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K&C- Lenny Clarke joins the show and says he partied with Belichick during Super Bowl week, is appearing at the Boston Beats ALS event 3-20-17

Mar 20, 2017|

Comedian Lenny Clarke joins the show. Lenny says he partied with Belichick on the Friday before the Super Bowl. Lenny is appearing at the Boston Beats ALS Event on April 6.

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He'd skirt and Callahan. With the current committee ahead and Gerry Callahan. Once sports real WEEI. And I had donated 100. Million dollars. Great guy come outs what you should isn't great it's a different from the bottom up there and it you are Adam Scott and put them upon you as it was sun. I get over it. But when and if I had the a. That's letting Clark go Kirk made ahead after Kirk took some shots cheap shots. At that club crafts listen I'm Robert Kraft this man aside what he's done all the trophies and when he saved the team and it. Think guys donated. Hundred million dollars of his own money to charity. And written that's true on Europe today Fabius the craft. Donors and I believe hospitals have a disk Eddie. You know he doesn't know people who owned by. If the economy I India. A hundred bucks I want and I'm remain people out there for. He's you know he's a great guy and I'll probably doesn't advisor trump that's nice flight again I putted very disappointing that he can't just be open and say yes I liked from peak yet. He won't. Because he knows would be such backlash from the shackles like re wrong but he's he's sent trump will be great for America he said this is not much I mean when he says that police he says and junior times right now guys policies will be great for America sees the ease of obesity agents and it's all business mentally not like I I I think you'll be happy. Hillary won. No how we only right because you know trudged on wow we get Hillary back yeah. And he's he's just another that would atlantis'. Over the weekend coming out coming out of the woods and help us all you did that all the time I did it was no big deal would wouldn't people go crazy if she decides to run again Omega back oh. My aunt and mayors might take on the blogs at I think it's not for me and you. Rightly responded I don't know how people should make and here's. Wonderful woman got so much off here's what people like Alex are afraid of is that things are gonna go well in this country now they're afraid of this in the stock market has seen the jobs they are afraid that things will go well in the six months the stock market that is going up under Obama jobs that in a minute underwrote its admitted in the same as you went all under Obama out on the island restaurant outside and I can't disagree because most jobs Obama with the government we don't even though all the jobs in the government and somehow a part time jobs to other people just gave up because they couldn't get a job now I would like to see. The infrastructure fixed before we all died horrible crash hoping that we can get that we can that's that's one of the things like about I don't I just feel like it's like a stimulus packages of course a lot of pork a lot of wasted have you seen the boots from there I know erupt let us so that's that's just it's pounds for excellence for somebody effects I'd let the state let the towns in the states and municipalities. Ericsson. I don't wanna billion dollar. Why are you had I don't mean political view trillion won because it's oh so that's true. You know he can't have that you don't like you like you collect aircraft lack of any I don't know about I don't want jokes. Madonna said that if I voted for Hillary she can oral sex and I should what's infamy. But the and others around that as an abacus up it's a mightn't you won't believe it no matter how good that you. It's a fish around here it's 5050 you you annual lows the 50% crowd because there's so adamant about pain you know. That's why we like to balance we have done we have to Iranian player I. Roddick queer right now because they don't quite mentality here. But but Lenny is the biggest acute in the world knew when it's on the on the date giggles too excited to be honest Matt Patricia locket of course. Matt has worked at sneak in quietly and among the back. And it's table in the back of sort of bloke he no hat no pencils shape would initiate a bar manager made it out into the idea and he printed in the beard gone. Some say and own good from that he's currently low and enjoy the show he's laughing his ass but of course when he can themselves as. Look who's here. Everybody every defense and the place goes knowledge crazies and the ovation it's funny you mention of how polarizing divisive politics has. Patriots is the opposite you mentioned that potential place that a all of which is credible. Yeah I mean in the you know for a comeback and be there was only god knows it's like 85 year old woman vote 52. She's from. Oh my god we're actually gonna win and when it turned about. Shock. Think what you. Just. Read I recently company and about. We just broken arm magically just poke and as we just brought the news that they found Brady's Jersey correct. You know more details can be fun to an idea I've some more details now validate IQ jerseys but the NFL believes the Jersey was stolen by somebody who posed as an international. Media member. You asked how would they get this holes out of out of I offered arsenal closely knitted a fake international media credential. And install bradys tiger makes some real ball's going locker tonight jurors if you had to raid on any respecting a broken French cultural. Do you think these ethics slump that a friend of Joseph so the guy stocks and his briefcase or whatever makes as well Brady found out pretty quickly was gone down within minutes and then they were reviewing all the videotape from on chasing people the place. It was valued at half a million bucks. The items were found in the possession of a credentialed member of the international media does according to the NFL they just released a statement. I and said to help a patriot security the NFL. The FBI and other law enforcement authorities in the got the FBI in a Brady Easter when I first heard you don't think it's a big deal to consumers so you find out it's Tom brings years and he won the super bulls' greatest comeback ever. And some collectors say it's worth. Familiar money it was harmless and that's right can bishop whose mom and Maggie goes and steals it is true or did you get this month the ball again and you play games and everything and it that he dedicated that game therapy for the game that's similar about what I've donated to ramble on me. We do you in the locker room. No I think the party afterwards I went to did you Lewis was there figured oh my god. John Legend. There was some country group who was. There. That'll mean will change in the patriots. Who had played like musical news John Legend little points and L player put up triple. Forward them on it was in saint it was 5000 people open spot you can do that without cocaine I commend you on this in the well I don't know a and that was the probably I was really diet. But then it was a VIP section and it was a VIP VIPs at all really so they did it got him but then they stop at the VIP section. And Joseph goes yeah stop and punished eight and a what was arsonists. And Belichick must have figures you heard there is a whole. In his suite Friday night before. And it was a planet before the game yet Belichick was there in his hotel suite at a party yeah it was a beautiful. It's like this you know Linda set it up it was. Those friends from college is college roommates and that was a as the Romans intimate and you looked nervous wreck no he never sobs Oka and never Leo that's always stay for the game today that yeah. That's a guaranteed in Quinn wasn't kick back at a party called buddies that's why analysts think that I changed my mind is not equipped when Brady Quinn's. Because it doesn't really stressed him out I mean most coaches. Others if they could take from you you think of these guys that is livid even in the age in dog years. Doesn't look like the job well you know musical expertise preparation he's prepare me prepare for everything and and obviously that now. A policy doesn't feel the pressure. To win he's won so much as the rally. It is mind he's not gonna close that's that's good I am that guy he's just been in that game you don't think it is minds that we're gonna lose I looked at him to binoculars heated heated looked it's not needed the break. Right you stay in the best. But that in the whole world looked at this score incidents sixteen that's two touchdowns and two conversions and a when you saw the number it was seventeen Israel is that you that there's it to positions they can do to visit. Two extra points I mean which. That that's rise but it was his best and I have some life and able to and I'd be okay but it was an unbelievable just incredible. And I didn't see if I was there all week and password NC falcons but I don't think 141 that was its original folk and they don't exist now now it was all about the patriots build up everything was all paid but if you remember past Alex when they play the Eagles there was more eagle fans in the Roman frequently played well that put us in audience. I saw I thought it was maybe I was I know what his papers have been so often that it's a bucket list thing out most. I've done I have done right so don't like have to be there when Eagles go every Eagles and that would drive in the Jacksonville on the sleeping it's literally everywhere sleeping. And they were crazy and giants fans were too hard on that weight to what they would let them about why quiet about tonight until you know on to this point it's. Atlanta fans in general Ryan you guys survived and done TV shows in the city of Atlanta and I fan base there is considered one of the worst in sports and expected to be a very EEOC easy ticket but it low cost ticket to game because so few dollars at how close it made it. It would have been all the candidates off you know they took the loss OK I mean there. There was no violence no the true strong argument is kicking rocks are really desperate. The Eagles is that people that you I'd I'd tried to talk to produce remarkable it was to betray him when he wasn't obvious and that's like an unknowable what happens when US to Patricia all Belichick's something like. What are you gonna do you know what that's what friends and talk to both football and several movies jokes that play them I don't bring up like you know it's it. You know it's. And I can tell me I mean yeah I don't know. I don't owns is patents today can threaten us and they know that nicely and I can't keep a secret not a I don't want and I'll sort of asked him I just just hang out it's too bad. And I stepped up to that so Belichick kicking back in his college roommates just two days before the Super Bowl that in the electro shocks me. Bill is just you know welcome all as friends you know and it is like on piles you know. And it was just a really comfortable as Ernie Adams then. And here in the united do you know him yeah you do idea about Syria and he spoke to him before and I have for what does what does he like what's his rule on. I regular guy and Ernie Allen way regular guy I don't want NFL films videos and it collapses on any glass yeah sure oh yeah it went right went to high school prep school. All those bodies. You know. And a cup. The only girl friends it was it was a great it was a it was a rock. That was great. Can picture nights so I just fiction what is that you have I just picture every coach justice O'Connor last year Israel and down. Yeah that's slightly which is that all figured out he will look like has. Mike goes. Let collective coached. In analysts ya like we're gonna going to try to crash to coach is buying that and it's like him. It's was asked to an end like right next of this Sweden's bedroom where he slipped now that was. It was a big sweet big it's huge boost and veteran guys in eastern right right who's been just is not bad because it was a nice to have that quote William lines you'll I was at the big Marion with Pulitzer put this in Texas I got pictures that people tweeting pictures and I'm a great note talks at the picture looked like excise taxes at all it was a sizes rule. I was very in this league. I got they're the Red Sox traveling secretary Aspin says what's the hotel like we're thinking remove them and the Red Sox team I said it was great issued. If that rest from Biggio is yes yes I was standing is another young. Passing their talents toward them talking a good Bob Kraft fascinating and Jonathan Kraft in the lobby of just talk and then mostly about. Trumpet and guys excuse me this one image from mister Kraft my name is Craig Biggio and so yeah me too and Jonathan and I mean until. And he walks in on what's in England. Hall of Famer he's a hall of fame or so ago that right there. That's soon be easier in the weeks I'm in the restroom or did you go to Wales apart. And like all parties that was written by people like me who liked you know you may hear it differed proudly. A lot. It was it was pretty average college of magellan's. She's accused GM got a good run team. I was I was happy to analyze the state. Was great player obvious amazement on the diamond. And of these magic he's got a mile yeah I picked bush I you'll you'll make an appearance. Every night of the week you do some for some cherry I was just tell these guys is nobody in the world more charitable. But in this case you're making repairs was I'm gonna hurt his it was a joke Dennis. John thought that John honest on that she's going to be hosting India pale as Boston beat Alice a Alice. And VIP reception with the governor Russert and have us speak as we chef Paul Warburg rail on you Joseph Gallo and the slides and Olga comedians myself. Christine girl who is outraged if Serena she's worth the price visuals just a she's a tag on echo needs to break she's going to be so why outline his slick. You get these comedians like notes as of Sheila pressure and occasionally any issue again you'll never settlement can be funny settlement money. Are always funny he's at least she's Jolie is he's he's been traveling the world with the GK. And the blood and problems where this thing this is going to be at the John Hancock. It's a new name for it used to be our future in the pavilion I think from its. What's what's it called back page Dana and back pay events tell those two chimps that Shimon that they have rights and a there's going to be music be food to be posed to comedy. Well absolutely people yeah I hear boos yeah well I sent via. Mike I know into I don't know if I hybrid barrel on news Boston up additionally Boston via Boston line. So if you can't can't act on that YouTube and this goes to raise money to me your email list which is in the news again appeared like Clark Mahoney niner now announced yesterday that he has careless. Among about Kevin Kevin Costello yes that's and his friend who well. You know look at the satellite is the nicest people. It affected by this all mean and he's got back on me catcher called it's not right I was tenants and then my weapon and look at the Jimmy Fund trip Jimmy Fund its yes. Agassi when he ball is 85 on strong cardinal law. And a disease whatever six healthy as a horse these poor kids don't put down and and those justice in this particular thing hits guys in his no rhyme or reason to it is only that. On a 10% of it. That is hereditary and stuff is random real and you look at what party and you know and and it's just these people. Frailties and peace treaties that it's beautiful it's it's just horrible you know why he seems like something that could be cured I get chilling. Credit all the time he's been walled 25 years yeah yeah and it is the hardest charity is to do some things from his disease with similar. 'cause there's no happy endings nobody gets better nobody walks away you know but sometimes you know with cancer some wind out of some. Winsome in this case you don't win and you know the thing is it's like autism but it tool because my knees and his own people would vote for years but. In recent ninety's he's been diagnosed it and the big thing is even though the people's suffering as I'm an insecure they don't trying to back out of announced that helped the new people coming and an eight day trip to do the best they can't. Rather pavement these people. Mean great great and we can help which ride to have that wanna go to this thing what do people do they often beats jail last dot relax. Eclectic tastes it even a good job then yeah yeah that's great that do that don't that don't give you Austin is Ellis dot org yet correct and what what and what you get they get to see Lenny Clark and John Dennis together again the and interest in early journalist bunch of people. The governor will be and what they've done some really important things. They've taken a group of doctors that all of it all working individually and got them together is that group. And that coupons names but there are amazing and the really the road trying to find Q and would money before and it. Cool on the at a good time well thank sounds all right Alex LG like it was that low post threat but one thing you know you con is laughs he will laugh even refugee and believe me from experience even a few jokes not that funny. He'll he'll love. Play at a feel like slick downhill self tests like that. Will be good.

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