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Trenni and Tomase - Malcolm Butler's contract situation; Gronk's maturity 3-18-2017

Mar 18, 2017|

The conversation has moved back to Malcolm Butler and the Patriots. Trenni and Tomase break down what keeping Malcolm Butler means for the future of the Patriots and Belichick. Also, they talk Brandin Cooks, Stephen Gilmore, and Gronk.

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He's training and tomorrow using one Sports Radio telling you yeah. Because and Eric and John's a mossy break down everything with our packs the Bruins into all new England sports. So let's to its trendy until moxie on Sports Radio WEEI. One more got 69 persons. Know what I mean. Well you know what I mean David. Okay I don't I think he means. Rob Gronkowski her parent will go right and 69 touchdown. Is there any other way than any other men Pollock our says he doesn't think there's anything sexual about it Paul please explain because I don't know what else is going to be. Okay I'll tell you exactly what it is. That press conference was after a game where I think the 68 touchdowns tied a record for tight ends. And about two years I'm in the car so I can't get out but two years before that game. He caught a pass from Brady short two yard pass for a touchdown. When they reviewed that touchdown they sent the pass was backward pass so lateral. So Graf quit credited with a rushing touchdown. Not a passing touchdown. So when he tied the record so. At 68 when he gave that news conference he's really saying I really had 69 could I remember in that game one. Call it adorable called. It eerie matter your grandfather and whatever you are I bet your awesome and it. A humor. Well but match. That's a fact that's what he was talking about. And I think it. IRA may be okay. Yeah I mean he you know when I'm done an amount that. Calling you at 68. Passing touchdowns and one rushing touchdown. He's a pass receiver he doesn't want to get credited with a rushing touchdown that means nothing to a he wanted it as a pack and I remember that game that was close but I I just think it was a backward pass. It was against the adults. And it was definitely a run and. All due respect volume not convinced us you're not quite high and low I don't like my heart is more arms. Tighter Huron SS. I love it. This isn't a call this is made by afternoon. And Mike if you see I haven't been big smile on my basement she certainly I think it's I think it's awesome. Some we saw called John that we have to be ready and the dumb Bynum might not think that I think this is an ice pure. Just lovely hall. And it's the truth that's why his reference was about these side issues that had eight touchdown pass on that. One that was ruled a rushing touchdown. So he felt he should have had 69 at the end. NATO until motto Paulson you know Amato are really drive it on airlines. I got a great line you made a staring out the that is well. Accidents asking. An answer every night here in 69 is just started they have I Lazio's that is now that's. Yeah Iowa Allen and male football but about the motor boating. So I just it's as I love on you know what's well engine repair it. If I have to get up again Jeremy averaged hubs for his duke is I wanna know anything about my friends in the media Jerry was up. I don't. While things how are you. Well I think that when you go into a situation picking everything racism as a is. It's kind of stupid and you're gonna take it is racism a lot of walks. I want to tax my friends and immediately put this put this topic to rest irony. Now I'm not yeah apparently democracy and chip hang our rights Arab media Laura and I feel hey I haven't bunny still are half. Following poppies. It talked about. You shouldn't you should hold trump more accountable and everyone else he's the president and that was me I sent but I agree with that. Yeah of course I said more accountable than a random Twitter mentioned yes. Today on what's your point line sane standard on Twitter if you have if you're reporter if you were president Ernie belts is now. We're on Iran well. Because because he's my Rican president in my reading I say something stupid it does not have H trickle down effect to foreign relations in other countries. When I say something stupid on Twitter doesn't have a trickle down effect to the American economy yet the geopolitical ramifications gas companies saying something dumb are far smaller than when Donald Francis of the dumb witches like. So now it's our era. Look set to mark the opposite when people were beaten. Paper and down sometimes he has a tendency to lash out against a watchdog transparency and I'm not. I don't he had really ignited is that it is like apples and oranges. By Jeremiah Jerry announcer it's lovely yet keep trying to Mac cooling. Made in China sells an attempt this is like I you know and it looks like trumpets for 12. Eva you IE is it fair twisted logic of the trump gangs who are like. He aide did this switch whenever like I've already said it's a pebble and somebody else issue. Why don't you care related it's like we're comparing the president to the red side is the writer on Twitter like now how quiet quiet quiet backing up. Thank you. Horrible there was a great story and NPR cyanide vote and into a that's legal aspects of a president be our story about what about isn't it you see this now offices like a classic Russian response. Propaganda response anything. Blatter me or why did you assassinate your rivals. Well you know he was a bad guy two or while other people do this kind of stuff in this is like this trump has taken us right out of the Russert played. Anything bad said about trump he tries to turn around. When the whole thing was Vladimir Putin kills people you don't think America has to kill people to. Everything is what about this what about back and everything becomes this track ball is Asian moral equivalency thank you I'm done. Security grant him a single nuclear weapons and other thing is actually. I'm with uranium including some bad things. You know you need to get anything yet you need to get this Chappelle's Show when they had the yellow cake you receive this do you think when he takes lake I'm sure I'm sorry doesn't play V Mary Munster. By definitely the word games or anything like I got my I found anybody does like it rates out of my third grade vocabulary level. Well when you play that game and it gives you the word tapped he spoke at one the year just one that's on your head in the game. I got that sorry that it now myself so I a football of course but it was talking about is Malcolm Butler. Still in Maine has a hypothetical trade for about the Butler still laying on us. Well it wasn't really a hypothetical trades just a comment about trade if that happens I just could not thought. He got Sean Payton who could go banned from football for a year in the gut. Instinct and you got. The patriots thought you could ultimately compatriots. We got you routine straight back where each other and it got 32 period we sent that the patriot center. The saints were to come back. The patriots. You think it's gonna do good Delano opening. Played the integrity you name carded if you hold it up in new written. And. I don't understand though there's no I don't think so only because. It came pretty clearly be stated as this was a cooks for Butler DL. They we couldn't get the Butler half done because they had to reach a contract and it was complicated with restricted free agency. Blab blah blah and so that's why this took like there's a pretty clear delineation of what this deal was supposed to be so I don't think you can say it is anything shady ago. Not I don't think there is making shady going on I just wondering if you gonna wanna play games when it. I don't think I think I try to fight it out on days of picking on the patriots are over that is mine. I think they they look at it like we are all square spy gate to plate gate it's done we're not we're not going down narrow. Steve to use his his odds don't. I must say this though if this is essentially just a trade cooks for Butler bag. You know just took a little longer because of whatever details. They think by this point it would of worked out the details and mystery to be completed like I guess it's kind of a hybrid on is taking so a lot of times. It's YE AB Butler is holding out for more money you know. That saints are offering nine he wants to have no idea but it. That that would seem the only hold it in LA though that he can even do that would be he would have to sign Hayes. Freeagent tender they can do a sign and trade so it wouldn't be signing the tender it would be. Simon the patriots trade him wave to this. Or I don't know exactly the order of it but the idea is. You're not signing the tendered to put the eleventh pick on the table. You are working out a separate deal to us again I come back to why would the patriots wanna do that why wouldn't she why either to keep Malcolm Butler. Or get that eleventh. Well maybe the saints won't surrender. You know written them why and I just keep Malcolm buck. Yet that battle has been my argument all along if the saints reach an agreement with him you like why not to sign him that the only yourself but. We've seen at is worried that he's gonna be a malcontents and me coming back to what Mike Reese wrote about Ito the whole thing with Stephon Gilmore being a Family Guy had. And are being 27 and single. You know it is he eight is he running around doing things that he should be doing they've been getting a you know Intel from the year at Foxboro police department that disease. Acting in ways that he should be acting I mean there's always bouncing on the Jones and stacks. He's like outback behind the police station. Shirtless thing I want is I want to find god to like can I find god. Where is CC behind this dumpster. I just it doesn't make sense to me. Now but it did you count strayed didn't make sense Sammy and when all is said die and we found out that it might have been you know there are some things going on behind the scenes more so than just him freelancing on plays and not necessarily buying into the system. But I stopped Jamie Collins he would he existing bigger physical and I inked chests. Verbal presence in that locker room that I I don't necessarily know that Malcolm Butler had like I don't know that if he stuck around it would be disruptive to the rest. Of the team might I think Jamie Collins because of how close he wise to Donta hightower and then the other defensive guys. And that may have had a trickle down effect where everybody would have gotten angry at. In up again I don't know for sure. I'm in there but not enough to know if that's hard. So there re a part of the reasoning like I don't know if they're worried that he would be toxic to the locker room he sticks around. Yeah I mean I have no insight into that we've I've interviewed Butler on the radio that's about it so I have. No idea what kind of guy he is behind the scenes I had no idea you've heard nothing all you've heard the work what's the word we heard most about him. On his rise humble on all barred my all time. Humble hardworking these seem to be patriots traits and things the patriots value. And yet he's moving away the one thing I would add on the whole why are you holding out for the eleventh pick what's holding up the deal this and that. Belichick does seem to recognize the merit our historical. Examples of this. He does seem to recognize. The value of having good relations with the other teams when you're trying to trade so I think good fade pass to be a part of this scenario as well everyone's like. Will lighting hold up eleven pac money you just signed him to deal that thereof bunkers that may trash feature deals exactly and maybe because you've Marty come to some kind of agreement with the saints in your not gonna go back in your word that's valuable. I'll go back to the Wes Welker signing ten years ago. If your remember they tried to put there there is spot they're gonna put a poison pill in his restricted free agent offer sheet. And make it impossible for Miami to match something about you know if you play half your own games in Florida then. You are if you play after games in Florida and yet to be the highest paid receiver early something that Miami could not match. And rather than do that. In sort of poison the well with another team they traded him that was a trade I think they gave up the second round pick which is what they would have surrendered anyway. Rivera signing she offer sheet and they threw in a seventh round. And so to me that's sort of said. We could do it this way and it and just take him but we're not gonna do it that way we're gonna do it anymore respectful way and I think there are examples of the outset acting that way drugs. And clearly he has a good relationship with Sean Payton just due to the fact that you know these are two teams acting beer joint practices yet they play each other in a pre season there's a mutual respect. The rating cut steel like it was pretty fair deal for 23 year old receiver who's had. Almost about 3000 yards receiving in twenty touchdowns over his first three seasons so. The precedent is there. Actually the only thing that makes cents. It suggests to me it's it's just as and it like that's the hardest thing but a Malcolm Boller situation is it's hard to rack your brain around. They why they would want to get rid of him especially when a deal is so team friendly at this point yet. The two is he seems to be a guy that while he wants to get paid. He might be amenable like. Sticking around or not getting a long term to add just delegate also as an add up like why and I give my five year deal but I suppose maybe you think that by the time he turns thirty. Which is in three years exactly where that money anymore. Yet and may be you know the amount of money they'd have to pay him to get him to sign on the dotted line. Just isn't within your budget I don't know I mean the patriots have cap space the caps going up for everybody so they'd they do have room. To fit Butler if they want it to this seems to be about something else are let's go to Mike in north Providence Mike welcome to IT NT. I guy. You know I think that you guys are kind of like. You know he said earlier like these are walking away from Butler they're not walk away with a drive it into the airport. Fifty. That ballot checked he put a price on this night. He wants more he realizes he can get more casinos of their teams like the check out this complete idiots and over eight or at least. In noticeable or are now on Bartlett. So he'd want he decided. He went it was wet dog okay there are gonna move this. Yeah he has choices he. He got the overpaid Malcolm Butler in a cook's note graphic or repeat Malcolm Butler no cooks and address quickly add Gilmore cooks in the draft. And the draft pick as important as this idea very deep corner backtracked. And they have to replace will and Ryan as well. So I mean. There are multiple wounds of this guy's almost certainly anticipate care and you can basically skeptic I think is that these or Baltimore. The contract is a bigger receiver will result with the number and eat grass. In the ticket in terms of trapped capital he's basically moving a guy eating he'd need to use a click. He's also replacing a guy losing 83 ticket as it will grind. And he's heard what a number ten guy Andy did a number falcon they screech and Rockwell or the number 32 to that they can get that. Ternium leaving that to you because eight debt too confusing story. And well I think what he's basically saying is that the patriots have given up some of their draft capital. In the branding cuts trade in this is the way for them to get it back and that they're not losing as much if it was not a Butler what they can get back in the draft may be just as good if not better lie or not mean using goods is that right it's nice guy that. Nice coming at a correctly. You're right about that you're right about that but in addition to get cooks Sadr. He Dick Cook very happy here's the problem yeah. That the mentality of treating pot remember you as she sent before it is essentially a Koch's report which rate. Issues happening in terms. Apps yeah I get that and what I would say to that is if your banking on getting a cornerback as talented as Malcolm Butler in the draft good luck. Consultant that is probably a little Logan right and not as welcome all so yeah. And then your then your banking on line and asked does not deal mark being asked talented as Malcolm Butler and staying healthy a guy who's had in his. Injury history. Bill Belichick it already is as definitively stated that with making this decision. He thinks it can go wars the better player and barnacle Bill Belichick Lucy in the sky two times a year and his coach Butler. He's definitely made this decision Nicole was better. So I'm gonna go with that I don't. Think it's that simple I think I think you're leaving out a possibility that Belichick thinks that Butler for whatever reason is not salvageable. Whether it's because he wants too much money whether it's because they know that they're gonna lose him for nothing next year because they can't franchise and as they might need to save that for Jimmy G. I don't think it is big old guarantee whatsoever. That Belichick thinks. Gilmore is better he just might think he's a better long term fit. Just like our team and Yemen. That's but that's more that's more driven by the market injured and by the position and it is about a player. And and I like he's not he was an unrestricted free agency you had to go top. Talk more top of the market for him I'm out the Butler because he's an. I'm restricted free agent you don't have to do so that's more what's driving the money bear. You pick them up on what was it about thirteen million dollars a year right now nobody is not a good habit is not being offered that he's he's a restricted free agent check offering the thirteen that this guy he's developed Il as he always has whenever he offers money like that at this guy's work that. And the back he. He's not gonna go off or something like them bought but that the board the keys basically chosen this guy could be number one and yet remember. He'd have to replace Logan riots and it is indeed cornerback tracks. Yeah I don't see I don't see how it is giving away Malcolm Bennett paint paint and little way to got Brandon Cox form and out of animal. Well we think he hasn't happened acts so got to the final word on dozens of hours forensic that I am not they Samuel and I'm just reading a retreat here from patriots. Dot com but apparently. Somebody asked why did Bill Belichick trades Jamie counselor malevolent mean insurgency mark center Sanyo. He knows what to do and assigned to say a little responded to this week he has Tom Brady he can do anything. Maybe that's the answer that's the answer has line is Tom Brady is Baird Bill Belichick can do anything more patriots stock after this in his past 6177797937. They've been infected. It's these socks and see its training because and Eric on Tomas. Hos Sports Radio you. What does it mean for my mother next year. I remember what was scientist undergoes an award goes New England puts the onus on the when it's. Play great but making huge deal next year I'll be 28 next march they are making huge deal on the open market greens are gonna franchise. I that's Michael Lombardi from via our ringer. Three years now pastor. Who once Kirk Italian chased him off the morning's. Top they would have to boxes and he lies. I don't know what happened and it's just bring your payment to snoop a you know yeah it's like I wanna take a Michael Marty says this. More than with a grain of salts. Part of me says yes because he's so plagued him at the patriots. Aren't and he says. Is this him during the patriots dirty organize so early on a back everybody in and movies often nor yet and when we talk about people carrying water for an organization. Adam chapter does not do that I'm sorry he does not that's not how he's made his reputation like Lombardi. Maybe in May be Jamie Collins. A lot of information what a bad guy Jamie Collins and none nothing on anybody else on the team was still on the roster right but back guy who was gone. Who when the patriots probably would have been helped out by a little spin on why this. Perplexing deal was made Mike Lombardi was front and center in Atlanta and a lot of interviews talking about what a bad dude behind the scenes Amy Collins laws. Wonderful here that about young Malcolm. Inevitably. As often or on our pilots go to share. Oh Alex and a car Alex what an attorney dossier they don't Roth thank you. Like I don't portraits boxing announcer. I I had a question Montenegro on correct. They print out and back yeah and they trade that the other include democratic side are there are ample locker you'll respect. That's a great question so I think well here's what would happen in reality. If you trade Jimmy gee if you franchise him and trade him he's getting expanded. So I don't think they would lose their franchise tag I suppose they could leave them on the franchise tag. And play out the year but nobody is gonna acquire him and not sign a long term. Boy it got to give you the year and yeah we are the and I caught a lot of money to. Yeah I would say the risk it is the price of acquiring him and the risk of losing him. Quarterbacks don't get traded in deals like that and played per year I mean we saw Abbas while he got he wasn't traded but he gets the four year deal. Like this is just how it's gonna work he's gonna gat. Extended as soon as he's acquired. Yeah I had a yard arm and about how well do lock that the where he hit it there's no. He really true number one Hubert I don't see why it. You need to true number one ordered it more or watch a ball up the street you know that are we eat there if I don't think. You really need to order back like all on oh are you don't beat you. Wow I mean I would just hey Matt careful what you wish for our active but why let the details don't have to number one receivers wesun. In the suit rule on offense that had multiple targets I think. Lots of teams that they NFL's built around passing now. If you can have two good corners or take them. This is due out of this like you know the band there are are buyback of the running back I think oh I would rather. Eight the other guy where it really neat. Or. Even if that theory is true it's still I think this question still is wide they value Stephon Gilmore who ball are it's easy buffalo. Didn't seem to love wanted to value him more than their value knuckleballer. Yeah and I am not for a second gonna argues that you'll only need one good quarterback Theo that's crazy I mean this is a passing league you. How many quarterbacks authority for 4500 plus yards now back east would be. Far earning a leading the only one guy Garrett. Now you got guys over 5000 every year like no you'd need you need multiple corners and I'm sorry if I'm prioritizing. Positions on defense. Corners at the top of the list and only that but if you're lying and safety help over the top. That means most likely back at past is being made you're just keeping it from going all the way down on the field instead I mean not necessarily it's a way to take a receiver out of the game I understand that the of the safety and corner on somebody but. This flexibility we talked about this earlier that Malcolm Butler gave you by locking down that number two receiver a lot of times. City year he's on an island and then the number one guy has to people item. That's bias that's that's a pretty good way to approach things and that's a way to make up for maybe not having a pass rush hour. You know losing its handlers counts yeah and in the patriots you know over the years there have been years where they just happened. Produced a lot of pressure and then it's really. On the secondary to stick with guys are let's go back to the sounds let's go to John in Boston. John what's up I doubt that this Saturday happy Saturday it's you. So I just wanted to go hey do you guys are initial negative ones follow appointment but. You guys not see the writing on the wall and it was a Belgian crowd and only free agents and ready the end of his career that. They're gonna struggle load up to go ahead and not just get the ones who will vote against a couple of those are for you know vote they can. And that did they're really moving fast with free agency. And knowing Brady Brady life expectancy. And the football players show got to try to get these Super Bowl done now. I yeah I mean I think that's evident I think the fact that they have gone. All in on this. It during this offseason like never before easy total indication that they CD and it that the and is nearing. Let her time trying to sign Malcolm Butler I mean Malcolm Barr as you get that diet doesn't read that to me. We love that that's that's what that's like my PowerPoint word and I'm glad you brought that because I I can only see one of the they have an out of this and that is. I didn't think Butler gets the franchise tag element of the rubble I think you'd get a lot more forgo Rockwell as quarterbacks Soledad you know it is the more valuable. They can get a service serviceable backup. But well that's for Rick Sanchez hey guys you got to play his butt off at two years that he wants a big contract. He's the guy you ought to exploit get critical problem for draft picks. And Daniel fact that two years at least logical we've recycled bit and learn behind Brady and let the system. John matter only if they think to call reversed that in the future for this franchise yak and and well I just very quickly they issue that I have with you with the error with your approach on this. Why are you keeping Jimmy EG like you should be trading grapple. If you're trying to load up for Brady's last two years. There's no reason to keep Jimmy drop below but they clearly are planning beyond. Well. You know like I said I mean I IC go upload having more. Belichick probably sees things that brought a loaded none of us legacy and he made that may have have been the end of it you know just keep gently but Jimmie he's never gonna have more value than it does right now. They'll have value next year they'll still have value at this time next year. Yeah but not right now though right I mean think about it. Actually I think it'd be pretty similar because teams are desperate for starting quarterbacks in if you believe the Jimmy gee is that guy the interest will be. Every bit as there next year's it is now. I'm Tonya and I admire that that theory I've had cents being in New York last week and an out of my nice long weekend interrupted by a flurry of the alerts I'm I'm I'm by iPhone about all the moves the patriots are making is that this is not just for the short term this is not just for Brady this is also for Pallet Jack. And I have stayed by this and I will continue to stand by this that I think they want to win at least one more for Tom Brady but they're also looking at a future and part of loading up a big defensive players. Is to make an easy transition from Tom Brady to Jimmy garrote below. After they win that six Super Bowl I'm just again speculated that they when it next year at that they want that stacked deck that. Bilbao attack once Jimmy G as his quarterback in the future and I think they'll ballot Shaq for a long time has wanted to win a Super Bowl without Tom Brady because he is. It take doubly linked to Tom Brady and there is always a question is. Bill dollar check really that good can he could do it in New York or does he would see rules because of Tom Brady and I think for his personal legacy he wants a little about robbery. Yeah and it's like Samuel said I'm an honest sweet you know he can do whatever you plots because he has Tom Brady right I think there's there's certainly a measure truth to that. And I even look at these deals Brandon Cox is what 23 years old yep you're acquiring him what the long term. You know you're you're acquiring receiver who potentially potentially guy here for five or six years so. All of these things a lot of these moves to me date they yes they are going to be here now but they also point into the future. All right now we'll talk about mark page is of Horry Kevin O'Connor from their ringer act 2 o'clock more patriots are so after this country needs Massey now. Your chance to talk all new England sports with trillions of mossy right now. Plus Sports Radio WEEI. He's Charlotte. Showed kid he's he's not too far from here for hours hometown. This story. Were coming out of a small town in Mississippi and Turk junior college sit in the western Alabama a minute it's it's pretty amazing and yeah that took the first three years she's sat in this league he said. Through tremendous amount of success. Well into Super Bowls in three years. And being part of the team the couple salon so. I would say humble but when you watch a tape he plays what would triple a shoulder we've practiced with New England. Now on those three year time in this three year timeframe twice so a lot of additional just practice states. That we have a chance to look closely at and I'm sure bill in itself the same way when evaluating cook. At a Sean Payton an extra thirteen sixty radio in San Diego talking about Malcolm Butler. So while some famous talking at fox. Is it possible. And I kind of building off the conversation we're having right before going to break. That they're reason. Novella tax c.'s Malcolm butler's possibly expendable. Is if you truly is planning free feature beyond Tom Brady and we should be grappling quarterback. Ebony looks at it. He things okay need to build a good defense may be for the short term but the rent a lot of term I need Ginny to have his tase Julian his wax is Rob Gronkowski he's got. Those guys are in their thirties almost in their thirties and a dole may not either return this year. A printing products. And could skip developed quite the little relationship to be quite the go to guy for Jimmy grew up or he could be is pinky. I like it. I like the idea that because you are getting too young guys and Skype he's younger and drop so. You are bringing in a receiver at an age where he can develop that report grapple and I we nominee wrapped so gatlin and until Brady believes. But in the meantime. That could be something. Also I think we're probably oversimplifying. The whole idea as training guys I mean propping up a bit of its side of it. Studio. I think we're oversimplifying this decision we're not gonna I'm gonna get it cost a cat I'm just gonna talk for. We are knots. Putting we are not considering the context. Of the bigger picture and all the dominoes that have to follow it's not about just this one move or this one move that's it relates to Jimmy Cora blah it's about the constant. Need. To build a team and how you go about. Fitting in pieces for now and for the future and how do you ensure. And how you ensure our tourney is almost coming back to like over here. How you ensure that your success can be maintained from year to year to year because the easiest way to screw this up. And we've seen the Red Sox do it we've seen other teams do it. Is you start. Focusing too much on the here and now and then. Within a year or two years suddenly Europe Max and the patriots have never ever operated that way from. Almost from day one from when they won that first Super Bowl they move on from guys Laura Malloy you are the heart and soul our defense now you're gone. And we're gonna win the Super Bowl at the end of that season even though people are up in arms you know Mike Vrabel you're gone you're good down the list so. They've always been able. To look at the here now and say it is what we need to do to remain competitive but always within the context of what are we gonna look like a couple of years. That's why I you know our current talks on a station in every station in town attacks on how no way Tom Brady's different Tom Brady's different they'll never get rid of him I'll never walk away from and let him walk away on his own terms it would never trade him. I say never say never I don't care it's summary. I don't I just it it's immediate Bill Belichick does what is best for the team and bass for the franchise when it's time to do it and Bill Belichick is no Donnie. On I said this before that. He would talk about a lot of times if things that we don't see on the surface there could be things going on behind the scenes with Tom Brady physically. That he looks great on the field. But maybe they're starting to see anywhere in terror and maybe the you know the that they had sirens are certain off quietly in the distance we need to pay attention to this we need to start thinking about life after Tom Brady. And that they come more quickly than we wanted to or it may. Come quickly because we need to buy it may be a listen we really want to win one more for evil once and it's six and you're cemented. There's no question that you are by and by and large without question. The best quarterback to ever play the game. We're gonna have to have you walk off into the sunset because it's time in the box yet. And I think it's also entirely possible and likely that the patriots are just being realists about this and it's great that Brady does seem different and he does on a plane into his forties but nobody's done it nobody does it so frank if your him Damon David Price of magical magical like party's national out Ellis national lay eggs like he needs a piece of David Price is magical elbow. To stay healthy and so. You know you watch the Super Bowl how many three get shots did Brady take from Grady chair in of 320. Pounds whatever he has. At 39 you get up from those at forty maybe there'll hired shake up at 41 you might be dot. And the patriots notice they no history. And so you have to plan accordingly you have to play and you can't plan for the fantasy that Tom Brady's going to be winning some balls at age 45 that's not apt. And they also know that getting a quarterback in this league having an heir apparent to your policy and quarterback is the difference between. Plunging into a base of Indianapolis Colts. And they're not even a great example because his family adventure reluctantly they drafted luck so maybe. My flight just into the abyss of the Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins post him oh stammering now. You know I guess if you could even look at Al wait until they were Peyton Manning in Denver. You have these once proud that San Francisco 49 cents Ron Amadon what do they have not yet tamper and it got him to a Super Bowl and it turns out he was not the real deal and so. If if if Bilbao Jack is evaluating Jimmy grapple and he looks at the skinny says he has all the intangibles he's everything we need physically. And mentally and in terms of football smarts and toughness. This is a guy that's gonna lead dust and keep busts at Al winning 56 super balls and his wife time to the very least keep us on par with bike did you know the Packers in the cowboys that are. Our competitive year in and year out but that's the most important thing it's not making sure Tom Brady is happy ain't gonna be it's it's like every data said before. He's gonna go before he wants to go it's good and badly for Tommy yes I like the famous line righted and badly for Tom yes. And and you have to be approaching it that way if you Brady and more to the point you have to be approaching it that way if your paths. And you cannot you cannot worry about feelings and what's gonna happen because if you look. If you don't look towards the future you've again this is I'm OK if not. We care taking my words carefully here but before the patriots were big winners from what I understand this wasn't exactly the most football rabid towel on this was definitely Red Sox town first. The last thing the craftsman patriots got. Is for this to become a Red Sox town first yeah and guess what here's news for them when Tom Brady leaves if you don't have. Have the right guy to replace in the Soviet red sites around again I don't care how big the NFL is and how much of a juggernaut it is. Locally if the patriots are seven and nine. That's not gonna cut now people and let me just look at what happened I was sailing the interest in the Bruins. Yeah they won a Stanley Cup and Tony Levin. And I would say that in terms at least in terms of are basing it on what people want to talk about what they call and and you know talk radio. Very rarely do we Caulfield calls about the government's knowing I mean since Cassidy took over who have had twelve and three to start under him but you don't like and what have you done for you lately do something and now let's see about people are psyched about the Celtics they're excited about the Red Sox are always excited about the patriots but if you don't win you don't sustain that success in this town. It's like I'm at a next on man yet. Yeah and the Red Sox encountered this what they're three last place finishes in four years they sock. Then they just they lost in just praying is Sunnis in late June or July people even started thinking about the patriots and answer reporting you know mini camps yeah. Our Everett Braintree luggage and I last word on the patriots and Tom Brady what's what's on her mind. Our opener on them well thanks. The pig you are not that he. I'm hopefully to win now right summit credentialed what it would not put a page we'll all of them and a market right. Next year Q what are minimal threat that they could get the race. Or straight in that brought all that European markets like our uncle wanted to but too ready keep your average rate for. My donated part balls up on the market. I don't think you would like. I say why and there but my corners that you got all of them next year nipple on the contract right yeah. And you have a team doubt you'd like ducking not one reiki. All wanted to do or Iraq well and at that point it make the decision which one they're cute but the next week or Odyssey that an opinion program. If Brady wins another Super Bowl he's not get move tonight and the story now I've got to say hang yet you're not stating the suit role here the only way. This comes to a head is if Brady starts to show decliner he gets her. Or if he wins super gold there's a little wink wink handshake not that you walk away your retire when it's all die and ayalon cave and. Syria rather go to all the chairs the pocket the number six with the state of article back and Stallone and his career that. I mean Al Goodman now I am Munich re a great wins he's not going anywhere he will force the patriots to do something and by the way. If they win the Super Bowl they're not moving on Tom Brady they'll try to figure out. The latest string aligns him EG for one more year and anti solid it. That's that's our have you actually win the Super Bowl that's hard to do it's hard to say hey buddy thanks for another super bullet trading you now because unless unless. Here's the way that it can happen if they win a Super Bowl. On the back of they're writing game instead or their defense like they're bid their defense is what kind again a lot Peyton Manning years ago. You know two years ago we are your defense is the reason you win a super ball not your offense that's that's different but it Tom Brady goes out leads him back from 25 down again. That's a hard thing to say I think spyware because. He's any clearly still hasn't. Yeah and I don't see there actually being in giant market for 41 year old quarterback if you're if he's not my name is in Zain class this morning I'm rob. If you're are all your. Spend and you're like up or packed away Ed you got it back that he could and other. It is so much given up to one's present your Spaniard then you're sacrificing your whole teachers while. Not for authority line around. All of them it might be worse. And I don't picket the titles hit that you wouldn't aura outlook oh yeah I don't see them more weight on Barack next yeah. It ain't gonna walk walk away from race. Yeah I don't I don't share that belief I think Brady's gonna have to slip and that's our street are never had issued an order here. I'd sound all right Aaron thank you. All right we're gonna take a quick break when we come back Kevin O'Connor from their Rayner wrote a really interesting story about Alonso ball who is expected to of course you pays for UCLA. He's expected to go high in next year's NBA draft after. Top three could go maybe to the Celtics of course have the Brooklyn pick. An air currently the worst team in the NBA but is he worth the race Kevin O'Connor joins us after this I'm turning into Massey.

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