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Important stretch begins tonight for your Boston Bruins

Mar 20, 2017|

Dale, Holley and Keefe discuss the Bruins upcoming games, including tonight in Toronto, and how key they are for them to make the playoffs.

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But other Bruins and Celtics both played big games tonight in fact I'll go so far as to say that that this might be the week that decides whether the Bruins make the playoffs and that's how important this week he has back to back games tonight tomorrow night too in Toronto tonight. Home against Ottawa tomorrow night Tampa Bay on Thursday and then the islanders on Saturday is the case. Nothing for it yeah Michael or look at the second outing Saturday the Bruins haven't beaten Toronto or Ottawa yet this year. I was with those old girl going to accept that last game. And I Mozilla or all over the map now you can always how many how many things can can we blame on clothes it's the blend called an Allen. Toronto. And upload as. Both last game with Toronto draw right. And so cost him his job that's the bigger game just give based outstanding strictly you know if you lose auto Yeltsin and that's unfortunate you can't get points but thirty had a view. So Sylvia but if you lose that Toronto now and I really slug things out that I government regulation. I think hurts yeah. I beat him jumping on the hand me the bandwagon. But that it silly well. All of us were on equity as a player in. All I'm right merely bad way right of that. Two physical. Whoever finessed game always close between us as adults in their own. And the Bruins take you and can't really hate to. There's yeah I write articles and our economists are now they weren't before. Always were wanted to say but no I think. I'm jumping around when he said it's silly to say we're not a playoff team I agree with him instantly save them they're not playing a team we've seen enough. And it just based on base from the performances that you've seen so far from from our shame and it. Marsh and Anna Pasternak you know. That along I mean those two guys yeah firepower like that got to Rask who was still. Highly respected goaltender did you even if you don't think he's. You know top finally I do but if you don't think that he's still a top ten guys are very good goaltender. So you just look at all the elements that they have to have steady pros like Bergeron to being coach well yeah they're planting. But it would also really helps them is they don't have that team below them in the standings. That is just ripped off nine of ten and it looks like they're gonna finish up the season like Ottawa did two years ago and they they came out admitted him burglar in net and eight they seem like they want to. Every game the final ball close of the season. Right now you look admits he was below them in the stands it's Toronto with Tampa Bay is the islanders you're looking for the wild card team and the other side. That none of them are are playing greatly they're all kind of harbor around 500 over the last. Font ten games or so. So at least you don't have that team that you're not sure you're gonna be able to withstand the Bruins play. Let's say 500 hockey I know this is scary because he's at the same thing each of the past two years eliminated but a year ago they were in first place in March right exactly. But it's just I get the sense that the competition is and their like it was each of the last two years so as long as they don't have a complete. A collapse they play around 500 hockey they should. Make the playoffs are its looking like the three seed in you know we'll see what happens at night. They've got one of those DO mathematical formulas that they used in the playoff predictor thing yeah and on Sunday. The hour it was Saturday night. The three teams behind them Tampa Bay Toronto and the islanders all combined for a total of two points. And at that point for the first time this year the bruins' playoff probability. Hit about 90%. According to this formula that they use that the Bruins had a 90% chance of making the playoffs. After the NHL action on Saturday on what was last year or the year before it was probably. Whenever I don't know what place in the probably like tires it was higher but like twelve games ago probably it was 95%. This time this time last year. Yeah. Probably yeah I don't know what was but I got to be about it was about 90% you probably at its collapse. But those little room and guys this is the new Bruins knew growing rose 2.0 new approach yeah coach are you three. We got a little illness bug going for the rompuy which makes me a little nervous and a deadly flu for us Patrice did not. Let you let's look arrested you know that sold us out to man. At that though that's got a look at that that's not new he's he's had that he's misspoke at the Davis Olympic Games with the flow missed the game. Of that plastered on this the last the last game of the red flag carrier that's Ottawa where they all had to do was beat auto and therein right. And and everybody on the planet at the last thing he's gonna be the goalie and all of a sudden. Look for a outcomes than the other backup goalie dwell on what other answer. I don't know I don't know the arbor exit etc. it. Running man yes he did it that he had he had a problem but he says if I Alaska Chan Ho Park it it here's my here's my problem. You can't go around. And you guys and you view dale you're guilty as you you enough hockey to. That hockey intelligence in Europe they they either the president or vice cop Modi to be Koppel yeah aren't out there now. When a guy goes out of the game O'Keefe a perfect example back if the other half back as the thank you need just collapsed. He goes out and gain comes back scores are gold heroic. Yeah. I Aoki but this didn't happen and other sport now. Can't miss that game. The stomach right. Had a lot of bad idea. Ecstatic that this to a to a little. The idea. A. Just for the record Washington harassed me yeah. Please if if you if the community the hockey community that goes around patting yourself on the back very very nicely about how tough the players are Rick earlier was died on the bench are going to go back and wanted to play gas wanted to keep go what but now let's. That's it's all legit. I think you can't miss the game a playoff game would play up and operations at certain run. Certain players because. Not every single player in the league is an Iron Man and most of them. I've not I've heard that but look the reality is that's not really the case though the guys. You know of 25 stitches that they'll need the go wanted to back in the game we sought out this year. It goaltenders. Are Kalla kickers outlawed little screw loose there I don't think are the most goaltenders are the younger brother. Not all of them home. Tuukka. Look now. Again great quality images if it's heads on right he's he's he's incredible but. Odd that there's a chance he could miss again another game with the with the flow well yesterday. They'll write or or that's a good. Can. Well it's funny. Yeah. Odds are yesterday Bergeron didn't practice because he's he'll flew to Toronto they expect him to play today at the morning skate David Backus was not a practice because he sick. And you know Bruce Cassie says yeah I'm expecting a plate with some young hopes that goal and an expert on a day it's easy to the first a lot of practice that a with no Bergeron and a back listen to news on the first month and a so that's her like that he's just the place holder pick if that's got to mean it that their guys are going to be healthy they're going to be good enough to go.

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