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Dale, Holley and Keefe's FINAL DRIVE 03-20-17

Mar 20, 2017|

We close out the show with the best sound clips on this Monday.

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Final drive cosponsored by error has restoration specialist regardless of the season that disaster pager commercial residential or medical. Facility at any time in an heiress disaster plan in place makes your client's employees or tenants are protected learn more errors served. Dot com. Our long national nightmare is over Michael it turned out to be an international nightmare of war Tom Brady's super soldiers he has been recovered thanks to a joint effort between the Houston police in the FBI. And Houston's cheap. But the NFL and its security on blast don't let it be known that you don't mess with. Texas first and foremost let me just say I've said it before Aussie again this was the highest priority of the usual police department haven't said that. You know we're taxes and this is taxes and the only blemish that we had in the Super Bowl happened because of these jerseys. There were stolen from the NFL's. Locker room. You know that was on there you should do you control that ball security officer on the control these police department. But it was nonetheless a blemish of I should Ruble and unfortunately. Four for the people that did this you don't cut the taxes. And embarrass us here in our home turf right guys. So we decided it. I'll put this together and all of the I would just add that as I just hope that the NFL security takes a look at. Because they are the ones responsible for secure in the locker rooms they really need to check their protocols. And their efforts because this is at least two Jersey were aware of and obviously required the response from the Haitian police department and other partners to recover them. You know. It's like that the Texas bravado became the wrong state you know science so. You don't come to Texas. And you don't steal when the eyes of the world are upon. Our state I'm again I'm very proud of all of our team that went out and found those who suspect and as a result who's been recovered. Except he did go to Texas and he didn't heads and yet Adam for over Honduras and out now he's going to be charged with grand theft. They caught flat but what if they knock on effects is doing and do. He did it did. They text mode didn't put. There's consequences that's what his point. What that we don't mess with the past and you don't comes next you know steel went immediately to Texas national. And he's gonna go to jail. This is how we don't rest of my activist Edward Jerry yeah block of mom and dad are 1012 years and I know your way always informative notre. You would notice we have some supplements a couple of years back probably leave it behind bars he. Probably maybe behind bars I won't be now. Japan primarily this is Texas we're talking about stellar. Off light. Well over efforts are about to prove they can big babies down element of truth they so out of those entries are evil with it and there needs repairs to the star pop stars on the History Channel. Gave his thoughts on the cover of the Jersey it'd update on its potential value. It's recovered well. And I'm pretty your. Sets and it's got a lot more. Press out like a little bit more often heard stories in my view it's clear. At a charity auction. At charity auction to insulate. Those prices go actually seen this. In such situations all the tax right so god knows what order curiosity because those are real hawk so. So I admired by its recruiter. It can operate out of Tom Brady. We drove me to it would be let what what what part are the topic operate decades and make your case it would be yours. Oh yeah wanted to sell. Your program cancer. As opposed to. Auction. Also you know it's only had better would be to get cash and a. Okay she's Russian translation happy fleets yeah yeah. Let it terrible pitch and I literally just they're worth 200000 if not more at bats that your pitching a hundred. I. I bet you would that cash right now now go to Israel but those who wants to show you excuse me off the frame men and there's overhead that you know it's so emotional for awhile that cost money and dumpster. Speaking of the FBI while giving testimony on Capitol Hill today FBI director James homey let it be known that he doesn't follow president trump in one particular area. I think it's too closer limits the sides of the same coin in to put it only metaphor I hate to New England Patriots. And no matter who they play I'd like them to lose. And so I'm at the same time rooting against the patriots and hoping their opponents beats them there's only two teams on the field. But what the intelligence community concluded was early on they hatred for mrs. Clinton was it was all the way along. When mr. trump became a nominee there was some sense that it be great if he could win be great if we could help them we need to hurt her no matter what. And then it shifted to he has no chance so this is focused on undermining her. We said David James homely not the right to be dealt. That was. Doesn't exactly repairs and they feel exactly like they say the cynics in cadence and everything comb these little more intimate little warmer than the Dell computers have definitely dried out. That Rodgers. Extra. The 2008 world champion Celtics are playing it anniversary vacation together for next year. And former Seoul's point guard Ron Toronto let it be known that Ray Allen won't be invited because of the way he left the seas stimulus money to join the brawn and heat. Rondo is talking crap for not wanted to have laborers taking crap for not wanted to invite ray but when ray left town you remember Paul Pierce the needs eight Kevin Garnett. Kind of shared those same sentiments. Us a little disappointed because I wouldn't feel so special here. Me him KG starting. Championship bringing the Celtics back to life you know so that aspect newsroom this morning. I don't feel like we've lost threats like ray left us that we tried to give me back and he chose to go to Miami this before where. Thanks for. Reception. There is children it's. Cagey right. That would guard. And certainly walls were two albums that does not play at all. It was so let's focus gatekeeper one totally ignored Q what was your reaction when your. That's stated he. Invited to become diluted down all of them have been yeah I get my mind made. The eyes that I did they do yet now's Currie of for an audio there for all those guys haven't won nothing to do ground. You remember army reaching keeper madness we expose carrier average belief. That he believes that the earth is flat and not you believe you had to rely on earlier this round. Yes thank you. You believe there were yes but I heard that there one that there's no hula there is still it was a gaffe hurts a crippling my poorly that we are you would. If you lose your serve very bad visuals of the shadow of the year Decatur they use the super earth that has got this guy on earth is flat. All the earth is flat Eric furthest left is that is that. That was on the are the road trip from RJ each inning as any fried Richard Jefferson's podcast. Carrier ring was up was on their terms however it's well. Or are there of his life for the fight turns out Harriet and a lot of that we've entered Shaquille O'Neal. There's there's true to a broad blue blue bird flu to a check what are you talking about learning from. No it's not your loose. Know if there's others who do you ways to manipulate the month. Which read what you see what you hear. Conspiracies. In school firstly there to chooses own Columbus discovered America. But when he got there there was some. A fair skinned people with them all here smoke another piece first so what does that tell you the new Obama didn't discover America found were a little blurry glimpse. I drive from coast to coast and throughout. And we know could. Prove powerful defense of the government you know exactly how drug testing. Others think you've ever such local store McDonald's yeah. It's not a definite high and there are ninety podcasting that's the dumbest thing you never say it's a high bar to get over how. I did not go over and I heard three yards and sixty degree angle and olestra for Barbara everything factored in the dust settle and let a legacy and always build so you removed tumor or a chatters on the rest. China plus if you say all right there has a value here again world's elite dug straight to your backyard genius yeah merger will let us. Not fly and we've seen earth. It's another shot you see it from satellite pictures of similar merger could be the going to be drone owning. While and on Shaq and I we've we've heard Shaq pocket for years of all kinds of stuff you need this Jack well you think you're no Jack could anyway. You're all right is that I know he was they Arnold's lack okay. OK if you don't have a lot of years a lot of things that got on the grounds that wrecked there at that this on. So that was the carrier ring particularly over slowly forming a great basketball team. Some guys who all thing appear that's why these guys that have flown all over the world. They all know that there is what I've driven close the closer approach to go to forgot what they. A speaker geniuses Tennessee quarterback Josh dobbs. Is it the NFL draft this year and that means he had to sit down what Jon Gruden and his QB can't segment for ESPN. Dobbs owes an aerospace engineering major. And that prompted gruden to find out if he is maybe as Smart as dobbs. You gotta come clean on the edge. You know I actually read this guys build an airplane and your major is aerospace. Engineer now. That means you're you are legitimate Iraqi side legit but it is real quick some of these classes you take it there. Mechanisms. I like honors fluid mechanics. This stuff girl's day seminar you know he's he's up that meant that I. You know ask me questions. You can't be that hard that's in question have you act like you're so Smart a Boeing seven and 47 flying. Cruise altitude of 30000 feet. Far and if you go 500 miles per hour or was it steady level flight conditions and how long and then lastly you'll you'll. Without me. I ask me any good actors I don't know. Color drachmas. Just. Stuff. That is from my friend cents a all four of his final fourteen were limited in the first round they're photographer my efforts are now it really wasn't Villanova and he went through the entire bracket when it. Villanueva who you had the final Michael Padgett Louisville. Notre Dame. Notre Dame and Wichita State or anything Notre Dame Wichita State I don't know probably they're all over Villanova who commands the Notre Dame which they work one seeds. That sort of audio on Twitter at sports announced we may have a window. And why might picks were so bad he can't keep his own analysis straight we'll start with a clip from might show last Tuesday out of Philly what's up dump. And it might hurt your assets and who. If you want that they think that are gonna happen I think what we're gonna take down Notre Dame can't tell you I'd quit. I think that I'd I'd I'd will be I will be absolutely. Stunned. If that happens the way Notre Dame plays Notre Dame is so precise offensively. They are not going to be forced into bad shots they're not gonna take them lightly I will be stunned if that happens absolute I think that is that I think that is a terrible place for an upset I'd like to talk I could not disagree more. Those guns he he stuff done he got his gun at Notre Dame lost. So that's nice superstars usually hears Michael Redd says that the very next day those of the fives and everybody always picks the final set which is why haven't people pick in principle though. Absolutely it's Princeton windstorm identity stolen that lol I'm these phones. I will be. Absolutely stunned. If that happens tomorrow I gonna be stolen that low who have these problems I will be absolutely. Stunned. If that happens tomorrow I gonna be stolen that low though these phones. I will be looked a lot as a president who went after that I don't know if that is the low I don't know these. Notre Dame did win that game is very close close game very well and I was ready all of that low during the responded to that point or two or four point game one of those things like 6058. After posting a point there I'm also prepared food. I think every prison with a couple yeah I have a couple of got a quick to have them there is great if I want it to 12. Yeah and every night all right if you wanna come visit you know about a 100000 U wonderful to me doctor yeah. I'm okay people don't have brag about it all right I want to brag maybe you'll brag about time he won I don't wanna do that. On once visited of the good experience that every picture right now we pick him again of them all wireless. Us that there tomorrow I'll be an exercise right they just we all range he's received my Olympic cauldron for all of them you might be correct I can't wait for the made easy for you tomorrow we'll also have a lot on the the big Celtics game tonight in the Bruins as wells that's it for us. Crystal on the in Vermont at night next Albion where the the first hour. Of that program as well. A Sports Radio that he media.

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