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The Real K&C - Simmering anger, Salk, Dino & Dolezal 4-7-17

Apr 7, 2017|

Ken Laird and Chris Curtis start your good weekend with a recap of a Mut Thursday & Reimer Friday on the Kirk and Callahan Show.

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Friday April 7 edition of the real case and seek Atlantic Chris Curtis I try to piece together all the little parts of the low hanging Mike salt today it was prevalent to us save our bacon a couple occasions as a kind of a volatile day Curtis was back after two days off. But two days ago and I stormed out here after a contentious always argument that he member of our sales staff which I wanted to full details show goes on today Senator Obama and now we have really added to that was kind of glad you weren't here when. Ames will be discussed is off to goodness but he was teetering Jerry was teetering not provoke him. Do not encourage encourage you. You know why can't do business into what kick off the rails I'm not going off the rails and all the under the surface anger that is a simmering here on the curtain Callahan show and you know is our job as the of privacy people this program to keep things in order in line. I think is Friday baseball. Baseball season yet writes about tiger is academy it's baseball a power ranked fairly. Baseball red sauce novelties are now Red Sox obviously basketball trade deadline I would say for the red so that you pay hikes though lots of spring training I would bend ghost Celtics Bruins. Annan's. What's it what's yours doctor softball league well I'm not doing it had been pants off you don't like football orchard teams and again the pink socks the pink sock it was Sox and and I might go patriots made me think justices of football yes all means bring it home as it turns your numbers have pictures to who were two or three radio and there's. And it's been an interesting week I would say I never hated people film's more that I have today I would say it's but the new and new people and I think there's been times yet this year is there any assemblage Yorker up. He goes to the KRO what's station is on Cairo a typical Garros and shouted and what is going on here things are going awry what the hell I was an event yesterday and it is stunning to me. That this guy. For almost a year was that he your overall it was a it was a mere here you know that's. He was he sounds like he's from another planet let alone or state any was sold as this Boston guy a on afternoon. At a higher yours alone business. That is correct and I'll. The media via sound of another podcast at a later date. Where yeah which we can't talk we can talk about can be mentioned you're not there yet known but the non cash. Currently. Have a list of things began talking all right we can lock courtesy camp can't talk about certain broadcaster. There's orbits just so. But yes so I sort of gave my opinions which I guess I'll leave there but. I assured while I thought he was brought to any little hole or Donald on the city of Boston right now is good with me hard hitting analysis was an eighteen mile screen it I want my Aiken Chris. All I'm surprised the way that things that my god I would around at a gas yesterday in the months what was looking for a little Q so did. Well you weekend and I think Jerry with a little tired of my yesterday I was admitted on the year yes. Smart told me yesterday we talked he called he said. You get the feeling yesterday Jewish sick of them you said you usual you're ready for an ago. I was there a lot better but you gotta megs. To go to guy I agree what is so unbelievable. I can't yeah I plan I just can't hear about all. It's a beautiful wrist is ultimately just sort of a third wheel the past and he doesn't we don't disagree how much we know usually agree I don't play well for the politics he thinks he's getting getting you could Greece is this I always stand there's no. Collection as well as I was lead off the record conversation Kirk Ronald record. Like doing that sometimes he will court admission by Gerry is in the he was tired right. Here's the started thinking of it like that then you know with sixty days re it was him. Last night news on the story about sadistic called Germany and you know so he had a signature moment today he was in agreement with those two main topic today which was the attacks Syria. So you'd have a lot of back and forth necessary I thought. Roemer was solid vote and it showed today. But needed now one of the stand out down drag out arguments between the three of them and I think because of her little disappointed in and out that night. Yeah the real. Aside that we got the opposing viewpoint with the callers today because they were the pro America Kirchner is you know whatever type of people it is remembered. Didn't want every stroke and actually says a bit with Hillary's decision because he just follow what Hillary says she would do that afternoon. And Terry was sort of here he's with trumpet point thirteen not trumpet pony seventeen when he sort of nation at war with a serious intention to bring up the. It took a seed collar too really light up the phone lines from their own that we had a really. Lot of momentum going about 815830. Right when Rachel bulls almost but c'mon we could've easily if she had not been scheduled on another segment we as a college. Now. It reinforce. Value we all I hate that stop the value cannot pass it sometimes it takes one to get the phone is really you know. Yes it was passionate anger Ria had you know some vets calling in we in Afghanistan. Under artillery cart the idea of getting on a realtor batteries Al D'Amato was just no sacrifice. Days ago we had some people who you know it's it's that old you know American union how dare you solution to go to war you know the red blooded from voters. Writers who were going handles all of you mentioned. It was brought the peak of the intensity in heap with the calls but. You know we could really moved goals all bear she called him a little earlier this was little interesting so I'm talking with her. And Kirk sending it to break his recent vehicles all coming next and he's talking about it ocean transsexual. Public I don't put her on hold. And ever all of Islam boycotted the shooting the breeze with Ehrlich also our. You know whatever but finally we what's actually rallies are. Seat like we've had so many. Black patrol moments on the show when you hear Dole's calls coming up probably CK a Z Lister you expect her to beat batted around good bit by the guys they were very. Friendly for the most part but yet it's not often perceived that way by the publicist you got a little nasty message after the Dole's letter view. Yes the publicist was happy I didn't know she got a missile talk about more. Given the way you look too good I think it's a great look it uniquely I think you could do very well for yourself and you don't film industry is telling I'm a fan of oh of that particular world you would do well there's a niche for you telling you should consider it is go to. How well it's just not insist on me you know I'm. Go towards our spotted David would have talked about something different directions at some (%expletive) books that it's O. And with the books you know do your jobs. From your job in their client on the number 1 rated morning show in New England clients broke at our ages book to sell desperately get fifteen minutes prime time today at 830 on the number went on Boston you know such a vital to shut your pile as we've liked the midday and afternoon guys through from time to time two words thank. Yeah granted thank you I guess different balls that we. However back on average out but I'm going to be needing its noble souls publicist many times she's completely foxy lady of the well. We maybe we commuter in DC and a couple of weeks maybe David view. Gotten any further word about the DC trip under the U I. He's still in theaters are now I see you back and Alia beatings like you know flights through your circle here. I've got tea a big meeting coming up at 1130 Meehan Julian and others Dino evident from the Indians you know good evening my friends. Are clearly that I was welcomed yesterday. A president. For real casinos and seeing it which is Jerry indulged into does well. We had our intern there. Yes sort met Aaron here yesterday. We went over to VO Berkeley events senator. And a he's got a set up when he was their great cause you one O worker percent think a plug. Bring on that hey hey back on this very nice people bear got to go with the co worker with no outs and thank them. But Iago was. You know interest in this is what Dino lives. I think he thought he might be doing more of these. Oh clothes keynote to eat all calendars. Out of her court Bernard ran host keynote speaker. Sports based entertainment. HTTP. Colon slash slash. Data as we owe our. Is dot com media lies and we've been looking to get some sound we got some sound the united wanna go in and talk to do yourself it was made. A relatively clear that I wasn't going to be welcoming and I think you both and ridicule Vietnam I. And which one of the garden I think. I do want us to not get the sound because I was anyway. So. Should you don't Iron Bowl across some timed on the line. Our intern city was he issues to sell the Dino like a gentleman and he you'll. That are internals there from the EI Nixon alone I EST you know if he'd like to answer any questions and Venus and actually not sure that your notes that was produced the. Is the report she got these. Going to said he was there to get sound pretty events domestically at a couple questions and and Dino did not decline com. He declined in its. Complicated the Wii to get audio of the the night he had me taking shots at us we related ailment Tom audio like Kirk like Jesus signature joke those the end this is keynote joke. And Tom Brady and the pearl walked out of the balcony. My husband says right. There with. Why we don't play that for three hours and 55 it's played for the rights on your landing was a big fan that Clinton and while. It was here spears because it's masters from Augusta National pleased to deliver Action League as aliens. We announced the big news that we've got Brad fact. Back on Monday our conversation with Brad Faxon backs will be back Monday more the you're hitting golf balls probably guess that would get him on the range. We we put it on route and as like reverse that you know may there not be anymore you know sands or plugged lies got Arnold wherever you are may there be nothing but fairways and greens now yes it's true we had a very emotional segment 9 o'clock today honoring on Rickles honoring our Arnold polar honoring Michael Lombardi yeah there yeah that we honored him as well. I enjoyed the article that was. And again I'm sorry after hearing this is now for the first time but Don Rickles passed away this morning. And he was nine years old and I don't announce crazy. No shock from the audience like a night and you lived a great life 1926. Wrong. Those all over the place in a good way outdoor Freddie I think focused Freddy's society glossy which talk he's emotional. Oh. Then. Britney with us. Your question yeah. Are critical victory laps today. Little Marty yeah proven right craft Mike Lombardi is a fraud anymore on that wouldn't Hiram iron in football scouts sure. Kills them boy that's why we knew that could help us we had a mind as we had to do it every week he was awful it is never successfully execute the ball real action UNESCO in music Rancho reset has that was doing. You know the assault proven right and and a healer to me this morning to this. Over the top masters. Ceremony honoring Arnold Palmer yeah. And those reports on outside as well we almost unbearable sadness we all feel that the passing of Arnold Palmer. Back to a Faxon Jerry claims this is his interview Kirk idols all he gets facts Brad factual joint that's probably right. All we each got to pick a guest do you go to Rachel again Brad Pitt will brag do you live from Scott. But Jerry already had loop gains studios can't Faxon toppled Luc injury yesterday. Which I put it in the opens the last element Jerry clearly didn't like it didn't understand why that was the final lead in the show. He enjoyed that it heaviest. But the differences Turkey's ones as a student BC one due to put powerful. Kirk was kind of has I think the relief drill for but he took a couple jets honest now last was out riding get it just it was really born (%expletive) does that Michael has the right rough spot. Non that was good a disagree with you do short for my taste. Once upon a time when I was once in the why don't get in politics and loop goes in total moon about the do you think I could do that went just spoke about the book about the fact that they cover of the sports reporters were opposed that's been stored the call on deck. Ask them get rid of the sports reporter well they say they got an eighty page six's who's causing him. I'm sure it confirmed that yet because of me. Kirk like at the the V interviewer the open discussing the loop gain of you already know you're in Europe that was in in the open come up at some point Haile it's perhaps some should prepare for that bring the cost of obesity Iraq yes in this case if it happens. You'll know I'm in town for. It. I'd bring that we bring hence you get the job or she excellent person I'd have atop the line. And I think it's funny there's certain parts of the interviews it's it was pretty there was. It was long it was tedious it was Boston College discussed and they'll they'll knock BC talk BC to stop. Much says it partners three people listening. Right now that care about Boston. Is a big name. But I don't think he's that lost yours mean you would have been applied but I guess it was neat I like meter the use fine. We do a lot of sports stuff until we find that I think you the first couple hours were pretty good. And it blew the game in and it was just off the we can go back a couple weeks from now. And find out ratings are different times let's ID that was Max killer off the cliff moment Parse the sole awful cliffs what the other damage yes let's let's look the signs she'll like notorious big will be hiring in the matter what happened. No doubt that smoke also modern sleek yet really rosary that your accurately. Probably had to do it looked. I flood today though I didn't have much Don Rickles available would I Don Rickles got canned good or better Rickles a city half hour evening Don Rickles and you look at you know Don Rickles wants. Ironic I didn't listen to watch a lot of the on reckless yesterday. We had we found Jerry's been saying all week the dean please tell this story when he went out to keynote speak. This joke it was a dealer joked Jerry could make it tonight eat out walking is pet rat. And I terror on the 1973. Tonight show with Don Rickles and an appearance in Johnny Carson starts the show with the rats yeah. He said he called unwritten ones that are Rickles was busy he was out walking his rat. To deal obviously stole the joke from the Tonight Show early seventies and kept using it throughout the belief I heard the rat joked that if Jerry was selling the stores for the third time this. In the back. But then I didn't put any more I put it in the open and I don't put anymore Rickles does this then you never know with somebody passes celebrity how much they're gonna go to atlas knowledge not. Today they want and a lot of Rickles added that metric. I think today was the culmination of it being Friday. We're tired and I think there was a lot of frustration elsewhere that was projected onto. Do you renewed title I should add some more. As he stays he's a tough got to find really likes stand out one liners he's like the abuses the audience sees he's a lot of rose Kirk is right about that there's not like game punch line necessarily that just. I don't know you know I mean is not known for Rodney Dangerfield one liners right necessary so anyway it's I'm. Thought that the global park they. We wanna I wanna apologize to the fans are now Jerry's tired a mutt he gets is wish because we have no one until Thursday next week world Red Sox and this is a baseball town it's. All found in baseball clock is said to modeled on the news and you know I think it's incredibly frustrating to me still. Bay bay won this battle that mean management that the like we kids as. You don't have Malan one day we clicked have been doing or even two days a week in my and also all clear we dim three days this week on opening week and there was one game this Gilani was right. But it's just if you have somebody that works well for guys and most listened to show but he doesn't work its third three in extra. Saw anyway we're beginning our next week is the first real week of baseball season and so that's the programming of our show and we'll see note goes he's on Thursday and these double dipping Thursday's doing us and then the Red Sox so if you need a second inning were around. He'll still be here Thursday of America's it's the Mecca. At that brewer's score. Hey hey back on us but because no but doubled next week where availability from what was a front again Monday's open right. We mossy Tuesday from Aussie Tuesday bought a whole the year they hold a whole the year is booked on Tuesday. Trainees now when's albums as Leno right Thursday we have set and then Friday Euro. Yeah jets jets and with this audio yeah I can add on there why general co host we were on the board right. The money we get open. There was little discussion about relic yes no gain no sat there for forty minutes talk about the roster intellectual way. And we decided what notre relic immediate term to be the umbrella all know draw on Monday but. I would say a there's a chance of a meter sighting but I didn't give him three weeks' notice so who. Usually that's an issue you also beat fantasy baseball draft him up with. Rob broadly from northeast are going to be in the L all we know we wanted them to be out of town that's the all backs. Martz. It's like gambles on everything yeah. The state 325 bucks and that's like months waged talking about what aqueduct or re going through all let's go to war memorial aqueduct. This week this weekend at ease its two kids. Injured Peterson dissent. Is a little opener when he gets where it's so where does this work I'm in New York got no worries lately he's going down afflicting guess today we're Saturday Sunday I think Saturday. Is going races. But B is off today guess he would but the Sox aren't only about tiger tees off week. Think you're dealing Ricans that you can bet that the occur Cilic negotiating. With that yeah tell me yes I had I really feel like I was invited but he used to be idyllic to a little horse play and. You don't ever four hours or at ports are out one person could commit on Monday and undo me to. But it does is a guy got mentioned again today on the show was rear admiral yet we dividend away from. Admiral we were gonna do Lola Moore that somehow we got into what it tense situation there. Some an answer Arnold Goebel go out to the Eddie. Playoffs or actually start though until Wednesday or Thursday salute and await the Bruins were Frontline right caddie asked pitches yeah I would Saturday trying to figure elected spot from warrior to commend people just lead a whipping boy right right now a lot of people's with the boys to in his town some passion some compete level. The battle level. Daisuke you can make death for Daisuke. Who buyers want audio now agreement that dice Andrew Dice Clay my dad. And a gentlemen here give and go have some pizza it was like pizza was like. Healthy healthy basically and if they. Bruins lose Saturday and he could be pulling capitals you guys to be doing the coverage. Covering series. Bruins capitals in DC. Our Italian publication Verizon's. Could you lamented I had her subject's life. This hotel at studio deedrick. And group. All of the guests on Joba and body beyond here is that the body and Bradford into that group of respect her appropriately at the board of local and app. Would you do judo at odds are it's. What is Sunday's game I remember asking it to about 6 PM Saturday. It's our last Saturday skate and you're meant to the measure was very disappointed. But the Bruins as it was a little disappointed that the Bruins made Playhouse which means more states. There's gonna be a wedge to Seattle Sunday mornings I believe it like 430. Rock for half an hour sonet. Actually eight to nine what's the plan but but this weekend. Saturday sixty so the thought processes. Once the games become more important. To place the hockey centric show. Me let's listen to explore. I don't know what's moralist is to weakens 88 o'clock Sunday morning the Willis Newton Saturday its champion could be. Well all it was not a lot but they're not at the bottom line is one analyst at is can get a call tonight six to ten last week oh yen down. Derby self Nina. Flu bug is on all like garbage you put good week and Jesus economy. And it was fourth and final RD. And final hour on the fifth and final eight yeah but it's. Studies tragedy your tragedy think that will play you. Always guest on Friday. Artists. That we have to slow it have a good week avid. It is currently threatens and Jesus where that's what's trending now on WEEI him WEEI dot com. Could weaken.

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