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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 18: Tom Caron

Mar 20, 2017|

Rob Bradford is joined by Tom Caron, the man responsible for guiding the ship when it comes to Red Sox pregame and postgame shows, along with various other important duties with the New England Sports Network, including offering the play-by-play for both TV and radio throughout spring training. Tom and Rob discuss a variety of topics, such as nickname conundrums, radio vs. television, criticizing the team, behind-the-scenes for the broadcasts and where the industry is going.

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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. Joseph Kelly of the Boston Red Sox here former guest on the Bravo show podcast. Joseph up all the people on this planet cool you would like to see as the gas to. On the Bravo show who would be Bob. That's a lot of pressure. I had few guys in mind. One thing that probably won't do good for my legacy do it one of the Tom Brady. I got that will do it and it's a do it is another guy who. Might be part of the nest and family. Not this is first us named Tom Karen. You know TC. The electorate and a step up its big game like him on the show this election. Overlooking the great game of baseball. Along with the men at retirement think about the great game of baseball I think of him. Tom Caron of the new England sports network. Tom RU. I'm Greta is special because you know when I think baseball I think view so we could just a deer and think about each other. I wanna talk about a few things that he Tom TC which by the way do you like tar and talked to be called palm RTZ. I don't here's my thing was nicknames. I don't like on people by their nicknames the I don't know if you pick that up I don't like that beat in a lot of it goes back to go and and clubhouse and report reporters saying. To this guy back I've had nicknames are you know I don't know you well I know you do. But still I have rock or a hard time saying nicknames what what's your take on the odd couple things only get to your first of all can I call you Brad faux. Is that then you can call me if you want our foreign to earth Bradford. Brad flow. Robbie anything you want Letterman song's name which I EYIE. In this if I go there and kind of ethics I am still known as Robby with a variety. Again. Amendment as a podcast is the place for tangential stories that really you'll never tell anywhere else but the day I can tell us right now Roddick the torque. One immigrants has the skaters ever and I won immigrants high school hockey players in Massachusetts history. Was fired by the New Jersey Devils on March 23 2000 that's my institutional knowledge of hockey. It's also eyed the reason I know this is because it was the dame on Robbie was born. And we are sitting there after he was born. And they were right yeah they read the card on the little of the call that the bassinet or whatever does that put him in in the nursery the little you know it's were babies. Like the aquarium does the little glass box they put America. And the woman came in the first few minutes and we're putting his name on it what's his name's Robbie she goes I he or wide and we had never thought of that. And literally. Were saying this is the end zone and our. That was the best story on the Bravo shows is Carlos Quinn told me how he lost forty pounds. Up forty counts. It was basically he he had a very. Extravagant. Method of doing it which came down to to eating half the amount of stuff that you would it a lot of fat. That's what the ledger did two winters ago to lose all his weight just portions of it. Throughout those go to restaurant. It gets rid of half of what's on display that's basically that no I understand some more on Twitter said that it needed to Jerry Remy directive. To guide then all of this is great you lost forty pounds you try to make the baseball team. I'm like all right Walter LeRoy elements that a twelve wearing only X. LB on the Red Sox before you know my club is wanna go with someone like that I eat to have Porsche and they push it died as well as my full force at the back nicknames. You know I got yelled at age 8088. Producer manager at NASA and during a Beanpot broadcast. Because. We had gone through this quick like Iran or that and everybody was calling everybody by the DC Jersey hey Rick let's go back busy busy. You know kicked out is death and was just it was like six consecutive nicknames and I'd get the text call me there and of course because it was like a frat house party unity that. Stuck into the buying games I think that's good though I am I talking about this in in social everyday setting him into with a riff Raff that. That I I have a hard time right I do have a hard time calling people by the nickname. So when a kid everybody might my high school soccer coach was the first guy to circle and he tees it meant the world and after the top cat. And the cartoon he was TDs illness trashed Hillary lipped. And so yeah it's gonna talk to. He's got 98 and though throughout high school. Everybody comity and everybody called me TC so when I started doing television in Portland Maine originally and people would yell it's on its on its on and so the only TCI would know that it was a friend or someone from home you know. And I got here it was it was remedy Jerry Remy who call me DC on the air. And it just sort of caught and and yes twenty years ago and and so everybody calls me TC now and I have no you know now people get my attention by yelling my wife's name or something people I know it doesn't feel weird like if I say Tom thank what I hate Tom because I figured I do that more than I say TCU do and I like it's kind of formal I think we have a special relationship and I think that. That goes through my mind that my siblings commie Tawny. Which I despise hate being told call Tommy I always have so you've got that now you hip pocket all your listeners have that they're really wanna. Get under my skin you comic timing which is why non IE I liked Robby for toward. I feel like I need to separate separate myself and it came to our relationship so I'm glad we did that I've I'll tell this quick as boys were a nickname stories. This is doing discussed every run but I don't care when I was growing up. It weighs. Might must James Bradford I don't know if you knew that Brad folk. To some of us might might fathers are thrilled that we cut off a few letters and so. But though it. It is like an Ellis Island story you know to me like your great grandmother was coming over from the old country and it is a yeah you're going to be Brad follow we don't have enough room on the fly honest to god truth my I think my data sort of pissed that everyone's on the Brad faux. Until I gave him a teacher with Brad fraud in history teacher. Anyways that. This is when I got the job at NASA and whomever is it pay cable. Service like that the bucks by the when I call my father of the an amendment follows the main guy ever thought that. Cult it's some exciting news that I had gotten a job now. And the first thing is like fifteen bucks a month like you just wasn't excited I'll want to summon the did you deal I don't all of it dated now with you when you look at the power that you wield that organization but. The big game story is I think an elementary school. That. Bradford went to. Buford know what the beeper went to Buford and and Buford somehow became posture. So my nickname for two years in school was posture can you you know why you're about other than aids. A ward why. Buford T process again that's going to be some growth plus the moment that usually 99% of the people when they shouted hey pops there. You know this is talked about my parents cringing. But it plus. It was go to Buford T bluster they're just going pots. So so anyway does this get the could be to your you're. As we see here right now overlooking the fine fields that jetBlue park. Risking her life and limb in in batting practice sitting in the stands you're about to do it raise a Red Sox radio broadcast with Tim maverick that it can never am yeah finally I've I got two on Friday we joked that Leo first. Reds radio game I've ever done and it was very. I've learned about the call every pitch which I was aware of god no way we were to erase those let's back up so one of the things that the inside radio things know about doing specially with Joseph. If you how. The last. At him call a pitch we've had. High level general managers. High level dignitaries come line who'll never be on the broadcast again because they talked through the pit did you learn that the hard way did you actually talk to the pitches I did doctor Pitt does a couple of times in this story and you know Joseph the king of pain in the mental pictures were you able to immediately and here's the pits at the ball. Even though the pitcher already got the ball back after his execution of the pits but I did learn. Because he kind of you know we're in wheelchairs and lunged over towards me to get it off talking because it was time to call it you can feel it you can feel the tension in the coming out of years. When we were the other day it was was it. That was just squabble bomb pro scouting director and it was down my goodness it was very very soccer then just figured out he figured out that's what you love Mike Hayes and my case in it was a pro and we've talked about this we had we've got on to GM the Phillies GM twins GM. And I think Joseph likes them for two reasons number one. Data from Massachusetts and grew up with muted Joseph and and most importantly they didn't talk that it. Well the great ones figure out you know the great ones like in my days in Millen go way out deficits they get invited back off and subsequently be he had a run because he'd been doctored the pitches. Anyways so you do the radio you do the first radio the other day as he said. And you've been doing the TV expertly down here now before you did the TV filling in down here for a spring training. I remember that you would nights here to broadcast. A court talented one of the greatest ideas ever in the medium. Which was breaking about three innings at a time. And it always meet you in Mike saw wind Jim Rice and on her solo was at the the other time that you would doctorates are radio. Other tech TV. Yeah. Yes I mean prior to. Last year last year here it's spring training I did about half the games Dave O'Brien obviously there is lot of college basketball this time here and I also did. One regular season game last year. It was a little Monday night game his daughters graduate from college and it wasn't gonna get that this was what I'm Garbo was to dump their team that is what we did. Was the championship season. I think we should point that out. And yet we all rotated through. What about the mikes all. I don't know I don't try to remember who got which three innings as though what would did you get the final three audio as first you refer this right. It. I was I think there was acted in by then Jim Rice this will realize this with death such a bad idea Tiki what you are caged. I've done a pretty big give walk by the greater information about Carl Crawford play left field. If they got no. It'd be it would give play left field cut off. I've taken delegate rise that anyone can play left field the federal that's not doesn't go over real well you know I thought that was the that was the when I was talking about the approached about having to discipline approach and they when I played nobody watt for the mailman. Apparently don't walk out of South Carolina where he grew up by the gods deal president goes so and so it's it's listen it's a great experience and in terms of I didn't think about. Seven of those games. I don't think may be governor of merit like did you did some. Our way back what were you when where and dawn are still had like thirty something different and that's yet so. I did one game in 2012. I didn't will middle Brooke bomb debut went right at when he sold base are members saying this kid can do at all. And ethnic and then any you know the thing was Tom Tom Thomas Tommy. The thing a thing is is that when I did that game I I would obviously 2012 I had no idea what I was doing I was just rolled the do it. And when he said this is what you'd be making after the game I was like you're gonna pay me to do this is awesome. But it was it was I'd I who is was talking into a tight cast like at your pace needed tock and that is deathly nine regular on. No it's I don't the podcast he didn't realize that it. The Buford T boasts a podcast and have been launched off the ground. So what do when you heard so did you feel that when you dug your TV you do in TV do through the radio tell me a little bit about the differences that you have cleaned. I have long I've gleaned. That you have to talk more on radio hit just sit there at three pitches like we tend to doing TV at doing that. There in the globe crossword aside there was a couple pitches. Yeah you know it's it's sick it's constantly re setting on radio that the city right now the balls and strikes what's the count what car. Which according Twitter I didn't have nearly enough last month though let it go through that though the old timers and nobody remembers what an egg timers Saddam against his might. IPhone stop watch and every three minutes it seems about right using egg timer when you're on a radio. I ever gonna come backs that you guys are way ahead on your break back. So it's so anyway we are you talk about the rhythm and Andy gonna talk more when you're honoring that you'd need to I mean you can tell the soaring. But still got a Vin Scully you don't get too carried away with the story because. Here's the pitch there but I didn't. I guess I'm gonna break the mold because I can honestly I didn't. Say every parent's unlike a good thing Leo I talked right there are double pitches because. You needed over the ball outside the U. Doubt that now you know the liberties as an alternate modes is all other things like what box get the MLB yet that night game cast Jabil set but. Are you chiding the pitch. I mean you really need to know that. I'll tell you if it like hockey I mean it all logged in you might. Not talk about them bringing it up the shot anatomy to get into its opening the ball on them going anonymous tell you what's going on. Do you think do you think it is changed and we can lump the TV in the radio together. You think it's changed in that respect that a lot of people think because I think because of attention span. Because the USA today first now Twitter what is done to our minds. Bet that people don't have the attention spans so you have to it becomes an entertainment thing more than an information that. All Italy and I think it is because all the kids are reading USA today I think you're absolutely they'll that is. I think this is the second screen which is the US today is currently. Well the kids are unlike typical rather motel rooms read USA today but it killed it dead man. Every good for six weeks that was written that I had never submitted. It is is that before but before it sweater that's what ruined our box where. That's a little more of the day. That's that's what it's become have to be more entertaining totally entertainment and again we had the advantage on TV. You can see the plank. But there's a second straight everybody's looking at the game cast everybody's looking at Twitter everybody's seen what's happening. On TV you might ought to be watching our neighbors say but you might have it on the secondary channel rolling on the DVR Twitter tells you that. Pablo just did a three run home run you're gonna switch you're gonna roll back you're gonna look at it that's the game is played today you wanna keep their attention. Yeah unity at a fine line between. By giving you the information of the game but keeping it entertaining making it fun and I think radio is the same way a relative I think you guys I mean yesterday. What was the day game time guessing three hours or two straight three and half hour and a half hour game. Over the course nine innings yes and Steve Lyons and I talked about how to properly skip rocks what you can do it in the ocean. Mechanical pencils vs traditional pencils and the need for a pencil sharpener. And I am liberal bulls chances of finishing in the top four in the for merely. Been there you go. That I mean just like Vince Scully. It the but but I remember when I was doing those who I was doing those games back in the rotating people. Era and 2013. I remember doing it with a Marcelo and I loved him I mean it was it was so cool what was so great because it was the you're just having fun and a rebel we get to one of those laughing fits Wear which I take great pride out like basically I put this if I could put it AA audio file on the wall. That is what it would be. FB BD. The. The laughing fit that at Mozilo and the next day I go up to whom I apologize visited sorry I I I got a little silly there and he said. No nobody's ever gonna remember broadcast for at my information is gonna be remembered for that. Know that organ or Vermont broadcast for information because I give very little element to any member you know going way back in time. 0203 I was the sideline reporter. And abroad and never was linked with a player over my two years of being a sideline reporter. If you guys got in that one on 1 of the morning shows what do you want a job of his more enjoyable one of the doctors and EI. It was a morning show they're just. They religion people other talk about under what is around the industry and how many of them are are very pretty ally Eric freed is such a sly and they didn't cross over at the end of liberal and and and one of them was like somebody said. You know Lou I mean isn't that the case and says listen when I played our Simon report it was DC and right in the I thought that was very hurtful to them there was no reason for him to bring it up like that. But I you know T. When I was on the sideline of memories go in the crowd and find fans the eyed little bit about missing dramatic home runs while I was talking to a grandmother prompt New Bedford op. But you know it was part of the entertainment it's a fine line you don't you know. Tutu in the seventh inning you don't need me talking to some guys were Rem dog shirt that I found in Baltimore. But by. You can have fun as the sideline reporter and can create those sort of moment you throw back in the and you fall allotment. And I think we've done a pretty good job that over the years on this and how much. The change even the last two years that we've autumn topic of conversation we fed down hears about the industry as changing Comcast is changing in terms of how they approached. I EB and when they're going up against the game this and we're gonna react to it wouldn't give opinion we don't have the games of this is how we're gonna do it. But how has the entire sort of genre. Changed when it comes to pass to be opinion you have to be entertainment. Over what we're talking about with information why you see it on ESPN every day right I mean that's of where everything is gone what I like and is the fact that we generally have games. It's why I got into this business. Another donut opinions and I'm more than willing to share them what does that give you my opinion on the ground Fo Sho yes yes it's great five starts. Wire again when I'm on your show it to be nice but. I like doing games you know and be between the Red Sox and Bruins won those of our college stuff and you 28290. Nights a year we got a game on now. We don't have to guys yelling at each other and and and John rip each other part of their opinions. The business has gone that way yes people around the industry the regional networks. That have gone that way or the ones that don't have a lot of game broadcasts. Over 365. Days you've got to do something. To get attention on your network and that's a great way to do away. Outside that in game. 150 ninths a year from April through October. We have the benefit of having the games and and and that's why I like being as that's why I like witness and a. All big part of what you do or NASA is the pregame show to. Which you're able to gays in the mine now Isaiah every once in awhile. Across the death though I've always wondered in this is sort of balance in the fine line it was so when I go on there. And and Europe do it and I gotta be honest with you Thomas that that. Is that it does impress me so much like how you are able to bounce around things and say ways and everything else dissolves it that I couldn't do so. It yet the podcasts than I say once where a podcast. There's contractually obligated to that relevant. You get the kids to put down USA today and lo and Q despite her death where you're supposed to do. So but it is so you keep him move a year Bobbitt and we've been throughout the without the pregame news and believe me I know that you have obstacles of things there aren't scripted things don't happen. So when I'm on a whim anybody's on you like it when it gets. Tom do you like it when it gets conversational do you like it when it gets silly do you like our board it is it disconcerting because you you don't kick it to. Our op opt over a topic really I mean they've learned not to try to tell me what to say. I've learned not to new podcast with a leaf blower in the background apparently you haven't. It's just strap and Mike the it is. Yeah no I Ali as I'm like go to our topic it what I like about our show what I really love Obama show. Hi is it is you know what is saying it's a man who can do both I mean we we can do both you know to me weep I mean I think you've seen you know at our best. Coming on after. I you know after the weight Miley incident in Baltimore John Barrow where we spent a whole show ripping into what just happened or we came on. You know right after the Michael Pineda pine tar game and it was one of our great shows I love moments like that. We have very little time I looked walked off all of blown saves on either side because that's when you throw all show up the window when you just reacting in the moment. It's also a long season. You know it means that there are times that I I think he gets silly and it's perfectly fine I wish you could see when you're on the show. From a remote location right we do that split screen and I you know. Rob. Can you take it you know in Chicago. I'm by the way I I I don't know if this is right I've tried to figure this out. But when you say thanks rob for all the information I just give they had head nod if you don't wanna talk over the purse right and you wanna get. And every replies demise you know. Thanks rob and thank you and by then I'm already like coming up neck you know and and so it's really I was wearing a hat I would. Literally tip my hat do you instead respond the problem is when you come on I forget that you get that. And and so quite a nice dude I don't do that awkward pause waiting replies. And it's just not there at the second gonna happen you're just there at the campground and it's really like awkward moment of the parties. Where nobody knows what's going nine. I'll pick up next. So I get up but but what happens a lot of times. Is what your talking. You know I'm I'm ordering dinner. I mean I'm I'm getting the menu from Jim Rice and say yeah let's get pat tiger and I and then you abruptly stopped and I have no idea what you just said. So that's why a lot of times it's an abrupt change in requested it doesn't play off what you just said at all you know yes you might like you know like that time he lost his leg and off it. Okay what price is going to be on the mound tomorrow because I don't know I didn't hear you. That I feel right Tom right W that would give story about its armed. You know the pads ha. It's really good tonight we haven't had it awhile. It's so what. In terms of when we go into this new year. Assuming that doctor if fired for saying in January on this podcast. With a with a member of NASA and what would you say what do you say. That we have to do that what what oil and make that that segment give it deadly. Because honestly it's your it's the same thing when he went on the broadcast and I like the fact they tell me what to do that it would get in my head. By. What is that what are the keys in terms of that pregame show to making it good I mean I know Jim gonna do his thing which could do his thing. I gonna do his thing wives is gonna do his thing but what what. For someone like me who goes all what would make Egypt. Well people like lists. And it's like USA today has done for somebody is this thing is so popular. So I think you could just sort of randomly throw was scenario like you know let's figure out. Joining us today from Kansas City and you're just even last year. About what we expected to suffer Steven Wright tonight. You just wanted to risk list of the three best rib please as you found in Kansas and I ticket next level because I am all about decayed. I could either eat for every time I go on it will either have a hash tag for you. Or remote. They'll look at the ship. Are we come up with a hash tag what does that has staggered and that'll be the fire on a final question. And because as an expert in your what I've learned is is that you always finish off. With the light moment Jerry Remy walking by by the way at the moment the as the rob Bradford podcast podcaster. Now I'm sure in your podcast got. Now I I'm like oh he's as cute documentary I wish it was a documentary. The doing a documentary on rob Bradford. It's kind of a thirty for thirty but it is the Brad coach Joseph documentary which. The VP both VB darkest days was when I did the they clay buckles podcast a couple weeks ago that will be known as the went to when things took a turn for the worse. I didn't area yet it was boring. I doubt that day I went solemn and get all the bad days outweighed the good days it was one of those things when I'm doing and I kind of think it it it was better than it was and then I'm listening back to Micah now not happening. So I hope that. This wasn't good. About that stacked so I would like to there was like to start the hard hitting information come in swinging. And as you may have noticed especially towards the end when I've finished my order for dinner I like to throw in sort of the light hearted questions so we can chuckle when the brain itself. But well and without what today's asked net like what you say as always what do you say. It credit for baited as always. Why don't always say it that's what you'll notice sometimes that know what's more there's something nice days. I can remember Jeremy calls me out on it there's something nice say it's like. Great stuff great stuff when I did great stuff. I've really been impressed and I don't say it all the time. So like great stuff is our pad Thai owner agree have been great great stuff is great stuff it's like. The great stuff great stuff as always a's I wasn't paying attention to a word you were saying and I'm moving great art is art in turn has agreed to go to the ocean place which is a little further than usually drives for dinner so I'm happy. So you talk a little bit about a reaction and react and I do you think that is the best I go back to the peak might leak gave me. An act I forget what would he says what is he on now at what he's still not know what is he on any other drug but what he's UConn app. Asked. So anyway so the reaction is the bad old. When they're going through the down times when the rats are going through down last couple years now last couple years for 20142002. What how old. Oprah was about the Bobby Valentine this season is Greg Robb is it sounds bad team by the end of the of the ratings are very low. And both gamers pregame ratings were up that yet because people really want to see what was this guy gonna say tonight. And they wouldn't what's the date it puts. Who's angry about that Pedroia opened about bell and today did you closed off okay I'm out. So let's go back to that would be beat that date patriots day 2012. When you had Pedroia saying. That's not how do we do things maybe that's how they do things in Japan you can Lewis Rubin downtime at its ripping down time. Com as as as an entity of the team of NASA in the net in broadcast. And I guess this is the broad brush in terms of anytime there there's any controversy the reds are for doing that. Is it uncomfortable for you. Now well because that's I think about it less and I know the talk shows love to say rather old by the name about a lot but I you know. Ownership. At NASA and our ownership of the Red Sox top management hasn't has never told me what does anyone not dissent and and if you watched it as vigorously. No line I mean nobody is more critical of the team when they deserve. Criticism so why I stand by what we say what we do and you know we've we've we've good times bad times I like I said. You know listen I go way back I mean they keep full blown save of 2005. Was some of our greatest shelves because it was happening. Right at the yup that's what you play enemy we it. To get a little inside scoop on how we do the show rod itself I was the Biden gave to three three in exactly the first three innings reading dinner. Trying to watch in the game. And bitter about the thing play out you know more often and on again sometimes things that early my competitiveness my dark but more often than not. The games is sort of easing into the rhythm. Metal three games three innings really saw the focus it now talking about what. This gauge posted Joe's going to be about what Saturday's game and at last the ratings are getting ready to go on there. It blows with make up map application that eighth inning you know bottom of the eighth two outs. You know we have we have four monitors and legendary and as a green room no official loud as you know by now that's my rule. But three other games going on to the players to watch baseball. Off what happens is you spend three hours three 44 and a half hours blog Davis. Getting ready to his post game show it's a book seven tonight that you are literally throwing the entire shell out the window. And starting with what happened. Ninety seconds before you come on yet and those of the great moments unanswered question. I'd like news dumb old school I like when news happens like when something goes down. This announcement right before the pregame show that this guy's scratches now this guys go out and some of going on the DL I like a blown save. Good or bad not too many I get threats on us as it is it's better to do and people that you root for him. I Red Sox fan worth talking to Red Sox fans and and we went off homers but what's it doing eight playoff bound teams. Upgraded apartment for business or and it's just a lot more enjoyable nobody wants to watch it a dead team plane out straight this time we done enough of that the last few years. He would always it's interesting because. How players react to things and and you know a mere bit down your life you've you've you've certainly been in the clubhouse a lot of the course of the season. You don't typically at the travel with a team like you know like alliance does or something in Horry Jack does and we've heard about whether confrontations the players and pasted them. But how players typically in my experience the last couple years how they react to stop its offer of hey Twitter. And beat the pregame and post game show because you know why it's in it right there in front right. An end and they come in the post game show generally they win the TVs Iran and if they lose the TVs are off. So they get it's really whenever we say anything critical after a win that I know we're probably gonna hear about it. Ben glisan way back when. 2010. And well remember what year did that Ortiz get off to the really bad stuff 20092010. It was 2009. Right and and it was one of those perfect storms where. I'll I'll never get the ninth inning. Ortiz is big into double play that I David and Jeremy Herm you guys. Hit a wall ball double to win the game and a Wacom. We may be editorial decision to come on the here and begin with the full inning. Ortiz hitting into the double plus get just as part of the that was the build up the drama of water meter good with two outs. And it was also the day we have no control this is not pregame thing there was in game our poll question of the night was what should. They do with Mike Lowell should the game play Dave being you know an overwhelmingly play every day it was thought it was I voted for play every day and that of course you did. And you also voted for the Toronto Blue Jays and they weren't even a choices and a full contractually obligated pretty. So but a veiled shot at Ortiz who was struggling and and you know people remember. That was the birth of laser show laser show doesn't joy said that in the interview about now. Because he looked up. And they were interviewing him he's that somebody sits a modern teases of why don't get on meant for my first year it won 61 in April what happened after that laser show. Everybody get off Ortiz back. And there was the hue and cry after that night. I'd sit out minorities we had talked about what we dine. Hotline about you know I had no Francona golfer goes office half dozen time really sure. They watch what we said. And usually it's the analysts thereafter because he was a former players they have you know guys like your meeting come I don't care what we say to an extent. We're so they publicly. But it. We didn't mean to about a barn once in the middle of a post game interview that we're airing in the bit you blogs and even some of the C word about it. And he says not a word about it but. And do it enough so it's always a cozy relationship between us in the. Plus side I had was it two years ago yes two years ago because Hanley who play in the health field. And we did one of humanity Finley montage is of in the left field. And I went up dome and he was physically so you you can make that play I've -- sort of yeah iconic coated. It's oh my butt. Was it was it last year viewer tees triple a tie the game or double and then though the flowered in those last you want it yeah. And he bond did. Whomever he tried to drop the bunt in the ninth inning I think and and it didn't work and then they wanted to extras. And you really got his mechanic called Ramallah that would that would think to do on the white bunt and swing away. Op. He thought does make it a heads up baseball play you know here's a guy who's been criticized over the course of his career. For maybe not being engaged enough anybody's being who are engaged by by trying to catch them asleep. And and work being critical postage so he was upset about the students like few select its why you begin debate the big bucks but is I mean it must be out all all the shows the most fortunate we talked about. Things Comcast doing the tenacity doing yacht everything. The pregame and post game especially when they're going to give it for the post game Red Sox musket like obscene ratings that you know. I've been told that you know our our post game ratings debt better ratings than like 23 Major League teams get for their date. Right we've we get a bigger audience for both scheduled and I don't fill in the team gets to watch their nine innings so. I don't have a lot of time oh to start a silent reporter 04 which is a good year to start. As the studio host. You know I've kind of become. This video literally the anchor of the whole thing I read a different way and we'll come and go they go bill good relationships with all different analysts is what. Makes my job. Challenging and fun is you know I can Knight is very different from from a rice lions combo from a from a weight night you know they're all very different. Having you on the pregame shows very different from other people. I've been very immunity because you don't say thanks and yet you just stare into the camera awkward that IPO I give it to the shop I don't know all the people behind the scenes regularly guys wanna shop well. On the show I could annoyed. Last question because I appreciate your time and we powered through leaf blowers and then. It's been just the right time. Yesterday's game that it. It's it's just two guys sitting around talking this is the most conversational podcast I had sent. Now we've where it twin peaks with Joseph Kelly Corso and I never got a I got is that still available today that it is this bill we get rid of there. That's the truth grab bits of the US news today at the editors that you know. I guess I'm still smaller that you prefer reading stuff over listening and watching through the day when we do stuff for the website is amazing enemy wants that I've had. Where I've had a talk show votes where they've said with a kind of broken stuff and so at all while it's okay we wanna put that print. And now I don't really want you to do that because what has been pregnant it's done. Yeah that it a secret is that often that's the deal or you want it because people you can you know follow how many people are like like I'm gonna go back and listened to the twin peaks. Later if it was on line number glance at 20 so you're gonna sacrifice if you do stuff is stuff and praying and you just linked to an audio volume is sacrificed. Audio plays. But it to get traction about something new Z on. On the Internet to get track support. Really it's once in print that's when it gets tracks that's when he gets out there that's when people they can be three days later. That's really what it is and and that's a whole not a conference it's stupid Internet. Anyway. It. It's a bad this site that the TVs of that never noticed that the way to let TV won't catch on. Did give us a liberal radio I like the fact that you bring in TV and the radio I feel like. I feel like this is that the fact you're doing the radio games like your. Doing a little TV and radio I'm it's like don't. The clintons tell them much or you know what Tim does or you know it's an average today one of things he does is tell us where you listen to the game from. That's very interactive and it's very moderate that's interactive I I'm more of the don't tell me what you do me because I'm not gonna watch the game and probably not their Twitter well I did that once in clocked up my timeline so much a lot like. By 812 dollars and I'm prioritizing my Twitter dollars over. My actual job that you as a media. I 54 out to present him more than me. And I don't prioritize mine and I'm not that far back cities like 49 am almost fifty about it. Fifty can people just follow me I need 600 people to follow me today this BI has repaid exposure box and Twitter followers so gradually other stuff. In the Graham and a man not I posted one patrons I I I I I did in dram target follow my kids that's it. Another Mike if they'll do is very minimal there on the snapped again. And now another that now. And it boosts my instant Graham profiles. Mike can't I have like 800 something followers. And that's way up because what I've done the trick during this spring training of posting pictures on the Graham and then linking them the Twitter. China trying to get people to follow me on it's a grim. And I'm still like. A quarter of what my sixteen year old son was following him on in cigarettes what's weird is twenty years ago when you said I want to boost minds to grant followers. You'll get fired for that. But the last question I want to ask you was. And that. You're trying to get this last question I'm clearly I just wanted to go is not brought to you lose is like to launch a bad thing if we keep going. I think it's in if its in tray you can't go like. And so that's no longer interest we've we've read it sort of the Mendoza line would be interesting. To say no way ahead of his time was Dan Duquette. And I know the words don't say all the time. But a long time like like in late ninety's didn't get said once it got ridiculed for it. Like people should just follow Red Sox dog gone and get their information there and his point was. That you're gonna get everything you need off the Internet dirt and that's where we aren't I mean that's his point was you'll be able to follow because I follow up and has about that he was. That's pretty cities and you don't give a false stuff from the team from the athlete directly so does what you were nine dot. So basically your say did you can't invented invented the industry. Part advent of the Internet. I knew he was ahead of the curve when he went him and his son drafted Daisuke Matsuzaka in the first ever WEEI dot com fantasy baseball league which there was a that was when he was not employed with it was I had this great idea of a fancy league of him chilling. Dog back Maloney. And and it was good because Schilling was sitting next to Duquette during the draft and he was just wearing him out a law. Anyway the last classic question. Talk radio you like doing it I mean this as we talked about him in the broadcast in the pregame jitters in the post game joke. Doc ray this sense I get when it comes to allotted quota quote TV guys that comes through talk radio is that you been let out of jail. This is this is I get that actually sit down I'm not on a timer I get the top. I really do enjoy it as you know I've done quite a bit of it over the years on the guy. You know the audience changed for me is it's become so low NFL and patriots centric and I'm not an NFL agent Scott I love it I watch it. The patriots fans but I'm not an expert and at least on the network I do stuff on which is WBI. It's more often than not meet season in baseball season hit those sort of summer days is not a lot else going on. But there's a 90% chance of I'm going to and it's going to be patriots thoughts and if it's all these and that's cool. In baseball season as you know I mean. I'm not on 02 days I'm not really on top of that because what we do is pretty all encompassing staying on top of this team. Sought my head over the last couple years because the patriots have certainly become the number one priority for most. Sports Radio. Shows talk radio shows and listeners it's hard to do Red Sox on talk radio there and read site season it is. Think it is because this team always says drama on this team all we need story lines always story lines you have are they talk radio story line that's the biggest differently we can go in. But here's the example Thomas. That we can we can go in today and I cute I could talk forever about for an into abides by on this team. And and this is the talker rightness or publics into even wobbles in a ball. That's not it that's not gonna drop the needle today on talk radio that and and so maybe you know what I. This is that comes as Varnado podcast is imminent don't wait too long on this but. Necessarily sure that I'm the demographic we're talk radio has gone you know and and the show's agenda listen to what I'm out of town and I realize they're not like the shows I've listened to when I'm in town you know the ice shelves up. You know I am above allowed to mention other I mean I I but that's a joke to me that's not the bats. Austin when I'm out of New England. That's the show I try to fine because I just think adding it's entertaining I think there's a lot of interviews tonight. As a reporter I'm morgue drawn to interviews and so what I am doing now I was never podcasts guy until about. Two months ago this off season. And I will say it was the the war enough about me podcast. By Kirk committing and with god he was Chad Finn. They got their first and I listen to you and now you know I've got started listening to them in the gym on the treadmill stuff like that and in the car more and more. For example. Last week whatever it was went to Clearwater is a two hour drive early in the morning after we set the clocks ahead. It's like downloaded a couple of Phillies podcasts and all the way out was that the Phillies. So what I'm finding myself more drawn towards those kind of conversations like. This or your twin peaks then I am with these sort of cost ghetto where the value discredited your twin peaks that you're toward pigs blood that's weekly fit him twenty just want to dot we've actually talked about the the it was a day I tried to excuse the massacre it actually worked out great. And I think this is sort of the next level of may not be happy to have now and involved. Which was. You do remote podcast the bar so guys did at the Wilbur theatre I mean that sort of the next level. But we did and it to impeach the joke to live and Rick for so low is it accomplishes what you want which is guys are sitting around. Drinking iced tea in eating food and a few fans and they're coming up and that's fine but this is the next level of I think. Podcast but you're right I think that the what you're saying is correct gradually since you are correct because. My point is that thought you brought Embree back to your conversation about TV where ESPN's gonna work on guys going. I hate this sort of reached my saturation point of guy AA scrutiny guide me above their different takes. I yelled at home it's different because I was no because I think you have to because that's cents. A lot of the agenda for what anybody's talking about on a given day gets it tells you what fans are thinking about. But not a talent I'm down here. I'm not watching on disputed I'm not watching first. I I I'm not listening. Two ideas did you Wear guys yelling at each other I'm just not outside of the market I don't find myself was included because of that I find myself gravitating to. Those things that I wonder about take back to New England with me a little more. It's a reality and you heard that you probably heard this our conversation of the world radio guys. Where they were alike that we went Kirk's podcast first started while you're dropping that show that if people are gonna listen that instantly show. But I eight compared to win the Internet came round for newspapers editors didn't wanna give the Internet for free well. Tough block buddy I mean the Internet not go anywhere podcasts are Tony where and you. You're going to listen to what you wanna listen to if you don't like what on the radio it's not like before where you know less power of rule four hours. So I and I think. And and you know. What we've accomplished today is that we can just get the next generation to put down USA today and watch a little baseball. And listen to a podcast I think I mean we've made America a better place. That was my goal after forty some minutes and make America. Of the minutes. I don't flies by ordered we're just two guys talking at a baseball park but was not enough sort of secret you can understand my point. Well with Tom Thomas Tommy DC this is where I give it to the threat that give it to for the shall upload you. But my verbal tip of the show up both thanks so much for coming on and I look forward to. Taking all your advice and not talking for Europe network this year isn't this where is both against appearing on the podcast received dot dot dot. That it's it's understood. The community shares will be in the Abu. Are you people who are our rule your rise by at rapid teachers that I know less about I don't care. I got a however a sixties here that's that that generated thing there you go I'll take a teacher can say anything I want anyway. DC thanks so much there was fondly referred and good luck with the rest of the podcast or power. For more Tom Caron tune into all the Red Sox broadcast on net and throughout spring training including. The game against the nationals people first live from Annapolis the Naval Academy. Tom also obviously be on the pregame and post game shows. On the always excellent Red Sox television broadcast throughout the season and for more Brad vote show subscribe to my iTunes account or just listening to me that plain old WEI. Dot com.

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