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Freestyle Friday Hour 2 - Bruins, Butler and Irish Music

Mar 18, 2017|

Dale and Holley with Keefe Friday Hour #2. A lot of St Patty's Day nonsense with a wee bit of sports mixed in

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I feel like we've run the risk of losing complete control of this program in the first hour of four made it just has. Practically gone off the rails in it all started when Michael Holley declared Hutu was one of the four best fans in the history of earth. Yeah on Wednesday that it does and I don't want to see. How they take it. And there's turner god are there are number what you see guys and so that would help them one up for better. But an art turner but we don't have the stock of war. Don't want to follow the rule of and that why regional regions and I don't even know what the tournament as I have no idea that I'd go and you should be a one seed in the category that the got a category. It in the Russia. And the Iraq category a rock category room. Output for eagle rock over you'd do all these guys I would flat out disrespectful. Gergen and you're Sheldon of the blogs well. I'm gonna really have control over freestyle Friday anyway there's not a negro I don't even more and a is that you know you feel like an off the rails that would. I'm probably a part of a problem isn't an up blaming this all holly yeah this yeah out his wallet from next thing in all we get people talking about Ayman clog Glen abbey hit a I mean I was I was gonna do ten minutes on warns waddle but I thought that the forcing it might be. The Irish athlete the Irish long distance runner at the guide or dispel those same foreign. Got it he got it's really bad day maybe he's a Democrat character argument that's our our unnamed tournament. Are right we don't mind responding to take it off the rails if you that was off the rails at 2 o'clock hour we're doing. The drinking real hard at settled in and start to I was listening to for EA yesterday. And he was he was debts he was I had to there was paper after nothing. He he wants that it was shelled from the very strange ways that series out he wants to do joke and I am unlike on. And about it CC regulation. Up that they don't allow you to do that and. Yeah there's gonna stay in his thirties show on Comedy Central let this week does that they've tried history of drug history to get people's front of a tired but honestly it's been done. Yet and then they're saying or you do podcast audio podcasts. Audio on the air I wanted to talk on the air with little draw game with Glenn drop. Plant and they're like you're welcome go wrong that that cast part of podcasts me is it going somewhere for yeah Kathleen will be heard if it's okay right. We should get our heaviest drinkers on action. Shepherd. A separate project Thornton. He saw at the 44 has sent us a picture today at some bar drinking Maginnis has already looks happy and is nice but I was in a bar drinking Guinness it. 230 in the afternoon I'd be happy to rebels are who have won two tournament games. About miserable and relieve asking asking people if they wanna see is black kitten out of you'll want to give you to show we are what are the 6177797937. As telephone number Bob is in Brighton hey Bob I don't. Court now Leo great Bob good I believe the about our Irish apple. Played shortstop they evil. Old Derek Jeter again it. Peter Neumann are yet moderates from Ottawa and. You know it gets into the americanized. Pirate she'd been on the run it up yes it can be another kid jeetz. And jeeps and Richard Matsch a lot of people identify him as Irish right. Hi his mom's from there so. Sir I did know that at a notes whatever percentage I don't know what I'm not a notions and she's from Ireland she's of Irish descent it's in the Ireland Ireland bracket or. I what are they Ireland Eric and I. And I'll bracket or the we got to come up with a third bracket the house of pain how's the big Arab Kyra but I don't know bracket is mother's Dorsey Connors. She's a Irish German and English over goodness is accurate results and up from my. Our that I'll let the enemy is RED are less. A general term my we don't edit their I don't know mired in theaters are a bunch of one seeds or he could beat everybody and you get a larger right. Analyze these kind of like the Red Sox. These PGA all of inaugural. World file is rewarding you for what you do what you've done in the past. Of all the all of all of the the baseball takes you can offer today that's the worst one. Right how how how else would you pick the guy to depict opening day or no talent and that's I don't know I don't know Beth and and so do you think the guy who won the Cy Young has some of that I think he doesn't think he's the best pitcher on the staff and I don't know yet at. Adds up adds up right now Chris Sale has ever thrown a pitch and anger for the Red Sox I love the guy and I was thrilled when they countered that now c'mon. You don't have you don't wanna be right that much where you don't I don't wanna be right so much that the guy who's the best pitcher has to start opening day even though the other guy won the Cy Young last year and I'm glad he had a great season and deserve the site and he did deserve it anyone. And Chris Ellis said he should start opening round and David Price that he should start opening up David Price you know distinctive right here at this word out he wasn't talking about himself you don't fail porch he should start wearing the Cy Young award went down on sale was girls crystal supposed to. Well this was long before voluntarily been named the opening days my car was a member of the Red Sox you can throw a hissy fit there is nothing is done that ever got more before he could cut up uniforms and stop because like in ulcers and you're not try and tell me that you think Rick Purcell was a better pitcher Nolan Nolan saying that he's the Cy Young award winner Andy deserves to start opening day. It was a sigh now if it is still aren't in the playoffs that be different for me. Totally different opening day of the playoffs my number one is got to go to the map. As fight is David Price once compared the two went out there pretty much the same he says you know what it's like to pitch on opening day or the playoffs he. So pitchers do that we know at least one that does. Wouldn't you wouldn't they be the same guy wouldn't be here if they're right healthy would your game one playoff starter be your opening its owner why wouldn't. Yeah it would make sense if you were gonna do that you as you would go to bet your best guy to start a plan sponsors wouldn't. I do erratically and they've always look unless unless OK you were down to wire at the end of the year and you had he wasn't built yet the courts are great and right next available guy but if you're starting these series and then you've got some rest you can line up. But that's not the same is opening day. Not even close to the same is opening day. Chris down on the cape and he's mad at one of us probably me though I Chris Tatum. They guy is wanna wish you happy saint Patrick thank you notice them. It to my beautiful or wipe out to dinner here in Lugo you know but that's. Don't don't even joke about this commute to and in their likes acre they're just. But are they don't get a number one's talents like John toward Chris tell us why you'd choose sacred. I mean YouTube bring it back by yeah right school college days and gosh you maturity. All songs and just the fight. You know. Protestant church to cap like they're going on in Ireland I mean that kind of action. She is extremely passionate and their their music card. Ruin college students this path and after after a group. Yeah. But Chris would you say they're one of the four best rock bands of all time. I part yeah I did you read you your brother 3% like Q like Errol. Okay it got to see you're right you're already on top of the election it arrows one of the court best Ronald delta. Letterman went opinion and says Gregory you're anchors. Until you two or Aerosmith Rolling Stones and Beatles though the mean I try. Could learn and as the government which I thought I. I don't know I can't and I. Talking 25 years ago Aerosmith hasn't been good since 1970. I like Aerosmith yeah come one of the up. Ford number one's listening attic has lasted demented and everything else this horrific winter day in Boston sports club and Boston Boston of all cities yeah. Rips duke two of us. What is happening you know how there are one how far back he went though for you to tournament torturing me it was a mentions a rope lines though it was a went right to his soul men. That might his days in college days like. Just all the memories game is related to mobile with his boys out to a lot of my issue due to his. Bottom. Don't like to think he thinks Albright good. All I've caught up his whole Lotta listening please call a little bit okay. Yup that. Well the racist police. I don't know you don't know like I now writes. Yeah that's a big part of it I don't with the music either but kind of person but does love him Mon yeah and that parents hours me like Metallica operate like Howard and I was surprised me if it wasn't the guys in the in the band. But the music I like better than than large and his fight against Napster decadent turns you off. Yeah that's kind of soured in it's a beer Carlos is in Hyannis take Carla site on. They Hamdoon curtail its gonna like it it's a pleasure talking to you guys might agree what do I got enough courage to actually call you. I wanna start out by saying you're an idea that's up in the comic real well one note here workspace 1960. I was born years before that but I wasn't what I notice airports. Yes where you are saying that out I just wanna say that the greatest Irish. Our sports personality I think they would bury McGregor in short he would you like lightweight champion that figured undisputed champion of the world for many years. So I think was very quickly get. As it's far its music goes you just aren't unified dropped the Mike. Irish I would do differently to different it is out yeah but didn't panic at a popular Irish singer Sinead O'Connor. Are pulling the right date night and the last thing I want it so I hope that call to get last year Iowa State. Why saint Patrick the patron saint. Don't. Operatives here all all content on it and delegate rich. Don't that I don't do that the separate things here who don't who at the supper Brock I'm Patrick respond feeling emotion in O'Connor who did it. He says or that she's one of the best rock beds of all time for best song her most notable song is prince's song. I even heard stuff. Nice job. With you guys think of the box or from the eighties. To bring you put him on the Jerry McQueen in apparently you. Not familiar with his work night and getting allied to him cyclones cyclone I don't think he's gonna make via the cut the U. But he may be right after warns wobbled either in there. And we both heard everybody's been the kind of analog it would benefit if yet every guy. 6177797937. Mics in north camp. And in my diet on. Are you I was a man in my too much credit China and now. And dale. We we've said we didn't think fattest we've got nothing up front as best. Peter Greg. What I Lola now gaga. And etiquette and the and Annika. Sure. As this like wind stuff first what does Sacramento. She showed she still racing right yeah. Who would she gets in the fight after the race she's she's a verbal verbally sparring with for. It's like who holds the tennis. In Marie SharePoint gap and we OC. You have to like we in atonement and on accord on Canaccord are calling looks great everything you know it and it's wonderful lots of endorsement deal right you have to actually like I don't know win a tournament at some point. Eventually. Put up much longer does Al Bernstein analyst at 8 AM zero to win anything when you look like that who region. Cora caller ID not you don't want to blow the wind. Mean. It against Judith didn't. He didn't think they had to win anything of you remember that they wrote topping your heads and went in April. And yet project a win something to get endorsements no. Now to get into that deadly once up and have a sports talk show host and agreeing teacher remember your name no. He remembers. Pressure about a way. Very nice. You're test cannot count on not it's giving our own on how thick are your until I get this and I'm giving them a hard time about saying a lot brother thing never Marcelo is a better day and the other guys fail unless say that. But I do I love the shirt anyway thank you it is I'm violent Jens teacher just for. Just first saint Patrick's items on the cellphone HM I don't. Champ often on and a in the system and a lot of. And try. And our guys young. Tim I don't know I was legal light armored Ted he was bitter and you don't if you scared to have. You probably had a great Irish figure skater from the seventies you wanna talk about it and a great addition other important that. Would've been a great addition Cohen and what happened. What this victory with mr. accompaniment like that patience level is like zero happening. All took from zeroed it's our dream. I'll at a good pace of play let the matter what does it help the discipline while we agree we agree to pay that they've got but. The government announced something else I know you would talk about it not really don't know how do you not right now. Now we do read paragraph professionally it was someone else is a bad experience and hold more time. That they can go like all. The cable company or something he could hear him like Russell tapers are the text there might get the award for today. All so Danica Patrick racist for a living. So she's our race Pete Abraham. It looks like if I figured out. Now that I can ask you now lobsters. And balance both as well you know has been to an hour. Get real serious about this Peter Abraham situation. Has he not been following its leads the little bit addressed no anything no. Do you think you will. The only way he's addressed anything that I can tell today is he's been blocking people left and that's not address the guys at that that's. Kind of running away from. Now is at I should check and see if he's blocked me do that do you think. Do you guys think that his employers should say something else. Yes. An impact and I I said this you know to the mid day and I'm not joking when I say this. They should put his apology on the front page of the Boston Globe. Not a great big story not a banner headline above the old but they should put a Pete Abraham apology to the guy. And say look you know what I screwed up. I got carried away would this site I shouldn't use this term my apologies they should put it on page one. He's not even addressing it on Twitter for crying out lot so guess how much chance you have of the putting it on pay I don't. I gotta do is I'm along tweet. This along treat. And say and that long and Tenet the united competitively he can pennant I don't know what that means the need to review go to that their pages so it's going to be up there for awhile to the top one dose is of CD's won't get buried in all the other stuff that he's doing elegantly. You know what to Eduardo Rodriguez did today and things like that because the other budgetary he's been very active on taller. But just not addressing an aisle and literally literally every time he tweets anything. People are. Giving him the business as a relates to is that player racist does this mean he's a racist like events August. You know one thing. We have to remember is as a journalist or are media people. There's a distinction here. We. Sometimes lead a discussion. Related discussion provoke thought of provoke conversation. But were not always thought leaders. It's and a dozen different there's different out starting a conversation with your conversation. Many times most of the time a rocket man speak for myself conversation with a lot of people were not smarter night. But you're just getting the conversation going but that doesn't mean just because you bring it up. That you're somehow the authority on the topic. It's a topic on your mind right now you're inviting. Analysis and opinion from other people anecdote whatever it is kind of keep that conversation going. And in this case it seems that I. There's the holier than now. Kind of approach that he is absolutely. To this that to this topic. Well why do you get to choose you you get to choose this you're gonna say when I get the label me. Your platform which is considerable time. I mean it's mark and of one hand newspapers are our actual newspapers are being sold as much urban and hand. Overheated digitize after all over the place he's got a 1101000. Waterfall so you know from your happy. A platform you get to just label me that the label me as something. You get the move on you address leasing a Boston Globe sports writers looking nose as a sportsman I guess so neat there's an advantage. And maybe maybe this is not a case for the boss the commander in. And kind of push them around but I would think so they're okay or is finger conscience he got to say you know what that was. And I. You know what I think is rather not hear it and we were talking about this earlier this morning you know what I think is strategy as. The blow over. This sounds and also consult that we'll come up band you know and you know it'll blow over I don't have to address that I don't have to it now I don't know that. I shouldn't say that he hasn't reached out to this guy. Individually and personally I'd like to think that he has but I don't know that we'll find out next week or he's gonna committed have lunch with us on Tuesday and a and we'll find out. If he's done that I applaud him for that good for him. But he called it luck but but he called the diagram all publicly publicly he's also got to apologize publicly I apologize. Publicly have gonna reach out some private that's a good start but you put him out there you put him out publicly so he got I think you have to deal with that way too. I agree and I think he's gonna just wait and see if it passes over. I David's on the cell phone hey David I don't. What's up Ali. Yes there. You can you know that's why Dan Morrison and not think oh. Let's get one pretty good arson Dallas gamblers and we are great poise great points. Okay credit I that I got Aaron not a close I mean look I. On our Arnold on are all real Irish band van Morrison's one seed absolutely. On our our larger. Racquet that Michael can't really defined by yeah but it's there and they don't know how many regions there are. No he does make you picked a workshop and workshop today that a snow though and there are humans once you pin it down I don't know how many. Teams are now an open the tournament called it's going to be like in the movie basketball within the brackets thank you play a whole season just the brackets and you jump or this region in the back of his bracket that's the with Bob Costas has any regrets but that move up now they everybody got to check yet Al Michaels is than there that'll global you know it's very. You like that skip ball is ahead of time it really was let's just don't want to be a very adequate time. Because not all what way how to adjust like the marketing and how much they can make money off sponsors because at the beginning when they made that movie. Would have like 2000. Argument 9899. Somewhere in there there are talking about like all these stadiums having like ridiculous sponsor names and they all do now and they have most of early on where they were. Watch basketball that's at a time crime yes mean belief. Yes I mean look great before. You know before when you're gesturing she radio space flotsam yeah Walsh de Jesus didn't age well she's. She's still. Her as eternal as she still a lot of good for her. I had my doubts there applied far left as nice as that I've had a good for you 6177797937. You probably can tell at the freestyle Friday at dale Hollywood keep. Sports Radio WB. I'm old. Oh come from. And from. We are okay yeah that's. GE and then from there. And so and then. Can it. And friends and it was good things he's in our number one seed and are all Irish for the I mean he's absolutely one. Van Morrison is there. By the way the image via the text on a few minutes ago I did an idea what happened. He says I know nobody reads my tax. But based DePaul is amazing agreed Sutton theater all the dvds since it came out. Once out of random shots of Jim beam every time they called squeak little bitch. And after quitting after about twelve shots later that night he gets edged up at all. The nice memory to it's over with the basketball if I have that memory I would figure the way of basketball the way you'd put on its head of its time. Clearly 1998 as Benson night's NBA came out way ahead. Of how does the sports world is so you think about them mores and earn our number one seed in the all Irish are absolutely. Had you to what's the one song I wouldn't say okay what what one song that everybody knows Baltimore's dominant. Oprah on product that can provide you get tired and I actually don't I don't. Now that's not one elegant it's not what those delegates on you don't skip I'm special memories associated with its global appeal Nabisco biscuit spit out the auto biographical Portland program. Hello. This is an I dig a little bit in New York right if this happened in New York is about to buffalo. And that this imports. What happened tickets and if I play that song and you know very well be right back there are yeah. Yeah all gated and go out. Well all of them use your marriage and I back. I I have it all out and about TV talk show host and I imagine they say that Zorn helped me clues that. Deal or no high anxiety. Out after the hour and I retrospect applause great job great good for homeownership but it's. But the point and I definitely don't care arguments on the pats on the cell phone iPad I don't. Murdered eight. I'm now. Wearing too little. Are rewarded. Last year as well nobody quota lot solo it's opening day. Watched report Malcolm ten million dollars. Last year. What are well what. When it Isiah went to pay Malcolm Butler two million dollars or Malcolm bumper on the team that cost ten million dollars keep money team could do over three point nine. What. Obama about a team I don't think I ever said a number I don't know what the number is for Butler have no idea what he was offered. I don't constantly puts it in all bought up or Greek or why it. Just wanna money team is one of you have that was I think it's being glossed over that he. That that he's he's likely to be traded but I got that aside. It comparison between rip ourselves getting the ball in 2017. For sixteen award to Malcolm Butler being on the team. That's a strange analogy when you think that. I don't practice and you know our courts are. Ready heated moments that you paid. Let him at the opening day or. Okay then there were to order problem with reward season for. Parcel of that is on our last gas at yes inaccurate and how he starts the first game of the playoffs unless his season you know warrants it. Yes that's that's all lettuce or close the book it is say in Italy and organizations measure of respect protect. To finally close the book if I find it. Surprising that that you don't. Feel the same way that baseball players too about this Phelps and we have a baseball player isn't a not many things right but this one is one of those don't you know praise when you're down by four run and a fine half I just I was I up on the lie I remember I truly can't imagine a baseball team. That had a if candle inside my award winner who wouldn't start him in the opener of the next season. I can't even envision that's an area. Well well throughout the take a look just like well I'm going through the how many guys led the NHL scoring and where they finish the heavy jacket IR California derby got a lot of other things take a look at. I Johnson dart. Hey John how are you. Google book what's going on. Trying to get accused or. And then Lizzie and we had them and I don't know we Adam up. They rosy over over to. I have to ask the basket that. Created. Earlier. Yeah we met them both both are deserving. Okay all right I'm right that's your perfect walk off with him I got nothing else we had a we out of mall you know. Op Fred's on the cell phone hey Fred how Oreo. Call I would like Burnett and. Yeah it was good got to keep is the best right now people all I was gonna say they'll go out the best right now but yeah he's he can't be considered one of the best all time yet. One of the best all time iron into our. Our generation. Yeah I mean he's the so dominant now and have to put him up there because you guys we've gotten our. A long distance runner who won a golden like the world championships and a box or from the eighties. Whenever that what are we look at that but those beds contraris is a conversation a little harder to record those monster generated more money than any of these. Do you think seriously do you do you believe that kind of McGregor. Has a chance against Mayweather. In a straight up boxing and it's like they box it said art was gonna bock box no I don't think so great a box and no no chance none. None will get knocked out you probably know and and and and and human life doesn't do that Floyd just wouldn't get hurt aboard a point sort of like that against boxers. That's a point maybe maybe not gonna do it against Connor either he's not gonna knock them out here just get you to avoid dollars big bombs and knew you'd you'd score points Connors problem is he's used to the USC which is usually three to five rounds. Fluids used to going twelve to fifteen rounds a full fight the shorter rounds right but still I think. How about me and they USC. Potter would kill him in jail under a minute under thirty seconds. Now I do is kick boxing where you least doable little somebody can't take them down pretty can use his legs that in. That it would be a lot more interest and a stroke boxing match for the greatest of all time. Somehow I don't know what we're. How we're gonna see it got to figure out a way this this fight happen only wet and we're but but I asked him how much money whereas where it's kind of fair though because if this is that. And I agree with you I think their dog back if it's boxing is boxing it's you know it's going to be a lot of hype yeah and it'd be over fast because. Ploy won't lose too common McGregor. Then you know I go to Macgregor here. Interview and evidence of what. The pocket on it to boxing's. That's the hormonal. It neither of them. But I think honor what color does is moral like he's used to throwing checks and so he's more used to doing don't tell each kid take them down and of that sort and how is that fair to. And Taylor. Because boxing is still a still more weighted to boxing. Because mixed martial arts again as everything. It's as every single thing and when it apparently James Toney fought Randy could toward getting your office is so stupid. And you're a season isn't throw on freak shows of the ego or pride used to do happening where they threw him in their boxer an app you can't really it's where once you knock out their smaller blogs until. But ready to toward takes him down and then there was that wants a boxer gets down on the mat for it done so I was with kick boxing that's why it's to the one area where. At least Floyd doesn't have to work on the ground game click that it didn't have that it didn't go to jujitsu to survive that by UBS to block the kick. But Floyd is gonna do anything that doesn't god give him an advantage in there and the advantage he has a boxing ability boxing I would Tillman talks element abroad Bruntlett. I'd like to see I'd like to see some kind of event. Some kind of big event. Between McGregor in May where you're going to I think this. In a Tug O war and before the last big one was well. Last big event. In in an outsider in Florida Pacquiao yet. Out of walnut on the wall of water that not all black. Yeah I yeah I type I deeply into play how many years too late anyway they're probably release are made a ton of money like people still want a bit on it. That was it was terrible yeah. I don't Floyd. He like has his out of the ring issues speak for themselves put up. There there's something about the guy as a performer. Over the that this rubs people some rub some people wrong way but you have to give it to him as a money maker but. It isn't you have been part of that is you wanna seemed it is ass kicked it and it doesn't happen but that's which one is the ultimate heal his young I don't sports now the only thing Conner really has don't form in a boxing match with Floyd news conference itself. Floyd has had trouble with south laws and Connor has a ton of power. So they get up and knock you could knock him out but it's almost impossible to hit point clean either and you guys in big cities ultimately he'll. Is is that he'll how many people. Root for the heal a lot of people of that changed. MW load change a lot of things because Hulk Hogan to reduce their ideal became pretty cool later on day Abbott could they have this guy become a little bit but he's right all they don't look like but I did probably there Tom Brad elder there are Wahlberg will be there on and on I had. Had a list a while ago some of the celebrities. Were there and they are classified as big fight in brilliant mentioned Brady owns an athletic and you know Jay-Z and beyoncé I mean just so many people widely yet a blue item of the blog was gone out yet but bring blood to grow naturally too violent it sank. And the thing is you can't sit too close blood. Yes it's written. Everything else in between like that's too bad parenting. Print at Atlanta out of it later that lobster bad parenting 6177797937. Its telephone number. Text that's all you want a 37937. He'd probably tell it's freestyle Friday that means keeper madness and about 545. And Irish leaned. Saint Patrick state team keeper Matt instrumental in Iran Sports Radio W media you know this was for stopped tapping your foot and a half. They're helping it. Because that if you just don't know all the hits because they're right now that I've incorporated a junior at that point that you hate that idea visa triple. So popular. I know deep dive into our presence of pockets but have you played all the hits a lot of misses and there. Lot of messes you know a lot of it shore. You say okay it would change your opinion. Not including the songs like heard. And there's no bad guys. I can't just put them all out right around just had EU to America yeah. The one of them once you would I come away with new respect. I'm I know exactly who they are what I don't respect look at a couple of part of it is bomb. And no matter how good the song is Lisa Leoville I just idle days there like the image I. The cat yeah all they got here. The these 422. Y name and it. I. Plano it if you plan if you're going to reply in front of anything you can learn a part of your name. Instead of the united of the whole bit on YouTube ads and who is a a map like Gallagher I don't have a act out of lately I have them Arthur is the head. Ours of the album as the ones you got from him as the ones where in the Irish. Where bracket we deal OK but no overall bracket where where they're here here's probably what does exceed the probably five or oh yeah dole lose to a twelve. I I penciled in Middle East they knock it off put him in there to five that you're gonna have a got a really nice twelve seed. You're like yeah I feel pretty good about it in the and they win by twelve solemn little about it. Like under rated media be. Place small venue kind of yeah. The cure for that big break the public for the big break because our experience yeah right never play TD garden ever play excellent stereo cards you're only two of which the house of blues yeah. Yeah really let Arnold how really be in there alone but there. Yeah let's affected that we have to do that for 64. We'll see we doing the reports I was gonna say something like that yeah. Think that that's not even an upset. Here and not even enough that having Deep Purple thing about Fleetwood Mac. 08. Doobie brother why would Mac is certain to Afghanistan yeah that but if if there's 64. Seats right. We're gonna secure. It I had the spotlight I don't know we are currently Kalla yeah. There's very well on sixty participants that he won't play in front to playing games. It would probably knew that we did. I mean I would think 64 easier route map round. My Atlantic is a lot easier to say your four regions of sixteen yet and then that way you know before bass are all one seeds that next world two seats you know daily at the musicality. Here I went so well. You were doing that back in the day were trying to come with the best bands that would argument then so now. Dale put the uniform back and came back in to follow. That are there it is I'll problem we have now returned. Uttered artillery and apparently. Original open ended down polish joke and we spent about two months trying to figure out on game like you know what and it is an extra adjustments. We went with Rage Against The Machine for awhile and then. Which was. Which raised. Doing in the name entered into longer development but yeah it will slow slow built in but that gets in there through the like the or ways to Malone in for is they got the to generation though like that of course you do it. Our movement. Confidential answer and the colonists that it intro station yeah that it didn't really as highlighted each hour and it's right there. This was yet to to having you I don't go ahead and keep Scott and. Pace of play here in the. It really that apart but it didn't pan out. Now. Actually on I really get Andy's Daniel is there any other room out there today it's good. What he had a baby I guess the question. To look at fourteen seed water team is our debate there that twelve that knocks off YouTube what went around adamantly. Or series for the fourteenth C for Rage Against The Machine dancers that there's a lot of bail fourteen. There are the well received in no way the problem what I their music was great but it was just the shoplift so short. Productive and productive but don't tell us. I was all right you're used to the nets. When Michael said whatever it wanted to know if you look at those hits you gotta go to got to move up from fourteen to release a seven. And finalize a fine addition they know no double digits the lowest I'll go with ray does nine move. That's the lowest aka. Colonel I till real quickly here Rolling Stone came up with their list of the 100 greatest artists of all time. Michael for the hundredth but does that really need the sixty right or I'm noticed that at the top number one Beatles yeah hard argument all right fine. Number two. Bob Dylan. OK office to god terrible number three Elvis. Anyway that's number for a treat the stones. You know is this their top hundred from like 1990 eaters I'm number five Chuck Berry. Number six Jimi Hendrix. I'm just needed a top ten for hander allowed under number seven James Brown. Artists were manage showbiz so we will do everything exactly 100 greatest artists are our houses are okay are you aware domino and number eight Little Richard. There's an artist number nine or Aretha Franklin Bernard. Let's and number ten Ray Charles so a seven year old wrote this could hit it back thirty years ago. Yes here's a none of those artists were popular in the last 35 years. No Peter remote code you. Donna and uh oh I've just Ellen yeah we do and by the way they've got Bob Marley and number eleven Sunday got to you know the apt to vote. All are too high. I. Are a joke. That's no nicer and everybody at the. I'll Marley great. I would you mentioned Peter Abraham so I can't I can't get enough for this absent look at us tweets. No matter at the tweet that Andy also responded to. Curt manner and had tweeted tweeted that he talked with that loss to treat your summer but he he called Joseph Sullivan's sports editor of the globe. And the quote he got here this. Purchase. Asked Joseph Sullivan sports editor of the globe about PA. Quote not going to program your show for you I'm going to hang up now. I as an ending right further proof that 90% of the globe sports department thinks little to nothing of the fan base. Slashed their readers. How do you mean now maybe hangs up and he. Then picked up the phone again after he actually on the. Up yet to be actually on enough gas as a way to do it old school I wonder if the slap the French guys there I didn't call up he yesterday. It has gone on form along and yet. Got to say something you you got to do something addressed what we've got it. Still our guy idea but you've got to just a month that and then we're gonna move more instead. Oh. Into the bathroom. Ads are a couple of yes and it didn't. Tweets about Eduardo Rodriguez. Sprint's fast Sampras. Does is it business as usual this kind of you know and. I hope I want it any body and if you if you as a journalist in me Pete Abraham's journalist and one for a long time. You see some thing that he is. You see an injustice happening gets write about it speak about it tweet about it. But when you see this this is dead and come on it's now now this is just for this is crazy at. This is absolutely crazy in Los he's got a she's got a story that. You know it's gonna blow all of our minds I don't think he does if he did he would assert something already. Now he's. Gonna pretend like it doesn't exist they. Andy's got a hole that sooner or later people get tired of talking about it are the but okay. You've lived here. Longer than idea and we never forget that's right. Ever ask Andy about his worth talking about. Goes back to it that we ever forget and I'd just one quick note as we as we get the breaking him back to the call. And only this is just a touch Michael law. But today ship. Came up with a list of the ten best rock bands ever amber when The Beatles no issue number two stones no issue. Number 32. Sides what we have an issue who's. The Today Show they go you go to them though for The Grateful Dead. I'll came list is overruled on that list got to go wait wait number five. Velvet Underground cat I think you're where you have any Led Zeppelin right. I know yeah you're listen to track down and start over 66 after Velvet Underground stupid garbage stupid armed. Man number seven the Ramones six point 77797937. It's dale Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media.

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