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Michael Irvin - Brandin Cooks is a game changer for the Patriots offense

Mar 20, 2017|

We check in with the playmaker, hall of famer Michael Irvin gives us a rare off-season interview about all the changes the Patriots have made. Irv also speaks on other NFL topics and a little about his new movie as well.

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Let's reconnect we do this during football season we don't get a chance talk too much in the off season. And we miss talking to him joining us right now is Paul fame wide receiver NFL network analyst Michael Irvin the play makers we elect follow Michael Oreo. Well some guys are you guys mischief. Receipts decision obviously got it pre you could say it. As a group. Well let's talk a little bit about the offseason for the patriots Bill Belichick has approached this offseason. Like he didn't make this like he didn't win the AFC east for crying out loud he's not approaching it like a guy won a Super Bowl. Right in it and it made me two years ago and paperwork would blow my apartment it is. I doubt this global. Credit bureaus or five weeks via con right this. He'll not if you look at it oh yeah I love you with that bloody trail. And so model would not ideal goal. About being great and big risk that would be can jump right back in it yet if there that you want to Super Bowl last year. Eight it didn't feed on that you may move even get better game so be it to you guys are no more a bit crescent. All on these receivers. And explored and stop and are authors he went and got it got there what not to talk all of a really be fair to render cooks it is just brilliant through. I do when asked about that one receiver analyzing another. Actually have a couple receiver questions for you but I'll start with branding coach what do you what are you seeing from him and if you break down his game what you like what don't you like. All over the Cabrera could skiers and ultimately put normally give your receipt anomaly yet now. All of his you know. Manifest in pretty cool I don't think oh well watch what bill does wicca. He'll pick would be gone bad and allow him to do bad bet you know I yeah you feel real. Around or get some interview years. Communicate Al. Which truck and would certain pieces always coming up correctly and there were ordered him receivers and it try to register on or to operate now. One little mix you missile mixing up. If exports compared what is running by that's why he ended computer guy like Brandon cooks to implement group actually ran into lesser poker by our president are you going to call. Now where it got. We can get to order call and you look normal. And have another receiver point it's kind of like off the field but it's been in my heart for a long time had to say Michael a little disappointed in you because. You didn't have an intervention we Jerry writes I don't know why let him do that pop buys commercial. All of my kind of why can't. Why can't use that and out of thread you called this man Jesus and leads not to let me physically made that commercial. We did you know by obviously in general or he has been to years. They've had to let you might that I used to go all my neighbor you ask me Wednesday it. Or how much would you favor much. I reached down about half an apple box right there Whitman. Our retail. It's chipped it right. Wrote all twelve upon what mood model which you. And yeah. And it. They're all over read where her partner record. Purdue on what we that all worked up they get older brother each Egypt is that we grow old. Like kick it to him. Electric. Alleged attempt to get smeared all over the phrase. Gear right. I'll sit out they would go. So you don't. I'll ordered local market where you know it's what it. It was. Mike is a better player Stephon Gilmore warm welcome Butler. I question as equipment will double or are booted what I like now. Are slaughtered you know I'm not questioning and political but it did great two week total of course Auburn coach York. Some that are beyond them understanding what he wants to do on oil equipment like Malcolm remarkable reduction goal and she prayed tall order and not a pretty good living but you're. Probably the treatment that was your media who works B. Because you won't be so win win on. Quickly we met with Pittsburgh and it was this wonderfully it was basically a quick break between ATP and Butler and you can feed. Brokered this beat Obama what appear. And computing public speech wasn't probably what would feel really like rewarding that fatwa. He went kind of you wouldn't be here I like Gilmore but let. I would put me like well. We're talking to the playmaker Michael Irvin will get into his movie star role coming up here in just couple of minutes talk a little bit of football though between now and then. In your opinion based on how the off season has gone and free agency is gone. It looks like it's going to be even less emphasis on running the football and stopping the run inside linebackers and running backs. Are begging for work out there it looks like this is gonna become even more of a passing league going forward. Oh they're there and I hit it they'll still come back wonderful quality just what years but they're saying that. It appears in particular record in the provision when we start negotiate. Butler pick out. About it will come back and getting it into their Martin and Namibian airport in Norton golfing we will go golfing. Citizen. Columnist EU team that went in all. You know you're fighting the picker to you know exit the year ballot got righted it bigger. You have when he won. A year ago it would will run the football you don't Woodward which brings down. You got hurt your mark on the football my male white. We are all. I've learned that you see what I mean so we always say your poll indicates that almost is great if we think you're price cutting. Yeah I thought our topic is that a person on the radio the first look at its. Aren't they don't go to yes of course. It would get there. He cut it out fear here we hear that goes credit back to solidify that in certain opiate or the year but reportedly. Tell me as a friend you do you said before your friend of Tony Romo you guys play some ball together. What's the best place for him you think. Are you an electoral. I would like to welcome recorded in particular I know this guy out there it works on bat this is incredible there's incredible and now. Going probably stink in the nurseries for the Houston he has built his beautiful house. In in Dallas just scrambled. Can continue this you know pick a third minute flight watch him play here that we. You know it is not a big move toward him minutes there are so he's probably looking at that was what it means that the sort of you know. You guys. You live now. Writes sad indeed brought. Up two million dollars or could that work out you know we need a quarter that may be just at quarterback away. He usually hopefully you know it won't. You'll you'll wrote to strike your without. That we're open for rampant track I'll try not what your. This in here or another. They're that they're articulate were noticeable. Anyway he wouldn't look right in and go get ready to cook. Here. What tripped me out and doesn't think it too much what bill would. You know it made it where it made it we ought to operate in the air it's not a matter of would have a quarterback you pick out this the last one year and we will we start talking about maybe get a quarterback may be excellent you. If you keep running quarterback and an arraignment quarterback as it is youthful beauty school or go make somebody great only here but try to pick somebody great school make a great effort crucible there. Am I gonna let's just march soul lock in change but who would you say in the AFC is the second best team. All right now yeah I'm more aware Oakland Raiders. I'm like oh. Just briefed congress and no matter conservatives and Latino. All into orbit and the Mac is his first. War forceful being greedy and how cute great yeah I would I would be there. Right at the feet of the Oakland Raiders right now and I'm looking forward in our area Egyptian game between the league no. Now you've been a movie courier or I'd like that it's. I know it's got earned don't have. They don't have to stick with an entire year you can change didn't get to September October we don't allow you to change. But Butler are important in a coat and fortune. Just called me that he and all the way before he weary way theater count. There or there might be a connection here because you know the raiders are going to Vegas so you might wanna take that prediction of Vegas at MacArthur yeah march. Akamai Devin I come away with a little extra money and spending money. A letter that I got a bad idea. I prepared they're of religious you can do about those possibilities. You know especially wickedness install with Alex's and 82000 mobile and all of that stuff should be looked. About about a an opportune. But you've been in movies before you were in the longest yard saw wasn't shocked to hear that Michael Irvin is going to be in another movie I was a little surprised that it's basketball movie. Slam a Gemma comes out march 24 in theaters nationwide. Why are you wanna basketball movie. What is it if it is so great picture. About dunking and is phenomenal. Phenomenal and Duncan are basketball but it also blur reduction. You know it is equal meaningful follow local sports. And my spiritual side of redemption. In kit that go fighters seen yet that that late here's what it truly. We move now when I was reading the script. You know Arenas look at all that mr. Crist people's sleep you know Michael you name Michael Michael duke it makes it sees. He he really carried out. Tricked into but witness to peel it was the privilege came out come out recruitment and try to put her life back together. Listen it. When I read the script I'll hold. Drop out holes well also acidic or they try to write my story created after August that a football what is going don't want you you don't act as the polls to. Newspaper called metro that got like I think you can hear it yeah well I agree goggle Arctic that Michael you. You really could've made it might work extra that poke holes outlook took by the year actually reaching changes in doing so it's really at all. What I'm reading the script and I swore they awaited report what do you want to get away the football. But stay here sport and and India workers. Co conspirator out. That's great know what number is this what how many movies have you done our nominee. Projects it have you been a part of mover movie project. It's limb and maybe only love war in forward combat. There's Jackie in two years ago. They've been forced five or five homes is at Boston and one quote of what were. Your future won't run out there. Now that you go to basketball movie after about me when my favorite stories that remind you tell me again you could tell it the same way or a different way that you you told us that you had a brother what your brother's name who was that. Big fan of Larry Bird used to. Don't. Don't don't don't don't Robert don't. They were growing up and it showed you if you go to a remote record date murdered that. Makers and ball. And it beats paying we're don't appreciate if you like. Like most of all you're like why realized later here's the raw so it became rather. And my brother we loafers shall let that you shield or two if rhetorical. Gruden all he is talking about Bert Bert reed. Murder. And older or better about it or upload their wife or I do not want to. You. Or murder and you'd be. A great player I don't know where to go at it Portland or walk away. Is it like any real due to back the money that would be good. My wife. Expect you. You know all the normal provident and we're in this. The Eagles have to write this as a credible as a bear what do what do. And low. Michael one of the costar in the movie reviews Jose Canseco went let's see light. If ordered mob or any real art older folk lore forward. You know it and also you're we have done some things together like. Like road vs Israel and stuff like that electrical horrible because the other guys that are pet some issue. It and you know and and try to work his way back up so I like the fact that we poor lenient. Go off although those kinds of people that are true life issues just like movies Shuler in the movie you know it created the climate career will become a critical we welcome you. About their story of redemption date you create the third aptly be recognizable but hey at that saying Stewart the driver being themselves. It just makes a great show great wit or he could put everybody vehicle laden. Michael last question for me what what's your favorite sports movie. My favorite shortened it now he used to be a long short and it would be really I really rate to remake. Of that long article that would let tree removed but my trade or league now. There talk about among all of saying beat it was recruiter guy is real watched murder type that would. Great move remain go to the movies show got the greatness of football. Bringing together the board that they came out any of bringing together that panel. On all you don't sit here which year it was your right side. Week strong side linebacker. Committed other manner rather recovered at where were they cool radical. They're by far my treatment. The movie's called slam a Gemma it it opens up march 24 theaters nationwide and other play makers one of the starts there's a bunch of others and by the way. I saw where your director said some folks have said it's the best basketball movie since white men can't jump it piece that is heady praise habits that connects. Okay an event and you've got to elect Rick okay to put him several great stuff would Harrison so you always like no problem problems. You'll look good the first and we expect to eat right don't. That's that's I think. They'll go to a broad all the people media critic check it would appear right away. I'll Wear it around and they would writer oh what we speak. Our Michael listen they're gonna come to view it in a mistake you do as do this Popeye commercial don't. Vote no yeah. I am not a good view on not to do it. I would do work or younger also plot. Of lady just pop me the particular human body. Just sit Michael. You can blow it up very or recently. It from there right yeah I would definitely removed Woodard apple pot. I think that's already gotten out of their commercials at all heartbeat. You don't put that chicken like that at the place mastered that should ever take to get the pace dramatic. All year right there very you call the fact that. He's not knowing that no longer number one receiver hauled them eat and he got it showed out there he's been unbelievable all there are some Mark Johnson down because he didn't know I had to drive into the disavowed himself of Kabul a could there are prepared what are. Michael it's always fun talking with you we appreciate the time and good luck this movie. Okay in my care I try to. That is the a playmaker Mike cooler and I've really missed talking these gray and I'll on a weekly basis I mean I've. I've always enjoyed talking Tillman and Friday afternoons when we get the playmaker coming on its. One of the highlights of my of my entire week and a player what it really backfired. Michael trying to tolerant and what do you think of the public where's the. I do it's yeah. Hopefully. There's a plot athlete and I agree you. If at all which that commerce. Girls rule out that not that way they would do it can't do that I think he would.

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