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Name:The Real K&C - Points, predictions & texters 4-10-17

Apr 10, 2017|

Ken & Curtis go behind the scenes yet again after a Monday edition of the Kirk and Callahan Show.

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The real KSE starring Chris Curtis and little for the ride as well this is an April 10 Monday edition ship Curtis got called on the carpet black college ruled that guy's name in the replica of that I don't like Charlie or something Christians opened Denver's increased. What are you hated the station guys for two hours of action. Why does well we'll do for a tab on air personalities and a reason astle anyway cares. I think its good points to that point by you know new discrete again would you do I swear every church implement nestled people like this guy called him you were texting phone idiots are excellent well. You might work with the. But so is also a mechanism Chris we you can text back from with a computer. Yeah you can click on the actual texting on software click reply so it sounds like arcane and was gotten back and forth it's when these guys with repeat. Yeah I guess somebody who's ripping Christian and he responded a couple of times and it got pretty intense so in an arcane there was a guy screen grab market got trouble for a pass along to I guess the powers that be a boon and he's gotten some trouble at all. We had it's a series of strange college in the 9 o'clock hour today I think my native FE remote and it was Kirk toying with though was a guy's name. All flights here compared to the calls quickly this go to Scott McCarthy Scott. IR. Get away like people like the way it away from what we did get a win it's. Oh or you just talk you talk for 38 seconds Scott would not get away let's go back and forth you what's going on your life we help you I don't attract them. Yes yeah yeah governor. You know that thing up. Like black site. I want everybody thought this is about to go out there right now that I treat you got it nobody's fault anyway. Yes it would be pilots support all have a ball would move channel is not a talk talk about. I just looked at immigrants accurately you know heavy heavy drop all the time but all the great interrupt you for your life by being asked. You see what was in Bryant Park yesterday Scott it was fascinating. Like like art writes about the problem that Maggie. Such a bag of the match. It would not even funny here if he continually thought the curtain was actually each year right. We would be like critically hurt exports by the extra. All ash yeah. John. Is to have a human. Respect well. I I. Ideas ideas I've first voyagers secondly I do I have tremendous respect for calm he's great. Or maybe once every 34 weeks we have a caller with a group began to remember it's not her but usually I'll Albert does it but it Robert hall's he's too dumb to figure out you know who's on win but no it is not well and he shepherd ship journalist to. I don't stop acts of appears second Pete and I are split up it's tough. Guy you're disgusting human being you're the guy. I think human being it's always gotten out later in the week boy Pete got his ass kicked and Kirk's group picking up on that in this it was pass it up. Fasten. Just Turkey Jerry today for a month. You offered up a couple chums for the boys they turned and call it evangelical pastor for twenty minutes talk about the roster intellectual. At a relic. According to Kirk. Six month ban. And six months later. You know what the issue with the relic it is is that agility for which I swear to god if you can do that Friday show and there was at least the period where he was iced it wasn't immediately put on the year yet. This wouldn't be an issue. Whose fault it is Joseph. He called off that I can't do it and get rated moved to Florida so they were scrambling it would all the way to on the world layered and they were like we can't Laird. The Red Sox rotation scares me it got to bear for six month. Arnold blamed relic for coming and it's just I'm just saying had relic not been on the year. So close to his appearance on projects. Then he probably would have been back here and there's the other decent career and now. Because of management's decision to bring him back so quickly. It's part of the reason why Kirk is so hesitant just to bring Beckett when he feels to be appropriate under current routes that are and the Stew which is pathetic at best sock puppet dirt and think you're over the director it's a personal assault by Egypt and he just came out of the gate struck slot Letterman or lying fruit first Monday morning on Irving Brad Faxon on some fifteen correct just fine I don't think he picked surge of our human masters in the bright future we have an expert I don't would have did either. Didn't know. He did not I don't believe I believe your little sock puppet and the tape equinox the we always does. We talk and you ask that it's not like this is how pathetic can land is you think you're so angry that you mean bush you are was about a play great you're you're occupied pathetic sorry excuse for a man Ken layered look potted plant like that. Potted plant. I thought it was amazing prediction might cart you know you get it that's at least the thirty once she can't just load off Sergio had never won a majors 74 appearances. He's a top ranked player in the world that's an easy. Give a guy his due when he gets one right like that money will be wrapping up the masters Gerke yes we will congratulations and Sergio Garcia on its first major Betsy Kirk Manhattan guarantee. Unlike your Steelers picked your game Imus say a 28 to head patriots. Lego 3113. Team we're team Steelers and there are times yesterday I mean how hard did you think it was either over any was totally out Horry couldn't miss this putt your way right. Let Kirk kept tweeting throughout the the round I still think surge is gonna win but he's the eighth they would in every hour when I get a prediction right or mutt you rob look at that jacket or Bubba who Obama Rodney Leisle but I'd Portland me or someone like me gets a prediction right what. Kirk tells god can lead to edit the thing that ever happened which does is shoes which he does when you get right Kangas. How much like Turkey pictures so you know we won't include a laugh I console on the man John Roberts right yes and that morning when we played the Steelers prediction which I've been was an altered at all that. It was worth the justice the bulk of their faces the Kuerten betterment of requested that idolize him and and injuries. And or expect that. There was some element of it but today. Down the middle from me about when emails or accuracy. Speaking of assaults bots the dangerous might he RD Sunday mornings come. Callahan big time neatly they're more miserable prick and Gerry Callahan. Oh. Yeah again. These are more miserable prick and Gerry Callahan. Now where we're exempt from what's that from Sunday morning Bradford and she RT. I listened to weeks ago I swear to go at the Bradford at his own show he or anyone else who is Babylon on an. Awful awful awful awful about license awful awful this guy who couldn't handle it. On weekday mornings we pay drive time he found elect safe space on Sunday morning it will help nobody's need to pollute. Qualified to be interesting about people like she argues that they have a chance to go into the lion's den and stand up for himself and you're a good show and he'll get a ticket and send it back all that stuff that these guys do. Amid the turtle they sort of super like a law and call somebody ate less. Again that's probably not animal constantly GR. And they complained during the break saying again. And they're hard on the news instantly you a lot of witty. And and did what I just said there was just like some. Those guys. Sorry I missed that at times and mourn. 9 AM and then it you inmate come back on a Sunday when the cafeteria is not open Andy Sid in with Brad follow. And be patent. Sunday more anxious what got. He in part the reason he left was he was complaining I'll money we're paying him enough. To get up early in the morning though that wasn't during the week this I know we've dealt with so many times the spot. He didn't like it Casilla didn't like the heat of being with those guys he couldn't handle. Which is fired a lot of people can't I just like to be like before and I'll make points now we tried embarrassment of point to that would like to make point I have to also be sure to make points LeBron don't think you're on Sunday morning trading at that point to save initial Mick. Points with Brad majority. That's what they do a good point good point that's good. Robotic moon we get angry my GO RD and studios. Instead of admitting that in just saying I don't like it's not for me. He used UN is reasons to use the pay is reasons he used all these other non. Cents a coal reasons for why it didn't work when in reality there was one reason he didn't like it. He's very sensitive you can tell. He feels like he's worked in town long enough he deserves respect seeking can and just give. Patriots takes point by point easily easily make a poor guy you know I can make points and a brief. And then I'm out mix up points and he's very close of Butler. And his agent and he couldn't handle it in earnings too much pressure we have tweet about the Malcolm has agents that are you know things aren't going well and break enough where Jerry loves Butler talks so that could bring American. We're told to go back to the original Jerry was grinder because they were talking drop low when he was in that it right destiny is not make point. Applaud you people say it's entertaining and funny in areas. Often bothers me and that system that's an as rubies do you think he's gonna start I can't imagine I mean I looked. He shouldn't dress. That's me I just ST do you think you'll start. I touchy argument sultan did you have a dollars gets sources theory something you think it is Belichick's ego Greenwood Jeff Powell that the drop below is being pressured to play. Option when he says coach how you Graham Democrat it's you think it's an ego thing that's you're saying. Early what I'll keep your ass and there will this call today Telus something you're in there you're your patriots guy what's what's gonna happen. He was telling us basically what we got from reading the papers there was nothing fresh and Jerry Lewis he says this he said yup we brought you guardian. Because I thought he'd have something it's a big week there was you know it's going to be pursue that is a can be you know Rob Lowe who's gonna play it's a big Thursday night game. And he started as joke kind of meandering document the making points time and Jerry got Evans and it's cricket sounds evil author. You'd respect yours yet. I hate I hate when people. Wave everybody else and that's what we got to earlier today which is why it's genetic Callahan well 'cause he can't be met Kirk is a sad sad. Angry old man is going after Jerry which the sabres went after you went after me when after rails because it isn't the balls after. You'll find him comfortably Sunday mornings with my good friend rob Bradford won the if you ever you know maybe the bring three basketball coach didn't listen of that show because they do great boxing but it certificate really were a couple essence of. Giggle and meets weekly to the balls and they just sit there and laugh and taco how serious the flu is and they talk about boxing ago we we didn't get into the Braintree coach stock today. That would have been what. I would have expected coming in. To the Monday course out of and talking Bruins four hours you know breaking down the on lines speaking at that right now. That up for Sar burrows sauber Alaskan it's awful occurred that that second line of the sense but. This is where me as an outsider from Dublin to New England for awhile to college here but Kirk and Jerry I think knows the region. And they Nolan is a good local story the people care about in this case everybody can relate to a just just not. Because it's a Braintree story but it's coaching it's parents getting involved and I like as dark city did wanted to want to let you get into each service dog situation what is your dog do for you we did two segments other analysts that was different but I like that it was enjoyable. I think. Especially under Islam is not a number war and mass of local story you go around immaculate called small army but he's Fauria has this great who'd opened Tikrit at the and Jerry likes stories were were trying to find an answer you know what's going on here. But it really. Help them very much civic as we can without a complaint box score very easily and easy final women's high school box anyway he likes this he introduced the stop it because it's August it's coach McConnell. McDonnell every girls McConnell Paul Casey McDonald's and 'cause right there a successful coach who were randomly Kristen Kristen Bell and a little Kristin McDonnell from Braintree and socially. Leaves abruptly. Very successful coach wise it's going Gerry likes to sort of figured out you know we obviously got some answers aren't as many but if Bauer do you know show that would have been. Four hours is as long as the lights were lip but calls he would have been taken its good to be smarts. Okay enough that I would know in addition to the Braintree high school coach we talked a little New York Times need puberty rob blocker which would do. I unite being discussed this who'd make better female heart team. Potter is it better looking woman and that's and that's how I tease that there are. It's super tankers but I think that two kids are home to me too tall Alitalia. You pay your hands for tonight's beat analysts and experience is here you have this big hand caught it all able to put him. Now can looks like Randy Quaid before the commute. To pack it. It's a potluck you won the awards a coup to steal we also got the tremendous own united flight before brand X did it might add yes sir always first of the story. Yeah out. And on that'll be as Gerry pointed out. All over the place today I've traveled Alamo cemetery times commercially were the guys each time where I feel like a seat that's further back America and unease shedding your. Domestic airline and the notion of them like our flight home from. Houston we were 21 in line for take off that was not a Joseph or 21 and so for them to like after nineteen planes have taken up and the Galapagos in a row 32. I honestly don't even know what would happen is Jerry would literally lose is mine yeah. Like Kirkwood loses mine and he just starts screaming in the probably stop asking. Jerry doing that I cannot envision. How old the reaction we would. And what the value that that video that I would take them lose it after the show speak it which is that he ctrip gonna happen you are saying is ultimatum of sorts today be any credential requests in. Honest to god I was talking. This week and to limit to my wife about the trip and she was like what's the what's the deal you know like are you going in. Eight days until we have hotels flights were broadcaster from half a no (%expletive) clue I have no idea we have no radio station broadcasting firmness as of today we have. No hotel. We're broadcasting from a hotel with the is the answer been told that we don't have a hotel that we bought all it took note no use so we it is removed from flight. But I don't know where we're staying on or broadcasting rights are takers and when you go to the White House you need your Social Security number in it like I haven't been asked provide any of this information. And a perfect they do background checks out anymore not a neutral. God bless the entire world I would put it it. I would still leave at 65050 we get their real it's pretty big joke when considering but personally invited by the Press Secretary. Go cover this thing and nothing has been done now if you don't deal in the eat the flights they'll be more ridiculous and honestly for the show if they can't be that much better. This Souter. Mock everything else it it's yes I'd setting up the rest of the week. Johnson bossy will love join us tomorrow he will officially formally on our show except it is a hole of the year award Agassi did look at that'll AT&T over the weekend. Not turning it from Aussie open the show good instinct with the the announcement on curtain Callahan of the lawsuit being named the biggest idol who's the biggest A hole. Amani Jones or John intimacy we have. The final tally is still 5050 this don't believe it during the break the callers have spoken John Hamas. Is it. Well I believe. Say every. Texted and for two months into a fairly regular to musty. Like three recent run with JT well tomorrow he's great. And these weeks because there's the terror threat which we can get into too much if there it is. Obviously some psalms forty topics out there but yes dale. I have no complaints about Los unlike you RD he comes and does that show. Takes it well prepared and leaves and when he is on trees you know good to go into Mossad is make points out to make points no mixed points if you aren't. I mean how many times can you say that drop Lowe has some shoulder soreness which is basically set for three months you'd like. No big homer and drove the roads and you know elected because when asked some questions that you don't. You guys are chock full of ideas they haven't. We have trading Wednesday. Yes Ronald spot mutt is off. Red Sox Thursday's he's listeners right mud is on with us Thursday correct he's off the Red Sox broadcast. It Roemer will finish out the week. Gonna miss this one Roemer deeds yet yeah I'm lucky to be here's a look at revert Egypt producer Marsha as I said Maria office two Jews on Good Friday should be good. So good on the night show will be rekindled your prime time drive. I usually amendment is going to be there and actually it's more than jets told league management doesn't like him going back and forth with remark but getting totaled wiped out. Slow but. I don't think that'll stand in front of the open area and while I I'll be curious to listen you know because Kirk doesn't like Jett talking too much Casey might actually want a little more jet. In his in his Friday. I have a feeling we're gonna have a little too many voices you know a lot of ways. It's what. Time and Stockton Marla JT. Think it is.

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