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Boston Sports Headlines 3-17-17

Mar 17, 2017|

Pete and Keefe discuss March Madness, Malcolm Butler, LaVar Ball and the Celtics chances.

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If somebody cut a really bad part on the last show she. Hey dale Polley cut a path these deployments Rea. So the fire was like something is burning you out there in this room in the other room trying to figure out. After vacuum. Users we've done this before nine years ago yes our fire he did his competitive fire at the Glen Rock Byron thought it was to compliment which had to do Aaron and his computer his laptop was literally blowing a smoke and small you know it was playing small pointers like fire fire. Yeah will help our guys on the air for the twenty minutes there under control and that's are doing a doing all right yourself a good. Take my iPad we we are having Beckett who was in here he shut the lights up like I don't I don't place as Bernard you know on economic pentagon. We Leo we talked about you know a bit this week I think every show I need of royalties you really I swear to god every show bad news show that there rent the pirates on the whatever but that I've ever had to do to help wherever the hell does a little bit when I'm here for you have held. You have held what's the deal are you on the Sunday. I'm on the Sunday night at the Fort Myers Sunday through Wednesday to finalize some housing plan but he knows now. We're down there on April 5 or sixth is when I'm driving down so and a diving down. Well yeah out of Seattle initially ya. We'll find out why and Alomar also a public back. Next. Whatever the other Beckham went out on sites I won't work Wednesday by the need Thursday Friday. That a mod next Sunday as well we've from some of McChrystal will be fully with Jerry toward me for two with a report. On on Sunday and got. So alas that was it was Sunday last Sunday and my only move one prediction was that putt on by Bartow would indeed be back with the patriots and it's so. It was by the way the number 6177797937. About the Obama situation still to me is. There's got to be something going on in the background that we don't know about it has to be because I'd just. I'm kind of upset about it I'm gonna be upset if they are let ago not because it's absolutely necessary. If he stays obviously they're gonna be a power house the matter what happens going to be ridiculous and people have to put up forty points to beat this team analysts a lot of tees and it would do that. On the whole. But I just think something you know you're you're you're missing out of what could be in it it really realize it's a real good defense any day but this has the potential. To be a real special defense. Obviously. With the with all the silence upon Gilmore Butler back the army it would be really really. Special and I I know this it's up when the figure out it's it's it's it's it's always it more computers in the region accounts that tuition. To to make it now which is now just we just waiting it out I don't understand why they have to trade him I mean I don't why the patriots feel that he to trade and that's why. So that to me has been going on in the background and all decide on the. It seems like a contract negotiation gone bad has led to. Then having to trade him. Right because he's a guy now I don't as an undrafted rookie but still he's a rookie and we've seen them before usually they'll though. Have players play out their entire deal and a bogey on that next project that you know dot ads are just happened to him other times they they try to get to you all a little bit earlier. And so the reports are true loner of believe that he was offered was at six or seven million dollars a year during the season. They thought they agreed to it than the next thing you know it fell through. Somewhere that scared them off like I'm so we view I I would rather have him just play for the year. And then see what happens then trade him right now to get what your own pick back Daisuke from for Brooke and I know Belgian prime. He hasn't master plan my real story always has played ABC the effigy. But this still seems a bizarre situation to me that's got to be in the pieces of puzzle that will probably never gonna know about. Obstacle out entirely convinced he's going to be traded and those summer are out there and they said and still not entirely convinced that. Crop will be traitor and not be traded in my gut coastal says he will be outside John Clayton came out up yesterday day before said the more lending people still speaking absolutes about the whole thing and as I told Jerry on Sunday. If he does get traded I am not gonna think any less about herself there at all it's not you probably the first one report. It's not honestly. And I and so I hope. It just does weird that he's being so adamant Pittsburgh I was an insider or or a news been or ever. They just report what they're hearing. And there're there're guys like Jeff through have a great track record Adrian roach arouse either of their many of those guys that when they face of the electorate that's right but. If there ever pushed on it. I feel like they're like that that's what I've been told us what my report has but he is so avid that it's almost. If he does get it wrong it looks worse than if he gets six miles I don't look at it that way for him I mean as far as me and other respect I have to go to have foreign. He's been I don't. I don't deny he has been holed everything he's talked buccaneer cutlass chose on this radio station. It doesn't mean it can't change. Now is still to be right it's not these rural east he's reporting what he has been told what he's insiders telling I don't deny. That he's actually wanted to say correcting what he has said for now that doesn't mean the situation cannot change we see it happen and sports. All the time especially in this volatile situation would drop below. And the desperation that teams have with quarterbacks out there so much so that she was met dollars in new home with a New York Giants yeah. The jets. Have I don't know they have left jets price Patti Wright and Christian hack and Byrd you have an idea McCown on a way out but wow I did think though with the with with Chester. You know he's not he's so adamant that he is saying that it doesn't matter what did they won't accept any trade because about what you anytime you say other players are gonna get traded usually up their ends up getting traded and it's just negotiating ploy and you're trying to you know figure with the most value to get in a team comes in. Yeah I never thought or get 31 round picks in than they do. But didn't he say don't for first round picks would get a dollar he's he is so. You know put this vote that was one that's ridiculous from the state that that's something I'd point that's princess asked by the way. The ultimate embarrassment that you guys probably played as well her it was a it was during the during the blizzard or the day after yup and just to hear him try to talk about Maryland. Yeah we've yeah clocks today that game. What a whole awful this is the guy used to be on CB ice that so much respect in particular is college basketball knowledge yeah. Just found its laurels as close look at the schedule quirk. What again forgotten and in that I was yes. Because just let's. Just put god but did somebody ask you about where he met recently did that cause I was gonna call straight punch up a schedule that producer. Punch up the scheduled for about a zillion people working for new X five billion dollars a year yeah OK no the big note Maryland moved the big twelve. Three years ago yes three years earlier in the Big Ten that I don't understand why. He needs to go through the entire bracket is tropic comfortable with a fine most national are ya know she's all these T nobody's seen I think when I follow close friend and some people here might as as well. In L but it's mostly big east and ACC I I don't like the big channel or altered twelve because I think it Borg. On the whole yes the big ten's of Vytorin is Michigan where they've got. But the recipe and I've watched a lot of UC LB games a lot of Kansas games your obvious try to watch watch stocks they're never on and there are out of that even the third one worst team in the country. Madonna the term so that. Such an and you'll watch UCL a tonight has balls playing like I just wanna see what happens when does that mean the problem a well it was the next thing for him. I I I just want I really hope the Celtics get the number one overall pick or maybe the second yeah. And you on the take while the ball I'd take months old ball it would be fantastic for this report this error that would mean governing as they have gone whose dad my 20 weekly interview here in the station off quickly you love yourself I can't handle it unless they have a couple of our ball. Television yeah by the way did you pick of the document written below. Done documentaries or maybe 3030 segment this week with him at his kids. I mean he is. He's just becoming more more votes of of a character you know the stuff that he talks about the stuff that he's hoping to get with this kids. You know him call out Charles Barkley did Michael Jordan and compares to the Currie and media's. He is such a character he is he's made for TV I wonder he's if it's gonna be too much though order visa's gonna want these guys that. It yet. Today you don't just getting on every show every TV and radio show Harrison it's too much absolutely embarrassed I'm in the NBA yet it is too mine's a two horse on the on the way an opponent or. For the record and her. Yeah this other guys in the plane you know an NBA two KN CAA whatever yeah yeah yeah. I care. I don't could have been cut in half out of a nice. Whatever and that's why it wasn't funny was a slow downs on them everything that is wrong with these kids weren't able to stand his dad's out. Love is scrambled to its elastic as much when he form as mechanic you know I had get all that I think college athletes epic time level should get paid and I get all that. But is you know there are a lot of parents in the same situation that don't do what he's doing now and like the other guys that it's think if he. Once the Colorado EO Jordan Barkley it's idiotic but it's only for him that but did that put the pressure on your kid died IDs isn't it better than than stuff hurry. The cutters two time MVP was unanimous MVP of the league last year and neither singer's sons in any better than him. And it is greatly semite and a one pick in the draft but that's that's just particular lots of things that the most level headed of all of you out. You know we see that video yeah seems the most stable level had a lot of all of but. I'm becoming more more Nowitzki that they got is gone really down even more convinced that big Turkey that picked. But what's gonna be really interesting if there's still if they are dead on. With mark helpful yet they are dead on that they've got to pick him if they get the number one pick. I hope. They don't get the number one pick you you want act and a and somebody takes him for so though have to take ball unless you know and let's just Jackson's out of jail and that's an up in jail and maybe they they take him but. If if if they are in position to take ball if faults whatever it that we commit a portrait we don't know aren't sure it varies we before Rick. I think is going to be one of most fascinating draft nights from assaulted perspective and a very. Very long time absolutely just because Lavar bell. You know what he's gonna do we think is a couple and Archie Manning my my son's not playing for San Diego. Then trade it all that kind of a thing is he got a political posse into. You can dismiss the liquor comets like what he wants him to play for the lakers there's of dollars' yeah in our lives so. Is it gonna put that in people's heads it isn't it close or close to the draft. Do you think that's gonna commit to play that are all in all mr. and mr. felker really manipulate what's going on here elbow it's football and that's what's going on here. And once elicits it was that says you know out a draft a plan for so. Man the fourth today the lakers are going to be the lakers obviously won him I would think. I wouldn't Magic Johnson one and two seconds here since he's in charge right now. I think it's going to be really interesting to see how this all plays out really has any say is that they had to such a wild card on this last week. He's going to be more pain to deal wit. If you're Nike Euro under armour one of these parties you know companies trying to get him to via a pitchman for you with the teams. And on the disease does he really wanna put up a fuss like I don't know from go that far and Brad stevens' face came here and you know you wonder how how are taught them to departments that I've seen short Little League big when I played Little League. Great growth. Hockey parent me eighty dollars or NBA. I wonder I don't know if character had to carry over to the NFL when Archie Manning says myself as a put Eric Lindros. Should play for the Quebec or it's not convinced if he did stay there no doubt they would never have disbanded there's no doubt and there's I want play this because you know the Eli stuff John Elway I got back of have a minute anywhere they go I don't doubtful once he's on the team. I feel like steal it if he's around I don't think he'll be adds. These are talking brand of music playing I don't know I don't phrase out of their way you know in my day job for up factories he had long. You know I'm I'm pretty mild mannered BO snell of our ball might go of might turn off might have something to say every single day especially. It notes if that's an Comcast there's a local cable access and Boston gave from a television show. People would watch. Yeah it would reward they first thought when our outlook myself what would via. It's tired of this but yeah who knows let a lot of dots of a lot of that the sap this week I finally saw via Tom boy if they Comcast. I mean what is all the hype of but she knows documentaries a million times OK I'm not slow title nine it's the goodness nothing to have a lot of great athletes it's well yeah the same thing. What what do you say so far I've well you wash all that's an hour tonight out on a Nazi and it's just that their performance are now. And I think bicycles it's just same old whatever it is I mean yeah. But he watched a gotcha on a flood watches I didn't watch it live watch that I wanted to report it was on tape later this hour to us that want to see it yet. And it's just was disable stop you always hear about great after all the great athlete or where they show they understand with a come from yup yup nothing. Nothing new Billie Jean King middle I mean it's no nothing nothing new effort that's Billie Jean king's dogs in public document you know about her and Bobby Riggs has to be boundaries and yesterday at the astrodome. He's dead now does that how. That there are lots going odds I'll open up. Guys wanna talk about a day or so keep your tool was 7 o'clock on your till about 920 tonight we head back out to the NCAA tournament. Idol keep you updated on the hockey scores obviously and and the reasonably toward it just quickly before corporate execs went 77797937. Quick hockey east. Oh as you know I have a problem friars makers make the pros and make it to write that it will but I have to give a shout out who's playing right now. Coach norm Bates of the Mets over rocks. It's an amazing I I don't think people. Hopefully you do appreciate what that guy has done. Every year happened to repeal the now the fourth in the country there and ordered him right now and the first semifinal. Coming off a monster year last year again. I know that you guys have done is on the whole thing but the frozen four died because they get back here this year. But that coach maybe the most under appreciated coach in the women's sports right now. And it is amazing. What he has done with that program considering we have to compete with Pataki's without a doubt is the best conference in the country top to bottom. But especially this year you're going up against BUBC. Northeastern. Roberts who degree you when I turn there's a lot of competition and the US to go out of state many times. Sometimes the midwest West Coast even to get kids and he does it time to time as a throw that little nugget out there. He has been in my opinion the most under rated. College coach in this area and in quite some societies it's Rupert guy nuts that can't believe some days coach in the anywhere. That's were thought. Let's go up with a patriots Celtics liberal is obviously a local last night but overall. Garlic revered there were 617779737. PH Turkey shoot seven under cold night twenty write your sports rated and we. More with Mike meth nets GM which G. But Sports Radio WEEI sure. Presented to. Tomorrow boards and magnolia. Davis Christ penalties there. We don't even Clinton and lovingly came and put it so whatever is on the outside talking about how does it doesn't matter if it does not matter. But for now. This hopefully I wish nothing but the best for your sons and hope they'll make it secret MBA players but. Don't don't be surprised if things go a little awry at times and you know it's a part of a growing process. Our shepherd and promoted night keepers. Which keep the series well that's a key for madness or as well not here until about 920 tonight I 25 it's double in March Madness will continue regular Sports Radio WEEI. Across WEEI Sports Radio network happy Saint Patrick's Day everybody yes it's double B here on Sunday happy Saint Joseph state my Italian friends which is huge holiday. As well for some people and hand but great they sent thick patch Tuesday and I don't kind of amateur hour by. They are today I don't spontaneously but in order combined with a target. Just be careful out there that long ago over. Ruby had not that we're the party. They'll probably just gonna go home and now watch all these games and drink now that's my plan iced the talk try to do so it plays tonight by the way it's or I don't know yet UCLA do good. 7779793. Similar back as many calls that kansans we have an abbreviated shorts until 920. First up it's a Mike and broaden its appeal repeat and keep on W yeah Iowa Mike. He's not call I power I have a quick note on does the whole quarterback situation I think you could just see like Belichick's spot proper force steps. Step one. Decrease the undrafted but it was going to be over eight he offered me an offer to eat rejected it says okay I'm not an opinion what. Step two he signed the guy he's in better and where the money Lou previous suit the number and distract. Step three terror effectively turn Butler to cooks and except for. You can draft a quarterback in a very deep draft. With either it is the 32 or even potentially twelve they ate meat is below the browns replace Logan right. Get remembered Carroll won't replace Butler and now that the spot open or. Yeah I mean I get the whole domino effect and they McCain said he pointed out vs simply click play and ABC DFG I mean I get all that I just think. You know that is something I wanna go while wanna know the untold story here you know to quote a former television show what is the untold story that something's going on here. Because I would still take my chances to keep Butler knows chance he can rockaway they get enough of form but. You know what I did that's it that's a special secondary that could have this year feast days and it's not that they won't because without him they'll be burger but this cat's chance. To be great. Welcome that but the opinion of this wasn't really real. Cornerback track he might feel that the guy that then there is better and the kind of Segway my point on high power and everything with Belichick comes down out. And once he goes on and he just he's he's pretty rigid on the and works for if you make that mental calculation that guy not worth the money gone. And he made that calculation of Butler I think that's what it is it's not as not to do really in the general public very little to with flight. Personalities. It's that he knows that this guy on the local market more money than he thinks he's real war. What do whereas with hightower I think he looks like I was being very undervalued. Because versatility and intelligence are undervalued and the market. And particulates seem like this that runs so many different sets and like I you know defense but more so one week. The other or even one's right to the other keys he values height I was able he didn't let you know may now all. I I get all that what you will and to trust Mike that you know I notes due quarterback draft so so we thank you I mean so we think it's a flip of the coin I mean. On a trust some 2122 year old kid as opposed to Malcolm Butler kid who might be very good but might take two or three years to develop as opposed to stick them in there. You know to consider the team what's the best weapons in the one quarterback out there's a kid from Ohio State Lattimore. All right now he's not going to be there at 32 obviously but. It all eyes if. May twelfth maybe a twelve he might be able to carry on Connolly yeah we don't know what he's. Haven't even hammer I admit I mean even him or her table from Florida I mean that it. We all know the name and number everything's the army I can't I can't tell you remember a play that some quarterback at Florida made a good lines here by Dan let's with the national tinge of game. But it's still the premises you still trusting. The dog guy that you think can do it a year or so when might that these kids think if they go by your plan and they stick it to start. The start and we also don't have. They don't want any unit Belichick knows Belichick plans to do and that is on the very Belichick and they'll be able to get a guy. You really feel as one want to thank the quarterback and defensive end of the advocate. It a lot of one eat the older guys ready to go. He already had our number one quarter in Joseph Moore he's got veteran he's given support he's got world which nickel you know he's got he's. He's already happened late he has. A quarterback yet a lot of confidence in the and that. Good great who might even be the true number one and a couple years that he can make that ball and kind of look at and say I'm getting more out of their whatever I had. You expect a call makers when we get some of the calls but yeah I mean a lot of good points it's certainly it's certainly one possibility then it's not bow out it doesn't strike me as somebody that would say are we are banking on that. A guy in the draft to be a starter where that there's a veritable humanity get the guy he might go two picks before you and then and then what good there goes your plan. I the whole thing and so far it's been very on Belichick you know like right we the whole thing for shot on what to expect a lot of what sprint I still McGraw Apple's get traded and post your right but I still feel that's that's going to happen 61777. Night seven not 237 just the black the next WEEI repeat Richard Justin. Hey happy take that it is. They'd. People quit circle one point. Keep away take all the people want to cheat people out there to now Q outlook for the father and little brother and fiancee Libby was. I love him I would I yeah I love his game and that even when he doesn't score a lot he's always close to a triple double. I'll be here or separate and seven rebounds. Object as audio and I got a great of an idea what six point 27 points we had twelve rebounds and fourteen assists or whatever Helen was a mean. It is Smart he at least console portable distraught you'll hope. To achieve their head. Concerned about it wait it gets a body shot. At all you don't doubt that looks weird but it goes we are golf swing and you know that was the difference Erica it's doesn't. 2:13 am on my side toll coaching that you but. Also Kershaw would be so Turkey and you know. You double down triple down down this company people you know I think he's evil political expensive. You know these are all he ever be actually you know told each person wherever there. Declining to pay forum. Enrich brokerage. Think it's another team in the back app of the first round that would be willing to not attend or not. Retreat with the patriots but actually sign an outright Malcolm Bartlett. And paid a first round on the team Pittsburgh really bad at all most. Is that it's a good point just like always I always say you have to worry about at least talk about the wall it's normal laws what we've seen is how many times richer and our lives me more than a lot for the molded your. That's always seems to be some kind of a last second deal that nobody talks about this is why not yet Kaplan. They can't read it. Now it's ever since the that's sort him out today it's on the ticket Radovan that it is so whenever that it. I still don't trust Washington Redskins and I said it in a funky way because I still think there's issues going on you know over the air but it would not surprise me at some other team emerged out of all of this that we elect oh yeah that come from a Houston has been linked in I guess one other reports was they would have given up a second round pick had about a second round tender but they're picking at 245. So you wonder if they say. All right there's a chance to get a number one corner we're gonna get 125 overall. Maybe put you have a better chance to get me guy that's done it in the league for the last couple years so maybe they're in the mix it's it's. This is going to be fantastic I mean yeah mommy right between the FL draft in the NBA draft whole crap I mean what does that dug in a material difference at no matter what happens yup. Up until in elder of the respective season began and yet it always is here is like yeah a car next here at W title Derek. Yeah it in there and yes there you're there aren't. Where you're. Drastic. Earlier yeah earlier today. It was then that I got are talking about college athlete getting paid. And you know I want it and your titan called on anything right now I wanted to talk about. Somebody brought up a great point about incentivizing. These kids to stay in school. And maybe you. You paid them that a concern I need to be on the train them like hey there again. And educate. Asia and held at a hundred grand. Not enough if you just look at it look at what they're bringing enact change my mind on patent based incentive I think it's the same school. Always they wanted to know I think it I think Iran is something but okay incentive to stay in school. Taking what classes. You're no ugly out there. If you think about the number of people that come into the league and you hear about just these people being broke. You know maybe part of the agreement is you know you're gonna get paid X one year and more and more as it gets towards you know your senior year what about. Know about that but I'm asking us not forget the money for a second what is the same school what what what courses we go do undertaken what grades that they have to maintain an order to get because I think that would have to be a factor. I think they should force and take classes on money management. I'm good these kids. Get a handle on how to manage our hundred grander fifty whatever it is before they act and the old. Seven million and blow it now obviously everybody doesn't blow them money but you know if I would make. That type of money on one and I handle it how to set myself up for retirement. I got to the web what about the kid who thinks he's guaranteed to go in the first round and 1819 years Olin says. Libya major fears that and Mehmet did an ally and a physical education majors yet takes a mother. Competing in a competitive courses where you can also take a lot of release with elective like golf. And kick ball and stuff I mean I mean you're rules in place there are piloted united pretty loose but ever wants all you'll see a guy didn't fab Melo Ra rest in peace he got suspended for games because of you know we didn't either go to class or feel the logic classes so I mean. They have to maintain like a 20 or 25 and Everett is the priority is rules in place to keep guys eligible and what happens is if they know they're only going for a year. They know what the cut off is endemic and it down to go to anything else fortune though that you have this more corrupt as you don't think you have the chip Turks in the world do to make Lamar but Lamar Odom goes to your right. And has like all point one GPA and somehow doesn't get suspended or the whole she's while catches a few years later and then you leave for another job Yemeni news for another job and keep Jason exactly speak Iran and Iraq by thirteenth of ninety seconds ago some good programs there hadn't done the second row looks that way anywhere but. That that USC and of the USC. You guys run your appreciate what you get home and watch via. Yet in the US the SMU right western union was the last former it was like right out of which I'm crazy. That's what 77797937. Paris that route Cory is you guys all like a look at people call speech upper and until. About that night twenty or so which keeper in the house until seven regular sports rated and we. Out. It happens syndicate 4000. Outs that are different routes to which was worse that day. But shortstop or North Carolina. Is activated Stewart believe him. You know I. Despite repeated program might think. You know that they are still to me ever grow up around big east basketball my entire life from the inception of the Gabbert. And I can tell you this everybody that is it was a big east and everybody that I know around remember I was fifteen at the time when they want when they lost that game. But we're also proud of a northeast team being in the finals and especially being from the big east of the match in the John played at Providence anyway. Back in the day. But that's always that's what's the appeal about that there is a brotherhood of the big east it's not a Seton Hall team tweet out the other night right before the province game go friars in there is a camaraderie. A repeat at the finals. 47 in the wallet my dad. And when province officer accuses Israel that was there was Keith Smart shot against Syracuse the championship game by. What products off the Syracuse everybody wore orange the next night the tip of the two days later but it took him and it was a it was a special. Time and I still think there's some of that camaraderie that that still exist but yet there's some of that in it for Johnson documentary ago you know that record of the big you Sabina. Carol black why regularly he was war probably ignore these team yeah they finally won it two years later but just the fact that they were in pats. You went three to get the three final fours and won one championship obvious what to Toppert miracle game by going over by right but there was that camaraderie that is. You don't see him I don't get that sets the ACC had to I don't I think advocates it's not a torrent the ACC now because a lot of those teams looking around like how long they've been in the ACC and some of the traditionally CC teams are gone to SaaS. You know my princess. But the big east that's another one of those things that. I'm forgetting vision for arguably the worst ever of the money that all the money out like that that these teams bring him part of that is us in the football managed really knocked out all these conferences that has changed the conference Lewinsky. BC was wobbly when BC left. In the the big east tournament is easier as searchers are yeah that was huge and and looked and the cop out yes and so different is the Luxembourg group conference maybe one of the best in the country I think since 7010 teams that target and a damn good up. Yeah I mean that's that that what I realized a B when it would have determined chemistry in in the top eight teams were all just unbelievable like those that measure. The UConn Syracuse games and you know bush doesn't tell schedules royalties yeah is on news I was -- absolutely that's changed him he saw that missy got some great teams province and a couple runs oh god oh you know. You go back I go back to John Bagley and and you know Michael Adams and you think about what it wise not Bob Boston College right now justices decide before you read back of Poland 6177797937. About a huge Tom Green for an iPod BC. Get out of fall it get that guy here yeah. All right and then all I'm start to start the Brad Stevens rumor and I know you can't I heard clock Alexy today that can be no compensation. Because he's going to eat your. But I think they're going to put this right I think. Who Jabil. We'll put a ton of pressure somehow some way and I don't think I'll that would happen because you can't get competition once it's on its let him out of his contract yet I don't see that happening I don't see him going anywhere really don't now why you will hear rumors trust me. Fabricated or not about Stephens connected to the India who has been talked about this review and even. I was talked with Christian last year we work together in New Hampshire is to say wait till top three gets fired from Indiana. And watch the rumors start to fly while you are asked about it he's he's already said no he's a stay as long as the Celtics salamander and I think out of work for putting Danny is the coach. Had coaches that definitely. You know lied before about both certain jobs but I I think Stevens will be here for awhile alright that's what's up it's up to seven nights of that three sever ralphs and crest of a mixed you repeat keeper WEEI Ralph. They guys ya and baseball kit comes here and she's even read it together. I don't want any part of that now warned that if the kids are real good player. But I India which if if I was picketed a draft if he was he would treat him. But I can't see deal with that. And but man I a picture in you know a picture and ball and and and Jalen brown together on the floor. All of like John I think that is cut and has got a monster potential right there. Amazing Korea now I think what you're gonna see dish this week and without Isaiah was great. Because when assumed it was clear slide in and Bradley can do. Because I couldn't honestly yes I would make that I would treat if people actually I would like they have a guy that actuality. Salary to hit it Davis and I look at it. What he's doing and where though. Well I think if you look back now to trade for a bolt on lake lake lake concert and you took more. Out there. What was. I love him what's the adopt I love lots of ice along. Yeah I Stallone a disease that would just hit a minute we're playing with print and took that million U Brittany dish on everything you. And we've seen guys like him he's horrible as this kid who's a little bit of a calendar next computing and what he doesn't have to change that well. What I would probably have to do that like I look at them to a trading in the the Aussie what you active conducting the thing that is good with. What if they ever thinking of saying you know what I would pick and say what little or click. And crowd I would baked out malls because. I think he can pick up a point got to go to that next level will get more than you care what what I love it gators but that's the way I traders say yeah. Because he didn't if conditions get after each of the franchise it didn't have a couple years did not have a route. What what it did what they're dead they get the number one pick and Danny seems to be the help someone or factory or Marco faults from Washington what do they take him. What if you do it I need to be careful looks like he's a local play it now. If something missing there because his team could win any -- now that sizes while we must because it's that both of them have I have I have something you know that click that might be that I like wolf that because I think he's kind of point got a scholarship you have Bradley urge you to it would offset a score because. In the playoffs. It used to the top com. And I think that is a big job major liability in the playoff play defense and keeping guys kick that knocked him down the first couple drives. That's why don't think Isaiah is the guy that can take you to the promised land which is what we wanna go back to. Ever appreciated. It's going to be interest like I said Lisa got it seems so mean that eyes that missed this injury is cut it out. I don't up I mean it's his candidacy gonna set up tonight it's them and now what that Sunday afternoon so its probably the Smart Smart thing to do deaths and six of us though also wonder if if if that's a coincidence at all and I'm sure maybe at the bone bruise but if they were. You know if they're playing better opponents you know what they have their play off that at all in the words our desire and instinct. I would take one more for the top of the hour it's there have been accused did not hear shots in New Hampshire next year WEEI repeat rich they Sean. And by doing good. Were there to Cuba I'm doing well and Patrick you know just don't work guys pop up a couple of I just pop audience and picnic. On that and that. Comment and then a question on keeper pat says he would get an amazing public tonight. Might actually. Go ask only it and go I mean you know I think you all I want everybody in the company actually nice to hear men stand up and Norton would not but he never argue like I expect you to get it you'll you don't act on candidate. Press restaurants I'd love Jeanne thanks. Might I'm. My question and I don't think about you know it got caught up about. I did comment I mean I like your basketball opinion. Even not at all it now and I know that nightmare but you gotta think in an accurate or you can victory and they're only body electric power to time out when I that's true. You get it in about where there and got our overall pick and they don't hate him and figure out what to do it on the Slater well how do you. Yes except except Denny's when what folds better if they get the number one overall pick. You might like him better and maybe change his mind between now and then but certainly that's seldom a possibility. Yeah no I mean I like them open. And how to turn it well thank god we keep up. Thanks enjoy all right united Barrett thank you about that Patrick's day and drove through service and into the rest of your weekend off your back or moderate yes Eric. Let's keep heading out I'm here six point 77797937. Pete shepherd in Vermont at night tonight until about 91 that we had to its kick it off to a he can over NCAA March Madness on Westwood One radio Sports Radio WE yeah. It's thirty Callahan and headlines. At 730 rock you like doctor. Robert Leonard Kellyanne Conway is brilliant brilliant. She might be brilliant she is distant cousins do you like elected without her brilliant for a brilliant like a woman or brilliant over there for brought up if I try to clarification came here. These headlines morning 6730 rock you by V. Robert letters. Yeah I got Hamas didn't. Journalist gotomeeting. When you connect better everything comes together go to meeting.

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