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Trenni and Tomase - Pete Abe's tweets; Media objectivity 3-18-2017

Mar 18, 2017|

Trenni and Tomase are discussing Pete Abraham’s racial comments on Twitter. Tomase defends his stance on Pete Abe and his tweets.

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He's training and tomorrow losing one's Sports Radio W yeah. Because never again John's a mossy break down everything would compacts the Bruins into all new England sports so it's too. My seat on Sports Radio WEEI. We can't possibly be racist because we root for the blacks. You know I'm. I don't care we have that token lights I don't care about I'll root for black player that doesn't really prove anything it's I don't wanna. I want to take this too far but there are probably people who own slaves who felt though that was my favorite back guy worked the hardest well last topic I don't I don't like that language this idea that. I rooted for Pedro I'm not racist like OK let's let's not let's. Let's ease off on now. I can. Now is Mike tolley giants rusty is big smile on his days ago I narrowed what you're at the slain you know what I regret about that yeah when nothing. Not nothing. Not even a slave part and no I I I believe that sorry Nadia I Zaria morning guys like LA I'm I'm the you want my honest opinion that particular defense. I'm not real IDO. I cheered for poppy I cheered for I watched Bill Russell played basketball like that's not a good that's a sign that's not a defense. I agree to a 100% beat and that particular point because I am I currently reading a book. That has to do I forgot the actual title list. But the sub title is. Race in America from Boston Debra plans that focuses on the East Coast in the north particularly in the fifties and sixties. And one whole chapter is dedicated to when Jackie Robinson. You know played in Brooklyn and people came out white people black people came out they love Jackie Robinson they cheer for him but when him and his wife Rachel tried to move their family to Connecticut. Lo and behold. They could not get a house in Connecticut because while they love cheering for Jackie Robinson and they did one of living in their task now some sailor that was a totally different Arafat is the 191960s. It does exist anymore. I beg to differ I don't think that because you can root for a player. You know of about not whites ethnicity that subtly your not a racist person. And I'm not saying everyone who says that feels I do I know that dip your toe into the lakes Avery poll that's one thing you know it was hers on point of view. You start to get things started to crawl like a crusher that I mean whatever you want me to not say when I feel. I want you say you fail vehement announcing hi. Now that is a simple first timer like slightly disagree I know that's cadets that they that they want more today you know he's right now Richard pry backtracked and recap where this all came for a finally joining China conversation. No yelling no screaming and name calling. That 6177. And he finds out and Agnes earnings and same thing at 779790. Three's avid. I just mostly in I was wearing Adam is an inspiring. Pete Abraham. Beat writer for the Boston Globe. We did something outs. Actually it was 88 there's actually a CBS sports sheets. About David Price sister status sister station. You know we are all part of one big family now I am. And someone hacked weeded. Had replied to the tweets. And including Pete Avon it. Saying IA never base my never wanted David Price anywhere I don't like David Price. And Pete Abraham chose then to respond I think it was even less than ours is better off without an off about them. And Pete Abraham responded when I've. Okay grand wizard. Which is that escalated pretty quickly so for those of you may not familiar with the grand wizards context that of course they had the kkk. I'd be honest I what I am when I heard the flak so you had texted me. And sagging have spent the last couple ours defending PGA classic that's why not why we need to defend heated what's going on would indeed wanted to do this time. At an actress about well I mean come on how bad can it be doable things out of proportion of the writers all the time. And I saw the exchange I was like. War low low low low low. I Amy I talked about while back he not know yet 0400. That came out of nowhere. I just understands. In such a highly did spice of time already. Why we would feed. In an act like I don't I don't know what. I know Pete Abraham I'm gonna pull up right now I know that he did apologize. And put out sort of attack on a notes. Again so the screen grabbed it and pointed out. An apology and explanation for his actions. I still don't know that it's not so eight's figure response was brag your friend John emailed me and I now realize I missed a cue for somebody else would set some vile things to me. He knows the story it was a stupid to read I did not intend to directed that you my sincere apologies and I hope you enjoyed the season. Is pleaded apology. I hope that's enough for me. Because it's not aiming. I don't each of which read down. But I don't you feel like maybe he should say let's see you everybody to. All readers listen I really went overboard on mess and I need to be more careful a new vehicle we hold athletes to a high standard we hold broadcasters too high standards. Pounding beat writers should be. Kept out about a big beat writer should be protected from I mean you still are a public figure and what you say it was. Really need. Should need to call someone are racists. Without any action proof that their racist is really dangerous because like we've had a conversation before that diminishes actual races. Yes I mean listen. I'm gonna steal a line from your but he Tom currently. This is a pebble and an army knew that as the pebble in your shoot them like I I couldn't really get too worked up because here's the thing is if you. If you scroll through. Fire back at fans who say seemingly innocuous things frequently so this is not news may be. Grand wizard part is taken it to another level which now bottling everything he posts had this summer pianists a lot of my best on the waterworks. I don't think. I don't I don't think the people who are going after he gave. Untoward or an hour particularly righteous I mean c'mon this is piling on. And and to be totally frank Blake it. Pete and I are not particularly close I don't think he cares for me and also I sort of laughed throwing error obviously Tomas he's just stick it up for his buddy. Wouldn't say we're buddies would not say where Biden I can I buy her by. For you not me but you have to put yourself in my shoes when I lock in that night with Mott unaware that this thing has gone nine. And he reads me comment and it's like reaction unlike I don't know like I haven't talked to heat. I have no idea of the context I have no idea between was deleted I had no idea the miss read something I have no idea as he says and I don't know I'd buy this buy. Taken at face value for now. Oh I confused you with someone else who's been a pain in whatever so maybe there's an act but no it's like you know you there is there's only one that. Appropriate response to that in it is to tee off. Without knowing anything and siren not gonna do that. I will say that that idea that you just completely slam colleagues just to slam them I'm not important in the wee Ellis I'm not bored. Am not now I don't it's China that's your Boller that's five at bats that you want to do by. Again it. No I actually heard the sound the next Danaher to the next day on the morning show. I was at what happened I didn't even seen a lot I'd go back that I had to try and find it tweets because they'd been deleted but of course people screen grab that. I do remember thinking how that is. How is that harsh that is harsh left turn. For aid otherwise innocuous comment and I guess the reason eight. It troubled me a little bit more is because this isn't the first time I've seen hands Pete Abraham sort of take. Something a little too far a lot of contacts and act speaking specifically of Michael Floyd signing when the video came out. Him being arrested. PDA posted the video and an attached to it. This is why things escalate this is why some do it again I'm paraphrasing that sending to the effect of this is why we have problems that the police this is steak they escalated the situation. And I concepts like he actually I I give to the police officers in Arizona and in the Phoenix PD yet a lot of credit I think they handled it with. Every bit of urgency restraint that they needed to handle it and that situation and you were dealing with someone who was absolutely need created and there are other lives at stake. Because he takes his foot off the break. Is it hasn't had his car parking goes slamming through an intersection and somebody can get really hurt like I don't feel that that was it. I don't like and I liked that videos like Al man goes way police officers weren't fair Michael Floyd because he was black guys I think that's why when I repeated comment I was like. What's going on here. I didn't wanna take to slam him but I did start to think what is going on beneath the surface like why this need to. Take things and make them about race when they clearly are it's. Which I think again I go back to you and I think it's big recalls I don't think anyone should stick to sports I think that's stupid I think if you're passionate about something and you see an injustice against another person. I think you should stand up for a person. But I think it Desi huge disservice. And I think it hurts. They're cries when it's like anything that you see is racist and anything you do is call people out is racist because that's a really. That's a really hard charge against. Yet and the Lily followed a grand wizard death and then yeah as I said David. Yet but I think this is to get on grass has doubled this is help our and I used to toys are anti this is 88 spoilers are no spoilers. I'll dot com or generational and as people who are introduced to those books every year. But everything is not as it seems you know it's a dollar anyway. Or attack on our way out racism so. Mr. Mike my problem is this is all sort of like part and parcel with the current climate. And the political climate. In this is something that those of us on the left and I am I will put myself front and center have been guilty of particularly as the election was gearing up and we are all it despondent and beside ourselves that trump was still. I figure we kept saying anyone who votes for him as a racist anyone who votes for him is a racist and you just start. And I'm calling myself out on this guilty set and a lot. And the problem is there are shades of gray it is not like that. But win new. That is sort of the base level of discourse now. You leak it leads to things like this people are just too quick to start throwing those terms around in those terms. Should be reserved for when they are really merited this clearly wasn't one of those cases. Yeah I just think that you know I think. Many of us have particularly those of us in the media do you have somewhat of a responsibility to take a deep breath and I know that it's hard I I you know I we all get attacked on social media we all get attacked on the air fire colleagues. And so I you know it's it's a big natural to get into a defensive mode about it. But I think that it's in there is a larger responsibility on people who write talked. Are on television for a living too. Maybe not wade and to the murky parts of the water. Yes and you know when they go low we Ohio I get again this is so out of left field poll based on turn out that I just was so surprised you know what I have a problem with though also like cool why do we care. Why are we breathing through. Pete Abraham's mentions bias CBS sports to find some yes are you know what I mean it will be once daily somebody's side some on screen grab not all I understand that but what I'm saying is. It'd be one thing if on his primary Twitter account he was like you know reach we'd sit and write all this guy's a grand wizard. But we're picking through responses. To tweets that we never would have even seen it. It's just that the way that it was presented it wasn't written in a story it was and we did from his main account to everyone. It was a dumb response to one person it's like a week is that overdue and now. We're gonna go and read through every ones are out on everybody why do every pass and I mean unfortunately and I don't think that most people like that I can't get too worked up about this and like he did something dumb. To it's he sent it to one person. I mean I you know I guess that people want him to lose his job five but she's like. Pack well I'd I'd I think this this idea of hashing everything out effort Twitter and raking people over the coals. For. A missed a week. Hayes. That's right to defend peed yeah like it's our hold gotcha kind of thing everything is a gotcha moment that we can all LOL about. And it's a solar and what do parents do not do not call in or tweeting me and soon you go listen though the Donald Trump and cyber when you are the president of the United States and you put it on your actual Twitter account. That is different you your health doing different standard if you write sports writer at the globe or the presidents are the leader of the free world debt and by the way everything like trump is doing things very publicly I think it's different than liked trolling. As our trawling and he'd be not trolling but trawling. Through the Twitter mentions a but he to see how he's interacting with people I don't care this this is not new I mean this is how this is how Pete has always chosen. To get in that sense PS IC yeah. Witness witnesses with his army clearly so that went to fire you know and I said that so what do. The screener I don't call screeners it's like there's like. We got some very different brands and Gary different things from try to get so mall although first the first pick all the scans for New Hampshire not so that I can answer what's it pats do that left tackle will. Well it won't exactly matter like a resurgent and come back to the 1230 are are you here is Alex Jon and Gardner job hunt under the show. Good afternoon folks thank you pay unless I totally sucked respectfully a minute a minute and a half. I'm not on Twitter nor any of the rest of the social media is good for you get a I want you damn kids but. We appreciate that. Contractually. I'm out of a little bit obviously but a but first what I don't want any chance at the fellow that was on the other kind of they've since tweet and tweet back thank you for the apology and much more on gospels and chancellor right. Thought on that session that was a mustache and I don't know I know he's been on curtain Cali and I think he's going to be in Monday with. Dale hall of speaker Kurt Kelly and it on the federal level kind of guy am unfortunately I'm a bit of a political nerd in. Whatever I and about a where I'm horrified that Donald. The difference other states I guess is insistence on. In the in the left right world can provide broad strokes broad brush. This is one of those issues it seems like some far more on the left want to portray a lot of stuff in it the racial terms. And some on the right lights faded. Three white middle aged guys 1 o'clock in a fashion that may be. Implies that racism is noble and that this is a done deal many but it would even hand. An issue of race for another two on taxes is shift you know full. Q and you made a point I mean because we hero worship athletes of any you know strike or manner that doesn't mean Jack in in the big school put things but this is just one little vision I work in the prisons that Bolivia. That's affected some of my viewpoint on things but. I'm one who think that some folks on the left should be most of you know there's a lot of U2 lead the discussion of how we got to this place. OK but there's a lot of problems in the black community that need to be healed in the black community in my opinion. And people on the right. You know know not everybody bit that was against Obama is racist of course not fumble Lamar I don't know the percentage. But it's just the all or nothing thing we just the left and the right again wanted to throw activity each other I don't know where it gets. I'm deputies are polarized times it's unfortunate out which I think is wide maybe this. Again this reply this one treats it as one person has need blown up larger than it normally would because it feels like it is. It's adding fuel to an already out of control fire. You guys filled in the context for me how I was saying in my without having read it that one that equity and told him there was no hint as far as I could tell anything. Around race but you guys filled in the thing that he. It was some spoken to somebody else than the other attract. He says he and I mean yeah I guess you can choose. Where do you believe that. I don't know but that's that's his that's what. Hope he's honest both but anyway I just take you know a left right issue again and while wonderful actor Ted each other not listen in yell and you know. Thanks for what you spoke about that. Now you present and stunt. So I will say we got notes from and Tweeter ironically enough some of Twitter message me to say bats. The guy that Pete called racists has made his account for ten I just I went just went to it and and fortunately. We can't see if he apologize yes I mean I and frankly I don't blame that guy he didn't ask to be dragged in the middle of this you know. All he did was act like a fan and say something that a fan what's day and the next thing you know he's a grand wizard so. Yeah I and I understand B there's no defending. You know what he wrote that. Now apparently and now we'll take a quick break your look and getting some treats her a couple of people that are saying this is not an isolated incident with him that he that PD default status sometimes so that is an exploration as well I mean act is. You know I know that our. Our companies try to let us be as open an anonymous an authentic as we possibly can when in her acting on social media interacting with commoners come enters and emailers. But there is also should be a a level of. Don't you know not to Barack Obama is on but it. Don't you don't have to go low Nagle and you can go high and Angola or you know you can do just not respond to go anywhere at all that's stop us some classy approach. Irene take a quick break and go back to your phone calls or write activists 617779793. Cent a. You're locked into training because generic and John Tomas talking perhaps reason more on Sports Radio WEEI. The in our society. A black man can be arrested for almost anything. He's probably. Sporting event. And saw some people pushing each other and he intervened. I wouldn't wanna go to jail for it. Saw the offense. Michael Scott on race relations. Let's show and says. Miss it miss Michael Scott to make you say yeah once he led lighting in Australia. Light and heavy situation. I should be pointed out by the way event as B. You know some do you play out wanna give you big Q tip I Ares status and they say not to clean ears but I think proselytize listeners you take a big Q tip clean out your ears. It out and about lack sensitive properly here. Out it's not an hour before where it is not a onetime incidents of bumpy Abraham. Negatively engaging with fans and taking personally. Slights against members of the rights acts. I honestly I feel like the bigger issue is not the grand wizard thing it's the wire you constantly jumping in to lie in wire to wire you David Price. Why do you care why do you care inquire you David Price. Who has to constantly interacting constantly not only that but it's not our job to stick up for these guys that's that's my point I mean I'll tell you. My favorite Red Sox though Ortiz of human spirit guided deal with all time. But my favorite person that I have covered in there in terms of I'd like this guy he's a great guy. J. D. Drew. J. D. Drew not very popular among Red Sox fans I understand that. And if you go back through the clips you'll see plenty of stories are I wrote about J. D. Drew and not being healthy wise and J. D. Drew in the line up blah blah blah I like the guy but that it wasn't my job to tell people what a great guy J. D. Drew once he retired. It's time now but. Love Jay Egypt Ager is a great guy passed and got. Its popular line. It's well played match will play gaffe it's not I mean when I was in Milwaukee John apps for it was like my theater guy I mean we can actually have real conversations. Com I knew him and his wife Carrie while highlights the whole family. But when John asked for started to sink I had no choice but to say John experts started distinct and and you cannot you have to their house to be this is why as a female. I I always say I hate that's my heat when reporters dates players are when they used locker rooms as their personal Matt stack cop. It is not a place you cannot have you can be friendly with someone and still have objectivity like I objective news about my friends of my friends do something stupid I might. Girl how stupid you in lake my sleeve comment I. And it might say Tom yeah I thought I thought that maybe steps every doesn't get any doesn't he went there UN UN chains and whips it slaves and stuff. Precedent was pretty. I was for an appointment. You can do that when your friends this summer when you are romantically and all there was someone that becomes much more difficult because there's a whole another level of emotion and feeling an attachment to someone. Sent him back serve went off the track their little bad that. It's not our job it's not a it's not hard times get our job to defend these guys on our job to date these guys it's not our job to be you know to invite them for a birthday parties like we are supposed to cover them. And and Dino. Cultivate relationships so that they can become sources for us we can go to them as we need something we have that sort of connection to the team and that connection to the team is not supposed to be. Hey my daughter's getting baptized on Sunday we'd like to invite you in your life over. Not our job in and it's definitely not our job to be on social media saying you know it's just not my job to slam or defend other reports. He had it's yet I mean I understand the the environment at WBI's probably a little different than other places and that we are more than willing and we in fact encouraged. It makes for good gradient in any good don't show goes after another show. It's compelling and listen to it I can tell you how many times I've downloaded Fauria fights with somebody or Kirk goes after this person. Holly does you know so I understand I understand it works for us. But I think we sometimes lose sight of the fact that the real world doesn't always work that way and so I know that. Kirk and those guys want me to blast off on Pete Abraham. And part of me says what I told you it's a pebble in your shoot not mine and I am not. I'm not to the ad is fired up about I'm not as required by this is everybody else I think what he said is stupid I'll leave it at that. But there's also a recognition on my part that I work with these guys every day and even. If Pete and I aren't currently fans of each other. There's hills Doris pack yeah he back I worked his ass off I will say that he works more than anyone he makes every road trip what ever. There is still a work place environment to consider and I'm sorry if I'm not gonna just blast off on one of my colleagues when I'm frankly not that moved by what had. Let's go to the phones shot and Watertown. Media's lack of objectivity what you mean this is gonna player out and. We have you guys say yeah don't write it to and are on hold about. Yes first I want it to eight John. I think. A lot of radio hosts have misconstrued. The week you're trying to make. As they were bashing used to kill you or wait so. Want your example meat eat. A little extreme content. I hate hate gates you port so. Are that I must say that thing. But yes I am concerned where are on the scene to be this growing. What our outlook activity. Amongst the media. But he knows the beat writers so to speak. Covering the specific team. We paired several incidents. Over the past couple years. That sector were pertinent question and the type of reporting work. Kind of treatment. I don't world human. But. For our in my line right right. I work social worker. Marquette number that clients who you are very attractive for a period of very clear ethical line. Professionally. Com bet you don't Crocs. Or you'll never work. And about parity. I guess in sect in what what you guys were part of that I can irritate the problem is for an expert Peter Abraham to respond. So intensely. And so quickly. To comment about a player is it concerning to me it's. I think that's fair and an app that's a fair take I mean honestly all of these people who are saying that. John Sullivan the globe sports editor needs to do this and that. The only thing I would say to he is Ari you know don't states there are lots idiots on Twitter just ignore them by. My bigger thing would be why exactly did you feel the need to jump in there and defend its player and that's what wreck that. That's the bigger issue to me I don't you know. People have to understand we are human and you get a whole lot of vitriol on Twitter and I know that particular line was not anything. I'd be on the pale. And whatever you know wet heat's off from that particular Tweeter but. In general you see a lot of nasty stuff day after day after today and as a human it does Wear you down a little bit so that's why I guess I am slightly sympathetic to his idea of well I've heard this stuff from this I mistook you for another guy because there is a lot of nastiness there. And anyone who says. I just ignored it doesn't mean anything yeah I mean you eventually learn how to do that but it's not his easiest it's as someday some days he's just an art and I acts act. I can't tell you how many times I've started to respond to some my power. Base specs but expects expects base you know I. I would say it like you know it's yes send our social media rules are pretty relaxed obviously tweet political things they don't have a problem with it but the one. Emphasis that is always made is be very careful when engaging people because it's a slippery slope. And when somebody insults you in and you insult and it can't. It can't get degrading pretty fast and I'm I'm I'm. Guilty of it which is why you know I've taken the steps of just not in her acting as often with people anymore try to slip on an in her act and go back and forth of people but. It's a point where like. I know myself well enough that I wanted to defend myself so maybe it's just better Bridgestone to editing at all because I don't want and up without a job because they said something stupid twit which is what you're okay now. You say something stupid to an tag. And there's no repercussions for them all the repercussions around. It just as sour is just doesn't make sense but I I I do think it's enters image chone brings up the fact that. Because again this is this is media as a whole right like there's this this lack of trust there's this huge distrust of media in general particularly on the new side that now it feels a little bit like. Instances like this starts making even did not trust the people that are covering your local sports seems like. What you're telling me we I would say we even see like an out of shock there. He's the patriots pocket. Yes which I've tried to argue time and time again Adam sectors not reporting things like Jimmy geez not definitely not going to be traded. Unless he were positive that he's really not he's not gonna let himself. Let's just ruined yeah are a lot who's exactly. Yes but there seems to be but I guess is I mean. The responsibility falls on us writes you. He hold ourselves to an Adams after. Tight standard not to go back and forth not to get caught and just being mouthpiece for the teams that we cover the players that we cover. And suffer the possible repercussions in the locker room I mean it's it is possible by the way do you say something you don't defend a player. And they and trust me they look at everything when they tell you I don't read too big to be the only person chiefly reads nothing is for sale yet. Everybody else who thinks sees things you have to have enough guts to. It's standard route it's gas and rock conceit. I'm Brian can read just like symbols he just knows numbers you know numbers six and nine. Boat media and the line in May or may not cross this is interesting to me Stephens Fall River. Why I'm well thanks I'm curious what this is about. And their role green you know he's cute he could swearing in the last I call like that so. Steve you're honest you're at least it gets your point it rates you point what's our line quite he would. Heard back in the gate agent. Was red sock that Matt Ara. That crash and it had a big all of these guys we all apple. And they they. Make quicker the worse. It. Maybe balanced child. Today a big interest thought all would have I don't know what. I don't Dalton will. That we would look back at the opening of the center fielder came from the bad. Show. But it could hit it in the bets that the that it. Suddenly dying and about a latest bossy center there's an edited an umpire. Oh Carl Everett her lover and. Carlin had Brooklyn uncle however it here. And I'm watching it there's. Credit. And won it yet and that's a lack after all what are you can. Excite me. Had no that was all point lead would you add it up probably walked right less of Allah. Right for the globe yeah I'm undeclared. It's it's probably Dennis Shaughnessy I am where we dancer and I am you know Steve instant ramble a bit I mean to listen I don't. I did actually disagree with the notion that reporters are closer to players now. Back in the seventies I mean it's well known Peter Gammons had a locker in the Red Sox clubhouse he used to shag fly balls. The writers used to fly with the team on the planes so you know all these guys now it's very corporate ties to like you know this as well as anyone. You'd go in there and yeah there's access. I actually rehab early on that airport Asians GAAP and but actually really getting to know guys having guys trust you. In this age of social media in this age of everyone's trying to build their own brand players and media. The ability to. Just have and sort of off the record. BS shooting session with a player it's not like he used to be act I scene changed even since I started. Well I mean I seem to change since I sort of covering baseball in nearly 2000 instant you know now you know decade and a half later. You no longer ice this you can stand and lean up against a railing and talk to a manager for two point when he fragments just two of you now the minute you walk up to somebody start having a conversation with them. It's like ever inserts lingering he's ever rice so afraid of missing something. And then getting screamed about it at back at their television station or their newspaper or their radio station. So there's just no you don't have that seeing you try to get a wanna want want with a guy now. It's like impossible the next thing you know cameras just hovering and we eating there and just like. Like flies on who hot day and it it's it's it's awful at least your cameras though that's knowing I get it I mean some of the cameras that way it was an unasked there. Critics so excited to be deck its three G-8. Oh. Being. This isn't yet ready to go ahead and got real knack first spring Jane. Brain again. Each other know they love it. So annoyed me snow and light. This is inside journalism no I don't care about the state very quickly you were down there were three straight days or Brian McPherson who covers the Sox for the Perugia. He had late one on one interviews of the most random guys Tyler Thornburg. Was whining thinks why hire might have been one before your whole thing when them. And all three times these random nondescript players he asked one question. You think it's one on one Al sudden. Every camera in the clubhouse. Is around these second tier players while the organized trying to ask questions about that I would like honor I would like and say listen guys I'm doing this one on one he can happen when an odds on that you do outside the argument is immune. Tyler Yates would be now on the ice packs stick to the three. It's no he'd rather and I'm a brewers and I'd rather play toiling away on a lot you're out there and Alina. It's like eight games who's who's who which it's just boom Joseph TV guide puts not TD boys when he gets asked exchange. It's so annoying and I am a television person nineteenth in TV. But I also cut I teach them new side. And so I was raised. In the industry a little more of the aggressive news gathering and I just some of the covers baseball the time. I just don't it's that hard asking good questions these stupid like sound ready and food treats me that it's feature heat warmth and I'm sure the fans armor clamoring to hear that. Talking again to Anchorage and angered Chinese Alley or take a broad included back to your calls six and 777979. Reveal your chance to talk all new England sports would treading into mossy. Plus Sports Radio WEEI. I'd like to invite them and us to do through the day Brad he might take months. That program relieved not yeah I figured that credit only orders alone to Hitler. Or a depending what is that they have what's been the fourth all white rights but a just this weekend that we will track down getting our equipment had a Monday and is organized mourn every month bring Britain to the station that's what I am 1000. I do like how Lima. So I have a scenic Internet superstars I've heard. Yeah Adam softball umpires in for a guy to make his Twitter account private. President body. Brad Brad welcome body movement I'm Bonnie there was this will help him keep up his anonymity by calling them Bobby Unser Brad. I over we're gonna takes your calls on this topic in camera movement now will move back about the Butler also going to talk to. Kevin O'Connor from the ringer who is the best young. Basketball reporter in the country am convinced he's a Boston kid he's awesome and he writes awesome stuff and European states are gone on in the Celtics having potentially number one overall pick. He wrote he really fascinating story of Alonzo ball these the only point guard. Who has one of the ugly shots at kerosene and yet he shoots. Over forward on threes now so we wanna see if if that Katrina was sabotage attempt. I would say 2 o'clock hour like red top of the hour tumor blocks RA let's go out back to finds Greg in New Hampshire about the show. Craig. Painting me as tenacious news Chinese. Yeah phone use my own doing. But I go to Kurdistan you know what kind the SX. Apparently the mood are right here is JT get the last word and PDA billions of mass C and stuff. Oh victory tribute that was the sections where there are under your. Mean how whenever I'm on the radio to look at John I don't want either or yell I'm not a reality. Bow your frequent caller we like yelling yeah. Why isn't it relevant. That the most popular players on writ large. And are unknown attachments on Pedro veterinarians. Ortiz I think the most popular player right now on the red boxes. Our monkey. I think. You might be required check he currently on her favorite players. And we don't say a turtle because Roger Clemens welcome popular Jon Lester wasn't that. Our unless there was popular and Clemens is but and you tell you listen if you wanna say. I'm just gonna argue I'm not arguing anything race related all of gonna say is do you think Clemens was more or less popular than Manny is Manny had his detractors asylum. He's an idiot but they're not many saw more. Sure many rent art and history I guarantee or a daughter love dimensions. You know ten years lol I love on. And fans got on Ortiz all the time rising whining about his contract so I mean yes these guys are popular because they're greatly outweigh Barnes should keep count is absolutely hammered they loved weighed by. Box no I looked when I grew up watching the Red Sox I loved weighed by. Allegra parts of triple and pension rights but you know we had Bard's. Not a our group fired arm. J. D. Drew not a popular player I just I know I'd. I just wonder why I say that are relevant. I'm saying that that's a crutch it's a crutch that a lot of people use when we're talking about the race thing and and it's the implication it's the implication because. Hey I root for these guys therefore. Bears and we know there are no races here. You know I I root for these guys you can't because you feel someway about a player. Does not mean that everybody else does and does not mean that these issues that some of these players experience. Now that Wal-Mart aren't the memo of pop or you pay almost all. In embarked in all of warrant when it comes to root for the Celtics patriots. I mean are overweight but I just yeah. I am a big Janet and I do I I do again in this book that I that I have been reading has been really fascinating and it really fascinating look breeze relations in the Indy northeast which has long been seen as a far more progressive part of the country than anywhere else. The but it's just. I would just say just speak highs you root for someone or you can you don't. Looking negative really up high and someone in a position of power in six ass who is either black. Hispanic. Asian Mary Kane bush slum does it mean I guess would be either real true bar and a measuring stick of what you really feel on the inside is how do you treat the person that you run into at the grocery store or the person you bump into on the subway. I that's where I say you just because you root for someone who is excellent in a sport for a team you root for what you're really ridding forest Epperson did you wealth for your team. Not necessarily for the community as a whole. Industrial Omar. Back in the Celtics were quite worried about Larry Bird there. A large large percentage. After mayor and embarked in wake of sorts. Because their book. I mean. That's well tomorrow. The lakers were also really really good at the time. I hear you saying that out of black people are racist black people are racist. And it. I'm I'm gonna go with what attorney talked about earlier and you mentioned Jackie Robinson people rooted for Jackie Robinson they didn't necessarily want to live and in their neighborhood and I think to say that. I grew up on these guys how long ago I mean that's OK I don't at all I'm a nice I I've I respectfully disagree that that sort of segregation is ancient history. Yes and in deep brown I mean okay so we'll go to the eighties. Or ninety's or in a late eighties early ninety's Steve Brown gets pulled over by the Wellesley cops who probably rooted forum as a Celtic but. Didn't know who he was at the time I mean did so this idea that because you root. For a player means that there's no racism but now that's. Sorry that's not how listen I have a friend who am I you know this is a private conversations I'm not an eight username but they are in the media. There they are black their husband is black and a big part of why they moved onto another marketplace because of who those. The races and they often felt here they would go to a bar and they would get help for a long time and we give them their bill right away. Maybe get into a taxi and people lag if they did a driver wade to treat them differently edges that avenue in Dorchester. Starter mat rat I mean there's just horrible when asked they live orgy that in Dorchester. They did not find a way to into the city and and you know. This idea that this is all disappeared and I'm not saying it's rampant. Or that it's an indictment on every single person who has whites can't are out there are Barack races on both sides are bad people in every ethnic group. Expected to completely try to deny that this still exists is part of the problem. Yeah and this is I mean I'm gonna sound like such lefty in there and a quote this in the morning and whatever whenever there's a very John does a very white point of view like. I feel this way there for our. Everybody everyone feels this way and this other person's experience while he can't it can't possibly be this is how I feel like. My individual love of something changes someone else's place in. In in the universe like that's not how works. It's not at that that something's where you know we talked about the soft fair Kurt I can mauled the writer for Newsweek. Wouldn't have been hospitalized for a seizure because someone who hates Jewish people's sentiment strobe light knowing that it could possibly get knowing it was apple and out of here is epileptic so odds it's it's again. They might it concentrated small amount of people I think it's probably bigger than most of us feel that may be also smaller than. And others feel but there is still systemic racism. In our society and to pretend that it doesn't exist to pretend that. Keating's comments came out of nowhere or that it's possible that you could root for Jackie Bradley junior but not want a black family to move into you I think that's I just think that's a dinner yet apart and that's what I was getting out with the comment that. Our including we have gone over the clock I as far as I have gotten a read little bit about the format he's gonna now. I'll look back to footballer gonna go back to talking about the Boller I also Paul McCartney hang on. And diet earlier comment is about things Serbian patient or gonna go to you we come back and turn intimacy.

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