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K&C- Kaepernick is still out of a job; Alex defends Kaepernick and callers aren’t happy about it 3-20-17

Mar 20, 2017|

Hour 3. Kaepernick is still unsigned and reports say that NFL teams hate him. Alex defends Kaerpernick, saying it isn’t fair that players with DUIs get signed but Kaepernick doesn’t. Callers aren’t happy with Alex and think he is disrespecting the flag.

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Scourge and Callahan was final four is no look you. Notre Dame. Lol. And Wichita State and I love little by little ovals and political with Kirk committee had Alex trainee in much gonna guess it was nice for into the we've gone against month based on recent performances and a who was number one treaty does very little you know this is even more interest in The Who finished second he's gotten out hole in one mobilizing for a week you lost to a have clearly elsewhere on Monday one of the number fourteen in the Jersey number other legendary Jim Rice. I'm Gerry Callahan to NCAA pool he took Kirk and Callahan NC double a whole tournament very strategy for controversial French racket going on first round match yeah. Dan Shaughnessy I hate you guys saw against Tony NASA Roddy no no no now I don't know the legality of the current situation that was educated they're hosts in this town to sit there are picket everyone else pretty grim reaper comes to get all of us sooner or later on Sports Radio WEB. 3000 plus votes and. Apparently they and Shaughnessy train continues to roll on here 65%. Followed so far that Tony NASA's. 35 handicap that's wrong here at a Tony is the favorite. And five to one and national Netanyahu is it likely to make hourly right now oh yes he is a menace to society. Maybe you know maybe tones you closely and then we do that. I underestimated chose to he could win this Alex thinks he's gonna win. Kirk's obviously tough and the perennial favorite yet. I hate to come for a rich people who thinks this kind of stale right. But it it's quite generates quite a bit of interest you something more Nike for madness these guys original price it's Madonna I missed a missed a completely. We play my crisis into which is imminent and now. All went like for instance you have to play every artery right job and play my cards or in recent weeks whatever it was radio anchor talkers one of those has the number one talk show host and American government attorneys list means nothing. And in my from like the brief glimpses again sounds just hope warring in any humor also off it's awful shall. And not a self deprecating now find me the band and generally the team station it was new jingle sounds like extranet in 1973 WN day and although much is a big fan occurred cards argument is by did write a big broad as what to become a book it was it isn't the book of a guy came out of nowhere has landed a pretty. Good spot radio and XT I boomers since they were born in news you know whenever Alan really has its methods you sell on something it comes to authorize a major part. Major U medical worker and he's always on radio row with the sunglasses on inside on NC linguistic former Chrysler dealer sunglasses inside much are we as a winter hat in the summer he's he's way. Let's just winter hat inside and avoid tangling and they just a strain off its tank like a cry I don't even I don't even signaled to many more easily that he's dead to me. We looked at in his belt movement nemesis TV show tonight good night and I'll go out and put down TV's what I it's true that it's Manhattan night. He's promising to. Liven things up on such an element up there. He's going to make seen one of these days on there with him and public report that was graduate soon right April 3 were two weeks away from Red Sox opening day which is second. Or really two weeks away from Boston sports tonight right that's they did you graduate tonight is for Cuba to and I had an idea that's expanded early days yet angling in China such a catch and tells her story in the early. Will spend only a baby like what we're we're we're. Again and again and yeah. Hello who don't. Portray these games and two I was she said the biggest concerns he has gone and this is not his work ethic dwellers weathered stay awake it's. The cast. It's the gaseous voters. I don't leave the studio with I've never had the pleasure of working with but I used to listen you guys equity really to sit here and final morning yes we think that when that little boot to a podcast on a day. We see right hold it and adjustments fire we're going to in this small epinephrine and spaceship. It's so small compartment freak. And like you think that's okay. That is known for now it's high level flatulence and these ridiculous belt and he and even with a lot as we Nancy doesn't put any effort into this half hour show that he has now. They just write the script they reasons. I was gonna do to two hours at two hours days to me same point Andy art Paltrow allow Al Gore do hit from the studio and dried into the lake about a second Howard hit a liberal guys he's a board does he wanna go along with and waning when. That was all he. Odds the warmup depending where you know probably right in her. And we should do rate and one of them that'll happen was tougher banging out you got your boy meet huge bang and on new again today announced a bad look for you on my theories of meat or inherited some though cause he's just when he was full time here. He was here every he never Coleman's that he never pick a date never should've played he was twelve years seems here. None of us ever shows up later today and sick whenever. Now he shoes wherever he's at the floor Sumner. You got a little temperature yesterday little tent what time what time was the politics and courteous to people who really hurt I got it we have 30 AM yes in the morning and actually. We let them or analyst at all. Potential felons until we finally got that Alex yes I beat Justine are at hand trendy but it rear admiral saying the mossy. Rerouted me. Next week for Juan was Wear out so excited about your tweet when you tweeted out the entire highlight album from the 72 Bruins. I did see that we eat and it backed mr. will be it was morsels I I've. Claim some stuff that Obama album and on the avengers it's all the highlights of that sees the great season Bobby or Bob Wilson to in the commentaries or governor Kenny and being there in the want to use him he. Transferred it to what's been. And before they ides of march. He did it again wrapping up his 5657. And 58 goals. All lamp lighter was raising the electric bill at an alarming rate tripled and. Tucker unless Boehner abroad my gosh and Heidi was yes millions. This is the this is the greatest season Bruins history and so I. He just had to buy a turntable but no I don't do that and you can magic nominee whose income group buying eternity X purchased some blocked against the audits are a you have to have a turntable nobody at. While you bought it just for the purpose of doing this just for this law and over a hundred bucks. So when the old will ever used. But if you wanna listen to this albums. Do you do it on the website yes it's odd bruise its podcast on the Bruins. Gary Sick thing you're creating content for the web series get oddly I was cleaning up might have to sell at the copyright rules to this I guess you write this I guarantee you we don't they are aggravated copy rating analysts here every QB can't you know the sadness that someone. Look. The Myers announced it boggles me who's in the past lays is that they well lock on now on those costs as a glorious time is he such a hot a big hockey and a mighty ones and I think on the somewhere but. They have like highlights of the games on there and fights. We'll we'll have to win one maybe I've been working behind the jumper out with a gold where they left side of parade he gave way to whack a ball coming back got it. It's. Eight days. They've gone on that's Apollo it's currently behind the golf course that's a boards only you could answer. I could not tiger I think that words and I thank all right club will guide you think you can do hockey player now I say that all the time deal I mean I think that was one of the best things amazing come home they do get the for Russian. Names and all the year we don't weird European names I think at the mall right. It would you can do baseball. Let alone hockey and monkey could do but I didn't ice Chris if earnings IA's Chris Curtis could do baseball hotshot takes real snow I wanted to chase to turn down the volume on my TV and announced they announced that a pay a small fortune here don't yet have you heard your restaurant part of that is no holds vitamin. You know will come on me those two we have a hundred hold hundreds and hundreds of episodes snacks while like you Alex because you have real ambition. I know lots of people your rates just kind of sit there and witness among them. And call me give him a big break Alex knows that round he goes now to go getter over I didn't foresee yourself on the unloaded on these are like it's a call in sick. Alex is the first name on the list but he's always there. Credit because he had quite a ways read it to you last week we how to abuse. At least once showed a sense of release like drug deals can be good parents yet. I'm an I'm hope that you think you agree with it's likely that Colin peppard is being black balled I do. And do happen to greet my good friend Spike Lee of course you think Colin cabinet. If you were. You know not such a polarizing figure not such an outspoken. Political guys yes two he would have a job right now I did yes start and competing for starting competing for starting job that you think see I don't totally disagree with the I think. It's one part of the man and one part of the player has baggage. And maybe some teams that just in and they look at everything look it is. Whose ages are ms. Pryce and his politics and you say we really want to bring him in particular is a back treatment what's the point happens and back. The deal with a all the crap and he's not even gonna play things. Break right what crap you know teams have no problem bringing guys of criminal history how they do get to yes they do that's one part. Mean right now Ray Rice has no job Adrian Peterson has knowledge of Greg Hardy never be back in the league game I don't mix and might not get drafted Michael Floyd I think he'll be back in the week when it is a privilege and I'll probably well it's a good question I think drugged driving is viewed differently than domestic violence I great ashore by. So by their teams like yelled patriots had no problem bring in Michael Floyd after AT wire rest odd but teams across the league. No interest in bringing opera nick because why he kneeled during a question about Australia Michael puts a good question he's out of prison already ready have jail. Forty days and object when I think that I against home confinement everything. He's not coming back here now. And the patriots and the before the video of the embarrassing videos so maybe. Maybe doesn't get a job Cho mix and does he get drafted him he saw him at the combine. He's stunned I don't know if you get shafted but he gets huge jump Nixon will play in the it'll cost them millions millionaires huge price just like Greg rice did. I don't elevated he's indeed yet we'll see he will hopefully by a prize. But I think camper nick he just look at some what do we need to have it he's not a good quarterback anymore who's not. The worst although he is a look at it in the numbers statistics. Statistically. He threw for a 187. Yards a game that was the worst in the NFL thirty quarterback qualified the worst he was on a bad team each of over 350. Mean when you're playing catchup all the time you should be thrown. A series yards but he he can't he doesn't. He proved he completed 59% of his passes that's 66. Point seven yards an attempt that stinks. I think. What 100 quarterback rating since last month what time does not stand Tim Hasselbeck says at first said he doesn't know how to change speeds he doesn't have. Pro am and he throws fastball and that's it. And inaccurate fastball and an accurate this is about the county and this has nothing to do with Colin Kapanen to dig the headlines today being that there's some sort racism in the NFL he was white. And the track record work as files Wu well teammates and race I'll pull up where you right now it is not applies here yes whatever that is. Because inaudible law title at the greens politics since in my immense Spike Lee. The fix is being black balled there's an element of that but every quarter and we all. Some of our parts in the season this is a sum of his parts. One of those parts in his. Political rabbit political radical and cement head. More and that's part of the package but I don't think it was that cap rate was ever so radical I mean he was kneeling during the anthem to protest since last. That goes out gets like annually during the song. In the NFL that's as radicals tickets but it's his message was not out. Radical he's protesting with a record Audi NFL social and acquire the red meat of the NFL fans and national land them in the celebration of the country in the military no matter what you think. About your that the specific teams are or whatever you'll stand up for that and recognize what is not. Political situation it is recognizing the country and so Colin cap predict nearly down that is offensive to large Portland trail credit uncle's funeral. Amazing. Just amazing coincidence that the whole political problem of police brutality was small it is yes the minute he became a free agent because he said he was gonna stop feeling. When things improved in this country right and things improve the moment he became a free agent right well I promise to never Neil again. Are not Neil when he gets signed to a new team what I don't understand and maybe you guys can help me given the form me. We see all these people writing about it and pro football but Mike Freeman. On Bleacher Report it is headline a Mike for him the story is. Peppered accent it's two NFL limbo for the crime of speaking. His mom right in in that article I've Freeman courts in unnamed NC general manager who says 70%. An NFL teams played out despise him he genuinely hate him go what I've paid them. He'd he'd earned that but checked these teams they'll again would have no problem bring in somebody not domestic violence okay but. Do you watch out that's all I don't know Annan player they were a good problem it too that's a good view yes I'm not saying they would do it Alex but there it is. An issue and I think Michael Floyd were. Mike Evans or Michael floor Edward Lee Jones he'd get a job. It cannot predict what happens when he's operating let's say how predict a one point last season. Couple dollar referred to you why he's agreeing Jay Cutler is a prime example and you'll get a job right so topic would get a job we agree if he had a DY on his. As an. Opposed to kneeling during the yes I am so I think I know you do this so it and enjoy out of market and that's a problem it might. I'll I'll add about is these teams you bring a guy in. If their talent outweighs what the potential issue might be Michael Floyd is not the best wide receiver but because there have been. Somebody do you wise it's not a sense of an issue. As kneeling down during the episode just so stupid it but indeed it's a business at some of loud it's a business of your Bob Kraft you bring in this player and how do my fans respond to that all its that the UYOK. We'll that you got do you live before it would cap predict. Nobody's done what he did which are basically sticky middle finger at the military by kneeling down says during Vietnam I mean and and Adams likely wants the jets to sign you tell me. Richards and in this I'm technically he. He sucks doesn't suck the does not good. Not rates but in you're gonna bring in Jay Cutler too I mean why not capita got a one year deal from a team that needs a quarterback I brought I needs to be in the. So to this why do you feel that he was signed for fourteen with a sends it with the could pick in the seventy. As last year in San Fran. In an opt out and he took it why make no sense I don't know why I mean did there's a lot of these regular Planned Parenthood does he think for thoughts of that team when he opted out and no other quarterbacks. Secondly they stink and thirdly it's Francisco. Does he think he's gonna find more acceptance. If he goes to Houston. Well I don't if you read all the reports I mean the players had no problem with cap and they've also on the record he actually brought them closer together while in the hunt them to. This close together ninety that they have plagued him in a number one receiver was Jeremy curly and that's why they went through fourteen or never was but you'd take a good cool and good Corbett and the good quarterly Brady Raja may they going to fourteen dollar who that you don't capita is not a good quarterback but he's in a world where Mike Glenn. It's getting three years and 45 million he is good enough to get a chance to compete for a starting job and he's yeah. She McLennan hasn't. I am black and black balled a strong word is Spike Lee would moguls. Spike these little rant on this hearing this he had brunch with his brother called exit so these so called cap and at the top of everything else and that was likely. I'm he writes. It's all one longer because look he's very well written what crime has called and committed look at the QB's of all 32 teams. This is some straight up shenanigans subterfuge skull burglary. And BS yet dig yet shown enough by any means necessary. And that's no Fun League proof proof. Like Petraeus are from the sex there's brilliant this isn't it brilliant and very gets the islets. Nixon calls the patriots and new backup quarterback wants it to drop won't they well yes you want. Capra con on this I want it to you you want to happen what are the reports unit patriots fans. One among their team no they were more than happy to take Michael Floyd here we took those costs of the hypocrisy is resented it on video it's any different through personally I applaud capturing. Of course you do druse in Pennsylvania to. Hey guys and now if for I can tell property. Patrick is retired you get retired and felt the NFL has retired. Because he's not gonna get a job. He would in the old city the only NFL city in America that would not have cut him last year apple people. Now I'd hit the public predicted yet and yet some elect. That his skill level does not. He'll it up or what his problems are. What kitty holdout and you guessed it what did he pull Kiki. He he expressed we simply Wiki and ours didn't and yes on the US no we are exactly why don't he can he do what's taking a kiss on the military's all the paid patriotism stuffed an NFL teams do there wasn't a lot of outcry about that there was no like all right but then he'll during the anthem right. And that. Was a sign of disrespect but since winless since when did the star spangled banner become that the theme for the united states military it's it's really just a song right the end of the day it's it's our National Anthem. Okay we don't live in North Korea and luckily you live in a country you can and I browsers I don't think he's do you sell well or to secure social justice. Just in social justice and you got most I'm totally in favor so he's wearing Fidel Castro T shirts he's got a point out sake of their out of out of nowhere Alex. He starts dating this girl and decide that now is when he's gonna start taking a stance and the stance he ends up doing that is likely umps are. He kneels down there the at the would you agree. That there were plenty of other things he could've done that we're not disrespectful to the the military. The would have done the exact extent is saying a lot of guys exchange with the reporter Miami yes right out critic was the biggest story of the NFL season if he didn't yield during the anthem in just spoke to reporters after the game you know it's another word for that. Distraction the biggest distraction to what is one of distraction you see it every day the young when he was backed up. Indeed it got infected every forty actors at all with they have won our games I don't know I don't think you know Alex didn't they do they said that the players themselves said that it wasn't an issue that he did dad know animosity towards happen at some deciding what the players but the players Tom went to import team and held the second pick in the draft which would probably use a quarterback and -- soc technology gets operation yields during the they'd tell me how many good quarterbacks put two and fourteen teams I don't it's a different argument don't know what I think I predict he's good he's good enough to get a chance including flat the last thing you want you back up quarterback is. You know have this is this. Take a barrel like political. Figure. Bombs and truck it Bob a large. Hey I bill. My only one that believes that as well playing with cabinet is flawed. If it wasn't until that third exhibition game. If somebody noticed he was sitting on the bench. And they go back and find out that he's been doing it on a whole pre season. And then three days later he comes out of this story about how he's not been in protest. I think he got caught smoking on the bench but he went from starter. Biting from the baton and got a megalomaniac. Like that would have. Unbalanced or tweet or FaceBook that he was they can mistake. Why don't if you truly I mean bodies donated millions of dollars to community organizations you guys read the stories topping neighboring Asian food to Somalia. And he said he wanted to cap predict but he did he has backed up his word of those actions those are good things beat the B kneeling during the anthem was they look at me. I don't care what this says about the military I don't care when I do I'm going to make. This I'm gonna make this about something is right so if you're owner Rickie no matter how bad we think our think he's I think Jerry overstates. Capra next negative effect in the 49ers they suck last year but now he's a free age as an owner. You've got to decide liquid Ray Rice to a wanna take this guy out is his talent worth. The headache that would be my at a base saying. Why do you Simon and that's what I think you can equate call and property in Ray Rice is just so ridiculous and I great. That's that that's existed I'm bipartisan is there it's part of the pact spark of the players you bring in. And if you go back up quarterback you don't want any distraction you want him to be the focus. When he comes in the locker room you know what the media's running back a quarter back and ask him at the latest. You know police brutality but if Igor but it but again without that that means so okay report out as you see that but at least I don't know Mike Freeman last. And they do it again and again don't and then once they knew when the tour fourteen that's what do you what I say why the 49ers are two and I think that's one of the reasons that quarterback wasn't very good so anyway say to put ads went up its socks that he wore in the pre game. Making fun police officers right Don B pig police officer Donald as a fan base when your as they are an owner. You're gonna sign this guy guide your fan base and those pictures. Doesn't like not a good look at its. I don't I can say it's not part of the baggage we got its halls we slumped against Revis but we do have breaking. Patriot news in the balls Tom Brady. It's that we give. Good to have an open mind about the delegates going to the question. I'm not talking about the doubt that with a platinum got him about not that bad. Look what we are talking about it on command at the that they. That let you make. Even better than that more in that that would include them in the open and let them. New book bad book boom boom years. You on that guy I want that moron nice job he thinks. You know why they invest more. And their education system the prison system. They don't invest anything in their presences them they just put him in the Google logs. Then you know given some martian. Or excuse. Cap Riddick is a dumb guy I mean since when are we banning dumb people from playing in the NFL to be no I do I tell you where Alex. At quarterback that would ban as some guy from playing quarterback cause it's a very difficult job these days. The days we just said go deep throw it to you are over it's very complicated job and I think if your team at top of the draft. That's which are afraid of is mixed too risky to be ski Smart enough. You know as a great arm and it was big you know we can run same with the John wants the same with. Whatever pat mahomes you have to look at their eyes and try to figure when their smock and that that an accurate arm in the brains of the two most important thing and kept critic has neither has the it. That it did tick collars and dumb guy and you'll get a job I agree I would never want him on my team. He's a dumb guy enemy in and does not look like a very devoted and how happy either my opinion community break cigarette smoking rate Britain's news organs phones chair no wonder that it's just as we call breaking news anchor. Pulled out all the Sports Radio WEEI. Connecticut and now and Jack and 22 things get the phones listen to bring in Alex dreamer and Gerald to ever. Service starts breaking news yes you got their guy I have a right as we do well might read the news yes it is. Al give Tommy credit Tommy current credit because he is that taken the story step further Tommy current reports that Tom Brady stolen Jersey's been recovered. And it was a two for not only did the FBI in NFL security located Super Bowl 51 Jersey that was lifted last month. They also found Brady's Jersey from Super Bowl 49. While apparently was taken outside that'd of the US by the same individual and pawn. To a location outside the US or rating further details. On who stole the shirts and how but not only 49 of 51. Balls stolen and Paul and by Tom Brady first reported by jiggling laser fox reported this outcome it's. So that person sold that our radios were half a million dollars found outside the United States. So already pond is I don't believe that someone ought to you know that among money maybe they sold real change that was worth the half million dollars would you believe that when that was sort of that was filmed asking that notion. They have Mike here and he never listening to got to block in Twitter. When I keep watch yeah I Amani Mikey you guys I blocked him debates I now eyesight must the only person in the world hates month. Yeah in and Willie's. Still does he said gene does afternoon drive and still harbors Akron no mud hands bill. OK now it's not a look at you they dealt a theory you and let's go let's go to Tom Connecticut account. Say good morning guys. Say term reelection instead it was and you would your nature are so you I hope Cameron you know and Marty should get the car. Put a cap predicament Betsy didn't some Korean arms and you three you guys are huge rivalry in college. UN tomorrow to could do would show that there Kaplan it could play for the football. If you guys ever step by relying. But it happens here because the cops don't carry firearms on campus. There and other gonna do is give you a timeout. That's perfect for you guys I can't stand listening Q and you want a guy like pat Burnett who. I can't swear I'm here I'm being quite carry out there who crap over the flag for a whole season to play on a team called what the patriots. How did crap all over the world experts at how to crop over the flag I think. In fact what he did was the definition of Petrie to jail time because there is an embarrassment yes your definition of patriotism is in America we have something called freedom of expression you can act the way you light to winning guilt during anthem it's OK to bomb so you think okay burning the flag that is patriotism now the topic and burned. But you just said we have freedom to do we do have freedom to burn the flag we have freedom to this song. Is that patriot yes. If you get your burning if you burn the flag you know get arrested yes that is what's great about America you can do things is also disrespectful to do that. Yes or because it's patriotic it's located no no no no you're right it's disrespectful to burn the flag absolutely DiCaprio and emperor and the flights he kneeled during a song. A song in which oh by the way up until 2009. Medical teams weren't even on the field when the anthem was played so a new phenomenon standing changing viewing audience song it's the anthem of our country keep calling just like a song like it's a Justin Timberlake I and nobody's called them to be rested and put in prison that's what they do Cuba wrecked his hero. Was government and the Dow could help its human right everyone at all and I don't spend nearly as much as we do unpleasant to we're. But I got family here that look because they can't. We break. So when what someone commits a crime and goes to prison these kids have is that. Breaking up the family I would just ask you Colin you moron who's fault would that be to be the guy committed the crime police apple or would it be. That country with a police America what did it depends on what crimes being committed yet we are just a few weeks ago utility about the fathers and it's on the we'd. Then arrested could you wanna be on the station more often India and skip the fathers and so we can raise the political Walter White speech Diana. Che is in Lenny jail Loria. Or does it. It's our cabinet I mean that was a million ways he can have push this agenda. I think the reason why did it seems somewhat signing him is because. He made it clear when he brought this to the to the field every week before game. He put his agenda for the team. And why wouldn't he want to sign a guy whose locker to have hope all is number one priority. That's a great question I say this all the time like Tony Romo. Would worry me he's like it to handicap tighten even better maybe thugs and we'll go on the war. I don't want my mine my quarterback to be that good golf I normally quarterback being compromised. It takes total devotion and you get the best quarterbacks are in the Brady Peyton Manning these guys who lived it breathed I don't like. Rough Roethlisberger is great but I don't like. The fact that he's a big fat slob who you know X prize most white and alleys green let locks and an at bat to prove that you're about to. I want a guy who just leaves forest you know and and Wheeler. Kaplan a fun. One of those top teams and I'm set now Watson in and two of the ski that's all that's my first concern. Does he live for this job does play quarterback in the NFL at the most important thing in the world to him and I think. I think Brady's. Good husband good father good sun and it's it is similar. But honestly that's secondary being a great quarterback is his top priority would you agree I agree that's why he's great that's one reason he's a great quarterback. Absolutely. I would it again I. Out that how critics agree quarterback I don't think he's a Smart guy all I'm saying is the stigma is unwarranted that surround him. I was stigma he's flat out if you're a great quarterback can be in on eighteen right now I'd say an eight Erica Daryn god is great quarter earned runs is working John no I'm sure he still gets and yes you're freeagent of course the talent brought route bruise the day but tapper Nick's talent is good enough for him to still have a spot. In the NFL and the 49ers proved that last year the players so that wasn't a distraction Chip Kelly defended him time and time again have to set I always say tell us once again this is a match I that a cap critic defender right addicted I. I bought into hit the idea of him being a top ten quarterback at some point Ron Jaworski is not doubt I doubt I'd I'd right. I would look at his season and you're right it in ninety quarterback rating idiots in good numbers in the final month. On clay Travis had the pro football focus numbers you based on the thirtieth ranked quarterback by there metrics usually better than a a couple of terrible terrible QBs there and so he's not good. The why would you give these like shot two guys. Texans corners out the issue it's like the Tebow discussion is some teams probably wanted to bring in Tebow take a look back on May be. But they didn't want to distractions a hold of for a reason Tebow loves his country. And is all right and lord Jesus of course but he is sort of a sideshow and temperament even more so because. People really hate capita income much really really hate Tivo but let. I did was taken out of context. But there's no so they ain't happening what do they do I don't believe the stories that say people were boycotting you know Al kind of call on Tyler and I put so you've signed tapper neck okay yes to get a lot of questions are training camp. He's asked about social issues but nothing happens to your bottom line it doesn't affect your team so if topic is the best guy for that backup quarterback job you should bring a man as an owner and coach out of your Ralston is how they. Cell walls handful of black bald guys out there including in a Ray Rice. Your committee Greg Hardy Michael Floyd Greg Hardy. Hum I wonder I wonder if peppered its job it's just don't that's account persuaded let's go to Al in Connecticut hail what's going on. Each morning gentlemen. The more and it jammed under richer and probably arc bitching about rapper nick chart that we're charts. On I don't know Capra to gain that's why it up or was it lack the effort is really do it any decade interest tax. There's a lag that allows him to be gay in this country. Each it was my topics and read them you have a right to say we don't want to. Every team had to write the same don't. I out again. The flag allows you to be picked up Syrian border showdown could you really don't remarks that there be every every every bit before the wrestling clips it might get down on my knees I think the flag and I say thank you. Thank you US and they gave me thank you. For giving me the freedom to do this at the at a. Stand up come on. Well swings and wanna white money down during this that hey it's where I go no not at all. All right good morning guys I was just wondering if Alex would heal so strong. About defending a player that may be tough homosexuality was wrong. What he means what would that have been made if a player was black balled because he was anti gay and I'd be defending him now of course some get. Well I'm I'm feign it if somebody was a bomb belt that homosexuality is wrong. Would you would you still stand up and say yeah the freedom to do that ignored disagree with them he's still our freedom. Absolutely no I think liberals are consultant they are to believe. What do you do a really listen to me necklace because Milo for example I think it's ridiculous and egos at colleges and people protest but haven't at Middlebury couple weeks ago. I am not in the business and shutting people down because of their opinions he got the wrong guy Paul. With the every morning and that's why everybody call on the small. Morgan. OK but yeah I I've never said that somebody just as they disagree redemption and be allowed to state their opinion I am pro free speech all the way. I'm consistent on this issue Omega yet thank you. Stronger today grow Revis I don't want him on my team either I said I want him and he doesn't to disrespect the flag or the country but he does. In a way. Disrespect the team plays for me mutual out of shape. These are big fat ass last year and you want him and you things can do is tip top shape I do because you're getting corner you're you are getting a different player than a regular nose guard on at cornerback and a trade Malcolm Butler to the saints for whatever pick in and getting. Darrelle Revis here on a minimum salary deal. Motivated to resurrect his career Iraqi city rail additions work plan for the minimum amounts I was getting paid six million dollar for the jets cherry kind of came everything an issue are Ian Rapoport said he's told people you'll play for the minimum this year because the jets are paying its we have the numbers on that we get that the wheels one gets these so we have lots and lots more the latest from Ian Rapoport. Capra that calls and the latest on Tom Brady's Jersey which has been recovered then how about this for a mysterious. Descriptions and recovered on foreign soil woo hoo rashes in Russia. Jerry Lawler did a nice job that the commentary this week much more time on it much more. The purpose of what. Wrestling it out Steve should doubt but over the wrestlers ax in the right instead of Barry. Left and right that's just counterproductive. To the whole idea enough common yet. So I am terrorism. 'cause we have he felt like going off the rails. I'm not sure which is supposed. The world to the elliptical cannot dole RI podcasts and defiant now for about six years for twelve year old answering yes I was just yesterday take that yes. I'm always on the same. This time a year doing just like in late June the NBA Plavsic on Barclays on TV every night he's useless and some stupid some funny some provocative. I'm Barkley goat but not because of TNT it's cause of for the commercials most likely Samuel Jackson and great times of the weakens in one of votes the stake complain take on a plan under edit anyway. He came out and he's in is on your side of the bathroom Villa North Carolina man. About this quote he says Muslims and immigrants. An LG PL GBT people are now quote getting to feel would back black people feel like in regards to discrimination. So it just now 2017. L. Al JE PB GGQ thank I didn't know what it's like to be blacked just now is did we had been discriminated against but no I'm not you know generally on your side of the street playing your son's. My guess it used to be worse used to be a little just now. I'll have all been more accepted and has been in a little less discriminate truth in the was. 203050. Years for everybody for Muslim and ask Alan turing. One world to interact with the president because the great movie Utley Sudan movies out awesome movie carries a shame we don't know norm no more remote. Mr. Torre because he's an incredible. Hero he has now agreed to get jacket but they've been out overstatement. It's let's go back to the calls we've won a court Catholic and Raymer. And move on Q2 were nuts and again temperaturewise Johnson though western mass that John was Cologne. Are there on. I think that we're looking at this as long angle. As far as that in outlawing particular shot on console. I don't think it has anything to affect city disrespect the flag or anything like that is the fact that he. Shows as a backup quarterback. To beat distraction. The matter how many ways and it is not a specific thing what good guess there was doing. It has everything you have DOD and look at the guys like that got a true national media attention. All. You know on himself by himself and. Why and and I've taken an if you Goodell might still be on a team the last thing you wanna be quarterback back up or otherwise is a guy who is. The idea has divided attention divided into geez who's compromise you know. When you're gonna QB meeting an offensive media look at to see that I have for you see that face you know that it's not completely focused. On football you know right right. You know he's attending some rallies and meetings go I don't know that I know you say donated money and I believe he did after the press was on. Put you know that the sky is not living breathing eating sleeping. Football but they're different ways that you can also they'll be politically active and attend meetings rallies whatever instill focused on your crap now if you're the owner or GM or coach do you want to do want a guy who's. Focused on politics or on anything I need a rod got is focused on politics that says he's a great that's the point though is as good as if Africa is now Roger very. Or is gonna step and start somewhere and be very good. It wouldn't care about that they would that that would not be the issue but selling it to a fan base and the backup as Terry's talking about. You can keep all week it was very good it was the start of Ray Rice we're gonna be a starter was still playing at that level when he had the the video come out. He's coordinated team but there was a little bit of a question. But how good he was at that point so he couldn't. You couldn't sell it to it's getting harder I think in the Twitter is that it's getting harder. To deal with guys who bring baggage you know. The teams he shows and you know this is this is just an insane world dollar Ray Rice who is videotaped I not gotten out not beyond scandal jump right in that he is the same as calling Katherine can yields during the anthem that's just read I compared I compared with Tebow early enough he might be a better quarterback but you just look at and say. We don't wanna deal with that that's just the way it works you see that that quote I believe that Mike Freeman quote yes 77%. Of the anus. Hate him don't dislike him or don't question. Hate his summit be because it's politics to lots owners only just yes yes I question Republicans question especially T any we will get back to cut the capita calls and got here months take. On the road re discuss it just seems could be. Among my headache seems to be. Not worth that much pain and we have more news under the procedures oh we do more breaking news always leaves and who's gonna break the news on the bleachers and my friend your friend a friend Lenny Clark oh excellent at Lenny studded breaking news on the Jersey next.

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