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Keefer Madness 03-17-17

Mar 18, 2017|

We close out the week with a news-clip classic in Keefer Madness for St Patty's Day

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Yes you ready to keep her madness. The noon the cutting edge and talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff. So did you. I don't think this is one of the stronger segments. Send me naked pictures and I can't match yet. You're couldn't seafood Walgreen Oceanic lol. Go reflection that I know. I mean she drank almost the entire bottle fireball that old earth is flat Eric furthest left. That's are you guys think Patrick agent Kiefer map as best as a nation it really is the closed out the week in this one is actually the eleven year anniversary. Of this story first dating. YouTube adopting this I think helped keep keep it brash they created YouTube. But I think one of the maybe if and the chocolate rain guy that's what kept YouTube afloat early on this the author restores it may be family whether it but it involves electric on. And that is why we're bringing it to Europe think Patrick's day we go down to Mobile, Alabama. And the news team here. We'll just inside the Saint Patrick's Day crowds are coming by the dozens to get an up close view of what some say. As a piece of Irish well focal. Some people in the crichton area of mobile say I'll look for cost. The year ago we have a leopard comment. In this in this town there's there's you know some people to give the state yet. I'm out of time I'll take it I just assumed it was Florida and Alabama the close enough over though they have a leopard what my dad retired too with mobile yet it with everything you say about it is absolutely true he retired the Mobile, Alabama and a fine. And in the homo. You cut. It's yeah I'd probably why my dad retired parents don't know if he was one of these people and also what the Senior Bowl accident that cycle this interval over bush cut out effort. Has taken up residence and it. Electrical. His sympathies Brian Johnson has more. That this gathering ruled skeptical is the one anchors and move boats are skeptical lover of Africa are you know you are getting their fault not really I'd take delaying yeah. But it's pretty disrespect there's good evidence here I'll look for car has taken up residence and it. Electrical. Secret means Brian Johnson has more. Curiosity leads to lord scrawled in mobiles frightened community. Many of you green binoculars can coolers even camera phones to take pictures of me. That I could have cut to me and I got a good seat left. Back I could become a movie he's become a game he's gonna give beat solved it yet I can't point out it we wouldn't know how all this was the minute they said they're bringing down corner and yet again he. Camera phone no leg what about the Google now eleven years ago. This guy could. A that have occurred to me I get bids equal out. And. I stand so far away from making fun of them incidentally your ordinary things earlier he accused the other another guy who has been on the eyewitnesses say the leprechaun only comes out at night. If you shine a light in its direction if suddenly disappears. What. Why there it is capital and died a light on the left ricotta disappeared makes or maybe snow leopard maybe maybe it's not that needed it. OK I reach burger here could be right I could be right they could be right tends says. I still wanna where are they now update on all of the all of that people would get I absolutely do this send pictures sketch resembles what you if you stayed the let her come looks like so this is what kind of made the video and this is obviously not great radio when the amateurs yet. Ha shown on the news that day that's amateur sketch of the lot at a pretty much looks like an acorn but I. It and and that's what they're going that is where. I had an app at amateur sketch meaning six year old. Right exactly at the world with a pencil. What was described to them. What the electric onlookers Obama as the amount that come out and enough. If I have to I think there might be a little tiny mouse like a hat out here and I had big argument like that old schoolers smokey the bear kind of they're prepared download at. Like smoking a little bit this send pictures sketch resembles anything you say the letter come looks like. Others find it hard to believe and have come up with their own theories and explanations for yeah. A period this business out. Room. Let me home. Yeah. I. Gave. Plus all the a couple of. I think that is the shot on the other believe it could be a crackhead and you're her in her car you'll get out of our interview yeah this paradox they see his. Is it that the yeah the little the war. Yeah. Yeah I don't. I. Well another that's another dip retrieved play that well ever played just some crackhead or not honestly I was kind of electric. It's a practice pertain to give up we just we've got scared by the way for a lot of houses you forget about it. Be good but. Owner or it. Don't look Martin. This guy helping to direct traffic sit. God this guy and how. Are. You afraid map. Do you pick anybody active and help direct traffic or was he like odd and I asked his name because he has been a guy over these guys. If it is made this guy. This guy helping to direct traffic says he's prepared for his encounter with the leopard on he suited up from hit it so this war those sales were here. This is the it's a black first on the smelled slightly this war results sales were here are spell ups are at war involves a well our thoughts well warm thoughts about who leper cons you can't be too safe not available to those bells this war adults males were here. This is a special little girl who flew. So he's got a little luck huh. Got a fluke. I don't go to special leprechaun out of it it's like these kids recorder. Nobody who looks it looks like I almost like a pipe. Like. Kitchen sink pipe which removed that the outlook that looks more like that then that evenly split instrument. Deputies on the food wary of them opened Baxter worry about it. This is a special little girl and flew with spend less than a thousand years ago from my great great grandfather who iris. After a yeah great great grandfather enlisted the Mac that's not quiet out here but let's just. Gonna do you have special offer on a fine. Now just 10 o'clock. Others just hate to get lucky and hopes up pot of gold may be buried under this tree. I'm Miranda back local rule that streak. A and I got again you use those levels improved pool of voters at the sound I. I'll root of that tree. Huge tree they. The arm around a Beckel all rule that out you know let it go. It through the hole. This is Brian Johnson UMCDT. Energy I had everything in my career a little bit late aren't. I can now understand where booted from that I had his problems. I don't know if the response that is not what mom you do I don't know benefits when it would ultimately cracked and it. Yeah it. That we he added in or did it. I think for a product go out you about like I like the amateurs get to the leprechaun that somebody got a really good look at it got that you're drawing up. Did that one skits and maybe bridesmaids. Continue to look at music at the with a great story that the way capitalism when we. Doesn't this video. These series of videos visit her own thing and we'll Simpson. Over thirty million views on the merits some touted Vista help keep you to go in the early days. So this is the special little girl flew with into a 1000000. Years ago for my great great grandfather who virus. Ali's art. I had the upper great great if not then let's that again that might be my father when it was retired colonel Dale Evans and probably. I was cut I gotta give you and and Andy did tweet at the the temperatures gadgets oppose the professional sketch. They're gonna professionals yet I feel that if you would have looked different than the acorn without eyes.

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