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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 21: Why Chris Sale is good

Apr 4, 2017|

Tim Britton of the Providence Journal joins Rob Bradford to hold a draft, picking reasons why Chris Sale might actually be a really good pitcher for the Red Sox. Along the way Britton and Bradford divulge behind-the-scenes moments from the Red Sox beat, and previous podcasts.

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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. Gross sales pretty good about why is he get well I hauled in Tim Britton of the Providence journal on crack this code. We've found six reasons. We had a draft picking those reasons I feel like I won the draft. And along the way we also told of untold podcast stories what could be better well. He area of the official why Chris Hill actually might be good pod. And president. Of the Boston chapter of the baseball writers association of America has. Flew on in to the brow approach show to empower you we prefer chairman rob chairman. That's that's a good coaches ever order Communists. Who will chair what's going on chairman. Not the one who made up the rules I just enforce the made up rules that we ever have a vote to vote actually vote you into office or did you just name yourself this because it is this like the player represented of the team. Where they give to the guy who doesn't wanna do it but asked to do it because that no one else wants to do it. Perhaps the fact that a run unopposed the last three years tells them. And is cut new appearance on this podcast right here right now so this welcome this is deeper. What we should we should mention that you bar. You also have a podcasts it's called the art as a malvo promoting my guest interest in Weathers and appearances show sponsor. Or. Whatever it might be. And you're in your podcast with Brian in McPherson. If the super to broadcast. Yes he's restless on that yet it's super to podcast for the Providence journal. We usually tidbits and and as for Monday morning's do you feel like that's a good name for podcasts super Q podcast because I get it. It's super into its two people they're calling yourself super and also for people who follow the the minutia of baseball. The players who are reach arbitration early which is always a sexy sexy thing. Is our call super two players yes we we wanted to inside baseball term yes that also described the podcast we should probably have Jackie Bradley junior on super twos this year and he is a super TMB you have now passed on not yet you know it's it's. Always tells me this week it seems like you here are going to be RCA so you guys do what you've done at the podcast for awhile it's super to podcaster and you've done it. Consistently which is huge thing if I listen no one knows more than me because this is sweeping the nation because I'm doing it twice a week every single week. Ever since the read ever some protected W laughter show and by. You haven't you haven't gone the player yet have you have you had the player and no wait let me play elect of the floor of the player. We did not come in the form of the player yet apparently duke coach in spring trainer Carl Willis on for forty minutes and that was that was good and he knew that he was New York he was your third choice for a second choice I think they'd asked for someone else who we thought would have more clients world golf full disclosure here we could ask for Brian Bannister -- you have more time as the assistant pitching coach in spring training. And then they said Willis actually had the times have you with him you know it was I was demise of interest because of his North Carolina ties yes but that I was fighting this is where I'd say that went to duping got a perfect score as SATs. It's a basically how I introduce every blue seabirds shoes in here producing missed a forest right now I think I told Lucy when you guys met at the writers' dinner the other. The other day otherwise known as a few months ago the system Bretton president of baseball writers association for Boston chapter he had a perfect score necessities. Gradually it's. You're right greatest PR Dokic while that it and it continues with this show so. You've you've got to get a player on your podcast and buys it means a regular player and you podcast you really have to be fifty typically boring. But I just feel like you just have to check that box we'll we'll try to get Carlos clintons and these targets are and that's on a bit about that because once he he within the first two mental say as I sentiment that. The him Josh the bias we we tried with the agent Gonzales a couple of years. It's up to interpret that story can reach to this story broke rights there aren't. So. The right heart. The chaos that was the 2012. Red Sox. So that was in Baltimore remember it was in July. It was August is because I was trying to talk in Cleveland which is right up a network okay so. There had already been who texted John Henry and and who said the attacks were on the coaches on the bus. The story of a room with a story that just passed and story came out how to. Why we were in Baltimore. And and so all the players it was a big thing the story was the players that believe in New York can help this meeting. Where is was the coaches and I can't remember the coaches were there with some coaches that some coaches and they were basically the the the what people were sort of insinuating there are trying to get Bobby go out and fire right. Which that we are conflicting things anyway that whole year Adrian is also sort of in the cross here's are some people who thought that he had. Had texted. Through some of the boss about Bobby Valentine. Calling now will Miller Brooks remember in Chicago ugly it was right. Prevalent as the story that Valentine had brought up instead and embarrassed that it never happened of course he itself so it is also sort of in the cross if we get the ball to board that story came out. And I remember. They came out right before everyone went to Valentine's. Manager's meeting with the media and then went by the time he comes out now everyone knows about it. And I remember going opted not you sort of go to Oregon players. Ban in Gonzales said. Really really nothing employers are saying nothing because obviously they were little shell shocked that came out. Tom do you remember so you can ma the manager's meeting. And if you'd asked players about anything or was it did with it too late. I think we attacked it 'cause it was on the road balance and talk like 4:30 eastern half hour to try to get players right nobody really I mean some people bonuses some very general things I don't there was nothing you take it as a this was a big big deal this is the heart and soul of 2012. This this those news that the meeting. Had. Trying to get down to fired. And really and everything up in. Players were Marty there's a lot of stuff going clause there players or are you in that clubhouse chirping from different corners the clubhouse and it was it was a mess so anyway flights for the next day and if you use all the suing his locker and for some reason people wanna talk to him about if he's right in the middle of all this stuff. And I go up to him and I go but I interview I'd interview room for like five minutes I remember. You know activities like standing five feet away aftershock in our road trip and and so. Toyota group apartments and I know that I got to get the sound and always do this or always and always used to do this. I get the sound and scented in to the radio station because it was a big deal. But you sort of point clear from the players so I'd go. Not not really saying hey this is this is audio there's going directly from here which I'm taping with a tape recorder. For what you think is a story is going to the radio station a Michael would you mind if I use this for what podcast. Now I didn't have a podcast but I think it like that was sort of true. Because it once again it's on the radio that it becomes an audio file that kind of becomes a podcast. So he's like sure so. I merely ran up to the press box in I knew that an agreement turn around and I knew that. You why you you went to a right after right now of a puppet you order their whole bunch of us trying to get and what he says. Sit there and talk to rob about it for his podcast. That was it. That was there just do it and that became the defense of almost every player when they're talking about this sort of thing I've night talk to rob about it for his podcast. Surprises elegant yet or been into the name of your podcasts it's actually on the next round of pat Brown's vote teacher it's it's going to be on the back I've already talked to rob on his podcast. Anyway I digress sub this may be edited out some of it might not be I don't care. So a lot in this is because Lucy easier to do tells what's interesting you know it's like a studio audience. Studio audience since twin peaks. This says the twin peaks podcast with Joseph Kelly Rick Barcella the captives studio audience record in wise it was in. I wouldn't tell a story about that orchestral quick. Then after the podcast. Joseph Kelley save someone's life in the bath. And and what happened was. After the podcast so toward the podcast. Right there are some things are Justin hit I hit and I and one of the things that I I. What did Joseph Kelly want to become a comedian is Josh wolf between me and said hey Joseph Kelly when you become a comedian he's a guy gonna become a comedian. So I joke tell three jokes tells where tells a joke no I'm saving them come on tell the joke no I'm saving him. So he goes out to the podcast is done he goes to the bathroom. And he comes out and then he is in a panic. And he leaves looking up where so when are you saying that he never gonna believe what happened. And I swear all of that was worth thing in the same bank now he's telling his joke right. So inevitable anyway. Happen poses re. Pound right on the floor of the bathroom and and in easily go. We meet its like get up behind him it's like you're going to be all eight. And I said don't worry about it odd I deadly 500 pounds in it so lifted up my prop them up and they were like we're so when the punch line what's going on that this is you joked. Anything. In Soria whenever whatever a bit like two minutes later this 300 pound old guy with a king comes stumbling into the bathroom. So that's the untold story of the twin peaks podcast I think you oversold deceived his life part of that conversation he beat a guy floundering on the floor really picked it back and is a life threatening situation but they get the battles and get that the stipulated around that clear by. It's kind of like an eighth inning singular incident is it's not the ninth inning high leveraged United States is fitting that the best part of that the best part of that oil is. What he did in the middle of it and I I you know Joseph Kelly I believe this a 100% to be true in the middle of it say. Don't worry about it I can deadly F 500 on a bed yet like the precise number of smugglers like 500 for child yes so anyway the the these stories the untold stories of podcast yeah we go to the super to a little story. See now that's a beautiful and they ought not that I can tell on the spot he's been sued for the super team on it well well well played my friend well. Or other reasons I wanna have you in here in the brought brown ferocious studios. Is that. I was going around today because to win a month alone I'd go low around. And I say typed in why Chris Sale is Garrett. Chris sales pitching. And the first article that came up was written by Tim Britton and it is done on December 6. Which I admit I think was the day after the Chris Sale trade. He was today they thought I was home so I was threatened OK so ludicrous illustrated you home that's right you weren't the winner mean Rex which is actually. I shouldn't say this for you. Public can be more too bossy think you be more productive at home during the winter meetings she's there aren't going to the winner yeah yeah I know that's the problem but so you wrote the story why Chris Sale of did. And he went through the list of things it was pretty interesting there was another story right below on the Google machine. And that was the somebody from greatest ankle weights from CSN Chicago pressing his name right I think AME covers Notre Dame is well. And hero's story why though of Saint Louis players talking about why Chris sales did so I've found both of those stories are interesting. But you watch Chris Sale the spring training right correct yes yes. He's an entrusting got to watch and he's pitching in his first game. On for the Red Sox on Wednesday and you might VAR list in May be ordered it's the whatever. This is an evergreen podcast it is why Chris Sale. It is good that the promise of it. So. Why is Chris Sale did you watch him you you wrote the story which is with blind faith and now you have proof like this is why I think he's good. Let me get your top this'll be a fun game. Give me your top reason why you think he's yeah he's gear and I'll do the next one is not the same and we'll go back and forth we're gonna draft qualities that made Chris so did yes if this is like. This is much like away in Munich and I used to run together. And we used to have drafts and we'd say a woman of Suzanne sat at number one. I can't believe I forgot there how can do letters slide to the number two pick in the draft anyway. Obvious is just like guys this I I live my life through drafts of power rankings. So you get the first effect why is Chris Sale did. So I mean you Billick the basic velocity. Part of that is 9596 rattled yeah that's our it's our league this operator for sale is probably just the delivery in the weird release point. But it is it comes from a weird spot us a lefties can't really hit an all and then he's got to pitch in his slider that Kendall. Mitigates what Brady's could do against him you know a lot and he's the guy who drops down can't. Debt opposite handed hitters out. And cell can do that because of his rep for Parcells start with the delivery and the release between being something that the losers are of the delivery added that most hitters are used okay. Fair enough. I'm gonna go lived his ability to pitch inside. I might be drafted Ohio on this one but his ability to pitch inside watching him in person. And then you obviously go to seventeen hit batsmen. Leads the major leagues. His ability to pitch inside really is something I think does separate him and you see you see he owns the inside part of the plate. It doesn't seem like you'll be that hard to do. But I don't think there's a lot of pitchers who are as confident as he is when it comes to pitching inside and maybe he shouldn't be as confident because he hit seventy guys. But would you how we've seen them that she would agree with me right. Yeah an antenna plug it a story I've yet to right but will race in if it's about is about pitching inside yes two doubt righty time. I talked to frank viola. Is tripling it to coach for the Mets and that was a lefty who succeeded at Fenway Park and a wrote the story today about. Kind of the transition to pitching for Boston as the guy who was pretty good before and instill pitched well for the round exit is eroding like tonight. Oh yeah it's online already bought this well okay. Aren't good the of course imply its authority on lie but I had written this part of it which that in an aggregate the crap out of it and a pitching as they left hander at Fenway yeah and what would you need to do to be successful as a lefty and files a changeup pitcher primarily series it will work away from right handed hitters but he said most important was being able to locate in side it's confidently inside so today did you could keep hitters away from leaning out over the plate and if you miss inside to right you're gonna gonna pay the price. At Fenway Park more than in most places so if you can spot it inside like sale has been able to do throughout his career that kind of limits the damage to us and trusting because once again him he has lived in Fenway Park east pitcher friendly park starting in the cape league and we should play Jim McCaffrey is fine story. But when he did pitch in the cape league which is baffling David steep sell ski was on his team in charge for a legend in Butler opposes room next to it's weird. His story com. Right yes so I'm glad it frank finalists that because I feel better about the draft drafting guys in the in the number two spot and in our draft. Com they in speaker frank Lola in this is a quick divergent. When I think if frankly all the pitching for the Red Sox I think of his very last pitch as a member of the Red Sox now as we used to go down sit in the stands and after getting fraudulent you credentials and so I went down inside the stands. And he are very close and he threw the pitch. And he needed talent his arm his arm below while. Yet it was a wild pitch and he went covered home plate this is one of the things always baffled me about the same thing when he tore up his knee Leahy. He is the and then he looks up deceived he completed the pass. Right well do the same thing he covered home plate and then of course he's. Cringing so I admire you for document him and I admire frank fail number three pick in the draft what's it going to be. I'd say one more Brinkley will see this I knew if I did this I was gonna open the door as the other little could be Britain met today and yet go I was reading our our provost Gerald coverage when they sign let you get through your interview with French final without saying I love you frank. If you between really can whatever. Yeah. His contract with the Red Sox had a blown a 100000 dollar bonus each year he pitched 235. Innings and color. And so on the data green shot McCadam story about when they signed prevail in December of 1991. And he says. A market viola has easily surpass it of the laps and engineers. Incidentally that David president led the league in innings Lester at 235. MB flash forward to price for oil and Gloria there's nobody to tell her that X number three in the puck Chris Sale power rankings or go with something that but Ferrell has talked about a lot which is his and and this is the freezing uses his competitive spirit. That this the guy who wants the ball and a this we've we've seen this in terms of those like drafting Kevin O'Connell a third round for the patriots quarterback to quarterback. Go ahead. Received his his adaptability is a pitcher over the years and in Chicago on the way to he's changed the way he three uses his fastball to get deeper into games and I think that's part of a willingness to change who you is and to. It is worried so much about strikeouts. Necessarily even those guys check out ten or more like six or seven straight games a couple of years ago he's been willing to to adjust to use. And that bodes well for someone adjusting environment in Boston. I don't who's going to pitch in deep into games and I think. You know sure we we months of this up price this time last year but probably brace is the challenge here Tim. That is logo number three I think was reached in competitiveness. In terms so once he brings to the table. I think number four is going to be his ability to actually. Pitch quickly and and this is such an underrated thing. Because he they should always be thinking about the sportswriters and how much they want to gave the go by quick the ability to pitch quick. It is it is I think the oh I think it's such as generated thing because it shows confidence it shows that they haven't planned it shows. That that they are prioritizing getting the ball feeling good about what they're doing and then throwing it and you watch Chris Sale and spring training and one of the things I noticed. When he throws a ball. Watch this when he throws the ball he runs back to the pitchers. Robert do you write about the sorority no no aren't aren't okay well fine so. I'm self conscious about things maybe on duplicating by this is keen observation having on the broadcast of the this spring training games. He basically he. He runs back to the of the of the pits you reverses or calculus goes gold this do this again. And I do think that shows you that this guy is confident and all of his pitches which we saw before it's like you know we've seen pitchers who are confident that produced. And it's it's that it's a disaster so be reaching a number four but I'm gonna run without. I feel about that number of corporate labor pitino felt about Chauncey Billups fifty games into his tenure with the Celtics clicked yet pitching quickly that's what made wade Miley so successful in Boston and and really hurt just expect it's Korea we've already gone through with entirely it would be the number one thing right forward how to get to number four. But I think I think still does it doesn't work a little a little more slowly with runners on something I notice in spring he does he does take more does well everyone dies. The same way everywhere and does not hit Miley. Have a skin kids got to be like sports writers there that knows. BI it's OK maybe reach reformer you reach for three go ahead number five. You hiring. I really can we can decision stuff that yeah late. That the fact that and hit precipitously would be probably a little Delgado in the 1990 few fancy baseball probably should have been the number one pick as his stuff that that he's got the the fastball that he diversify as the velocity with which is something you have written about but he works at 8990 sometimes can't can get up to 95. And he's got a slider that bites kind of devastatingly I think is the allergies go there and this guy who was as I breeding engines story today it was a fastball changeup guy. Going into school. And annals coming out of school at the sliders on the he's learned over time as professional and that change it has gotten better and better as his third pitch. And he of the slider changeup fastball that's going to be classic repertoire. First starting pitcher to make it work. Aside I mean but his stuff is just as good as anyone in this thing and I think or that was striking when you watch him in spring training because you know we can say we know me you can. Say that you knew what made ended when you sat down and write that story in December from the U got and you've seen it once in awhile we all have a better idea what this guy is now. And the thing that is striking is that that. It's OK you know it's changeup on the outside corner OK here comes the backdoor curve ball a slider. And then you come in with a fastball on the inside. This is a guy who can use these pitches on both sides of the plate and this is why he's kid I guess I should adapt to put data and number two pick. It's a good job by you do but it's it's you know that's an important thing I think it's one thing when people watch him. If if you pass the B common joke. Former GO that there was a guy Joseph the author of the plumber I called clover joke about it intimately familiar with them. But if you talk to him there probably think of this is a guy with a funky delivery throws hard. That's probably. Because usually. Guys who have been as dominant as he ever has been. Usually throw hard that's how did their bread is buttered right yen and one of things like about a news image accounted diversification. Of velocity. But he's the guy who can throw it to every mile an hour and 7596. It seems these moves around this curve ball. Scurbel slows it down about 75 his slider 179 treaty is seen to be theirs and you're like 8386. And as an into the fastball he. Those that at different speeds too and it gives him no you can't. The other guys like that their members fassel's 92 in his change it was that you guys there's there's differences there and those those minor differences is talking to Carl Willis about that slower fast listen to podcasts know this is this is LO podcast willful to Mexico yet O'Donnell and Donald might interviews or provide pest distribution with that that story a fastball at ninety when you can throw it 95 almost gives you another pitch because it's just enough difference to kind of keep batters timings. The eyes of my pick is in my picker can remember to you have you had stopped whose accuser at the user might make OK I'll have a go at all how mr. irrelevant of elastic as I know around things to say why Chris Sale is dead. I will go with something. Which the media wall like by do you think is important it would choice is. His approach. To living dated date so far what we've seen. We're getting a little frustrated with Chris Sale because he has made himself very available but that's Dick Armey. But that's the way to do it. Because how many times have we seen guys come in to and do everything for everybody. And then next thing you know the first week the second week the first month the second month. They are 180 injuries of war we didn't thought they would be. And I do think this is the right approach should take. And like after the we were their opening day and he talks and you know yeah we're pissed off because you wanna talk to game two starter. And this seems to be an opportunity do that. But I gotta be honest it is probably not a terrible thing from the approach he's taking. Yeah just the kind of unplugged approach that he has some in Boston but he's not. At this is going to sound like a shot price more than anyone else but it's that he's not on Twitter enough. You know interacting with fans in that venue which is generally unproductive for anyone of stature that's probably a good idea on his Angelos again OPEC. It was it was it was better than your number four pick that's for sure it was a quote quirky quickly as did private working quickly that the media prior disease it's like it's like Jordan richest picking Jordan returns unsecured. Like the patriots are secure and that that value of epic. I'm secure enough about you. I don't get it going to zero red hot date. So. I appreciate you swearing in on by and we learned a lot we don't know about a lot about the art of podcasting. A lot about him Britain the guy who scored a perfect score as SATs. And a lot about Chris Sale also thank you Timothy adios.

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