this stretch of fifteen to twenty at bats were in June or July after a good body of work underneath his belt. I wouldn't have the drastic effect at the first week of the games are gonna have wide swings in numbers last piece to 65 demise at 310. So you're gonna see big swings early this season from just a bottom line the batting average standpoint but. I've barely gives us like you said that that balanced with the left in the top of the order now we're getting back to our full complement of players. You start to see our lineup have take on its its normal look. But as far as moving him out of there now he's got to feel the trust of us as well. And know that you know he's not on. A league a day to day leash so to speak I'm. So I am amazed that he's 22 and in this environment in this is not an easy place to play for anybody. I even if you're 2829 year old veterans report 22 year old. Do you see anything from him. That that stands out at you in terms of his temperament his his approach to the game you Michael I think it stands out loses even keel approach that he doesn't. Ride the elevator of a batting average he's he's a confident player he plays the game and I think a very even pace very in a very much under control. The fact it was switch them over to center field last couple games that's been. In that slight adjustment has been made seamlessly is a very good athlete. And one that's got a lot of confidence and self. They talk about you know trust and confidence up policy and the ball from the right side. Has struggled in a couple of years last time we saw him I was that he almost didn't give up switch hitting furlough for a little bit off took leave and always seventh start at the plate. As a right handed hitter. Is that something that is you know eventually he might have to platoon and that. Situation or you pinch hit form in that situation how long release can you give as well see you that you want us taking guys were to be put and I thought he swung about in spring training from the right side better than nearly any other time that has been our uniform. So you need to give a chest to work itself out to see how it's gonna produce and yeah. There's been some strikeouts we will know what the averages from the right side of the plate there's been some ground balls so their left side of the infield. Were also on the spot where. You know with with chopper Josh Robbins being down which was going to be the right him a compliment coming out of spring training that's not available to us right now so. In the interim. I think for public just to kind of take a deep breath you know he. He wants to do well and it's sometimes you see them and maybe expand the strike totaled with too much chasing some pitches. I that he might not otherwise do. And I think just to settle into a little bit more yours is mostly depressed. Chris Sale has had a remarkable start to the season for you in his two starts his numbers are off the charts and yet he's sitting there without a win to show for it do you worry. About frustration setting in for a guy like that. Not at all you know even coming into the game in Detroit you know only he felt like that one run should've been enough. To uphold where orders that's his job is as a guy that more Pete he wants to be looked at as as a leader. I was his performance so you know he's pitched in an environment prior to coming here where maybe offense was at a premium at times and every pitcher's gonna go through that. But he has been nothing short of a very good for us and outstanding for that matter so you'll love the pace and what she pitchers it's an up tempo. Aggressive attacking the strike zone the strike throwing ability if it is. Has been shown consistent over the course of his career and he's fun to watch pitch do you wish that that up temple. Style that he has would rub off on some of your other pitcher Arthur I think it has say and maybe not all of them because guys are gonna pitches to what's most comfortable. But I think any time there were Purcell takes the mound there there's probably a better than average pace to the overall play. But to I think guys are watching and he'd visual example of how effective it can be in addition to not only him left him and I can throw up the 97 miles are. That's certainly go as long as well. I would the moisture out of that it's going to be raining at game time with the moisture would that affect. Steven Wright any concern about you know this is gonna get out here every report we have is it's going to be out here before game time and talking affect that but certainly you know what we know what moisture in the air can that the challenges and create that was Stephen. Even in hot humid temperatures where in Florida he was able to do some things with warrants sleeves and it's not so much. The moisture that's created in the palm of the hand in those hot temperatures it's a sweat that rolls down. From the arm into the hands so to control that a little more he was able to go through some measures down there and try some things out so. Looking for Stephen I can back and held at night what's your comfort level right now with the bullpen and ask compared to say last week willingly talked to in the season it just. You know we had a little bit to pick up Friday over in Detroit where we let that one run lead get away from us but. You know the guys have command they've thrown quality stuff they've thrown a high number of strikes. So when we've got some some roles that are starting to I think more broadly defined themselves. Guys are primed and ready to go. Our question of the week for manager John Ferrell brought you right Cumberland farms farm house blend iced coffee comes from Stephen licked win from East Hampton. He says with the flu bug hitting the Boston Red Sox really hard how do you handle dealing with this so early in the season. I think you know where we're accustomed to dealing with things that come out of nowhere on a daily basis you put. You know our traveling party of seventy people there there's not going to be. Everything in his pristine all the time so I that you adjust you rely on the depth the roster and you know adjust accordingly. We appreciate time as always we'll violently regular and all don't we did not that. You know trade outs and really on for Christian Vasquez last night that's what gets him. Baskets the is it just last night or has he made any kind of adjustment that there. Know Michael he made an adjustment after he came back last year he's eliminated maybe the pronounced like kick it's cute it's kept him a little more stable in the box I think he's addressing vegetable sides and play a little bit better. His three attacking Detroit and the other day routes and granted he got clipped on a couple of pitches but I think he had about eleven or twelve pitch at bat that resulted in the double. He's played a lot of confidence we're fortunate with the tandem we've got on a plate. In a start with the defense side but because both guys are are thrown out about 45% of the base runners on a career. Basis. That's pretty remarkable when you have two guys Kapler in a 100% this year. Yeah well that's pretty good depth chart that's you know that's a testament to our pitchers do that's a combined effort not just not out on the got on a plate but. Are both doing very good job John we appreciate it we'll talk to next week spoke against Red Sox manager John Ferrell joining us here on Sports Radio WEE.

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