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Ray Allen can't come to the Celtics party, 3-20-2017

Mar 21, 2017|

According to a new story, Rajon Rondo says the '07-'08 Celtics are planning a championship reunion that Ray Allen will not be invited to. Villani and Bradfo believe the Celtics should get over their hate of Ray.

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Recapping that T and sports much at night on Sports Radio telling you we. EI. Plus a little disappointed because we've some especially here. Me and KG Spartan. Championship bringing some of his life. You know so that aspect of this. Select lost. Its. Paul Pierce and Danny aims. Liking about Ray Allen and his departure. Somebody noble departures are Celtics fans are concerned from Boston to Miami. Back in at the summer 2012. Apparently Roger and Rondo rob Bradford is planning. And how we got this job but he is apparently ready to vacation. To commemorate the 2008. Championship in Boone do Celtics that title run. And we over the lakers that's gonna be commemorated with a trip and talking with the undefeated. He said that Ray Allen is not invited per the wishes of the other guys on the team including pierce and Garnett they do not want Ray Allen to come to there I would imagine all inclusive vacation party. To celebrate the championship in 2008. This whole get together with a broad bodies as you can't have anything celebrating their championship Ray Allen. The Gideon is at Eddie House invited. That's it James Post he's gonna be there PJ brown is the unity there yeah. Slumped to open Williams Shelden Williams does not there yet because. I don't bite him anyway. Hmmm I don't the united she she maybe you won't be invited he's been blessed and offers OK fine don't invite some people. But just called a boys' night out this week and a week and get together. Don't call a celebration of the championship because guess what you want winning that championship with a guide Avery out. This is such an obvious and in frankly weird and to a degree pathetic. Attempt to bury Ray Allen again. On the part of the Celtics and eat yet he wanted to get together in a bunch of guys. Hang out maybe there'll be a photo or something that was leaked to somebody would point out after the fact while Ray Allen wasn't there but it could be fifty different reasons why that was indicates. In this case they wanted to win this get together when this reunion. With the former teammate to commemorate the championship run. And then Rondo goes out of his way to get an interview to the undefeated. To say yes we're doing this and Ray Allen got invited. You can not come to my house rain we are taking our ball and go somewhere else. An excellent stuff and and I am. One who is much more sympathetic to Ray Allen. In the vast majority Celtics fan I think Celtics fans were in Boston sports fans lose their minds on this this is a guy who was a mercenary. Was brought in with a singular focus to coming here to win a championship they traded for Ray Allen along with Kevin Garnett. To put together a championship team quickly it was brilliant it worked out great they won a title immediately. If guarded didn't get hurt next year they might have gone back to back and they were a relevant. Championship contending basketball team for the entire Ryan of those three players Allen Garnett and pierce in Boston. At the end of that stretch. In large part by the way because Allen or Rondo clearly get along. The Celtics try to trade Ray Allen on numerous occasions. So what Allen finally had the opportunity to go where he wanted to he went to a place. There was an obvious better it for a gimmick that stage of his career he took less money. In an era where we do nothing but crap on players for taking the top dollar deal he got less money. And it worked out just the way you envisioned because he went to Miami and white championship with the heat. And now he becomes a pariah and that they can't even get over five years later they're still bothered by us. Can't we hit we just look at that championship and of acting kiwi to celebrate what happened there. And and well if we're gonna crap on people and it looked portly partly to applaud people were on that team listen the same for roads are Rondo. I mean it wasn't yet in the box. By the time he left here yet he's pretty he's putting together the reunion music gadgets that do not logistical you have to invite him the stationers if you like is gonna give the look towards the stated station where he died at the party think it's a garden party envelopes. But it's. Just hate you could not everyone probably get alarmed a lot of these teams. Who knows maybe that the Celtics in the all get along with Scott wedeman is still. Inviting him back for the championship celebration. A true Larry bird's organizing. But. It's so dominate it so he said excellent I'd be it in its itself eight. Such immature thing to do currently it is. The FDA is so weird it's this opens our stuff like I don't think you see this is my two and any other. And the other the only. The other sports aren't as personality driven that's true as as the NBA and also the NBA has the element of just having so few players. That one or two personalities can mean a lot more than in a 25 guy. Clubhouse and these are 53 man locker room it's just so personality. Driven. And in this case you had two personalities Allen Allen is kind of and mercurial kind of guy heating get along with. A few of the the other players and any candidate is dumping this is third to eat he wasn't Paul Pierce lifelong Celtic to that point for awhile afterwards. But who's hurt you were green for crying out if they win it. Don't know do they win without Ray Allen oh now now I'm on on an oh no of course did they win yes you do it without him it's now. Well look let me go that way and yet I'm still I'm still looking at the big got a sides of it at that if I can only Google somebody things tonight. In the game seven they lost you know it at the at the rail you game. It's. That's that's terrible most don't get the road federal air strike that from the wreck aren't stricken so why are we forget our genre that was set up in the that. At the end of ten years ago maybe it'll maybe it'll air I'd forgotten that at all to the been a pain in the ass ever worries been since then write it tried generalities and in the SE present tense situation in next thing you know next thing you know he's organizing parties in and being the whistle reason. Low note eagle might biggest problem reality that played I don't know if you use I'd like the Celtics on a deal with them I've been a Google to make sure. Although I might mean right now my team it's very reminiscent to Rasheed Wallace during his career. Five from three point line the three point line that's about it you Wear goggles when you play I know I pitches objective that you awards grant goggles. More like a more like markets Johnson and and might make him. On the guy whose boat rock store. So Obama pictured you more as the guy here's the movie along came Polly. Yes for Ben are bad thriller play insurgents in the with a guy isn't covered in hair and sweat is being used his. Which is up against them see the beads of sweat flying off and still lose based here the other guy is the god and colorful as the up and I'll always use this game. Right right when you'll wash were starlet like myself you know art. Unless you covered pool Thursday to close it if it. But. At that I got absolutely no idea yeah via social UH oh my biggest problem Ray Allen. Was active very the last couple years. When he started Omega played for Golden State or maybe a plea for Cleveland. That I needed I absolutely hated that that's the Juwan Howard a goal applauding get the right. By that if you like but you cannot argue his importance to that he that there were going rather where whether it's worth a celebration I don't know it's. They restore the celebration is that every the full thing in the undefeated Aronson the excerpts do we know where the jet to northern that the celebration as it's being kept tightly under wraps tightly under wraps. They don't want us to crash the or thereabouts house involved I would think so that if Rondo is planning and I would think collective is that David busters or something they have Rondell going to within another. So between Rondo and Allen in that they're both maybe pain in the ass is that the Celtics to the Celtics fans Ron didn't do anything to betrayed feminism which ended up getting. Good value for Rondo and. But as a federal agent to players but you don't want it and then I here's here's here's the news flash people left on bad terms. Rajon Rondo popularity rating when he left with like negative and Rondo as. Part of the reason there Ray Allen leaves Ray Allen goes to a better situation in Miami there's no doubt it was a place Reid didn't have to carries much of the load. I'm a guy whose skills obviously weren't what they were when he came on board 2008. In need to just stay in his lane and be at three in the guy just knockdown shots Farouk for LeBron when he needs him when he did that huge way. For the heat and a couple of those finals game against the spurs by. It was also. I would imagine a factor that he around noting get along that Rondo had parked roll him out and I have no problem with any of that because in the sense that again it's a personality driven league and that's just the nature of the beast in the NBA I. Uneven improper with a great shopping aisle guys do it now when they're they're physical prime. Kevin Durant goes out to Golden State re shopping and he's in his prime so. It's something that happens it's fine. Mike is just can't overeat it was years ago you guys were great almost a decade ago you won a championship if you're gonna celebrated. Everybody's got to be there. If you can't just say. Allen's back coming because he wasn't the only guy that left that team after the fact. I know we went to Miami and it was him but. The fact of the matter is given over just it was over it ever okay for fans to be upset the player leading free agency. I'll even get said that he's gone. By agency to return to pretend to pretend that wipes out the do we forget about what Johnny Damon did in 2000 Ford. I mean you just keep bringing up that late comparing there how old which on Rondo and Ray Allen left. Once again people left on terrible terms. Every one when they left everyone hated how they left right correct. I don't think also the heat Rondo left all my other writing almost August but it didn't think trio that Alice nobody cared Eric error. You that is such revisionist history when the wind was traded Dallas it was good riddance to Rajon Rondo. Shall we had hit his rating in this city was not hot even close to when Ray Allen left though people didn't hear nearly as much when we're on a radio. The Celtics were bad Rashad Lott's brother with a in the. Ray Allen they tried to trade three or four times just because the guy who leaves on the team's terms. And not the players terms becomes the players' fault the Celtics tried to trade Ray Allen they tried to get rid of him. On multiple occasions and for various reasons the deal didn't work out these data Celtic into free agency. And then when the opportunity to go anywhere. And Celtics did wanna bring him back. He signed for less money in a better situation in part because of our John Rhonda. If you wanna be frustrated Ray Allen for that or angry the team that he went to fine but you understand the rationality is thinking he figured some way to the gates. What he was able to do for this team of 2008 years after your mind. There is this is this is clear cut front and cry all this is is Rajon Rondo and and maybe some of the other Celtics using the media using. Using a storyline. To take it day got a guy that they don't like this happens like you said I think this happens maybe. More the end be it in others it's more personality driven league. There's fewer players. It's. It seems to be it seems to be more entertainment. In terms of the off the court stuff. But that's all that says to me it's pretty so. Yeah yeah I agree and and I think it's. Just incredibly I'll use the word again petulant on the part Rondell. You wanted to get together at your buddies announced this dot there. Fine but to make it to go to the undefeated and make a huge deal out of it. To make a point of the facts no we didn't forget to invite you it was an oversight. We don't want you there. That's in me is dragging the guy through the mud for no good reason when frankly Ray Allen in this situation I think on that created these have to sign anywhere you want. As in I'll give it another example of how the NBA's different it's more entertainment revenues more willing to do something like this. It's just on social media. Go compared the border towns and Twitter activities in the total what are in the NBA compare to Major League Baseball or even football. I mean there is there is that it is so much more careful so much more guarded at these other places. Where the MBA in that way that's how it's done. Can you imagine something like this happening. In baseball or football I know I it does happen every once in awhile but not would not like this much is it doesn't India. Now not late this knowledge it's it's a different animal it's a different. Type of player I think it is is it to protect a lead in terms of the star power the way they market stars in the way the egos and personalities. I sort of drive dish and you know what that's that's not a bad it's not it's it's one of the reasons the NBA I think is so much more successful. Relative to its other winter sports counterpart. And the NBA they get it television deals obviously they have done very well. To market some of their superstars. Relative to say the NHL and amongst young fans they do incredible because of their social media system and that that's part of it though that's part of marketing you start absolutely. That that's a big part of it. So I think it's a good thing for the most part the for the NBA but yet yet the byproduct of of this some of this kind of crap that. That that you deal with I don't really care whether Ray Allen doses that you're not well physically yarn if you're Rondo he's not yelling out to shell out loud review shows out. Via the unfortunate thing and Perkins is a security at the party and the the unfortunate thing is that is that you know. There's obviously not a lot of recent celtics' championship. When you have the Celtics championship and you look at all the good and how people wanna remember it. And it's yeah okay we found out after the fact that he and get along whatever. But if you miss now what the Celtics can't organize something. Next year. Due to celebrate this because they don't want these guys getting together get over themselves. This is something. That was so hard to get through and should be celebrating you're used to in about it the court used in the this and the court but the fact is you all or part of this thing which sole Puerto just arm. 6177797937. Tex lines therefore you had 37937. I can also chime in on Twitter at Chris baloney for actors Lonny 44 ligaments were handled right and at. Brad Feld Brad posed here for one more segment sound around the 9 o'clock hour UW Riyadh late night until 2 AM to stick around we are going nowhere.

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