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Ep. 56: Howie Carr

Mar 23, 2017|

Kirk Minihane, future radio hall of famer, sits down with current radio hall of famer Howie Carr. Kirk and Howie talk about Howie's latest book Kennedy Babylon. If you like famous people engaging in sex scandals, hard drug taking, and murder this is the podcast for you. Its a fascinating look at Boston's most famous family and the problems that took the family down.

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I see your colleague car in this. He's RK ocelot zeal for which when. Radio hall of fame which I think I'm not in yet to my knowledge or will be soon have to thank. He's written Brothers both real we. The people you've been round the artist. I know banging no I don't I like that every gorilla an album now while they're out in his book is you get like this in his book is wild Kennedy babble on. Volume one a century of scandal and depraved I we will promote it enough I mean politics for him. I will say that you know I was somewhat skeptical going into the book but it is the (%expletive) ass if you read about the Kennedys. Wild gossipy insane stuff you can knock this book is a lot fallen. Well this is the perfect kind of book that how we can write to dogs get this information nobody else to write this book it's a good point nobody else can step and how do not enjoy reading about sex scandals everywhere loves -- affects him yes and there are plenty of them and there's drugs in his murder is death and Merrill road is JF KR I mean the whole thing openings crazies take any sort of my favorite part. But how he came and we talked about talked about the state radio and newspapers in the book. But the whereabouts Ramallah on the conversation went about four comments it was pretty good I enjoyed it actually enjoyable thing ever see a movie that kind of opportunities in this way where's the problem if we're honest picture this Chappaquiddick movies coming out and it's like and how we talked about the book. Is it's like sort of like almost configurable and can be version of Chappaquiddick which seems kind of crazy but. That's who talks on this book is just halo effect still around the Kennedys which is insane when you look at the truth books like this other stuff I've read. They are nothing like people want him to be it's weird Chanel and I don't think you can do it in two hours three hours either have to be a guys that they were talking. Should black masks. That was a politics in though on the air that they were talking with something. I said it would be great ethics measures like coach Aaron Davis would be really great. 67 park you know whether it's premature Belichick craft and all that (%expletive) that goes on in that this would be great to caddies they did it right. Will be a great you know eight part FX series you know he could add that you could to a horse be tough. You need the people you need to doctors actually and I know some of them some of dormant here and iCloud. Sure they have good stories have the date they feel like picking training think let's of these distance to like I can do with the canisters are based pocked or did it. Let him wait ten or fifteen years Marion is when people start you know. Anyway from real name is not every out is the people he's you know. We use are also out of the action people start talking. I was nursing the recruit story. That's true that's true too. We had this is excellent how we did a great job the book again I can't promote enough Kenny Babylon definitely worth picking up it is how we car on enough about me. I buck's caddy about the aussies in the intro Howie Carr is here Ali cars fellow. Is and become haters wrong and. I'm like. Along with you know at the same motto was you know we won. Well I do want you to be business as a year old now know what you're different man interchange man. I'm I'm again I'm destroy it. You are you enjoying your second run and RKO. I'm having fun I have my own Studio One media I'm freeagent they're rebroadcast. Broadcast on me on the station Q1 when you know blog about 28 when I translators and it was obviously November was gold fields Hillary wins I know you can have fun going after Hillary but having trouble is oh yeah. For every one is a new look at that look at the January numbers that saw yeah you know I mean usually you the talk station's new stations ticket right right you know after a presidential election this time they went. And your. Merrill Argo member in front of trump and everything right it was on their last summer Unita drop off a copy of the book for my to the press got it helping got a what do you do there's no golf there. The outlook also is over on the other side supporting militant Hezbollah polish something. Give them they were cool but you know you went for dinner to really nice place banner that say it's just it's a lovely location it's a you know mar a Lagos that means from proceed way. Right in Spanish so that's what it is and it's it's just a beautiful place to. Paying out if your receiving figure in your life to this cause more people lose their mind than Donald. I don't know which is it's unable it's we do I know you do we do it every day it is un believable in your I mean I'm not a fan of danger obviously a supporter fan of his but. To watch people. Lose their mind blowing everything on this guy everything is ironically exactly why why. Right exactly and they they don't understand that when people read these great tweets by Chelsea on. Any shame or whoever does the everyday that just that just the muse dispute. Write your story to more crazy big goal will be the more solid in the season base of support. Is trump in anyway it anyway similar to any member of the can't. Other wealth. He likes when he likes and yes this is a so there were closed up. But I. I I don't. I don't think he's out of control now is any members of the Kennedy family and including up to present generation you know Robert F Kennedy Jim Ellis what was your name OC actress Cheryl Hines and yet Cheryl Hines are also the fact that you know he he kept the higher yes. Has conquests in the New York Post got a whole book diary in and print that I mean he was a bad as his grandpa. Do you feel like though in this is why this book is great to go back and in the guy. You pays attention to bread box on it. You know you find you open a page and you find things you've never read before. You feel like the Kennedy magical if you wanna call people it to my grandmother believed in my grandfather believed it. Growing up here are you feel like that's gone now that's gone to a large extent people say my generation and younger people in their forties and thirties it doesn't. Carry all mail to my parents are gotten I think it I think it's dissipated the world to a large degree I mean I have a chapter in the book about the other committees about these people whose name was Kelly got to answer officer they just got elected to Britain to it was a state treasurer for sick shears as it was John F. Kennedy never spent time on the campaign. And end. But that's over now you can look at the senate race in 2000 and the Scott Brown right you know they had to put him at Joseph Kennedy there and he only got 1% of the vote so. So maybe maybe fate Kennedys can't make it anymore I mean Joseph Kennedy the second is that the when he's not a bad guy he ever says Gerri said it was is a pretty good guy yet he is a decent guy hum what was really ship like Mattel again. It was see the world obviously he hated you know right no I don't try to. He he tried to war make Rupert Murdoch's felt Boston Herald of I was going back. You national riders to something and sent it to a budget bill anonymously got they Fritz Hollings. Of South Carolina. Guy who put the confederate flag at the property state house on the right. South Carolina that well you know but now. Liberal he wore it. But. Jackie can you put bad anyone at corporate Acela he he hated me and I I remember talking to wants access and utilize a similar idea. You know like and you know this senator I spent time on speech. The bottom which it says the manager the breakers. And certainly remedy you really you know way to tell miner to guy if driving my grandfather Honey Fitz doubt that a break is that he would sit in the lobby there. Outwards at pine is you know they didn't want and that's jacket and Oprah escape girls rent rooms. From. I thought to myself I don't I don't know petroleum good. I am original Palm Beach drive it you know that Ted Kennedy learned to drive. Saudi. How do you get too I'd put together book is how to read it it's got its only source is it's only things that we don't know about so many you know little stories. How do you do how how does how does what you start out as a work you accumulate these sources what happens. I've just been I've been reading the bottom obviously for. Read my entire life or in just you know compiling it in my head and I that I just I went out of my god I every book I could on the Kennedys and and I read every block. And then what I also knew was that hello Austin Carol were work. Would give me access to their photo file picture and they have some amazing photograph yet there is you as you can city. And and so I knew Billick could put together the photos and and this the these stories that nobody not they're not. Suppressed. But nobody knows about these things like that but lawsuit that the wiretap or. Of Marilyn Monroe's house always smile did you guys yes yes yes he's the he had a he had. Our recordings of her final final meeting with Bobby Kennedy regularly offered and Bobby is screaming battered he had all these tapes. And they they were actually confiscated by the Manhattan district attorney and in 1966. Weeks and is his state police. Outside of Manhattan to get the tapes that to save a hobby. What he had obviously had backup copies. He filed a lawsuit. Get back the original and it's in the New York Times I mean this isn't like some you know conspiratorial story you filed a lawsuit to get its act. Bobby Kennedy and Marilyn row on the last mayor pro life. It does seem that nobody in history no failing American history's been enabled by the media is much any amount it gets dispute that. No it's not a comedy in volume to him and have all chapped Iran via the media and the Kennedy's but the yeah you're right. It there's there's audio historian and again this is you know it's it's in one of the Ed Nixon that the tapes that the books about the Nixon tapes in the Oval Office. He and Henry Kissinger discussing. This disgusting pat Kennedy. And apparently Ted Kennedy one time there was what one of the four years. A company. Was Mary to this really good looking women woman I can't remember her name she was in the Carlyle Hotel that was there and took -- just came screaming up to her room and knocking on the door knocking on the door knocked him she says go away airman called cops and you'll get in the newspaper she's market Lou let me and let me and let me get in chief wrench and actually Obama called cops he says. A matter if you call the cops won't be anything in the newspapers I controlled newspapers and Ed Henry Kissinger tells the story the next. And exit says it's true he's the president of the United States be key Kipp believe that Ted Kennedy get away with just. They kill lethal story I got in the book about Maryland and into the chapter about Marilyn Monroe. They had us they had a a 27 minute documentary was gonna run and Marilyn Monroe's death JFK and are they in their connections. They had interviews with seniority the former mayor a former police police chief right yeah if they beat that may aid they they had it nailed how. And Geraldo Rivera was involved in the story break kill. Take hold and we killed it in the fired a world Rivera was also book and it wasn't what it was like out right around this is Merrill Monroe's last days of Seattle to got spike too is that right yeah there's there's a guy named hell wrote a book beat the last days of Merrill Grotrian to really interest in the strange doubt that Maryland has a picture of it and you get your hands and apple iPad yeah you know what's amazing what you can do with the Internet like well I bought I bought it for patent box and are mature complex copyright now maybe it's gonna the twenty bucks now that people don't exist for good really don't know. Hope we have such a really good reads it was errors out there publicly any tough editor Ed that guy and he just spells out he says she was involved with the man whose name whose name cannot be mentioned. Because his his brother was the martyr it was now. Regarded as a martyr obviously and so and so. Him via. Since Bobby V and a memo and says this book is coming out. And they they end up auditing the sky and and Richard Nixon. Later on released a list of the people but the Kennedys have audited you know for a or audited and for the IRS and he was he was on the western end Nixon actually mentioned that on sixty minutes wants in the eighties and again nobody know if you post about it it's all forgotten. And we're we're we're rolls a globe play in this whole thing. If you place blame morals and it seems to meet at every time something happens the globe and Chappaquiddick matter white wing Kenny Smith no matter what happens globes giving the Kennedys right that's right all through the seventies and eighties every time Ted Kennedy would be running for reelection. The they're the readers of Massachusetts would be treated the story. Ted Kennedy turning his life and you know I had had Kennedy liberal lion using way he's getting remarried he looks different I mean I just say it's amazing Chappaquiddick happens very I mean he kills a essentially Murton who they didn't murder kill the right yeah he'll killer yeah right she got negligent you name right so you guys manslaughter so. How long did he wait before he went to the police after that eleven on eleven hours you mean how many phone calls when he took to that was Steve Smith and the rest those peoples he would have Steve Smith's numbers so we called wanna be called a price is right current mistress. A good name withheld Wagner Donald Trump this right it's a she connects him. Goes in and basically you know does the whole thing and then you're right you look at the globe what was headlined the globe and next thing. Senator wondered in days for a weapon or that's. How. I have no idea is IQ IQ and not put this in the book. I'm not put it in the book. Called compact family totally ignore lasting many initially poured it right we found out our last night and then he went to court Willie wolf first he voted out first with the Cape Cod hospital. Get checked out the Columbia fine. Recent OK I'm fine but I mean you know. Hyper Soe is so when he goes to the funeral in the steak or family jet and you know they have a lot of money permanently on the carbon company midwest. EU where in the neck. So yeah. So that you know it to build up some. And anybody in many goes on TV. And be you know makes the speech and he has say he goes on. W was WH DH. At the trips up at the time and day in and what does he go on channel seven because it's itself owned idea. Or channel five excuse me channel five it's owned by a hell and The Herald. Is run by getting how Clancy who used to work for Joseph Kennedy right everything's going to be everything's gonna seems like everything gets back to that eventually right where delegates every judge your reverend there's of the fixes everywhere along the line and the guy went produces a mr. kinds the you know the anchor channel five who's whose dad there is the mayor. Run for mayor ray Austin until pad and goes. Think that'll be sort cue cards opera to read you know and and then he looks away in the he finishes his his statement and he says. Now I'd like to say something from my heart of the people of Massachusetts he looks over and there's another guy with cue cards and speaking from the heart to a to another secular court. You know Paul got sort Jack kind silly guys work with a material Chrysler. What's amazing is he's elected senator a can be wrong six times after that every right. After Chappaquiddick yours does this six sort of we talked earlier are ill fated first update as podcasts like fifteen minutes ago. My stances if this happened today. In 2017. To a popular sort of senator who had the backing of the media. He would be able to get away with the Twitter would bring him out social media would bring him down but you pick that may be the case. It's an interesting question I'm I'm not sure I am not a hundred parts century can get away with that I'm well I think Republican in the country we -- world right to religion now. You think Ted Kennedy would keep with the social media can be some pictures of his junk to women. In dead or maybe upset you may not be image and text messages if he's if he should faced a cookie would survive what's good timing for him. You know guiding with the career low for that one I liked a guy with a with those appetites in this world today I only survives. I said his stomach dropped president do. Yakking keep. He might have been why is not immune was messy people. Not Smart and crafty somebody said he would have been a good Irish bartender. I think that's I think that's probably pretty good right description of of what you and what he would have done I nobody would've gotten caught. Tweeting like that -- like like what it -- danger -- -- senate -- Texas -- was due to some 22 year old to -- he wants a burning later I -- several amateur I mean he got -- he didn't get caught -- -- I couldn't get the Specter in the book -- I couldn't I couldn't find -- who owned by it but you know there's that famous picture from the 1980 -- from on the ball on the in the you know the Mediterranean in reference in the -- on top -- by the this girl -- Marymount College where -- -- that's another that's another recurring -- what's in this new -- right now do you miss -- with with Jack Kennedy I mean -- group like 34 women from from this one school. I mean it's a may say. And let's go to Ted Kennedy that was on top of this little puppet is 22 year old girl and the paparazzi got all these pictures they they put a model for the and his of the famous story. Rush Limbaugh like the analysts or. Howell Heflin the big fat senator in my Alabama. BC he's he season and he says. This grew just zero SEC a sorrowful Massachusetts gone changed his position on offshore drill bit that. Do you miss the Kennedys. I just stay for a deal. I don't why don't we used to have a recurring. Be on my show which was wizard of that's right we would get Fred Kennedy and we were just up on past the you would have to tell how many times set right. I miss I missed things like that and a yeah I it's. I mean they are they are easy pick I I remember the ice started off the block with the Ted Kennedy press conference in May of 1990 on what to Lincoln these yeah you William Kennedy's Murphy was at MIT and he comes out of this courtyard. I swear it was it was like as a reason. Spring early Monday afternoon he comes out and you could immediately smelled booze reader and yeah yeah and open your thank you and your you I don't we were all recorded it right and he just just the stumbling all those quotes in the air in that first cut at the bit about their over beta one is sort whether somebody else right than not you the people in the right okay disguise hubs he should essentially making that speech that just a legal thing that's affecting them I think they were acting immediately he. He's so hung himself what is worse to me what you're you know I also went and that there at the Jerry Williams who was the long time talk show host on WRKO. He he was you know when he was trying to get force the sale shortly in nineteen eatery night. And Ted Kennedy one day I was listening to many was so angry that recall there. And that show that he was driving down on the tape and it as it is most people less than that it's probably no. There's something about booze and you know we're you're in a moving vehicle or whenever it finally. Compounds the axis so he's driving and apparently drinking so as as the as the interview goes on with Jerry Williams he slurring his words were he's mixing it up before Alex's. And I don't have to take this rebel groups are horrible I have to take dish dribble for more golf Murdoch. Yeah. Any level of sympathy for the family though. We look at all the deaths in there and obviously you have been responsible for soft tube it. Whether shift came here rfk junior work kids not be you know little kids who Dieter plane crashes. Give any sympathy for the family all of you think the part of that is part of the reason why. They Kenny was so (%expletive) up. Is not just you know thank you so enabled but others died. You know we had a decent guy you know it's tragic his own family obviously now I. I'll Milosevic for the guy I'll be honest I wondered use against comical had been allowed you to think of it that way is a reason why these kids are so screwed up. But he did come a lot of damage on the question no no no question and I question and I had no I don't really have a lot of step. Our form. Honestly mean that. They were screwed up I mean I guess you could you know a lot of the stuff like beat you can blame on the or me on the Canada question I mean I accident in the in the book to follow mom. She was extremely best. You know part of the book right she's sort of us yes sir besides that it whole thing yeah yes yes she is but you know what some people of said the you know I don't armchair psychologists or what but that one of the one at Jack's problems when she was so pissed and you know they it was when they would come back. From a prep school work our college. They'd they'd never have their own rooms was like that the war they that the houses were like the more religious but just throw we went to room hear from their. And so there was never any. Any like Familia. Close mystery thing like that I think I think one of the problems. I went into what is that Joseph Kennedy never really. Brought them into the real world use one of them to be. You know statesmen and write whatever you know none of them none of war and the family business in the heat he told Tip O'Neill play in it that's what this get this for tips. The spy autobiography. Set after was elected in 1952 Joseph Kennedy ski improvements had never expect anything from Mike gets meeting Jack and Bobby. Because you know they've been they've been so pampered. The picnic everybody is just you know bigger disservice. Right and that's so they they never I think that's one reason why they got into trouble with guys like a mobile can come out of this Chicago mobster and these guys more powerful than you know we are all right they don't know any better I mean it to them as just another it's just another ballet right. But it is amazing like the sex partly ousting him before. I feel like you know each of the Kennedy's base who would talk the same woman and it's also possible that that filter. They moved on or can you would let you know if powers talker or blow them or never I mean yeah it's (%expletive) and I'm it is I did the treatment of women. Is unbelievable and like you said it's always things we just ram eroded I mean it is in there in history but we've chosen. As a nation too because I guess because Camelot is sort of you know nicer to think about them. Him forcing is a Mimi Alford is that right Mimi Alford out there on its powers in nineteen year old. In her present nineteen year old intern at the White House and he before how she was a virgin. And value and he punch was mocked up and he he says he has. Is she says like become I have become pregnant Mr. President he says okay Dave powerful call in the day power strips of the number of an abortionist in New Jersey so he's immediately put like two steps between himself and an abortion right that they're and it didn't need to be one ultimately. But I mean that's the date they were used to doing that there was a woman not by in the bay who was also shoot a ritual was involved. With several. And she she would harbor to a program at the time and and and at McGeorge Bundy poll. He was a dean at Harvard and find peace he said Jack you're on the board oversees your Harvard you and your state senator you're running for right right. You can appease Irwin in 1980 per hole right. Hole at that Brad but but the truth is he good he right court date powers most are but you know they powered with his East Coast. Your offer was as Wesco is another so so. He gets elect the president McGeorge Bundy come down he's the national security advisor or something like that. So what Jack says OK am I know descend over Yahoo! sent over someone to work at your office and says who is a I hand them that. He's just he's just letting McGeorge Bundy right. Know who's the boss I don't Seidman to read books like Pacific of movies do I think of like it was like thirteen hours which I'm sure you watch yes. Eighty may Kevin Costner who plays Kenny O'Donnell got out to be this heroic guy trying to save the world and then you read this book and you read other stuff but O'Donnell and you know. That's what in thirteen hours failures and drank in the movie you know he's out there to save the world and Uga Bay of Pigs and all that but that's not reality. No he way he was just I mean it's it's it's a sad story I mean he was a very powerful I. And then overnight it's gone on and he was he was moves and an up on the plane from Dallas fact that while Washington Post history but. But you know he ended up by in the it in the weights seven and he died at seventy some and his wife if people struggle that was so he was told he was so loaded they bewitched to him like on on Beacon Hill right around the state house who would be talking to himself strong in the middle but. Right and I mean that's the kind of problems he had an end they that was late divorced or used to that he was a dip an entity or cash in the campaign fund for the 64 reelection. They were sport to have a come to Jesus meeting with them on a Monday. November 25 1963. That it. Discuss it had been stealing money here and he had been spotted that summer on in the arts. Kate just going. You know I'm a lot of teams that administration running those guys are just doubt or question and I'm keep an eagle and a Secret Service agent reported. And the Secret Service agent they found somehow Kenny Obama found out who the Secret Service agent once once spit him for for drunken. Ratings at this bar and the guy with the guy who shipped out the Anchorage Alaska or some. He didn't know that this it. When Joseph for 25 years until Seymour Hersh I told them when he was writing the dark side of Campbell. If you get it. He should pick one by the city who's the biggest scumbag in the whole Kennedy circle hole failed in its history would you panic. Jericho you can judge the Olmert Gilman and yeah it the old man right you know Kirk the book was running so long eight. I had cut out the chapter about his anti semitism they re going to younger it'll be in volume grew by wrote 7000 words just just basically quoting him in his letters and it'll be amazing thing about forty see these letters. You know there are good that the return of the story here. His his granddaughter Amanda Smith missed. William Kennedy Smith sister Amanda Smith put together his letters and like 2001. Right. And she. I don't know what she edited out but she didn't edit out any of the CFT somatic stop he used to write letters to beat anyone go down this list of new dealers you know people who worked for a yard but on its gruden you know preventative rice the national prominence. And he would go you know one at. So and so. Mary to go and you know so and so mother was I'd you know committee would underline it and and capitalize it and I Palestine as it. He wishes he was well how but I know we had Jewish friends like Carol rose of Villa former and you know I don't know rams Yahoo! denied big league round and a Arthur crock in of the New York Times. You know kind of like higher when he paid him two you don't write my stories about it yet George associates. But he basically hated oops you essentially rape women and so when he was a guy he was the first one I mean. Pamela Harriman. The you know famous yes fund raiser Mary to April chairman of former governor of New York. I wish she was raped by him she was visiting kick Kennedy kept Kathleen Kennedy men died in a plane crash. In the forties she was visiting him after World War II she at the time she was Winston Churchill's. Former battery. We think about that Winston Churchill's daughter in law staying at the man at the a state in Palm Beach. Joseph Kennedy speaks into the room and raped at night. How do you know that. She told the story right decision told the story true Truman Capote. Put it in his last Novella. I'm right and see where it's it's right there and I and you Ryan I know Truman Capote was it was a strange guy and he and his own problems but I don't think I don't pick that was why the that was true it seems like that anti semitism I could be wrong and associate attribute much to JFK but certainly it's our draft -- oh yeah. We got right up that would JFK it'll it'll snow well no there's Mahdi you know he makes he makes remarks about you know he uses the N word every once in awhile he called former governor dropped furcal one day ago. You know IE they're occasional things. He and he said you know we're gonna punish somebody by sending them to make him ambassador to. Bogey republic in app for that and that's for this but but no he was not know he was not nearly I don't think I don't. There was video recording at the semitism from jail but our but RFK oh yeah he hated Jews he heated or Cologne heater or cone. Who was you know they need the aid to what Joseph McCarthy was I don't know obviously yeah they they were I mean they were both say they were like competing for a McCarthy's. Professional man is one of RK's. Kids that Kathleen the MacArthur yeah Kathleen the that they they they try to. Made they try to bury that McCarthy. The McCarthy's Kathleen is the former lieutenant governor Merrill and she's the eldest child or after he that cart was or rather her godfather and then. Bobby actually went the funeral of of Joseph McCarthy in sports we decry these secretaries that was what country are responsible high in the office when Joseph McCarthy died. But you know he hated he hated cone because not only was he Jupiter was homosexual right that he hated homosexuals well. But he he yeah I'm it doctor feel. That's the that's the terrorists a doctor that character Cambodia yeah you he was huge. And I he he he was giving these injections to what JFK and supposedly gave his first injection the JFK these he would it was like a combination of speed and corporate twit just for the suppose into the back. Supposedly for the back but I mean this was just recently he was just giving the east all the celeb right and not pork and also JFK junior thinks lose a significant factor in his mom died right to visit the stock went to stop with just for all kinds. That that they were he was putting into the shop which was given the Jack well look I was arcane and yet so and so RFK so one day when they the doctor feel goods and and we're Jewish human. German refugee from the Nazis and his and his friend who was also Jewish or down on the White House is JFK's past. What they've jumped the fence or equipment and every JFK wants them become JFK ask ask the guy away doctor field at one point move in to the White House we can get the shops are right immediately. So our case sees him in the in in the halls. Insist what are you. In weeks to tell you that your weekend. This dumb according are Afghanistan what you're doing and the White House get back to New York where you Jews ball. And so. Doctor feel good was obviously. Deeply offended by what. By what our case said so we cut off his brother. So. 'cause I don't get that tell you what Scott McCain just leave it exists but up. And in his book a lot you know you referenced a lot of things but it does seem to me that you are careful that like for example some of the selling their story efforts in the inquire you want that don't like how much short. That you necessarily believe every story in this book every single one is that accurate and now. Not so I got. Hi I'm not sure about some get some major you want to preface like you know just just so you know this one missed this was sold to inquire somebody write for some down there a lot. Oh that was really all that we're gonna talk about. Yeah yeah I'd yup well that was whispered about Mary and show while Meyer another one of his girl for right wouldn't turn to monitor her JFK on Papa my point is that I can't imagine. Like the stuff you must have stuff that you see you know I can't practice them believing it disorders depositors. Up gather some of the stuff that is crazy I mean I but I want to make sure you know I I tried to I didn't use footnote I tried the preface everything like when when. When they talked about the it's. In the book the senator which was written by getting Richard Burke and worked for Ted Kennedy he said that the other aides. To Ted Kennedy. Used to spend weekends sometimes editing the JFK tapes from the Oval Office and they want a race or Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe be calling on the be all man you wouldn't believe what JFK and Maryland grown used to aqaba. Pretty easy in whole or organic you're at war here's reducing interest story short. They beat the out of son of the owner of the national inquire. Says that Maxine Cheshire Cheshire who was gossip columnist for the Washington Post solely national enquirer story it was holy nailed down. Saying the merry joke packed thing was pregnant at Rambus you and and hope our wrote in his blocked the so I don't know whether title of the mom denied. Nobody's mom tonight that you are Khatami's Monsanto or period it just aren't as he slows down so it but I you know with the credit they rushed that they rushed of the body off the island before they could be an autopsy. And then you know with that then when they won a two way exhuming the body later in the year that we want autopsy date they were fused with the judge went bust the game in his office. It used to what we're used to our. But you know Paul says flat out that they had the they had the documentation that that she was pregnant. People which you deal with like in in just doing assure every day in and write this book in your life just being around here being guy who is of trying to tell the truth what the Stanley. I'm with you which you deal with the alike say my grandmother who just did not want to believe these things they thought that the Kennedys were gold. All. My my my family was the same way when we were growing up I think. You know. When I was a kid that it when I was like eight years old when JFK it was like that was knows that we do with there's never been a Catholic president you remain a right and the other different. Right there's never been an Irish president you know we're like it was like being implies that the quick yes or brutal cost or. And you know I thought about that and yeah that's great word you know proper Prez and all that and by the book by the time I was about ten my father had worked and Palm Beach since 1920. You know. And he new jobs. I mean he knew what Tommy's or want to but Joseph Kennedy there is beautiful woman who worked at the breakers in one of the shock you know. And so so one day she came to my father it's was in the middle of the season because back then breakers was only open 34 months before air conditioning. This was like yeah and he was one of the few guys who car that you like these systems manager should belt. Arsenic can you drive me over to one that the train station tomorrow I'm leaving pound bass beat. So when you even count for you know most days you if you quit in the middle of the season you'd be all done an idiot you'd done in the resort hotel business. So you kept quit your probably you're out of it. That's why you leave it that you can't take it anymore Joseph Kennedy. The only and Spock. I can't picture like this you won Britain's woman right how I mean how it he told me this couldn't believe. All this sort of like I've only been brought a lot so when so how always them when rfk died. Who are gay died teenager I was yeah I was sixteen that was the date that was the date your field by academy graduation not mom might I was a junior. And you know caught Castro wrote Paul on the graduation so we're young we're old enough for young enough for that point you still my youth to order you did you understand I didn't know Bob Maryland row right or short right but it. I mean I knew that I knew that you know that they were pretty rude sports family play but you know Bobby. I'll be seeing some different than than than the others how do you. I think. You know I do think he changed well. You know I don't think he I think his anti semitism over the years diminished yeah like one of his top aides when he died was an animal Lansky and that he was which. So I think that I I think Bobby which changing a little bit and he again it was becoming a he was very liberal but. I I just did you want that here. When you look back on the value market I think he was going down I mean you know Hubert Humphrey was not taken the vice president was not take part in the primaries but he was just rounding up all but the that the that the delegates who were picked in the smoke filled rooms he would. It was going to be Hubert Humphrey was gonna lose but. You know. Now now you never know I mean what you order body like that. You know he emphasized that he would collect the prize it's crazy if he had got sick and you still alive and held in relatively healthy now he would be senator. Somewhere capsule solidly beat. Would be like they XP sixty you'd be like 85 before it officially us ya Indy we hit it even in this state still today you. Absolutely this is saying is why don't. It is it is going to be it is crazy I mean look at look at I Caroline Kennedy. Mean she you know they're stingy producer prices the other trying to line her up to what to run for the senate they're trying to move Gillibrand out and these are trying to sell me clip yeah. She had its pitching and and she was a lousy ambassador she were apparently that being the embassy in that Tokyo was a total was prosper under her management. She is she would you consider like you know obviously we think these kids in the span of the stuff you consider bad person. I tell you feel different about JFK junior and Caroline you see towards Republicans Khatami's haven't done this stuff. Yeah I think Carolina's very private person that she Alec Chelsea won re. Now Tuesday she she feels that she's she's old that's that's the opportunities that the north what they have an office in the pick and come back you know is from but once they once they put that once they get the deeds. Caucus they just read the national body LC everybody else can be a victim whenever we want you coach JFK's. House seat which becomes. Joseph Kennedy. The second policy. And that the senate seat Ted Kennedy's. Set senate seat I mean I think they think that between its gonna go to the GO ward junior you have by you have. Bobby Kennedy's senate seat in New York I think they think that's gonna go to Caroline Kennedy and even the treasuries drop you know which was held by the fake candidate John Francis Kennedy tried to give that the Joseph Kennedy back in 76 take it away from 78 taken away from my Bob Crane when a disastrous run joke and yet for governor all right that's a great chapter in the book I mean what African disaster. You know what I mean that it what was what else what's gonna happen you know when he you know he I mean he got hit by double -- I mean his his brother when the baby's fourteen year old baby. And I and and his wife is writing this tell all book about how we a moment. And yet many of the the annulment that she didn't even Alibaba is also horrendous came to me on his -- he couldn't do it sounds to them again he was the original was. On my show so we re used to run cuts of Romeo he was a terrible. What is your thoughts right now of the current state newspapers. Obviously your old school you know region herald all the time. Do you think that newspapers will survive another 101520. Trusted for newspapers short term. But you know Heidi feel right now but the business of newspapers if you apparel. I think the Harold is I think it's in the black just because of the online presence I think that's what's keeping it going a world caged or term I I don't about the long I don't nobody anything on he's not a robot radio long term walks or anything. You know I mean the the -- apology is changing so rapidly that topic you can make any predictions that he tried to keep up with me in terms of your show doing a little social media and all I mean he -- a do you feel -- -- I -- I have a studio and people can check it out how we -- on how how we cart dot com I mean we we have it we aren't -- television -- immediately -- -- -- -- from a news Mac -- accessing it yet it's on every night every night you know a month for Howard that the second -- my show is on the -- Mac's -- -- on iTunes were on you know the -- heart outcome on some I -- stations. I mean you have to do that. Or you're not gonna survive when did you realize that. Did you view we knew we bury you on I mean I realize that when it you know whenever it when my ratings would pick hit every November when we would lose daylight savings time Armani and radio's great but that was the that's prop that was the problem I meet. You know but the thing is now it's not even that big a problem because so many people listen online or through their apps. Andy you know the people used to what I you know. Bright and call limits that kept pick you up anymore and who's pitching you know the signal goes down and power in Boston. They don't they don't column SP about somebody always choose good people in their fifties and sixties are keeping up with that Fuchs I feel like they struggle that. Some they struggle with that someone I think they got kids that help mop extreme failure I mean for example you know I I put the book I wrote down Florida last week so I know the owner of the a Palm Beach books or work. With his a I used to work on Wednesday all end and I put in some blocks. And and I mentioned that twice on my show but I had books in the in this bookstore Palm Beach that sold out right. Yeah there's an odd that I don't have a local that was going on line. No we get that you know all the time to get calls from all over the country tweets now from all over the country if you're right it is different than they haven't really figured out yet from ratings perspective I guess and guess to some extent and I don't know Heidi I don't like it. Monetize that readings it's a ticklish biggest is going to be direct advertising that's which you've got that image you know Sally you know mattress or. Or or or sought are simply safe I mean doesn't matter. You know we're probably heard as long as they buy and they say they heard Obama wake our show usually doing radio. I'm a great you know what I like it every day and sometimes they get sick at that point that I get sick every opponent but overall it's it's great I mean you can turn it around so fast and again you have the technology. But it's open if something big happens you guys can just switch over and and and pick up Fox News Channel at the cup alive direct feed of you know Donald Trump ocular you can always or the week comes out and you don't have the tweet. Which is she the tweet flashes up on the screen and you could spark talk about it but the great thing about radio support TP. You know we're in in TV released while I was in theory you know we had to send out crews. Happen it would just go blue. Chip it in a pay. Unity and in that you have to come back and edit it and you know maybe the tape but there's creeks in the way you have all this problem might not work that you have none of that problem and radio. Why finding one technology media see that now is like a story will break for us say whatever it is Belichick does whenever. Now he get the story right away some of the immediately write something so stupid you can shoot on that right away to see get the get the argument that as well it all happened so fast now. I'll write it happened fifteen that's right already of the shell got Chelsea handler you know if you put out IDG and that we'd like 630 and were talking about it at 645 before we go off the year that I would have never Elvis would have happened. Five years ago ten years ago yeah what do you think of the globe to. It's not much there meaning it's just. I mean. I I remember when they used when it started early and keep law would like a big deal you know people. Leadoff isn't anybody I know for a while. Really hot hole I've been reading here for years now they keep now there's a way off for six months. It's you know it's like they just cut the price of how right now and stop and nobody nobody can go in and those who anybody you know it's. It's just I think a lot of it is political correctness you know and I question I know it's hard it's hard can be 88 columnist. Or you know memorable Ryder in the hole. Traditional sense like a Jimmy Breslin whose side I'm in New York. Because your though most people are just cold we owned by the by the big points of political correct idyllic social media is such a big role that too many people terrified to read tweets that are negative about them or read comments on FaceBook or get emails that they're scared look at comments in their story. In the directs them to go the safe zone I mean it's the easiest thing in the world to do right now. Is to say that you may trot which are doing is tough your supporting trump in this climate it's hard to do. If forget hate crimes enough probably couldn't jail. He. That's why be written in jail. I know believe me I was. I was very. Concern I must say. Before the election about the election Hillary Clinton you know could she she did not have a deep commitment to the First Amendment. It's rats and under do you think I mentioned a Second Amendment I mean she she yet. I didn't know what's gonna happen o'clock Brady. It's a good odd and it's a legitimate question asked healthy right now still apparel on the days a week three or four. Three pointers and music for but then they they I am I'm down for three but they usually ask for yeah you still enjoy doing that. Salute when they're you know they're there's nothing better even today than have a column in the newspaper is still feels is relevant as before. Maybe not as relevant but I I. Because it doesn't hit the same concentrated audience that it used to you know when Boston just like just like your show doesn't. Concentrate audience. I would say that probably more people read my column that they now than ever before discus it to every all over the country and the war and you you know you have the opportunity to go all over the totally high on the radio. Right and it's. But everything is so by fewest. You know used to be used to be when I start out at radio. Are you like that at sometimes I get a call from Jerry's producer like fiftieth or can you come over indictment of them though research on had to do was say hey. You see this story in the front page of The Herald right did you see the story on the front page of the globe. Everybody wanna say. I didn't even have to read. And they had ever in the phone lines would be jam. But there isn't there's nothing like that the you don't spell out everybody could you don't know what everybody's however but he's getting the information. No it's true. Do you. Mean you're the kind of guy you're so prolific to mean yet you but I mean I do think for you this level of insanity in the kind of guy who you know focuses car over on the highway and Mass Pike and writes a column that day. And yes there's there's some level you know it's the just how I understand which you flipped a car over that they and Mass Pike. And filed a column click from hostile. I got. The character but they did appoint yup they don't pick a day off the united I did you know I was minister's car accident. Like I get it helps it helps my ratings are helped are quite get that everything it for me to be in the paper every day so. At that point that they get a younger audience at all now. If a young skinny younger because you more social media in a more active you feel like because I mean at some point you know you're Greg this is something we struggle with our show too as well as we've done his. You know these guys eventually stop work. You're trying to get that next generation in you do you think about dollars. I mean I I try I do I do the best like now I mean I eat I got to I think I have a fairly significantly younger audience literally hear from the call they call it took was a big female audience do. I don't do much bigger than ours I know that. Don't hate us they love it my mom love you mom is so excited achieved I was in Utah first. Thank you mrs. minute yes I like your best ever choose laws people listening to the show just the mesa since the U. Oxygen doesn't settle mr. scan just more excited about how card which I can understand but but there is that sort of that you know your forties and fifties year old moms alike. I closed my hopes are what else is there in Boston in the afternoon what else is there somebody want to talk politics talk trump talked issues of the day yeah. One we have regular we have grace curly on you know she actually producer she's in her twenties and she's she's doing great work on social media writing these columns right putting it you know opinion. It embedding videos America thank. And I I think it's nice having her on the show you know you talk about all the hate mail like I've made it a feature my show now relatives hate mail Monday. Just deal with that you know cause otherwise people were. Wow how did you see what somebody said about Choo and you know I don't wanna respond ever wants a just wouldn't build 15 minute stretch. Army on this face you've been obviously. And death threats clearly from some pretty serious people elect some picking an email Osaka Bosnia much from some guy from fervently that there's a point to show I could be wrong maybe that's already issuing or writing under fake name brush you know a lot of that there's a lot of that. So the book is Kennedy if the tree can babble on a century of scandal and the previous how we call volume one volume one and this so what is the when we hit all via market pastors into Baltimore when I was. They weep the market basket Tor starts on April 1 will be in the in market baskets all over New England. You know I'll be signing books and a those. Who want them. You know market basket that's wearing out. And the Albert will be all over the place will also be doing a Kennedy babble on shows were brought up all the pictures I do way presentation kind of like tests with pictures right now and that we have the whole schedule of the market basket signings and the Kennedy babble on shows at my website we car show. Dot com Howie Carr show about pop can also order the book off of how we partial dot com. And I'd just click on petty Babylon you can also order it and at Amazon. But that way you'll be giving money to Jeff based us you know he's got he's got 72 billion dollars they describe that informs the other day I could use the money more than. It's so nice that you you personalize estimates as to Kirk much of this will be familiar to idle what you're suggesting that. Family fortune was that was in the same way I just say you're from around here because you have Irish her name and I know that's adaptable line for mob Billy Bulger breakfast right Nazi that you just say that what you think of black masks the movie. OK I mean big big that would pick couldn't two hours right movies ever get I mean like patriots day in the forget and never get right. No you know I I so much for sport. Brothers Bulger. I option at this guy in Hollywood seems like this for a minor producer. And he wanted to make it into what they call long form TV series like sopranos. I boardwalk empire. Five seasons and they make Q what they do was when you sell when you sell it when you try to sell the networks. Make you do want way. Are for what might happen right fights against their parade you're gonna run out of gas sees you two should already right right exactly. And so 11 night we just sat at Fenway Park game and which is spelling out stories true stories frightful Brothers Bulger hit me. We just laid off five years which week would have been five years these that is unfortunately couldn't sell but not that would have been a better way to go oh yeah I think sends that the 21 hour. Because it at two hours. Your so constrained. That they had too much material to work work sold to the make the transition because mixed right if that's the big they would they get too much nonfiction so he had to go for gold affection. John Travolta astle nice guy. OK got to may my you know like. One day Ellie was a day no I spent it's been three guys three race by my own trail really was an out there are out there yeah they they they went he was having trouble with the issue on the second day. And you know I'm I'd they got a high performing give me like fifteen dollars of cash from my food and I go and I go eat at the commissary that they set up which is fantastic. Like this spot in the money yes obviously the money amount imam at this than they'd this this whole hell on on. Sunset Boulevard and it's got a big pool probably just what I. And I'll probably smoke a cigar in an element watch in the opening at that. Don't watch in Hollywood oh yeah mission. Too bad news for. It the director. Spend an extra. And how perhaps. Now that the government knows that patient. A collection they did pretty good job yet they get it that that would that would that the turnout to be good movie yeah. All right I'm out ecology and acoustic which we may just prolonging a flash specialist was positive and up trump what's gonna happen. And I think it's who were early to tell you I I tend to think he's he's gonna work it out. You know he's seven he's having some problems obviously that's helped it's. Maps you believe it. Barack Obama tapped his phones. Which some. Accusing it made sense for the president to go on Twitter and stated the former president was on his phones now what did you do you know mobile what is usually. Because I pinkie he thinks that they were there was something. About it it in the you know there's no way he's gonna get it out I. I don't know you know in the old days you know you like leak story. And you have to wait for two or three days and you weren't gonna put the right spin on it that I gave him as a historian get buried in the newspaper. You know the right proper outline the networks and pick up the story will be out. Yeah all the spray you know. It's like it's almost like thrown a no putting a note and a bottle throwing out hoping he gets his he's you know where's with what are. You get an immediate response mr. I think I I think it's bad. I think he's gotten thinking he wants to cut out the middle and that's that's what it's all about and that's why. That's why he's not gonna stop in you know I think they were viewing Islam box that were agree some people in Louisville you know wary of them the earlier tonight. They were asking him you know what do you think about this tweeting go on. And they said he shouldn't stop you should we keep tweeting my and I know you know the newspapers almost find somebody. I have order for our act that he especially as you are responsible I don't I don't think that's the majority opinion was like got to let me that's the reason is that. Why is called the from the get the strike began Teddy babble on Howie Carr sentry scandal the previous only libelous or blame to come out this year next year this the late this year or early next year at yeah and I don't. Absolutely I'll come back on and again or you can order it at Amazon or you can order it I'd which I would prefer how weak our show. Dot com or can order from Wellesley balks at that it's in it's in Wellesley books it's at the book ends in Winchester it's in the gift shop at Mass. General it's hospital it's in the gift shop at the Lahey Clinic and as of Monday will be back again. Palm Beach spoke excellent out of cart special thanks appreciate Turk. All right thanks again for listening to the enough Moby podcast. Actually know what I'm really not think of all he should be thanking me get this ship every week these great podcast. Totally free do if it was you go and I two's. Download a noticed Richard do the same and reiterating the reviews that she can help me out this podcast is going to be number one again I guarantee. You can help me along with the process so for that I guess at the end liberal thinking is why I think he's going back and forth here's the point (%expletive) you.

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