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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 20: First-guessing with Manager Lou Merloni

Mar 30, 2017|

Rob Bradford is joined by WEEI's Lou Merloni to offer a preemptive strike when it comes to Lou's inevitable criticism of Red Sox manager John Farrell. Rob presents Lou with situations that Farrell could face during the first week of the Red Sox' season, getting Merloni to commit to what paths he would take. It's first-guessing with Manager Lou

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Add road show. That's my open definitely probably would have brought that's my old. Query where you don't know what you're stupid. Brad broad show. That's delicious. You are gonna find many people can break down baseball like glue Malone and that's why I always love talking. About the great game the pastime America's pastime with Lou. Below is also jump to the head of the class in terms of my power rankings in regards to second guessing. After these games and I've disagreed with a lot of what he had him. And I enjoy going back and forth and so what I decided do at the Red Sox headed to their new season and Jon Karl continues to be the Red Sox manager. Pays to a preemptive strike and have a little Maloney. Go through certain situations that may come up for the Red Sox in this first week. Tell me what you would do in those situations. And that we can compare and contrast. Exactly how he would handle it John Farrell didn't handle it. And who was right into a drug it'd be Lou Maloney John Farrell preemptive strike opening day podcast. Exactly apparent on the Brett vote show Lou reloaded the first time. All we talked ago. Your product your your bathroom cleanliness. They have deodorant and this is different for this house leaders and music yet. Com I have area high and shaving cream kind of from my face reshape and given the beard it's not that just around the neck so there's just some things that normal people happen and no you don't normally she things like that which opened deodorant and toothpaste. In your house but I guess. I was at to be very beginning of spring training I'd like forever ago you know that we remember where we stay together in the same house wasn't magical it was magical. In edit it sucks dude I know I had a ticket mattress off the launch workflow never talk crap about via the radio general science content editor. Memories so when we did that podcast Olympic part of it was you were heading in the spring training you word your door into the belly of the beast. So first off how did that go looking back at that was along time ago but you were their for what a week about a week right yep we're one week okay how to go policy interaction is Greg where it got my barrel with a Red Sox people. Everything was great it was over cold with John which is expected that's OK it's all right I was there we know we really did have our little one on one moment much we had an interview on Comcast didn't go small of these would have liked. Not a fun. And receive news sent I'll stand by that right after that it it's not received you so upset I love. Because you knocked him a chance to ask Jon Karl acquire I did when it was like the third question because there's a question a follow up and up those gonna ask the question vows gonna fall by should have been one address okay. Well you know so. I think today. You mean you have told me that you're starting fresh with John Ferraro for the entire rest okay do you actually believe that you actually believe you have a feeling that our. Okay and I'd been doing now yes I'd have to follow them. Yes I don't know yes I heard it called bipolar John which yep it's what you make a little while emirates. Other hole I'll run through he's not mean at Thornburg thing he's won a oh no this no this isn't John this hasn't caught up there's dozens on all the older pro yet no loyalty what he was Tirana and it's ridiculous middling and as I said it before I said it before and why eroded. Which is he's right in he's wrong when he says it's not the shoulder program I heard you say the exact same thing. Which is it's not the shoulder program the shoulder program fine everyone swears by the shoulder program. It's the timing of it's the execution of its implementation of it so when he gets it -- communicate what you when he gets up in front of the writers John Ferrell that is instead is not the shoulder program lay off the shoulder program is so defensive about distilled program. Number one that's at the Bibby it's just a mosque he says that's Sean Spicer that's at the bidding of Dave Dombrowski. And number two once again he's half right. The issue with the Thornburgh thing clearly to me and I laid out the timeline it's a simple December sixers traded for eagle the winner weekend at the ended January and you're like wait a second this is what the shoulder programs all about and then he going to start doing it. Until spring training so is that on John Ferrell. I would think that would be on the medical staff of duck or to the guy and say this is important you have to start your. So the medical separate the boss but when you address the issue when it first happens. And talk about how lot of guys have trouble adapting to show right program and this is what's happening in. The volume picked up and maybe this'll fatigue because of that and a character what coach is what Thornburgh to know wall once he's got a joke what's that once again increased once again. What he's he's he's half right at least half wrong because when he says that that's exactly what Thornburg said correct. That's exactly what Thornburg said which is it to have guys have a hard time ramping up with a shoulder program and pitching in this is why this happened. And then what he says it's not the shoulder program is kind of like he's wants to have it both ways I'd get that. By he in some sense CK inevitable with 'cause he's right he's half right because about the shoulder program. It's the implementation of the shoulder program to say to save that to say that this is not. This is not led to do the implementation and the execution of the shoulder program was not what this caused. Tyler Thornburg to get to this point would be absolutely wrong yeah so anyway especially after three votes. Don't know what what Bolick a set like this idea yeah anybody you know of we were talking in circles here and hopefully ball ball flight that's gone to contemplate what was David Price but the ball flight. Let's specifically it's supposed to I don't although that's the whole thing is baffling to me to tell you again when you heard the company's interpreter when you were the David Price. 72. Ten days I mean all I can think it was that water run reaches three to be ready for camp yeah critical and and it is that this is where I think they get in trouble. Which is I think that they they're not honest enough. In his has nothing to do with a hip laws there's nothing to do with that I just feel like they're not upfront about it really honored communication at all. Please communicate well I think they're trying as they are tired they get so defensive about it. The neck about it David Price the Thornburgh and ex date the repayment it was just like gap on prince. Yeah I don't rotation while ice again I think that when you're not used to being Sean Spicer you don't execute being on spicier well. Tom. But I think that they're giving himself some of the problems the business of being so protective and that's across the board and it lets him. The bench Harrington regime was looser than the Dave Dombrowski receipt we can we can see that everyone can see that. Whether it's behind the scenes whether it's in front of the scenes. And that is an adjustment and I don't think it's an adjustment bill ought to take people are taking well anyway the John Ferraro. We get it at the will disagree about a lot of things a lot of things of one of the exercise I wanna do as we head into the season is okay. Different situations. With John Ferrell might face is bleeding into the season and what Lou Maloney would do. Because because I witnessed that we go back to last year when your real abrupt Brad ziglar and and I'm saying well you can just bring Brad Ziegler every situation. We disagree with that will agree to disagree. I still think it's like when you're running out junior Jesus now I wasn't Junichi it is our it was well he is there was not bringing heat every not Brad ziglar. Just need to be Jesus Allah was an example of what you have to work with which was. Crappy acts he was Tara. So this is the problem so so what you have to work with with a Red Sox different situations and throw some value though. Right now yeah right because it's all on don't know if you noticed but it's almost opened can't. This is where you can I go it's pretty and part of the first broadcast I believe I am poor. Who don't know possible opening day you feel nervous I don't know I I've been working with those guys I don't want to listen I'd like every game. Tell you us and hazardous you do you've got to do you do two games in a row you've been in the seventh inning as riveting eighth inning is all so they sell this evident at the seventh inning and a spring training game. The seventh to ninth inning in the spring training game is the equivalent three regular season game plan is exhausting. You're exhausted after doing to get his you have to be stretched out of this stuff. To trust the board entering its. There up by Iran eighth inning yes coming into opening day who you bring in Tokyo okay. Until tele atlas and him innocent. Okay. What if what if there is a situation where you brought in Matt Barnes the seventh first and second. Two outs. When you won out there and there's not a lefty up this or idea what you do. At the plate yes. The right yep at the plate like you said it unless I need him in the seventh what do you do. First and second you already blown through Matt Barnes yes get the job done first and second righty up let's say one out there to what he'd do where any order. I'm middle the order right the other Robinson and around you know as an example rich Nelson Cruz Nelson Cruz pinch hitting situation. Righty up ready righty is coming up by eight A whose truth. This day out say this on OK to eat embryo used against Wright spoke at certain situations but it would not use seat number in the bottom third of the order that's Richard opportunities he can't get lefties out. Its top 345 hitter. Active conferencing degrees out he was nasty Israelis those longs is not a huge opportunity I'd probably go he Embry. Because of the bottom third of the order embryo and these are ready I know that it's gonna be left become the face the engine that would went through that every particular. OK so is this play that out you have a righty lefty which obviously a lot of teams ever looked enough of the pirates' lineup. See who that. Other named Indra McCutcheon who the with them that might be. You're righty lefty you bring in camera for the ride EG reading Kelly for four outs. In answer to now model and day are so you leave Camry in to face a lefty I'll bring in rob heroes OK what if you've already used Robbie Ross. Agree and on the other two are these are okay. Unless I have confidence in a bad so what is so Wendy I'm never gonna let every phrase when view of what used Joseph Kelly in the in the seventh and he said lets you need him in the senate scarlet with Goldberg express news Houston Milwaukee he's gonna phase 234345. In August 7 maybe that's the eighth. I think it's important Liu roles and a bullpen in the eighth inning the eighth inning guy but it's also important note situation is that situation could be a seventh. So it's 2340 order a critical may eighth inning guy in the seventh I'm not gonna save. My eighth inning guy to face the bottom third of the order. When the game is on the line in the seventh and immediately order a fair that frustrates me fair okay so we have established that. You of the mill the order up in the seventh inning you're using your eighth inning guy. Yes okay and deluge soaked it through the eighth inning bottom third of the order with righty lefty righty lefty matchup I have to Arie if if Matt Barnes is not getting the job done and we did you have the three lefties. Do you just turned he tambourine. He turned the heat Embry to have face to face a lefty would you put key memory up never against a left never and so you leave so this is sort of got to protect and I can already tell you this is where at some point in the first week. Ferrell will be rip because of the uses of open and this is the one the reasons why because the ball and right now has the potential not being very teacher. And then if you had Carson Smith if you had Tyler Thornburg it's a different situation and I look at the bullpen this bullpen compared to the other division opens and a division. Other than Toronto weather don't think it's very good oh my goodness I think the Yankees ball. No open right now is sketch is no question I mean I I would have more confidence in Ross that if it was lefty righty lefty I would leave Ross said. The face that one ready metal guy OK and if it's if it's you know if it's righty lefty righty. If it's every can get the first guy out and now we're talking about a two run lead on the Olympics a left because Israelis and behind him it may be I would do that. The units sold Balmer double it got a couple righty that's Reese effective so it's score the game. It's what part of the order. Pinch hit opportunities who's on their bench. So I think all of that has to come and play and he's gonna have to maneuver that especially early in the year you know without some of these. What order of lefties to you go 123. Monty Ross got the most conference right now which to me he hasn't been for. Right and I saw it first and I don't doesn't matter to me now it is throwing nine months. Okay well velocity is definitely for him when he was throwing really well is not yet Sophie so anyway ironic that we get from Robbie Ross okay Bobby Ross I'm on Charlotte CNET for forty days a good idea going it. Robbie Scott is a guy that liked what she liked him better and about you bring him in before about I guess less software bought. But in the early on early on. Yeah you probably give the ball about because you wanna see the gates conference is more upside may be with him. But Robby Scott's arm angle and this is where it's in a more detail I need to know who I'm facing what kind of left the is a lefty that's gotten that that that can hit the fastball. Pick and hit 9596. From a bad or my face a guy that maybe susceptible to the slider. He does have good numbers against lefties that's case a gold at the recorder arms slider from Robbie Scott so it's all about the match so I face a left handed hitter. But I wanna know the strength that left handed hitter. You know easier 'cause this summer 'cause if she didn't exactly if Israel lefty units fastballs well you're gonna be you're gonna bring in Scott if he's a lefty it's who what where Britain. Active Lee into it but that it's also what I've seen from these guys in camp whether Scott with a tobacco bat was there much but he is probable case to them. If I can get a bad goal and that's a guy that. I would say you're number two I would I would like him go you know it's sneaky about about that he actually was good against lefties. After that remember the Robinson to note that. But it he was out against Fridays and he was terrible. But if you look up like his game audience lefties he was really good for about four whatever our nominee that. Let the unless the big a left handed hitter. Is more comfortable with that that sciatica. Got a good breaking balls bishop recorder released point. Lefties. Go big it wearable power. Because it because that makes it susceptible to breaking ball so meet become the power left the as a right handed hitter don't wearable power lefties you know that much because his fastball locate no big deal was it a cutter good changeup. That's small portable ready so with him his fastball pretty much curve ball. Rex is over and get arrogance I love this so this is good. Soon were explaining ourselves right god this is good so when he does exactly opposite who works or doesn't work we have this do you agree that you wish there official left eye he was actually if you go over the second I agree that you should stay away from it. But I talked about oh deceiving deception in terms of the second half the last two months he was better against lefties up there right believe it okay because I think that relievers one identify the guys that you know right after that yet and it is a beauty and remember you as the guy elegance understand that they're thinking the same way you are. That's the beauty guy right guy that I can use its both sides. That guy feel comfortable with the bottom third of the lot of the bad setback capital on the seventh inning six Ethan and whatever it is pinch hit situations. The situation lefties the situation all right these. You know you got to have confidence in the face toppled five hitters top five guys that aren't gonna be pinch hit for. If I bring in every to face a righty he's gonna face a righty. No I don't bring him in to face the right handed number eight hole hitter because here comes you know the left handed bat off the bench and cannot what do by Don I've created an off. A situation the problem is so let me ask you this so the problem is because the thin themselves out in terms of these guys who can't are supposed to be pitching full innings. Tom who is the guy you have Kelly you have Barnes who is the next guy would say all right that's the guy feel confident in just going out and pitching anything. I know right that's the problem right your right now that's running across. Yet he says glossy if his bosses out five miles an hour them at different goal was instantly who know there's an engineer but it doesn't return all I know is that. When Robbie Ross and all of a sudden become really really dead. You cited his velocity cropped up to 9495. Now I don't think that was a coincidence. Let me move on the next one late in the game you'll love the year down Iran or you're tied putted it but for. It's good guys code it's usually good so I mean this is the same thing I have with managers which is. I can disagree but just explain yourself and you know you're you could the could be the exactly opposite. But if you can make you have a good explanation and col Greg I was lets you explain yourself you very excited. I doubt it's dollar rod or tied yes rot SA runner on probable symbols of that was in. He's sitting probably lower and you've broken it sounds right vote while blog author of the York yep up there in New York. They're gonna bring in a lot to be bringing a lefty lefty specialist and what do you do. Lefty specialist at the start of that late in the game seventh inning guys on the one guy one guy now coming up. Doesn't matter one. Zero it's not two outs zero isn't current. Well you think this any loans hit in behind them they wouldn't probably put Jackie Bradley there because they would bring in they don't want to break him up. Probably gonna have a problem anyway so sick Helio and is probably going to be hitting behind him or Christian skins. Right and so what do you do. Ball goes for it was done deal yet as were the team is currently ethnic team handles that well okay three for 43 whatever. It's new year right I was told me this is I mean listen this is what he did in 2015 he's gonna hit the kept brought an out for a month and it was just here for Obama to have right months he's gonna hit it sailor would go would you would you would you like that you have to make you said you sit how much you reference so much money meant would you Lou Maloney manager Lou yes I like that manager yes I like you would that the group would you do that I'd lapses that. Relentless player in April that you know attention apple might sorry they're based in a month of April as the left being give know conference whatsoever the first time they face a lefty. He's like. You play you play this way she credits that everyday at their base even if he gets off to a slow start you know I'm a slow start is not one for 62 for ten. A slow start is obviously to the thirty. OK you know he has got to give him every opportunity for how long can be following this Psycho because the benefit outweighs its reflecting get him going. That is huge Troy here's the fifth team in this beyond Samir I don't disagree with it because here's the as the reality. There's no other options and even charge for college you record a sort of force feeding that narrative. The Josh Rutledge is going to miss a couple of that you beat your pitcher Josh wrote for for policy and I think they're coastal. Conference for too complicated I'll pop a publicist and a very concerned about drug trial it's got like his wife is silent now I want and I and I almost inevitably orally you're okay there Michael OK does he play that -- somewhat struggling and you are Marco Fernandez there anyway. And let them so. Yeah I I would hit him early oh I would literally but I am still not convinced Lou I'm still not commit to you he hit a home run and everything else. To me as the eagle eyed pal evaluated that I am. The swing dislikes totally different the swing but it's. And we've seen different swings with its switch hitters I get that. And this is a guy who when he did it lefty on lefty hit 280. The there's a thing when it comes to pinch hitting for people. That needs to be played it's BO gimmick that needs to happen first I need to have reasons for it I don't need to manufacture them. A case so many Pablo Sandoval to prove to me he can't handle lefties. I need Mitch Moreland to prove to me he can't handle lefties say with an attendee same with Brett. When they start to prove to me that they QL lefties then I'm forced to make a decision. That is it. And echoes of Chris Young as well. Chris Young kid hit lefties I like the player alive as much likely use them early in the year. Chris Young woody should be doing is skating starts. There's I don't think it's comfortably can ask Chris Young how do you like in the first ten you know play only started I think five times in April while it is all lefty right but start against the righty. It's steadily gains if you don't want if you know face of tough Friday that widget form I get that because even played against right but playing him. Against a lefty if you got to put it against a ready consisted gold's ten days since albeit late the guy against the righty late in games you can make a move would don't force it. Start him give him some at bats that get comfortable to the season and then he'll be more comfortable pinch hitting. But first six at bats a pinch hits that's a tough kick early on out of the gate don't force it let the players dictate. When you're gonna do it and don't take awhile before it's approved you that can't hippies left. What if Mitch Moreland starts off pot in the first week or so frighten and then UCLA Hanley straw on the ball he can play first this is our plan. Jeff Hanley play too because this is there master plan and said it over and over and over again but why is that there master plan. Because they're getting Chris Democrats yes men and yet so but it does seem if Chris Young wasn't sitting there. And I knew we talked about running a guy out and seeing what he can do a minute Borland the perfect example that number one is yet reverse split view you'd better numbers against lefties last year anyway. And your pitting him against Friday's pitcher so but because of Chris Young you're saying he's going to play first against right handers and Hanley will play first. Against leftist even though. Once again if Chris Simon's not there own take Hanley off the bench I mean this is a guy his shoulders are messed up below. Messed up. And you're in and how. You don't he's gonna go out play first base your toilet Caylee first once a loss that wanna keep me engaged. I. And it's only because we we don't know him as a DH for a 162 games you know it is here's the thing here to grow this do you sort of lose the guy I like to miss first real quick. Chris regardless of the this is a one part where we are taken account are often means anything. But Chris Young has barely DH in his entire career and when he has DH he's been sake yeah so that's another thing we don't know. I meet tears up lefty pitching but we don't know that this. Again Moreland if detailing what to be the DH deeply Moline against lefties and and you know I don't think it is Chris Young placement and could jump at the Bradley. Give those guys the random day off early in the year you know they play 456 games thorough pushed on its start laughter junkets start left than any moves to senator Braddock is the day up. And you sort of get these guys in gains. Just I don't like forcing it. You will the players and dictated okay. Listen this will call this last one to we can loop back and I gotta go I appreciate you sticking around. After your award winning show. The last one is emirates goes which is Monday in Fort Myers and he is against mile leaders he's okay he's okay. You start him months and he gets pitches in again to eat he gets it won't be their thing their first. They said early on they were targeting effort starts to me 85 pitch count anyway so let's say yesterday. You Hugh Rodham out. If the beginning of the options are. Go to town because I think if he takes vote. Monday. Like you see the use our our. Probable. Rule out you know its its first couple games. Right. Rushed back to back opening opening days raise our roster goes. Here opening your opening an actor and April may June. You need to do you Palmer cup starts. Start under pars so while the other it is yes it in the big league because he has to shore I'm not so sure you can option though logical like you said the logical maneuver if they do not want. On Bryant's it is Kyle Kendrick will. And when guys get to see contact them and ideally for the ball ground. But you write the union run and potentially it was a team option down perfect if you can't. Ottawa was candor yeah you know and and and I don't try to think Reggie Redding. And I'll call somebody else steps on one or whatever it is Brian Johnson for one start you know give Paul ransom note for you tropical smoothie cafe down there now. Well again Brian Johnson wants to buy purchase one of current investor without find every opportunity I wouldn't rush. Is really what does that make any sense right you look at Andrew pomerantz Rosie gets 657 in six. I don't think he's ready. So woody entity aroma there anyways meal that he's ready to the whole thing get the whole thing went primary importance all the things that farmer has to me seems rushed a little rushed in don't know. Not only the the the problem was is that when the last time it wasn't very good he only went four innings. Com. And and you also I just feel like he might get there but he's just not there and bomb. So any other any other thing that you want you to rant against that as a slogan no to slip Leo yes that's all we have it we can reach you disagree with things that. Monday a sock you guys are doing the show you haven't Dombrowski on. And but we've talked about the stuff over and over and over and a lot of it will be forced because we have to talk about it opened at Tuesday's going to be Tuesday. Because Tuesday the day after opening day is great because there's no game and you can and you can micro manage that team like it's the super it's game set right. And that's what's great about you normally do when do podcast on tilted to shoot. He can come on now over to us more like all right to announce our idol thank you are.

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